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/i- 'v ''/. 7. r 

















Paul de Laqabde under his former name of Boetticher, 
in 1852, edited the Acts of the Apostles from four MSS., 
of which Curzon 134 (called by him Curetoniani) and 
Tattam's (now Oriental 424) had been collated by Schwartze : 
the other two in the Paris Library (now 65 and 66) were 
collated by himself. In the same year he published the 
Catholic an J Pauline Epistles, using the two Paris MSS. of 
the Acts, which also contained the Catholic Epistles, and 
another Paris MS. containing those of S. Paul. Besides 
these he had the collations of the Curzon and Tattam MSS., 
and further a MS. divided into two volumes of the Berlin 
Library for the Epistles of S. Paul. These two volumes, 
however, did not contain the Epistles to the Qalatians, Ephe- 
sians^ and Philippians, but he was able to use a copy of 
the Ephesians and Philippians which had been made by 
Theodore Petraeus, of Leyden, from a MS. now at Copenhagen. 
Ttds has been found to contain the Epistle to the Qalatians, 
not copied by Petraeus (1660), and with the other two 
volumes formed originaUy one codex. Thus Lagarde worked 
from four MSS. for the Acts, four for the Catholic, and four 
for the Epistles of S. Paul. To his critical text he gave 
very few variants, on the average not more than a siagle 
line of apparatus. 

Wilkins, who had already published the whole New Testa- 
ment in 1 7 16, constructed his text from the three Bodleian 
MSS., two in Paris, and two in the Vatican. None of those 
in Paris or Rome can be identified with certainty. The Acts 
and all the Epistles were contained by one in Paris and two 
in Rome, and one of these last was dated A.M. 1220 (1504). 
This may have been Vatican 15, though Wilkins styles it 
N'. 5. To one of the Paris MSS. he ascribes the number 
331, saying that it contained the Epistles of S. Paul, but the 


MS. in which that number is now seen has the Acts and 
Catholic Epistles also. As for the Apocalypse he mentions 
one MS. at the Vatican bearing the early date a.m. 896 
(1180). Neither of the Apocalypse MSS. at the Vatican are 
dated, and both appear to be of the fourteenth rather than the 
tweKth century, to which may belong the Petersburg codex« 
Wilkins only gave a few variants in his introduction. 

Tattam edited the whole New Testament for the Society 
for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, but the MSS. 
which he used were not described, and he gave no variant 
readings or notes of any kind. 

The present edition depends upon thirty-four MSS., in- 
cluding in this number three lectionaries already used in 
the Gospels, and counting a few fragments in the British 
Museum as one MS. Of this number nineteen contain the 
Pauline Epistles, thirteen the Catholic Epistles, thirteen 
the Acts, and eleven the Apocalypse. All have been care- 
fully collated by the editor except one, of which only the 
Epistles to the Romans and i Corinthians were collated. In 
this somewhat arduous work he was much helped and en- 
couraged by the kindness received from librarians : and to the 
names already mentioned in the Preface to vol. i, he wishes 
gratefully to add those of Dr. Ehrle, of the Vatican, and 
Rummus (Hegoumenos) Salib of Dayr al Muharrak, who 
kindly entertained him at his monastery for thirteen days. 
Several more MSS. of recent date have been seen in Egypt, 
but in Rome or Petersburg there seem to be no others. 

Though Lagarde worked with scanty material, and ex- 
pressed to the editor at Gottingen his regret that he had 
not examined all the MSS. of S. Paul in Paris, yet Tischen- 
dorf was able to obtain from his scholarly edition a suffi- 
ciently correct estimate of the Bohairic (cop) readings ; 
and while a more thorough investigation has revealed an 
interesting variety among the MSS., and thrown some light 
on the history of the Version, it will not seriously affect the 
evidence which the Version affords for criticism of the Greek 

In the Acts of the Apostles^ where such evidence is more 
particularly desired, the Bohairic MSS. are nearly always 
unanimous in support of the text of Westcott and Hort, as 


already set forth in Dr. Sanday's Appendix to the Greek 
Testament, 'MSS. r and O occasionally exhibit Saidic 
influence, which is not surprising, since T was collated in the 
Said itself, near Assiout, and O has a colophon referring to 
an exemplar in that province. F is perhaps more strongly 
coloured by the dialect of Upper Egypt, though it has no 
documentary connection with the Said. 


The text of British Museum Oriental 424, formerly in 
the possession of Tattam, has been given without alteration 
as far as possible for the Epistles and Acts ; being almost the 
earliest dated MS., and containing a colophon which declares 
that it was copied from a very accurate exemplar of the 
preceding century, probably the continuation of the Gospels 
MS. H|. According to the rule of the Coptic Church, which 
reads the Apostle, i.e. S. Paul, the Catholic, i.e. the Catholic 
Epistles, and the Acts in this order, the MSS. always begin 
with the Epistles of S. Paul, upon which the Catholic Epistled 
and Acts follow in regular succession, and this order has been 
kept in the text. The Apocalypse ia edited from the inter- 
esting Curzon MS., the earliest dated of that book. 


In the translation only one important change has been 
made. Contrary to the method employed in the Gospels, all 
words in italics represent Greek words used in the Coptic. 
The word is usually, but not quite always, the same Greek 
word in some known text. A few common conjunctions are 
not in italics, and further the italics must not be regarded as 
necessarily implying that the whole of the word is Greek, 
but only the Greek part of a word which may have Coptic 
formatives. Regardless of style the conjunction ^6 is always 
translated * but,' and when ^XX^ is used an ^ follows * but ' 
in brackets. The word * Greek' itself when translating 
0*veinnt should have been printed in italics, though its 
Saidic form figures in Professor SteindorflTs glossary among 
Coptic words and is rendered ^lonier.' 


The same arrangement has been used corresponding strictly 
to the verse divisions of the MS., occasionally interfering 
with the sense. Sometimes a rather false appearance of 
paragraphs has been given when only a verse-b^inning 
occurs. All proper names in the Acts are transliterated. 


One slight alteration will be found in the apparatus where 
a sign of interrogation has been often placed when comparison 
with the Greek order of words is indicated, such com- 
parison being nearly always very precarious. 

Though the Apocalypse is found in two MSS. with other 
books, it usually forms a book by itself, and the MSS. of it 
have been classified separately. The texts of Lagarde and 
Tattam are marked by Ifi and T*. 


All the following MSS., except C, were collated throughout by the editor 
in 1 898-1900. 

Ai 1. A| (Lagarde t) Paul (Heb., Tim.), Cath., Acts ; Oopt.-Arab., Loudon 
Brit. Mus. Oriental 434 (Greg. 4), imperfect (the volume is bound in two 
parts, 1^ [Rom.-Col.] of which the latter half is injured and patched, 
much of the text being lost; 2^ i Thess. to end, in nearly peifect con- 
dition of text, less cut than 1^), a. d. 1307, A. Mart. 26 Babah 1024, 
paper, foil. 217 ( + 4), coll. 2, 11. 33, 1° 25.1 x 17.8 cm., text 21 x 14.3 cm., 
2^ 26 X 19 cm., text 21 X 14 cm.; writing by the same hand as H^^^ ; 
punctuation, rough red > *> ; 1. c. three lines of text or more, yellow, 
red, and white, the letter j very much prolonged ; s. c. red for ch. small, 
and black reddened; ch. great marked by two red lines of text and 
small black uncials, ch. small by larger red uncials; foliated on verso 
with uncials, signed with Ar. name of ep. &c, ; quire ending &c, 
n Xy{y(Ji) K€ OeC (nrc eC) with usual ornament ; om. scarcely 
any except yellow spaces and headpieces, which probably represent the 
gold ground of painting in Gabriel's MS. the exemplar. 

Text practically the same as A2, usually agreeing also with E|, has 
a few glosses, contemporary corrector marks with red circles letters to 
be omitted ; marginal references to quotations in red Arabic, quotations 
pointed in the Acts. 


Bound in recent purple morocco, the cover has inside 'OB. 12. Ab.,' A} 
the first (recent) page OB. 424 ' B* at Dean Tattam's sale 16 June, 1868.' 
fol. I (restored) watermark P P ' Bev H Tattam D D/ fol. 2 (rest.) 
w.m. three crescents and ^^^, list of epp. of 1^. 

P* 3* ®P« Bom. begins irith yellow hp. enclosing label with red Arabic 
' The epistles of Bulus the apostle ' ; below is CVIt OeU) red Coptic 
inscr. with Ar. * The first epistle to the people of Bome' ; one line of large 
red ornamented letten, one line of black between two lines of red archaic 
letters, p. 26* subscr. in red letters, narrow yellow hp., 0. inscr. and 
Ar. ' The first ep. of Corinth and it is the second,' one line of tall red 
and two of ordinary red letters ; thus also for 2 Cor. p. 49^, Gal. p. 64^, 
£ph. p. 72* ; p. 80* ep. Philip, three lines of ordinary red letters, fol. 91 
(rest.) w.m. three crescents, list of epp. of 2® pp. 92*, 97*, 99'*, 117*, 123*, 
127*, I and 2 These., Heb., i and 2 Tim., Titus, Philem. begin as ep. Col. 
p. 129^ ep. Philem. ends with blk. subscr. lengthwise in margin, and original 
collation note for Coptic and Arabic p. 130^ epp. Paul end with general 
subscription in tall black archaic letters. 

Then foUows black Arabic statement : ^ »Mfjjdl J^l^l «Jla 

d^j^l ]ai> Ujl* Jyjdl Ur^^ »Jaj iS^y^\i. ^j/»ti^ ^j^ *-i^' 

J^iJL iSi]^\ ^AfiiU ftjU iuJj ^y^ ^ tL^ tLa esLi-iP ^j* j^^^ ^J J^ 
Jff j_^' J^\ y\ ^\ j\ji\ J^'^.s^ y\ ^jJi\ u-^ J.lil JJjJl 

'These holy Epistles were written from a copy in which it was 
recorded that it was a careful copy copied from another, in the hand- 
writing of the eminent father Anba YufjAnna bishop of Samanud, 
cilled £1 Samaniidy ; and the copy from which the former was made was 
in the writing of Patriarch Anba Gabiyal (III, 1268-1271), and at the 
time of the writing of it he was a priest, and he said that he (G.) exerted 
himself in writing and correcting it in Coptic and Arabic according to 
what human skill attained. And he who provided for the work was the 
Christian Archon al Nashu Abu ShSkir ben al Sany the monk, ben al 
Muhaddhibf and he was the son of Al Bishah ; and he recorded that the 
completion of it was on the tenth of Klhak in the year 966 of the 


Ai Martyrs, correspouding to the beginning of the month Bama4an of the 
year 649 of the Hijrah. And the humble servant and sinner Yunas, who 
is named Abu Sa'id ben Said al Dar.ibn Abu al Fadl the Christian, copied 
this (copy) for himself with writing of his hand, and it was finished on the 
day of the sabbath the 9th of Babah in the year 1024, corresponding to the 
seventh of the second Babi'a of the year 707 of the Hanafiyan Hijrah/ , 

p. 131* (restored) ' Written in the 8th centf of the Ooptic Church.' 

p. 131^ list of Cath. epp. and Acts. 

p. 132* vacant except quire beginning, ^ vacant but painted yellow 
with black-lined border, probably representing a picture in the exemplar, 
cf. H2«^. 

Ep. James begins as ep. Rom. with headpiece and red Arabic ' The 
KatSlikiin/ one large ornamented and two lines of ordinary red letters. 
Subscr. as before red. Thus also for ep. i Peter p. 139*, ep. 2 Peter 
p. 145^, ep. I John p. 149^, ep. 2 John p. i^\ ep. 3 John p. 156**, ep. 
Jude p. ig7*. Thus also the rest, with three lines of ordinary red letters. 
After subscription of Jude KA.eoXlK^ eUICT^XK ^ €11 ipHttK 

TO) kJv CXI^ X^T K€ 5^ in large black archaic without 

After fol. 158 is an unnumbered fol. restored with w.m. P P. Then 
p. 159^ Acts begins as epp. Rom. and James with ,jm«^,^1 ' The Praxis' 
on label of yeUow headpiece, one line of large ornamented red and three 
of ordinary red letters. 

p. 217^ after tall black archaic letters of subscr. is black Arabic statement : 

l«^*-»j» UJm J U^ l4«MsaB«a5 ^J^ JL41.J.I u\ J\Sj JIj^ ^Ui^l J j^ 

y.U» jX^i^ ^\j ^JS^ UjAi. jTjil yull ^\ v. ^\ Jiji^ LI; 

At-, li^ ^,Ll^ J4^ (i*l^l i-H^U H^ ^j {jj^ J »i-i »i-» (^4^ ^j^ 
^fi\^\ IJL4.JLU ^Jl/^J M3^lj c^l »i- u\>.y^ ^JM ulr^^) cr*^^ U^ 

si^^y} ^j>. jijJ^ X- v:;>i J-«->.i J>Vil JJjJl X^\ »J3 Li>. wJLJ »iH 


' Was completed the book of the Catholic epistles and the Acts ; and Ai 
it is recorded in the copied copy, that (the said) copy was copied from 
a correct copy in the handwriting of Juijah ben Saksik the celebrated 
copyist, and that the writer of his copy was the miserable among the 
monks Gabryal ; and he said that he (G.) exerted himself in correcting 
it in Arabic and Coptic with a very thorough revision ; and he recorded 
that the provider for the work was the Shaykh al Kashii the before- 
mentioned ; and the end of the work was on the tenth of Rlhak in the 
year 966 of the Martyrs, corresponding to the beginning of BamadSn in 
the year 647 of the Hijrah. And the end of copying this copy was on 
the blessed fifth day, twenty-eighth of Babah in the year 1024 of the 
Martyrs, corresponding to the twenty-sixth of Babl'a II of the year 707 
of the Hanafiyan H^rah. It belongs to what he copied for himself with 
writing of his hand, the humble servant and sinner Abu Sa Id ben Said 
al Dar ben Abu al Fadl the Christian ; and he prays and makes many 
prostrations at the feet of him who reads in it, that he would correct 
its defect and think of him for mercy and pardon before the Lord at his 
coming to judge the world ; and adoration and glory be to the Father 
and the Son and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen. 

It was collated in Arabic and Coptic' 

p. 2i8» '317 folios Mar. 1870 G G ex<i F W.' One recent binding fol. 
ends the volume. 

2. A] Paul (Philemon, Heb.), Cath., Acts ; Copt.-Arab. [London Brit. Ag 
Mus.], Curzon^ 125 (Greg. 7), perfect, some pages overlaid with paper. 
A.D. i794> A. Mart. 1510, paper very fine, foil. 276 ( + 2), coll. 2, 11. 31, 32, 
224 X 16 cm., text 15.3 X 11.3 cm., writing in close lines, irregular, but 
the text carefully copied from Gabriel's copy a. d. 1250, A. Mart. 966 ; 
punctuation, small red ^ and ^- ; 1. c. more than three lines, red and 
white ; 8. c. red for ch. and elsewhere black reddened ; ch. great marked 
by one line of red letters, but not numbered ; ch. small red uncials : 
foliated on verso with uncials not signed, except quire ending &c. 
omt. IHC omt. II^C omt., omt. *CC omt. OC omt., afterwards no orna- 
ments ; at p. 8o»» XJ^pe rte Ju.A.piA., -f eertAcoc 

' Hail to thee Mary, the beautiful dove,' OT occurs twice and HC once 
for ec and the twentieth quire begins HOJHpI ix<t>i~ '^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^* 
Beferences to quotations occur sometimes in uncials, sometimes Arabic. 
Om. p. 3^ has two medallions and two rectangular spaces with drawings of 

^ Cnnon is equivalent to ' Parham ' in the description of MSS. Evy. 

vol. i, pp. CV, CVL 


A2 Chrifit and S. Mary, the Conversion of Saul and S. Paul ? writing, sug- 
gestive of pictures in Gabriel's copy and leaving cruciform space. 
FoL 164 has drawing of four figures of the writers of the Catholic 
epistles beneath an arch from which hang seven lamps ; a smaller side 
arch has another lamp with one more above it. Bough arabesque orna- 
ment also occurs with grotesque figures of dragons, birds, and other 
animals. Epp. Paul, Cath., and Acts have elaborate first pages of coarse 
colour ; the usual headpiece is a narrow band of interlacing work. 
Ep. Heb. has three arches. In the three-arched headpiece at beginning 
of ep. Rom. is a yellow Arabic inscription on white label, 'The book of the 
epistles of the words (^]y ^) of our master (bJU*) Bulus.' Under the 
arches is the inscription TlpOC pU)AIL60C ^, to which are added 
the words which appear in other MSS. as subscription, though without 
notice of the stichoi and chapters which will be found at the beginning 
of the other epistles in Aj. 

Bound in native red leather the cover inside has B. Cunon Parham ; 
on the first original fol. is written, ' The Acts of the Apostles and the 
Epistles in Coptic and Arabic' On the fourth is the cross &c., which 
forms frontispiece to ep. Bom. 

p. 4* ep. Bom. begins with one large ornamented line of blue letters 
reddened, one tall line of red, one tall yellow, one tall black reddened, 
and one line of red ordinary letters. For the rest of Paul, Peter, John, 
and Jnde one large blue line and two or three ordinary lines of red 
letters mark the beginning of the epistles. Ep. James being the first 
Catholic ep. begins with one very large yellow line, one large blue 
reddened, one large yellow, one large red blackened, and one ordinary line 
of red letters. 

pp. 39^, 40^ have red and blue lines enclosing the columns (Bom. 
xvi. 7-ai). 

p. 40^ ep. Rom. ends TIpOC pCOiULeoC, and Arabic 'Finished is (the) 
epistle of Bome in peace, and follows it («Jb) the first epistle of Corinth.* 

p. 67^ ep. I Cor. ends with Arabic ' Completed is the first epistle of 
Corinth in peace of the Lord. Amen.' Then in rhyming verse : 

.Itf Ij^I^Uj J Jail ijj» ^^Js \i 

'0 reader of this line, do not associate with anyone at all. I went about 
the country^ and I associated with the people of it : and I found among 
men not any good at all.' ^Ul iX^ A«xej . iSi^ U^l ij^^^^ v^b 

m^^ji li S^f^ ^"i^!^ ' With spiritual love remember the misery and 
impurity of the copyist, and Christ will remember you in Jerusalem.* 


. jjij UjJI e^1 
. jJb UjJI Jc U 

* Leave the world and awake. What is on the world is small. The 
world is like the ship in which all on board were drowned.' Then in 
red leHers ^-pK^iUteTI n^ neKfiCJDK KoH nojHpi JULiU.1- 

y^i^yCK j6en xeqjuLexof po iterteg, ^jutHit ' Remember, 

Lord, thy servant John the son of Michael in thine (lit. his) eternal 
kingdom. Amen.' eliL&j .U1j4 ^Ijm Ctl^lj •^^. W^jJI ^ cLJL^ 
U^ I4IA r^/j •(^1 ri^ 'Free thyself from the world and its pain, 
and leave the form of its vanity. Be quit of the rest of the pain and 
then shalt go away from it innocent.' 

p. 83'' ep. 2 Cor. ends ' Fmished and completed is the second epistle 
of Corinth, being the third of the epistles, in peace of the Lord. Amen. 
And foUows it the epistle of Galatia.' 

p. 92* ep. Gal. ends 'Completed is the epistle of (Galatia, being the 
fourth. And follows it the epistle of Ephesus.' 

p. loi* ep. Eph. ends ' Completed is the epistle of Ephesus in 
peace &c.' 

p. 108^ ep. Philip, ends ' Completed is the epistle of Filibas, being the 
feixth of the epistles, in peace &c. And follows it the epistle of KiilasSys.' 

p. 115* ep. Col. ends 'Completed is the epistle of Kula^ys, being the 
seventh of the epistles, in peace &c. And follows it the first epistle of 
SalunT^Fy-* To the usual form of inscription of epp. i and 2 Thess. is 
added 0*^11060). 

p. 121* ep. I Thess. ends 'Completed is the first epistle of TaralunTky, 
being the eighth of the epistles, in peace &c« And follows it the second 
epistle of Tasalunlky.' 

p. 1 24^ ep. 2 Thess. ends ' finished and completed is the second epistle 
of T^u»luniti7, being the ninth, in peace &c« And follows (it) the first 
epistle of TTmut&iis.' 

p. 131» ep. I Tim. begins with CTnoetJO ICX^pOC 6A.riOC 
and usual inscription &c., and ends * Finished is the first epistle of 
'HmutSiis, being the tenth of the epistles, in peace &c. And follows it 
the second (lit. 2) epistle of Timiitaiis.' 

p. 136** ep. 2 Tim. ends ' Completed is the second epistle of Timiitaus, 
being the eleventh of the epistles, in peace &c. And follows it the 
epistle of Ti|us.' 

p. 140^ ep. Titus ends ' Completed is the epistle of Titiis, in peace &c« 
And follows it the epistle of Filimiin.' 


A2 • P* 143^ ep. Philem. ends ' Finished and completed ia the epistle of 
Fillmun, being the thirteenth, in peace &c. The epistle of the 'Abraym 14/ 

Ep. Hebrews has triple round-arched headpiece with CTltO and 

IC^'V and the usual form of inscription &c, ; p. 163* ends with same 
general subscription as Aj except that C*TI^OC is written in full, also 
the following : JU^ yLe ia>J{ ^^ v-^^i^' J>-^^ ^y- Ji^; v:>J> j ^ 

JU^ U^^ '^^* ^ L^* ^^J !/^ ^^^^ ^^ J C^^^ *~~^^ '''*^ ^^ 

j^U^ J^iJl jil^L^ 1j4J^ ^jC^^ is-. iiUjuJ ^$5- iJU- ^ Ij^ y^}\ 

\jiA ^}^ ^ f*^'^. V^ "i^v ajLmi ' Finished and completed were the 
epistles of Bulus the elect apostle, being fourteen epistles (sing.), having 
five thousand five hundred and seventy-five stichoi and one hundred and 
six chapters ; and it was in the end of the month Anmhir of the year 
one thousand five hundred and ten of the Martyrs ; and it was the 
beginning of the third month Sha'aban of the year one thousand two 
hundred and eight of the Arabic reckoning by the Hijrah. And it was 
from a copy in the writing of the presbyter Gabryal the monk, written 
out in the year niue hundred and sixty-six of the Martyrs, which cor- 
responds to the beginning of Eamadan in the year 647 of the Hijrah. 
In peace of the Lord. Amen.' 

Cath. epp. begin with picture as noticed above. 

p. 165* ep. James has triple arched headpiece CVttOCCJO black and 
KCOO'YAIKOIt red belonging to the inscription in the usual form. 

p. 172^ ep. James ends 'Completed is the epistle of Ya'kub, the first 
of the Catholic epistles, in peace &c. And follows it the first epistle of 
Butrus, the second of the Catholic' 

p. 173* ep. I Peter has black CTrteetJO \Cy^^OQ, A.riOC 
beside the inscriptions. 

p. 180^ ep. I Peter ends 'Completed is the first epistle of Butrus.' 

p. 186* ep. 2 Peter ends ' Completed is the second epistle of Butrus, 
being the third of the Catholic, in peace of the Lord. Amen.' 

p. 193^ ep. I John ends ' Completed is the first epistle of YiitAnna, 
the fourth of the Catholic, in peace &c.' 

Ep. 2 John has later black CTIteeCJO ICX'^pOC, and ends with- 
out subscription. 

p. 195* ep. 3 John has bkck CTrteecO ICX*^pOC OA-VIOC 
with inscription in usual form, and ends ' Completed is the third epistle 
of Yu^AnnS, being the sixth of the Catholic, in peace &c.' 


p. 198* ep. Jude ends Completed was the epistle of Yahuda, tbe At 
brother of the Lord, it is tbe seventh, in peace &c.' 

Epp. Cath. end with the same general subscription in tall blue 
reddened letters as A^ except CXI^OC and K^<t>^X60tt written in 
full and ^V by error for AV. 

p. 199* Acts begins with elaborate first page containing large trefoliate 
round-arched headpiece with border carried down for Arabic column, 
beyond which are a dragon and birds, one line of very large ornamented, 
one of large blue reddened, one of yellow, one of large red, and one of 
small red letters, Arabic also coloured; tbe second and third great 
chapters have lines of large blue aud large yellow letters respectively, the 
thirteenth and thirtieth have a line of large yellow, the forty-seventh has 
one line of large blue reddened and the usual one of red letters, the 
forty-eighth a line of large yellow besides the red. 

p. 270* subscription in large yellow letters, below black Arabic as usual : 
s^\)\ Jb^ ^\ 1«>. iB.,i»^ diir-i ^ Ja3 U ^\^j oJ^l M^^ J^ 

^»j*1 ^j0jt\ ^j^\ 1^1 ^ i»5l-»*> ir*^ "'•^ ^ - -' *Was completed the 
Wik of the three epistles, of what was transcribed from the correct copy 
in the handwriting of the presbyter Gabryal the monk : and that was in 
the first day in the month Barmudah, year of the Martyrs 1510 (1794), 
corresponding to the beginning of the month Bamadan, year 1208 (1794) 
of the Hijrah, in peace &c.' 

p. 271* has broad border round vacant space, three more original 
foil, and one recent end the volume. 

3. B two volumes, I Paul (Heb., Tim.), II Cath., Acts ; Polyglot, Milan B 
Bibl. Ambrosiana, imperfect, XII- XIV centuries, paper, foil. 275 (I), 186 
(II), coll. 5, Ethiopic, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Armenian (defective), 11. 31- 
44, 29.5x6 cm. Copt. col. The Coptic writing is of two hands, I of 
earlier, XII cent, form (B), ends in middle of 2 Cor. iv. 2, and begins 
again in middle of 2 Cor. ix. 7 and ends in middle of QaL iii. i ; II of 
later, XIY cent, appearance (B*), resembling H and agreeing also in text 
with II. B* has points of brighter colour, <t^, ^, JO reddened and quire 
endings &c. V€ X^] punctuation, red ^ and more often >, > ^^ occurs, 
and also black colon which replaces the red point in some pages ; 1. c. 
SQarginal as usual ; s. c. not marginal because of want of space ; ch. great 
marked by large capital and red lines of varying number and arrangement, 
but not numbered till I A. of i Cor. in B ; B* marks ch. great with two 
red lines, and numbers also the small ; foliated on recto with uncials ; 

VOL. ni. ^^j^ b 


B the quinions are marked in Arabic and numbered : thus p. 9^ ^\:i\ ijJ^\ 
'the second quire.' The text is peculiar, though B* usually agreeing with 
D. Epp. I and 2 Cor. have rectangular headpiece of early form with the 
ordinary interlacing lines of red, black, and white. Ep. Gal. has no head- 
piece. The text begins at Horn. i. 20, on p. 20* (orig. fol. 6), and con- 
tinues to iii. 29, which verse is now on the first page of volume I (fol. iK), 
p. 46^ the inscription of i Cor. begins above, and is continued down 
within the first large capital IT. p. 68'' an ornament of early form 
below the Syriac column, p. 69^ Arabic reference to feast of S. Antonius. 
p. 71^ I A. the number of chapter written twice within capital H. Keference 
in Arabic to the water, of plunging, i. e. the Epiphany, p. 94* capital A 
formed by black bird. p. 99^ ep. 2 Cor. headpiece (see above), p. 126^ 
the former writing begins again, rather larger with no red points, only 
occasional black colon and no signature for quire beginning, p. 142^ 
ep. Gal. begins with one large and one smaller line of archaic letters; 
verso has Arabic signature of name of epistle, p. 143^ v. 1 1 Ar. reference to 
the feast of Stephen, p. 149* v. 16 Ar. reference to adoration of the Gross, 
p. 150* the later hand begins without red colour, which is resumed on 150^ 
with signature VA.AA.T ; and the references to O. T. are written in 
red uncials and black Arabic. At the foot of Syriac column : ^j> 43A 
^ jb^l U^^ eJ^ ^Ulj ^ j^Si^ i^\A} lir^^ iJ^ J J/ cA 
^^l j^\ ^ «bu A^j^ Sm\ oji\ 'God shall have mercy on him who 
reads in this blessed copy : and he shall call (upon God) for him who pro- 
vided (for the work) and for the copyist the feeble Yubanna the Syrian 
from the city Amida the protected, and may he strengthen him for ever. 
Amen.' p. 151^ v. 15 Ar. reference to the feast of the Nativity, p. i6o* 
after the subscription is Arabic ' Finished was the epistle of the great 
doctor Paul the apostle to the people of Galatia, being the fourth in 
number, and being the first to them (^ SiJ^\ a.) : and it was written 
from Rome, and sent with Titus his disciple. May the Lord Jesus Christ 
have mercy on us through their prayers. Amen. Lord, open the souls 
((j-yb) of thy servants the transcriber (JSli) and his brother Hadid, through 
the prayers of those who have pleased Thee in their good works. Amen. 
And to God be glory for ever, and on us mercy. Amen.' Tlien below 
a red line of division, 'And the number of its great chapters six, and small 
thirty-one': iJuJl lii-j "^^j*^^ [Jir^^^M ^^^^ i^^U ^j^\ l^. ^\ 
^^\ l^cliJij i^jM) 1^1 (j.jji\ * Provided for it the presbyter Salib the 
provider at Dayr al Siryun, known as our Lady the Virgin. May the Lord 
reward him with her intercessions. Amen.* Below the Syriac column is 
a better written Arabic subscr. stating the end of the epistle by help of God. 


p. i6o^ ep. Eph. begins with C*VIt before the inscription, one large B 
and one smaller line of archaic and two of red ordinary letters, p. 176'^ 
the Coptic BobBcription is written in a thinner hand below the Coptic 
and Arabic columns, then in Arabic ' Finished was the epistle of Paul the 
apostle to the people of Ephesus. It was written from Home, and sent 
with the brother Tishkus. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon 
us through their prayers. Amen. Lord, open the soul of thy little 
fervant the transcriber of these letters and his brother Hadid through the 
intercessions of them who haye pleaded Thee in their good works. Amen. 
And to €rod be glory for ever, and apon us mercy. Amen.' Then in red, 
And the number of its great chaptei-s seven, and small thirty.' Then the 
same statement about the provider the honoured presbyter Salib. The 
Virgin is called ' Mother of God,' and * in his kingdom ' is added to 

intercessions.' p. 176^ ep. Philip, begins with CTIt before the Coptic 
inscription and the same kind of arrangement of lines. The Armenian 
column disappears, p. 184^ has quire heading V€ (orn.) yQJi^ (sic) lO. 
p. i88» after Ke^^JK f^ the subscr. continues HOT It^I ItHl IieK- 
LuOK A,&Lp^/LJUL ^.AJLHIt ' Lord, pity me, thy servant Abraam. 

Amen.' p. 188^ ep. Col. begins with CTIt, two lines of black archaic 
and four of red ordinary lines, p. 194'' has quire ending TlpO KO AA.- 
CIOC ic (orn.) OC K. p. 195* has quire beginning kZ IC (orn.) X^. 
p. 199* the Ar. subscr. omits mention of no. of stichoi and chapters, 
p. 199^ ep. I Thess. begins with small headpiece under which is C*Vrt- 
O600. llie text has one black line of large letters, p. 208* the Ar. 
Bubncr. omits mention of no. of stichoi and chapters, p. 208^ ep. 2 Thess. 
begins with broader headpiece and CVItOCCJO. p. 214^ ep. Heb. begins 
with smaller headpiece. The inscription is not given in Arabic. The 
text has one line of large black reddened lines, p. 214^ IT (orn.) ^)^T 
Kfi. p. 215* KV IT (orn.) ^T. pp. 224^, 225* quire headings as above, 
tnd thus afterwards, p. 246^ Ar. subscription omitted, p. 247* ep. 
I Tim. begins with small headpiece over inscription, one line of large black 
letters, p. 259* ep. 2 Tim. begins with small headpiece over CTItOeCX), 
one line of large and one smaller line of black letters, pp. 268», 273** 
epp. Titus and Philem. begin as 2 Tim. and one line of large black letters. 
Ar. subscr. omitted. 

In volume 11 the four languages continue and the Coptic of the later 
hand. p. i» ep. James begins with headpiece and CTItOeU), one line 
of large black reddened letters, pp. 9^, 10* quire ending and beginning 
as before, continuing the numbers K0 &c. p. 13** ep. i Peter begins with 
smaller headpiece and CTItOeOO &c. p. 27* ep. 2 Peter begins as 
ep. I except two large lines. p. 35^ ep. i John begins as ep. i Peter. 

b 2 


B p. 48* ends with red Ar. subscr., Finished was the first epistle of John.' 
p. 48** ep. 2 John larfcer headpiece CCItOGCJO &c. p. So* red Ar. 
Bubscr. as above, below Coptic, p. 50^ ep. 3 John the same with smaller 
headpiece, p. 51** subscr. as for 2. Ep. Jude begins as 3 John except 
no peculiar lines of letters, p. 55* iu red Arabic below Coptic, ' Finished 
was the epistle of Jude in peace of the Lord, and with its completion also 
the seven Catholic epistles in peace of the Lord. Amen. And following 
are the narrations (^jo^) of our fathers the apastles.' p. 55^ the Acts 
begins with large square headpiece containing a label with CVItOCCA), two 
lines of large black letters. Neither Coptic, Arabic, nor Syriac have any 
subscription. The Ethiopic only 1'¥X(n»: QTIf: diVCfl OflKiCa^ 
'Was finished here the apostle and their acts.' 

C 4. C Paul (Philem., Heb.), Cath., Acts ; Copt., Upper Egypt Dayr al 
Muharrak, perfect, XIV century, paper, col. i, 11. 25, 36.8 x 27 cm., text 
26x18.5 cm., writing resembles A2^^, but the arabesque ornament at 
some of the headings and chapters is rather coarse; 1. c. variously coloured 
and also red only ; s. c. red ; ch. great marked by two red lines and red 
uncials ; ch. small with black uncials ; quire endings &c. IT ^)^*V, 
*VC 0Ct or K6 O^C ; quotations pointed. The first page of ep. Horn, 
has an oblong headpiece with circular forms on gold ground and a label 
with inscription ; the text having one line of tall yellow letters, four of 
thick black archaic, three red, three black, and two red of similar archaic 
letters with gold floret for points. This MS. was collated only for Ilomans 
and I Corinthians to snpply the missing portion of F. The text agrees 
closely with HJ. 

r 6. r Paul (Heb., Tinu), Cath., Acts ; Copt- Arab., Upper Egypt Dayr al 
Mu^Arrak (Greg. 26), imperfect, XII century, paper, foil. 417 ( + 15), coll. a, 
11. 24, 35.7 X 26.3 cm., text 25.6 X 18.2 cm.; punctuation, red ^ > •>- — , 
rare colon and black hyphen; quotations pointed; foliated on verso in 
uncials, signature on recto in red ; 1. c. in epp. variously coloured, in Acts 
red only, twice with arabesque, bird capital rare ; s. c. usually black 
reddened, rarely red ; ch. great marked by rather large uncials, red with 
dashes and flourishes; ch. small with small black uncials between black lines 
and sinuous vertical line as in Di^^ ; ch. Gr. also marked by red uncials 
and ^y. * Greek ' in a series continuing throughout epistles to end of 
Hebrews ; quinions as usual, with ending &c. IT ^T, *CC 00, ItA.1 
ItA.n, nA.1 ItKI, IOC Of, V€ ^C ; first pages of brilliant ornament 
resembling F*^^, the beautiful writing of which is also very similar, but 
see below ; freely glossed in red with many explanations and occasional 
allusions to readings; in Acts a few explanations and occasional reference 


ti>^1 .^ ' another commentary'; foil, not much cut, patched throughout p 
in lower margin, and much of the Acts has injury in upper. Binding 
recent with four leather clasps. Orthogr. ^i, scarcely found in I^^, 
is common, hut the forms of T* and *V are not early, the other form of 
t occurs as final. The ancient writing hegins i Cor. xvi. 12 €C{6I ^G. 
The text agrees with G M. p. 92^ ep. 2 Cor. hegins with headpiece, two 
lines of large black reddened letters, Greek (^«;) u^ K^, and the number 
of the epistle (viz. F), which is always placed below the number of the 
small chapters. Ch. ii. 12 Gr. n® k5, iv. 16 KV, vii. i K^, ix. i KB, 
xii. I K^. p. 121* ep. Gal. begins as before except two very large letters, 
the refit of the line being of large black reddened, Gr. n^ KH, ii. 14 
K0, (f\ miKsed,) v. 2 ^X. p. 135* ep. Eph. begins as before except 
one line of large and one of smaller black reddened letters, Gr. n® TwK^ 
iii. I XV* iv. 29 ^^. p. 139^ ep. Philip, begins as before except one 
tall ornamented line and one of large black reddened letters, Gr. u9 7v€, 
ii. I y^V^f iii. 13 7\'^ ; the omission in iv. 9 is given in margin beneath 
the words ti|/^l vi**4.«» *I was negligent, forgive me,' cf. F®^, p. 248**. 
p. 169* ep. Col. begins with round-arched headpiece and one tall orna- 
mented line and two lines of shorter black reddened letters, Gr. n^* ^H, 
iii. I 7\B ; at iv. 13 the glosser has translated iepA.IIoXlC \j\i ijjJxW 
* the city Yara.* p. 170** ep. i These, begins with rectangular head- 
piece as before and two lines of large black reddened letters, Gr. n^ JUL 
(AJL^ neglected), p. 180^ ep. 2 Thess. begins with very slight headpiece 
and one line of tall ornamented black reddened letters, Gr. n° (AIL)K. 
p. 186* ep. Heb. begins with rectangular headpiece, three very large 
coloured letters and one line of tall ornamented black reddened letters, 
Gr. no XKVy iii. 14 JXV (again), vi. 9 AJS, viii. i 5X6, ix. 24 5xF, 
xi. 3 XX.^, xii. 3 XMM, p. 220* ep. I Tim. begins with neatly bordered 
libel, one line of tall ornamented black reddened letters, Gr. n^ absent ; 
at iii. 16 the tr. of <^H is e)b, v. 22 lU.. p. 232* ep. 2 Tim, begins 
as ep. I, Gr. n^ i. 14 Hn, iv. i ItV. p. 240^ ep. Titus begins with slender 
headpiece and one line as above ; Gr. n^' cease. p. 245^ ep. Philem. 
begins with graceful headpiece including medallion with the name 4^1 AI- 
AILOn written vertically and horizontally, below which is CCItOetO 
and inscription, one line as above. The subscription to all the epistles is 
written in large ornamented black reddened letters without translation, 
then below in free writing *• CJULOT epOl X^ ^"^ sSlOX •> 

i^piTUJUteYi j6^nixa)£L oTog, it|4- peqepnofi.i -s- eepe 

ROT iSc epoiKortojULiit juLnA.&ioc ka.ta. | -i-ueq- 
ofcjooj eeoTA-fi JuLJULA.KA.piort -j- nTeqepg^JUtoT 
hki I * *• 4- nxy^ efioX itxert^no&i -s- A.AXHtt -s- -s- -s- • • 


r * Bless me, forgive me, remember me, namely the feeble one, and sinner, 
for the Lord Jesus to dispose my life according to his holy and blessed 
wish, and grant me (the) forgiveness of my sins. Amen.' p. 248* ep. 
James begins with brilliant first page consisting of broad borders on 
upper and outer sides which latter has a further border of the usual 
arabesque, the whole resembling the ornament of T of the Gospels. The 
upper border contains a label with CrVttO6(J0 and the inscription. The 
text has one line of four ornamented letters, one of tall black reddened, 
three of shorter letters, three of ordinary red letters, and the remaining four 
ordinary black, p. 260* ep. i Peter begins without headpiece, with one 
line of tall ornamented black reddened, three lines of ordinary red letters. 
p. 272^ ep. 2 Peter begins as ep. l except only two red lines, p. 281* 
ep. I John begins as ep. 2 Peter, signature 1(A) A., p. 293* ep. 2 John 
begins as ep. i. p. 294^ ep. 3 John begins as ep. 2. p. 296^^ ep. Jude 
begins as ep. 3. p. 299^ below the subscriptirm comes subscr. to all the 
Catholic epp. in very fine large black letters occasionally reddened, tr. 
in red. fol. 300 is vacant, p. 301* Acts begins with ornament as for 
quire beginning, then rectangular headpiece with label containing C*Vn- 
O6CJ0, and arabesque extending round outer and lower border; the 
inscription forms two lines of ordinary red letters, then one large word 
brilliantly adorned, two lines of tall ornamented black reddened, two of 
ordinary red, and three of ordinary black letters. Signature is TIp&* 
^€U}It. No date of any kind exists in the book. The restored leaves 
present two difPerent forms of writing. There is some reason for sup- 
posing that the ordinary corrector (and glosser) was the original scribe. 
Lacunae, Rom. i. i — i Cor. xvi. 12. Collated in the monastery by the 
editor, 1893. 

D 6. D Paul (Heb.,Tim.) ; Copt.-Arab.,Rome^ Vat. 13, formerly Baymund 5 
(Greg. 17), imperfect, XIII cent, early, paper, foil. 261 ( + 4), coll. 2, 11. 23, 
32 X 25 cm., text 25.2 X 17.2 cm.; writing by the same hand as Di F]^^; 
punctuation, black colon enriched at breaks with red •> ^-^ &c. ; 1. c. lesA 
than tbree lines, black reddened and yellow; s. c. black reddened and 
occasionally preceded by the sinuous vertical form, paginated on verso 
for every two pages in uncials, signature also on verso ; ch. great marked 
by one red line and black uncials with delicate attached ornament 
in black and red; ch. small by rough red cursives; quire ending Sic. 
almost invariably IC ^C, f C OT, there occur also IKC H^QC KC 
OC ; orn. is scanty, no original first page, but only a graceful cross at 

^ Wilkins mentions no MS. except of the Gospels at Home. 

• • • 


the end of several epp. ; marginal references to quotations in red Coptic, J) 
and uncial numbers ; quotations rarely pointed. Text usually agrees with 
FK L. Lacunae, Rom. i. i — viii. ii, i Cor. xiii. 1-9, xv. 13-24, 2 Cor. x. 
9-16, xi. 7— xij. 21, Gal. v. 9-18, Eph. vi. 13-21, Philip, i. 4-24, iv. 18 — 
Col. L 4, Col. vi. 18 — I Thess. i. 3, 1 Thess. iv. 9-17, I Tim. i. 17 — iii. 13, 
V. 10 to end. After two binding foil, twenty-two restored foil, with three 
different foliations on recto, one Coptic cursive, and two recent, continuing 
throughout the volume, p. a* has No. 13 da me Giorg<^ ^ Aug. 1597 Epistoie 
di San Paolo (No. 3 Nov. 14 crossed out). The library stamp. Patch 
containing Jo. Bapta Baimundus dono dedit bibliothecae Vaticanae ex 
Te^taniento 1614. Epistolae D. Pauli caractere Aegyptio, cimi interpret"* 
Arabica. p. a** large square border with cross, UX above and III below 
border, IHC II^C ^C OC between the arms of cross, p. i» ^ coloured 
headpiece with four round arches below which CVItOCCJO and Arabic, 
then also in Arabic ' This blessed book contains the epistles of Paul the 
apostle, being fourteen epistles : the first epistle (to) the people of Rome.' 
£p. Rom. begins with one line of large black and two of smaller black 
letters, p. 8^ left vacant except an Arabic note stating that the book is 
the possession of Yusuf al BaduanT. Mention is also made of a dedica- 
tion to the church of the Lady of Al HSrah ZuHah with the usual pro- 
hibitions of sale or exchange, without date. p. 22* the original writing 
begins Rom. viii. il. p. 46* ep. ends with small Latin cross and IC 
^C ni KA. between the arms, below the subscription, p. 46^ ep. 
I Cor. begins with irregular headpiece containing label, outside is Arabic 
inscription, ' The second epistle to the people of Corinth.' p. 93^ ep. 
ends with Latin cross of stouter form, and without letters between the 
arms. p. 94^ ep. 2 Cor. begins with same kind of headpiece, outside 
of which is Arabic, ' The second epistle to the people of Corinth, also 
(Ujl), being the third in the number.' p. 124^ ep. ends with smaller 
Latm cross, and IC n^)(^C. p. 126* ep. Gal. begins, Arabic does not 
mention the number of the epistle, p. 141^ ep. ends with inncription as 
before, but the Arabic tr. adds ' and he sent it with fj^^^ (Fortunatus ?) 
and Titus his disciple,' and omits the enumeration of stichoi &c. as 
omitted also before and after; the Latin cross is similar to that at end 
of ep. Rom. p. 142* ep. Eph., Ar. ' The fifth epistle to the people of 
Ephesus.' p. 159 (=8)* ep. ends, only the top of the small cross with 
IHC n^C remains. p. 159^ ep. Philip, begins, Ar. * The sixth &c.' 
p. 169* restored fol. on which ep. ends with Arabic only, ' Completed was the 

^ Perhaps Girolamo, cf. Di«^. 

' The numbers given are those at the outer comer. 


D epistle of fHibusius, and it was written from Rome, and sent with Timothy 
and Abfi-udl^us, and adoration to God for ever and ever.' p. 169^ ep. 
Col. beginri without headpiece, Ar. * Epistle of Kulaks, p. 180* restored 
fol. on which ep. ends, Ar. omits Achaicus. p. 180^ ep. z Thess. begins 
as ep. Col. p. 190*^ ep. ends, Ar. transposes ' Timothy and Silvanus,' 
small cross has IKC Il^C A.CJ (JpO 'overcame* between the arms, 
p. 190^ ep. 2 Thess. begins with headpiece, Ar. 'The ninth &c.' p. 195^ 
ep. ends without cross, Ar. has Laodicea instead of Athens, and Timothy 
and Achaicus instead of Silvanus and Timothy, p. 196* ep. Heb. begins 
with headpiece of simple rectangular form, with small cross rising from 
the upper part, Ar. ' The tenth &c.' ; the text has one line of large orna- 
mented letters and the usual line of red ordinary letters, p. 230^ ep. 
ends, Ar. has Anfakya for Borne, rather larger cross with IKC II^C 
A.CJ (JpO. A later Arabic prayer, * Remember, Lord, of thy mercy 
thy servants the son(s) of the baptism, and guard them and save from the 
roarings with the length of thy arm, for surely Thou hast power over 
all things, and thou art the powerful, the mighty in war, and to Thee be 
glory for ever and ever.' p. 231* ep. i Tim. begins with rectangular 
headpiece, Ar. ' The eleventh &c.,' one line of large red and yellow letters 
diminishing in size. pp. 239 &c. are twenty-three restored foil. ; ep. ends 
on p. 242^, and ep. 2 Tim. begins on p. 243, Ar.* The epistle of Timothy,' 
and one line of large blac^k letters, p. 252 ep. Titus begins with 
CTrteeO), Ar. ' The epistle of Titus,' and one Ime of large black 
letters, p. 258*^ ep. endn, Ar. 'Completed was the epistle of Titus, and 
he had written it from the city Nika, and he sent it with Ar^ama his 
disciple, who became bishop of Makaduniah, and it is of two chapters.' 
p. 258^ ep. Philem. begins as ep. l^tus, and ends p. 260^. The volume 
ends with three vacant foU. ; the watermark of the reistored leaves con- 
sists of two crossed arrows and a hand. 

El 7. El Paul (Heb., Tim.); Copt.-Arab., Paris Nat. Copte 17, formerly 
343^, Beg. 332 (Greg. 8), nearly perfect, XIII century, paper, foil. 270 
( + 2), coll. 2, 11. 23-25, 32 X 23 cm., text 25.5 x 16.2 cm.; TNTiting leaning 
back, firm, fairly regular, but rather free, 6 near the archaic form, both 
forms of *Vy the earlier being found more frequently in the latter pages ; 
punctuation, red "^ and ^ — , the line sometimes sinuous ; foliated with 

^ This numl>er refers to the inventory (Bibl. Nat. MS. latin 17 172, 
foil. 107-119) made at the death of Gilbert Gaulmyn de Moulins when 
his MSS. came into the Library of the King, 1667. M. Delisle kindly 
supplied this information from M. Omont. 


Coptic cursives by later hand on verso ; signature on verso, also by recent E^ 
hand on recto; 1. c. red, or yellow, or yellow and red, or black and red, 
variouK in size from two to four lines of text, often with ornament attached ; 
8. c. black reddened ; ch. great marked by red line and sometimes part of 
a line, sometimes preceded by vertical sinuous line of D &c., arabesque 
ornament of slightly changing form and black uncials; ch. small by s. c. 
red and red uncials without the number of the epistle ; quire ending &c. 
always IT ^^T ^ith small central ornament; slight but graceful orna- 
ment at beginning of the epistles ; marginal references to quotations in 
red Arabic; orthography, CKAKCI^, K and I interchanged in KC^I(H)^C 
&c. Text agrees with A. Lacunae, Bom. i. i-8, Titus iii. 3 to end. 
After a recently restored fol. containing note, 'Volume de 271 feuillets. 
Manque le N^ 184 omis dans la pagination 8 Mars 1889,' an earlier re- 
stored fol. I* bears Arabic list of the epistles with the number of the 
frtll. on which they begin. The No. 64 and the inventory number * trois 
cent quarante trois ' occur with the red library stamp, p. i^ has large 
cross, ^ and (JO above and below, and IHC TI^C tC BC between the 
arms. p. 2* restored, ep. Rom. begins with headpiece and red CTItO6(J0, 
one line of large letters black reddened, two of smaller black and one line 
of red letters. p. 3* original writing begins verse 8 6XCrt. p. 50* ep. 
ends Arabic tr. of subscr. adds *The epistle of Rome,' inscr. and subscr. 
always in red. £p. i Cor. begins with the first original headpiece, patched 
but sufficient to show the slight and graceful style of drawing, chiefly of 
yellow colour; one large red letter, two lines of red archaic and one of 
black archaic letters, p. 97^ is signed in Arabic, ' Completed was the 
I St Corinthian (epistle) in peace from the Lord. Amen.' The Arabic has 
rY^% LUiuJ ^^j\ * Its stichoi 960,' but the Coptic numerals are hidden 
by H patch, which also conceals the headpiece and inscription of ep. 2 Cor., 
with first lines of text as for i Cor. p. 128*^ has note ^\i u^]S^\ i«U 
p*-* f^^ u^^) •^' {J * This quire is defective in number, but the text 
is quite accurate.' p. 129^ the end of the subscr. and headpiece of ep. 
Gal. hidden, the first lines as before, p. 146* ep. Eph. begins as before 
except three lines of black archaic and two of ordinary red. p. 163 ep. 
Philip, begins with headpiece patched as before, the lines nearly the same, 
p. 174^ ep. ends, Arabic om. Timotheos. Ep. Col. begins as before, 
p. 187* ep. I Thess. begins as before, p. 197^ ep. 2 Thess. begins 
nearly as before, p. 203^ ep. Heb. begins, headpiece lost, the same lines 
uf letters, p. 241^ ep. z Tim. begins with fairly preserved headpiece. 
Hues as before, p. 244^ eight lines of text are written in archaic hand, 
containing ch. ii, part of verses 4, 5, and 6. p. 254^ ep. 2 Tim. liegins 
as before with headpiece patched, p. 264^ ep. ends 'f'iULCXpOIIoXlC 


El 18 translated ,ji^\ i:iA\ ' the grand city.' Ep. Titos begins with nearlj 
perfect headpiece, lines as usual, p. 267^ ancient writing ends at 
i>Jl fjULAjf". Four restored foil, with same writing as at beginning. 
Ep. Philem. begins with headpiece and one line of tall black letters, and 
ends without subscr. p. 371^ has Copt. 17 JjI-;J\ oi»3* Completed were 
the epistles/ and with one vacant binding fol. the volume ends. 

Es 8. E2 Paul (Heb., Tim.); Copt.-Arab., Paris Nat. Copte 64 (Greg. 10), 
perfect, a.d. 1636, A. ^lart. 1352, paper, foil. 206 ( + 6), coll. 2, 11. 27, 44.7 x 
28.5 cm., text 26.5 X 17.7 cm., foliated on verso with uncials, on recto with 
recent ciphers, signature of epistle on recto ; 1. c. red, yellow, and green ; 
8. 0. black reddened or red ; ch. great marked by 1. c. and one (five ex- 
ceptions have two) line of red letters ; ch. small not marked ; quire ending 
&c. always IC ^C *€C OC with usual ornt. ; headpieces and large cross 
like the restored headpiece and cross of £1 from which the text was 
probably copied. After two binding foil, and first original fol. the second 
page has ' Manuscrit de la Bibliotheque de Saumaise acquis par I'abbe 
Sallier pour la Bibliotheque Royale en 1752, No. 12, MS. grand in f , broche 
en carton, ce MS. d'une belle ecriture contient les Epitres de S^ Paul en 
Cophte et en Arabe.' There is a note of the number of 206 feuillets 26 Juin 
1889 on the third original page. After the fourth page the recent foliation 
begins, p. i^ has the cross, p. 2* headpiece unfinished with CYttOCCO 
and inscription of ep. Rom., one line of large ornamented letters, one of large 
red, one of black, and one of red letters, p. 18* signature pC0AIL60C 
occurs for first time, and then continues regularly, p. 38^ ep. ends with 
Arabic subscr., ' Was completed the first epistle, which was written to Home 
(us»tlj). He had written it in Corinth, and sent it with Phoebe (fjt^) the 
deaconess of the church of Cenchrea ((^jUCij), and to God be glory for 
ever and ever. Amen.' p. 39* ep. i Cor. begins as ep. Rom. with 
alternation of red and black lines of letters, p. 75^ ep. ends with Arabic, 
Finished and completed was the first epistle to the people of Corinth, 
which was written from Ephesus, and sent with Timothy and Stephanas 
and Fortunatus and Achaicus and to God &c.' p. 75^^ ep. 2 Cor. begins 
as ep. Rom. except one line of large ornamented and three lines of 
ordinary red lines, p. 98^ ep. ends with Coptic subscr. after which Arabic, 
' Remember the miserable sinner Ta'amah in name a priest (^^o) with 
pardon of sins for him and his parents and for the rest of all Christians. 
And may he who said any (prayer) have a like rewaid (^j^ Jli») 3) 
thirtyfold and sixty and a hundred.' Ep. Gal. begins nearly as ep. 2 Cor. 
foil. 109 and no are two inserted leaves adhering together, on which is 
written by another hand TA-PX^ n^" Bf XoVI^ ijLnieTA.rr€- 


Xio K^x^ XoTK^n i6€nx^cni nnioTemi i6en'f-E2 
uLA-g^iS npoiULni nxeKX^-Tiiioc noTpo jtnenenc^.- 
1'A.nA.X'CiUL^ic nxeneiiOT ISc n^cc k npojuini ;6en- 

TA.nXIOXJ^ CT'^f ^ i^fflO 'The beginning of the blessing of 
the gospel according to Lake in the language of the Greeks in the twelfth 
year of Klaadios the king, after the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ 
twenty years, in Antioch. Stichoi three thousand.' This is the same as 
the beginning and end of pre&ce of Ci*^. After the Arabic translation 
comes Undecimus Claudii vigesimus Ascensionis. Ergo Aficensionis exit 
Cltndii primus. Then the preface of Mark X^pX^ ItepJULKm^ 
ner^rreXlOn K^. JtH^pKOn (for the rest see vol. i, p.l, lines 
^qCi^^I to 1. II pOiULni, tr. three lines from foot to p. li, 1. 4). No 
Arabic, but a Latin note, Marci enim quarto Claudii duodecimus Ascen- 
nonis. p. 1 1 2^ ep. ends with Arabic after Copt.-Arab. subscr., * Eemember 
the miserable copyist (^Ul) Ta'amah the sinner with pardon,' as before 
except 'all 'is omitted and the words end with Jli*! iJ. Ep. Eph. 
begins with one line of large black, one of ordinary red, one of large 
black, and one of ordinary red letters, p. 125* ep. ends with ' Was com- 
pleted the epistle of Ephesus, and it was written in Rome, and sent by 
Achaicus, and there are (^) three hundred and four (stichoi) and six 
chapters, with help of God most high.' p. 125^ ep. Philip, begins as 
before and with one line of large black and two of ordinary red letters, 
p. 133^ ep. ends with * Finished and completed was the epistle of FHibals 
with help from God most high. And it was written in the city of Borne, 
and sent by Abufiatl^. And thanks to God for ever.' p. 134* ep. Col. 
begins as ep. Philip, p. 142* ep. ends 'Was completed the epistle of 
Kulasaia, and it was written in Ephesus, and sent with Achaicus and 
Onesimus and Marcus, with help from God most high. Remember the 
miserable sinner Ta'amah named a priest with pardon of his sins ; and 
he who says (as ep. Gal.). And thanks Ac' p. 142^ ep. i Thess. 
begins as ep. Philip, p. 150* ep. ends with ' Finished and completed 
was the epistle of Thessalonica the first. It was written in Athens, and 
sent with Silvanus and Timotheus, with help from God most high. 
Remember the miserable sinner called Ta'amah in the name a priest, 
minister of the church of our Lady, the Lady Miryam the Virgin. God 
shaU remember you in his heavenly kingdom and he who says (as ep. Col.). 
And glory and thanks to God for ever and ever. Amen.' Ep. 2 Thess. 
begins as ep. i Thees. p. 154* ep. ends with ' Finished and completed was 
the epistle to These, the second, and it was written in Athens, and sent 
by Silvanua and Timotheus, with help from God most high and the beauty 


£2 of his will. And thanks to God for ever.' p. 154^ ep. Heb. begins as 
before, p. 182* ep. ends with ' Completed was the epistle of the Hebrews 
with help from God most high. It was written from Rome, and sent with 
Timotheus. And remember the miserable sinner Ta*amah in the name 
a priest. Christ shall remember you in his kingdom. Amen.' p. 182^ 
ep. I Tim. begins as before, p. 191^ ep. ends with ' Finished and com- 
pleted was the first epistle to Timotheus, with help from God most high. 
And it was written in Laodicea. Remember the miserable sinner Ta*amah 
in the name a priest, minister of the church of our Lady, in the Harah 
Zuilah, with pardon &c.' (as ep. Gal.), p. 192^ ep. 2 Tim. begins as 
before, p. 199^ ep. ends with 'Finished and completed was the epistle 
to Timothous the second, with help &c. And it was written in the grand 
city of (j>) Laodicea. Remember &c.' (as ep. i Tim. except ' Miryam ' 
and * reward thirtyfold &c.'). p. 200* ep. Titus begins nearly as before. 
p. 203* ep. ends ' Finished and completed was the epistle which was written 
from Nika the city (Nicopolis) to Titus, and it was sent with Arfama his 
disciple, in peace from the Lord and his help for ever. Amon.' p. 204* 
ep. Philem. begins as before, p. 206* ep. ends with ' Completed was 
the book of the fourteen epistles which are of the lord Paulus the apostle, 
with help from God most high. And the end of that was in the day of 
the blessed sabbath the twelfth of the month Bashuns the blessed, (in 
the) year (one) thousand three hundred two and fifty, Coptic of the pure 
Martyrs, their blessing (be) with us. Amen. And the copyist miserable, 
vile (JJS), (and) culpable (^jJl), the taker of the talent (ajj^) of his lord 
and the burier of it in the earth, Ta'amah in the name a priest, bends 
(yLsi) his sinful head (»iaU) under the soles of the feet of every one who 
studies this holy book, (praying him) to call on behalf of the miserable 
one for pardon &c.' (as ep. 2 Oor. omitting ' all '). p. 206^ has the 
library stamp. 

F 9. F Paul (Heb.,Tim.),Cath., Acts; Copt., Paris Nat. Copt. 21 (omitted 
by Greg.), imperfect, a. d. 1338 (A. Mart. 1055, Paopi), paper, foil. 338 ( + 7), 
col. I, 11. 24-25, 32.5 X 24.5 cm., text 25.7 x 17 cm., foliated on verso with 
small uncials, signed with name (and number) of the epistle &c., on recto 
with recent ciphers which omit 257-264 ; 1. c. red, yellow, &c., red, black 
reddened, birds with omt. attached ; s. c. black reddened or red ; ch. great 
marked by two red lines and red uncitUs ; ch. small by red ; s. c. and black 
uncials (with number of the epistle); punctuation, red ^, at breaks 4" and 
•&•• ^^* ; some quotations are pointed ; quire ending &c. Vt ^Xi'^y ^^ 
OOC alternately with usual central oitit. and the quires numbered with 
Syriae letters ; omt. cross, and elaboi-ate pages for beginning of Paul and 


Actft, other headpieces of moderate size, the headpiece of epistle to the F 

Hebrews resembles that of ep. Eph. in K. Text is in close agreement 

with K. Lacunae, 2 Cor. xi. 3 — Gal. iv. 14, Acts x. 30-39, xiii. 5-15. 

Litiirgical notes occur at beginning and end of lections. God. 331^ 

Copt, is written on the board, with ' Epistolae Paule et Acta Apostolorum 

Coptice.' Then comes a recent fol. with watermark E G, next two earlier 

foil, not original, bearing ' Volume de 347 Feuillets Manquent les N^ 357 

a 265 omis dans le pagination 24 Mai 1889.' P* ^* ^^^ 'Trois cent 

qoanuite quatre ' in the same writing as E|, p.i*, therefore the MS. may have 

belonged to Gilbert Gaulmyn de Moalins before 1667. P* '^ ^^® frequent 

large cross ou ground of interlacing work, red, green, yellow, black, and 

white, with four Greek crosses between the arms. p. 2^ first page of ep. 

Bomins, deep band of interlacing work forming black crosses, one-third 

carried down to the foot of page, the other two ending in two cusped arches 

^th CVn O€CJ0 and inscription ; then 1. c. and alternate lines of tall 

black thick archaic letters, p. 38^ ep. I Cor. begins with usual narrow 
headpiece, under which CTneeOO 4>P^n JjL^^ ' the name of God ' ; 
one line tall black reddened, and one of archaic letters, p. 73* ep. 2 Cor. 
htjpni with same headpiece and words, but arabenque on outer margin ; 
lines of letters nearly as before, foil. 90-102 restored, glossy white paper 
with good writing, p. 95^ ep. Gal. begins, headpiece &c. imitated from 
the original, p. 107^ ep. Eph. begins, headpiece, without marginal 
araliesque ; one line of tall black, two of archaic letters black reddened, 
the second line rather larger, p. 119^ ep. ends, and below inscription : 

'Studied in these epistles the slave, the poor sinner, the unhappy one, 
drowned in the sea of sins and crimes, the full of villauies and defects, the 
destitute of virtues^ the clothed with garments of vices. So he.' The 
words end abruptly, leaving the page vacant, p. 120* ep. Philip, begins 
as ep. 2 Cor., one line of tall black, one of archaic black reddened letters, 
p. 128^ ep. Col. begins as before, without arabesque; one line of tall 
black and two of large archaic, p. 137* ep. I Thess. begins as before, 
with short arabesque, one line of tall black and one of archaic letters, 
p. 145* ep. 2 Thess. begins with headpiece and bird and two Oowers, one 

^ This seems to have been the MS. known to Wilkins as 'n. 330 cujus 
•etas non apparet adscripta, sed vetustus codex esse videtur,'but he probably 
has confused the numbers. His other Paris MS. may have been E], which 
contains only epp. Paul, and bears no date, but is numbered 332. 


F line of tall black and two archaic, p. 149^ ep. Heb. begins with bead* 
piece resembling K, ep. Eph., 1. c. enclosing floret and with bird and flowers, 
one line of tall black, one of archaic black reddened ; quotations pointed, 
p. 177^ ep. I Tim. begins with usual headpiece &c., one line of tall blai-k 
and two archaic, p. 187^ ep. 2 Tim. and p. 194^ ep. Titus begin as 
ep. I Tim. p. 199^ ep. Philem. begins with usual headpiece, marginal 
arabesque and lines as above, p. 2cx>^ after the subscr. to all the Pauline 
epp. are some words of disguised Arabic : ^^1 ly^y^ ji^ V;^ Uyi^l 
'Pardon, Lord, the rest of (or all) my crimes. Amen.' p. 201*^ ep. 
James begins with headpiece of triple horseshoe arches containing drcles 

for the same words as hitherto CYtt ^^p^It Xt-^^i", below this OIK- 

XipiULOIC K6 C(MS. 6)TAt.n^.eiC ; this work closely resembles the 
beginning of John in Oi^^, outer marginal arabesque, then two lines of tall 
black reddened, two of archaic lettern. p. 21 1^ ep. i Peter begins with usual 
headpiece &c., one line of tall black letters, p. 222* ep. 2 Peter begins with 
usual headpiece &c. except Arabic 4iA ^, is added, line as above. Rough 
Arabic occurs at the end of ep. pp. 229*, 239* epp. i and 2 John begin as 
ep. 2 Peter, p. 240^ ep. 3 John begins as before except two lines of 
archaic black reddened after the first of tail black letters, p. 242^ ep. 
Jude begins as ep. i John. p. 244^ ep. ends, and there follows in dis- 
guised Arabic : ^j'Ji-^y ^^ ^^.y^ yi\-> ^^^ ^j j^^^ ^h ^^^ c^^ 
^.U, ^^ j^\ ^\ uf,J«Jl (i)j5Ln) iJailj p\ ^\ My«i>^ lii jj^f j-> 
^^1 ^j0m\ ^j0m\ ^^j...>jAiij U4JJI ' Remember me, Lord, and have mercy 
on me, and [jardon me and forgive all my crimes, and me not for 
the wickedness of my deeds : I am Jacob the son of fault and sin, through 
the prayer of the Virgin the Mother of the Light, Miryam, and (of) all the 
holy martyrs. Amen. Amen. Amen.' p. 245^ Acts begius with six- 
cusped round-arch headpiece, containing circle in perspective with the usual 
words enclosed, below comes st>^^ 4>P^It JJL^MjyT neiUinicgHpi 
rt6iULninit&. eeOTA-S. eOf nOf -f hOTOOX ' Li the name of 
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, being one Qod* (thus also in 
Oi*^), outer and lower marginal arabesque, foil. 287 (CU^), 294 (CCJ) 
restored, badly written, I occurs for I. p. 347^ after the subscr. ^C^XCJOK 

nz6(i^.i^a)iUL ;6enuieg,ooT ijuuLA-g^iK juLui- n^ooni ^ .1^ j&iite jfeenoTg^ipHna iixec^-f 

AJULKH -5- ^ eefi.e4>i" A-pinAJUieTi A.noK j6^nixa5JS. 
Speqepnofii cJ>h exA.qc^A.i iinA.ixa)juL eeoTA.& 
2,mA. itxenoc epneqcx, MS.)JULeTi jfcen-f JULexcrpo 

itril4>HOTI-'> AJULKn eceojajni 4- *Was finished this holy book 
on the eighteenth day of the month Paopi in the time of the Martyrs 


1055, in peace of God. Amen. For the sake of God remember F 

me, namely the feeble sinner who wrote this holy book, that the Lord 
may remember him in the kingdom of the heavens. Amen, it shaU 
be/ There in an erasure after ' eighteenth,' and ' Paopi * has been 
altered ; * thi8 holy book 2° ' also over an erasure. Then below a line of 
ornament in rough writing U) n^ It^.! JuLnCK&OOK ni^KKI 

niKepAJLi ajA^eneg, ^juLHit OTOg, i6eitni- 

p(OiULi ^=caj^q UTC juLnxc, tr. ^U^l^^ dJuC ^j\ y^b 

uv^- c;*-^ U-^/^ ^^^^ {J **^l5 c^^ "^-^ (J^* *^®° *^ disguised Arabic 
yJbu ^\ fj"^^ * O Lord, have mercy on thy servant the miserable, the 
ashes, for ever. Amen. And his name among men Georgi (Girgis) the 
•on of Petros (Butrus).* \*eU)p\Tl is written in the cryptogram of r* 
vol. i, p. xc, except that CIJ (crypt.) = p ; the disguised Ambic^ is * Girgis 
the son of Jacob,' or possibly 'Jacob the son of Girgis.' Three more lines 
of faded and partly erased Arabic occur, in which the word eUU is visible, 
implying a note of ownership. Four vacant foil., two with watermark an 
anchor. One more fol. thinner, and with watermark £ C, ends the volume. 

10. G Paul (Heb., Tim.), Cath., Acts ; Copt, (interlined with Arabic), G 
Rome Vat. Copt. 14, formerly 5 (Greg. 18), imperfect, a. d. 1357 (A. Mart. 
1074, Thoth), paper, foil. 350 ( + 6), col. i, 11. 21, 28.7 x 20 cm., text 20.3 x 
13.5 cm., writing fairly regular, with resemblance to Curzon 121 &c., but 
imaller ; foliated irregularly on verso in red and black uncials, the original 
uncials leave o£F in ep. Heb., and later red continue; signature of name of 
epistle and number irregular ; 1. c. and s. c. scarcely distinguished ; ch. 
great and small marked by red capitals and red uncials, ordinary verses 
have black c. ; Greek chapters are enumerated in subscr. ; no original 
quire endings &c., but a recent numeration of quires ; no punctuation 
after p. 5, but spaces are left, and a hyphen occasionally occurs before and 
after -^It-; om. consists of black and red headpieces and occasional 
lines of red letters ; quotations occasionally noted ; there are a few 
Arabic grammatical and other notes ; orthography, £JUL is UKually written 
for JUL. The text often agrees with T M and P. Lacunae, Bom. ix. 15 — 
I Cor. iv. 14, Acts xxvi. 18 to end. Bound in red morocco, and bearing 
the amis of Clement XI on the cover, the volume begins with two vacant 
foil., after which on the first ancient page is Di Girolamo Vecchettis et 
pri, and a short Arabic note about the meaning of ^1 in Rom. ii. 4. 
Portato da me Girolamo Vecchetti da Egitto anno I59i. J** Baptista 
Baimundus bibliothecae Vaticanae dono dedit ex Testamento anno 1614. 

^ Hyvemat gives this cryptographic Arabic in his Album paleographique. 


G Vat. 5. On verso are a few Arabic words and a geometrical figure with 
ITIOC, IKC, n^C, eeOC. p. i» ep. Rom. begins with slight red 
and black headpiece, under which CTMOCOOy then comes the inscription 
to all the epistles of Paul and Arabic translation, foil. 19-48 restored, 
p. 38^ is a note about gJIItl. p. 76^ ep* 2 Cor. begins without head- 
piece and with two lines of red letters, p. 99^* ep. Gal. begins as ep. 
2 Cor. p. Ill* ep. Eph. begins with large capital only. pp. 123^, I33% 
141^, 150^ epp. Philip., Col., i Thens., 2 Thess. begin as op. Eph. 
p. 154^ ep. Heb. begins with small capital, p. 182* ep. i Tim. begins 
with large capital and one lino of rod letters, pp. 191^, I99^ 203* epp. 
a Tim., Titus, Philem. begin with large capital only. p. 204^ subscrip- 
tion to all the Pauline epistles, continuing ezeitXZIZ ijLUIg^HKI 

ee&eneqno&i exooj mjtJLon^.xpc mxixA-^^ uojHpi^A.juL nie&oX jfeen-f fiLA.Ki iJuuLA.moifi- nejuL- 
^H 'f'f&o A.pmA.juLeifi it^-io-f itejtun^.citKO'r oj^hX 
exuji g^m^. nxA-xiJULi SoTn^-ppHci^. jfeenui&KJUiA. 
exoi itg^cf o-vog, tm^cuo^ejjL ei"cjuLK ecxuo 

JUUULOC ^6^JULU}ini g^^-pOI ItK €XCJULA.ptJ0O-¥X 

nx€UA.ia)x ^piKXapoitojuLiit it'tiULeTOTpo ex^-T- 
cefi-xooxc itooxen iczenx^.pXH iinicajnx 4>^i 
eceojooui uhi neiuinH er&.'ViULeppeueqoTajng, efi.oX 
^iULKn ecccycjoni UXic;6Hxq ijLuA.ia)x €XXA.ihotx 
ninicxoc exeng^ox jfeennmpec&TTepoc veopnoc 
HOT eqei" hhi no-cn^.! ;6enneqxa}fi.g, oTog, eqe- 
A-peg, eneqa)it;6 ii&A.njuLHa itpojuini nejutg^^-it- 


Jp^ j6ettUI^.&OX eOJO-VX *By (ezeit) the hand of the poor, 
because of his many sins, the monk Michael, the son of Abraam the 
(native) of the city, lover of God, Pomdje. I beseech (you), remember 
me, my fathers and my brothers, pray for mo that I may find boldness 
at (io^I^) the terrible judgement seat, and that I may hear the voice 
saying : " Come ye (lit. they who are) blessed of my Father, inherit the 
kingdom prejiared for you from the beginning of the creation." This 
shall be to me with them who love his appearing. Amen, it shall be. 
I wrote it for my honoured father the faithful (and) trusty among the 
presbyters Georgios. The Lord shall give to me mercy by (Jo^It) his 
] rayers, and he shall keep his life for many years and peaceful times. 
Amen. The years of the Martyrs 1074 in the month Thoout.' foil. 207, 

■ • • 


9o8 contain an Arabic register of the contents of the Yolnme, giving pages O 

and numbers. Of the ep. Heb. it is stated sJliUll ^JaJLll ^^^ ti ^j 

JlC' uoUl x»jS («> iiJU ' And it is in the number of the Coptic the tenth, 

and the Arabic hy number the fourteenth.' p. 208^ has a red and black 

geometrical ornament with flOC IHC Tl^C 06OC. p. 209* ep. 

James begins with large capital and two lines of red letters, p. 318^ 

ep. I Peter begins with 1. c. and one line of red. p. 229^ ep. 2 Peter 

begins with L c. only. p. 237* ep. i John begins with a, c. only. 

pp. 247^, 248^ epp. 2 and 3 John begin as ep. 2 Peter, p. 253^ Acts 

begins with L c. only. foil. 340-350 restored ; on the last page in Arabic 

nas completed that (work) in peace from the Lord. Amen. On the 

day of the blessed sabbath, the fifth of the month Barmiidah the blessed, 

1220 of the pure Martyrs. May the Lord grant us their blessing. Amen. 

And the glory to him who gives the intellect.' Thus the restoration 

was made a. d. 1504. One more iinperfect fol. which contains a prayer 

of a deacon in the church of the atigel Gabriel at Sha*aran, but the name 

M lost, and the date not given. Two binding foil, finish the volume. 

11. H Paul (Philem., Heb.) ; Gopt.-Arab., London Brit. Mur. Or. 1318 H 
(Greg. 5)f imperfect, a.d. 1416 (A. Mart. 11 32), paper, foil. 294 ( + 5), coll. 3, 
IL 21, 26.7 X 17.3 cm., text 20x 13; good writing, resembling G, but nearer 
to L^ M«^, while the open O recalls D®^ E«^ ; i)unctuation, red 
'^, and very rarely «^* ; foliated on verso in uncials and signed on recto 
with name of epistle ; l.c. not much larger than s. red ; s.c. black reddened; 
ch. great marked by red uncials with one line of red letters; ch. small 
by black uncials, numbering also the epistle ; quire ending &c. It 
^T and IT XJ^9 with usual ornament ; bright coloured, moderate- 
sized headpieces to epp. with arched or rectangular detul. Orthography, 
<Pj occurs once, p. 213*, i Thess. iii. 13. Text agrees closely with G J. 
The Arabic is slightly glossed. Lacunae, Rom. i. i— v. 15, Heb. xiii. 21 
to end. Half-bound (recently) in black morocco, after binding fol. with 
'0. R. 12. Ah.,' on recent first fol. * Or. 1318 B« of Sir Ch»» A Murray 
12 June 1875.' p. I* is fragment of fol. i of qaire 3, ep. Rom. v. 15. 
p. 42* ep. Rom. ends, Arabic spells y^is Phoebe, and after subscr. con- 
tinues ' With godly love he who observes these letters shall ask of the 
Lr>rd Christ, who came for the salvation of the world, that he would 
pardon the poor copyist, drowned in the sea of his many sins, from all 
his crimes and faults, and according as the brother will say (for him), 
there shall be to him the double of it. And adoration to God for ever.' 
I>. 42^ ep. I Oor. begins with headpiece of broad band and three very 
Mhort arches over the colunms, one line of large archaic and no red 



H lines, p. loo^ ep. a Cor. begins as ep. i Oor., "with headpiece of band 
including vacant label, and longer arches. pp. 139^, 158^, I79^ 193^ 
2o6\ 219% 226% 241^, 253^ epp. Gal., Eph., Philip., Col., i Thess., 2 These., 
I Tim., 2 Tim., Titus begin with headpiece and rectangular detail, one large 
archaic line as before, p. 259* ep. Philem. begins with broader head- 
piece without arches or other detail, the same line of large archaic letters, 
p. 261^ the usual ornamental red and black lines below the subscr., then 
aj)\p Ixm c^^ ^jipi^^ AiuJ i^i ^j) ^ %jjh ij^ *The end of this (book) 
(was) on day three, the twenty-nine of Eihak 1132 (=a. d. 1415).' 
p. 362* ep. Heb. begins as ep. Gal. &c. The text ends at Heb. xiii. 21 ; 
then come one older fol. with three crescents watermark and one recent 
restored fol. ; on the first occurs a pencil note, * 294 ff. July 1875, ezam*^ 
by 0. T.' ; and finally one binding fo]. ends the book. 

Jl 12. Ji Paul (Heb., Tim.); Copt., Oxford Bodl. Hunt. 203 (Greg. 2), 
imperfect, XIV century, paper, foil. 311, col. i, 11. 21-22, 23.7 x 17.7 cm., 
text 18.1 X 12.5 cm.; writing large and regular, nearly upright, some 
letters of XIII century shape, but contractions COOp £Ot occur ; sub- 
scription in thin smaller hand ; punctuation, red ^ ; foliated on verso in 
uncials, and signed with name of epistle on recto ; 1. c. more than two 
lines of text black reddened, also black, yellow and green, and red and 
green ; s. c. black reddened ; ch. great marked by red uncials with one 
line of large black archaic and occasionally one of red ordinary letters ; 
ch. small by cursive with number of epistle ; quire endings &c. It ^)Qtf 
K€ OOC, KT OOCy and usual om. ; om. large restored interlacing 
cross at beginning, and moderate-sized headpieces, arabesques at great 
chapters. Liturgical notes uf lections in rough Arabic. Text the same as 
J2, and perhaps copied from J2, closely resembling and H. Lacunae, 
Rom. L I — ii. 26, v. 3-12, Eph. iii. 7-15, vi. 4-18, Philip, i. i — ii. 15, 
2 Tim. iv. 3 to end of Philem. Bound recently in red morocco, p. i* 
recent with 'Hunt. 203 Urii Copt. XI,' this again on restored p. 2* with 
'Epistolae D.PauliCoptice (7) MS.C0pt.19,' fol. 3 restored, vacant except V. 
p. 4^ restored, cross with /^ O), and IKC R^C llajK pl$ between 
the arms. fol. 5 restored, contains headpiece for ep. Bom., under which 
CTneeOO ICX'^^POC t^jSJi ^Ul ^, Ar. * We begin with the help of God 
most high and the beauty of his direction to copy the epistles of Saint Paul, 
the tongue of sweetness (Jac) and doctor of the Church, the first being the 
epistle to the people of Home, in peace from the Lord.' After the usual 
first verse begins a peculiar version, too corrupt to be translated, see the 
opening passage at end of vol. iv, p. 590: * ^K eX^CJ^^IA.OKKI 

6&0X nojopn exeit rXa-c JuLnpoctu'TKc. €fi.oX j^n 


nixojuL eooy^&.i' ^^qoToong, JuLneqojKpi •&• 4>hJi 
exA.qxjLA.cq e&oX jfeeit nica5«.A.-&' j6eit iteqajA.ncg 

n2kA.'vi2L4- ^OTOg, A.qca)OTit iteoq OTojHpi ix^^ 
j6€it •fzojuL tteiUL nimtZ eer i6eit nxooitq ii- 
neiiOT iHc nx^ * e&oX jfeeit tin eejuioooTX «&• • 4>h 
exA.q+ ttA.It ixnig^iULox 4- nejuL mA.noxoXiKiA. * 
e&oX j6€n ttK eettoc xupoT-s- a.XXa. nn exA.T- 
curreiUL ofog, A.Tojcjono'r JuLniitA.g^-f •&• 
•Ocog, itecjoxeit oit nj^axoT A.'reeA.g^juLO'r j6eit 
IHC n^c fflA. nipcjojuie XKpo-^*- ^j6eit uijuieit- 
pixo*c itxe 4>i" *H exA.TOA.g^iULO'r ee^4- xg^ipiitK 
neiUL nig^iULOx nojxeit 4- e&oX g^ixeit <t>'f neitia)x-&' 
nejtJL efi.oX i6en iSc nxc neitOT> *julk A.itoK 
Aiojeng^juLox 4- itxe nA.noT'f A.q2,o-¥ix i6eit mc 
nxc €3ceiteHnoT4- ze A.KitA.g^-f nooxeit-s- A^qo-vcoitg, 
€£1loX jfeeit -foiKOJUienK XKpc4- •oTog, A.qep- 
juieepe nni i}L^i"4- ^h exA.qA.ia)eJULa)i nA.q4- xe 
icxe A.ixiiULi juLnmitA.4- j6eit nig^iaenito-cqi e&oX 
i6eit ueqaHpi* "A.noK A.pi4>iUL€-¥i nojxeit efi.oX 
j6€it xA.inpoceTXH4- iinepx^poi * -^eit nA.iA.1te2, 
THpq-fi- o-vog, -fxoo&g, iijuLoq A.ioTU}it nw ikni- 
ixcwnr j6en qo-^coa ii^'f *• " o-vog, A.qi exeit- 
eHnoT 4- ere A.itoK A.iia)i eAJLA.aja5 4- oja. niA.nA.T 
€ptJoxeit4- oTog, A.iKA.'f itooxeit ei'iiOopeA. itxe 
♦f* '*&mA- it-fccjoo-cit nA.c juLnoTg^RT" ii- 

lJLU)Teit4- O'COg, A.n^CeiULItOJUL'f ijUULOOOT XKpO'r4- 

j6€n neitnA-g^-t itejtt. ^^itA.g^-f na)xeit4- "O-vog, 
Aiuienpe -fccooTit ixixooxen itA.cnKOT 4- xe A.itoK 
^.iqoTcoo] nnie^CHOT eTJUtA-ajoo itnoTA.11 nooxen*- 
oirog, eT"XA.2,no ojA.'fnoT* OTOg, A.iqoTtJoaj eie- 
gujni nKi ijuuiooxen efi.oX ;6eneKnoT4- otkXk- 
ponoAJLoc ICA.XA. 'f" exeooq exj6en na eenoc 
THpoT 4- " efi.oX ^en ia5nA.nixKc 4- nejuL nifi.A.p- 

&^poc iteAA. nicAii.eT nejuL mKA.xg,HX4- " xe iteoq 

c 2 



Jiepnpeni extjoi xe ^ig^iojenno-^qi j^eit nieeitoc 
XHpoT-s- o-cog, n^-ipK-f xe ^i^-peg, eg^igetttto-rqi 
neojxen oit ^.ceoooT-f itoTpcjojuie XKpo'¥«5- "oTog, 
juLnepepg^o-f efi.oX g^ittjenttoTqi j6en nieTA.rre- 
Xion4- xe ileoq o-^xoajl itxe <t>'f "S- nciui nia)tti6 
eeiULei juLJULoq* efi.oX j6eit ttuoT2iA.i itg^oriT*- 
iteiUL efi.oX jfeeit meenocTKpoT*- "o-^og, neqo-cooitg, 
n-fiuieejuLKi ilxe 4^+ e&oX j6e« o-cttA-g^-f a^. o-r- 
tt^.g^'f -5- K^x^. ^^pH^f rioTCi6^J ^e oTOiULKi eqeooitji 
itxe nmA.g,-f ^^oTog, itxeqcrajng, itoTXconx ilxe 
<t>'f e&oX j6eit xcl>€«8- exeit -fK^-Ki^ xupoT nrre 
nipujjtxi IteiUL ttiuonHpoc* tt^.i eren-fcajoTit 
nt" JtneejULKi «&• ofog, a,txa.Xkotx jt-f^nojuLiA. -j- 
^•2ce -fccjooT €fi.oX j6eit cj>'f4-¥tjong,c ilj6pHi 
iti6HXoif«5- OTOg, cj>'f ^.qofajitg^c ii;6HXO'r *® OTog, 
no-cjULTcxHpioit itxe ^t"* icxen i-ceiti" ixniKoc- 
iULoc«j- xe ^.lOTCJong^c itg^^ite^-juiio * jfeen o-vKA.-f 
nciUL ofJUteTi-j- oTog, n^-ipHi" 'fccooTit ftxeq- 
2COJUL4- nejUL TeqjULeenoT-f neiteg, xe* g^m^. 
^inA-acjoni juLnepttoTJULexA-xejuti -J- "ze iteoooT 
^.qcooo'rit juLcJ^-f-^ o-vog, iJLnepxeitg^cjoc epoq 
oTog, A-qaeng^jULox ttxoxq->- k^xa. m exep- 
naqpi-j- ^XX^. iti ex;6^e^ e&oX j6ett no-cjuLeri 
noooT^j- oTog, ^.qKA-KiA. juLnoTg^KX* OK exe- 
ijLueqKA-i"«> ^^^oTog, ij^jtxexi e&oX jfeen nof^TXH ^.Tcig^i hojot •&• "o-vog^ ^.Tojefiio) ix- 
na)o*c ii.c^'f "S- 4>h exA.qi eg^pni ezojq iloifXA.Ko •&• 
e&oX jfeeit oTconi it-fg^-vKoon juLnipajjuti ijLni- 
XA-KO*- o-¥Og, A.qcoiti JuLni&A.XKX •> o-vog, Rot- 
g4>Hpi ixui^ itoif(ri.XA.TZ 4- o-vog, ceAJLo-vgi 

ijLniKA.2,1 "S- 24 OTOg, UA-ipH-f ^.TXHiq JJL^^ -5- OTOg, 

A.fX^'^ nca)o-¥«5- ttejuL ncrenieTJULiA. nxe niccoq 
Ixnot^HTT 2,1 MA. A.Ttfmi juLno-^ccjojutA. 4- itxe 
noTg^KX 4- ** o-vog, A-T-f ge&io) fto-veiULHi rlxe ^^ 
i6eit miu.eeitoTX4- oTog, a.t(JT i}LnipeqeA.juuo *• 


ofog, ^.^ep&wK itoooT n^.c4- o-^og, ^Tepg^oTOJi 
exeit npeqe^JULio <t>K ex^qxmg^ooc n^q nejuinic- 
jULo-c Qi^ene^^ Sw6efiLe<t>^.i ^.TXHiq hcjoot itze<t>i"4- 
gi. nitfini itejui nxA.Ko«5- ^.ce'fae&ie nitig^ioo.! 
^LpcrreitnoooT i6eitttoTA.peTrK •&• oTog, ^.tcTuulk ^.it 
€BloX i6€it oTA.pexK* "ofog, HA.ipH'f ^.pexett- 
•fg^^i on«j- ^.TX^o'^f ixn^XHiq noooT e&oX j6en- 
ni^iojuLi-i- oTog, A.TTCJoo'rito'r ezenoTepKOT i6ert 
nicnTeiiULi^^- oTog, ^.pex€tti"g,^.i ;feennig^^.i 
iioTtrmi j6eit ttoTcooAJiA. «&• O'cog, ka.xa. 4)pK'f" 
eroTijLnoTepTiOKiAJLA.^m ex^ 4>i" itxox en 

ereitOTeiULI •&• A^qXHlXOT it2Cecl>'f &c. The ordinary ver- 
sion begins here and continues on the four more pages restored, p. 13* 
the original writing begins, fol. 20 inserted vacant, p. 60* ep. i Cor. 
begins with headpiece under which CYM OCUJ and inscr., outer and lower 
marginal arabesque, two lines of large archaic letters, p. 69 rough Arabic 
4)1 jj. (ttXll fjmUjJi ^j 'the mark of the honourable deacon Eizkallah.' 
This occurs again, p. 8i\ with ^^^Jii\ {JS^ ^.1 lia^ ^.1 ' the son of 
Yuf^anna the son of Hanidy the Eumus,' and again at p. 82* v^b^l 
biyi^>. i ^JjJlI ^Jtil e)Juft 'Remember,OLord, thy miserable servant, 
drowned in the sea of sins, Bizkallah the son of Hanidy,' and again the 
same names p. 107* except !:;»•> ^.1 'the son of Ydttanna' comes after 
Hanidy, and also at p. 121^. p. 115^ ep. 2 Oor. begins with headpiece 
and lines as for ch. great, p. 129^ after the liturgical direction occurs 
lm^\ f^^l aLjj i.U. lae^ ^ 'in the copy of the Harah Zuilah, the 
upper church.' p. 153* ep. Gal. begins with headpiece and outer 
marginal arabesque, one line of large and one of smaller archaic letters, 
p. 172* ep. Eph. begins as ep. Gal. except one line of large and one of 
red ordinary letters and more arabesque in outer margin, foil. 179. 8, 
19a I inserted, foil. 193-198 restored and vacant except 4^TAIU and 
recent foliation, watermark of crown, star, and crescent, p. 207^ ep. Col. 
begins as ep. GaL except CTIt 0600, two lines of rather large archaic 
and two of red ordinary letters, p. 215* Arabic beginning of Ps. iii, 'Lord, 
who &C.' p. 221* ep. I Thess. begins with headpiece and two lines of large 
archaic letters, p. 227* Arabic ' The possession (elU) of the honourable 
deacon Bizkallah the son of the honourable hegoumenos ((jo^Ims)!) Hanidy 
i^es^lj JL3U OM^b bitSb^t malalmir in the But)Airah.' p. 233^ ep. 
s Thest. begins with slender headpiece, arabesque attached to 1. c., two 

• •• 


Ji lines of large archaic, one of red ordinary, p. 240* ep. Heb. begins with 
headpiece and outer marginal arabesque attached to very large c. yellow, 
red, and black, one line large and one of smaller archaic and two of red 
ordinary letters, bird in lower margin, p. 245^ Arabic beginning of 
Ps. xiii, ' How long.' p. 283* ep. i Tim. begins with headpiece and as 
ordinary great chapter. p. 297^ ep. 2 Tim. begins with slighter head- 
piece, two lines of black archaic and two of ordinary red letters, foil. 306- 
310 restored, 307 vacant. p. 308^ ep. Titns begins with small head- 
piece and I.e. foil. 311 vacant binding leaf ending the volume. 

Jj 13. J2 Paul (Heb., Tiro.) ; Copt., Oxford Bodl. Hunt. 122 (Greg. 3), im- 
perfect, A. D. 1286 (K^X.&- ^IOKXk 1002), paper, foil. 359, col. i, 11. 18-19, 
24.6 X 18.4 cm., text 16.1 X 12 cm.; writing large and regular, leaning back, 
of less ancient appearance than Jj, 6 is of late form, the earlier form of 
*V occurs in thinner writing of subscriptions, F has straight, not bent, 
line ; punctuation, red ^ and <^- ; foliated on verso in uncials, signed on 
both pages with name of ep. in red ; 1. c. scarcely larger than s. c, but 
usiudly red ; ch. great marked by one line of red letters and red uncials ; 
ch. small by black uncials, with number also of ep. ; quire ending &c. 
KT OeC, K€ OeC, If yopfy the latter invariable after beginning of 
ep. Eph., usual small om. ; om. headpieces of coarse interlacing work, 
arabesque at ch. great, rich lines at beginning of epp., birds. Text the 
same as J^, and probably the exemplar of Jj (though of less ancient 
appearance), closely resembling C and H ; orthography, 6K AHCI^; occa- 
sional Arabic glosses. Lacunae, Rom. i. i — viii. 29, x. 12-19, 2 Tim. i.3 to 
end of Philemon. Bound in rough calf, XYII century, on board inside is 
'Hunt. 122 Urii Copt. XII.' p. i^ * Binding and Paper £0 3^. 2d, XJrii 
Copt. Xn S. Pauli Epistolae Coptice (6) Copt. MS. 11.' foil. 2-41 vacant 
leaves of time of binding, watermark has W B. p. 42* *B. Huntington.' 
fol. 49 restored and vacant.' p. 71^ ep. i Cor. begins with moderate-siied 
headpiece with rectangular detail, gilt floret and rod inscription ; L c. of 
red green and gilt interlacing work, three lines of large gilt, two of large 
black archaic, lower marginal arabesque. p. 129* ep. 2 Cor. begins as 
before except arabesque also in outer margin, p. 169* ep. 2 Cor. ends ; 
then on p. 169^ after usual quire beginning is, in thin writing, 60£l€^ j 

me&oX j6€n i"nXp ^.pinAJULef i A.nixA.Xena3poc 
noXq^z Hfc iimenicS: jfcett nexenojXKX kijt^ 

^lOKA A.^fi. 'For the sake of God bom (lit. the from) of the Virgin, 
remember me the wretched Polfadj (Abu '1 Faj) the son of the bishop. 
According to (the era of) Diocletian 1002 (a. d. 1286).' p. 170* ep. Gal 


begins nearly as ep. a Cor. p. 189^ ep. Eph. begins as before except Jg 
two more lines smaller gilt letters, p. 209^ ep. Philip, begins with same 
kind of headpiece but better drawn, the same lines as ep. Eph. p. 224* 
ep. Col. begins as ep. Philip, except a bird in lower margin, pp. 238% 
351* epp. I Thess. and 2 Thess. begin as ep. Col. p. 258^ ep. Heb. 
begins with headpiece as at first, same lines and outer and lower marginal 
arabesque, floret stops continue two pages. p. 303^ ep. i Tim. begins 
as ep. Heb. p. 319^ ep. 2 Tim. begins with same headpiece, three lines 
of gilt, one of large archaic letters, ouler and lower marginal arabesques 
discontinuous, floret stops, foil. 320-359 restored and vacant. 

14. K Paul (PhUem., Heb.), Cath., Acts; Copt.-Arab., Rome Vat. Copt. E 
13, formerly Raymund II(Greg. 16), imperfect, XIV century, paper, foil. 415 
('*'4), coll. 2, U. 24, 36.2 X 24.5 cm., text 25.4 x 18.2 cm.; writing rather like 
Corxon 121 &c., but coarser; punctuation, red *> and •>• ; foliated in uncials 
(act ancient) on verso and with recent ciphers on recto ; in the numera- 
tion of pages below, these ciphers are neglected when irregular; signed 
lecently with name of ep. on recto ; 1. c. more than three lines of text 
ltd or coloured as in XIV century, resembling 6.M. Or. looi &c., but 
rougher; s. c. black reddened; ch. great marked by red uncials and two 
lines of red letters; ch. small by black uncials with number also of ep. ; 
quotations sometimes pointed ; quire endings &c. n ^*V, KG 000, 
to OC ; liturgical notices, om. headpieces and arabesque at ch. great. 
Text often agrees with F, and less closely with D and L, sometimes also 
with O, and has also some peculiar readings. Orthography, ^p^C^" 
€p€*f C. Lacunae, Bom. i.i — viL i, i Cor. xv. 6-7, 12, 24-33, -^^^ ^™* ^5 
— xxL 31, xxiv. 4-15. Bound in red morocco, and bearing the arms of 
Pius VI on the cover, the volume begins with two binding foil.; next 
come sixteen restored foil., the first (not numbered) has 'Eplae omnes 
B. Pauli Apli, et canonichae et Acta ApToj sermone Aegyptiaco cum 
interpretatione arabica. N^* 12.' p. 1* rough headpiece with CTIt 
6€U}, then red Arabic 'We begin with the help of God (adoration to 
bim), and the beauty of his direction, the writing of the epistles.' Ep.Bom. 
begins with one line of tall, one of thick black reddened, and one of red 
letters. p. 46* ep. l Cor. begins with rather broad headpiece, one line 
of large gilt, and one black line, outer marginal arabesque, fol. 86 re- 
itored. p. 92* ep. 2 Cor. begins nearly as ep. i. p. 121^ ep. 2 Cor. 
ends with Arabic subscr. ' Was completed the second epistle to the people 
of Corinth, with the help of God.' p. 122* ep. Gal. begins with same 
headpiece, but black inscr., lines and omt. as before, p. 136^ ep. ends 
with Arabic ' Was completed the epistle to the people of Galatia, and he 

■ -*wj ' 


K bad written it from Home, and sent it with Titus his disciple; and to God 
be the glory.' p. 137* ep. Eph. begins with rather narrower headpiece, 
on the two outer vertical members of which are the words TII^KKI 
' the i)oor ' and CliULOOIt heiug probably the name of the scribe ; CTtt 
OCCJO in black appears above the inscr. ; two lines of large black lines, 
arabesque as before, p. 152* ep. ends with Arabic ' Was completed the 
epistle to the people of Ephesus, and he had written it from Rome, and 
sent it with Titus ; and to God be the glory for ever.' p. 152^ ep. 
Philip, begins with headpiece like those of Ai , one line of tall blacky one 
of thick letters, arabesque on outer margin, p. 163^ ep. ends with only 
Coptic subscr. p. 163^ ep. Col. begins nearly as ep. Philip., and ends 
with only Coptic subscr. p. 174^ ep. i Thess. begins with unusual 
arabesque above headpiece nearly as ep. Eph. but without the name, one 
line of tall and two of thick black letters, p. 184^ ep. ends with only 
C. subscr. p. 184^ ep. 2 Thess. begins with headpiece and CTIt 0£UJ 
as ep. Col., one line of tall black letters, and ends with only C. subscr. 
p. 189^ ep. I Tim. begins nearly as ep. 2 Thess., and ends similarly, 
p. 203^ ep. 2 Tim. begins with headpiece whose middle projecting en- 
richment takes the place of usual quire omt., and above is written 'pis- 
tuam Timeteus secundum,* CYtt 06U) and one line of tall black letters, 
p. 209^ ep. ends with only C. su1>8cr., thus also to end of ep. a Peter, 
p. 2io» ep. Titus begins as ep. Col. except red CTlt OGOO. p. 215* 
ep. Philem. begins as ep. Titus except black C. &c. p. 217^ ep. Heb. 
begins* as ep. Titus except no peculiar lines and more arabesque, p. 251^ 
ep. James begins with headpiece of difiPerent kind, rectangle with inscrip- 
tion on central label, and yellow border outside the interlacing work, one 
line of tall red, two of thick black archaic letters, outer marginal arabesque, 
p. 263^ ep. I Peter begins with headpiece of ep. Col., one line of tall 
black, p. 276^ ep. 2 Peter begins as ep. i except CTIt 06U) and two 
lines of thick archaic letters, p. 285* ep: i John begins as ep. I Peter 
except two lines as above and outer marginal arabesque ; at end of verse 17 
is red J^^l as well as the ordinary j^l. p. 296^ ep. ends with Arabic 
' Was completed the first epistle of John, and to God be the glory for ever 
and ever.' p. 297* ep. 2 John begins as ep. i except only one line, no 
subscr. p. 298^ ep. 3 John begins nearly as ep. 2, and ends 'Was 
completed the third epistle of John with help of God. Amen.' p. 300^ 
ep. Jude begins with headpiece &c. as ep. 3 John, and three lines of 

black archaic letters, p. 303^ ep. ends with * Was completed the epistle 


of Jude, and it is the completion of the pure fathers the apostles, their 
prayer be with us. Amen.* p. 304* Acts begins with headpiece of three 
round arches in perspective, black Cflt O6(J0 under two, one line of tall 


blftck letters, foil. 385-388 restored, fol. 398 restored, p. 415^ ends K 
withoat subscription except Ar. 'And to God be the glory.' Two binding 
leayes finish the volume. 

15. L (Lagarde b) Paul (Philem., Heb., Tim.); Copt-Arab., Berlin L 
(Royal Orient. 116 [Greg. 14], 115 [Greg. 13]) and Copenhagen (Royal 
Orient. 19 [Greg. 21]), imperfect, XIV century, paper, foil. 88 + 105 + 31, 
coll. 2, 11.32-33, 26.2 X 17.6 cm., text 21.5 x 13.4 cm.; 26.7 x 17.8 cm., text 
22.2 X 13.4 cm. ; 26.8 X 18 cm., text 22.2 x 13.4 cm.; writing of early XIV 
century, the dots and lines oyer the letters appear to have been added by 
a later hand, and they are absent in the Copenhagen book ; no original 
punctuation after Rom. i. 25, and there is none in the Copenhagen book ; 
foliated in uncials on verso, signed with name of epistle on recto and UpOC 
OQ verso ; 1. c. very rare ; ch. great marked by one line of red letters and 
red uncial; ch. small by black cursives with number also of epistle ; quire 
endings &c. IC I^ ''^C (IC, IT) OC, sometimes absent, IX=^XC ? 
is peculiar to these books, usual central small om., probably of the time of 
writing ; scarcely any other ornament, only occasional headpiece ; there are 
references to quotations and liturgical notices. It is not known how this 
MS. became separated into the present condition. Petraeus transcribed 
the epistles to Ephesiaus and Philippians from the Copenhagen book, and 
this transcript is contained in a small quarto volume at Berlin (Orient. 169), 

in ^hich is a title-page written thus: * CritnmiOJ'f" EPISTOLA 

linguam Latinam ad verbum fideliter translata. Kuper Alcairo totius 
Aegypti metropoli una cum aliis MSS. Copticis asportata ; Materia Euro- 
paeis intacta, nunc primum tentata, et ob venerandam Pharaonicae 
Linguae antiquitatem Orbi literato exhibita, ac in liicem emissa M. 
THEODORO PETRAEO, Flensburgo-Holzato TA-PX^ it'tcOcl>IA. 
1"&0'f" itXenOC Xe ("The beginning of wisdom is the fear of 
God") «&• LVGDVNI BATAVORUM impensis Auctoris, et Typographejo 
Nisseliano CIO IOC LX.' The Latin translation continues for only one 
page. This transcript was collated by the editor in 1899, ^^^ there can be 
DO doubt about the exemplar, vii. the MS. at Copenhagen. This MS. at 
Copenhagen has been interleaved, probably by Petraeus, and amongst the 
vatermarks are a heart and fleur de lys, these marks occur in Berlin 115 
(foil 17-21), and the heart alone in Berlin 116 (fol. 4, and at the end). 
Text often agrees with D and D^ Lacunae, Rom. i. 16-18, 20-24, 
I Cor. iii. 15— iv. 6, Heb. ix. 22— x. 18, xii. 16 to end. [116] The third 
binding leaf has ' Epistolae Pauli ad Romanos et utraque ad Corinthios 


L Arabice-Coptice.' p. i ep. Bom. begins with moderate-sized rectangular 
headpiece with neat interlacing work leaving crosses on each side of a 
broad label containing C*VItOe(J0 nA ^.. After the red inscr. literally 
translated, the text begins with I.e. black reddened = two lines, no other 
ornament, pp. 3, 4, these numbers are on an interleaf which has the 
heart watermark, and bears the Berlin Library stamp, pp. 5, 6 are frag- 
mentary, p. 69* after the C. A. subscr. there are six lines of Arabic 
erased, p. 70* at the top are roughly written Coptic letters which 
appear to be a transcription of Arabic Sl g,! Oeitl pceXH XHOIt 
pceiXo*V lLL,j ^ JLtj ^U jAj * And it is the second epistle of his 

epistles.' Ep. i Cor. begins with headpiece of ordinary kind, red 
CVItOGCJO, and small 'capital without line of red letters, and ends 
without subscr. p. 132 the same kind of letters Sl g,I OhX?? pC€XK 
' And it is the third epistle/ black CVItOeCU, small black capital, 
p. 176 (original foliation C{) ep. ends with C.A. subscr., A. adding ascrip- 
tion of gratitude. Fifteen foil, of European x)&per are added for making 
notes by the owner, who writes a list of the epp. contained in MSS. 115, 
also *in Holland. Leydae, i^Epist. ad Ephes. constat 6 cap. Item ii Epistol. 
ad Philippens. constat 4 cap.' The heart watermark occurs on this leaf, 
on others a wreath and cross, and name ADVRAND. [115] Three recent 
binding foil., watermark armorial shield as also in 116 ; the third has list 
of epp. Col., Thess., Ehilem., Heb., Tim., Titus, p. i ep. Col. begins 


with CTIt and small capital black, p* 17 ep. ends with C. A. subscr., 

A. omits ' Achaicus,' and adds ascription, p. 18 ep. i Thess. begins as 
ep. Col. p. 33 ep. ends with C. A. subscr., A. adds Titus before Silvanus, 
and ascription. p. 34 ep. 2 Thess. begins as ep. Col. p. 42 is signed 
npOC I, evidently meant for ep. iTim., which should now follow, Philem. 
being numbered IV, 2 Tim. being \K, Ep. 2 Thess. ends with C. A. 
subscr., A. adds 'Timotheus' and ascription, obs. unusual Tjl«^ after U)U 
p. 43 ep. Philem. begins as ep. Col. p. 46 ep. ends with C. A. subscr. ; 
then come Ps. i. 1-4 in Arabic and Ps. iv. i. pp. 47, 89, 109, 123 
epp. Heb., i Tim., 2 Tim., IHtus begin as before. p. 88 end of ep. 
absent, p. 108 ep. ends with C. A. subscr., A. adds ascription ; recent 
scrawls and circle. Ep. ends without subscr. p. 130 ep. ends with C. A. 
subscr., A. having 'Was completed the epistle of Timotheus/ (then over 
an erasure) ' and he had written it from Nika the city, and he sent it with 
Artama his disciple, who became bishop of Macedonia, and adoration to 
God for ever and ever eternally (lu^).' Then follow twenty-five foil, 
of notes of former owner. Two more later foil., one bearing the shield, 
end the volume. [19] Two vacant foil., i^ has watermark ET, 2° the heart. 


Tlie only difference from B. 115, 116 is that the pagination of the recent L 
owner (Petraeus ?) begins again for each epistle. There are only very few 
notes in the interleaves, p. i has the same kind of letters Sl ^I ? pcelke JUlIt npCeiXoT 'And it is the -fourth epistle of 

bis epibtles. Ep. Gal. begins with CVIt and red C. A. inscr. and small 


black capital. The dates 1 671-1745 are written in a Danish statement on 
this i>age, and the name 'Fredericus Eostgaard' occurs at the foot. The 
original foliation of B. 116 is continued C{^, and this page is signed 
lIpOC ^ (the fourth epistle), p. 11^ ep. ends without subscr.; then two 
vac ant recent foil., watermarks i^ heart, 2^ shield, crown, and lion sup- 
porter, p. 12* signed CC^CCOC, the same kind of letters &. ^l 

i^extLic pceXe Jtx pceiX noXoc eXpcoX ' And it is the 

fifth epistle of the epistles of Paul the Apostle.' Ep. Eph. begins as 
ep. Gal. p. p& (12^) begins new pagination 2 for Eph. p. 23* ep. 
ends without subscr. p. pIV (23^) i for Philip, also signed IlpOC t*". 
Ep. Philip, begins as epp. Eph. and Gal. p. 31^ ep. ends with 0. A. 
snljBcr., of which Ar. 'Was completed the epistle of Philippi, and he had 
written it from Rome, and sent it with Timotheus and Fortunatus, and 
idoration to God for ever and ever.' One interleaf ends the volume. On 
the cover is 12 19. 

16. M Paul (Heb., Tim.); Copt., Paris Nat. 63 (Greg. 9), imperfect, M 
A.D. 1660 (A. Mart. 1376), paper, foil. 149 ('*'4), col. i, 11. 29-31, 30.3 x 20.5 
cm., text 25.5x16 cm.; punctuation, red •&*% very rarely 4**-; foliated in uncials 
on verso, signed with name of ep. in Arabic, usually on both pages ; capitals 
nearly the same size ; ch. great marked by red uncials and occasionally by 
line of red letters ; ch. small not marked ; quire endings &c. IC ^X^C tC 
0C, •VC X^J ^^C nX^j twice IKC sm. om., sm. om. n^C JKC sm. 
om. n^C sm. om. "VC OC, thrice three sm. om. without letters, once Il^C 
<^ J y usually three small central ornaments; om., large cross, elaborate first 
pages, but sometimes no headpiece for ep. Bed Arabic references to quo- 
tations. Text often agrees with G and P. Lacunae (or rather omissions of 
text), Rom. vii. 13 — viii. 2, xiii. 12 — xiv. 11. On the third fol.» unnum- 
bered ia 'Cop. 63 Volume de 145 Feuillets 23 Aodt 1873,' and the library 
stamp. ^ 'Epistolae S. Paul! Coptice. Emta per me Fr. Bemardum de 
Montfaucon Venetiis anno 1698. 11. Augusti. Num. 23.* P> i* vacant, 
l^ large cross of unusual form, the cross bar at the middle, and disks at 
the ends and middle and between the arms connected by thin lines. 
2* first page with headpiece with disks and three round arches, and the 
border ornament carried down to the foot ; under the arches red IKC 



M HyQC TC ec, black ,jjy. ^j^^ssi\ S\L^ 'The epistle of Saint Paul,' then 
the red inBcription, one line of large gilt ornamented, one of smaller red, 
one of green, and one of ordinary red letters, p. 25 ^ ep. endH vrith C. 
inscr. giving the Greek (pCJOAILA.10) chapters as G, and the witnesses 
of the Old Testament, after which A.pic{>XILeTI HOT UeK&COK 
Ulg^nfKH ni'f^.KOItOC iiCHljL nOjHpm UJoU 'Remember, 
Lord, thy servant the i)oor, the deacon Sem(on) the son of John.' 
p. 26* ep. I Oor. begins with rectangular headpiece, having three disks 
and two cartouches containing aIj^I Sup^ 'Corinth the first,' one line of 
l&i'ge green and one of ordinary red letters. p. 48^ ep. ends with Ar. 
'Was finished the epistle of Corinth the first, in peai'e from God. Amen,' 
after which comes C. subscr, p. 49* ep. 2 Cor. begins without head- 
piece, with C. inscrijition and Ar.'The second epistle of Corinth,' one 
line of rather large thick red, two lines of ordinary green, one of red 
letters, p. 64^ ep. Gal. begins with C. inscr. and Ar. ' The epistle of 
Galatia, and it is the fourth,' three lines ordinary size, ^red, ^green, ^red 
letters, p. 72^ ep. ends with C. inscr., after which Ar. 'Was completed 
the epistle of Galatia in peace &c.,' then in smaller C. hand ^pl^- 
XHenri HOT neK&COK nig^HKI niKCpJUtl ^I2^I^-KOItOC 

itCmULn Ojapm TuSZ ^.JULHIt CCeajCJOni (points sei^arate the 
words sometimes incorrectly) ' Remember, Lord, thy ser\'ant the poor, the 
ashes, the deacon Sem(on) the son of Ida(nne8). Amen. It shall be.' p. 73 
ep. Eph. begins with Ar. 'The epistle of Ephesus,' then C. inscr., one line of 
large ornamented green, one of ordinary red letters, p. 81^ ep. ends with 
C. Bubecr. and Ar. 'Was completed &c.' as before, and C. prayer as after 
ep. Bom. except XI^KOItOC and cIjUU p. 82* ep. Philip, begins 
with lines as last. p. 83* ep. ends with C. inscr. and C. prayer as 
last except adding HOT K^ JUU.^.XILTOIt nO'VKOTnO'C 
(hOTXJ^ nu?0*V) e&oX ' Lord, Lord, give rest (and) forgiveness 
to them,' then Ar. *Was completed &c.' p. 83^* ep. Col. begins 
almost as ep. Philip. p. 94^ ep. ends with C. inscr. and Ar. 'Was 
completed the epistle of Colosse' (Kulasals). pp. 95^-101 epp. i and 2 
Thess. begin as ep. Col. p. 104* ep. 2 These, ends with C. subscr., 
after which ^.pi^AlieTI HOC n6K&U)K Ulg^KKI UIKepJULI 

ncujL (lajHpm icoA-itiiHc ^"VX" xn^-juLxoit ncooT 

^JULHIt ' Remember, Loid, thy servant the poor, the ashes Sim(on) the 
son of loannes (of) soul give rest to them. Amen.' p. 104^ ep. Heb. 
begins with C. inscr. and Ar. ' The epistle of the Hebrews, and it is in 
the number the tenth,' one line of ordinary green and two of red letters. 
pp. I26*>, 134* epp. I and 2 Tim. begin with C. inscr. and Ar. 'Timo- 
theuB the first (the second),' two lines of ordinary green and red letters. 


p. 139^ ep. 2 Tim. ends with C. snbecr. and prayer A-pl^AHCTI M 

nojHpi nicjo^-itHHc nejuLnajHpi ii^.£^^.>JuLmI ('and the 

son of Abi al Mina') nXP €&oX ilTenenitO&I IlTeq 'And 
let him grant ? the parden of our sins. Amen.' Ar.'Was completed &c.' 
p. 140* ep. Titus begins with Ar. 'The epistle of Titus, and it is in the 
number the thirteenth,' C. inscr., and same lines as last. p. 143^ ep. 
endi( with G. subscr. and remains of red Arabic. £p. Philem. begins 
with C. subscr. and black Ar. 'The epistle of Philemon, and it is the 
fourteenth,' two lines of ordinary green and one of red letters. p. 144^ 
ep. ends. The general sulMcription is literally tianslated into Arabic. 

Then follows RA-OT IJKC ux^ XS^)^^^^ ^^wi e&oX xeqooj 
r^^p ^.itoK jfcenixcofi. eTeqcji^.! xeepeg^xnox niAcit 
ojcuni e&oX g^nroTK o-vog, epecooT iti&eit epnpcni 
n^K ajA^eneg, ^julkh qe ici"AJLA.TA.itoi^. ^.pine- 
jtxer€\ ee&e^-f jfe^^nig^HKi niK^^pAiii niA.pA.xn"oc 
iiciXt nojHpi iiICJO^.n^KC n6iULna|Hpi ii^.&&^.>uuLi- 
ne nxe4>'f XJ^ ^^^ e&oX :]^ j^ 0T09 ^.iULHit ^ 

^auJ fLmJ 'My Lord Jesus Christy forgive sin to me, for it is great, 

I. namely the feeble (one) who'writes, for all grace is through Thee, and 
all glory beseems Thee for ever. Amen 99 (^+AIL + H + rt = 1+40 + 8 
+ 50). Behold the repentance, remember me for the sake of God, namely 
the poor, the ashes, the ungrateful Sim(on) the son of Joannes and the 
son of Abi al Mina. May God forgive me. The time of the Martyrs 
1376. Amen 99.' These figures are repeated in Siyak^ words ; 'the mar- 
tyrs the pure Amen ' is written also in Arabic ; then in black Arabic 
' Was completed the book of the epistles of the saint, the blessed (1»^«s!l1) 
the elect (^U^ ), the father Paul the Apostle, the tongue of sweetness and 
the doctor of the Gentiles (i^.>^&i)l), in peace from the Lord. Amen.' 
Three more foil, of the volume with two recent binding foil, are vacant. 

17. N Paul (Heb.,Tim.), Cath., Acts, Apoc.; Copt.-Arab., Oxford Bodl. N 
Hunt. 43 (Gieg. i), perfect, a.d. 1683 (A. Mart. 1399% paper, foil. 327, 
coll. 2, 11. 27, 29.7x20.8 cm., text 23x15.3 cm.; punctuation, red *>*, 

^ Vol. i, p. xxxviii. 

' Wilkins, Prolegomena^ p.viii, 'Hie fuit idem annus quo celeberrimus 
HuntingtonuB in Aegypto versaretur, ac codicem hunc (uti celeberrimus 
Thomas Smithua in vita ejus refert) sibi describi curaret.' 


N foliated on verso in uncials, signed with name of ep. &c. on verso in 
Coptic and recto in Arabic ; ch. great not marked except B and T of 
ep. Rom.; ch. small marked by uncials, in epp. Bom. and i Cor. the 
number of the ep. is put; quire ending &c. have two small crosses, or other 
small ornaments, for ornament and usual signature of the pages; orn. head- 
pieces of moderate size and rectangular detail $ writing neat though 
ignorant ly written, but ll^Q)t^ and marginal capitals sometimes not at 
regular verse beginning are slight indications of an ancient exemplar. 
Text closely resembles T. Bound in brown calf, on board inside 'Hunt. 
43, Urii Copt. IX.' p. i* 'Tredecim Epistolae Pauli Apostoli Epistola ad 
Hebraeos VII Catholicae Actus Apostol Copt arabice Item Apocalypsis 
Copt MS. 8. Urii Copt IX.' foil. 2 and 3 vacant, and of the same paper, 
fol. 4 original paper with crown, star, and crescent watermark. p. 5^ 

ep. Bom. begins with headpiece, C^It, one line of tall black reddened, 

two of ordinary red letters, p. 34* ep. ends with Ar. * Was completed the 
epistle of Bome in peace from the Lord. Amen. And the Lord Christ 
shall pardon us all our sins.' p. 34^ ep. I Cor. begins with headpiece, 

C'Vltee and IHC l^Xfi HCgHpI ^X> li^®8 as above. At verse I 
C^' Greek.' 

is I^. p. 63^ ep. ends with red Arabic ' Was finished Corinth the 

first in peace &c.' p. 64^ ep. 2 Cor. begins with same headpiece 

except only black and red colour, one line of rather larger black letters, 

and one of ordinary red; ends without subecr. p. 84^ ep. Gal. begins 

CO , 

with same headpiece, CXO£, Arabic adds to inscr. The fourth of the 

number,' no different lines, p. 92^ ep. ends with black Ar. * Was com- 
pleted the epistle of Galatia in peace &c.' p. 93* ep. Eph. begins with 

same headpiece and CTIt0€ c^ IHC H^C ^^.^11 4)1 j*-J , no different 

lines ; ends without subscr. p. 103* ep. Philip, begins with rather larger 

headpiece and CVMOC, tr. mentions the number sixth,' no different 

lines; ends as ep. Gal. p. no* ep. Col. begins with former black red 


headpiece, CTItO IHC n^C. p. 116^ ep. ends with red Ar. *Was 

completed the epistle of Kulasaas.' pp. 117*, 123*, 126^ epp. i and 2 Thess., 

Heb. begin as ep. Col., and end in red as ep. Gal. p. 148^ ep. Heb. 

ends with black ' Was completed the epistle of the Hebrews in peace 

from the Lord. Amen. Lord, pardon the writer and the reader and 

the hearer all their sins. Amen. And to God the glory. Amen.' 

p. 148^ ep. I Tim. begins as last, and ends with subscr., including same 

kind of prayer, adding after ' hearer ' ' him who studies (As^ «— ^1) this 

noble volume, reward him, Lord, in the kingdom of the heavens.* 


p. 156* ep. 2 Tim. begins with single rectangular headpiece of more N 

colour, and ends, with subscr. and prayer, without the above addition. 

pp. 162*, 165* epp. Titus and Philem. begin with same headpiece, 

nree mc ivxs^ *^- ^p- t^*^^ ®^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ ®p- ^ai. p. i67» 

ep. Philem. ends with * Was completed the epistle of Philemon in peace 
from the Lord, and it is the fourteenth of the number of the epistles of 
the doctor Paul, may the blessing of his prayer include us, and to God 
the adoration.' p. 167^ ep. James begins with headpiece of first form, 

red, black, and white, C*VI\0€ &c. as last; two 1. c, but no different 
lines. p. 175^ ep. ends with 'Was completed the epistle of James the 
apostle in peace &c. Eemember, Lord, the writer &c. in the kingdom 
of the heavens. Amen.' p. 176* ep. i Peter begins with headpiece of 
limpler form and same words, p. 183* ep. ends with ' Was completed 
the epistle of the disciple Peter, the head of the pure apostles, in peace 
from the Lord; and the Lord God, dweller in the height of heaven, shall 
pardon the sins of all the people of Christ. Amen.' p. 184* ep. 2 Peter 
begins with simple rectangular headpiece, no different lines; ends in red as 
ep. Gal. pp. 190^, 198^ 200», 201^ epp. i. 2. 3 John, Jude begin 
with same headpiece as last, and words as ep. i Peter, and ep. i ends 

as ep. James, ep. 2 ' Was completed the second epistle of John,' ep. 3 


as ep. Gal. p. 201^ ep. Jude begins with headpiece as last, CT06 

IHC TI^)(^C and Ar. 'In the name of God,' and ends 'Was completed the 
epistle of the apostle Yahiida, (one) of the twelve pure apostles, in peace 
from the Lord. Amen.' p. 204* Acts begins with headpiece of the first 
form with rectangular details, and the same words as last. p. 278* ends 
with 'Were completed these holy epistles in peace from the Lord, on the 
third blessed day, the seventeenth of the blessed month A bib arljtf (1398) 

Coptic, corresponding to the t>^elfth of the month Bajab, the end of 
months of the year 1093 lunar, and God most high is the helper.' p. 279^ 

Apocalypse begins with headpiece, CYIIOCy and inscr. is translated 
Ua^ (jmjjaJI ^LJL, no different lines of letters or numeral, p. 321^ ends 
with 'And the end of this noble (and) blessed volume was on the blessed 
se<*ond day, the seventh day of the blessed month Tut, year the thousand 
and three hundred and ninety-nine Coptic of the pure Martyrs, may God 
grant us their blessings. Amen. And adoration to God for ever and 
ever. Amen.' Six foil, vacant, of two kinds of x)aper, end the book. 

18. Paul (Heb., Tim.), Cath., Acts ; Copt.- Arab., Bome Propaganda O 
'Copht 7,' pressmark J. iv. i, formerly 'Tuki iv,' perfect, A. d. 1740 


(A. Mart. 1456), paper, foil. 264, coll. a, 11. 20-21, 31.3 x 22 cm., text 19 x 14 
cm., paginated (only) in uncials, and every page signed with Arabic name 
of ep. &c. ; 1. c. only slightly larger ; ch. great marked by larger cap. and 
uncials; ch. small also by uncials i^ith number also of ep.; quires not 
marked; orn. large cross and small headpieces of various form ; accurately 
written (BJUL usually for JUL) and corrected probably by Bishop Bishai, 
who seems to have written below the cross io\jy\ ^\)»^ (S^, u^M^ *j/ 
1 6iv -A*) J^Jlid^ 'The reading of Agabius Bishay, Mi^ran of the Catholic 
Copts in Egypt, 1567 (=1851).' Native red leather binding with 7 
written on the back. The first fol. (unnumbered) has • * MSS. COPTI 
DI MONSIG. TYKI NYM. IV Alunno di Prop. Fide ' ; then three 
foil, with three crescents watermark, on which * Tutte le Epistole del 
miovo Testamento e gl' atti degl' Apostoli. In Copto ed Arabo copia 
dell' anno di Cristo 1740.' The text foil, have watermark of letters, 
p. I (iJ) has large black and white cross of usual interlacing work with 
niOjCyHIt iixenconii 'the tree of Life' above, and the usual 
arrangement of A- IKC Il^C TC OC (JO. p. 2 (K) ep. Bom. begins 

with headpiece and CVlt; ends with usual subscr., adding the number 

of witnesses of 0. T. p. 56 ep. i Cor. begins as before except one line 
of large letters. At i Cor. vii. i is red I2i with {^^j * Greek ' written 

above, and thus also at viii. i IG, x. i ir^y xiv. 26 IO9 xv. 34 K. This 
numeration apparently continues, occasionally marked 'Greek,' though at 
the subscr. is found 'Greek 10.' Ar. prayer without name or date. p. 100 
(P) op* 2 Cor. begins as ep. i. p. 144 ep. ends with Ar. subscr., saying 
that it was written in Filibus, and sent by Titus and Luke, stichoi 955, 
ch. gr. 12, ch. sm. 50, gr. 7, witnesses ii. Ep. Gal. begins as before, 
and ends with Coptic subscr. and Arabic prayer, containing ^^ JsUll 
(^]/^ ^*^ u**^ 1*^^^. * ^^c miserable transcriber in name a deacon is 
called Ibrahim.' p. 162 ep. Eph. begins as before, and ends with Ar. 

Completed was the epistle of Ephesus, and it is the fifth in the number; 
it was written from Rome, and sent with Timotheus.' p. 181 ep. Philip, 
begins as before, obs. AG * Greek ' ; ep. ends with Ar, ' Completed was 
the epistle to the people of Philippi from Home, and sent with Timotheus 
and Epaphroditus, and glory &c.' p. 194 ep. Col. begins as before, and 
ends with Coptic subscr. p. 207 ep. i Thess. begins as before, obs. SJL 

Greek ' ; ep. ends with Ar. * Completed was the first epiatle of Thesea- 
lonica in peace from the Lord. Amen. And it was wTitten from Athens, 
and sent with Timotheus and Silvanus.' p. 219 ep. 2 Thess. begins as 
before (obs. JULq), and ends with Coptic subscr. and prayer ^pI<t>iUL€^I 

HOT ueKJScoK nig^HKi nicj6^x ui2iiA.Kooit 


HOT XJ^ ^^^ sSloX ^.qxcoK e&oX j6enuie£,ooT v 
Uml^.^ excAt^pcooTX IK e&oX j6eitniA.^ox ue- 

gconc ^fc -V- ^"^^^ * Remember, Lord, thy servant, the poor, the 
writer, his name the Deacon Abraam, the native of Thaatha (Tatita, see 
below). We pray from the Lord, Forgive us. He finished on the third 
blessed day, eighteen of the month Peshons, time of the Martyrs 1456/ 
p. 226 ep. Heb. begins with red and black label containing Ar. inscription, 
then Coptic inscr. and line of large letters as usual, obs.viii.i JX€ 'Greek.* 
Ep. ends with Coptic inscr. and Arabic prayer without names, also again 

nicj6^i nig^KK-v ni2i.iA.K(joit A.fip^.A.jt«. 

nipeAJLXKOI eA.A.e^. IU.q m^l ' for Mm mercy.' p. 270 ep. 
I Tim. begins as usual, and ends with Ar. ' Was completed the first 
epistle of Timoiheus, and it was written from Athens, and sent with 
Titus, stichoi 280, ch. great 6, ch. sm. 26, Greek 3, glory &c.' p. 285 
ep. 2 Tim. begins as usual, obs. iv. i ItV 'Greek.' Ep. ends with 
Coptic inscr. p. 296 ep. Titus begins with unusual jt^ji\ «— ^m^I^ ^^ i*^ 
' In the name of God the merciful, the clement,' besides CTIIGSCO and 
the usual line. Ep. ends with Coptic inscr. and Ar. prayer, p. 303 ep. 
Pfailem. begins as usual, and ends with Coptic subscr. ; after which is Ar. 
prayer continuing 'And there was an end of copying the epistles of Paul 
the apostle (^JUI), fourteen epistles, on the blessed third day, the 
eighteenth of the month Badunah, year 1456 Coptic, corresponding to 
twenty-4ix of month Babl'a, first of the months of the year 1 153 Lunar, 
and glory &c.' p. 307 ep. James begins as before, and ends with Ar. 
Completed was the epistle of James in peace from the Lord. Amen.' 
p. 321 ep. I Peter begins as usual, and ends with Ar. statement as after 
ep. Philem. p. 340 ep. 2 Peter begins as usual, and ends with Coptic 
subscr. pp. 350, 365 I and 2 John begin as usual, and end with Ar. 
' Was completed the first epistle of John in peace &c.' Ep. 3 John 
begins as usual, and ends as ep. i John, adding prayer for pardon. 
p. 369 ep. Jude begins as usual, and ends with Ar. 'Was completed the 
epistle of Jude, stichoi 60, ch. great 2, small 8.' Then general Coptic 
8u>»scr. of Cath. epp. ending with prayer as after ep. Heb. p. 374 Acts 
begins with headpiece and black label CYItOCCO and one line of large 
letters, p. 518 Acts ends with Ar. statement 'Was completed the volume 
of the holy epistles with the help of God most high, who helps him who 
uks him for help, and trusts in him. And it was the blessed fourth 
day, the twentieth of the blessed month Masry, in year thousand and 
TOL. III. d 


seven hundred and forty, Christian (era) corresponding to year, thousand 
and four hundred six and fifty of the pure Martyrs. May God most high 
grant us their hlessings. Amen.' \^JS \^/^ ^*M *^j^y^ *^ {j* ^^J 
i^li ^ l^^ ^1 Ui-Uj ^Wtil^ iMJJJ ,j^j\^ ii- iiUUj UJl Si- 
U^l LpA:^ cyJu^^ i^jS Asr-i ^^ \^ wl JJ^ ^l iiiJ.. ^^/Lj vs>l;bjJI 

/. UiyCj Lki JaliJI ^ 2!lL«j 'And that (was) from a copy existing in 
the city Djirj^^ its date year, thousand and three hundred six and forty of 
the pure Martyrs. And the copier of it (was) the preshyter Wababah from 
the district of the monasteries, east of the city Akhmim. And it is said 
that he wrote it from an ancient copy which existed in the district of 
Edfa, from the hand of the &tber the honoured bishop Anba Yunas, the 
native of Edfa, bishop at that time. And verily it was accurate, and free 
from error in Coptic and Arabic. And as for him who caused this (lit. that) 
book to be written, and (who) spent upon it of his wealth, it was our 
honoured fieither Bafail who did it for the good of the Coptic community. 
May God most high preserve him by the angel of peace. Amen. And 
it was written by the hand of the miserable servant, the poor sinner who 
claims to be the weak and incapable ; and he is not expert in copying 
except by the help of God most high ; and our Lady the Virgin who 
assisted us in completing it ; but he ia named by the name " the deacon 
Ibrahim," from the district of Tah^^. And he makes many prostrations 
at the feet of his lords, his Others, and his brothers, Christians who look 
upon this imperfect writing, that they may remember the poor copyist. 
And every one who finds an error, and corrects it, may God smooth his 
way to the Paradise of delight. Amen. And thanks to God for ever- 
more.' Six more foil, with three crescents watermark end the volume. 

P 19. P (Lagarde c) Paul (Heb.,Tim.),Cath.,Acts; Copt.-Arab. [London 
Brit. Mus.], Curzon (Parham) 124 (Greg. 6), perfect, a. d. 1797, paper, 
foil. 457, coll. 2, 11. 22-25; recent writing, of good kind; punctuation, red ^ 
only at verse endings; l.c. = four lines red, black, and yellow; s.c. black red- 
dened, and red ; eh. great marked by red capitals and red uncials; ch. small 
by 8. c. and black uncials ; foliated on verso, which is signed with name of 
ep. &C, in Arabic; quire endings &c. n ^Xl*^ '^^ ^^' ^^^ usual small 
ornament ; om. large cross, headpieces. Text accurately copied from 

^ Town of 16,300 inhabitants, and a cattle market, between Assiiit and 
Snhag on the west bank, 272 miles from Cairo. Badeker's Egypty 1902, 
pp. 191, 215. 


correct MS. with occasional € for ^^ often agreeing with GM. Bound P 
in native red leather, the cover (fol. i) has 'R. CURZON PARHAM 
Acts and Epistles I3,' lower down 124. After four vacant foil., on fifth 
(p. 2^) is large cross with usual letters Sec, p. 3* ep. Rom. begins with 
headpiece, under which CmiOeoC ICKTpOC, one line of tall orna- 
mented, two of red ordinary letters, p. 44^ ep. ends with Ar. 'Was com- 
pleted the epistle of Rome, and he had written it from Corinth, and sent it 
with Phoebe (^y) the sister deaconess of the church of Cenchrea; its great 
chapters two and twenty, and small ninety, and witnesses (i.e. quotations) 
of the Old (Testament) eight and forty, and Greek (^jii) ten. Glory to God 
for ever and ever. Amen.' p. 45* ep. i Cor. begins with two sm all ornaments, 
hetween which black Ar. ' The first epistle to the people of Corinth/ red 
Coptic inscr., lines as before, p. 86* ep. ends with Ar.' Was completed the 
first epistle of Corinth ; it was written at Ephesus, and he sent it with 
Stephanas and Achaicus, and its great chapters tw() and twenty, and small 
four and eighty, in peace from the Lord. Amen.' p. 86^ ep. 2 Cor. 
begins as ep. i with addition ' and it is the third of the number,' lines as 
before. p. 115* ep. ends with Ar. Was completed the second epistle of 
the people of Corinth, and he had written it in Philippi ((j^«&ii), and sent 
it with Titus and Luke ; and its great chapters twelve, and small fifty, in 
peace &c. Remember the misery of the copyist of it in mercy; and he 
who says any (prayer) to him be the like of what he says.' p. 115^ ep. 
Gal. begins as ep. i Cor., and ends with Arabic, mentioning Rome and 
Titus, six great and thirty small chapters, with nearly the same prayer, 
p. 130^ ep. Eph. begins nearly as ep. Gal., and ends mentioning Rome 
and Tychicus, six great and thirty small chapters, p. 147* ep. Philip. 
begins nearly as before, and ends mentioning Rome, Ex)aphroditus, and 
Timotheus, four great and twenty-one small chapters. p. 158^ ep. Col. 
begins as before except only one line of red, and ends mentioning Athens, 
Tychicus, Onesimus, and Mark, six great and twelve small chapters, and 
with prayer 'Remember the misery of the copyist of it with mercy and 
forgiveness.' p. 170^ ep. i Thess. begins as ep. Col., and ends with Ar. 
'Was completed the first epistle of Thesgalonica, and it is the eighth in 
the number, its great chapters four and the small eighteen, in peace &c.' 
p. 181* ep. 2 Thess. begins as ep. i, and ends mentioning Athens, Silvanus, 
and Timotheus, great chapters three and small eight, p. 187* ep. Heb. 
begins with one line of large black after large coloured cap., and ends as 
usual with Ar. 'Was completed the epistle of the Hebrews, and the num- 
ber of its great chapters is six and the small sixty-one ; it was written 
from Rome of Italy (2JU>)I *t*yj)t cmd sent with Timotheus, glory to our 
God for ever and ever. Amen.' p. 223^ ep. i Tim. begins without 


P ornament except red inscr., one line of large ornamented and two of ordi- 
nary red letters, and ends mentioning Athens and Titus, six great and 
twenty-six small chapters. p. 236* ep. 2 Tim. bepina as i except only 
one line of red, and ends mentioning Rome and Onesimus, three great and 
nineteen small chapters. p. 245* ep. Titus begins as ep. 2 Tim., and 
ends mentioning Nicopolis (ajjJlII yiS) and Artemas, two great and nine 
small chapters. p. 250* ep. Philemon begins with small ornaments at 
the usual black Arabic and lines as ep. Titus, and ends (p. 252*) men- 
tioning Rome and Onesimus ^^ X^ J^^ uj*^ •^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ 
'who was fonnerly the servant of Philemon, and became a disciple and 
priest.' Then follows the general subscr. in tall black reddened letters 
Coptic and Arabic with further Ar. *The finishing of this pure book, which 
is the book of the epistles of our Doctor Paul, the fourteen epistles, (was) on 
the blessed fifth day, thirteenth of the blessed month Tut, year q(/>id Coptic^ 
of the pure blissful righteous Martyrs. May God grant us the blessing of 
their prayers always. Amen.' Nine vacant foil., on the tenth (j). 255^) is 
a large cross with usual letters and words, p. 256* has headpiece above 

CtH alA j^ and inscription. Ep. James begins with one line of large 

black reddened and two ordinary red, and p. 268^ ends with Ar. 'Was 
completed the epistle of James, in peace from the Lord of hosts (i^^y!^), 
who gives life to the souls of the dead : and upon ns (be) his mercy for 
ever and ever. Amen.' p. 269* ep. i Peter begins without omament 
except one line of large black reddened, and one of ordinary red letters, 
and ends with Arabic subscr. mentioning nine great and fifty-five small 
chapters, p. 282^ ep. 2 Peter begins as ep. i Peter, and enda mention- 
ing four great and twenty-eight small chapters. p. 291^ ep. i John 
begins as ep. 2 Peter, and ends mentioning nine great and forty-six small 
chapters. p. 305* ep. 2 John begins nearly as ep. i, and ends with 
Arabic subscr. praying for his grace (ki*ju) and mercy and blessing, 
p. 307* ep. 3 John begins as ep. 2, and ends nearly as ep. 2. p. 309^ ep. 
Jude begins with usual black Ar. * The epistle of the apostle Yahtida the 
brother of Ya'akub, the seventh of the Catholic,' the same lines as before, 
and ends with mention of all the chapters of the Catholic epp., thirty-five 
great and one hundred and eighty-seven small, concluding ' Then follow 
the Praxis with the help of God. Amen.' p. 313* headpiece with 
C'Vneea) IC^l'^'POC and Ar.'In the name of God the strong (t^yl^); 
the book of the Abraksis of the narrations of the apostles'; then red and 
black Coptic and Arabic inscr., one line of tall black ornamented and two 
of ordinary red letters. p. 440* Acts ends with Arabic subscr. *At this 
(point) Luke made an end of his history because he departed from him: 


tnd thon wilt find in the epistles of Paul the account {w-j^ of what befel P 
(JU) Paul. He indeed came before Neron for the first time, and was 
sacceesful (in his cause), and went away (^jUul) in peace. And he stayed 
ifter that two years, and (then) went forth. Later (J) he returned and 
baptised the relatives of Neron Caesar (j,a^ u^/^)* ^^^ "^^ martyred by 
his hand with the sword patiently. May his prayer protect us. Amen.' 
p. 440^ tall black reddened letters GltlpHItH XCJO KCD nXA.^60It 
Ton ^VlOIt ^nOCrroXoit and At. *Was completed in peace of 
the Lord the history of the holy apostles.' Then in smaller Ar. 'And 
there was an end of this pure book, which is the book of the Praxis, the 
history of our fathers the holy apostles at the third hour of the blessed 
Friday (as«^) the fourteenth of the blessed month Tut, year aj(f>ih Coptic, 
of the pure blissful righteous Martyrs. May God grant us their inter- 
cessions always. Amen. Amen.' Four vacant foil, finish the volume : 
on the first is pencil note, '44offs. November 1902 VT. B., Examined by 
G.G.P.'; the last but one has watermark CSC under floriated ornament. 

20. S (Lagarde p) Cath., Acts ; Copt., Paris Nat. Copt. 66 (Greg, ir), S 
perfect, a. D. 1609 (A. Mart. 1335), paper, foil. 166 ( + 4), col. i, 11. 21-22, 
26.9 X 20.4 cm., text 18.8 X 13.3 cm.; writing, two dots sometimes over !, 
H and "C, CIJ reddened as well as JO &©• J punctuation, red •&•• ^- — &c., 
points of all kinds often omitted; 1. c. black or red ; s. c. black reddened; 
ch. great marked by two lines of red and red uncials ; ch. small by black 
uncials and with number of the epistle ; foliated on verso without 
signature ; quire endings &c. of first quinions marked with small ornament 
and name of epistle, these marks are soon omitted altogether ; om. large 
crosses and headpieces of dull and heavy colouring. Liturgical notices. Text 
usually agreeing with F, and often with G. On second recent fol. 'Volume 
de 166 Feuillets 26 Juin 1889.' p. i* Copt. 66 and Ar. 'Bemember, 
Lord, thy servant the poor sinner drowned in the sea of sins and crimes, 
whose name is not worthy to be remembered because of the multitude 
of his sins, whose sins are like the number of the sand, thy servant 
Sima'aa ; remember him, Lord, in the kingdom of the heavens, and 
may he who says any (prayer) be rewarded thirty, sixty, and an hundred- 
fold.' *F. 2. Epistol. Canonic, et Act. Apostolos. Num. 26.' p. 2^ 
Urge cross with A. CO, IHC UX^ "^C 00 ^.q (TpO. p. 3* ep. 
James begins with headpiece with four cusps, one line of large black, 
one of smaller red, one of smaller black letters, and the first page is 
translated into Arabic, after which no translation, p. 14^ ep. ends with 
Coptic Bubecr. and later mark of collation aJIUI s^*.*>> J>ji he 'collated 


8 according to ability.* p. 15* headpiece of lighter krod, tuider which 
(rriteeCO ^p^.n JuLc^^ 'the name of God.' Ep. I Peter begins with 
one line of large black reddened, one of ordinary red letters, and ends as 
ep. James with same collator's note. p. 27^ ep. 2 Peter begins with 
smaller headpiece, no words except Coptic inscr., one line of large and 
one of small black letters ; ep. ends with Coptic subecr. p. 35^ large 
cross with usual words, p. 36* ep. i John begins with headpiece and 
lines as ep. 2 Peter, and ends with collator's note Jjy . p. 49* ep. 2 John 
begins with lighter headpiece and one line of large black letters; ep. 
ends with J3 J alone, p. 51* ep. 3 John begins with slight headpiece 

and C*VltO6C0 ^p^It iJL^'f' and one line of large black; ends with 
Coptic subscr. p. 52^ ep. Jude begins ^th larger headpiece and the same 
words and line; ends with Coptic subscr. and collator's note. p. 56^ large 
and more graceful cross, adding iS\ (TpO. p. 57* Acts begins with 
broad headpiece with label containing CVIt Sec, and below J06rt- 

4»pA.n ijL4>Jcox neiULna|Hpi nexuniiuwl eeo•r^-& 

0*VItOTf itO*VCOX * In the name of the Father and the Son and 
the holy Spirit, one Qod.' After red Coptic inscr. two larger and two 
smaller lines of black letters, p. 88^ three pages of translation^ beginning 
ch. viii. 26. p. 164^ after Coptic inscr. in smaller hand ^CJXCOK 

jjLm^SLOT ixx^P poxnui XxKe ipL jfeeno-rg^ipKHK 

itXe^'f ^JULHIt * Was completed this holy book in the twenty-fifth day 
of the month Emkhir, in peace of God. Amen.' Then in Ar.' Bemember, 
Lord, thy servant the poor sinner drowned in the sea of sins and 
crimes, who is not worthy that his name should be remembered in the 
world, still less that of deacon, thy servant Bafayil, in the kingdom of 
the heavens ; and every one who finds a mistake and puts it right, Christ 
shall put his affairs right, and all the sons of the Baptism:' below is 
written the Greek alphabet and note * The letters of the Greek language.' 
p. 165^ nearly the same Arabic prayer without the name. p. 166^ has 
seal bearing F D and * Les Epitres Canonicqucs et Actes des apotres de 
Copte,' and a printed label * Ex Bibliotheca MSS. COISLINIANA, 
Dux DE COISLIN, Par Franciae Episcopus Aletensis &c. Monasterio 
8. Germani k Pratis legavit. An. m.dccxxxii.' Two more recent foil, 
end the volume. 

T 21. T (Lagarde m) Cath., Acts, Apoc. ; Copt., Paris Nat. Copt. 65 
(Greg. X2), imperfect, A. D. 1660 (A. Mart. 1376), paper, foil. xo2('i-2), coLi, 


n. a7 and 31-34, 30.7x21 cm., text 24.8x16 cm. and 30.5x20.7 cm., T 
text 25.7x16.5 cm.; writing of two kinds, i^Apoc. bold and uniform, 
leaning back, ^ Cath., Acts smaller, more upright and thinner and with 
lines nearer together ; 1° text without breaks, 2^ breaks sometimes occur 
before chapters, and small breaks occur also when the verse ends near 
the end of the line; punctuation, red 4**; I.e. red, not much larger thans.c, 
which occur in the middle of lines denoting the verses ; ch. great marked 
by red cap. and red uncials; ch. small (Cath., Acts) by red uncials; foliation 
ibr Apoc. on verso in black uncials, none for Cath., Acts, usually signed 
with Arabic on recto for Apoc.; quire ending &c. (Apoc.) tC OC, 
IC y^O with usual ornament ; om. frontispieces and headpieces. Text 
closely resembles N, and often agrees with 0. In the Apocalypse it some- 
times supports A alone. Lacunae, Apoc. xxi. 20 — xxii. 6. After vacant 
recent leaf with watermark of small disks arranged diamond shape, 
p. I* has watermark of three crescents (thus throughout Apoc.; after- 
wards thinner paper without mark) and 'Copt. 65 Volume de 102 Feuillets 
23 Aodt 1873.' p. i^ 'Apocalypsis et Septem epistolae Catholicae Acta 
Apostolomm Emta Yenetiis per me Fr. i Bemardum de Montfaucon 
anno 1698 2 Augusti Num. 24.' p. 2* Apoc. begins with large three- 

cnsped round-arch headpiece with side border, within arches CvK 
po (JO 

IC2X**C and Arabic tr., red Coptic inscr., one line of tall black ornamented, 


three of large red. p. 29^ lacuna begins, and is marked by a strip of 

paper. The hymn which usually occurs at this passage also begins with 
red O eiUCK ^'^JiXtiOC HXnOK . . . eCOttJ illt. p. 30* text 
continues at xxii. 7. p. 30^ Apoc. ends, and below a headpiece begins 
CMXOt (blessing) and continues for two foil., the details are not the 
same as in Z ; the Ar. ' Finished and completed was the book of the 
holy Apocalypse of John the evangelist on the blessed sabbath day, 
eleventh of Barmutha, year 1376 Coptic, in peace of the Lord. Amen.' 
p. 33^ elaborate frontispiece of yellow, red, and green interlacing work, 
leaving prominent eight rows of five white crosses each. p. 34* simple 
oblong headpiece with broad space containing the Coptic inscription and 
Ar. * We begin with the help of God most high to write the Catholic 
epistles, first the epistle of James/ one line of tall black reddened and 
three lines of ordinary red letters. Ep. ends with ' Finished was the 
epistle of James the apostle, in peace from the Lord, and we pray him for 
help in all things, and to him be thanks for ever. Amen.* p. 38^ ep. 
I Peter begins with nearly square headpiece with label containing 
CTItOCGD &c, and C. A. inscription, the same lines except only 
two of red. Ep. ends with ' Was completed the first epistle of Peter, 


T the number of its stichoi hundred five and twenty, and its chapters six. 
And we pray Qod for his assistance in its beginning and ending, and 
thanks &c.' p. 44^ ep. 2 Peter begins with headpiece as ep. James, but 
smaller space containing C. A. inscription ; below is * And it is the 
third of the holy pure EathCilikiin,' the same linos as ep. i. Ep. ends 
with * Was finished the second epistle of Peter, its stichoi three hundred 
(sic), and its chapters four.' p. 47^ ep. i John begins with broad oblong 
headpiece leaving crosses and space containing C. A. inscription with 
notice of number below, the same lines as before, p. 52^ ep. ends with 
' Was completed &c., its stichoi 260, its chapter 76.' Ep. 2 John begins 
with nearly the same headpiece &c. except CTVItOCCO and tr. Ep. ends 
with * Was completed &c., its stichoi fifty, and chapters one ; and we 
pray God for his help in all things, and thanks &c.' p. 53^ ep. 3 John 
begins nearly as before, and ends 'Was finished &c., its stichoi fifty, and 
chapters one ; and thanks &c' p. 54^ ep. Jude begins with same kind 
of headpiece &c. except C*VIieeCO lC^*VpOC &c. p. 56* ep. 
ends with Coptic inscription. p. 56^ elaborate frontispiece as at 
beginning of the epistles, p. 57* the same kind of headpiece with 
CrriteeoO IC^XpOC and tr. and C. A. inscription, the same line 
of tall black and two of red ordinary letters, p. 102* Acts ends with 
* Was completed the copying of the Acts (^jAioS) of the pure apostles, 
the stichoi two thousand and eight hundred, and the chapters six and 
forty, in peace from the Lord; and we pray him for benevolence (u-akl) 
and assistance in the beginning and ending, and to him is the issue 
iyya^ ?) of aflFairs,' Then in red faulty Coptic CAILOT epoi ^UJ 

HKi Slsh ^pm^Jtxe^i i6^ni2cu)& iipeqepitoAi cepe- 
HOT Ihc epoi ^.noK wSH uinpec&erxepoc iixeq- 
^.pig^AJLox itHi Ixnxj^ e^oX iixenA.ito^i ^juiHit 

^^AXKIt ^AK.HIt 'Bless me, forgive me all (?), remember me, namely 
the feeble sinner, for the Lord Jesus to (pity ?) me indeed, John the 
presbyter, and grant me forgiveness of my sins. Amen &c.' Then the 
black Arabic continues * And the finishing of the Catholic epistles and 
the Acts was on the blessed sabbath day, fifth of the blessed month 
Barmudah, year 1376 Coptic, and to God be thanks for ever and ever. 
Amen.' On label * Ex Bibliotheca V. CI. Eusebii RENAUDOT quam 
monasterio sancti Germani k Pratis legavit anno Domini 1720.' One 
recent vacant fol. ends the volume. 

Fr Fr ; Copt., London Brit. Mus. 14740 A, fol. 6, vellum, X century, 
11* 3^* 3^*5^ 34*5 cm., text 26.8 x 17.5 cm., red ornament, black reddened 


capitals; punctuation, red ^ and •^««< — , ^^X , sixth quire with heading Fr 
r- 3C^^*^^» i*™*^ <>™*- efi.oX. Text, 2 Cor. iv. 2— v. 4. 

Fr ; Copt., London Brit. Mus. 14740 A, fol. 7, yellum, IX century, 
foU. 7, 11. 34, 25.5 X 16? cm., text 24.8 x 16.5 cm. The lowest line seems 
the last of the page, hut the uppermost is uncertain. One line of red 
letters, hut no other ornament or reddening ; punctuation, hlack hyphen 
at hreaks. Text, Eph. ii. 10 — iii. 11 with lacunae. 

Fr ; Copt., London Brit. Mus. 14740 A, fol. 8, vellum, the same MS. as 
foL 6. Text, Eph. iii. 3 — iv. i. 


1. A Apoc.; Copt.-Arah. [London Brit. Mus.], Curzon (Parham) 128 A 
(Greg. 4), imperfect, A. D. 1320 (A. Mart. 1037 KThak), paper, foil. 143 ( + 3), 
colL 2, 11. 15, 16.5 X 12 cm., t«xt 12x8 cm.; writing resemhles Or. looi 
(£2*^) and the Cons. MS. ; punctuation, red ^ I and •>• ; capitals of one 
size, black reddened ; ch. marked by uncials ; foliated on verso in uncials ; 
liturgical words at the chapters ; quire endings &c. KG OOC HI KA, 
(occurs eleven times), IHC II^C, TC 00, IT ^C*^* ^^^ ornament. 
Text glossed in Arabic throughout, with frequent reference to ^ = the 
Sahidic version, to which the Arabic translation plainly inclines. The 
native red leather binding has Sahidic written on the back, and inside 
the mistake is repeated 'Apocalipsis Saidic MS. CVBZON, No. 16,' and 
lower down 128. After three vacant restored foil. p. i* has the remains 
of the original first ornamented page of text, two-arched headpiece with 
inner border, under the arches CTIt^CO and tr., below comes the red 
Coptic inscr., one line of tall letters, foil. 2, 3 restored, foil. 4, 5 ancient, 
foil. 6, 7 restored. p. 14* ii. 17-18 here occur the first anti phonal words 
(nee at the end), p. 143* after the last verse in black (^1:^1 104) ^\ 

IJ41JI ' Provided for this holy book, the Apocalypse, the venerable shaykh 
the archon of the Christian religion, Shams al Riyasah son of TSj al 
Biyifah, known as Ibn Ehuruf. Christ the Lord shall increase his 
length of days, and enlarge his portion of the tree of life which is 
written in this book, and will be sufficient (aid) for him against the 
plots of Satan and temporal trials. Amen. It was written in the 
district of Euf, and the finishing of it was (on) the fifth day, the 
eighth of the month Kihak, year 1037 of the Martyrs.' Then in red 


s^l Joiu UpJl Ju«a)| ' This blessed copy (is) in the handwriting of the 

holy fiEither the bishop Anba Abraam, bishop of the see of Kus, and that 
which (is) with it. The Lord shall enlighten him with his favour. He 
wrote it from a copy which was revised on the Sahidic and a number 
of Coptic copies which can be relied upon. And the father the bishop 
exerted himself and corrected what he could according to his excellent 
acquaintance with the language from a copy borrowed from the lord 
the righteous archon of the Christian religion, the Shaykh Al Makin, son 
of the late Al 'Amid. The Lord shall magnify his reward.' Two vacant 
foil, finish the volume ; on the first is pencil note, '143 Folios F B ex®^ 

B 2. B Apoc.; Copt.- Arab., Petersburg Bibl. Csesariensis Orient. 625 
(Greg. 12), imperfect, probably not later than A. D. 1200. paper, folL 92, 
coll. 2, 11. 17-18, 21.5 X 14.8 cm., text 16 x 9.5 cm. ; the writing is regular, 
rather tall and compressed; punctuation, black colon, red :, •*•, v some- 
times placed after black colon ; 1. c. sometimes = three lines of text, red 
or black reddened, with arabesque attached; s.c. black reddened; chapters 
marked by larger c. and arabesque; no foliation; quire ending &c. IC 
omt. XP I^^J *^HI, IC (IT) Xy ^q^O, and IC XP a^^ne also 
occur ; omt. arabesque trailing ornament attached to capitals, omt. of quire 
endings &c, of early style ; liturgical words are of later hand. Text 
has some peculiar readings, but usually supports A in the more important 
places. Lacunae, i. 1-8, 19 — ii. 9, ii. 13-17, iv. 10 — v. 3, vii. 6-11. The 
volume is bound in native leather, and covered with paper on which are 
red circles and 625 on the back. Inside on the cover is N. 246. Three 
restored foil, at beginning, on i^ ' Dans ce livre ci il trouve I'apocalipse 
de S* Joan, en Copte et en arabe,' seal and Fourment 8. p. 5* text 
begins L 9. p. 9^ after subecr., without translation, HOC It^I iULTlI- 

cfi.0Ti iiT^XentJopoc ilpcqepno&i n^p^ ptojun ni&6it 
ex^qcji^i X^c iti£.6it eqescoc ^julhit : eqetfTcjutoT 

^iXt.HIt * Lord, have mercy on the worthless wretched sinner above all 
men, who wrote ; every tongue shall say. Amen. It shall be blessed. 
Amen.' ^^\ J,\il ^Ulj ^Ulj jjilj (j?;^l ^^1 ^^1 ' God, have 

mercy on the reader and the possessor and the hearer and the sinful 
copyist. Amen. And adoration to God for ever and ever.' Then *Ex 


Muneo Petri Dabrowsky.' p. 91^ has two lines of Btussian, and p. 93^ a B 
Cbw nnimportant Arabic words and a line of Bussian. Collated by the 
editor at Petersburg, September 1899. 

3. G Apoc. ; Copt.- Arab., Borne Vat. ig (Greg. 9), perfect, XIV century, 
paper, folL 60 {+4), coll. 2, 11. 24, 33 x 24.5 cm., text 25 x 18 cm. ; writing 
of early XIV century, resembling Ourzon 121 &c. (Ji*^), nearly as bold as 
B.M. 3381 (Ai«^); punctuation, red ^ andf ^, sometimes 4"*; om. exactly 
the same as Yat. 12; l.c.=: three lines, red, yellow, and black; s.c. black 
reddened ; chapters marked by L c. and red uncials; foliated on recto in 
Syriae letters (inverted), of which the first is jbo) = 247 and the last ^> 
= 304; quire endings Ac, KS QOC, IT ^T, TC 0C, with usual orna- 
ment, the first beginning is numbered K£^ and the last T\Zi; tbey are 
also numbered in Syriac, but the Syriac and Coptic numbering of the 
quires seems in advance of the Syriac numbering of the foil.; om. (see K); 
liturgical words ; occasional glosses. Text is rather independent of the 
other MSS. Bound in red morocco with armorial bearings, the volume 
begins with two binding foil, and two restored with three crescents mark, 
unnumbered. p. i* has headpiece, not coloured, with CTItOCCJO and 
Coptic inscr. Text begins with one line of tall black reddened letters. 
p. 59^ after the subecr. in large archaic letters there is ^UJl v^ 
'the order of Palm Sunday,' and nineteen lines of Arabic, after which two 
binding foil, end the book. 

4. D Apoc.; Copt.- Arab., Rome Vat. 16 (Greg. 10), perfect, XIV cen- D 
tury (before 134$ a.d.), paper, folL 109, coll. 2, IL 20, 20.18 x 15.5 cm., 
text 14.3x9 cm.; writing like Curzon 121 &c. (Ji®^), but smaller; punc- 
tuation, red *^* with black hyphen or point often used ; l.c.= three lines 
red or black reddened; s.c. black reddened; chapters marked by two 
lines of red letters and (usually enclosed) red uncials ; foliated on verso in 
black uncials ; quire ending &c. IT ^T TO 00 and usual ornament ; 
om. frontispiece and enrichment of first five pages ; liturgical words. 
Text is rather independent, freely glossed with red Arabic, occasional 
black, probably by original scribe. Bound in red European leather, the 
cover has inside 'Vat XI nov 15.' First ancient page has impression of 
former ornament, the third is covered with beautiful arabesque, gilt, blue 
and red with blue border, six large interlacing segments of circles with 
lour small circular forms at comers and two in the middle space, best 
XIV century style, p. i* beautiful headpiece with exterior circle of gilt, 
blue and black, containing 'The book of the holy Apocalypse,' below is 
gilt CTftO€U) and tr. and blue Coptic inscr., one line of large gilt, blue 


D and red, two lines of large gilt, two of smaller gilt, three of ordinary 
blue letters with floret points. Obs. French Librai-y stamp *Bibliotheque 
Vaticanale.' p. 98* has in red Coptic UICJULOT eTOftJOttJ ijL- 
JULOq j^enx^pX^ XXniXUJMX *The blessing which is read at 
the beginning of the book.' Then follow four and a half foil, of the 
CXSLOt, similar to, but not the same as in Z, combining invocation, 
exhortation, and prayer. p. 103^ red di! j J^ referring to end of the 
CXSLOt I then two verses, nearly the same as vol. i, p. cxlvi, w. 5 and 6, 

^.iCj6KTq j6eitx^xiz*- nicj6^i eqepjuteepe hhi-j- 
2ce e\ex,^^ iiote^ooy ^ o-rog, itTTA-ae hhi «5- lH c|>h 
exajon j^eit-f a.tXh *• ixnepepuao&cg itTreKttje 
npA-cffr xe HH eTcgou jieit-f^TXH *• ceit^oTco- 

Tefi. g^CO'f" *• ^LU Js?,lj Cj> Sj^ »Jl J J4J4 . Joilj t5J-J %z^ 
AJj^ \^j^ j\^ jf^L J^ Uftl s}tpj\ ^y>^ y jbJl ' I wrote it with my 

hand. The writing shall witness to me. Because I shall leave it one 
day and go away. thou (lit. he) who dwellest in the mansion, forget 
not that thou may go to-morrow. Because they who live in the mansion 
will have to remove.' Then Arabic statement ' This blessed book, con- 
taining the book (^) of the holy Apocalypse, was transferred from the 
possession of its possessor mentioned in the last page to the possession 
of the shaykh, the chief Amm al Mulk, son of the shaykh, the chief the 
most honourable, 'Bu '1 Karam ; may God make long the length of his life, 
and make the kings acknowledge his authority. And the slave (i. e. the 
present owner) receive the proper price, and this writing is witness 
against me. It was finished by the help of God most high and his 
support (ijjolj), the book (^) of the holy Apocalypse, which is the vision 
(Iju.) of Saint John the evangelist. May God have mercy upon us by his 
blessings. Amen. On Friday the fifteenth of the month Barmahat, year 
one and sixty and a thousand of the pure Martyrs. And it was the sixth 
week of the holy Fast. May God renew (^1^1) his blessing. The book 
was written for himself and those who come after him, if God most high 
will, by the servant, miserable, poor, weak, dust, fruitless, containing all 
the vices, destitute of all virtues, the greatest sinner among men, 
YQ^Anna ben Abu '1 Muna ben Al Eiddls. And he asks the love of 
the masters the readers in it, and the lookers upon it to turn their 
face (IjjijlsFi) from its error, and correct its imperfection by their perfec- 
tion ; for I indeed dared and undertook what I know not, and I essayed 
what I am not acquainted with, and the Lord God shall reward them 
for what they shall speak forth (^i%*yb) of correction, in Jerusalem of 
the heavens and the fulness of eternal everlasting good things, by the 


prayers of the martyrs and the saints. Amen. And adoration to Grod D 
for ever and ever.' p. 103^ has French and Papal stamp ; three more 
vacant leaves end the volume. 

5. E Apoc. ; Oopt.-Arab., Rome Propaganda (formerly Borg. IV) E 
J. vii. 16 (Greg. 8), imperfect, XIV century, paper, foil. 67 ( + 3), coll. 2, 
U« 23. 23x16.6 cm., text 20 XI 1.5 cm.; writing of early XIV century, 
regular ; punctuation, red ^ ; 1. c. more than three lines, usually green 
and yellow; s. c. black reddened ; ch. great marked with lines of large 
letters, red Arabic tr. and red uncials ; ch. small with black cursive ; 
fi'liated on verso with early cursives and later uncials ; only two quire 
endings &c. i)reserved, IT 0T IT XP^ » ^^^* s^^^^y J liturgical 
words. Text glossed and usually agreeing with FG. Lacunae, i. i-ii» 
ii. 28 — iii. 8. xxii. 13-21. Bound in white vellum with red label con- 
taining *APOCA, AIALEC, MEMPH, COPT, COD,' the cover has 
inside J. vii. 16. On second recent fol. *Apocalypsis a Capitis I versu 
12 usque ad Capitis II, versum 6, a Capitis III versu 9 usque ad Capitis 
XXn versum 12'; third fol. has remains of the beginning of the text at 

i. 5, which really begins at 1. 12. p. 67^ a few words of later unimpor- 
tant Arabic. 

6. F Apoc.; Copt.- Arab., Rome Bibl. Angelica 71 (Greg. 7), perfect, E 

XIV century, paper, foil. 114 ( + 1), coll. 2, 11. 20, 26x17.3 ^™'» *®** 
17.8 X 1 1.5 cm.; writing bold, not later than XIV century ; 1. c. more than 
three lines black and white ; s. c. red or black reddened ; chapters marked 
by 1. and s. c. and uncials ; foliation only recent on recto ; quire marks 
none ; om. neat small black and white headpiece ; liturgical words. 

Text usually agrees with E G. Inside the cover is 'Bibliotheca MSS. 


Oriental! Fondo Antico fi Angelica.' p. 7* below headpiece CTIt Ob'CO. 

After first foL, having recent table of contents and supposed date of 

XV century, are six foil, with Arabic treatise later than text. pp. 32^, 
33^ have seal mark with lia^ ^, Jj^ * Kh&Tl the son of Yiitanna.' 
Text ends at ^flOCy and one recent vacant fol. ends the volume. 

7. G Apoc.; Copt.-Arab., formerly Tattam 396, then Lindsay Library, G 
Haigh, Wigan, Copt. 14, now in the possession of Mrs. Rylands near 
Manchester (€hreg. 2), perfect, a.d. 1375 (A. Mart. 1091), paper, foil. 149 ( + 2), 
coll. 2, 11. 19, 26.2 X 17.7 cm., text 19.3 x 12 cm.; 1. c. of various colours and 
with arabesque attached ornament ; s. c. black reddened ; chapters marked 
bj lines of yeUow and red letters and red uncials ; foliated on verso in 
nncialt ; quire endings &c. IC ^C TC OC, with usual ornt. ; orn. 


G cross and first page and arabesque foliage and birds &c. at capitals ; 
liturgical words. Text (glossed abundantly) usually agrees with E F. 
Bound in native dark brown leather with recent back, the cover has 
inside the bookplate of Bibliotheca Ldndesiana and j^. Two binding 
foil., the second bearing in pencil 'Crawford Coptic MSS K^i4 (Tatt. 396).' 
The first original fol. is lost. p. i* has 396 and 14 W. Bodwell cat., 
and a few scraps of Arabic, one being part of a dedication to a church 
2iu> Jft <— A(*3)- P* i^ ^^ ^ ]e^f;e cross of bright colour ^ IHC ^C 
It^I ItHI UJf also two florets above arms and four below, p. 2* bright 
first page, headpiece (with label) of interlacing work continuing as outer 

c ee 

and lower border C«It ^£^ and tr., one line of large yellow, two of 

smaller yellow, three of black archaic, and one word of ordinary black 
letters, Arabic having three first lines red. p. 2^ at v. 3 very large 
OOOfltl with birds above and below, one line large black archaic and 

one ordinary red letters, p. 99^ at end of text 6A^ ItK^AIO- 

VpA.cJ>3 neXpO ^ JtpL SJqSI. 'The least copyist, Petrou, year 

of the Martyrs 1091.' Then 'Was completed the volume of the revela- 
tion (^jUL) of Yul^annS in peace from the Lord. He in his mercy shall 
work mercy with the provider, the possessor (^Isll) and the reader and 
the poor sinner copyist of it (tblS), and to Him the glory for evermore, 
and upon us his mercy.' folL ioa-106 contain Coptic writing headed 

nicjuLOT exo-rcog jOuuloc (sic) j6^^eiii"A.nor^- 

XtJULO^IC eeOT^£. * The blessing which is read before the holy 
Apocalypse.' p. 106^ has Arabic ' Was completed the holy Blessing, 
and with the completion of it was completed the pure book, the revela- 
tion (^;Ui^) of Yu^^annS, the virgin, the beloved of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, on the holy sabbath day, which is the' twentieth day of the 
month Abib of year a thousand one and ninety of the pure Martyrs, 
corresponding to the thirteenth day of the month Safar, year seven 
and seventy-seven hundred of the Hgrah. And that was for the pro- 
viding (dk\:Jk\) of the shaykh, the venerable, the revered, the deacon the 
honoured the most noble Balayil, the son of the shaykh the archon 
{^^y\) MikbayTl. May God make lasting his provision (^.U:;*) ^bO- 
He wrought this beautiful memorial that he might find with it mercy 
before the throne (^) of our Lord Jesus Christ. He in his mercy 
shall cause him to attain to knowledge and practice, and bring him by 
his help to the kingdom of the heaven, after having fulfilled the term 
of his life, and God shall give him long life and sound intellect, and 
true fiaith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and protect him with his holy 


tngels henceforth and for ever. Amen. And the miserable scribe of Q 
it a^ks every one who studies it to torn away ( Jl«>) from its error, and 
correct its fault (kU» Xmi), and remember him with forgiveness of his 
gins ; and (he who says any (prayer) may he have) reward thirty and sixty 
ind an hundredfold, and in the next world life eternal. Amen.' After 
two vacant foU. comes the end of the Arabic preface, which begins on 
p. 149*. 

8. H Apoc.; Oopi.-Arab., Paris Nat. 91 (Greg. 6), perfect, a. d. 1401 H 

(A. Mart. 11 17), paper, foil. 131 ( + 2), coll. 2, 11. 17-18, 20.5 x 15 cm., text 

14.7 X 9.7 cm.; writing bold, regular, rather rounded, peculiar form of *T, 

interesting because perhaps being Nitrian ; punctuation, red ^- and ^ — ; 

I. c.^ three lines or less, various, strong colours; s.c. black reddened; 

chapters marked with one line of large red and one of ordinary red 

letters, and red uncials ; foliated on verso in black uncials ; quire endings 

&c. IC ^C TC OC, IT ^T Itl KA., with usual ornament; om. cross 

and headpieces of poor art ; liturgical words. Text (occasionally glossed) 

often agrees with E F Q Z. Bound in calf and vellum, has recent fol. 

with * Volume de 131 Feuillets. Le feuillet i est mutil^, 5 Juillet 1889. 

Suppl. Copte N^ 91*' p. I* has Apoc. i. 13 in Coptic, and five lines of 

Arabic, p. i^ has four lines of »bold Arabic, usual kind of prayer, but 

the Binner's name is lost ; the words are identical with those of the next 

prayer down to ' sand,' continuing ' which is on the lips of the sea and 

the number of the hairs.' p. 2* headpiece over Arabic prayer, ' Bemember, 

Lord, with thy universal (aLIs*) mercy, the poor sinner drowned in 

the sea of his sins (aIj)I1) which are gone over his head and became 

more than the number of the sand and the stars of the heaven and the 

hairs of the body and the plants of the earth ; and he asks and beseeches 

(r^-2) all who study in this miserable writing, with spiritual love to 

pray for his pardon and indulgence (i.^LJLl) by the intercessory prayers 

of our Lady and the supplications of all who pleased the Lord with their 

righteous deeds. And he who remembers him with any (prayer) shall 

have a like reward, thirty &c., and in the end eternal life. Amen. 

Amen. Amen. Wrote it Barakat ben YQ^^anna, the miserable for his 

sins.' Then another note in Arabic, ' This blessed book continues to 

be in (^) the possession of Gabriyal Yu^^anna, the disciple of Anba the 

presbyter Yu^^nnS the minister of the church of the great martyr 

Markuriiis in Masr the protected. The Lord God shall pardon his sins.' 

p. 2^ large and well drawn cross of interlacing work, green, yellow, red, 

black; and white, p. 3* red, white, and black headpiece with 

CYItOCCA) and 0. A* inscription, one line of large black, one of red, 


H and two of black, p. 131 at end is Arabic ' Was finished by the help 
of God and his assistance the book of the Apocalypse, which is the 
vision of Saint John the evangelist. The Lord shall have mercy on us 
• by his blessings. Amen. On day three, the ninth of the month Masry, 
year 11 17 (1401) of the pure Martyrs ; may God grant us the blessing of 
their prayers. Amen. Undertook it for himself and for him who — please 
God most high — ^will come after him, the miserable poor and weak servant, 
dust, useless (^«ju^l), more vicious (c^^cAl) than the rest of the worthless, 
the bare of all excellencies, the greatest sinner of all men, Yu]|^nna the 
son of Faraj Allah ; and he asks the masters, the readers in it and the 
lookers in it, to turn their ince from its error; and he who says any 
(prayer) may he have his reward in the kingdom of the heavens for 
ever and ever.' There is a collator's note. Then again in Arabic, 
' Bemember, Lord, thy servant the poor sinner drowned in the sea of 
sins and crimes, thy servant Ibrahim in name a monk ; remember him 
in the kingdom of the heavens. Amen.' After two lines of Coptic 
scribbling, ' This book is in perpetual, sure, and lasting dedication to 
the monastery of the saint, great among the saints, glorified among the 
spiritual, the saint Anba Bishiiy in the desert, in the desert of Shihat 
In the mountain Al I^run. So it is not permitted from the Lord (adora- 
tion to him most high) to any one to oause it to go forth from its dedi- 
cation by any manner of means ; or • * * * . So he shall be con- 
demned before the Lord Christ and the patron («.,A»iLtf) of the monastery ; 
and he shall not have kinship with the saints and' (four more words). 
Bed library stamp, and one recent vacant fol. ends the book. 

K 9. N, see above. 

T 10. T, see above. 

Z 11. Z Apoc. ; Copt.-Arab. [London Brit. Mus.], Curzon (Parham) 
127 (Greg. 3), perfect, a.d. 1834 (A. Mart. 1550), paper, foil. 102 ( + 2), 
coll. 2, 11. 18-19, 31.7 X 22.3 cm., text 23 x 16 cm.; writing irregular; 1. c. 
red and black; s.c. black reddened; chapters marked with two or three lines 
of red letters and red imcials ; foliated on verso with imcials and Arabic 
numerals ; quires not marked ; om. bad ; liturgical words. Text usually 
agreeing with E F G H. Bound in native red stamped leather with flap, 
has on cover inside 'Coptic manuscript of the Apocalipse in the Sahidic 
dialect. Brought from Egypt by me, B. Curzon. On the margin is the 
Translation into Arabic. 127.' Vacant fol. except AnOKA.Y<l>lZ 
A^irYTTTCON, N® 15. p. i» headpiece of green and discoloured red 
with Ar. ' The book of the vision of Yuljianna Abiik&limiis,' CTItOCO 


IC5C^P^^> red Coptic inscr., one line of large green reddened letters, Z 
two of red letters, p. 78^ red and black ornamental border round the 
Coptic and Arabic text, and bet^reen the columns CCItOeCO-^ IC^f- 

poc (red) j6encl>pA.rt jjL^iuoir tvejtx (black) ncjjHpi 
neiULniiutll eeo-cA-fi. o-rno-f -s- ^^.i ue neititof-f 
•f oToa (sic) nA.K ^JULKit (floret) UXq^cjoK e&oX iini^CCOAiL 
A.nor^.XTiUL>lfic icoZ nieeoXovoc^s- ne'cvveXicxHc-s- 
nijutenpix itxenenro mc u^cc j^eito-rg^ipHitH 
itTec^-f uenctSp ^julkh^s- O'cog, neqcj6^i nig^HKi 
miJXA,yQicToc ^ Mxureeoc ncgKpi n^&pA.A.AiL 
2ki^.Koit n't a-kkXhci/. nxect^-f nieTA.qcg^ni ifeert-f- 
&A.KI nxH-*^J 3Xnxc uenno-r-f ^h exA-qTconq 
€&oX ifeennieeiULCJOofx ^qcjje nA.q encga)i eitictHOfi 
nTeqx^n^no&i w^ti efi.oX-j- 2,ixenninpccfi.T^ 
n't eeoxoKoc «5- iui^pi^ -fn^-peertoc neju.JU.A.pKoc 
ni^T^rtveXicTRc nejutniJULeitpn- \G5Z ui^nocTo- 
Xoc-ft- ofog, ii€T^.rveXoit ^JuiHiti- ^.ju.hi\4- ^.iULHn 

'With Gcd (the) strong. In the name of the Father and the Son and the 
holy Spirit, one God. This is our God, I glorify thee. Amen. He 
finished the book, (the) Apogalymfmis of John the Theologos and evan^ 
Selisi, the beloved of our Lord Jesus Christ, in peace of God our Saviour. 
AmSn. And its writer the poor, the least, Mattheos the son of Abraam, 
deacon of the church of God which is in the city of Chemi. Christ our 
God, who rose from them who are dead, went up to the heavens. May 
he forgive us our sins by the intercessions of the Theotokos, Maria the 
Virgin, and Markoa the evangelist, and the beloved John the apostle and 
evangelist. Amen. Amen. Amen.' There is an Arabic translation of 
the aVove, but not of the following concluding words below the lines, 

€&oX \K ixnieuofi. j^eit-fpoiutui ncgo pen itiju.^.p- 

TfpOC eef *0n twelve of the (month) Epob (Abib), in the year 
thoosand five hundred and fifty (100 5 So) of the holy Martyrs.' p. 79* 

within ornamental border C6ft tr., then below 'The poor miserable copyist 

Maty the son of Ibrahim.' Then ' The provider for this noble book, 
which is the vision of saint Yiit^niut the beloved of Christ, named the 
Apocalypse, (was) Bakhum the Farshu^y, the son of the brother of Anba 
SarSbamiin the bishop ctf Al Mandfiyab, and the name of his father 
Yut^annfi of KakBda. And the name of the grandfather, the father of 
the aforesaid bishop, was B&khiim of Akhmim, beloved of our Lord 


Z Jesus Christ. May the God of the heaven pardon him his sins, hy the 
intercession of her who has intercession, as mother of God, with her 
Son, the pure Maryam and patron of this holy hook, and of all the 
com^iany of the martyrs, the elect and the righteous. Amen &c. And 
the hlessing of saint Anha Bakhum, the father of the spiritual com- 
munity {^Ji»\ Amen.* p. 79^ the 'hlessing* begins in Coptic, OfXCJOAJt 
nxeniCiULOT eeOf^fi. *a hook of the holy blessing ! ' It consists 
of prayer for pardon and understanding, short statements about holy 
days, enumeration of saints whose blessing is invoked. After this are 
five foil, of prayers and short homily, then p. 96^ a concluding Arabic 
statement 'Was completed the holy Blessing, and with its completion was 
completed the pure book, the revelation of Yiit^anna the virgin, the holy 
Yiibftuna of the Apocalypse, on the blessed sabbath day, throe and twenty 
of the month Amshir, year a thousand and five hundred and fifty, Coptic 
of the pure Martyrs, corresponding to twenty of the month Shual, year 
1249, a thousand and two hundred nine and forty of the Arabic Hijrah, 
correspoDding to the year eleven of the Hamadian^ Bepublic ((^^UU .^4«il). 
And the provider for it was the learned Bakhum al 'Arif the son of the 
shaykh in Abrahamian bosoms, the late Yiil^anna, known as Ni^kh of 
Nakadah, the brother of the father, the honoured Anba Sarabamiin, bishop 
of the see of Manufiyah. May God most high prolong his headship. 
And he who copied this noble volume was the learned Maty the deacon, 
one of the teachers of the school of the learned Bakhum al 'Arif 
the son of the learned Ibrahim, Abu Assa'ad the native of Dahsur in 
the days of the government of the learned father, the chosen vessel, the 
honoured of our fathers, Anba Butrus, the ninth after the hundred of the 
number of the Patriarchs of Alexandria. May God most high prolong 
his government by the intercession of our Lady and the pure disciple. 
O Lord, pardon the sins of thy servant the writer of these letters, and 
save him from the temptation. Amen.' p. 96^ contains a table of the 
cardinal numbers, units, tens, hundreds, to four thousand, giving the Coptic 
cursive, uncial, and Arabic form and the Coptic name of each. The book 
ends with eleven pages of 'the preface which the sons of Al Assal composecl,' 
which begins on p. 102^. The last vacant fol. has pencil note, '102 Folios 
P B exd 1898.' 

Hott tm the Liturgical Words, 
At the beginning of cha()ters ii, iv, v, vi, viii, x, xi, xii, xiii, xiv, xvii, 
xviii, and at the verses i. 10, ii. 18, iii. 6, 13, vii. 9, ix. 6, xiii. 11, xiv. 
12, 16, XV. 5. xvi. 12, xviii. 20. xix. 11, xx. 6, xxi. 2, 21 occur words 

^ MuJt^mmad Ali began his government in 1820. 


indicating some ritual usage of the book. With slight variation they Z 
are foTind in MSS. A D E F G H Z, also by later hand in B. The 

shortened forms H= K^^^OC, and much oftener f or O = Of CJOg^GJUL 
(also written &.UJ^€JtX), followed by a word which is evidently the 
name of some hymn or verse, begin the rite. Words characteristic of the 
I^Assage, sometimes taken from the text, make a * versicle/ after which 

other Coptic words preceded by nW^GJJL or H probably belong to 
another hymn or verse. The following are the names of the hymns or 
t<ines occurring in the upper line: '(H) Babylon, (H) three things, (H) 
Joi^eph, (H) key, (H) the m^-stery, (R) Job, the prophet, a Pharisee, the 
joy, its key, my fathers, T€nptJO " thy stoi-m " ? the seven ranks (or 
•li^mities), ^^JULOI " would that " ? my father the chief priest, I cast 
the book (?), I saw a lamb, the country, ^ItirtCrt^I "bring these '*(?), 
they became rich, rejoice, it was completed, concerning a woman, my 
Master, (H) thy Romania, place of this gift, I saw three, (H) if those.' 
The middle words are, 'Write the things which thou sawest, these are the 
things which he saith, the woman " Jezebel," he who will overcome, I will 
make him, take for the healing, I John Raw, behold the lion overcame, 
I saw a black horse, I saw a great wooder, there was silence (,X1^^) 
in the heaven, the first woe paired, I saw an angel, these are the olive 
trees, a woman clad with the sun, I saw a great city, this is the place of 
{•atience, I saw a lamb, blessed are they, I saw a great wonder, these 
vhich the Theologos, they remembered, I saw a woman, the woman whom 
thou sawest, write that which thou sawest, I saw a white horse, blessed, 
I saw a fair city, the city of the great king.' The third or lower words 
are. 'I having fallen asleep, Lord my God, (K) the ark, come and 
see (of my father Shenouti, Z), the soldiers toiled, they having brought 
the writings (he bowed the heaven, Z), the tympanum (?), the mounted 
men (the sweet, Z), I saw three crowns, Adam Abel (he of the wing, Z), 
I saw my hands, (H) I found the time, along the choirs, there is a dove, 
my scribe (three years, Z), he of the wings, the tympanum (I saw the lamb 
of God, Z), but ye, (R) the gold (the choice gold, Z), we worship (the 
evangelist, Z), Adam Abel, (H) Prologon (my virgin received, Z), my 
K-ribe (the queen, lover of gold, Z), (H) four (see seven bonds? Z), (H) two, 
(H) thou (fem.) art higher than the Cherubim, (H) I saw three crowns 
(come and see this bride, Z).' MB. Z agrees twice (xii. i and xx. 6) with 
the rest, occasionally omits and sometimes gives the Arabic name of the 
resi)onse or tone or hymn, 'the tone of the Amir Tadrus, of the great 
martyr (sic) Anba Shaniidah, of the four creatures, of the angel Michael, 
of St. George, of the king (e)XjU) Constantino, of the resurrection, of the 


Z nativity of Mary, of the infants, of the Virgin, of the angel Gabriel sublime 
in annunciation, of Eudokia the queen, of the Son, Jesus Christ.' 

At xxi. 19 after the word CTTXA-IHOfX all the MSS. except 
BCN have a rubric, *The bishop chants (epg^fAf-HOC).' D Arabic. 
' The patriarch chants thus to tone ? or Ihe bishop or the priest or, if he 
should be chosen, the deacon.' Then ^.HOK ^.m^-f enKCOTT 

iioTnoXic ecocg^c (ecxoTc, E: -coxc, F: iItoxc, a) 
nnoTfi. g^itjoni juuulki 2,i(ot, A)juLA.pv/.piXHc ee- 
nectjoc epenenctJOTHp jiemrecJu.K'f eq'fx^o-*^ 

2,IX^cl>e itItK eeAXei JOuULOq ' I saw the circuit of a city 

gilded with gold, beautiful with precious stones and pearl, our Saviour 
being in her midst crowning them who love him.' Further, after 

X^PX^^^^^t c^p2s.mon, TonA.2s.ion, and AJULeeiToc 

follows the response which in D the people are directed to chant, €p6- 
ncnC(JO*THp &c. 'having &c.' B gives this form in a rough later hand, 
the response varying, *our Saviour being,' * crowning T^-ith honour them who 
love him,' 'Jesus being in its midst,' 'Emmanuel being in its midst.' 





VOL. III. 6 

npoc pinueoc. ox 


nCtXY<\OC <&&c)OK jtiKc nxc u^uoctoXoc 

irre ^'f^ ^r ex^.qepaopn Scjog juutxoq e&oX 
2,ixoxoT ititequpoc^HXHc ifeeii nivpA.4>K ee- 
0T^^4- 'eefi-e neqcgHpi cI>k eT^-qgconi efiioX 

* IlaKpi ii^^i" €TeKg j6ert o-rxojut ka.x^ ottuuI 
eqoTAAfr efi.oX i6eit nxooitq SmpeqiULtJooTX^- 
Ihc nx^ neiiOT •&• * cI>h exA.ntfT ito-rg^JULox e&oX 
g^ixoxq netJL OTJUteT^nocxoXoc ercooTeiUL 
nxe <tiw^'f i6eii meenoc t-kpot-j- e^pHi 
cxeit I neqp^ii«fi* •nn eTexenitg^pm iij6H- 
TOT g^coxeitfr itK exe^^ejUL nxe irc uxc*- 
'^ito'roii m&6n exgon ifeeii pu)iuui-»- nijuteit- 
p^'f ivre c^-f-i- exe^^ejUL eeoT^A*- 

npOC pC0JUL6OC, Ax. 2 (gives here the subscription, see end),cf. Gr. 

»ABO 3.47. nam. n«'o*»': emcxoXn iu-tXot npoc 
pcojuieoc, F ; e. n. n. ptJOiULH, : t^rocxoXh iu-tXoc 


toXk Stgh^tXoc niinocrroXoc npo pcojuieoc, p ; 
nieuicxoXR nTem^nocrroXoc iu-tXoc ixajopu npoc 

pWiULCOCy Es^r the same except UI^U. and pCJ0JUL&.IOC ; ni6- 

nicToXH nrre m coct>oc iu.tXoc ni^nocroXoc npoc 

pCJOJUteoC, TO, so also N exc. A-UOCToXk and I2I UpoC 

pcojuL^ioTc ; n^i ne m^nocxoXK itTC n^-xXoc 
niA.uocxoXoc npoc pu)JUL^.ioTc, a : minocroXnoc- 
i^nocToXoc npoc pa)JUL^.OT, K': nA-nocroXiicoc 



I. Paul, (the) servant of Jesus Christ, (the) ^apostle who 
is called, ^he who was ordained unto the preaching good 
tidings of God, which he promised before through his pro^ 
pkets in the holy ScriptureSy ^concerning his Son, who waa 
made from (the) seed of David according to flesh. * (The) 
Son of Ood who is ordained in [a] power, according to (a) holy 
spirity by (lit. from the) resurrection of the dead ; Jesus Christ 
our Lord, ^through whom we received [a] grace and an 
apoMeehip^ unto an obedience of (the) £etith among all the 
Gentiles, for his name : * among whom are ye also, they who are 
called, of Jesus Christ : "^ to all who are in Borne, the beloved 

* Italict indicate Greek words used b]^ the Coptic. 

nA.TX6 niA.nocnroXoC, M. The number of the Epistle Z is 
giren by AEi',F GK'LP. K^ 51 is given by C. The first leaf is lost by 

* niKCj iULTieitOC mc *of our Lord Jesus,' D'Ji'; for order ACD'iSfyV 
cf. Gr. KAEGKLP al om^i* Ryr*»»» etP aeth. lI^.noCTOAOCj nop 
IUA.lL,T^GJi'OP. * itCOaj] * promised': iteCJOO) 'defined/ A^Q*. ^^y®' 
' lUCpOX] At (the word is lost in Aj) D'F G L M^O P i8 : UIX., 
WP Ei'jK' : X., N. * O-VXOJUL KA.T^] ' power according to,' 

om. D'; gal wmiutri syr"^^ et (omisso #eai)P aeth ar^ IKCj lllHC, i8. 

• <tH] ^^, Ai'D'L. €T"^ntfT] exentff, AjN. iteAx] iiTe, 

18. eg^pKl] ilg^pKI CE,', i8 ; om. D'. • UK eTGTen] 

IteXeTren, L : Itn exeit, Ai*F, i*> by common error for 2*> pers.: 

UK ere, a,, n&pm] iti6., t^oEi^jNO. hr exe^- 
ifiMx] ner^.^ i8: nnn exe., e^',. 

B 2 

4 npoc praueoc. 

•n^JULOT ntJOTeit itejuL Tg^ipKitK e^ioX g^iTeit 
4>i" nemcjoT*- itejui nenro ikc nxc** Haopn 

ezeit IKC nxc e^pKi ezeit eKitoT TapoT*- xe 
• ••.Bj neTenn^-g^i" ce^icoioj jOUuLoq ;6€it uikocjuloc 

•n^juieepe r^-p ne 4>'f •&• 4>k e-fajejuLoji iSuutoq 
;6eit n^nitA. •&• j6eit nier^-rreXioit itTe neq- 
fflKpi •> g,(Joc iti"3C^ itTOT ^.n 4- enpi JuLnexeit- 
jmeri ^® iIckot ni^ieit j6eit it^-npocerxH ^ 
eiTcoJS.^ 2ce A-pKOT iiTe iia.julcojt coJSi-f^eit 
nioTcocg iiTe 4>i" ej g^^ptJOTert *• 
/3 ii^f^oTtJOttj r^p eit^T eptJOTert*- &m^ ilTA.'f 
ntJOTert iIot^julot iJiniu-TiKort •&• eiucmTA.- 
xpe enitoT "ere 4>a.j ne*- eepoj^^Kp iiTA^po 
itanx j6eit eKitoffr e&.oX ^iTeit nmA^-f 
<1>K ergon njfeKTertfr itciu. itertepKOT-s- 4>u)- 

"'I^oTeoj eKHOT 2^8 A-itfr eperertoi n^xejuii 


ei g^^pcoTeitfr OTO^ ^.tta^ho jOUuloi gd.e- 
;6oTit etrtoTfr 
&inA. itTA-tfT iloTo*rrA.2, j6eit ORnoT ^orren 4- 
K^T^ 4>pKi" JOLncoo^cn ilnjKeeeitoc -s- **njonf- 
einm itejui ni£L^.p | jSl^poc-^* itic^.&.6T -s- nejtx 
m^T"2,RT oToit epoi ^ ^'^ nA-ipai" ne 
oTxq exgon juLjuloi^- eg^iojertitoTqi ncoxen 
...pco- g^toTeit'S- j6^ na exgou ;6eit poojuiK^- 


• ng^JULOT] nig,., EjK'O. ntJOTen] *to you'.- netxco- 
rren 'with you/ K'. xg^ipunH] 'f g^., "pn. e^pm ezeit] 

probably = vircp Gr. D^'EGLP al loDge plu Ohr Thdrt, but ako U8ed= ircpc. 
• n A.muri ' my spirit ' : niTuti; * the spirit,' D'. RXOX] Lf AjEi 
(q erased after XjjF : + e&.oX, THAjOD^GK'LMNOP i8. eilpl] 
participle, L^T^AgCenpi, i^\ ijk^ J in another copy eipi, Ai* lost) 

ROMANS L 8-15. 6 

of God who are called, •who are holy. *(The) grace to 
you and (the) pecLce from God our Father and our Lord 
Jesus Christ. First indeed I thank my God through Jesus 
Christ for you all, that your faith is proclaimed in all the 
world. •For God is my witness, whom I serve in my 
spirit in the Oospd of his Son, how I cease not remembering 
you, '® always in rsij prayera ; praying that my journey may 
perhaps be disposed in the wish of God to come to you. 

^^ For I wish to see you, that I may give to you [a] spiritual 
grace, for confirming you, ^^that is to say (lit. which is 
this), for mutual comfort (lit. confirmation of heart) in you 
through the faith which we have in common, yours and also 
mine. ^' But I wish you not to be (lit. being) ignorant^ my 
brethren, that I have many times disposed myself to come 
you, and I was prevented up till now. That I may 
receive [a] fruit among you also, according as also the rest of 
the GentUea. ^^ I have a debt to the Greeks and the Bar^ 
larians, the wise and the foolish, ^^ so ready am I to preach 
the good tidings to you also, namely those who are in 

* COO*V^^ IB uBUilly rendered ' holy,' but here liierallj becaiue of 
'who arc called.' 

CEiOLO 18: eipi infiiiitive, Ai',»tD'E,P; eiepJ, K' : ejeipJ, M. 
^^ No MS. has thii verse division or ^<»f . ^^ &in^] O'VO^ 'and,' 18. 
Itorreit itOTgiXlt.OT'] for order cf. Gr. 17. 37. 73. vg«^ (non item 
am fn tol) fyr** (non item P) Or*'"*. " eTCt^^l Ue] probably 

Tovr«irriy omitting W cf. Gr. A d e vg Or*"* *'**•. Itg^KT j6eiteK- 
nonr] h^Wr eiteRItOnr, N ; JA gives Schwartxe's variant itj6K- 

Ten eHitonr ct, but t-A^. ^rren] jfceit, D'L probably. 

"i-Onr e(00, Ai*)g] L«Tt (00) Aj (CO) D'F(U)) G ((JO) K' (tJO) LM (CO) P : 
ti-fo-reg, ONO i8. itOf OTXA.^] om. OT I^ F not meanmg 

tbeence of tihL ijLUccozn] en., N. ^* itio-veimit^ 

+:^e, Ai"«D'L 18. nicA.&.eT] + 2^6, D'L. hi^t^rt"^ 

imCA-Tg^X ' the prudent,' OL (probably) 0. " jfc^.] om. 0. 

6 npoc puiueoc. 

"I^gjmi v^.p ;6€it ni€TA.rreXion. orxojuL 
r^-p vnre 4>i" ne-s- ento^eju. iioToit ni&.6it 
eeiTA^i" nnoT2s^i itojopn neAJt nicnremm^- 
" oTJuieeAJLKi r^p itTe ^i" neeitA.(rtbpn e&oX 

KA.XA. <l>pRi" €XCj6Ko*rr. xe me^iuii qitA.- 
(joiii6 eLo\ i6en <l>iiA.2^i"* 

(y) ^^ Ilixaoitx r^-p iiTe <t>i" qit^tfcbpn e&oX j6eit 

ibcoitc ejuieTtfr ilxonc itTe nipcojuii -s- itK eT^JUioiti 
...,L iii~AJL6eJULHi j6€it -f JULeTpeqcTf nzonc "xe 

nieiULi itTe c^-f-s- qoftjong, ej&oX itjfepHi 

iiT^q e&.oX ;^en ncooitT jOLnifcocjuioc iij6pHi 
i6eit neqe^JULio e^K^-f epooof'S- c€itA.-r 

xeqAJL epcoonr -s- ere TeqxoAJL ilerteg, Te •&• iteAJt xeq- 

. . . . B AJLeeitoT-ffr 

. . . ttjo}- GiucrnxoTgconi ilA.TXcoixi it^Tepoiti) -s- *' xe 

ni it, L er^TcoTeit 4>'f •&• jEjinof-f cjdot it^q g^ox: 

nof'f'fi- of2^e iinoTgeng^jULox iiToxq^- 

A-XXa. A.Tepe4>XKOT j6€It ItOTJULOKAJLeK<9- OTOg, 

*• 'ffflini] 1>ACEF0P : ili"ttj double negative, T^D'K'M NO 
l8. eTA.rreXlOll] cf. Gr. I^ABOD^EO 5. &c. for om.Tov xpMTTov. 

ne] om. 0. iloTort] nejm oToit * with aii; e,. iuiot- 

2lA.i] niO-V2^d.I, Ai*B : ItI0-V2^^I, A,©: ItHOTT^^ 2l€, D'. 

iicgopn] cf. Gr. kacdeklp &c. nioTeirtin] itioT., D'. 
" neeit^tfobpn] -cTopnc, 0. €TitA.2,-f ] om. Ej*. enr- 

C;6HOf t] Ei°>s j^ • Habakuk/ G^ ^\ jjfi^ i^ .^^ * from the 
prophecy of 5abakuk the prophet.' qit^COItj^] L«Ai(qit over 
erasure) 2O EFO : ^.qtt^.U)n;6, •PD'(om. €&oX)GK'MNP la 

ROMANS I. i6-ai. 7 

Rome. ^^For I am not ashamed of the Ooq^d: for it is 
the (lit. a) power of Qod unto [a] salvation to all who believe ; 
the Jew first, and the Qreek. ^^ For the (lit. a) righteousness 
of Gk>d will be revealed in it from [a] faith unto [a] faith, 
according as it is written: 'The righteous will live from 
(the) faith.' 

^*For the anger of God will be revealed from (the) 
heaven upon all godleesnese and (the) wrongdoing of [the] 
men, who *lay hold on the truth in [the] wrongdoing: 
^'because the knowledge of God is manifested in them. 

For God manifested it unto them. ^ His unseen things 
from (the) creation of the worlds being understood in his 
creatures, are visible, that is to say, his eternal power and 
his divinity. So that they are without excuse (and) 
without answer: '^because, having known God, they glori- 
fied him not as God, nor thanked him, but became vain in 
their reasonings, and their senseless heart became dark; 

* Strong word, but not implying ' hold down ' or * hold back.' 

F"« has rough t^\ denoting end of lection. ^* IH^CCOItT*] UX., Hunt 96, 

P. qiw-tfcbpn] nA.(C M. juLex^ce&Kc (,ii«T«GN sxek 
18)] itiAJtex., ad. eAJLertfi] om. e, D'P 26. ilxoitc] 

+ ItI&.€lt 'all,' D'L. ItlpOOAJLl] usual idbm; obs. Gr. D^O 238 
praem t&f. AJL€Xp€q] om. p€q, Ej* 26. " qOTOOItg,] 

-Olt^, £ 26, 4^*f~ VA.p] V^p could not be otherwise placed; 
obe. Gr. »ABCD*EG &c. ^qo^fon^q] ^.qOfOItg, Aj^I^. 

^ epooof] aEiF: -lU-nr + v^.p, l«t*cd'GK'LM 

NOP 26: om. Ejhomeot. neqe^JULlo] L«T*Ai«CD'EGK'L 

MNOP 26 : neqe. singular, Ai*,F. ceitA-nf epoooT] ilcenA.-r 

epCOOT, D'L: om. 00 homeot. €T"e] tCVe, D'LN. ^.TXtJOIxf 
T*AF: om. UBOD'EGK'LMNOP 26. ^^ eTA-TCOfen 

-COfOJIt JUL, A,«; -COOOTIt, D'. 0X2^6 JOLuoffflen^- 
ULOX] om. 0. ItTOnrq] om. Ai*, supplied in margin. ItOT- 

8 npoc puiueoc. 

e ijuuLoc. I xe ^^nc^ex ite* ^.Tepco^: "oTog, 
^.Tajej&ie nicoonr nrre 4>i" eTeii.neqTA.K04- 
;6eit Of mi iiTe onrg^iiccon itpoojuii eg^-qT^JCo 
rtejuL ^A.itg^A.X&.-f'S- itejuL 2,A.itTefi.itu)0Ti next, 
" 6efi.e 4>^ ^.qTHiTOT iize<l>'f e;6pHi ;6en meiu- 
en^m o^julia. ilTe uot^kt entftbi^ejuL *• enxm- 

"itR eTA.Tgi&i" iii"AJLeeAJLRi RTe ^-f i6eit 
•f AJteeitoTX 4- 
Oxog, A.TOTaxgT*- ofog, ^.TojejULaji iiiuccDitT^- 
n^p^. 4>H eTA.qccoitT CTe 4>a.i ue-s- 4>k eT- 
cjut^pcooTT a^ itieneg, AJULHit<9- 
8 ^•Gefi.e <1>AJ A.qTRiTOT ftzec^-f e;6pKJ eg^^niiA.- 
eoc ita)U)a)4* noTg^JOJUii rA.p ^Tojej&ie tot- 
^TCiKK ilxP^c^c* €;6pKi ern^pA. <1>tcjc4- 
*^n^ipRi" oit itiKeg^coonfT -s- ^.'€XP^ itcaooT n-f- 

nofofcog eitofepaof -s- g^^-ng^coofT ;6€it 
^^ng^cjDOTT eTepg,a5& enojmi ^ exetSi en^e- 
Skie Stexj^i- eTcge itTe TOTnXA.itK it(6pHi 

"Ocog, K^TA. ^►pH't" eTeiifiofepiiOKiJUL^^m 

** ite] om. G. A.fepcox] erepco^:, a,. **] 
^.Tepojefije, Ai«. eTeijLneqTAJCo] aoefop : - juLiu.q-» 

L>1>BD'0K'MN, customary neg^ better becanse agreeing with eci|d.q. 
IteJULg^A.It^A.X^'t"] om. El*, probably added by original scribe. 

** eefi.e<l>A.l] cf. Or. K a B C 5. &c. m vg syr«A arm. e;6pHl] nj6., 

Ai^D'. i6eit] e, CNo. enxinepoTojuxu] eiucmTonr., 

CD'L: eiUCm-f., Ai«. " eTA-TOJlfi-T ^] T»Ai*2EF: 

-Ojefi-ie, L«Ai"MrBCD'GK'LMNOP. -fAJLeenof^! OTO^" 
om. OfOg,, 0. ^.TOfCOgT OTO^] om. B. A-TOjeAJLOJl' 

eroj., N. cooitT ere^^d ue 4>k eT] om. D'*l*. eT- 
H«gtj6; cju^pooofT] eTec, L«T». a)^ni]om. ni^A,. "€j6- 

pKI i°] iii6., Ii«T*. ^•CC^q, 0; er, D')a)e&.ie] +e, L thns again 

KOMANS L aa-aS. 9 

"saying that they are wise, they became fools, ^'and 
exchanged the glory of ^incorruptible God for a likeness of 
an vmage of ^corruptible man and birds and beasts and 
creeping things. ^^ Therefore God delivered them in the 
luds of their heart unto (the) uncleanness, so that their 
hodies were dishonoured among them; '^who changed the 
truth of God into [the] falsehood. * And worshipped and 
Benred the creature rather than him who created, that is 
to say, him who is blessed unto the ages. Amen. 

^Therefore God delivered them unto vile pdmons: for 
{heir women turned their witurcd use into an unTiaturaZ. 

^ Thus the men ako left the Ttatural use of the woman, 
burned in their lust (lit. wish) of one another, men with men 
working unto (the) shame, they shall receive (the) recompence 
which was due ®from their error in themselves. ^And 
according as they did not approve to ^retain God in their 

* lit. ' who coimpted not.* ^ Lit. 'who is wont to corrupt.* 

* Probablj :s Qreek genitive and keeping the Greek order of words, yet 

TTTC it not correct after U* ^ Probablj a periphrasis for ?x<iy, but 
Dot the usual one. 

N ; F began ll and altered to €. CTH^p^] L^Ai^sEF 26 : CO'Vn., 
A,«BCD'GK^LMOP: RofH-, T*N. 4>fCIc] cf. Gr. M &c. : 
+ hXP^^^^y B, cH Gr. D*Gd e g vg arm. *' n^pK'f Olt] 

cf. Or. C al" (4 ap Sen) arm Or ^•^•^ HierM* nil nisi 6poUs: lH^lpHrf 
Xe oil, C, cf. Gr. AD*GP 4. &c. vg syr p Ac. This reading is doubtful 
became of preceding i", now pronounced 2il. ^TX^] ^^^XP^f 

Ai«. iixei"] itx.,P. noTOfa5aj] 4>oT(Joaj, b«; noTcog, 
D'L. enoTepROT] ititoT., b. j6€it2,] ivejtxpj^n, 
CLi*?- evetfi] OTO^ eretfT^ bcd'L. enaje&.ie7Ai*2 
EFN : iiLng., l«t»AiOB0D^gk'LMOP : itofug., 26. iij6- 

pRl] om. Aj*. ** The peculiar version of Ji ends and ver. 28 of the 

ordinary version is written by a restorer. G has remains of Arabic note 
about the MS. referring to another reading ^^XA' J^£4>'f i6€It- 
OfeiXXOn ' God let them sleep.' ereAJLHOT] AJLUOT, P. 

10 npoc puiueoc. 

iixecti" e;6pHi eoTg^HX it^:^oKiJULoc*- eepoTipi 
ititK ercoje itA-iTonr A.n -s- 

noitKpi^.4- itciUL AJLexeJT ilxoitc. erAJteg, ii4>- 
eoitoC'5- ^1 ;6coxefi.4- nciu. gcTitKit itciUL 

^®Gtoi npeqx^c*^^^*^ itpeqepK^T^X&.Xm JuLiuu.- 
cxeitof-f*- ilpeq+gaoa it^cig^KT-s- iipeq- 

®* Hk excooofit it^JuieejuLKi iiTe <l>i" xe itK exipi 
ititA.1 iiiiA.ipK't 4- C6iULTia|d. ijL4> JULot "5- ot julo- 
noit xe ceipi iSuutooof 4- a.XXa. ce^'JULA.'f on -s- 
nejuL ItK eripi juuulooot -s- 

(e) Ge&e 4»^i x^^ffl^poTco ^rt a)4>pcojmi ;6^ oTort 
ni&ert exi"g^^-ii> j6en m^^n r^p exeicf 

jOuuLoq eneKcg^Kp ^JCg^ioTi jQuulok en^^-n 
iJLfuu.-v^.7K. itA.1 rA.p acoK on ereKJpi jOuulcjo- 
OT i6^ 4>K ex'tg^A.n'S- 
* TeitejuLi r^p xe nig^^n itTe ^^i" ^qgon ka.t^ 

OTJULCOAJLHI 4- exeit ItK ETlpI itItA.1 ijLftA.IpKi"4- 

CTTCge] L«T*Ai*2EFGK'MN0P: €T"C(€T"€C, B)eAJLna)d^ 
Ai"BBC D'Ji'L 26. " AA.1KIA.] for om. vopt^lq cf. Gr. K ABCK 

17. 23. 26. 67**. 73. 117 actb. K^KI^ neJULUOnKpIA.] UT^AB 
EFGKMNP,cf.Gr.OaIpaucaethDain: K^JCI^ Hl&eit It6iULn.> 
O : noitKpid. neJtXKl^Kll^y C Jf L, cf. Gr. KA 8yr«>»> Ephr : 
noitKpi^ ItCiULK^JCI^. Itl£.en, D' but Itl£.eit marked. 
JUL€T(rr itXOItc] om. JtHeX, Jf, for position cf. Gr. K A D*E G 

&c. it<|>eoitoc] ii.4>., l«D'GK'LM. »° jILm-^, (e, 'P)CT-e- 

ROMANS I. 39— n. a. 11 

(lit a) knowledge, God delivered them unto a reprobate 
heart, to do the things which are not lawful to be done. 

^ Being filled with all unrighteousrieaa and wickedneae 
and depravity and wrongdoing; being filled with envy and 
murder and strife and subtlety and evil thought. ^ Being 
whisperers, dandererSf haters of Qod, insolent, proud, boast- 
ful, inventors of [the] evil * things, disobedient to their 
parents, ^ senseless, dissentient, uncompassionate, unmerciful. 

^ Who know the righteousness of Qod, that they who do 
such things are worthy of (the) death, not ovly^ then, do them, 
but (^) also consent with them who do them. 

IL Therefore thou wilt not be able to answer, O man, 
namely every one who judgeth : for in the judgement with 
which thou judgest (lit. givest unto) thy neighbour, thou 
condemnedst thjrself; for thou also doest these things, 
namely he who judgeth. ' For we know that the judge- 
ment of God was according to [a] truth upon them who 

* The puDctoaiion makes ' inventors ' separate from ' the evil things.' 

ItO-rf ] iiUUL&.CrreitOTIoi" ' hating their parents/ 0. ftni- 

nexg^cuonr] jEjLnifieT., b. jtc^noTio-f] itcA.itoT'f 

'to God,' EiV " A.XKA.'f . . . ^HX ll] om. B; for cm. 

Anrdpdawtcf.Gr.N*ABD*EGdegfu*8yr«»^ ®^ itItAj]om.Ei*. Of 
JUlOltOIt xe] I,«TtAi*jBCE,FGJiK'MNOP, cf. Gr. D* o^ yAimp 
yap: OT JULOllOIt 2l€, Ai«(2k€ ^^ ^;«Jj)D'EiL, cf. Gr. 46.61. 

Bas Euthal^^ ov ^6909 dc vg^* Ambrst 'et non solum.' ^AA^ • • • 
iiUUtaX>T] om. B* homeot. : trs. OH after JOUULCJOOT, 0. 

* j6€Itni2,d.n] Tischendorf cites 'cop' for 'add KfUiunt,' bnt the 
Coptic expression ' give judgement ' renders xpii^tt, thus in the judgement 

wWch thou givest.' ex€Ki"] €T^irf , cjf. eng^^u] xkii., 

UENO. HA.! rA.p] L«T*ABCD'FJi'L: XGIt^I VA.p. GK'M 
NOP: om. VA.p, Ei*,. €X€ICipi] ilX€KIpI, M. * Xeit- 

eiiLl] xeitcooofit, N. V^p] cf. Gr. »C 7. 17. 36. 37. 62. 80. 
122. 1 79. d e m** vg arm Ohr '^^ (et. »<»•• *). A.qgon] qgOH, C Ji'. 

12 npoc puiueoc. 

JuuuLcooT ^(JDK oit4- ze ^.it x^^ffl4>cJox ileoK 
ilTeit ni^^.n nrre ct-f-s- 
*llj^it K6pK^7^.(l»poitm it-fjuLexp^JULA.0 ilxe 
TeqAJtexxpc -s- neAJt TeciJUL€TpeciepA.ite- 
Xecee4- itGiUL xeqAJteTpeqcjooT iig^KT* it- 
jcGiULi A.n xe i"AJLexxpc tirre ^^ cim 

ijUULOK eTAJLenrA.ltOIA. 4- *KA.TA. 2l€ xeK- 

^enq Kg,! xcoitT hajc ej6of it i6eit lueg^ooTf 
iiTe nxooitx-fi- itejuL lucfcbpu €j6.oX itxenig^^u 
juUuLHi nrre ^^^ ^<^h een^-i" JuLnioTr^i 

''Hk jmeit ex^TT^JULoiti itxoxoTf ;6€it ofg^oojS. 
citA.iteq4- ofcooTffr nciUL onrx^iO'S- ncAJL of- 
juiex^xxA-Ko "5- itna exKcoi" itcA. ofCDitji 
iieiteg, 4- 

•Hk 2^8 exe efi-oX jfceit OTgtfTtHit ite oto^ 
itc€i"jut^i" ^rt itcAJL ejuLHi'5- ereKX 2^6 
ng^KX-fi- ItGiUL -fjuLextfT iuconc oTzcoitx*- 
neAJL OTijLfi.oit4- •oTg^oz^ex iteju. onrjDL- 
jcA-g, fr ezeit ^TXH itij6.eit itxe itipoojuii ^ ita 
exipi JOLninexg^tJooT nnoT2i^.i itojopn iteAJL 
nioTemm 4- '® Ofooonr i^e iteju. itciu. 

® XM-^^^ • • • pwi"] om- N* homeot. ; obs. Gr. P. €f^^l] 

om. El* : en^i, G. <1>r] 4>^i, K', Rit^i] om. N"«. xeA.n] 

om. ^Ity OJi^; A^^ has marks above ^It implying omission. ItXCIt- 
nig^^u] L»ABCEFG: exeitUI., D'L: itXeni-, T^Ji'K'M 
NOP. * KepKA.XA.4>p01tm] trs. after ^KX, D'L: trs. &c. 

+ ixJULooonr, ojf. AJtexpeqep.] om. ep, cJi^M: om. 
neuLxeqjuLexp€q€pA.itexecee, k^p* homeot. ciiti] 
eciiti, Ajop : Kini, E,. eTAJLexA-iioi^] eoTAJtex., bo Ji'. 

^ 2Le] L^T A,j«BO D'EFJj'K'CXe) L«N : om. Aa*GL*MOP. It^.- 

xoTfejULg^eKq] l»abod'FLO: -ejuiitg^eHq, tegj^'K' 

ROMANS n. 3-10. 13 

lo such things. ' But thinkeBt thou this, O m&n, who judgest 
them who do such things, and doest them also thyself^ that 
thou "indeed wilt be able to escape the judgement of Qod ? 

* Or deapisest thou the riches of his kindneaa and his for^ 
hearance and his longsuffering ? Thou knowest not that 
the kindTieaa of God bringeth thee unto (lit. a) reperUaTice ; 
^ but according to thy hardness of heart and thine impenitent 
heart thou treasurest up (lit throwest in) for thee anger in 
the day of (the) anger and the revelation of the just judge- 
ment of God ; * who will give to each one according to his 
works. "^They indeed who persisted in a good work, [a] 
glory and [an] honour and [an] incorruption, ^to them 
who seek for [an] eternal life. ^But they who are of 
[a] strife and consent not with (the) truth, but are trust- 
ing to [the] wrongdoing, [an] anger and [an] indignation, 
*[a] tribulation and [a] pain upon every eovly of [the] 
men who do the evil, the Jew first, and the Greek; ^^but 


* Pronoun expressed. ^ (lyrovo-tv has been onderstood as 
governing Mp. 

MNP. nieg^ooT Rxe] neg^oof JuL, oJi'. nxaortT] 

ABCD'EFJi'L: lUZ., L«T*GK'MNOP. Rltfobpn e&oX 
ilT'Cj om. £1* ; this omission brings lt6AIL Koi next to ni^^Tl, obs. 
Gr.»«D«KLP al fere'^syrP, also aethPP. itTeUIg^^fl] L«TtAiO&c.: 
iJLniP^., Ai^jP. ^ AJten] om. K'M. + V^p, C D^ J,'L, cf. Gr. 47. H^t 18. 

ttxyTrj +:^e, Ai«D'L. o-cAJLexA-nrrAJco] oTAJLeri turr- 

X^JCOy juJli j^ yi^ * and a thought of incorruption/ P. ItC^] it, M. 
•^e] om. CJi'; altered from XC^ M. exe] om. Ag^GO*?. 

i6en] arren, b c Jj' 18. ite] om. b 18. ncei-ju^-f] 

Cerf-JUU, B* 18 : exeitCeJUL., B»«; for om. lup cf. Gr. KBD*G 
ftc item d e g Tg arm aeth &c. ItCiULOT JUL&.on <9- OT^OZ^C^s] 
om. M homeot. ; fisch. dtea position of JuL&OIt, but both words are 
interchaogeable with Gr. _ • JULK^g,] + ftg^ * gri^/ C^. HK 

ex] om. HH, GK'M. JOLumex^oooT] JULUieX., : illtl- 

HeX. plana, Ji^. IUIOT. . . . riot.] m. . . . m. plural, also 

m. 10. " iionroit] iteAJLOfon, D'. euiA.rA.eoii] B«. 

14 npoc praueoc. 

ofg^ipRHK iioTfoit iti&eit erep^oofi. eniA.rA.- 
eoit<9- mioTr:^^ itojopn aejJL moTremm^- 

V (A.) 

^' Hk v^p CTrA.^€pnoJ5.i d.nojmoc A,noAJLoc oit 

nmojuLoc*- cen^i"2,A.n eptJooT efi.oX ^iTert 
nmojuLoc4- "onr r^-p mpeqcaoTejui enmo- 
AJLoc ite nieiULHi j6A.Teit <l>i"4- a.XXa. na 
€Tipi JuLnmojuLoc exoTit^eju^icooT*- 

"GfflooTi VA-p ne meeitoC'S- nn exeiiJULoitTonf 

. noJULoc 4>"*cjc ceipj itit^nmoAJLoc 4- 

• "" n^-i eTejuUitoiiTonf nojuioc iJUuu.T4- ceoi 

ilitojuLoc nooonr jQuutm jOUulooot. | 

" Haj eeofoon^^(jo&. iiTe nmojuioc efi.oX -s- 
eqc;6H07fx ;6€it noTg^KT oTfog, epe totct- 
itK2kecic epjULeepe epaooT nejuLoooTr -s- ofog, 
epe noTJULeri epKA-Turopm -s- ottcoott neAJL 
itoTfepKOT* le eTit^epiiKeA.noXoricee "i6eit 
nie^oonr nrre c^-f 4- nA.i-^A.n enu enr^Kii 
iixe nipu)juLi4- ka-ta. HA-er^rveXion efi.oX 
^rreit mc uxc*- 
# "ICze ileoK jcfp^it epoK xe io7r:^A.i JouioTeit 
jOuuLOK exeit nmojuioc^- OTog, Kojo'vojonr 

" AJL(n, Ai*)eTrp€qtfr] xeqjuieTpeqtfii g. ^o] a f : 

Hnntsft, +rA.p, L»T*&c.: itZOnc 'iniquity,' O. " UK TA-pJ HK 

'*^* AJteit r^p, o. ^.noAJLoc on] om. b,: om. on, N 26. 

0*»0^ nn] + :^e, 0. " eninojUlOc] for def. article cf. Or. 

KL al pier arm Chr Thdrt al. JOLninOAJLOCJ'for def. article cf. 
Gr. D«EKL al pier &c eTOTnA.eJU^lC0Of] pref. nR, Ai»«: 
erA.TnA.eJUL, L*: eT"A.TnA.eAJULia)OT, D' frequent error. 

" rA.p ne] LtT^AEiV: om. ne, bo(D')vc^Ji^K'Lmnop 26, 

D' rA.p na eenoC. nieenOC] for def. article cf, Gr. Gk»«. 
mi\ om. B*G. 4>TCIC] THAFMP: 4>7fCI, L'CDfEGJi'K' 

KOMANS n. 11-17. 16 

[a] glory and [an] honour and [a] peace to every one who 
worketh the good^ the Jew first, and the Qreek: ^^ there is 
not respect of persons with God« 

^' For they who sinned without law^ withovi law also will 
be destroyed: and they who sinned in the law, will be judged 
through the law ; ^^ for not the hearers of the law are the righ- 
teous with God, but (^) they who do the law will be justified. 

** For if there are the OerUilea^ who have not law, (yet) by 
nature do the things of the law, these who have not law are 
(a) law to themselves. ^^ These who manifest the work of 
the law written in their heart, and (with) their conacience 
bearing witness unto them with them, and their thoughts 
accusing (lit between them with) one another, or even will 
excuse ^* in the day of Qod, (who) will judge the hidden things 
of [the] man according to my Oospd through Jesus Christ. 

^^If thou namest thyself ' «/ei(;,' thou restest thyself upon 

LNO 26: 4>"*cin, B. itnA.ninojuLoc] JuLnmojuioc, 0. 

" eeOTCOng,] + efi.oX, O. JUlTIIg^COfi.] T*A,(1 marked for 

oiiibsioii)jFP: Blw^o^Sl, l«b &c. nxeumojuLoc] jOLnm., 
B. ofog^ epe i*»] om. oTog,, BCD'Ji^L. CTitK:^ecic] 
AF»NOP: cnritHTiKcic, L«T*B Ac epjuieepe] ecepjuie- 
epe, T»G : ceepAJL., K'. epooox] naooT, b. epK^XK- 

rOpm]^B0D'BFJi^L: + epOJOf * them,' LK'PGK'MP. 16 CT- 

it&.€pnK€&.iioXorice€] T*OD»E(nK€€p)GJi'LMP(nKeep) 
le e^ep., l»Ai«(no luceep.): le ^.-vn^-ep., b<^ (♦leoTfitep) 

6TIU. ep. (omitting ' or'), Ai*,FK'. ^* itX€4>i"] Ai^BD'L 

exe^-f, L«l>AiO0EFGJi'KMNOP, cf.? Gr.A(B) 73.93. tol vjt*^ 
&c. lU.'faA.u] om. A,. nipCOAJLl] AiCEiF Ji^O: ItJp., L«T» 
A,BD'E,GK'LM(N)P. e&.oX] om. B. IHC HX^] ^o' o^^®' <^- 
Gr. H*ADEKLP &c " ICX€]l»AOEFK'MNOP: +2^8, T»B Hnnt^iS. 
D'G J^'L 18 cf.? Gr. KABD*EE &c. donbtfal because of easy oonfosion 
between ^€ and 2:e. Jcf p^-It] AJrf p., B. KJULOT€n] LbT* 
18. lUnOiULOc] ior def. article cf. Gr. D«EEL al pier arm &c. 
CrCO^, ICg.] om. OTfOg,, 18. 


16 npoc puiueoc. 

jOUuLOK ;6eit ^►'f*- "ofo^ Kcooofit JOtneq- 
ofoooj 4- OTO^ Kep2^oKiiu^^m iirtK excooxn-fi- 
KepKA-OKKm juuuLOK efi.oX j6eit nmoAJLoc -s- 

"&eKK xw epoK'5- xe ileoK ofpeqtfwuLtJoix iliti- 
fi.eXXeT 4- oTOTcomj nxe itK eT;6ert nx^*^i * 
*o 4> iiTe itiA.x^KX onro^ nc^j6 
ititiKO'vxi itA.X(J0OTi "5- epe ejuLop(l»H ilTe neiu 
itTOTK nejuL -fjuLeeJULHi e^s^en nmojuLoc ^ 

2i4>K OTH eTi" Rfceo-vA.! jcfc&o) n^jc £1- 
ju^f^XK ^it* 4>H eTg^itJoiaj eaTejULtTfoTi 
Ktfro7fi4- ^*<1>K exxo) jjuuLoc z€ iiLnepep- 
ncoiK4- KOI RitooiK 4>K exccoq itmi^aoXoit -s- 
KOI jiK^^Xnep^ei 4- *^4>k exgoTgonr jDuutoq 
j6eit niitojuLoc 4- efi.oX ^rreit •fiu.p^.jS.A.cic 
hre nmojuLoc*- Kcycooj iJH*^^ -s- 

** 4>p^it r^-p sJL^'f 4- cezeoTf A. epoq ;6eit meeitoc 
eo&e eRitoT'5- k^ta. 4>pKi" excj6KOTT" -s- 
? **Ofoit ^ROTf r^p juLnicefi.! 4- ecgooTi ^jcoj^nlipi 
ijLTimoAJLOc4- eojaou 2^6 eKoi ijLn^p^^XKc 
ilTe ninojuLoc<9- a. neKcejS.! ^.qcg^^^ erAJte- 
XA.xce&i 4- 

"GgooR Of It ^.peoj^it -fjULemJTceSLi i^pe^ ef- 

iULeejuiKi nxe ninoAJLoc4- o^x} TeqAJte- 

nA.onc T^r^ce&.l cenA.onc ercefi.! *^07fo^ -f^^TciKH 

Ji jDuuLer^TceB.! eczooK ixn^cofi. Rxe nmo- 

• • • I 

^^KCOOOTIt] eKC, Lc. OTO^ K€p2i.] om. OTOg,, B. 
K6pKA.eKKIIt] T»A &c. : L« GKepK. : OTOg, K€pK., D'L ; 
i^ariety of •pelling. " g^OHK X^] ^g^OKK., BoCJi'iS: 

e^oK 2^6 xy*^*' itnifi-eXXer] iiTeitifi.., Ai«»d^l. 
ofofcomi] ofcoiiti, P : eroTfco., o. itxeitK] l«t*acd^ 

BFJi'LNO: ItlVK, BGK'MP i8. UX^Kl] niX:» BP. 

*® RxeitiA-x^RT"] iini., b g* K'. ofog, ncilo] om, 

OTOg,, BCD'Ji'LiS. itniKOTXl] itT€m., Ai»KBCD'Ji'L 

i8. eJULojp4>H] XAJL., BOJi'O i8. itTf ueAJLi] itTenie- 

AJLI, D^L : iXnCiULI, i8 : exeneAJLl, M. €Xj6en] T*Ai*Ei« 

ROMANS IL 18-27. 17 

the law and boastest thyself in Qod, ^* and knowest his wish, 
and approved the things which are the best, thou instructest 
thyself from the law. ^' Thou trustest that thou (art) 

a guide of the blind, a light of them who are in (the) dark- 
ness, ^ (the) teacher of the foolish and (the) master of the 
little children, having (the) form of (the) knowledge and 
the truth which is in the law.' ^^He then who teacheth 
another — teachest thou not thyself? He who preacheth 
not to steal — stealest thou 1 *' He who saith : ' Commit not 
adultery' — committest thou adultery 1 He who abhorreth 
the idols — art thou (a) temple robber? '^He who boasteth 
himself in the law — through the transgression of the law dis- 
honourest thou God? ^For (the) name of Qod is blas- 
phemed among the OentUes because of you, according as 
it is written. ^ For there is profit in [the] circumcision 
' if thou should do the la/u) ; but if thou art (a) transgressor 
of the laWf thy circumcision became uncircumcision. ^* If 
then [the] uncircumcision should keep the righteousness of 
the law, will not his uncircumcision be reckoned for [a] 
drcomcision ? ^And the natural uncircumcision fulfilling 
(the) work of the law will judge thee *who art (a Jew) 

it. 'namely the (Jew) through the writing.' 

FP18: ei";6en, Aj: om. ex, LbAx^BCD^Ei^jGJi^K'LMNO. 

"o-rit] om. B*. irfcj6.a)] lkt^Ai^jEGK'MNOP 18: itK., 
Ai^BOD'FJi'L. "n€p<tei] mep^^ei, p. ";6enm- 

eenoc] om. O. Ei«« \^\ 'Isaiab/ ** OfOIt g^ROT T^p] 

UAi%EF: OfOIt g^ROnf AJLCIt VA-P, AiȤ (lost) D'GLP 

18 : onton 2,HOf rA.p Jtxen, cJf: oTon ^or v^p gon, 

T*(&KCrf)N: OTfOIt ^HOf AJLCIt V^p jgOR, 0: OfOIt 

&Ko-r gon r^p, K'(2,K07n)M. ^neiccefi.i ^qgooni] 

Lt'DAOD'Ei-tFJi'LN 18: om. A.q, Ei*GK'MOP. efAJLeX.J 

eo-rjtiteT"., a,«. *• -f jmeejuiw] l«aod'EFJi^l. cf. Gr. 

Gg** harl* Or*»»**®: HUUL, T>GK'MNOP 18. O^Xf^^'fy B)] 
cL Or. DEGRL &c. CenA.onC (om. Ai*) CTCefil] om. O* 
homeot. : om. C€, Ji : -OUC + IW.q, D' (IU.7f ) J L P. *^ Ug^OOfi. 

18 npoc puiueoc. 

juLoc €fi.oX cit^i"g,A.Ti epoK ;6^ nie^ioX 
g^ixert nicj6^x*- itejuL mcefi.!*- ze A.KepoT- 
nA.pA.&.^TH nrre nmojuioC'S- 
"nnof2iA.i v^p ^.it errsb^n neeoToit^ ne ni- 
lofTi^.j'S- oT^e nceJS.1 eeofoitg, ;6€it 
TCA-px ne nic6£.i4- ^•^XXa. ixiiot^^.! err- 
^KH'S- 4>^i ne niiOfTi^-i ofo^ mccj&i iiTe 

ere neqajo^gof ofeJSioX ;6€it pcjojuii ^rt ue 
a-XXa. €&oX j6eit ^-f ne*- 

i e. 

OT X€ Ot xe ne ng^o'yo JOLnno'yakd,! le ^a ne ng^HOT 
•'•'^ ixnice&L ^oTnia^f ne ka.ta. ca. itpH-f m- 

&en4- ncgopn jmen xe ^TTeng^oTXonr eni- 
cA^i iiTe 4>i". ®0T VA-p icze A.fepA.xnA^-f 
nxeg^^noTon fr julk xofAJteT^on^^'f it^.- 
Kepq nin^-g^i" itxe ^^. * itnecajaoni * 
U^pe <l>i" Tie ojooni ilpeqxejuieejuLKi OTog, 
pcoJULi ni&eit npeqxeAJLeenoTZ. kut^. ^p}vf 
excj^HOTX*- g^onooc iiTeKJUt^i i6en neK- 
c^^i<9- oTog, nTeKCTpo e^n^-i-g^^n epoK*- 
•ICxe TenxneTtfT nxonc* eenA.xA.2,e -fjuiee- 
JULKI itxe 4>'f epA-TCfr ott neTeit|itA^oq'5- julk 
ofpecjeJT nxoitc ne 4>i" eqnA.m! JuLneqxconT* 

VCre the work of] L«T*Ai*2EP» : om. A,oCD'G JiK'LMNOP i8. 
Cn^.'f ^^n] Ce(^, N) n^'f ., N iS plur. : ece^., P strong future : 
Cef., GK'M pres. plur. *• TA-p ^.n] om. A-H, Ej*- ^^G" 

eofon^ (cjong,, gk'Mnop)] neeof oong, + efi.oX, o. 

nceB.1] L«Ai*2CF : nicefi.!, T^D^ &c. A-H] om. Ei*2. eeoTf- 
Ong, ((JDHg,, L«TtCD'GK'LMNOP)] + e&.oX, Ai»«D'LO. 
XC^Lpx] 'PAD' &o.: 1" C^PX , L'C. ** 4>^l] 4>4L, Ai. 

nice&i] nc, e,. oxniu-J om. ot, f*: + oTog,. oJi. 

O7fC;6^0 o™' ^'^t I^'L. OTej6.oX] om. OT, GK'MPiS. 

KOMANS n. a8— m. 5. 19 

through the written law and the circumcision, because (or, 
that) thou wast a transgressor of the law. ^ For the Jew 
is not (he) who is * outwardly the Jew, nor is (the) circum- 
cision which is manifest in (the) flesh the circumcision: 
'but (^) the inward (lit. who is hidden) Jew, this is the 
Jew, and the circumdsion (is that) of the heart in [a] spirit, 
not in [a] writing, whose praise is not from man, but (^) 
it is from God. 

HL What then is the advantage (lit. the more) of the 
Jewl or what is (the) profit of the circumcision? ^Much 
it is according to every way : first indeed because they were 
intrusted with the words of God. ^ For what if some were 
unbelieving ? Will their unbelief do away with the faith of 
God ? ^ It shall not be. But let God be speaking truth, and 
every man speaking falsehood ; according as it is written, 
That thou mightest be justified in thy words and overcome 
when thou wilt be judged. ^ If our wrongdoing will set 
up the righteousness of Qod, what shall (lit. will) we sayl 
Is God a wrongdoer being about to bring his anger? I said 


* Lit. in that which it manifest.' 


pcttjuu] nipoDAiu, G. A.n ne] om. ne, td^l. ^.XX^.] 

^ OTT Xe] om. Xe, Ai« : Ot ^G, P. I\^0t6] weak def. art., Hunt 36, 
ohe. Gr. «♦ G 47 c»" om. 4. * iUL6It] I/T* Aj^jB* (It€*) &c., cf. Gr. 
BD^EG 76. 8o. I20*^. 124. 137. d eg yg syr*^ arm aeth &c : iUL6It 
r^p, Ai"»«D*L, d Gr. MADoRL al pier ayrP &c. : VA-P, 26, cf. Gr. 

^y Bc 67**. • it^jcepq] it^jcepoq, D'BjM hy error. * lipeq£.6It] om. F* homeot; Tisch. incorrect in citing 'cop,' which has 
O-rOg, 'and,' not W. g^ontJOc] Xe^OWJOCy Ai"wD*L a6 ; Aj^ 
^^JXmXOC n; Ai»« (om. art.) Ei"* ^jt^jy}^^ * P»- S©/ M«« ? jj>^. 
• ICXe] Ii»AEFGK'MP : + ^6, "PBCD'JiLNO, cf. Gr. eOIt^.- 

T^^e] ern., B G (»» ee ' a copy '). -f JuieeiULHi] o^Jtxeo., 
cJi. nereitiujcoq] ue eTenit., b. ilxonc ne] om. 
ne, then -I- nx€f p. eqiTAjni] ^.qit^.., N : qit^.«, D'L. 


20 npoc pinueoc. 

^ixo) jjL^^i j6en otJJLerrpujJtxi. « nneccgcjonx. 
ijuuLoit ncjoc 4>'f nA.i-2,A.u eniKocxnoc*- 
^ ICxe 2^6 i-juLceiULKX nrre ^-f *• ^.cepg^oTo eneq- 
tjoo*r4- it^ipHi j6eit T^JUteenoTX 4- le eeJSie 
o-r cef^j^n epoi g^u) ijL4>pK'f ito*rpeqepno&i4- 

•OTOg, KA.TA. <&pKi- A.II CTOTXeOTA. epOit 

iijULoq jULct^pH'^- €xe otoh 2, scco 
jULJU-oc epoit4- X6 oj^itxoc xe Ait4&.peitipi itni- 
neTg^tJooT*- g^m^. Rcei ibcemneenA.iteT«i- 

epcgopn jbceuL ^piKi ^ enno'v^.^i itejUL itioTci- 
nm xe cexn j6^ 4>itofi.i TKpoT*- *®ka.ta. 
<&pKi" excj^KOTT*- 
2Ce ijuuLoit oTOiULKi JOuuLA.'TA.Tq*- "JuUuLon 
ncTKA-i"*- jJutxon nexaJni itcA. ^^. "^t- 
piKi efi.oX T"Kpo*r ij^epiJTQiiJr enrcon*- juL- 
juLoit neripi noTxneTXpc jOuuton a)A.ei6o'rit 
€o*¥A.i*- ^* o-riji2,A.*r eqo*rKit ne To*rgfi.tJoJSLi4- 
^.•vepxpo^ efi.oX j6eit noTX^-c*- o'VAiLA.eo'vi 
iig^oq erx^ ^6^ noTc4K)T"o-r *• ^*nA.i ere 
pu)o*r iuieg, itcA.g,o*¥i iteouL g^gji. ^'cemc 
tixetioxdiX^'xx e^eti cnoq eJSioX*- " nsboJUL- 
j^eiUL nejUL m"A.XeutJopiA. exx^ &i no-r- 

JULtJOITfr ^^OTOg, <&JULtJOn" ItTe i-g^IpRHK 

juLnoTcoTtJOitq. ^' 'f&o'f" iiTe ^^f x^ iOLue- 
juLeo iiitoT^X eJSioX ^.n*- 

JULUeqXODm"] of. Gr. »♦ gyr«* add airov. '^ \CX€ ^6 

•f JUL.] cf. Gr. « A 6. 23. 57. 74. 124- d"' harl Dam : IC3Ce ^G iUL, 

K', icx€-f JUL., M. eneqa)o*r] neq., M: JuLueq., Aj. g^co] 

om. 0. • jOL4>pKi"] L« AE FGK'MP, cf. Gr. BK 39. 74. a*": 

O-rOg, JUL<&pH't', T^BO D'JiLN 0, cf. Gr. N A &c. ajA.ItXOC 

xe] a^-itxcD juUuLoc xe, o : om. D'. ilniueTg,ooo*r] 

om. itm, M. of.? Gr. D* om. rd. ItCei] ItCemi, NP(itC^): 

itcmx, B. nA.n] cf. Gr. 37. 8P« add ^<^' ^fuis. nmeon.] 

ROMANS in. 6-18. 21 

this humanly. *It shall ndt be: otherwise how will Qod 
judge the world ? ^ But if the troth of Qod abounded unto 
his glory in my fidsehood, then why am I also judged as 
a sinner, ^ and not according as we are blasphemed^ as some 
say of us, that we say: 'Let us do evil things, that good 
things may come to usi* whose condemnation (lit. judge- 
ment) is decided (lit. under (the) judgement). ' What theni 
Have we more? Not at aU: we before found blame with 
the Jews and the Greeks, that they are all under (the) 
sin ; ^® according as it is written : * There is not a solitary 
righteous one ; ^^ there is not he who understandeth ; there 
is not he who seeketh after God. ^^They all turned aside, 
they became unprofitable together; there is not he who 
doeth [a] IdndTieea; there is not even (lit. up to) one: 
I'an open sepulchre is their throat; they practised deceit 
with (lit. from) their tongue ; a serpent poison is under their 
lipe: ^^ these whose mouths ai-e full of cursing and bitter- 
ness ; ^^ their feet hasten to shed blood; ^^(the) crushing 
and (the) misery are in their ways; ^''and they knew not 
(the) way of [the] peace; ^^the fear of God is not before 

lUlL, D^L. na] n^.! 'these,' CJi- Ug^A-H] O-Tg^^H, 
0. • F»« * second Sunday of Kihak.' Ot Xe] O^ 2^8, M. 

OTTOIt 2fiXO ItTOTen] cf.? d g Ori»» *' **^* "• Ambrst «»<* •"« 
'tencmos ampUns,' et. syr**. ^.nepgjOpu] LsAi^jEF. cf. Gr. D* 
iyr«>»: ♦r^p, T* Ai«»«CD'0 JjK'LMN OP, cf. Gr. (et Or»»t "'pe). 

eniionr^^j] l«Ai*2D'EFJ,lno: itm., t»Ai«cgk'Mp. 

^^ Ei-«^ viJldlj ^jt»-^^ J^^ i>^^ 'I's- 52 and 13,' thus also Ai«« 
tt rer. 11. O-rOJUUll] O-TJULeeJULKI, AjEi* probable. " 6^- 

con] g,io*rcon, c. ueripi] neexipi, t*. eo-rA.i] 

JtOTTAJ, A^ " O^JJL^^.'r] OXeMXgj^'r, L«T»G. €^o\ 

i6€n] om. €&o\ C. j6^] ^eit, E2. ^* pa)0*r] obs. Or. 

B 17 add tdtrm^. Sl^cgi] ACD'EFGJiL: CnO]^!, LsT^K'MN 

OP. " newtm-^X.] ixn., e^* ; jiexfUT^^>\n l*- 

ncnriULCDrr] UO-TJUL., N aingular. " JULUOTCO*r.] juini- 

CCnr., N I® peis. ^' M«« IjJiA ' Isaiah.' 

22 npoc puiueoc. 

Ml *• TenejuLi 2^6 xe itk XMpo*r ere nmojuioc xuj 

K iiuuLtJoo*r. I A.q2CtJ0 JuuuLcooT iinK eT"j6eit umo- 

XILOC4- 2|iit^ iiTe pcjoq ilo*roit itiJ^Leit ecoiULf- 

o-rog, nxe niKocjuioc Tapq aj^™ ^6^ nig^^n 

2« 2Ce efi.oX j6en ni£,fi.KOTi iixe nmoxiioc jOUuioit 

2,Xi iicA.p2; n^jui^.i j6^Teit <&i":5- €fi.oX g^ixen 

nmoiULoc a. nco-ren c&itoJSii ojconi^- "i"iio-r 

2i.e A.T"tfiie nmojULoc ^ i'iu.eeiULKi jtTe cj^-f*¥con2, efi.oX4- erepiULeepe j6^poc efi.oX 

nmo- aixen nmojuioc next. mnpoct^KTHc *• "i"- 

iULoc..., juLeoJuuii 2i.e iiTe <&+ I'eJS.oX g^iTeit <&nA.2,'f 

B niHc nxc j6en oToit iti£.6it eenA.2,-f *• 

QiULoit 4>oopx VA.p a)on4- ^^ ^.-repnoJSLi TKpo*r 
oTog, ceaj^T ixnoDO-r iiict^'f . ** eTeAit4&.io juL- 
jULtJooT ibcinxK j6en neqg^JuioT eJSioX g^ixeit 
nicco-f *K exj^en nxc ikc *• ** <&k ex^q- 

epcgopn nx^^ >^e ^^i"*- ito-rpeqx^ eJSioX 
€fi.oX g^iTen 4>nA.2,i"4- Jtg^pKi ifeeit neqcitoq 
e4>o-roii2, efi.oX iiTe Teqjut6eiULHi4- eeAe 
nx^ efi-oX itT"€ niojopn nnofii €T"A.*raooni 
^•j66n i-JUL€T"p€qcooT itg^KX nrre c^-f*- 
Gepectflopu eJSioX ilx67eqjuteeAt.Ki n^pHi j6en 
nA.icKOT itTe -f no-r xe ^^iiu. iiTeqgtJoni eqoi 
neiULHi oTog^ eqoiUL^io ijLnieAoX jfeen 
<&nA^i" itmc nxc*- 

"^e xe] om. ^e, K'GM. ere] ex^., oj^ pwtente. 

XCO . . . XCJO] cf.? Gr. K«ABDEGKLP &c. . .. D*FGK iai««« fg 8yr«»*» 

XfV* . . . x/yci. ^.qxco] eqx., e,. i6en] i6^, g. itxe- 
ptjoq] G°>« * a copy * : ilpepcjoq, G*. epepooq, g«. *^ ^en] 

g^ITen, OJi; for order cf. Gr. KABKLP &c. j6^T€n4>'fj 
Ai*,EF: JULHeqiieO, L«T»Ai«»*C &c. efi.oX a^] Ai*2EF: 

+ VA.p, WDAi^o&c. niitoAiLoc] cjn., c Ji. <&nofi.i] c^-f 
' God/ El*. «* 2ie] xe, Ji*. A-co-roDitg, (o, T*Ji)] o-vcong,, 

Ai«: ^.COTOItg^C, 0. BTCp] A.Tep, D'F*L. efi.oX g^I- 

Teitmn.] ilxenm., D'L. ^^ ^e] om. b. i-e&oX] Ai*b 

ROMANS m. 19-26. 23 

their eyes' ^' But we know that all things which the law 
saith, it said them to those who are in the law; that the 
mouth of every one may be stopped, and all the world 
may be under the judgement of Qod. ^^ Because from 
the works of the law no flesh will be justified with God : 
through the law became (the) knowing (the) sin. ^^But 
now without the law the righteousness of God was mani- 
fested, being witnessed through the law and the prophets; 
^ but the righteousness of God which is ("f*) through (the) 
faith of Jesus Christ in every one who believeth. For 

there is no distinction made; ^all sinned and 'they fall 
short of (the) glory of God ; ** being* justified freely in his 
grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus ; 
^ whom God before set as a forgiver, through (the) faith, in 
hb blood, unto (the) manifesting of his righteousness, 
because of (the) forgiving of the former sins which were 
committed, ^*in the longsuffering of God. To cause his 
righteousness to be revealed at this present time: that 
he might be just and justifying the (man who is) of 

* ' Thej &11 . • . being,' the two presents are closely united, and the 
▼erse beginning at 23 is against the idea of parenthesis. 

FK'MNOP : om.i", L«T*A,«BCD'GJiL. g^IXeit] j6en, BCJi- 

nmc] iiTemc, a,, j^eito-ron infi.en] without addition cf. 

Gr. «*ABCP 47*. 137 arm &c. VA-p] om. GK'M. fflOn] OJCOn, 
T: om. D'L. ^^ A.TepItofi.l] e^ep., M: gA^ep., DOi. 

noJSil] Ai^jD'FL : + VA-p, L«T*Ai"«B &c. 2* ^Xp] '^ HeilOC 
* oar Lord,' B. ** ^h] cJA.!, B. epttJOpu] om. D'. itOTD- 

eqx^] Ai*,bf: itp., L«TtAi«c &c. sSloX 2,ixen 4>itA.g,T] 

om. €&oX, B,K'. itaP^O Sj6-» TtCJi. e(om. B)ct>OTOIta] 

AF; e^^-rcong,, i/T'b&c. nicgopn] l«t*Ai«b&c.: iteqaopu 

' his former/ Ai*,?. €T"A.-rttJU)ni] ItK CT"., J^. ** ee(om. B)- 

pectfcopn] Ai« &c.: eepeqtft, Ai*. iixeT"eqxt.€ejULHi] 

om. a ii&pHi] ill6.i BCD'JiL. nA.ICKOT] niCKOX Aa*. 

xe] 3CI, Ai. iieiULKi] iuulki, f. e qeiJ] A.qe., AjD'F 

K' N. JULUieJSLoX] om. iXHI, E,. n^c] cf. yg^^ demid barl tol 
Ortot *i« Thdrt Ambrst Pelag«»°» &c.: om. D'L, cf. Gr. MABCKP &c. 

24 npoc puiueoc. 

1)3 "3Xqeu)n oTit nigoTgo-r iJrjJU.ajB^jJL epooq*- 
g^ixeit A.g itnoxt-ocfr 4>A.iti2,fi.MOTi iiuULon4- 
^.XXa. efi.oX g^iTen | <&nojuLoc nxe ♦it^.g^-f-s- 
"TeititA.€n o-rpcojULi VA.p xe qn^JUL^.i j6eit 
4>itA^i-4- ^.TCfhe nig^AuoTi nrre nmojuLoc«5- 
"gA.It cj-f 4>A.nnoT2LA.i JuLMX^rt^rror ne-a- 
oTog, 4»^itiKeeeitoc necoo-r ^.n ne*- ^^^ 

»® ICice 2i^p^ OTA.I ue 4>'f4- <&H eeit^ ncefi.i 
efi.oX j6€n ^^nA-g^-f J^^jul -f juLeTA.Tcefi.i efi.oX 
2,iT€n nmA-g^-f-a- "xennA.Kepq mitoiULoc 
oTn eJSioX ^iTen ninA.g,i". nnecgconi 4- ^XX^ 
nmoAiLoc T"ennA.xA.g,o iluuLoq epA.xq4- 

ly 0*y 2ge nexenn^xoq ee&e ^&pa.ajul see ^'y- 

2geAt,q nenaopu iiicox jca.x^ cA.px 4- * icxe 

r^p ^&pA..AJtt. ^qiUL^i 6£.oX >6eit 2^A.n2^£.K- 
o-ri-fi- le OToiTTeq go-rgo*r jjlsx^h^ ^.XXa. 
oTfi.e c&i" A.n. ®o*r vA.p ere i"rp^4>K xijj 
jOuuLoq AJipA-AJUt ^e A.qitA.g,i- ecti"4- o*¥og, 

i5 *4>K 6X6p2,a)fi. ijLn^'V6n ne^Siexj^ ti^ci ka.xa. 

OT2,Xt.OX4- ^.XXa. X6 qepOq4- * <&M 2^6 6X6It- 
*■' O-rit] g^OOq 'alflo/ B. 6pU)(O,A,*E2MN)q]Ai*2Ei«,F«MN0: 

iipcoq, L'jt*Ai«bcd'GJiK'LP. 4^noAt.oc] nn., bEj: nm., 

C D' J,L. " X6nnA. (over 6), Ai« rA.p] om. CE,^ qiTA.- 

At.A.1] qitA^AJUL^^^I, B by error. j6€n] 6fi.oX st>en, G ; 
iC)6It may = Or. t)* Ac, without preposition, but 6JSlOX i66ll =. ck. 
*^ ijUUt.A.*rA.TOT] cf. Or. B al " &c. fA&mv, OTOg,] this conjnnc- 
tion makes the reading nearer Or. LP al pier syrP &c. ov^l '^ koI, ^It 116] 

om. n6, cji. 2,coot] + on, Ai«w. ^^ nc6fi.i] niceJSii, 

CJi: ijLnc6fi.i, G. ** x6nnA.K6(A., N)pq] x6itnAJca)pq 

JOL B. X6nnA.T"A.2,0] AEFG : ^etlT^^Oy LkT*BCD'JiK' 

KOMANS m. 27— IV. 5. 26 

(lit from) faiih in Jesus Christ. ^ Where then was the 
hoaating 1 It was excluded. By what law ? That of [the] 
works 1 Nay; but through (the) law of (the) faith. ^ For 
we shall (lit. will) reckon a man that he will be justified in 
(the) faith without the works of the law, ^^Or is God of 
the Jews only, and not of the Oerdilea indeed (pr.) also 
{Ke)l Yea, he is of the OentUea also (^tJOOT). wjf 
then (gi^p^) Qod is one, he who will justify (the) circum- 
cision from (the) faith and the uncircumcision through the 
faith ; ^^ shall (lit. will) we then (OTn) make useless the law 
through the faith? It shall not be. But (^) we shall 
(lit. will) set up the law. 

IV. What then shall (lit. will) we say concerning Abraam 
that he was found our fore&ther according to flesh 1 ^ For 
if Abraam was justified from works, then he hath boasting, 
but (A.) not toward Qod. 'For what (is it) which the 
Scripture saith? But Abraam belieyed God, and it was 
reckoned to him for [a] righteousness. 

^ He who worketh — his reward is not reckoned to him as 
(IC^X^) a favour, but (^) because it is owed to him. ^ But 

^ nexennA] uenreit, n prewnt. 2coq] xe, d\ eei&e] Hunt 26, 
o-r jSlg, 26. xeA^xxejuuq ( + e, Ai«)] position cf. ? Or. » ao d efg '■* 

&C., bvt being inserted before wpmrar, is suggestive of original omission, 
cf. Gr. B 47*. nenojOpn] cf. Gr. »♦ et«ABC* 5. 10. 21. 137 bjt*^ 
arm aeth"^ &c. ' VAp] om. 26. ^qAit4&.l] C^JJULl, E'M P : 

^^AJUtMPjl, B. leOTOHTeq] neOTOItTeq ' he had,' 26. 

goTrgo*«j Of go*rgo*r, bJiE'M 26. • eretr.] crfv., 

N O. Ai»«Ei«« ij^l 'the law'; L"» ajjiy^ 'the book of the creation.' 
^^pA,AAf.J absence of X6 before the quotation is unusual ; see also 
below. 2^e] cf. Gr. K A B C I>«E K LP al pier syrP &c. : om. N (between 
the linoB) cf. Gr. D*FG &c. AqHA-g^i"] Cqit., Ej. eCJUtee.] 

ecnrxiLee., bcJj. * (F)">»Ji«« alf^JS ^^idi j^>l ^j> ' Pauius 

(lection), the second Sunday of Kihak ' ; L°^ ' the third.' ^ ^h] UT^ 

A,*2EFGMN0P: + 2^6, Ai»«B*OD'JiK'L. cf. Gr.&c: + V^p, B^ 

qepoq] eqepoq, b«. 

26 npoc piuueoc. 


• RA.XA. ct^pK-f g^COq €T^ 2iA.TI2i. SCO) iOLniAIL^JC^- 

pioc ttre nipcojuLi4- 4>k exe 4^+ n^.con tcf- 
jULeeJtXM it^.q ^.xtflte 2,cofi.«5- ^coo-r itiA.xo*r 
nun exA.*rx^ iliio*rA.itoxinA. na)o*r efi.oX 
ncAt. UK err^nc^ud^c eJSioX exeit no*ritofi.i. | 

e • COOT itiA.T"q iOLnipcjDAiu exe uot n^en iiofi.i 
epoq ^n4- 
• nA.iAJt48JCA.p1cxt.oc oTn A.qxH exert nce£.i 4- ^^.n 
exen -f JULexA.xcefi.i Tenxo) rA.p ijuuLoc xe 
A-Teu 4>itA.&'f itAApA-AJUt iiA.q er AneeuLKi 4- 

u 10 jj^jc Q^ji A.Tonq eqxH i>eti nceJSii gA.n eqxH 
>6en -f-W-exA-xcefi.!. eqxH j6en ncefi.i a.ii4- 
a-XXa. j6en -f xiLeTA.xcefi.i *• "oTog, ^.qtff 
iloTAiLKmi itxe uceJSLi4- oTc4>pA.vic itxe 
i"jULeejuLKi itxe <&itA.2,'f en eT";6en ^Jtxe- 
TA.xcefi.1*- eepeqojconi iticox noToit mJSLeit 
eenA-g^-f 4- efi-oX g^ixeit i"xt.exA.xcefi.i enxm- 
xoTcon noTxneejuLKi ncooT *• " oTog, ilicox 
itxe ncefi.1 itm efi.oX >6eit ncefi.i juuula.ta.xot 

* exenqepg^coJS. A.n] exepg,., K'M: exA.q€pg,., p. 
eq(A.q, c Ji)nA.g^i- 2^e\ om. T^e, JiP. (e, aef) 
juLni] exA.qeAJtt.ieni, o«. aj^*'^^"^^^] SA-tcjoh juL., 

Hunt 96, Ai« D' Ji L : O) A-TOJCOni ijL, B by error.] eOTJUtee., 

^ A^BOD'JiL. « g^CJOq] on, 26 ; om. D'. eXA.] exe, TEK'N : 

itxe, D'L. 2iA.T12L] 2i^2^ D'K'^LM. iJtni(nA.I, B)JUtA.- 

^ KA.pIO(U),M)c] AB^D'EFLM: -At.A.KA.pICiUtOC, L«T*B«OGJi 

K'NOP 26. itxenipoDJuti] l»t*abd'Ei«2Fl 26: iOtnip., oEj* 

G Ji K' M N p. ct K exe] om. ^H, T». '' Ai«»« M»« * Psalm 34 ' ; 

A2°« ^^A.X 2i.A.2i. : Ei°»« * Psalm one and thirty.' nofi.l] +XMpOT 

• au/ B*. * exenOT] ab*o (D')efJiL : cl)K exen., lkt*b« 
GK'MK0P36. itA.enitoJSLi epoq] jOtnenac <&ito£.i 

epoq, D' omitting verb ; for epOq cf. ? Gr. K«A &c. f ® XXA.- 

KA.pICXt.Oc] Xt.AJCA.pIOC, B D' E K' L M. OTIt] om. N, but 

then nA.qxH. exen i«] g^ixen, cJx. uce&i] nice&i, 

EOMANS IV. 6-1%. 27 

he who worketh not, but is believing him who justifieth 
the ungodly — ^his faith is reckoned to him for [a] righteone- 
ness. * According as also David said the blessedness 
(AtuLK^piOC) of the man to whom Qod will reckon the 
righteousness without work. ^Blessed are they whose 
lawlessnesses were forgiven, and whose sins were covered over. 
* Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord will not reckon 
sin. ^This blessedness (JtX^X^plCJJLOC) then was it 
put upon (the) circumcision, or upon the uncircumcision 1 
For we say that (the) faith of Abraam was reckoned to 
him for [a] righteousness. ^^ How then was it reckoned? 
when he was (6q^H) in (the) circumcision, or when he 
was in the uncircumcision ? Not when he was in (the) cir- 
cumcision, but iL) in the uncircumcision : ^^ and he received 
a sign (namely) of (the) circumcision, a seal of the righteous- 
ness, of (the) faith which was in the uncircumcision; to 
cause him to be father of all * who believe, though they be in 
uncircumcision, for [a] righteousness to be reckoned to them ; 
^'and father of (the) circumcision, not of them only who 

* Lit. ' who believe, through the undrcumcision/ literal translatioii of 
the Greek. 

BD'L. €xeit2<>] LKACD'EFJiL a6: eq(A.q, BNO)^^ €xen, 

T»BGK'MNOP. -f JULeT^XCefi-l] ABCD'EFJiLNO a6, cf. Gr. 
35- 41' 49- 62. io8*. i^^^ k"" tol bjt*^^ &c.: 'f KGAJL., L«TGK'MP, cf. 
Gr. M Ac. <&ItA.2,'f ] nA.g^i", D'EjN. eTJULCe.] €0-rJUL€e., 

BOJi. ^® A.'Tonq] + nA.q 'to him/ p. eqxn] qX" thnce, 
CJ,. ifcenucefi.! cgA.n eq^n] om. b homeot. jfeeni"- 
AM.€r^^r^ce^l eqxn] om. D'L homeot " itT"ei" 

iULHl] cf. Gr. KBO'D &c. eT"j6en] L«T*Ai%EFGK'MNP: 

erryQH i6€it. Ai"»»bcd'JiLO. no-ron] iiTeoToit, p. i-- 

AJLGT'^XCeJSLl a«] om. i", M. nO-TiULeeJULMl] cf. Gr. »C*D* 
67**.8o. ii5.arm Dam. ItCOO*r] + €^o\ Ej* D'L; for om. uU cf. Gr. 
M^AB 3*. 3. at. 23. 47. 67. 67**. 69. 73. 74. 80. 108. 115. a*" demid tol 
&c. " itItiefi.oX i^^ItnceAl] om. D' homcot, cf. Gr. «♦. 

28 npoc pinueoa 

itxe <&nA^i-4- exj6en i-juL€XA.Tcefi.i nxe 

is- 18 o*r v^p efi.oX g^ixen umojuioc ^n A.'rf XfLnicjoof 
ilAAp^^AJL le neqxpox eepeqgconi eqoi tikXr- 
poitoiULoc iiTe niKociULoc *• a.XXa. efi.oX g^ixeit 
i-juieejuLHi itxe *iw.a'f«5- 
*C ^^ICxe VA-p e&oX g^rren 4>ttoiULoc ne niKXapono- 
JULOC*- gj^p^ A.qgu)ui eqgo-rix iixeniiu^'f *• 
o*ro£, ^qKCJopq it^6niu)a)4- "4>nojULoc r^-p 
^.qepg^tJoA erxoDiix*- ^jjul 2^e exeiSuuLoit 
noJULoc XMMU.X OT^e iiuuLoit n^.pA^^cic4- 

" GeJSie 4>A.i efi.oX g^ixen oTnA^-f ^itu. \ ka.xa. 
OT2,jULox4- eepeqcgcjoni jbcenicjoa] eqx^JtpH- 
OTX*- juLnixpox XKpq*- Ijl^h exaou €fi.oX 
j6en nmoiULoc ijUiLA.TA.xq ^.n*- a.XXa. iteu. 
4>H exgon eJSioX j6en ct>nA.g,'f iwApA-AJUt exe 
neiticox XKpen ue-s- 

"Ra-xa. c&pH-f €xcj6Ho-rx4- 2ce a.ix^J^ ilicox 
jtoTAJLHO) iteenoc iJLneiULeo JJi^'f <&h €XA.q- 
HA-g^-f epoq. 4>K €XXA.nj6o itmpeqxt.oooTX. 
oTog^ execog^ejuL ititH exeitcegon A.n juL<&pHi" 
ne eTgou4- 

"4>K enA.qoi itA-xg^eXuic erg^coJS. A-qitA-g^i" er- 
^eXnic4- eepeqajcjoni iticjox noTAHHO) iteeitoc4- 
KA.XA. <&pKi" €XA.T2coc itA.q. xe ep€|n6iQcpox 
eqecgcjoni iJLnA.ipH'f'fr- "oTog, exeiiLueq-- 

A.XXA. neut] om. neiUL, f*. itxe^^n^.g^'f ] ^^^f o. 
exj^en] ea exjfcen, t. i"juLexA.xc.] for article cf. or. 

D<=KLP al plu &c., for order cf.? Or. KLP &c. " mitOXILOC 

A.II] cjlt., C(DO JiL : om. A.n, D'. le] 6, Ai: IteOUL, 0. OJOOni 

e(A., M)q] om. N. itxeniKocxiLoc] a F : iJLniic., 1>T»B &c. ; 

^f^Xf' ^or «^cl® cf. Gr. KLP al pier &c. " e&oX g^lXen] A F : eJ8u 

. . . ee- j6eit, l«t*b &c. ne niKXaponoxt-oc] om. n homeot eq- 
noc go-rix] A.qg., Aj. mitA.g,i-] nn., b. " A-qep^oD^] 

BOMANS IV. 13-19. 29 

are of (lit from) (the) circnmciBion, but (^) also (of) those 
who walk in the footsteps of (the) faith which was in the 
oncircumcision of our father Abraam. ^' For not through 
the law was the promise given to Abraam, or his seed to 
cause him to be heir of the vxyrld, but (^) through the righ- 
teousness of (the) faith. '^ For if through (the) law they 
were the heirs ; then (g>^p^) the faith became void, and the 
promise was made useless : ^^ for (the) law worked (an) anger ; 
but where there is not laWy neither is there transgression, 

^* Therefore (it is) through (a) faith; that (it may be) 
according to (a) grace, to cause the promise to be confirmed 
to all the seed, not only that which is of (lit. from) the laWy 
but (^) also that which is of (lit. from) (the) faith of 
Abraam, who is father of us all. '^According as it is 
written: 'I made (lit. put) thee father of a multitude of 
nations' before Qod whom he believed, who giveth life to 
the dead, and calleth those who are not existing as (if) 
they were existing. ^'Who was not being without hope 
in (e) a thing ; he believed with (e) a hojye, to become a mul- 
titude of nations, according as it was said to him: *Thy 
seed shall be thus.' ^'And having not been weak in the 

eq., D'L. cnrxconx] eo-rx., bod^JiL 26. 2^e] cf. Qt. 
H* A B 10. 31. 80. 1 34. •yrp "« ann &c. " eepeqojtjoui] ilxeq- 

gOOni, B, cf. libere d e vg (dod am) Ambrst al ' at secundum gratiam 
finna nt promissio &c.' UmOJULOC] ^IlA^'f, Ej*. CTc] 
inre, a,. TKpe, A^*. " Xe &c] Ai"»»E|«« il^l * the law ' : l»»« 
aJil JlJ ' of the book of the creation.' ^.I^C^ A.'TX^^* ^' ^ 3"" 
plur. IkneSXBO . . . eX^qn.] over erasure, F. eXA-qitA-g^-f ] 
eXAJCn., 0, cf. Qt. FG d e f g fu demid tol ceteri>«*™ syr»«^»> ar« Ac. 

itmpeqAJL(Joo*rr] nTenn exjuojoo-rT, b. exeoo- 
g^etjt] exoA^., T. ne erojou] ile^ajon, cd'JiLO*: 
en^nrajon, b. "<tH] <&a.i, K'M. enrg^co^] eoTg,., 
lyjjL. ^qnA.2,i"] o-rog, A.qit., D'L: A.qn.+2i€, CJiP. 
ef g^eXnic] eo-rg,., b J^. exA.-r2coc] exA.qx., P. xe &c.] 

AiEi refer to (Genesis in margin. 6p6J om. B. 

so npoc pinueoc. 

ojconi st>^n nm^2jt €A.qi" itiA.T"q JuLueq- 
ccjDAJL^ ^qxeiULq g^HS^H ^ciJtxot*' ^qit£^pKi 
j6en turt p itpoiULni 4- itciu. i"K€JULexpeqjULa}- 
o*rx ftxe ejuiexpA. itc^pp^4- ^^oxog, exe- 
jULueqepg^MT 5 j6en orjtxer^Bm^'f enioog 

CCXXXa. ^.qxeAJLXOJUL >6en nin^.g,i- eA-qfoooTr 

eT^qcjDO) JULAJLoq it^qo'voit ojxoAt. iiuULoq 

e^iq «- ^ ee&e c^^i ^.Tonc it^q exAJLeeiULKi 4- 
117 " HexA.TCj6M0TT 2^e ^n ee^m-q HMU.'x^rrci^ 

xe ^.Tonc msi "^.XXa. iteu. eefijixen ^coit 
I i6^ iiH exA-Tonc ncoo*r | nn eon^^'f e^K 

€XA.qTo*riioc iHc nxc nenw efi.oX jfeen hh 
(0 eext.cooTX4- **+ct>K eT"A.*rrKiq eeJSie neit- 

ica neiiOT iiTc nxc. *+<&k exA. nxmi ej6oTn 
ojconi itA.n efi.oX g^iToxq j6eit 4>nA.2,i- en^.!- 
2,jULOT"4- <&M exenog^i €pA.xen njfcHTq 4- o-rog, 
€itgo*rgo-r jQuuLoit jfceit oT^eXnic nrre nvoot 
hrre cj-f. 

" e^Slf itlA.Xq] of. Gr. NABC 67**. 93. 137. am fii^««* 8yr»»«» 
ar« &c. 2^H^k] cf. Gr. K ACDE KLF al pier syrP c* arm &c 

, ^.qjULOT] eqAJL., P. ^qS&(j6,CJi)pm] ^.qi itg,., TtA,: 
eqitg,., BD'GK'LMO: eqej6pKi, N. j6en m.'r p] G; 

j6en^.*r p, L«T*AEFK'MNP: i6eit^p, BL: j6en p, CD' 

JiO. -f KexnexpeqxiLCJoo'rx] L'Tad'EFJiLNP ; •f julct- 
Kejuiexp., C; TKepeq., gk'Mj xJULeT"peqKejULa)o*rx, 

B^: -f-W-eXpeqjUL., B*0. JUiexpA. (e,Ea)] T*ABEFJiN; 

jULKxp^^ LKC Ac. *® OTO^] cf. syr'***. exejuLneqep- 

2,KX] XHneqepg^HX, BCD'JiL, omitting the relative particle. 
" OTOg,] cf. Gr. NABOD* &c.: om. D'L, cf. Gr. D^EFG d ef g vg 

KOMANS IV. ao— V. 2. 31 

fiuth, considering (pret.) his body^ he found it *as being 
(dready dead, (for) he was ^about a hundred years old ; and 
the deadness also of (the) w<ymh of Sarra. ^And having 
not doubted in (an) unbelief of the promise of God. But 
(1&.) he was strong in the faith, giving (pret.) glory to Qod ; 
'^and he was persuaded, that that which he promised it 
was possible for him to do. ^ Therefore it was reckoned to 
him for [a] righteousness. ^^ But it was not written for 
him alone that it was reckoned to him; ^^but also for us, 
namely, those to whom it was reckoned, who believe him 
who raised Jesus Christ our Lord from them who are dead, 
^ who was given for our sins, and he rose for our justification. 
Y. Having been justified then through (the) faith, let us 
make [a] peace with Qod through our Lord Jesus Christ, 
> through whom became to us (the) entrance in faith into 
this grace in which we standi and are boasting ourselves in 

* Lit. ' already it died.' ^ Lit. 'iu about 100 of year/ 

Ambretal. A.] JUL, B. OHX] L«T*AEF: OCOX, BOD'GJiK' 
LMNOP. " €eJSLe<t>A.l] cf. Gr. BD*FG f g 8yp««»» ar« arm om 

uL e-cjULeeAiKi] gotjul., bj,. " n€T-A.Tcj6HOTr] Hun^is. 

Ai; neTA.'rCj6KXOT, C ; neT"A.'rCj6HXC, LAjFGK^MOP; '^ '^ 

ne eTA-'TCj^KXc, ten; ith erviJxci^KTCy bd'JiL 18. 
"ee&Hxeit] eefi-ereit, A2*bb2^m. ex^Tonc] aef: 
exonrnA.onc, l«t*b &c. future. IS^ itiKc, D'L. ^ neite- 

XIL&JO] nCKO., D' 2^ pers. sing. ; F>°' i^l for end of lection. 

^er^xeAJUJon o-rn] exA.Te. vA.p, 18: ex^.-re. 

r^p nitlpODiULI, B. Ait4&.p6nipl (om. pi, M)] cf. Gr. K*AB* 
CDEEL al plus *® d e f g vg 8yr««»» arm aeth«*' &c. ^ c^K eXA.] 

4>K €T, M; <&K 6X6. P. iixiiti] nxiitmi, oji. j6en- 

^n^.^'f' eiU-Ig^XILOX] om. D'*; ^en4>nA.2,i" may represent 
rj wioTti, but obB. Gr. M*A 93. 124. fu &c. cV r^ v, and Gr. BDEFG &c. 

om. eiuj] JuLn^, B18. <&h exenog^i] aEj^jF: <&a.i 

exeitO^I, BCD'Ei*G JiK'LMOP 18 : ct>A.I €XA.nog,I, L»T*N. 
iu6HTq] L» A E F : tig, (j6j T*C Ji) pKI nj6KXq, T* C D' G Ji 
K'LNOP: e^^pKI It^RXq, BM 18. itTG^'f ] Ai.2«EF : 
ii<fr., LiT»A,*B&c. 

82 npoc puiueoc. 

fiS » Or AjLonoit 2^e ^.XX^. €nepnKego-rgo*r iJuuLoit 
...ene- Sj6pKi j6en mg^oxg^ex*- eneiULi xe uig^ox- 

uic. * + g^eXnic 2^6 JuLn^ctTTcgini. xe 'fi^v^siH 
vrre 4>'f 4- A.c<l>a3ii efi.oX tii6pHi j6eit neitg^HT 
efi.oX 2,1X611 nimti; e^ot^A exA.qTHiq nA.n *• 

«y •ICice r^-p eri eitoi il^ceenHC ito-rcHo*r4- nxc 
^.qiULOT eg^pHi e^cen ni^ceJSiHc^- ^juioric 
VA.p a^-Te o-rA.1 Jtxot exen o'vejuiKi 4- xa-x^ 
vA.p itxe o-rA.1 epxoXjuL^it gjulot exen€q 4- 
•4x^.2,0 2i.e itxeqA.VA.iiK ejfcoTit epon ibce^-ffr 
xe exi enoi npeqepitoJSii u^c A.qjULo*r e^pM 
excoit • itg^o-ro iULA.XXoit er^rojjULxon i"iio*r 
eg^pKi exert ueqcitoq eiteito^eAt. efi.oX g^i- 
xoxq I cAJioX ijLTixtJonx*- 

«« '^ICxe VA.p enoi itxA.xi ^.ttg^coxn e^'f e&oX 
^ixen ^Jtxot itxe neqgKpi«5- itaoTo xhAwX- 
Xon£,coxK epoq eitenog^eiUL it^ipHX j6€n 

uequ)iti6 *• 
" 0*r JULonon T^e a.XXa. A.itepiiKeajo'vajo'r iJuuLoit 
j6en <&'f fr eJSioX g^ixen neit^ Ihc nxc* <&4J 
exA.ntff juLnig^cjoxu e&oX g^ixoxq *• 
«€ " Ge&e 4>A.i KA.XA. <&pKi- exA. <&itoAi i €j6o*rit 

*a.XXa.] o-rog,, El*, enepiuceoi.] it(om.E8)epiiKea(., 
AF. eit(, D'; it, B)eAiu xe] en. 2^6, lj. nig^ox- 
g,ex] mg,., L«. er^TU.] eo-rg^-rn., D'L. *1'a. 

^e] -f 2,. xe, L». -f 2i.OKIiULH] i"KOJULH, A,*"w, -f ^OKI- 
AA.K duUl i^ 'the correctness of the word/ ^ 't'&CX- 

nic] om. Ea homeot JOU X^CC fl] J JinectfT^ A,. itj^pHl] 

eg^pKi, B* i8. nmitA.] neqnitA. ' his ipirit/ e : niui, K'. 

cxA.qxHiq] Ai* E : exA.-rrwq, L« t^AjFG K' m n o p : ♦k 

Himtis exA.q., Ai««b i8 : ♦k €xa.t., cd'L. « icxe vA-p exi 

enoi] icxe v^p exenoi, d^l, cf.? Gr. h«» isid*' "^ ti yd^, ex 

might be the relative particle, bat more likely the remains of 6X1 ; obe. 

fiOllANS v. 3-13. SS 

a hope of (the) gloiy of Qod. ' Boi not otiJj^ (so), but (^) 
we Are also boestiiig ourselves in the tribulations, knowing 
thai the tribnlaticm woi^ed [a] paiieTice : ^ but [the] paJtUnce^ 
[an] approval ; but [the] approval^ [a] hope ; ^but [the] Aoptf 
is noi ashamed, because the U>ve of God was shed in our hearts 
through the holy spirU whieh he gave to us. * For if yet 
whfio we were weak onoe, Christ died for the ungodly ^ '^ for 
ecarcdy would one (go) as £ftr as to die for a righteous man, 
for perhaps one would (1176) dare to die for the ^good. 

* But God commended his love to us, because we being yet 
sinners, Christ died for us. * Much more, having been justi- 
fied now on account of his blood, we shall be saved through 
him ftom (the) anger. ^^For if being enemies we were 
reconciled to God through (the) death of his Son, much 
more ha;ving been reconciled to him we shall be saved in 
his life ; ^ but not only (so), but (^) we also boast 
ourselves in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through 
whom we received the reconciliation. 

^* Therefore, according as (the) sin came into the world 

^ MsscoHne, sad probably meant to be a literal translatioii of toS iyaBov. 

Or. B 4>«, fo* Aug 'si eniin/ bjt*^ *§i antern/ Cg^pKl] om. CQ. 

^jULovic] cf. Or. »*0r^'^. nin(om. M)eeit.] o-rneeit., 

D'L iDdef. : ni1I6e., K' pluiaL ^ IlXec^'f ] position, of. Gr. KAO 
KPalpler&c. enoi] ItOI, D': ^ItOI, Ej. • Sg^O-TO] cf. 

Qr, D* FG 43. 5a. d e f g m •• fu* demid arm &c. om. oSp, GT'A.'I'O- 
AXAiOn] L«(Tt)ABF: e^f€B., OD'GK'LMNOP. CT^'TB.... 

neqcitoq] om. B*i8. eg^pai] l«aef: nap., t»b»«c &c. 
exen] aef: j6en, l»t*b»»o &e. nxconx] mx., mo. 

" VA.p\ ^€, 0. A.n(om. B)2,0OTn] om. i8* : Gltg,-* ^' ^^* 
gRpi] nojHpI, Es weak def. art. Jt^^pHl] hst>'f CGE'MP. 
" A-nepniCeaj.] Ai*2CEF preterite ? : €n€pnK€Cg., L«T*Ai«BD' 
OK'LMNOP present, or pres. part.: 6It66p., B 18. <&^l] 

AEF: + i"n07r 'now,' L«T*B &c. g^OJTTl] g^OT", G: 
g^orrn + gpUlOX, K'. " <&ltofi.l] poeition, cf. Gr. »ABO 

KLP ml omn^^ Tg^ ajrf arm &c. 
TOL. lU. n 

34 npoc pmueoc. 

ioTOOT eniKociULoc e&oX ^nren otpujsxi jtoTonr*- 

o-co^ n^pH-f A. nuuLOY ge 6i6o^n epioiULi 

iti&en 4>H exA-Tepnofi.! ili6HTq<- 

>' UJ^. <^noiULoc vA.p it^.p6 ^no£.i i^en niKociULoc4- 

4»nofi.i 2k6 iu.-cu>n juuuLoq A.n4- ejULMXoti no- 

iULoc gon ^^a.X>^ ^julo-t A-qepo-cpo^i- iciceit 

^^^JUL of^. AiLurccHC4- ncu. e^pKi exen nn 

exejQLnonrepito&x 4- ^n niiti n*fiu.p^^.cic 

iiTe ^^^JUL4- exe nxTUoc iixe neeitKOT ue* 

A.n. .., " UXXX^. KA.XA. ^pH-f A.n i}Lniiu.p^.nxu>juu. Ǥ- <&A4 

H ue iiLctpH-f XiLUi^juLox* icxe VA.p i6eit raiu.- 

pA.nXCA3AILA. ilxe 0^^.14- A. OYAJLHO) JULOYf- 

ii^o-co Juu.XXoit nig^jULox iixe c^i"*- iteu. 
•f 2iCA3p€A. i6eii ni^juLox iixe nipioiULi iio-cajx 
Ihc ux^*- A.qep^o-co eo-cAJLHOf <»- 

«^ " Of o^ KA.XA. ^pni" ♦• €X€ e&oX g^ixeit o-r^a 
e^-qepitofi.! ne ni^^n juteit VA.p efi-oX 

lA. 2,ixen 0-CA.I ne | e-cfc^.x^jcpijuu. 4- ui^julox 
T^e e&oX aixen o-vjulho) ii.iu.p^.nxu)iuu. 
ereiuujof- "icxe r^-p e&oX g^ixeit c^no&i 
iixe nioTA.! ♦• a. <&iULo-r ^.qepoYpo iig^o-ro jul^X* 
Xon* KH een^-tfT juLni^o-ro iixe ui^julox* 
neiUL 'f2iOope^. iixe *f juteeAiUii ereepo-rpo 

eniKociULoc] jOLniK., t*n. o*rog, e&oX ^ixen . . • 

gCJOni] om. N homeot. OTOg, n^-ipai" ] om. 0*rOg,, OJi. 
UIJULOT] cf. Gr. KABCKLP &c eXA-TepnoAl] AD'FL: 
+ XapOT *aU,' Ii«T* B &c. iii6KXq] cf. d e f g vg AmW«e^ 
Ambrst &c. 'in quo.' " It^.pecl>It.] epec&It.i Ai«. i6eitni- 

KOCiULOC <&ItO&l] om. N homeot. KOCAJLOC] + ne, B°«, *liaTiiig 
omitted from i^HXq . . • KOCiULOC. <&nofi.I 2^^] cl>nOAiLOC, Ai. 
ItA.*rOOn] nA.-CXW)n, El*. for tense cf.? Gr.»*52.io8.f«^vg«tefu&c 
A.It]+ne,B. eAJUULOnJAF.JUUULOn, L>TtB&c. "<&AJLO*r] 

^♦julo-c, Ai«(D'L). A.qep] ep, bd'L. exeJOLnoTep- 
no&i] cf. Or. uno. &c. nini] niiiUi n. neenaoYJ ^k e^n.. 

ROMANS V. 13-17. 3S 

through one man, and through (the) ain (the) death happened, 
and thas the death went into every man *in whom they 
Binned. ^^ For until (the) law (the) death was being in the 
vx>rld : but (the) sin was not being reckoned, there being no 
law. ^^ But {L) (the) death reigned from Adam until Moses, 
even over them who did not sin in (the) likeness of the trans- 
gretrion of Adam, who is (the) type of him who cometh. 

^ But {&) not according as the treypaaa so is the grace. For 
if in the trespam of one many died^ much more the grace of 
Ood and the free gift in the grace of the one man Jesus 
Christ abounded unto many. ^^And not according as 
through one who sinned (so) is the gift: for the judgement 
indeed is through one unto a condemTuxiian^ but the grace 
through many trespaeses unto a justification. ^^For if 
through (the) sin of the one (the) death reigned, much more 
they who will receive the abundance of the grace and the 
free gift of the righteousness shall reign in a life for ever 

* Or 'in which,' but probably a literal translation of f^*f. 

B. " 4>AJ ne &c] for om. waL cf. Gr. B eyr"**. OT^j] A B* ? 

BF: raOTAJ, L«TB«OD'GH JiK'LMNOP dcf. art. HI^- 

ULOT i^] JuLnig^, D'L. itxecti" nejui . . . ^julot] om. 

Lf homeot. nxpOOAJLl] O'Vp., MP indef. ^qep^.] e^qep^., 

p. " o*rog,] om. OH. exe efi.oX] exeo-refi-oX, h : 

om. ere, K'. e^qep] ^.qep, A^H ; for verb cf. Gr. KABCELP 
al fere omn d*** am harl* fn** syrP arm &c. JUteit VA.p] VA.p 
AJien, C H Ji; ob«. Gr. FG 45. 19^ om.yrip. eTKA-XAJC.] eOTJC., 

B. lug^AJLox] ng,., D'. eTeAiLA.10] ^.*ve., F. " efi.oX 

2,rren (A,0 om. Xen) <&n. &c.] of. Gr. KBOKLP al pier d e vg 
(hi» 'nnios,' et. fh tol) iyr«*' arm aeth &c. A.qepO*Cpo] om. A.q, 
BD'L; for om. hta toC Mt cf. Gr. 5a. 19^^ Byr««'> ar«. HH £^\\^(S\\ 
om. HK, El* : KH eXA.-CtfT, D'L. cf. Gr. (FG) 66"« 76. Or*' **^^ rest 
•f Gr. has present. UI^O*ro] Og,., CH? Jj. e*reepO*rpo] 
BCGK'MP: 6T6p., Lv'PAD'EFHJiLNO present, 6 proUbly fell 
out before €p, yet of. Gr. P i. 14. 17. 54. 47. 63. 6$. 77. 91. o^r &o. 

t6 npoc pmueoc. 

iicnftwT" mc ux^* 
«C " &^pA. OTit KA.XA. ♦pirf exA. <&ito&i gooni e&oX 
^ixeit nio'VAJ A.qi exen pooAU ni&eit er^xori 
juLn^^.n4- lUjpK-f on niejuL^.io e&oX g^ixeit 
0*9^.1 ne 6X611 paxftju iu£.6it erejuujo irre 
nu)iij64- "ii.<frpK'f v^.p ere e&oX g^en 
eJutexA-xctJoxeAiL itx6 nipoMJU iiofanr* A.*r- 
jgu^ni iip6q6pno£.i iix6niAiUig «§- iujpH*f ott 
6fi.oX ^ix6n eiUL6T'p6qcanr6iUL itxe ihota-i 

C6IU^U>TU iteiULKI tbceiUJULHO) 4- 


«? ^ ^woiULOc 2i6 ^>qi eifeo'cn &mA, Rxe ^wo&i ^.g^j 

<&K 2i6 6X^- neqno &i 6p^o'vo4- A.q6pg,o*ro 

^^^.i n^-q nxenig^JULoxfr "^iiu. jca-xa. 
<&pK't" 6XA. ^ito£.i epo-cpo i6en ♦ajlot* iu.i- 
pirf on nig^ox iiX6qepo-cpo 6fi.oX g^ixen 
*f iUL6eiULHi <• e^ooni6 ffl a. 6n6^ <• 6fi.oX aix6n 

K$ Ikc nxc U6IIOT* *+0-c xe n6X6nnA^oq. 
X6nit^a)u>ni i^en 4»itofi.i <• ^iiu. iix6 iu^julox 
€p&o*ro <• * iiit6ca)a)ni. kh 6xa.iuulot jjl^ 
hoSli <• nooc on X6nnA.oonj6 lijfeHxq ♦• | 

^ ^nj^*^ x6X6n6JULi A.n4- xe ^.non ^6^. nu 6XA.n- 
(TfuoAiLC i6en nxc Ikc* 6X^.n(rruoiULC eu6q- 

0'Va)ni6 g^6n6^ &c.] AEF: om. g^.6n6^, LtT^B ftc 
cL Gr.: om. 0'CU>Ilj6 • • • &XX6n, D'. " 6XA.4»no^ 

ajUOlII J sentence confused, but cf. Or. F G 37. 46. bjt'^^ t6 mptm. 6X6n- 
pOOiULl] 6X6nipa)iULI, E2^ incorrect. JULTl^^n] 6n., BOE J^. 
IIieAJL^.IoJ + 0*C, Ji; for t6 ducal»f/La cf. Gr. D E (F) G 37. syr**. 

" iipeq6p.] iio*rp., o. niAJLHO) !<>] om. ni, h. on] om. K'. 

JUL6Xp6qC00X6JUL] om. peq, Ej*. niAJLHOf a^] O-CAJLHO), 
D' sing, indef. *® 2^6] VA.p, B^, cf. Gr. L. 6XA.n6qn.' 

6XA.qneqn., h ; 6XA.qn., c. " 6po-cpo] om. h*. j6en 

ROMANS V. i8— VL 3. 8f 

through one man Jesus Christ '^ So (gAp^) then aocord- 
ing as (the) 'sin happened through the one, coming (lit. it 
eame) npcm all men unto a condemnation; thus also the 
justification through one is upon all men unto a justification 
of (the) life. ^*For as through (the) disobedience of the 
one man the many became sinners, thus also through (the) 
• obedience of the one the many will become righteous. 

^ But (the) law entered that (the) sin might be multiplied ; 
but he 'whose sin abounded the grace was multiplied to 
him in abundance : '^ that according as (the) sin reigned in 
(the) death, thus also the grace might reign through the 
righteousness, unto a life for ever through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. YI. ^ What then shaU (Ut. will) we say ? We shall 
(lit will) remain in (the) sin, that the grace may abound. 
'It shall not be. We who died to (the) sin, how again 
shall (lit will) we live in it 1 'Or know ye not that we, 
namely, those who were baptised in Christ, were baptised 

* oS being taken for 'whose' instead of 'where.' 

€&oX &ixen, OHJi. on] om. C: +ne, a,, nig^utox] 
AEF: IUK6^., L»TB &c. iixeqep] eqep, h*.- er^-qep, 

B preterite. a{^.ene^] liene^, D'L : om. ttjA., B*. IKC &c.] 

tr». newOT IKC nxc, gk^mp. 

^ U^ i^f^siA ^JJia^^^ ' the holy plunging ' (Epiphany ceremony). 1X6- 

Tenn^jxoq] ue ex., h. TeitnA-ojaoni] cf.? Gr. minusc 

perma arm &c. twiiuvovfup, item ' permanebimuB ' f g vg 9cc. : *T€It- 
gcom, N, cf.? Or. »KP &c. iwifupofup. * HK eTrA.n( + itA., 

Ei^jjulot] ne er^^.n., od'JiL. iJL^no&i] e4>n., O: 

j6€n4»It. 'in (the) sin.' D'L. OK] Ottl, T*B*G (G*' U^ «= Ort). 

T€nitA.a)nj6] cf.? Qr. KABDKP &c. ' g^-iiTeTeneAiu 
jLn xeA.non] om. D'* -. ajA.nxenejULi &c., l. bt^likSi i^] 
er^T^rr, B. i6eitn5cc] TA(B?)Er: enxj^ '^^ Christ,' 

UCGHJ iK'M NOP; UX^. D'L by error: B om. to VJJJLC, 
komeot. iKc]cf. Gr. »AOD &c.: N*** ^^\ cj-j. •f «»« ^^| ^ 
e^ 'camd, Christ Jesns.' ncqAJLOY] JuLn., C Ji. 

88 npoc praueoc. 

niuoiULc eneqAJLOY^ 
81IIU. ijL4>pH't" €TA.qxa)nq e&oX i6en wh ee- 

pui" ^.iton aeon itxeitJULocifi ;6€it o-cjuLexfi-epi 
irre o-coorti64- 
\a * ICxe vA.p ^.nepcgc&Hp Rtooxi i6€n ucjulot itxe 
neqjuLo-c4- a.XXa. enecguoni on exeqKeA.nA.c- 
XA.CIC4- ^enejuu e<&A.i xe nenpuoiuu nA.nA.c 
A.' neiuu.q4- ^inA. nxeqKcwpq fbcen- 
ccjojuu. iiLcl>no&i4- eojTeiULep&uof: jOLc^no&i 
xe <• ^ cl>H VA.p exA-qAJLOT A.qjuu.1 e&oX g,A. 

•ICxe 2ie A.njULO'v neix n^cc* xennA.g,'^ xe 
xennA.oonj6 nejuu^q on <• • eneiuti xe nxjc 
exA-qxcwnq e&oX i6en na eeAJitwoTX* qn^.- 
AJLo-c A.n xe 4- ^JULOY xe nA.ep^ epoq A.n Ǥ- 

10^1^ VA-p exA-qjULOT i}uuLoq4- A-qjutOT e4>no^ 
no*rcon. <tH 2^6 ex€qooni6 iSJUtoq qu>nj6 
ii-^l"*- "lU-ipHi" ^ooxen juteri eptoxen* 
xe xexenxjLoooTX AJien e<&nofi.i epexena)nj6 
2i€ ijL<&'t" j6en u^Qc mc nenOT* 


xjs w Onenepe <&no£.i o*rn epoTpo i6en nexencoojuLA. 

^A.TKoocen] AEF; A.-cKocen, L»T*B &c oTn] on, 

G^t'Uhom. 0. JOLctpK-f] L«ABOEFHJiNOP: KA.XA. 

<tpK't", T*D'GK'LM. exA.qxoonq] AEF: exA.n3cc 

XOOnq ' Christ rose,' L«T* &c. e&oX a*» . . . c^ItJOX] om. D' : om. 

e&oX 3°, Ji*. ijL<friu)x] L«T* B &c. : nxec^., a f : nxeijL<l>., 
E. nxenxjLOttji] xenjui., ch Ji. * hcajlox] abod'E 
FHJiLN: nicAJL., UT*GK'MOP.] nxeq- 

KeA.n.^ N: n(e, GK')XeqA.n., TGK'M; for possessive cf. Gr. FG 
f gByr««i* arm aeth add o^v. • en( + e, L)eJUU] A.neU.1, H. 

nenpCJOiULl] npUOJUU (ne added aboye), P, obs. Gr. L aeth om. ii^mw. 

ROMANS VL 4-12. 89 

unto his death ? ^ We were buried then with him throagh 
the baptism unto his death. That as he rose from them 
who are dead through (the) glory of the Father, thus we 
also might walk in a newness of [a] life. ^For if we 
shared in being planted in (the) form of his death, [but (^)] 
we shall be also unto his resurrection ; ^ knowing this, that 
our old man was crucified with him, that (the) body of (the) 
sin might be done away so as not to be servant to (the) sin 
any more ; ^ for he who died was justified from (the) sin. 

'But if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall 
(lit. will) live with him also ; * knowing that Christ having 
risen from them who are dead will not die any more ; (the) 
death then will not be lord over him. ^^ For that which 
he died he died unto (the) sin once : but that which he liveth 
he liveth to Qod : ^^ thus also think of yourselves, that ye 
are dead indeed unto (the) sin, but ye are living to Qod in 
Christ Jesus our Lord. 

"Let not (the) sin then reign in your bodies, which will 

^'V^^q] 6T^.a)q, E,. ijL<&ito£ 1 2''] e<^., c. xe] tn. Wore ep, 

: om. Ji. '' A.qAJLA.l] ^.q^JUt^^I, B. * XeiW^.g^'f XC] 
om. K'» M. nCiUL^q on] tre. on neAJL^q, D'L. obs. Gr. D* E FG 

Ac. T# xp^f' • e(^., F) neftiLi] + et^AJ 'this,' c j, . exA.q. 
Toonq] A-qxconq *rose,' B. qn^JULo-c] nqn^jut., D'L. 

♦jULOT Xe] <&. 2^6, Ai«,B*F: om. XB, B«Ei*. n^-epw] 
qit^ep., C H Ji ; for future cf. ? Gr. 28 d e f g m •* vg &c. ^^ €<&- 

no&i] T^ABCEF : jjL^., L« &c. exeqoortj6 (Ollj6, T*GK 
MN)], bd'LMN. qcA3nj6 (onj6, TtBD'GLO)] 
Aqcjoitii), OHJj. " xeTexeitJULooo-cx] om. T*(N om. 

ind rappL text confused): CpexeiUUL., CHJi(N); Xexeit and 
eperen represent ftw : cf. ? Gr. »*B0 Cji^^^ *** Dam. AJteit] 
om. CH Ji cf. d*e fti. €4>Ilofi.l] T*A,^2«E*F : JjL^.» L«D'GK'LM 
KOP : <|^It., B : i6€n4>n., CH Jj. JUL^I"] 6*+ , E. HGItOT] 
cf. Gr. KCKLP al pier sff^ arm (syr**"*) &c. " 0*Clt] om. B. 

IteT'enCCOAJLA.] T» &c.: Uexenc. 'your body; L«BHJiNO: 

nenc. 'ow bodies,' D^ 

10 npoc pinueoc. 

eenAJULOT epexencun rejuL hcJL neqenie*r- 

AiLi^.4- ^^oK^e JOLnepxA-^e nexenjuteXoc 
n^onXoit iixe -f-AAiWA. juL<^no&i4- ^.XXa. 
JULA.XA^e eHito-c ii.<fr'f <•^pK't" ftg^A-noron | 

ifi. eronife e&oX sben nipeqjuLcocyfx* o-rog, ne- 
TeiuuLeXoc lig^onXon virre ^jul€bjjlki frre 
♦1"* "4>no&i TA-p nA.epOT eporreit A.n* 
KA-pexenx^ ^^P ^^ <&noAJLoc A.it4- ^.XX^ 
j6^ nig^juLOT. ^*o-c xe nTeitepnofi.n- xe 
TenxH i6A. <tnojuLoc ^.k* ^>.X^. i6A. nig,- 
AiL07. itnecafCJDni 4- 

Xy ^•UjA.n xexenetju xe ^h exexenTA-^o 
juuuLuoxeit JuL&coic nA.q<- enccoxejui nco^q^* 
iiecoxen ^^.it&cjoK tcre 4>k exexeitccoxeuL 
nccjoq^i- ixe <&ito£.i erttxM.ot^ ixe nctJoxejtiL 

^^ " n^JULox 2^6 iiL<H" gKU*- xe n^-pexenoi ijL&ioi: 
ijL4>no&i ne4- ^.pexeitcuoxeu. :^e e&oX 46€it 
uexeit^Kx*- emxrnoc nc^oo^- <tH exA-nrf 
eHito-c epoq *• ^* A.p€xen€ppeAitg,€ e&oX g^A. 
cl>ito&i 4- ^.pexenep&cjoK 2^6 n't juLeeAJiHi Ǥ- 
" O'TiULexpuojuLi nei'xu} ijuuLoq^- eeJSie ncgconi 
nxexencA-pj; JuL^pn-f r^-p exA-pexenx^^e 

eeitAJULo-c] 6en^.n6T * good/ e,, tr. sAJl\ ' daad.' Rc^-itcq- 

enie-CAJLI^.] cf. Gr. KABO* 4*. 39. 47. 67. 80. 137. 179. d***Tg 
•yr«* arm aeih ar« &o. " i" A.2iIKIA.] 'f KAJCIA., GK'(M). M 

after AJieXoC i^' the text Tetonis to yer. 4 JULC&IU^X 'of the Father,' 
continaing to rer. 5 IlICiULOX 'the likeness,' then proceeds H^OH- 
Xoit nxei"KAJCIA. &c^ in maipn jUI ^3l«H J\^ j»3Ul lu j^ 

2^1 ^ (sic) 1:^1:531 J ub; LjIs» i^' J ijjW 'from this mark (cross 

aboYe At-CXoC) to the second mark (cross aboTO CXJLOX) which is on 
the second page (is) an addition in the writing from the copj.' 6TOIliOj 

oTx] itieeAJL., Ajo. itxe^-f ] ^f- " n^-epcc] Ai*, 

FK'NO: qnA.epOT, LfT*Ai« &c. VA.p i6^<&ItOJULOC ^Jl] 

BOMANS VI 13-19. 41 

die, ye obeying its lud$: ^^ neither present yonr members 
indrumenta of [the] iniquity to (the) sin ; bat {^.) present 
yonnelyes to Ood, as those (lit some) who are alive from 
the dead, and your members instrv/ments of the righteousness 
of God: ^^for (the) sin will not be lord over yon; for ye 
were not being under (the) law, but (^) under the grace. 
i^What then I (Is it) that we should sin, beeause we are 
not under (the) la/w, but (^) under the -grace? it shall not 
be. ^^Or know ye not that to whom ye present your- 
selves servants unto (the) obeying him, ye (are) servants of 
him whom ye obey; whether (of the) sin unto a death, or 
(the) obedience unto [the] righteousness? ^"^But thanks 
to God, that ye were being servants to (the) sin, but ye 
obeyed firom your heart the form of teaching unto which 
ye were given: ^^ye became free from (the) sin, but ye 
became servants to [the] righteousness. ^* A human thing 
I say, because of (the) weakness of your flesh: [for] as ye 
preeeoted your members servants to (the) undeanness and 

L«T»AEi«P: trt-VA-p Alt i6^<frltOJULOC, BCD^GJiKOiMNOP: 
TAP Alt j6A<^ItOJULOC ^.H, H: V^.p i6A<^ltOiULOC, £1*2- 
" O-C Xe . . . UIgpULOX] om. B*N homeot.: L»AD»EF : Ot 2^6, 

c(Ji) : ot xe ne, tb«»»ghk'Lmop. nxenepitoJSii] cf. Qt. 

HAB Ac X€nX«] 0"- XK> B"«. i6Ani(om. B«»«)2pULOX] 

j6enn£^., D', j6€itni^, l. " a^*^] ^' Q'- i>*^Q ^^* ^* 

f g fa demid floriac barl* Sedul praem f (aut, an). eiXCCJOXeAJL 

juLnc, Aj. itTe<l>H] itxeni, e,N: Jul^h, c. itcooq" 

€i"itCCJOq, N. €TAJLO*r] ct Gr. except DE vg eyrP arm« aeth &c. 
" n('H, l>B)g,AJLOX 2^6] om. 2^6, GMP.^ fflHR] OJ^HI, B by 
error. HA-peTeitOl] A.p€XenOI, K'. ixfi-OOK J om. G. 2^6] 

xe, E. nexeit^HXj ner., Ai^K' pinr. itcfi.a)] om. n. 

*• A(e,N)p€X€Itepp€AJL2,e] cf.? Gr. 37. 39. 62. I2»«»* tol om. W : 
-•• 2^6, BD'E'LO, cf. Gr.? N^ABD &c.; olw. afterwards &WK ^6 
with no Gr. Ac " HefxU)] Ue^erf^OO, B : e^O), CD'H 


itxeTencA.p2J itxeneqcApj; 'of his flesh,' n. exApe- 
TeifXA£,e (o, Ai«)] exexeitxAg^o it, K', 

42 npoc puiueoc. 

A.itoiULi^. 6i6pKi e*f^.noAJLi^.4> n^.ipK*f on 
•fnoT AJLA.xA.g,e nerenAJieXoc jul£lU>k iti" - 
iULeejuLHi *• eg^pKi eirro'cfi.o 4* 
*®&oxe VA.p epexenoi jul&uok ijLcl>itofi.i itA.p6* 
xenoi hpesx^e ne iii"AJLeejuLHi. "^ot xe 
iio-cxA.2, 6n^.qa)on naoxeit ijLnicK0'r4* ^n 
na exerentfTgini exooo-c •f itof * Ti6^e vAp 
nna <tAJLo-c ne* "'fno'c a^e A-pexenep- 
pCAJL^e efiioX I ^A. c&nofi.i4- ^.pexenep&cjoK 
iSLc^-f o*ron iixaoxen jjuju.t JuLnexeno-r- 
XA.^ euxoTfi-Ofr nxuoK 2i€ o*vuoiij6 g^-eneg, 
ne4- " nio>lrooition v^-p iixe <^no£.i c^julo-c 
ne4- nig^AJLox a^e nxe cl^-f o*rooni6 gA-eneg, 
ne i6en n^c mc nen^ * 

X€ ^A,n xexen ejun A,n n^.cnHOT a.ic^j^i v^p 
nexft. nn exccoo-cn juLninoiULoc xe ninoAiioc 


nipo)- qoi Sot enipooiuu ncKOT ni&eit eqonj6* 

AJLi . . . , « i" c^iAJLi j6a. 2,^.1 vA.p ccon^ enec^^j 
K exon)6 i6en ninoAJioc. 

Gcguon 2ie^^.qa)^.nA)LO'c nxeni^^-i ^.cKuopq e£.oX 
^A. <tnoAJLOc nxe nig^^.!. *&A.pA. o-cn eq- 
onj6 ibcenig^A.! 4- gA.-cjuLOTf epoc xe c^uiu 
nnuoiKf- ^.ca)^.na)uoni nejuL Ke^^.i4- eojuon 2iC 

neTo, A2N)a))6€iUL] nitfT^ np. ei6pKi e^A.noiULiA.] 

om. A2*£2 homeot. on] cf. ? Gr. E 7. tol ann &c. add «it. e^pKI 

enxo-cfiio] ei6pHi enx., oh : iij6pHi i6ennix,, Da. 
^® epexenoi] A.pex., Ej : n A.pex., n. ix^no^i] e4>n., o. 
nA.pexen] iixen, n. peix^e ne] om. ne, b. " oy 
xe] o-c 2^6, CJj. enA.qgon] n^.qa)., oghJiM: ^.q.»B. 

i6eil] j6a. ' under,' 0. Xi6A.e VA.p] VA.p Xi6^H, B ; for om. 
fU9, cf. Gr. »*AOI>«KLP &c <&AJLOT ne] cf. Gr.FGdefgvg 

Grin*, "A.pexenep] epex., fhJi. -Lwk\ aboef: 

ROMANS VI. ao— VIL 3. 43 

he lawUasneas [down] unto the lawUaaneas^ thus also now 
kresent jour members servants to the righteousness [up] 
into (the) sanctification. ^ For when ye were servants of 
the) sin ye were being free from [the] righteousness : '^ what 
rait then was there being to you at that (lit. the) time in 
he things of which ye are ashamed now? for (the) end 
\t them is (the) death: ^^ but now ye became free from (the) 
in, ye became servants of God, ye have your fruit unto 
the) sanctification, but (the) end is a life for ever: ^^for 
he wages of (the) sin is (the) death, but the grace of God 
8 a life for ever in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Vn. Or know ye not, my brethren, for I spoke to them 
rho know the law, that the law is lord over the man all 
ime (that) he is living? ^For the woman under husband 
8 bound to her husband who liveth, in the law. But 
f the husband should die she is discharged (lit. done away 
inth) from (the) Ioav of the husband. ^So (^^p^) then 
irhile the husband liveth they call her * adulteress,' should 
ihe be with another husband; but if the husband should 

«- 2^6, LiT'D'GH JiK'LMNOP. OTOn IlTtWCO, B)T"eil] Ai* ? 

8N0 : o-conxa)(o, Ej)Teii, UT*Ai«o &c. o*ru)nj6] itoT- 
A}ifji6, F. a)^.en6^ ne] ne oj^-eite^, D'K'L: om. ne, 

8P. " VA.p] om. E,K'. UiaAJLOX] n^., D'LO. O^- 

Dltl^JT^AEF: nuoni6> L^BO &c. IHc] B Ethioplc, Syriac, 
Irmenian : om. B OopUc. 

* nA.CItHO-c] nenCIL 'our brethren,' BOD'H JjE'L. A.ICA.XI] 
SIC, CHJi. qoi] eqoi, A,«0: A.qOI, N: prefix VA.p, B. 

mipcjoAJLi] JuLnp., P: lipooAiLi, A,*? eqonj6] eqa)itj6, 

HBGJiKMO. *i"C2,IAJLl] + 2ie(notom.rA.p),Ai»«KP. CCO 
OJ, NO) n^] A-CCOn^, Ei«(A. addcd)2: eCCO (O), T*GM) Hg^, T^B 

30 M P. enecg^Aj] jOLnec, b. a^e] om. o : r^-p, b. nxe- 
lup,^] iing^A-i, 0. •uiaA.ii<>] necg,., kp. 2ce- 

>T» K)Cg,IAJLI iinU^IK i«*] position cf. Or. DEFG d ef g vg go 
wp'^) Or^^ llscb. incorrect in citing cop for 17 yvi^. ^COJ^It] prefix 

egcjon, P. neujce^^i] neJULfceo'vu 'irith another,' d^l. 

;biif again. 

u npoc pmueoc. 

2,^. (^noAJLoc * egxejuuuLOTf epoc xe c^ijuli 

♦&oocxe otn nA-citKOT A-XCTrenjuLOT g^aonren>itoAJLoc 4- efi-oX g^rren iiccoail^ iS-UXc* 
eepenreitgaoni oKeoTA.! exe <^h ne eTA.q- 

Ten'fomrA.g, ii.<^'f<- *€ngon v^-p ^feen 
•fcA-pj;* itin^^eoc inre itmofi.i nie£.oX 
2,ixeit nmoJULoc<- it^.Tcp^u)£. i6en neiuuLe- 
Xoc en'fo-cxA^ JUL^sxot*' 

i6en <tK 6it^.*v^juLoni juuuLon itifeHxq <• aax> 
IV xe lixenepfiLtJOK j6en j o-cjuLex&epi irre 

^ Or xe nexenn^^oq *• cl>nojuLoc ^ito&i ne. nnec- 
ojooni 4- ^.XXa. 4»nofi.i nejOLiucoTODnq ne e&HX 
xe A-icoToonq e£.oX ^rren nmoAitoc. 
'I'enie'CAJLi^. v^.p n^.iccoo'rn jjljjloc ^.n ne 
e£jiX xe ^. <&noiULoc xoc xe itneKepenie'v- 
jutm *• • (^no£.i a^e eTA.q(JT iioTXu^ixi *• efi.oX 
^iTen 'f'eiiToXH A-qepg^iofi. enieYJUu^ ni&en 
iij6pHi ili6HX4- A.x(rhe <^noAJLoc v^-p c^no&i 
nA.qjuLooo-cx ne*- •a.hok 2ie n^iuoni6 no*r- 
cKo-c A.xtfite nmojuLoc4- 
GxA-ci 2ie efi-oX ibcei"enxoXR ^. <&no&i u)iij6 *• 

IlXeni^^.1 a*^] om. K- peiULg^a] L«AiEi«aO«: pejtiL^e, 
T*A2 &c. maflculine form. Xe] ^e, T^BD^^EsGLM by error. 

^ juLcl^noAJLoc] €<&., BK. ncuoAJL^] nicuoAn^ 0. ee- 
pexen] eepexexen, Ai«k. nKeo-c^.!] eKe., chJi. 
o-cAj . . • eejuLU)o*rx] om. b*. <tK ne] ne <&k, 
D'L. • encgon] enofuon, u t* D' e, n o. 'fc^.pij ab : 
xc, L»T*B &c. itie&oX] om. wi, T*: ni&en e£o\ b. 

ROMANS Vn. 4-9. 46 

ie, she is free from (the) law^ not to be called 'adulteress/ 
should she be with another husband. ^ Wherefore then, my 
brethren, ye also died to (the) la/w through (the) body of 
Chiiai» to become (united) to another, that is to say, him 
who rose from them who are dead, that ye might bear 
fruit to God. ^ For we being in the fleek^ the paeeions of 
the sins, those through the law^ were working in our mem- 
berg (the) bearing fruit to (the) death. ^But now we 
were discharged (lit. done away with) from (the) law^ having 
died in that in which we were held, so that we might be 
serrmnts in a newness of the spirit, and not in an oldness of [a] 
wxiting. ^ ^ What then shall (lit. will) we say ? (The) law is 
(the) sin. It shall not be. But (^) (the) sin I had not known, 
exoepi I knew it through the law. For [the] lust I was 
not knowing, except (the) law said: *Thou shalt not lust'; 
*but (the) sin having taken an occasion through the comr 
mandm&nt worked all lust in me: for without (the) law 
(the) sin was being dead. *But I was being alive once 
without the law. But the comTnandm^ent having come 

iu.-c(oiD.BCD'Ji)epg,a)&]+ ne, bod'H JiKL. en-f o-tt^^] 

iJLirf., D'L. JuLctAJLOT] €<^., 0. • a^.] i6A., GMNP. 

e^ItAft.O'V] cf. Gr. KABO &o. enA.-CAJULOni] Lf Ai*,CE x<^aF; 

eiu.q.,THAi«B&c. oTJULexfi-epi] -fjuL, BK. nmitA.j ox, 

c H Ji . oTog, ifeen] om. o-co^, C H. 0-CAJLeXA.nA.c] 

om. o-r, 0. ^ nexeitiujcoq] ne ex., t»bhn. ^XXa. 

4lfo£j] om. ^no£i, D'. IteJULTUCO-CaOCO, AaP»: e, Ji)Iiq 

ne] om. ne, r*: neiinonrc, l«d» 3** piup.: om. ne, e,n. 

e&liX Xe^.ICO'VOOnq] om. a, homeot, N has confused text. 

ninoiULoc] <tn., t»K: nin,, b. rA.p] om. cji. A.n ne] 

om. ^.n, Et: om. ne, K. A.<&nOAiLOc] ^.nin., OHJi: om. ^., 
E,N** • 4>nofLl 2^€] <&nOJULOC Sie, by error : om. 2ie, H*, 

ct Or. D* d*. i-enxoXK] om. -f, M. A.qep2,cA3&] eqep., p. 
enieTiULi^.] eenie., c D' h* k l. nA.q juloootx ne] n^q- 

liUnr ne, N ; for verb cf. Gr. FG(K go) def g Yg syr"*' arm &c. 
nAJCOIU6] n^OItj6i T«N. * e&oX] T^A:om.U&c 

46 npoc praueoc. 

excTf itKi cna)n)6 ^^i ^.ccgcjom itm erAxoY^- 

^*<tito&i r^-p A.q(rf itoYXooixi efi-oX g^nren 

•f enToXa <• ^-qep^^-X iJuuLOi «• oTog, ^.qj6oe- 

&.eT e&oX g^iToxcfr "g^oocTe <^itoiULoc 

Aneit qo*V4&A <• o*rog, •f-enxoXH co*r^ ♦• of og, 

o-reiULHi xe *• o-cog, n^.n6c <• 

^^ nin6eiu.neq onrit ^.qgconi itMi eriULo*r. iinec- 

ojuoni * a-XXa. <&no&i ue *• ^iiu. efi-oX g^nroxq 

...e&oX, ijLnin6eiu.n6q 4- nTeqcYU)!^ e£.oX ibce- 

M (^itofi.! eqep^oofi. nai e7fiuto-c<- ^iiu. tnre 

(^ito&i cguom eqoi iipeqepno&i ii^oto^ e&oX 
aixeit -f eitxoXu •► 
AC " Teitca)o*rn juten r^-p xe nmoiULOc otniurriKoc 

e&oX i6^ <&no&i 4- 1 

15 ^1^ VA-p ei"epg,a)fi. epoq ii'fcaoo'rit juuuLoq 
A.n4- juLcl>K v^-p ^.it efoY^q^* ^^j nefp^. 
juuuLoq4- ^>vX^. 4>H ei'JULoc'f iiUULoq iiei"p^. 
jOuuLoq 4* ^« icxe 4>h exeni* o*r A^q ^.n <• <&aj 
ne^fp^. ijUuLoq*fxu) iiUULoc nejtx ninojutoc^* 
2ce itA-neq 4* " -f noT a^e ^.noK ^.n exep^oofi 
epoq a-XXa. c&no&i ne exgon iij6HT4- 

^•^cooo-cit VA.p xe qcgon il(6HT, ere <tAJ 

^^ ^.^ncejui] ^.ixeftjLj e i^' penon. nu)iij6] niu9iij6} 
GMP. " ^.qtff] A-ctfT, T*D'L. " qo*rAA . . . coTraJi] 
eq. ... ec, t*k. o-co^ o-ceiULHi] om. onr og,, b : om. ox, 

GMNP. Xe]T*CD'GHJiKLMNOP: 2ie>IiffAB£F. lU.Iiec] 
add ne, D'L. ^^ OYIl ^.qajUOni] cf. Or. EL al pier ftc >/y«i«: 

O-cn A.II eqcguoni, B perh. for OYH IlA.qg.»cf.Gr.KABCDEF 

&c. ^Wo. e-cjuLo-c] ^.xjULox, B Ea twice. iiLnm6enA.iteq]»A8: niiin6en.,E2« eqep^uo&.]A.q.,E8. eqoi]om.p. 

npeqepno&l] poslUon cf. ? Or. DEFG d ef g arm &c. ^* JtXBJX 

VA-p] for7«?p cf. Gr. KBOFGEP al pier d ef g vg 8yr««»» etP*** go &a; 
noGr.has/iffV. r^ejr^-p^ C?HJx. A.llOK2<']om.E. CA.pKIK0c] 

ROMANS Vn. 10-18. 47 

forth, (the) sin lived, ^^ but I died ; and the coTn/mandTnent 
was found '(such that, being) intended ((Tf) for me unto (the) 
life, it (lit. this) became for me unto [a] death : ^^ for (the) 
ain took an occasion through the commandment, deceived 
me, and killed me through it. ^ Wherefore (the) law indeed 
18 holy, and the commxindm^eTvt is holy, and is just, and it 
is good. ^^The good then became for 'me unto [a] death. 
It shall not be. But (^) it is (the) sin : that by means of 
the good, (the) sin might be manifested (as) working for me 
[a] death: that (the) sin might be more sinful (lit. sinner) 
through the com/mandmevJt. ^^ For we know indeed that 
the law is spiritual^ but I am camoZ, having been sold 
under (the) sin. ^^For that which I work I know not: 
for not that which I wish is that (lit. this) which I do : 
but (^) that which I hate I do. ^® If that which I wish not 
is that (lit, this) which I do^ I assent to (lit. 'say with') 
the UwOi that it is good. ^^ But now (it is) not I who work 
it, but (^) it is (the) sin which dwelleth in me. ^®For 
I know that the good dwelleth not in me, that is to say, 

* Two Tttbsl forms are added to render the condse Qzeek. 

cf. Gr.««K* LP al longe pin &c i6^] g^A., KL. " R^f C00O*rn] 

exeirfc, b. ii.<frH] i/taef: om. ii, bo &c. ^^.i] cf. 

Gr. KABCELP al certe pier yg syr^^ arm aeth &c., but rovro is not 
a^n exprewed. nefpA.i*'] U€ e+p^., TBOHJiO. A-XXa. 
. . . nefpA. ijUULOq] cm. Ai*B homeot. G^^JULOCf ] L«T'0 

&c.: eejuLocrf , Ai»«2F. nefpA.2^] l«Ai»«2&c.: ne e^-pA, 

•PC H JiN. *• ICXe] A E F : + 2^6, L» T* B &c -foT^.gq 

(A.q, El)] TA &c.: 'fo'CA.g, Ii»OFJO. Uei"pA.] 116 e^-pA., 
TBKNO. WeJJL Ul] T*ABD'E(Eitr. ^^)FG*(tr.j)H*KLN: 

jULeit em, Ii»oh«JiP: ue iOLiu, G«(tr. ^). nA.neq] cf.? 

Gr. FG f g Tg«*« Byr«*' &c. expre«iing the verb. ^^ •f HOTf ^e] 

cnr^e, b. exepg^ooA] nerepg,., oJiP: ue ex., h. ne 
ergo (10, t»N)u] uergon, hoj^. 

48 npoc puiueoc. 

vA.p qx^ nA.2,pA.i eepg^cofi. :^€ enineenA.neq 
juuuLon*}- juuuLoit "nei" vA.p ixnee- 
nA.it6q4* <tA.i nei"pA. ijuutoq*- a.XXa. uexe- 
it-foTA^q Alt juLnex^ooo'c <• iieoq ne+pA. 

«®ICxe :^e nexeu'fo' A.n ajiok <^aj -fpA. 
iOuuLoq 16 A.IIOK xe 67ep£,u>& epoq^- 
a^XXa. cl>ito&i ne exgou iij6KX. "-fxi-wu 
^A.pA. juLnmoAJLoc 4- cI>k eeo'vcooj eipi jQLiunee- 
It A-iteq ncAiUii xe umex^^cwo'c qx^ itA.2,pAJ 4* 

"^-fjuu.i" vA.p neuL niitojuLoc itxe cl^-f ka.xa. 
nipuoiuu eTCA.^o-cn 4- "'fitA.'c ^e eKeno- 

iULOC i66It HAJUteXoC 6q)6KK OyLe ^ItOJULOC 

nxe nA.2^HT eqepex^^.^^^'^c'^JK Umloi^ 
iien <^noAJLOc itTe <&ito£.i4- <&h ergion ;6€n 

ItAJULeXoc *• ** nXA>^UU)pOC A.ItOK <&p(OJUU *• 

itiiUL eeitA-cgitA^Aienr 4> 6£.oX ^a. nccoAHi. 
itxe nAJiULOY <^a.I4^ 
Ai? ••n&JULoT ^e iSLc^-f ofKn e&oX g,rren neit^ 
iKc nxfi. 

juLnmoAJLoc itxe ^^. j6en xA.cA.px 2^e i" oi 

" TA.CA.(oin. B) pj] XCA-pJ ' (the) flesh/ Aj* BE,. Hinee- 
nA.Itecl] cf. Gr. FG lai. 177. &c. : CWiee., GP, cf. Gr. M &c 

rA.p 20J om. P. qxH] eqxK, D'L: xk» A2. itA.apA.ll 
itA-^peit 'with ub/ AjEg. eepg^oo^] ceepg^twfi., b. ^e] 

om. NO. Ex erased and wrote as Ai without points, Eg text confused. 

eni nee nA.neq 4- juUuLoit] a h &c. ? : en. iluuLon 4-, b. jQL- 
jjLon 2^ . . . neq] om. f. " nei"] <frK e^-oT, b. 

VA.p] AE : + A.ny L^^T^B &c. XtJULOn haying probably fallen out has 
been inserted, though no MS. reads iUUULOn twice. The punctuation of B 
separates JuUULOnfrom ne^O'VA.Ojq^and AE omit A.n; these MSS. 
shew that JUUULOn is joined to enmeenA.neq, and also required 
by For om. €lfpiaK» cf. Gr. « A B C 47. 67**. 80 arm *«* &c 

(om. L) neenA.neq] l«t*abo d^EiK l : JuLninee., g h jnop. 

ROMANS VII. 19-25. 49 

in my jUfJi : for the wish is present (^Xl'^) ^^ ™®> ^ut 
to work the good, not: ^*for not that which I wish, (the) 
good, is that (lit. this) which I do: but (^) that which 
I wish not, (the) evil, is that (tteoq) which I do. ^ But 
if that which I (pron.) wish not is that (lit. this) which 
I do, then it is no more I who work it ; but (^) (the) sin 
it is which dwelleth in me. ^^I jBind then (^^p^) the 
law: that which wisheth to do the good with me, (but) 
that the evil is present (^^H) with me. '^ For I agree 
with the law of God according to the man which is within : 
^ bat I see another law in my Tnembersy armed against (the) 
law of my heart, taJcing me captive with (i2&6ft) (the) law 
of (the) sin which dwelleth in my members. ^^(The) 
wretched (the) man (that) I am! who will be able to save 
me from (the) body of this death 1 ^ But thanks to God, 

through our Lord Jesus Christ. So (£^^p^) then I in 
my heart indeed am servant to the law of God, but in my 

^^] cf. ? Chr. C c«w vg &c. : om. B, cf. rest of Gr. Tie'f'pA. twice] 1I€ 

efp^ twice. T»BC H JiN 0. nex€ni"] <^m exen., b n 
(om.'f). A.n]ra.pA.n,CHJi. neoqjom.B. ^^nexeni"- 
onr^^q] <tK ereit't'Com. O)onf^^q, bo. ^noK i°] cf. Or. 

KAKLP al longe plu go syrP &c i"pA.J L'Ai^jEF : nei"pA., Ai«D' 

GKLP: ne efp^j t*bchj,no. xeexepg^co^] xe 
nexep., oHJi. ne exgon] ^h exg., C: exoj., hJi. 
" &^P^] ^^P» B- iinm€€q] om. ni, c. iteAJtHi] 

T*ABP: niU 'to me,* LtBCiyGHJiKLNOP. nineTA«A>onf 

qXH] iun€enA.neqxH, c i»y error. ** excAjoonr It] 
+ iijULoi, K : exci6Ho*rr, b*. " eKenoJuioc] itKen., 
K. oTT&e] 6e&e, f. eqepex*"-] onrog, eq., D'KL: 

OTTOg, q., B. j6€n] cf. Gr. KBDEFGKP al pliw^d e f g vg go 

See. nxe^nofi.1] Hj^., b. -ajlcXoc] + xaponr *au,' b. 
** irrA.Xencopoc] nix., Ax«ko. ^noic] om. k. 6£.oX 

2|A.] €&• i6€It, H. n^IiULO'V] TUJULOT 'my death/ Ai 

(tr. 'thie'),: *^ iULOTT, BN. ^6 i^^^^j^^q^ 2^^ Hj^'t] .f-via's 

lU^, BEsO ; cf. Gr. K*C' 1 0. 17. 31. 73. 80. 93. 137. arm Oyr &c. 

nen^ mc n^cc] wc n^cc nenoc. chJiis. iuien] 

om. H. JUL&CUIC] e&OOK, Aj- X^C^p^ 2i6] XC, £,. 
TOL. III. £ 

M npoc puiueoc. 

onrit -f itonr ijuuton g^Xi it^^^n tff enn €rrj6en 
nxc iKc ^nmoAJLoc v^p nrre niTml! nxe 
ncjoHji Aen nxc iHC4- A.qA.iTeit npciu^e 
cJBloX 2,a. nmoiULoc nxe <i>noAi iteti. <t>iULonr *• 
f* * 'I^JU.exA.xxoxjL rA.p nxe nmoxjioc en €ii*.q- 

TA-T- T^onro juLneqcgHpi jfcen onrmi ilcA.px inre 

xoMx <l>iio^i*- onrog, ee&e <^no£.i ^q&i <l>no&i en- 

•••'^ &^n i6€it Tc^px*- *&iitA. ilxe 

nxe nmoAJLoc xcok efi.oX tt^pHi iij6MTeit 
j6^ kk eTencetiLoai 4.n ka.xa- cA-pj; ^.XX^. 

• Hh exfflon r^p k^ta. cA.px it^*xcA.px nexo-c- 
4ULe7n epcDonffr ii6Tiutoa|X 2j.€ ka.xa, iuiZi 
n^.ninril! nexonfxjLenri epwo-c. • <tAiLeTi v^p 
inre i"CA.p j <t>itx.o7r ue, ^Mxerx 2j.€ nxe nimtX 
nconi6 ne weix i"g,ipMnR. ' xe ^Jtxexi irre 
'fcA.pi; o-vjul6XXa:2ci ne e^'f^ ikiuuqtfne 
xcoq rA.p JOLnmoJULoc Hire <ti"*- oTr^ie ijuuioit 
ajxoAJL £xJULO^^ ®nH 2ie erj6€n TCA.p2;4- 
iJuuLoit cyxoAJL JuuuLcoonr ep^tt^q ii.<&i". 

AJLnmoiULoc 2^] iUL<&n., h Ji : €*n,, c. <tnofi.i] + neMX- 

^XfLOy, B. 

^enn eT"j6en] nnn ex., D'^hk. Ihc] cf. Gr. n^bc 

D*FG (hi* cum spatio vacuo) 47*** 67**. 177. d* g aeth°*>^ anii«*^ &<•. 

' nintu.] nmlZ, b. ncorcjfc] nitonj6» gp. n^c ikc] 

IHC nXP, 18. A.qA.IXen] cf. aeth^^'ar* Dial^Moth«pipi«**' 

vfjAs. ninoiULoc 2^] 4^n., 18. ® vA.p] om. gmn. nj6MXc" 
itjiMxq, P. e&oX 2,ixen] efi.oX g,i, n. ^cA,p^ 
xc, 0: c, N. jfeenonrmi &c.] jfeenira hc^p^ n^no&i, 
A3*. iicA.p2J Sxc, Ji: Sxexc, H. ofog^ eeAe] om. . 

O'tO^, C H J, . ^q&I &c.] G i^f^jl written above, then margin 
S^ IJJJ J)1 J ' Coptic, he caused to fall sin to judgement.' <&nO- 

Ai2<>] JUL*., Ax«CGHJi. eng,A.n] t»aboepko 18: XiLn., 

HOMANS Vm. I-8, 61 

fieth I am servant to the law of (the) sin. VIII. So (&^p^) 
then now there is no judgement to take them who are in 
Christ Jesns; 'for the law of the spirit of (tiie) life in 
Christ Jesns made us free from the Ioajd of (the) sin and 
(the) death. ' For (as for) the impotence of the laWy with 
(lit. in) which it was being weak through the fieshy — God 
wat his Son *in a likeness ot flesh ^ of (the) sin, and because 
of (the) sin he condemned (the) sin in (the) fl^eah : ^ that the 
justification of the law might be completed in us, namely, 
them who walk not according to fl>eshj but {l^} according to 
gpirU. ^ For they who are according to fl^sh think the 
things of (ihe) flesh ; but they who walk according to spirit 
think ihe things of the spirit. * For (the) thought of the 
flesh is (the) death ; but (the) thought of the spirit is (the) 
life and [the] pea4:ei ^because (the) thought of the fl^esh 
is enmity unto Qod ; for it is not subject to the law of God, 
nor is it possible for it: ^but for them who are in (the) 

* Or, ' in a fleshly likeness.'* 

LfD'GHJiLMNP? * iti6pHl] Itg^pKI (om. Eg), E. ^.XX^ 

K^rr^ Tuu] ^.XXa. k. niTfSZ, bd'LMc ,8: ^.XXa. cg^^ 

V^p ICA.XA. niiutZ, M*. confused. * HR €Tgo(a^,E2)n 

T«ABD'^HLO i8: ItCT., LsOEFGJiKMNP. ItA.XC^.pj: He 

orn-E,*. nexofiULeri twice]. n€€x.,T'B. nex(e,Ji)xjLoai! 

ltH€Tr(e, D'HL)iULOa|I, BD'HLNOi 2i€] o m.BK. KA.X^. 

mtZ] K. onrniu^ O: ic. niiutZ!, b i8. tu.nmii^.] n^.iuul, 
F*H*p. •vA.p] 2ie ^^.p^B. ilxei"c^.px] n'fc., kl. 

^JULOT] om. B by error. 2i€] om. 0. RUlHX] Tuul, H. 

n(<t, F)conj6 ne] Li-PBOD'anJiKLMNOP: nconj6 ^e 

(forT€),AEF. i"&I(nf,L; H, AaH)pH(X^Aj)llH]T2,., BD'KL. 

^ ^juienri] +rA.p, k. itTei"CA.p2j tii"c^ bd'KL. ne 
x(^ Ji)e, c Jj. e^-f] XiL*i", o D' h JiL. ijL!U.q<rne 
juLncq^C mnp. ijLnmoiULoc} eni.^ e. oT^b^e ... end 

of 8] om. Bi*: OT, B, cf. Gr. 37. Or ••**^. O^^e] AEi»»faFO: 
^r^.p, LfT*(B)OD'GHJ|KLMNP 18. 

52 npoc puiueoc. 

A.XXA. i6€n iunitA.4- icxe ofon o-viuul nxe 
♦1" fflon jfeen eMitonr *• <tM ^e ere niTutZ! nxe 
n^cc Qion iij6Mxq*- <tA.i enreuLAiLA,7r ^wq ne *• ^® icxe ^e nx^ -i6€it ennonr *• m- 
ccojuu. jtxeti qiULCuonrx 6e£.6 ^no&i niiuul[ 

" Icxe 2i€ nimuZ iiTe <tM exA-qTonrnoc mc 

e&oX j^en nn eejuuioonnr •► qofon jfeen en- 

nonr *• le ^h eTA-qTonr noc n^cc iac 6£.oX ifceit 

HH eoiULtoofX eq€XA.nj6€ nerenKecvjjuu. 

e&oX enrea^'^itiLonf efi.oX g^ixen nequiul exgjon 


lip " &^.p^ onf It n^.cwH07r onron epon j6€W cA.p^ A,it 
eepenconj6 k^.x^ c^pg:* "icxe rA.p epe- 

Tenoitji KA.XA. c^.pj;*- xexenn^juLOTr. icxe 
2i€ j6en niuitZ;*- nig^fi-MOfi nxe niccoii^ 
xexenj^coxe^ iSuuLcoonr x€X€nnA.conj6 "i- 
My "Hm rA.p eeiULoofx j^etx nmn^ n^e ♦i" nA.i ne 
niajHpi nxe <ti" *• " n^pexentff v^p A,n 
no-vmul nxe onfAiiexJBLCOK ei6pHi on €Tg,oi"4- 
^XX^ A-pexentfT nofiuti; nxe onrJUiexajHpi *• 
*A.i exentDOf €fi.oX nj^Hxq xe a.RR^ <tiarr«' 
"ofog, neoq muni! qepAneepe neAJL nen- 
nnl!4- xe ^non g^^nojHpi nxe ^4- 

• A.n] om.M. icxe]+^e,T»OHJi: om. ic^eonton ofrnfT, 
N homeot. onfunA.] om. Of, BK : niTuuI, T». exeniunA.] 
om. ni, H*. *® niccoiULA.] le nccujuu., k. qiuitooTx] cf. ? 

Or. FGfgadd/<rrf». OnfCOni6 ne] L»T»BCD'GHJjKLMNOP: 
OTT. ^ (for X)e, AB F. " <tM i°] <t'f * God,' B. IKc] + HXCi 

B, cf. demid al»^»>« syr** Ath *^ et*°t "* Did « *' ". qfflOn] €qa|., 
D'L. nxe mc] cf. Gr. »*AD*E»« 31. 47. 73. dc &c: IRC nXCf 
BP, cf. Gr. vg arm»M aeth'^o &c.; positiou cf. ? Gr. M^'BDEFGKLP 

ROMANS VIH 9-16. 53 

JUah it is not poeaible to please God. ^ But ye (pron ) were 
Dot being (^h) in (the) fleshy but (A.) in the spirit, if there 
is the (lit. a) spirit ot Qod dwelling in you. But be in 
whom the spirit of ChriBt dwelleth not^ that one (lit. this 
who is there) is not of him. ^^But if Christ (is) in you 
the body indeed is dead because of sin; but the spirit is 
[a] life because of [the] righteousness. ^^ But if the 
spirit of him who raised Jesus from them who are dead 
dwelleth in you, then he who raised Christ Jesus from 
them who are dead shall make live your bodies also, which 
die, through his spirit which dwelleth in you. 

^'So (^^p^) Hien, my brethren, we are not debtors to 
(lit. in) fljesh to live according to fUsk: ^'for if ye live 
according to ftsshy ye will die ; but if in the spirit ye kill 
the works of the hody^ ye will live. ^^ For they who walk 
in the spirit of God, these are the sons of God. ^^ For ye 
were not receiving a spirit of [a] servitude into [a] fear again ; ' 
but ye received a spirit of [a] sonship, this in which ye cry : 
'Abba [the] Father.' ^^And the spirit himself witnesseth 

kc nexeiUCe] cf. Gr. BODEFGKLP al pier a e f g m* vg syr'>^' 
um'^ aeih ftc 6&0X £^1X611 &o.] cf. ? Gr. I^AC &c. htk roO &o. 
^* lU^CItKOnr] nencn. 'our brethren,' 26. L"« 'the feast of the Hunt 36. 
nuurtyrs Barbara and FatalSmaua/i^Uibt jg|Al1j i^b^. lAsi.tW Xsp^ ^HJ ^^' ' 

om. N. €ep€ntonj6] eepex€itconj6, c. " epexe- 
no(cw,L«T»B&c.)nj6](ADE,N onj6) ^.peren., bh: sjTe- 
nreit., 26. T€(oni. t€, 26)'rennAJULonf] le nrexennA.., 

CHJ|. niCaXftiU.] WCOyMX^ H*; cf. Or. MABOELP al 
omn^ gyratr aeth Ac XexeitItA.tOIu6] RXeTenconj6, <>. 
^^ L*"* 'Coemao and Damian, his mother and brothers/ i^) (jU^^s^ U^' 
i\y^\^ It&J ne ni(om. ni, As)a)Mpi &c.] cf. ? Gr. K L P al pier 
vg*** »yr» arm &c " rA.p A.n] om. M. O ( + If , EjF) It] om. 

BCH*K, cf. Gr. 17. 39. 54. Or^'*'\ enfg^cf ] L'^ADEL : eonf^., 

TB fte. A-pexentfi] ep., r 26: A-pexenetfT, a. e phonetic. 
cnr.tjLeTgj.] om. ott, Ei*. exenioaj] exexencoaj, l. 

"onrog,] T^AEFGMNOP: om. I/BCDHJiKL 26. * q€piUL€- 

epe] ^.qep., EiL. * . . 

84 npoc puiueoc. 

noiULoc on *• g,A.nKXMponojuLoc juien nxe <t'f *• 
2^^.na|<&Hp iiKXKponoAJLOc nxe nxc4- icxe 
ireiKfixkK^^ neMJL^.^ aiiiA, nxeitenaaonf ne- 

nxe n^icKOTT nxe i"itonf jOLnicuoTr ceit^tfcbpn 
nA.It e&oX 4- " na|A.coiULc rA.p nxe lucconx *• 
^qcoiULc 6£.oX j6a. XfcM iAUKTlopn e£.oX iixe 
niajKpx kre ^^^ 
*^nicconx VA,p ^.qeTite^cDq tii"JUL€X€*XMonf | 
le nqofcoof ^.n A.XX&. eefi.e *h eTA.qep€qtfri€- 
xcoq j6en onr g^eXiuc <• "xe neoq g/jxi 
mcvdtnr qit^eppeAJt^e «- €fi.oX g,A, •fiu.ex- 

^COIC ilT€ nTA.KO 6j6pKI ei"iULeTpeJULg,€ UTe 

nax)Tr hxe mcyHpi nxe <ti"*' 
fA€ *2 Teiicax)nf n Jtxen v^p*- xe mctonx XHpq 
qiA^oiUL n6JtiLA.n4- onrog^ qi'iuJC^iX ncjuu^n 
aj^ei6onrn efnonr. **onf iuionon ^e ^.XXa. 
neti. ^non ^con efA.aA.pXH irre miuil! 
iiToxen cto^ A.non TenqiA.g,oiUL iu6pHi 
itj6Hxen ♦• enxonrgjT e&oX j6a.t^r ni"iUL€X- 
gjHpi nicco-f inre uenccuiULA. 4- 
** GTA.nno2,€JUL vA.p ;6€n onrg^eXmc. onrg^eXnic 
2ie enfnA.Tr epoc4- nonrg^eXnic A.n T€4- c^k 
rA.p ect| onfA.i nA.-r epoq gA.q€pg,Trfio- 
iULonin epoq 4- ^Mcxe T^e ^h exennA.'v 

"on ^A.nicXHpOnOiULOc] om. K homeot. fcA-ng- 

^K(e,D)p nKX.] ABE: +2i.e, i>T*o Ac: +xjLen, H. icxe] 

■^2i(X, FN)€, DFKLNO, probably by error for 2« plur. XCXen. 
ICXe . . . on] om. B*. " JJLKSJ^^] JJJC^^, DFL by error. 

*• UgA.COiULc] ADEi.a«K: naiA.nCOJULC, Ii«B0FHJiLN0'P: 

nxincoAjLc, t»gmo«. rA.p] A: +ef^oX, Ii»t»b &c. ni- 
ounT] uc, HNO. A.qcoiULc] qcoiULc rA.p, B. sb^] 

A Ac: g,A., L«TtNO. nXeniOfHpl *of the Bona*] om. Jf. 

ROMANS Vm. 17-25. 55 

with our 9pirU, that we (are) sons of God. ^^ But if we 
(are) sons, tiien we (are) heirs also; heirs indeed of Ood, 
fellow heirs with (lit. of) Christ; if we suflfer with him, 
that we may be glorified with him also. ^^ For 1 think 
that the pains of this present time are not worthy of the 
glory which will be revealed to us. ^^ For the expectation 
of the creation gazeth out forward to the revelation of the 
sons of God. ^ For the creation was subject to the vanity : 
it wiaheth not^ but (<&.) (it is so) because of him who sub- 
jected it in a hope^ ^^ that the creation itself also will be 
free from the servitude of (the) corruption into the freedom 
of (the) glory of the sons of God. '' For we know indeed 
that all the creation groaneth with us, and travaileth with 
us up to now. *^ But not only {bo), but (^) also we our- 
selves groan, having ihe Jirfitfruit of the spirit, even (onro^ 
we groan within us, looking out forward to the sonship, 
the redemption of our body. '^For we were saved in 
[a] hope: but [a] hope which is seen is not [a] hope: for 
that which one seeth, he doth not wait for. ^But if 

^ iii" JUteXe^XHOTr . • . XCOq] om. N homeot. RCf onrtDoi 

A.if] om. ii. El*, eefie] om. Ej*. ** 6i6pHi e] ejs6pHi 
siyetu HJi: tt6pHi j6eit, o. itcoo'c] nicoonr, gm. 
*« nicujinr] nipeq[ctoKX * the creatoi-/ G* ? N. q+n^jcg^i] 

om. q, Eg. ** ^e\ om. H. A>vXa. Itetil] om. nCAJL, H*. 

^.noit ^CUn] cf. Gr. DEFG 31. 36. (73.) 93. d e f g vg syr**' arm &c. : 
+ T€nqiAj6(a, F)OJU., TtAi»«FK. cf'A.n^.pXH] L«TtA 
Ac: exefA-n., OG"*. OTOg, ^non 2^] cf.? Gr. i. 121. «i5 
^9^' -^Si^^ AjOFKL, cf. Gr. KLF al pier syrP ftc icat ^fuis airoi. 
lUCOrf] emcurf 'for the redemption,' K : neiULUCCOi" 'with 
(the) redemption/ 0. ncncUXAJL^] fteifC. 'our bodies,' A^oFH. 

•♦e-rn^.f] excrrnA.Tr, b indicative. €(om.O)poc] epoq, 

E,P maec. : epCOOTT, O plural. llonfg^eX.] om. It, BO. €(A.,B)-] A.p€g A.n * thonid/ Jj . ffl ^.qepg^nf (i, b) no ( + nr , B)- 

itJLOnm (om. M)] AiBFGHLMOP; -AJL6Itin, LVPAjDEKN: 
a)A.qep^eXniCiUL6It, C. epoq 2""] the object required by the 
idiom, without expreMion of W icol or toOro, cf. Gr. B* 47°^ (cum hac nota^: 

56 npoc puiueoc. 

epoq A.n*- Tenepg^eXnic epoq*- e&oX g^ixeu 
onrg^nrnoiULonM xen^cofgx e&oX j^^jccoq^ft* 
^onA-ipM-f 2ie on nimtZ A.qi"xoxc iixen- 
iULexxco^fr OTT r^.p iixco&g, 6X6ttiu.Ajq 
KA,XA. ♦pM'f excttje nxenexiLi ^n<r 
3XXXA. neoq niiutZ] qepg^onro cciuu cg^pHi 
excoit j66it ^^nqI^^oiUL il^xc^jci juuuLcuonr4- 
2'<tK 2ie exi6oTi6€T nni^nx^- qccoonrn xe 
OTT ne <&iULeTi ijLniiutllf- xe ^qceiuu e^'f 
6X611 HH 6eonr^4> 


M^- ^^ T6ncooonfn 2i6 xe nn ex6p^rA,nA,w iiLc^'f 

aA,qepg^co& iteiULCoonf ijyen g^oofi ni&6n ee- 

nA.it6nr*- HH eTA.qeA^|AJLOTr ka,ta. n6qgjopn 
cjonof ilea>aj«ft* "X6 nn 6T^.qepaJOp^ nconrtonoTr 

. • . , J2 n^i on ^.q6pa|opn iie^ajoTr ngjc^Hp nciULox 

St6 Tg^iKton JuLneqcgHpi 4- eepeqajconi eqoi 
itgjopn jOuulici nonriuiHg) itcon. 
3*'Hh ^6 er^qepojopn iie^g|onr«- n^i on nn 
eTA-qoA-gpuLonr *• onr og, nn 6XA.qeA.2,iULOTr nA.i 
on A.qeAt^icoonr 4- nn 2^6 6X^qeiut^iuK)nr 
n^j on A.qi"toonf ncoof*- 
mC ^^ Onr X6 n6TennAxoq onr&6 nA.i. icx6 (t^-f neri" 
excon mix een^-ai" of^an ^^^h eT"6JULn6q- 6U6qa|Hpi JuuuLin ijuuLoq^- ^X^ A.q- 

r6 iroXoioy oJ^£ ?x«0- ^^ )6^^CUq] A &c.: g^^JC., LsT^ 

^« 2i6] om. (after f) GK. A.q+] AB: 6q'f'f K: q-f^ L«T» &c. 

exoxc, Ji. nx6niULeT'xtoA] cf. Gr. i^abod 10. 23. 31. 37. 

47- 49- 57* ^ vg 8yr«o>» arm ar« aeth &c. 6X6nnA.^q] IlXenn., 
GM : ne 6X6nn., B (Ut it la which): eXennA-XOO^g, 'which 
we wiU pray/ K. 6X0^6] 6X60^6, CHJi. nX6n6JUU AJt] 

xeneAJU ^n (n added), b^ single negative, qepg^onto] ^.qep^ 

B N preterite. e^^pKX 6ZCOn] cf. Gr. H«C R LP al fere omn d***^ f 
vg tyr'**' arm«»d &c. add imip ^lu^. ^^^^OJJL, A^*,*. " 2ie] 

ROMANS Vm. a6~3a. 57 

that which we see not we hxype for, through [a] patience 
we look out for it. ^But thus also the spirit helped our 
infirmitj : for what prayer we shall (lit. will) make accord- 
ing as is right, we know not. But (^) the ynrit himself 
inteieedeth exceedingly for us with (lit. in) unspeakable 
groaning; ^but he who searcheth the hearts, knoweth what 
is (the) thought of the spirit, that he interoedeth unto God 
for the saints. 

^ But we know that with them who love God he worketh 
in all good things, — ^them whom he called according to bis 
foreordaining. ^* Because they whom he foreknew, these 
also he foreordained (to be) conformed to (the) image of his 
Son, to cause him to be the firstborn of many brethren. 

90 But they whom he foreordained, these also (were) they 
whom he called: but they whom he called, these also he 
justified : but they whom he justified, these also he glorified. 

9^ What then shall (lit. will) we say against these things ? 
If God is for us, who will be able to be against us ? ^ He 
who spared not his own Son, but (^) gave him for us all, hmv 

r^>p , CHJi ; om. L. qcax)nfn] eqc, fk. ne] om. n. 
jOLniniiA.] A : nTemiiiu;, l»t» &c. e^-f] JuL^'f, b d f k l. 

" L"« fj^j^ ijju JuiaJI 'the mar^ Man Girgis.' F"' \jjy\ *Abu 

NaHL' a|^.q6p2^co&] cf. Gr. HCD ftc. £^co& iti£.en] 
^tJoL ncAJLonr ni£.en, n. 6enA.itenr] eenA-itHonr, b*. 
necoo]] ne^gjof, b*. *• nconrcu (cooTr,T*) not . . . gjopn] 

om. F* homeoL iVT€TP,.] nxeg,., B. JuLwUCl] T* &c.: 

iuuuci, L*. nofiULHgJ AK : jfeeitonr., lkt*b Ac. '^iir 
^€ i*>] om. ^e, 0. €XA.q€paj.] €A.q., Ji. HM exA.qeA.2,- 
jULcnri^] n€TA.q., O; ^h €XA.q., B; ne €XA.q., oh J: 
ner^-q., del. hh t^c ex^qejuuuooonr] om. bEj homeot. 

lUJ on i»] om. K. '^ OTT XC] Ot 2^6, L«: om. X6, G: 

<nro^ M. nex€nifA^o(om.2co.K)q] ne ex., bf«no. 
nexr] ne e(+x, 8)-^, t*bo: ne ex, n. excon] pref. 

^pHI, E. een^^ji"] pref. ne, B^ •*<tH &c.] neither 

yt nor M€ expreeted. eneqgJKpl] iULneqaj., £ H J. JUL- 

AiU (H» M) n JUUULOC^ om. C, cf. d g am 111* torfilio 8U0.' 

58 npoc puiueoc. 

n"Riq €g,pHi exivn THpeit*- nox: xe nnecpf 

*^HiiUL een^-ojceiULi emctoxn nxe <^i". ♦I" 
nexeiuu.10 *• •*mxjL eeiiA^^ionri ixiig^^n4- 
nxfi Jkc ne exA-qjULo-c iULA.XXon 2.€ A.q- 
Tconq e&.6X j&en itR eeiULCJOonrx ♦h exxH 
c^.onrm^JUL **.♦+* tieoq excetiu e^piu 

**Hiiut eenA.ttj*opxT€n c^oX n+^VA-nK nT€ 
nxc. onf£,ox2,ex ne. le onfXA.X2,o4- \e ott- 
^^xcoriULoc «- le onrg^Ko*- le onf&a>aj4- le ott- 
Knrn2imoc4* le onrcMqi** ^^ksjt^ ♦pHi" ex- 
Ci6HOfx«ft* xe ee&HXic cei6oaxe^ iijuLoit 
JOLme^oonr xapq A-nronxen juL^pMi" Sg^^-ne- 
cax)-» €nj6oXi6eX4' *'a.XXa. i6€n n^i 
XKpoTT xenepgiO-co <Fpo^ e&oX g^ixeit ♦k 
ex^.qitx.6npix6n <• 
** IlXnoK rA.p n^^KX enx*- xe of2i€ <t>iUL07r oTr^e 
i£^ n(uni6 onf2j.e A,rreXoc4- oTraie ^px^ I oTr2i€ 
nexajon^- o-c^e n6xnA.a)coni4- or^e xoajl«- 
**of2ie tfici*- onr2i6 gjooK^ft* onr^e KectonT"*- 
juuuLoit gjxoiUL iiuuLcuonr e^^opxxcn c^^oX 
ili"A.rA.nM nxe ♦•f oh €Xj6eit nxfi "ic 

e^pHi] ej6pKi, CHJP. ntoc xe] om. xe, h*. iu.n] 
om. G. **€mccoxn] nnic, n: ^.ncooxn, Ej. nex- 
eiuu.10] neoiUL^io, E^HJL. '* juLna^n] l«adfqh 

MNOP: eng,., T^BCEJKL. IMc] cf. Gr. I^AOFGL 5. 17. 31. 

33. 67**. 73. 80. f g vg Mm »eth Ac. Ue eXA.qiULOTr] T* &c.: 
neX., DQKMP: C^H €X., L«B*L. iULA.XXon 2i€] cf. Gr. 
KABO 5. 15. 17. 33. 35. 3^ 61. 73. 76. 80. al ® «» (g k 1) am* ann aeth &c 
HH €eXJLaX)-»x] Itee., D; cf. Gr. »*A0 17. 31. 39. 73. 115. 8P« 

aeth &c. cA.oirmAJUL] excA., D. ileoq] of. Gr. »♦ AC 3. 33. 

35. 47. 67. 76. 77. 78. 108. 109. 115. 179. 213. al '"'(be o) d* vg go Cyr 
Ac: O-COg, iteoq, DKL, obs. Gr. ««BDEFGKLalplud***6fg 

ROMANS Vm. 33-39. 89 

then shall not he grant all things to us with him ? ^ Who 
will be able to intercede against the elect of Godi It 
is God who justifieth; ^who will be able to condemn? 
Christ Jesns is (he) who died, but Truyf^e, he rose from 
them who are dead, he who is set on (the) right hand of 
God, who himself intercedeth for us. ^ Who will be able 
to separate us from the love of Christ? [a, thus with all] 
tribulation is it, or hardship, or jT^secutiony or hunger, or 
nakedness, or danger, or sword? ^According as it is 
written: 'For thee we are killed all the day; we were 
reckoned as sheep for (the) slaughter.' ^^But (^) in all 
these things we conquer exceedingly through him who loved 
us. ^ For I am persuaded that neither (the) death, 7U>r 
(the) life, Tior arigd^ nor principality j nor the things which 
are, nor the things which will be, nor power, ^* nor height, 
nor depth, Tuyr other creation — for none of them is it possible 
to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus 

sm harl** rjtP &c. ts «/. ^ HliUL GOIU.] HliUL 2^6011^., 

H*, 2l crossed, but obs. Gr. FG d* f g m** vg«>« arm Or»»* add o&r. 
n^Cc] cf. Gr. ACDEFGKL al pier defgm**vg go 8yr«*annaeth 
Cjr&c. ne]T»AODEFH«JKL: cm. Ii«BGH*MNOP. *' D«»» 

^^y^JULO iULT, Ai"t a»ff (Damerals) Ei"' L (numenOs) slM\ jyji\ 
jj^-itf^j • Psalm forty-three.' ^A.neCUX)nf] OnteC. 'a sheep,' F. 
" ^>s>V^] OfOg, 'and,' C. €&oX g^IXeit &c.] cf. ? Gr. »AB 
CKL al omn^ syr»*' arm go &c. diA roO ay. '* ^^p] ^€> H : 2i€ 

rA.p, F. cn^e ♦iULonr] onr c^iuioTr, l. ^vveXoc] of. ? Gr. 

BEFOdefg &c., but the unqualified singular form probably s plural as 
^PXH for ipxBtl. A.pXH] + OtT^e GJ^OfCIA., LO, cf. Qr. C i. 
30. 44. 46. 63. 73. 80. 109. 113. 121. al •« al pauc syrP c* &c. Iiex- 

gon] ne excg., t*: nn erg., b lop. nex(e,Ji)nA.- 

gconi] AEJi: nn Ceit, L^T^B &c. 0-V2i6 XOMX] position 
cf. Gr. I^ABCBEFG &c. '* Ke(Ke eXC, T»)CtOnT] not ex- 

pmaing rlr, cf. Qr. DEFG 114. aip*. &c. JOUULOIf gXOiU.] cf. ? 
Gr. 17. arm, present. 

60 npoc puiueoc. 

Ml? OiULHi nei"xco ijuuLoc i6€it. n^c ii"txeAJL€e- 
notx ^n^ ecepAJLeepe epoi ncjuLKi iixex^.- 
cnr nH2iecic i^en onrmil! eqonr^JS. *• * xe ofoit 
onrnigi" hJjLKJL^ n^Hir nejtxM^ nexfi onr- 

^H^7co£.£, r^p ^noK 6ep^n^.eHJUL^ e&.o\ ^^ 
nxc exen itA-cnHonr lU-cnritveitHC ica.xa, 
^^PX*" *eT€ SicpA-HXiXMc lie*- UK exe 
ecoonr xe 'fiuiexgHpi neiiL niooonr*- nciUL 
iti2ii^.eHicH «- ncjuL uiceiULiteitoiULoc «• nciu. 
nigfetiiaji iteAJL itiooo] «- ^ itK exe itonronr ite 
nncf ofog, iieooonr on a. nxc i €fi.oX nj^n- 
xoir KA.XA. cA-pj*- <tK ex^H g,ix€it onroit 
ni&eit <t'f excju^pcoofx g^-eiteg, ^julkh^- 


onf r^.p ofon m&en A,n exe efi.oX ;6eit nicX 

n^.1 ne nicX. ^onr^e xe ^^.itxpox nxe 
^&pA.AJtt. lie 2^^itcgKpi XHpoTT ite«- ^XX^ 
j6en ic^..ajc eree^^^eiUL onrxpox ii^.k«- 


Hunt i8, ^ nei-xto] ne efxujy t*bo is. nxc] cf. Gr. kabcd* 

KL &0.: n^ 'the Lord/ K ; obt. Gr. D*EFG d e f g arm^^ &c. add 

Vov. ec ( + e, P) epAJLeepe] ceepiUL., a by error. cYnK^e- 

CIC] ADFJjLP ; -2iKCIC, L^T^B &c. * -ijUCA^] ABCFJiK ; 

-eiULK., L«T*D &c. aeng^Hx] fflX^^ Sg^HX, FK: iuiex- 
jgeng^MX, g. iuLn^.qiULonf (om. AjH) iik] juLueqjUL, a,*m n 

preterite. ' ^ItOK eep^It^eiUtt.^] order (without expreasmg 

ipse) cf. Gr. CKL al fere omn vg (&c.) arm syr*^^ (ego ipse) aeth (om ipse) 
Ac. ^n^OHJUL^] Ai«; A-lteeK (om. OH, Ej*) ULA., Ai^gCEi*, 

HJ; ^(e,B)n^.eejuu., L«TtBDFGKLMNOP i8. efi.oX 2,^.} 

cf. Gr. MABCFKL Sec. exeil] pref. eg^pKI (om. B). BL i8. 

c*r (I, BEj) itvenHc] a,.,* bEjH j i8 ; cnrvr., L«it &c. * nic- 

P^-MXiXMC] LiAi? FGLMO : mcp^K(I, B)., BHP: nn(H, E)C- 
PA.M (I, i8 ; om. A,).. T^C D E J KN i8. lie] om. P. Itl^kl^eHKH] 

ROMANS IX. 1-7. 61 

our Lord. IX. (The) truth is that whkh I say in Christ, 
I say not falsehood ; my condcierice witnesseth with me unto 
me in the (lit. a) holy spirit, 'that there is a great grief 
with me, and a compassion unfailing (lit. it is not wont 
to fail) in my heart. ' For I (pron.) was praying to be 
accur%ed from Christ for my brethren, my kin&men according 
to jUffh: *who are Israelite \ they, whose (ecoo*r) is the 
sonship, and the glory, and the covenaieds, and the establish- 
ment of the law^ and the ministry, and the promises ; ^ they, 
whose are the fathers, and they also — from them came 
Christ according to flesht he who is set over all, * Ood who 
(is) blessed for ever. Amen. 

* But thus the word of God fell not away. For not all who 
are from Israel, [these] are Israel: '^neither then are seed 
(plur.) of Abraam all sons : but (^) in Isaac shall a seed for 

* The Ambrosian polyglot has the relative particle expressed before 
•God.' 'who (is) God.' 

cf. Gr. »CK al oran^ defg am harl* tol (al>«*~) go 8yr"t>'ann &c.: 
•f ^., B 18. cf. Gr. BDEFG vg«>« fn demid harl** aeth Oyr &c. lll- 

c6Jtiut€(H, L)noiULoc] nc, 18: nic, l. niu)a| (iULKoj, ej' 

UXOOOI, J 18, cf. Gr. DEFG Ohr«««* &c. * HC miOC + nf^E,)^"" 
LtAiODEjFG'JaKNOPiS: \\£ Itioi" , T*A,EiG*HJiLM: nCAJL 
nilO'f", B. on] om. B 18. *M eXXH] conclusife for joining 
S mm ftc with 6 xf^urr^. E}^ Jl3l ^ \jji\ 'who (is j*, added) over ail,' 
then in margin by original writer JmI ^ i^) iir^ 'a copy, God over all.' 
<&*! J ^^^^X> ^ 1^* wekme sense, but making another clause, ' who is 
God' or 'being God.' g^eitep^] ABEFGMNO 18: a)^.ni6ne2^, 
UT* C D H J K L P. AJULMIlJom. Aj* ? cf. Euthal ^. F">« «"* L"« 
' fourth Sunday of Kihak.' • RIC^Xl] T* Aj*, B C E H J : HC, 

KLMNOP. OTT VA-p] 0T2l6 rA.p, OHJL. A.n] om. C. 
nicX a**] cf. Gr. )« A BKL al pier tol Oyr &c. ' XC] L«T*A DEF* 

KLNOP: om. OF*GHJM : K€ X€ 'even that,' B. THpOnf 'all'] 
om. H^ a.XX^] A»s i\jf * the Law.' IC^..aJc] cf. Gr. M« A B FKL. 

€r9€o^^ejtx] eYe.,B*GMP. 


$2 npoc puiueoc. 

•6t€ ^^^ ne see itiojHpi irre xc^px ^it it^i 
ne niajHpi inre ^-f^ ^Xk^ itiojHpi irre 
nioog exo*rIt^.o^oT exxpox '^^.Ic^^I r^p 
4>^^o*ra>2| ne xc K^.T^. n^.icHOT ^^i eici 4- o*ro^ 
epc onrcgKpi $yu3ni ilc^.pp^. 4- ^^ o*r jutonoit 
2^6, ^.XX^. K&u. I TKeepe&eKK^. 4- 6^.ctfT e&oX 
jfeen onroj^.ipi itoTcwx*- Rxe ic^.^jc neniooT-s* 

" GjuLnA.iiTo*rAiLA.coT VA.p o*r^e iJLn^.To*ripi 

juL€Tctoxfi exA. 4>'f oA^c icxGit ojopn 
iiTecgtom eccjuLoitx* **eiio*re&oX s^etv,fi.KOfi ^n Te a.XXa. e&oX jfeen nex- 

jULniKo*rxi 4- 

"Ra-ta. 4>pKi" exci6KOfT"4- xe i^Jco&& juuen 

AJJULenpixq 4- hc^.t as.e ^.iju.€crru3q. ^* ot xe 

n€TemiA^oq4- julk o*roit o^JtxeT(f\ ilxoitc 

s^Arreii ^^. iiitccajaani 4- 

V ifi^xtw r^.p jjumoc Umlujuckc^ xe •fitA.iiA.i 

...JUL- iJL4>H e^iiA.n^.1 nA.q4- o*rog, -fit^.geng^HT* 

oTit ct^^-neeonrcjoo) ^ti ne^ oT^e 
tfoxi ^.it n€ A.XX^. ^^^^^i" eeiu.! ne^ 

* Xe] cf. ? Gr. ««B* 37. 116. arm add ^i. ItlOfHpi i°] om. QHpU 
K. ftxe TCA-pg] itTCA.p3^, H* : om. IlTeX, K. €^XpOX] 

eofx., AjOHJK. • D°»«ren€cic: A2»KEi»»L»»M">«iijAl^ 

' the book of the creation.' XG] om. Ei* H. n^.ICHO*r] It^ICKO*r, 
Aj. eiei] 0*raxg ei, M by error: om. Gl, N. SjHpi] om. CH. 

ofconx] KA-gconi 'wiii be,' fk. '® :^e a.XX£j om. a.XX^, 

GMP. €p€(I, Ei)fi.€(^ M*)KK^.] T^ABDEClfi.!, E2)FQHJL 
MN : lepefi., K : pe&.e(^., P) KK^, L«0P. €&oX i6eit] om. 

sbetx, 0. o*rg^.ipi ito*rtoT] cf. ? d e f g vg &c. irreicA.AX 
nemcoT] iiTenemtwT ica.a.k,chj. " €(om.E2)JtJLnA.n- 

TO-rJULA.CO-r] L«T*AE: ijL(eM.,FGMP)nA.(€,M)TOT,BC&c. 

le eqa**^*'^] ^''^^ *c.: le qaw30T, aehj: oxTi^e eq., b. 
-fjuterctwiOj^Tn] om. jul€x,a,*. exA.] ne(A.,M)T^ 

ROMANS IX. 8-16. 63 

thee be called (i.e. invited)* ^That is to say, that the 
SODS of (the) fleak — these are not the sons of God ; but (^.) 
the sons of the promise will be reckoned for a seed. 
'For this word is that of (^^) a promise: ^According tp 
this time I shall come, and a son shall be to Sarra«' ^^ But 
not orUy (so), but {^) also (the) Erebekka as well (K6), 
having conceived from one bed, of Isaac our fSather. ^^ For 
when they were not yet bom, rhor yet had they done good 
or evil, that the choice which God ordained from (the) first 
might be permanent, being not from works, but (^) from 
him who calleth, ^' it was said to her : ' The elder (lit. great) 
shall be servant to the younger (lit. little)/ - ^^ According 
as it is written : ' Jacob indeed I loved, but Ssau I hated.' 
^* What then shall (lit. will) we say 1 Is there [a] wrong- 
doing with God? It shall not be. 

^For he saith to Moses: 'I shall (lit. will) have mercy 
on whom J shall (lit. will) have mercy, and I shall (lit. will) 
have compassion on whom I shall (lit. will) have compassion.' 
^* So (^^p^) then it is not of him who wisheth, nor is it 
of him who runneth, but (^) it is of God who hath mercy. 

A,* M. eCCJULO (00, Ej) HT] T* &c. : €CAILOItT, L« : eCCCOXH 
'cho8en,'B. " eitO*re&OA] L«T*ADEH JK: nOTG&oX, B* CF 

OLMNOP. g,^na&.]oin.^^ii,A2*. fie (+€,!>) Teco^ew.] 
neTeA^eu., b. ^.(e, 0)f (q, EaK*)xoc] + v^p, t*fk«p, 

cf.Gr.P. D»»V€lt€CIC: L»»M'»«iijAlyu ep&tWK] It^.6p- 

&WK, FK. ixniKOTXi] eniK., km. "a»»Ei»«l°«M"»« 

(+ ^\ • the prophet') U.3L. * Malachi.' Xe] om. B. JtXen] om. CF, 

RCA.T] ic^.*r, B. ^* n€X€iinA.xoq] lie ex., t^bno. 

OTXt.eX(fi]'l>AL2«(JULeTpeq,2*)CFKL0: om. 0*r, L«B &c. 
(flibCOIlc] tfSg^O ' respect of pereoiw,' B. " D«°« 2i.eTTepO- H«nt 26, 
nOAJUOn ice nie2;02i.OC : M"» ^p> yu ' the hook of the Exodus.' 
JQUULOC] om. GO. ei"ltA.n^l] eflt^.1, F hy error, ifc^. . . . 
g,KT] om. BO* homcot.: -+36-, A2 hy error. *• ^^(^I» 0; 

K, El*) I**] ix^^ DEL. neeo*ru)g)] ne ee., t'o : 4>k ee., 
BOHJK. ne i""] cm. 0. oT:b.e . • • eeiuj ne] om. 26. 
ii<t^] ♦^ T*B c H JNO (4>A.i), ne(+e, T»)xtfoxi] 4>k 

64 npoc praueoc. 

€bSl€ ^^i A.iTo*ritocic 4- ^m^. trr^oxoon^ 
iiTAJicojtJL 6&oX ili6pHi ili6MXic* OTOg, itce- 
4>ipi enA.p^.11 ^ixeit nic^.^i TRpq* "gAP^ 
oTit n€rr€qo*r^.gq oj^qit^.! n^.q 4>R a^e eTA.q- 
oT^.ajq ^.n oj A-qcepeqeitofcoT 4- 
^*XIt^^oc OTH HHi X6 ee&.€ ot qxeu. ^piKi<fi- 
nijUL v^.p €q+€j6o*nt e^pen neqcotrni^- 
'® juLeito*ritre 4- axt»pu>AJU neoK niju. iteojc4- 
4>H exepoTO) eifeoxn eg^peit ^^i"* JUtR epeg 
niJKxoitK xoc JuL4»K eT^.qju.onKq 4- ^e ee&e 
OT AJceAJULioi ixnupKi~4- '^a{^.n iiuuLon 
i^ iiT6 niK6pAJULe-vc 4- I juLnepgioii JuLneqojuti 
e&oX i6€it n^.io*raxgejtiL pco ee^JULio nor- 
cKerocfr ofA.1 juten enT^JOfr jceox^j a^e 


*'ICxe 2i.e ^.qo^rcoo) iuce4>i"4* eqc-ccjoitg, ijineq- 
xa>itT eAoX* cnrog, exAJUioit exeqxoui 
^.qmI ifeen oTitigi" XijutexpeqtwoT ng,RT 
iig,A.nciceToc iiTe racooitT* ertce&rroyr en- 
T^.K0 4- ^*2,inA. liTeqoTooitg, n+jutexp^.- 
juL^.o nrre neqcocrr* e^pKX exen g^^ncKeroc 

eT(e, Ji) (C Bc J : 4>H exiu.(C h. ue a*»] om. B. ^.XX^ 
4>^] om. 4>^, G'H*Mp. ceit^i] neeit^, p. "d"« 

€^02i.O : Ei«»« ^^' yL. ; L"«M"»» ^j^^ yu 'the book of the Exodus.' 
i"rpA.4>H] om. i" , B. nrr^{€, Aa)0*ra)(0, BEjH; om.J^n^ 
nmJ^OJtx] hrremJXOUL O^rong, 'my power might be mani- 
fested,' 26. e&oX] om. A2B. iijfepMl] €i6., Aj. OTOg,] 
AB: g,m^., L«EMN0P: Q-TOg, ^m^., CDFG'HJKL. GHA.- 

p^.it] juLn., BL. " n€TeqoT^.ajq] ne exeq., fo: 

4>K €Teq., BOHJ: HG eT"^.q, 'nN. g^.q(om.ajA.q,B)iiA.i 

. . . ^.It] om. G^'N (retaining ^.It) homeot. ^H 2^6] OTO^ ^K 
2i.€ («a...W), L: om. 2i.e, B. eT"^.qOT(a), H)^.gq] L«ABN: 
eT€q.,TtD*KLM0P26: exeitq., BCFG'»»HJ double negative. 

^n] om. D*Ei*L 26. engarr] a: -goT, t*cfklop 26: 

itgCJOT, BEjG': -gOT, L»DEiHJMN. " O-TH IlRl] order. 

BOMANS IX. 17-23. 65 

^^For the Scripture eaith to Phara5: 'Therefore I raised 
thee (up), that I might manifest my power in thee, and that 
my name might he declared over all the earth.' ^ So (&^p^) 
then on whom he wished he hath mercy, hut whom he wished 
not* he hardeneth. ^^Thou wilt say then to me: 'Why 
findeth he fault? For who is going (lit. giving) against 
hia oounselt' ^ Nay but, O man, who art thou who 
answerest against Godi Shall the thing formed be able to 
Bay to him who formed it: 'Why madest thou me thusi' 
'^Or hath not the potter authority over his clay, from the 
same lump to make a vesad^ one indeed unto (the) honour, 
but another unto [a] dishonour 1 ^^ But if God wished to 
manifest^ his anger, and to shew us his power, he endured 
(lit. brought) in a great longsuffering veeeds of (the) anger, 
prepared unto (the) destruction : ^ that he might manifest the 
riches of his glory upon vessete of mercy, being (676) those 

* Four MSS. omit. '* The variant reading. 

cf. Gt. DEFQ KL al pier d e f g vg &c. Ce^eonr] for om. o^y cf. Or. 
HAKLP &c., bnt In not expressed. qXCJU.] qit^^GJtiL 'wUl 
find/ NO. eqi"] AEi: eqei", Ej: ^.Cff-, LBT^B &c. : q+, L. 
•* AHeno^rnve] position cf. Gr. S«D«KLP al pier syr-*' go (arm) 
&c: Xt.enTOIV(X, F)e, FK. nUUL neOK] om. h*. julm] 
AJUCXI, OH J. epeO) ( + a), BN)] €pe, OHJ omitting potential: 
6gA.p6, C* customary. IlIJU.OItK] -JULO*rillC, L«T*DEiO<»P: 
lU iiUULOK, B by error. eXA.qJU.OIlKq] -JU.O*ritKq, P. 
FM : lUJCe^JULIO, N imperfect. iXIXAJpHi"] JuL4»pH*f , M*. 

*]jcepAJUL€^c] lCA.p^^, em. ixnepajiaji] juLniep., bc 
X5Ln€qoju.i] eneq., G': nxeneq., l. Keo*rA.i] kgo-ca., 
•D. ^e] om. B. erfflcogj] eo*rg., T'K: najcjoaj, b. 
"^e] om. OEiHJ. A.qo*ra)g] A: eqoT., l^t* &c.: qoT, 

B. eqOfOOIt^] AB; eOT., L«T»B &c. OTOg,] om. H*. 
» fclHA.] 'HABFKMNOP, cf. Gr. B 5. 37. 38. 39. 47 »» 67** 80. 116. 
▼ggo&c: 0*rOg, g^IHA., L«BCDG»HJL,cf.Gr.«ADEFGKLPal 
pier d e f g syr"*' (acth) &c. nTeqOTtO(0, ^B)}\^ + 6&0X1 
CF(om. a)G'K. K-fiULeT.] €+ JUL., M : itX€qJU.€T * his/ K. 

»5 npoc puiueoc. 

itn^.1 exe hk ite exA-qepgopn hce&mjd^ox 
ercooT 4- ** ere ^.ItoIt ne sb^ i^r ex^^qe^g,- 
ju.o*r ^ o*r juLoitoit e&oX ifeen It^o*r2L^.I ^.XX^ 
newt e&oX ifeen miceeeitoc* 
** O^'pK'f on erreqxo) jOUuloc ncocie xe i" ka.- 
jULo*ri" e^H €Te ha-Xa-oc ^.it ne xe n^.X^.oc4- 
o*ro2, OH exejuLnof JUtenpiTc * xe ^.' 
pixc 4- 
vo 2«o^og, 6cea)U3ni ifeen niAiL^. eT"^.*rxoc na>OT 
juuuLoq xe necoTcn n^.X^.oc ^.n«5- ixnuuLA. 
eTeiuuuLA.*r erejutoTf epcooT xe nenojKpi 

i}L4>1" €xoni6'5- 
i^jS "Hc^.KA.c 2ke eqcjog efi.oX exen nicX xe eojoon 
epe THni nxe nenojHpi iknicTC ecoi ii^pR'f 
JuLniojcjo nxe 4>iojul nccoxn eqeno2,e«.4- "ot- 
C4^i ^^.p eqxtwK juuuLoq e&oX oTog, eqgoox 
ixjULoq efioX*- 4>k exe nro n^^iq g^ixen 

^* 0*ro2, K^.x^. 4>pKi" on ex^^qxoc nxeKC^H^.c * 

xe eneJuLne n^ c^.&.^.a)e •»- cu3xu noTXpox 

nA.n n^.nn^.ep jOL^pKi" hcoT^oxfLA. ne onr og, 

vy n^.nn^.mi nvojutopp^. ^s- ^^Ot xe nexen- 

n^Jicoq I xe nieenoc^s- exeJuLno*r(f6xi ncA. 

2Le -fe&oX j6en 4>n^.2,'f *- *^ nIcTC 2i.e eq^Toxi 

iin^.i] nxe4>n^.i, G'. nn ne] ne na, cei*fjk (pref. n^.i) 
L : om. ne, AE,«2. gopn] a)u3pn> t*. nceAxa)(o, AjEgL)- 
xo*r] + iixe^'f" * God; fmnop. e*ra)o*r] eo*ra)o*r, t^km : 

om.H*. ** M°«x^*HuBha / JUL^pR-f ] KA.XA. 4>pR-f ,CH JO. 

exeqxto] exA-qxtw, t>MxVO. na)(o, p)cie] l«aeg'HP: 

(tCJOCIR, C J : nCOC ( + e, B*) Re, B« D M N : nCOCeR, L ; obs. Gr. B 

om.fV: i6ena)CRe, T* : i6enu3cie ninpo^RXRc, f«: ifcen- 
tociR nmpo., F*K. exeu^.X^.oc ^.n] exejuLnA.XA.oc 

*.n, D double negative. XenA.XA.OC] + ne, C H J. *• jfe^n- 

niJU-A.], G'. ncooT] cf. Gr. madklp &c.: na>xen 

BOMANS IX. a4-3i, &7 

which he prepared before unto [a] glory, ^^ that is to say us, 
namely them whom he invited, Twt only from the Jews, but 
(A.) also from the Gentiles. ^As also he saith to Osie: 
*1 shall (lit, will) call him who is not my people, "My 
people \^ and her who was not beloved, "She was beloved.*" 
^ And it shall be, in the place in which they said to them : 
^ Te (are) not my people,* in that place they shall call them 
' (the) sons of the living Qod.' ^ But Ssaeas is crying 
cot for Israel: 'If (the) number of (the) sens of Israel 
shall be as the sand of the sea, (only) (the) remnant shall 
be saved : ^ for a word, completing it and cutting it off (is) 
that which the Lord will do upon (the) earth/ ^And 
according as again feaeas said : * If the Lord Sabaoth had 
not left a seed to us, we should have been as Sodoma, and 
we should have been like to Gomorra.' ^^What then shall 
(lit will) we say that the OerUUea (did)1 Having pursued 
not [the] righteousness, they caught [the] righteousness, but 
the righteousness which is (lit. the) from- (the) futh. ^^ But 

'to yo< K. JuLniiUL^.} niiUL^., GHJ. eToni6] eTconi6, 

T»0. *^M»«U:,l KCA.K^.c]L«T^AOE,FHJKLOP: KCA.I^.C, 
BDEiG'MN. 2i.e}oin. BK. eqcOOj] AFKO: ^.qtOOJ, B: 

qu^, L«T* AjC &c. epe] ^.pe, f : e. A,*, ftxenen.] Raen* , 
BGKK. ecoi] coi, M. uicgo)] ncg., b. .nca)(o,N)xn] 
cnrog, nc, t*e,*mnop. ** vA.p] o*ra v^jp, b. 

6q2:ooic] qx., G': ^.qx^ o. e(^(»qaja)x] qg., hjl. 

ijUUtOq i°] om . H * N. €fi.oX 2°] cf. Gr. K*A B 23* 47* 67 ** syr •«>» 
teth««' ar« &c. for om. cV «♦». &c. ^K CTTe] L^'DAEMNOP : n€ 
€Tre, B: nexe, CDFG'HJKL. hot] + 4>1" *God,' T^FK. 

g,i3cen] exeit, o. ^K^.2lO ™*^-> t»(B)mno: +XKpq, cfg' 

HJKL. ^^0( + TE,)It] om. I/FMNOP. eTA.qXOc] 

A,*,E: eTA.qepajO(a3,T*)pn ibCOC 'said before/ Ls'PAiO&c; 

om. ibcoc, K. cnejuLue] enejOLn, e. It^.ItIt^.ep] cm. 

IU.nit^ Ej: om. ep, B*Ei*. He] om. FK. n^.^^^.mI] 
lUJflltl, imperfect. VOJtXOppA.] VtOJU.., T'NO. *® HG- 

Teitn^^oq] ne ex., bno. •f e&oX] om. "f , a,*, cf. ? Gr. 

FG, the idiom requires the article. 4^It^^^] Ullt., G^ ^^ ^c] 

F a 



68 npoc puiueoc. 

iicA. nmoju.oc trre -f JULeeju.Ki iiiieq^g, eni- 
itoju.oc<fi- **€e&e o*r xe e&oX jfceit <titA^'f ne ^.XX^. g^coc e&oX j^eit g,,&Ko*rx * 
^.•r(rr(ypon cnicom fttfpou«5- ka.ta. ♦pM'f ex- 

nejJL oTiiexp^. ncjc&.it2iA.Xon 4- o^rog, ^k ee- 
nA^^f epoq niteqcrfaimi 4- 

e-f pA. iiuULoq g,A. 4>'f eg^pKi excooT e^ito- 
2,eM.«5- ^i"€pjuLeepe v^.p ntooT xe oxxpBj 
nxe ^-f ergofi iI^ktot a.XX^. ka.ta. oxesxi 

onrog, efKto-f ScA. cejutitc etwoT juuuun iSL- 

nonfon nifieit eenAg^-f . ^JU-tonrcMc r^.p A.q- 

cj6^ xe i"JULeeju.Ki -fe&oX jfeeit 4»itojtiLoc 4- 
4>pa)juu een^-^c eqecoitjfe il&Kxc* •-fxitee- 

+Keoq, OH J. nmojuLoc i°] l«t«AiBcehj: 4»nouLoc, 

DFGKKLMNOP : IIOJU.OC, A,. nxe+(irf , B) JUieeJULHI . . . 
6(ijL, B)T\mOJULOc] om. N homeot. ; om. bucauxrwnf, cf- ^r. M*AB 
DEG 47. 67** 140. (17. 61. o«er) d* e g &c. ^^ eeAeo^r] om. OT, 

OJ, xee&oX] xeo*r€&oX, bcfJjK. 4>n^.2,i"] luiu^'f, 
B: onrn., c. A.n ne] ne, B: om. A.n, e^f*. a^-ng,- 

J6.KOTI] om. i^fuw, cf. Gr. K* ABFG 6. 9. 47t»t67** f g vg Orin* &c. 
A-TtfTcJ^pOn] eA.*r(rf., K; Gr. K*ABD*FG47»*ta*"» 

d e f g am fu toi go Ot^k e(j6en, JH»»)nia3ni ntfpon] om. 

FH*K homeot. *^ D"k KCA.IA.C : Ai°«Ej»«L°« 1^1 •ishaVa/ 

2,Knne] om. B. O-rOg, ^k] om. O-rOg,, HJ; om. fro«, cf. Gr. 
MABDEFG 47. d* e f g go ajr'^^ aeth«' Or Cyr. 

^ n-f juL^-f] AE : + juten, l»t*b &c. e^p^] +pA^ b. 

eXtWOIf] cf. Gr. 8ABDEFGP 6. 10. 17. 47*** 71.93. 137. la »*•* d e f g 
vg go 8yr«*' arm (aeth) Or»»' Cyr. emog^eJUL] e^renog^etl. 

ROMANS IX. 32— X, 6. 69 

Israel pursuing the law of [the] righteousness reached not 
the law. ''Why? Because it is not from (the) faith, 
but (^) as from works. They stumbled at the stone of 
stumbling ; according as it is written : '^ * Behold I shall 
(lit. will) set in Sion a stone of stumbling and a rock of 
offe7u:e, and he who believeth him shall not be ashamed.' 

X. My brethren, (the) good pleasure of my heart and 
my prayer which I make to God for them (is) unto [a] 
salvation. 'For I witness to them that a zeal for (itXC) 
Ood ^t is) which is in them, but (^) not according to [a] 
knowledge* 'For being ignorant of the righteousness of 
Ood, and seeking to establish their own, they were not 
subject to the righteousness of God. 

^ For (the) end of the law is Christ unto [a] righteous- 
ness to every one who believeth. 'For Moses wrote that 
the righteousness which is ('f') from (the) law, (the) man 
who will do it shall live in it. 'But the righteousness 

*thej ahull be saved,' Q%- eepO^ritO^^CiUL 'for them to be saved/ 
TFK, cf. 8yr«*» 'that they may be saved '; om. cWir, cf. Gr. K* AB DE 
FO 47*«* 71. ai9* I2*«* d* e f g go syr««*> arm aeth Cyr. * V^p] om. 
CH J. JC^T^] iiKA.TA., J double negative. ' ero&g] 

erODfLO}, B*CFHJKO. ♦'fj + exgon ill6KTOT ' wWch was 

in them,' B. nc^.ceuL^6] RCeJKXIte, P. ecooT iOuuuit 

iijULCJOOT] om. butauKrvmi^, cf. Gr. ABDEP 47*** 178. S^^ d***e vg 
trni Ac. JJLliO'^CFhe] ijLTU.*rtflt6, K customary negative: 
ikXiiJJOrtffie, N by error. ei"JU.eeJU.MI a*] AG'K: Hf., 
UTB Sec ^ £i"f J^l jue 'the feast of the Apostles.' V^p] Hunt 26, 

^e, B. n5cc ne] ne nxc, dfg'KL26: nxc hot ne 

* is Christ the Lord,' E,. eTJULCeJULKl] eOT., F : ilO*r.| K. 

€enA.g,i"]+epoq, o. 'A.qci6i.i] l«t»abofg^hjp: 

eqC, K: qc, DELMN0«: CJ6^.I, O*. Xe] position cf. Gr. 
H*A D* 17* 67** (47) vg Ortot ^c.; D«s XeflTIK. i"(om. T*)€- 
&oX] om. N«: nrfeAoX, B by error. ^nOJULOC] A 26, obs. Gr. 
KB w6i»m,: HinOiULOC, Ls'PB Ac, cf. ? Gr. DE &c. CeitA^Ic] 
ne cMsi ty of olject prevents comparison with Gr. It^KXCj IlJOHXqt 
1 mascaline ; cf. Gr. K* A B 17. 47. 80. d** e vg go arm™ Or*"*. 


70 npoc puiueoc. 

Onepxoc st>etx nsK^KT^ xe niJU. een^.aIaI6 

€na)u3i ex4>€«5- ere ^a.\ ne xe iiTeqmi 

juLnxc euecMTfr ^le niJtx een^^ojoic eue- 

cmr e^noTit ere ♦^.i ne xe iixeqim 

JuLn^cc* ena)U3i e&oX j6eit nn eeju.a)OTX4- 

iH 8 CtXXX^. o*r uexe i"vpA.4>H xtw xLtiLoq | qi6ein" 

epoK ibcenic^^i«- qx^ ^^" pcoK^- OTog, 

qX^ i6en neKg^KT exe 4>^i ne nc^^i iixe 

^n^.g^'f exen^iitwig ijuuLoq *- * xe eojcon a.k- 

oj^.nonrcoit^ e&oX i66it pcoK X€ n^ ne mc 

o-rog, nxeKnA^-f i6en neKg^HXfr xe ^ 4>1" 

xo*rnocq eAoX s^en nn eeju.a3o*rx eKeno- 

^ejtx^ ^®i6eii uig^MX rA.p cen^.g^'f epoq 

enrjuteeiULKX * i6en pa>o*r :l€ ceonr twitg, ijuuLoq 

e&oX ertno^ejtx^ 

vq- ** Cxo) ^^.p iiUULoc ibce+vpA.4>M 4- xe oxon iti&en 

. . . ni- een^.g^'f epoq nneqcTicgmi. ^^ iJLu.oit ctxjopx 

B.eit,J2 v^.p gon JuLnnoT2L^.i neju. nioTemm-i- ua-iot 

^^.p ne nxe o*ron ni&eit-»- eqoi np^JUL^.o no*ron 
ni&en exoxg e^pm o*rfi.Rq* ^^o*ron ni&en 
eenA-xco^g, i}L<(pA.ti JuLnw eqenog^eix *• 

« qXO)] eq^CO), EaO. Ei»»« J^^^^j Uss-UI^ 'the book of 
Denteronomy, which is the repetition ' ; L°^ uW^yi j Uii«#^l 'Deuteronomy 
and Leyiticns/ Deuteronomy again next verse. JOLn^lpK'f'] pref. Xe 
by error, T»; D»« as.e7fXepOnOJULIOn (thus also next verse): Ai">« 
ljss«i5ll ' Deuteronomy,' again next verse. JuLnepXOc] L« Aj^B ODE 

G'JLMNOP 26 : xejuLnep., Ai°>«hfk. een^^gj nee., ch«j. 
enojcoi] eg^pKi, chj . ''een^.o)] nee., G'H: om. g, 

potential. J. JtXl(Xp\ om. JUL, H. engCOl] om. "PM. HK 

H.«nt^i8. eejuL] neejUL, d. * o*r] om. a,*, nerel l« Aj d fg'L m ; 
ne, AjEP : ne exe, t*ohjk; ne e, bno. T^p^.♦K] tf. Or. 

FG f g aeth for position, also Gr. D£ al plus^^de vg^ am fu harl arm &c.; 
Ei^ jdl 'Deut.* qj6enx] qj6tA5ItX, Ei*2; position cf.? Gr. 
DEFG d e f g vg go arm &c. Hanw t6 filjiia. q(om. B2)XM i°] L'T» 

ROMANS X. 7-13, 71 

which is (*f ) from (the) faith saith thus, Say not in thy 
heart: * Who will be able to go up to (the) heaven T That is 
to say, that he may bring Christ down: "^or, Who will be 
able to go down to (the) abyss) That is to say, that he 
may bring Christ up from them who are dead. ®But 
(^) what suth the Scripturet The word is near thee; it is 
(^h) in thy mouth, and it is CXH) in thy heart, that is 
to say, (the) word of (the) faith which we proclaim, * that if 
thoa shouldst confess with (lit. in, thus again) thy mouth, 
that Jesus is the Lord, and believe with thy heart that 
God raised him from them who are dead, thou shalt be 
saved: ^^for with the heart they believe him unto [a] 
righteousness, but with their mouth they confess him unto 
[a] salvation. ^^ For the Scripture saith : * Every one 
who believeth him shall not be ashamed.' ^^ For there is 
no separation of the Jew and the Qreek : for this Lord 
is of all^ being rich to all who cry up toward him. ^^ Every 
one who will pray (the) name of the Lord shall be saved. 

ABEiG'MNOP: pref. 0*rOg, *and/ CDFHJK. HC^^^l] A : 

mc^jci, L«T*B &c. ^^n^^i"] niitA.^i", n. • owmg,] 

0*ron^» £1; cf. Gr. MAC &c. om. t6 p^fuu XCnOC 116 IHc] for 
«r« cf. Or. B Clem Cyr -Petftwrfor *e8t' Hil et^Aug. * HeKg^KX] 
♦TRpq 'aU,* B 18. A.(om. A8)ct>1"] ^UOC 4>i", 0. TOf- 

nocq e&oX] om. e&oX, l». kr eejtxtwoTx] neejuL, 
D. *® vA.pj juten, CH J. e(o, A^^rjutee] eox.,^. ^e] 
X€, ii». ceotvon^ (cm. J,*)] erof ., b i8. XJuuLoqJ 

MJLMJLUOO^ * them/ C by error : om. F*. eWOg^eM.] eOf It., K. 
" F"f 1^1 'end.' D»« HC^.I^.C : L»« ^\ U:»l 'isWya the pro- 
phet.' V^.p iijULOc] JOUULOC VA-p, P : cm. VA-p, K.^ Xe] 
cf.? Or. 38. 48. 7a. 8yr»*' Or»«>* Sedul praem Sri. " iiUl] Itltl, F. 

lUJ^ 1U.OC *my Lord/ EgLN: UOC, T*. ^^.p] +no-ra3X, 

'ooe/ T»FK. iioTon] €o*ron, F. ^* Aa-^ IO*rHX. D«« 

ICOkX : Ai»«Ei»f Jl^ 'Yiial.' OTOn] AEL : + V^.p. L«T*BCD 
FG'HJiKMNOPiS. Xtofi-g,] Aj*' \j^Si 'they wiU call,' note 
^] ^lVi2 JmJ' li *>" *be Coptic "he will pray," more correct.' JtX- 

^p^.n] e*., G-. 


72 npoc puiueoc- 

epoq-j- utoc :l£ cetx^n^^'f jju^h ex€ijLno*r- 
coejuL6q4- acoc 2^6 cen^cuonreJUL ^jrtfhe ^h 

o*rop!io*r K^^TA. ^pK-f eT"Ci6HOTX«5- X€ g^ox: 
enecc iteittfA.XA.fx itna exg^igenito^rqi itm- 
neeitA-iter «- 

j;f ^* CtXXXA. JuLuo^rccoxeu. TKpoT itcA. nie^ A.vve- 
Xioit<fi- KCA.KA.C VAp qxa> iiuuLoc xe n^ niUL 
nexA-qnAg^-f" exencju-R o*rog, nafoo&oK ixnoc 
exA.qtfa)pfi eitiAJU "^A.pA. ^^WAg^i" efi.oX 
j6en nccoxejuL ne nccoxeju. a^e efi.oX g,ixen 

yiy ncAJ^i jxnxfi ^^^ "CtXXXA. -fxco jOUuloc 
xe jtxK juLfioTctoxeu.. juteit oTit ve | a. hot- 
j6pw)o*r ge itA.q e&oX ^ixcit uka^i XKpq* 
oTog, itoTCAXi a.t4>02, gjA. AnrpHXc iii-oi- 

^* CtXXXA. i"xa) JuuuLoc * xe julk ilLne nicJs juLneq- 

6JU.I tta)opn<fi- JU.a)*rcHC xco iluuLoc xe A.itoK 

exeit i« ciGrfxP& itorren * exeit nexeito*reeitoc Ait- 

...,J2 ue* exeit oxeeitoc itA.xicA.'f* eieepexen- 

xconx 4- 


^* UCOC OTIt ... epoq] om, N. ntWC a^e C€llA.(oin.ltA.,H)- 

it^ai"] om.E2. iJL^H 2^] e^H, DFG'MO 18: GUI, N. exeJuL- 
no*rcoeju.eq] -correju. epoq, G'. nvoc ^e a°] utoc 

0*rit, FG' : om. 2^e, D. " fWJOC . . . ^lUOIO)] om. N homeot. : om. 

^e, M : nooc Of It ceit., G'. A2»« nejUL mxjojtx: 

D»» KCAIAC: Ai»«Ei»« (om. ^) U»llj ^yjj 'Nabum and IsWyS.* 

eitece] itece, d : enenA.ce, EiO,. neittfX.XA.Tx] om. c. 
itnK(i, AgEg). . . ueenAitef] cf. Gr. «*abo 47*** 62. 71. 109. 

aeth"*' Clem Or Epphan Eu8 om. t. tvayy. tip, itnilieon.] cf. Gr. 
8*D^et^KL al fere omn arm Clem &c.: ItltK eOIt 'thooe which are 
good,' P,cf.?Qr.N«ABCD*EFGP47»«* 178 OrEus. ^^ ItCA.] €, OHJi; 
Aj*' l^abJai *they obey,' note ^\ \yt^mni ^)aJi\ ^ *in the Coptic "they 
hear," more correct.' qXCo] eqXO), KG: XO), B 18; Aj^tEj^^t 
HCA.HA.C: D»«KCAIA.C: M"* U^rishaya.' neXA.qitA.^i"] 

ROMANS X. 14-19. 73 

'* How then will they pray him whom they believed not ? 
Bat how will they believe on* him whom they heard 
not) But how will they hear without him who proclaimeth 1 
^^ Bat kow will they proclaim nnless they were sent f Accord- 
ing as it is written: *How beautiful are (the) feet of them 
who preach good tidings of the good (things).' ^^But 
(^) all obeyed not the Oospd. For £saeas saith : * Lord, 
who believed our voice; and to whom was (the) arm of 
the Lord revealed t ' ^^ So i^^*p^) (the) faith is from (the) 
hearing, but (the) hearing is through (the) word of Christ. 
^* Bat (^) I say: * Heard they noti' Yea verily their sound 
went out over all (the) earth ; and their words reached unto 
(g)^) the end of the inhabited world. '^ But (^) I say : 
'Did not Israel know?' first, Moses saith: 'I shall rouse 
your jealousy (lit. give zeal to you) by (lit. upon) that which 
is not a nation^ by a senseless nation I shall cause you to be 

* It is doubtful whether any difference of meaning is intended hj the 
change of the preposition. 

LtADEJi^LMP: ne €XA.q., T»BCFG'HJi«KNO 18. 0X0^ 

ngcjo&of . . . €(n, c J,) ituutj cf. Or. 4, 31. " e&oX st>en\ 

pret OT, FK. ncCOXeUt] HICCOX., G'. HG i°] 2^6, Ea« : om. 
G^ 2l6] om. B (wrote CCOJXee&oX and JUL added) F (then O^T- 

eAoX). e&oX 2°] om. A,*. g,ixeit] sben, Ai»«bfk i8. 

nC^JCl] L»T»Ai"»»,«CDFG»H JiKLMNOPjniCAJiCI, B : ♦lU.- 

g^-f, Ai*E: mc^^ll^n^g^-f* V- ^XJ^ c^- ^'- N*BCD*B 
6. 9. 23. 47*** 49. 57. 67** d e vg go arm aeth">&c. ^*iULMj om. 

a ixnoTcurreu.] + XKpoT 'aii,' c G' Ji . Jtxe (r, l) n- 
cy7rn(om. A,«Ei*H)r(x, fo*j k, KL)e] + VA.p, dkl: +Ker^p, 

F. D»»* tlr^XjULO IH: Ai«»Ei"«^j^> 'the Psalm/ Ai"»« ^j^Ul 
'the eighth:' Ei"ff a^UI 'the ninth.' nOTi6pCOO*r] ni6*i A,. 
IU.q] naX)*r, L by error. Ei»«Fnw g^l 'the end' (of lection). 
" ilLnenicTC] JULuIcX, B; petition cf.? Gr.KABCD*et«EFGPal*® 
d e f g Tg go arm aeth &c. JULneqCJU.!] SJULl, G'* K. najopnl 

+ v^p, FK ; Dj»« as.enrreponojuuon : l^\xsJ3\ ' Dent' xtoj 
qxtv, T» : ^qxoo, 0. nexen] om. it, l. ^n ne e^ceito^r- 
eenoc] om. 0* homeot.: om. ^K, BE,*, eepexew] eepe- 

TCiretlf FK by error. 

74 npoc pinueoc. 

iULoc xe ^JtxejtxT niiR ereitceKco-f iicuji 
^.n-j- ^.loTong^T ewK exencegiiti iluuLoi A.itfr 
^^cpco) ^6 iiuULoc ee&e nlcT^ xe ^i^po) 
iiiuaix e&oX iSLiiieg^oonr rrRpq^s- oTfi.€ onr- 
Xa-oc ri^.xca)X€JU. •&- o^rog, qepA-iiTiXerm *• 
v$ 1 'I^xtw OTH ijuuLoc * AiLK A. <^'f XA- neqX^.oc 
iiccoq, nnecgcom 4- K€ r^.p A.noK g,a> ^noK 
o*rKcpA.HXn"Kc e&oX i6en nxpox n^.&p^..^JUL4- 
x4>tXk juL&em^.JULm fr * jutue 4>i" x^ ^€^- 
Xa-oc nctoq ^k ex^^qepgopn itcofujitq*- 
y^A.ii xexeitejutx ^.n^- xe o*r nerre i"vpA.<tR 
xo) iiuuLoq i6en HXi^^cfr ijL4>pRi" ex^^qceuLi 
ii^-f euicTCfr ^xe rot iteKiipo4>KTKC ^.•r- 
i6oe&.o'v n6KJU.^.n6p2)0'va)a30'va)I ^.TO'voxno*r-»- 
^.ItoK Juuuu.*rA.T ^.icu3xn4- o*rog, ceicco-f iicA. 
TA-^X** •5- * A.XX^ o*r nexe uixP^JtitATic- 

iULOC XU3 iiUULOC It^.q 4- A.ICU3XII HKI itf nofo 

iipcoJULi-i- n^j exeijLUOfKeXx KeXi iii"&AAX'&- 

*n^.ipHi" on j6en ua-ichot iixe -fnox*- ot- 

X'viuuuLA. KA.XA. o*rjUL€Xca3xn noTg,Ju.ox 

20 M"s uii. ^qepxoXjtiLA.n] abeJi: eqep., l^cdfg'Jj 

KN : qep, T*HLMOP. 0*rog,] om. BFK. eqXtw] Ai.a«EFK: 

iqx., B : qx., L«T* &c. exenceKto-f ] exen-f , a^*. nnn] 

L«T'A (B &c. uncertain): jfeeitnK, G', cf. ? Or. BD* FG f g &c. 
f.IO*ron2,X . . . ^.n] om. M homeot.: pref. Of Og, ' and,' T*DFKL. 

ena] t* a, Ei : nitK, us (b &c. uncertain). "^ qxo)] eqxtw, F K. 
:^e ijuuLoc] ixixoc 2^e, Ex*? f : r^.p juUuloc, l^t^nop : 

JULJULOC, M. Ai«« Ei»« 1^1. ^.I^tW (6, Ai«K) pg nit^^ix] 

neg,oo*r, n* Ji*. XKpq . . . onr og,] om. n. o*rfi.e] eefic, 

F by error, qep.] eq., CFG'HJ. 

* 0*rn] om. BOHJx. JULK] pref. Xe, T*K. A.] om. CJ. 
iictoq] cf. Gr. K*BCD«E(FG)LP al fere omn f g vg syr^*' arm aeth 
go 0r»n' Eu8 &c. om. tp vpoty*^. ^VJ ^.ItOK] om. ^.ItOK9 0. 0*r- 
KCp^^KXlXKc] AEi*: 0•r^Cp^.HXIXKC, L«TkDEi«FG'KMO«: 

RQMANS X. ao— XL 5: 75 

angry.' ^^ But Ssaeas is (A.q) bold, and is saying : ' I was 
found by (it) them who seek me not. I manifested myself 
unto them who ask me not' ^^ But he saith concerning 
Israel: *I spread out my hands all the day toward a people 
disobedient, and they (maso. sing.) contradict (me).' XX I say 
then. Did God forsake his people ? It shall not be. For 
I also am an Israelite^ from (the) seed of Abraam, (the) tribe 
of Benjamin. . ^ Ood forsook not his people whom he fore- 
knew. Or know ye not what the Scripture saith in 
£lias? How (ix^^pKi") he interceded with God for (e) 
Israel : ' * Lord, they killed thy prophets, they threw down 
thine altars: I alone was left; and they seek my life* 

* But (^) what saith the oracle to him ? I left to me seven 
thousand men, these who bent not knee to the (fern.) Baal. 

^Thus also in this present time a remriavt according to 

0-rcpAJlXl(K,H)THC,BCEi«aH JLNO*P. HXpOX] !IIX.,T*BN. 
^p^.A.&, Ar &€(!, H)m(oiiL B)AJULm] cf. Gr. DEFGP al 
pier : -JULHIt, L, cf. Gr. L. * nexe] ne 6X6, T^C : U6 6, B. 

6XA.qceiin] i/AE L : execfc, t*b &o. ix^-f ] Lf T» a b d e 

FG'KL: e<ti", CHJMNOP. 6Ilic3R] JuLll.,CHJKO: 6:^6Itn.| 
B ; cf. Gr. K« &c. 33. 47 *«* 67** 73. 178. d e f g vg syrP arm &c. : + eqXO) 
iiJUtOC 'saying/ T^ (no MSS.), cf. Gr. M*L al pier 8yrx»i> aeth &c. 
Ai»iEi"» djUll^li-l (om. El) 'the books of the kings.' * IieK- 

(om.E2*)JL«^nepttJOf (om.aOT,AxPE2FG'JKLMOP)ga30*rgi] 
cf. Or. H*ABCFGP 47*** 52- 7i. 80.115. 116. defg vg 
Or»«*Eus &c.: pref. 0*rOg„ CH J, cf. Gr. DEL al pier syr^*' arm aeth 
&c. U\0K\ cf. arm : Of Og, A-HOK, C, cf. Gr.: ^.ItOK ^6, 0. 

juutt.A.*rA.(e, AaO)x] xJLMjL^Xi c. ^.xccoxn] eic, eh jg. 

0*rOg,] om. B. * n6X6] ne 6X6, T»BCJNO : n6 nX6, H. 

XCJO JOUULOC] Xa> ijUULOq, BDG'HJ,L; n6XA.q, 0« iar-i 
'a copy'; Aj"«Ei™« fti^\i^\ as above. *^^^] ^^> ^ ^y e^ror. 
A.(6, Ji)ICa)X!l] pref. X6, T»CK, nf . . . n't] 6f • . . 6i", B ; 
D has <-i,t.r„ 'shashf written above ^. &^.^.X] ^.&.^^X, H. 

* on] cf. ? Gr. 54. 55. 109. syr"^ et p*«* arm om. o^v. 0*rXnrJtJL- 
JULA. (T»A&c.: 0*rXlJUUUL(om.B)A., L8B*DMN0P«,cf. Gr.«AB* 

c D* FG ai)...A.qaja)ni] OT jutonon na 6X^.qcoxno*r 

iig^OTO ^qojconi, G'. unintelligible : om. A.qga>UI, 0. no**- 
g^AILOX] T*AB E : ng,JU.OX, U &c. 

76 npoc pinueoc. 

sb^ti 2,A.itg,&KOTi A.ti ue* jOuuLoit nig,Ju.ox 

f ^ Ot xe 4>H. uexe nicX ^s- Kco-f itccoq. <t^.i JOLneq- 
oj^^ofiti epoq<t- 'fjULeTccoTH ^e A-crfjUL^-f. 

errcsbiioxir^ xe a. (^'f "f itoooT itoTiuuI 
itTcoJU-T ^ newt 2,^.nfi.A.X eajxeixnA-T juL&oX 
new. ^^.itiUL^.aix egTeu-ccoxeJu. gA.ei6oTit 

^ Oroa 2LA.*«2i xo) iiUuLoc * xe juu.p6 xoxxp^.- 
ne^^. cgconi itcooT iio*r(t>^.cij iteju. oTXopxc4> 
it&u. o*rclc^.^2L^.XoIt neju. onr^faie&ia) itu30T4> 
^® itoT&^.X Juu.po-repxpcAt.'^c egTejutn^T 
ix&oX4- xoTtfTci iUL^.p6CKa)Xx ricKO*r ni&.6n-»- 
"'I^xo) oTit jjLMXoc^ JULK ^TcX^.i" g^m^. Kceg^ci. 
jtnccajconi. ^.XX^ iii6pKi st>^n, nonriu-p^n- 
Tvojuu.^ ^ no*rx^j ojcoiu ititiceitoc 4- i^e 
Kcefx^ft naK)*r4- "icxe noTnA.pA.nx(jajULA. 
^.qep o*rjUL67p^JUL^o iJLniicocju.oc4- oTog, 
no*r(rpog, ^.qep juLCxp^Jut^o ilnx6enoc<fi- le 
^'VKp ne nonrxcoK'fi- 


juieit o*rit ^.^oJc ^-oi iU.nocToXoc kre iti- 

^.qajCOIlI . . . « 2,ULOT-] om. MN homeot. • ^tt UC] 

Ite, T^BDHJjKL. UIP^AJLOX] Ug,., G^ qitA.] It^ B; tense 
cf, ? Gr. C*"^^ Utrrm. ZeJ cf. Or. S^ACDEFGP 47*** def g vg am 
(aeth) Or*-* om. W W t'f fpywr &c. "^ 4>K HCTe] AEi: UG 4>H 6X6, 
L«T*B &c: Ue exe, N: nexen, Ej by error. KtO-f] +g{^- 
ni ' to obtaiii/ M by error. JuLneqci).] ijlTU^qO)., H. HCCUI 
:^e] om. 2^6, B. * JC^.X^. . . . Cj6kOTX] om. M; D»f 

MCA.IA.C: Ai"»gBi«« M«« \^\ ' Isha ya.' XtOULX] XOJULX, EjG» 
MP. ix&oX] e&oX, B«0*. 21^.] pref, OTOg, 'and.' OH J. 

ROMANS XL 6-13. 77 

a ohoioe of [a] grace existed. ^ But if in [a] grace, then , it 
ia not from works: otherwise the grace will not be grace 
any more. ^What then (is) tiiatl That which Israel 
sought, this he obtained not; but the chosen (lit. choice) 
acquired (it). But (the) rest were hardened of heart. 
* According as it is written : ' Qod gave to them a spii^ of 
stupor, and eyes not to see, and ears not to hear until to- 
day/ *And David saith: 'Let their table be to them 
a snare and a trap aud a htuniblingblock and a retribution 
to them. ^^Let their eyes be darkened not to side; their 
back let it be bent (down) always.' '^ I say then. Did they 
stumble that they might fall? It shall not be: but (^) in 
their transgression (the) salvation happened to the Gentiles, 
that they may rouse their jealousy. ^^If their trans- 
gressian was the (lit. a) riches of the world, and their 
deficiency was riches of the OeniUes, then how great is 
their fulness) 

^•But I say to you, namely the Gentiles. Moreover^ so 
far as I am aposUe of the Gentiles, I glorify my ministry : 

e^OO-c] JOlc^., L. • Of Og, ^. (2iA.2k, G'KLP)] om. Of Og^, 

CG'HJ : ^^f I2i + itXen, CHJ. XUO] qXCJO, T*OHJO; D"« 

'^^y^JULO ^: E-w^^lj c)*^*^>;A* **^« sixty-eighth Psalm': Ai«« 

jy,j^ • Psalm 68 ' (Copt, num.) IteJUL Of X.] Of Og, Of X., B. 

ge&io)] -Of, M; -o, B. ^® JOL&oX] e&oX, b*. TOf (TT] 

L«ACEH: pref. OfOg, (f, B) 'and,' T»BD F GKK LMNOP. 
" Of n] om. G'. JULh] XeJtXH, K. nof XA.l] Ai*2BEG'N0* : 
TUOf X^I, I/TAi* &c. ncefxP8j] ^e^-., CHJO indicative: 
ecrf ., B by error. ^^ ICXe] AB : + 2i€, L«T* &c. UOf HA-p.] 

nof n^p., Ej pinraL Hof (J^og,] JOLu., H : noxjtxeTtC, P. 

JUL€Tp.J AE: OfJUieTp., L«T*B &c. A.f(^Of, 0'H«J)- 
K(€, L)pJ +AJU.XXon, 0. nOf XCJOK] m^C., P, transl. 'their/ 
1' F"«L™< hjL M>\J\ J^ 'the fourth Sunday of Tubah.' :^e] cf. Gr. 
MABP 10. 31. 47. 73. 80. syr'**' arm Ac: om. FL, cf. aeth^*'. iO^J 
j6en 'among,' M. €<&0(€, M0P)COn] L'ABEMNOP: pref. Xe, 
TCDFG'HJKL. JXeit Of It] cf. Gr. SABCPCyr &c.: om. Of H, 
B, cf. Gr. L al pier d*** e vg syrP aeth &c. 11X611160.] nitl., B. 

78 npoG pmueoc. 

nofg^io-ri e&oX ^.qep oxg/virn jQLniicociULoc. 
le ^g ne nof mi ei6of it->- e&KX encoitj^ e&oX 
i6eit neejULOJO-cx 4- 1 

^•ICxe ^e i"^n^pxK oT^fii*- le qo-c^fi on ibce- 
niKeoTcocyeitiL 4- o-rog, icxe -fitofiu o-r^fiL •fi- 
le coT^i^ on itxeniK6:2CA.X4- 

"ICxe 2k€ ^. g^A-no-ron e&oX ^fcen nt2:^X ^.f- 
fccjopx*^ neoK 2^8 iieoK oTe&oX jfcen ^ffixw 
fbccjoix ncy^-o]! jk'cepKinSkpi^m jjutxoK hi>pHS 
ni6HX0T4- ofog, ^jc6pa]<&Hp juLTiKeni nxe 
enoTni n'f&tjo nxcoiT*- " jOLnepojoTrgof 
juUxoK exen nix^X^- 
ICxe ^e neoK*- Kaofgo-r jjutxoK neoK JLn 
exqA.1 st>^ ^noTni 4- ^.XX^ -f no-rni exxcooTn 
i6^poK *• " ^xi'^^^oc o-rn xe g^A-nof on Kcjopx 
e&oX j6en nix^X<^ g^m^ ^.noK nTo-repmrn- 
i^pi^m xkAxoii- *®KA.Xa)c, ^.TKCJop^ jfcen 
xoTAiiexA.en^g^'f neoK 2^6 Kog^i ep^-xic j^en 
*"^&1" ixneptJici itg^KX*- ^.XX^ ^px&o-f *• 

"ICxe v^p juLne 4>'f -f^-co e^cen niK^xA. ^t^-ccic 
nx^.X Of 2^6 neoK ^ujk nneq+^co epoiC'^ 

exA., B: nxc, Eg. n(om.F)2,A.noTon] eg^., a,. e&oX 

ora. B. ^* ^-(e, BE2)] om. CJ. ijLniKOCiULOc] eniK., HJ: 

+ of02, uoftfpog, A-qepo-rjULexpAJULA-o nnieenoc 

' and their stnmbling became the riches of the Gentiles/ L. ^S)J ^^-^ 
BDEFO'KMNOP : ^0(om. 0)TKp*bow great,' CHJL. UOf mi] 
nOfI 'their coming,' H. neOiUL.] AjD: tlH eOiUL., L«T» &c. 
"^e] L8T*A(B)DEGKMN0P,cf.Gr. »BC*DEFG'LP al omn^««* 
gyjutf arm &c. : V^p, CHJL, cf. Gr. A &c. : om. F, of. Gr. C* go aeth. 

•o^^^Sl i°] coTA-fii, c H JjO. qoT^&] eq., T* AiOEjFK. niKe] 

cm, JCe 'also/ P. O^V^A 2*^] COf A^, JO. COT^] L«AEH: 

ROMANS XI. 14-21. 79 

^^ that I may rouse the jealousy of my fleah^ and save some 
of them. ^^ For if their casting away made a reconciliation 
of the vxyrldy then what is their bringing in except (the) 
life from them who are dead? ^•But if the firstfruit 
(is) holy, then holy also is the lump: and if the root (is) 
holy, then holy also are the branches. ^^ But if some from 
the branches were cat off, but thou, being from the bitter 
oliye tree wert grafted in among them, and thou shared 
in (the) fSatness of (the) root of the olive tree ; ^® boast not 
thyself over the branches. But if thou indeed (pron.) 
boastest thyself, thou (art) not (that) which beareth the 
root, but (^) the root (is that) which lifteth up thee. 
^^ Thou wilt say theny that some from the branches were cut 
off, that I indeed (pron.) might be grafted in. ^^ Well ; they 
were cut off in their unbelief, but thou indeed (pron.) 
standest in (the) faith. Be not proud, but {l) fear. ^^ For 
if God spared not the branches according to Tio^ure, neither 

C60*V^^, T* B &c. correct plural : qOTA^, J by error. " ^.] om. B 

G'. e&oX] om. B. ^.TK(JOpx] Kojpx, C H J. ^.f epK.] eA.T- 

Cp(n,L)K., L«CDH(oin.ep)JL, participle. JCIItiipi^m] Ai(4- ^): 
Jnfn2j.(T, CJKP).,T*A,BCEHJKP: ICenX(2i, GK)., UDFCKLM 
NO. ^.KepOJ^^Hp] cf.? Gr. D*PGk"«' df g aeth &c., position required 
by form of verb. JOLn( + I> G^Keitl] L«T*AB«EG': €nK(V, L)., 

CDFHJKLMNOP. iixeeitofiti fi] ne.,B: om.enofni it, 

L; for om. m/ cf. ? Gr. K^BO &c., for om. 1^ plCifs cf. Gr. D*FG d f g 
&c. XCJOIX] + illtOTrXeJUL ' sweet,' C JL. " TjlG] om. FK. 

iieoK ^n] pref. le 'then,' OG'HJL. i6^'f] ^'t' B. ex- 

XCJOOTTIt] XOJOTItOTr, G'. " O-rit] om. O: +ItHI, BCGJL. 

^^ItO-rOIt] AE : pref. ^., L«T*B &c. ItXOf ep . . . ijUULOl] 

iix^ep . . . juUiLon, k. *® K^.Xa3(o, b*E2M)c] iIk., b«. 
juLex^en^^fl juLex^.x., fhjm. ^e] om. b. ko^x] 

eiCOg,!, T*CDKL. ii&HX] ng^cf, C by error: om. AjEj. 
^^ V^p] L«T*ADEFG'KLNOP, cf. Gr.: ^8, BCHJ : 2^e VA-p, 

M. exeti] AiE : em, l^T'Aj &c. oy^e] cf. Gr. » a bgp 6. 42. 

47 « 67** 73. «o. &c. om. ijJfirm. gj^^] 8/^^3 by error. 

80 npoc puiueoc. 

gcjox e&oX hrre ^^^ exen hh ixeit eT^^-rg^ei 
ofatjox e&oX*- eg^pHT 2^6 exujK o-cjuiexxpc 
nxe 4>'f *• eaton ^e ^.Ka{^tto^I i6en •fiULer- 
Xpc. iJUULOit ileojc ^(jok4- ceitAJcopxK. " cnrog, 
niKex^A^o*^*^! ^••raxejULog,! j6en 'fjuiexA.e- 
n^^i~4- cen^.epKTit2kpi^m juUuujoo'v R]C6coii4> 
**ICx€ neoK ^.-cKopxK e&oX g,^. i-icA.x^, 4>-rcic 
iJL&a) fbctjoix ^ta^.aI*• o-rog, ^.TeplCTn2.pI^m 
jOUjlojc n^p^ xeK4>fcic ei" fi.(J0 itxaaix Rnof- 
xejuLfr ntjoco iui^XXon iu.i-5- e^it^epicTttSkpi^in 


fy «» fl-foTeg eunoT ^e ^.!t ttj^citHO'c epexenoi 
it^xeiULi enA-iAiLTcxKpion 4- ^in^, itxexen- 
gxeiULgtJoni epexenoi ilc^.&.e ittjoxeit juuul^.'v- 
^.xeIt OHito-c TLB oyBVJJtJL ng^HX j^qofconi 
jOinicTC*- i6en oT^.noiULepoc •^ g^xe nxcjoic 
nmeenoc i eifcoTit*- **oto2, iu.ipH+ nic3^ 
xapq eqeitog^euL 4- ic^x^ ^pK-f excifcHOTX* 
xe eqei e&oX s^en cicjoit fbce4>H een^.Ito^eAJL•fi- 
eqex^ceo rtItIiULex^.ce£LKC e&oX g,^ i^jccjoJ^ * 

"^eaceit] pref. eg^pHI, CHJ. O-CgCJOX] cf.? Or. K^ABO 
67** arm Or Dam oiroro^^. e&oX 2®] +X€, CHJ. e^pHl] 
iig,., F. ^€ i°] om. CHJO. OTiUieXXPc] c^' Gr. ABOD* 
67** arm Or Eua Dam xpn<rr6Tfjs. itXe4>^ 2°] cf. Gr. KABCD* d* 
yg (non demid) arm &c. eojOOn ^e] T^ AE : om. :^e, L^ B Ac, cf. Gr. 
•f iUieXXPC 2°] XeJCAit. ' thy kindness,* by error. JOuULOn] 
T*A &c.: eJUUULOIt, L«(eii.)EMP. Ceit^KOpXK] L«TkAi« &c.: 
-cop-, Ai*FHJL. **0T02, HIKeCom.Eg Ke)X-] L«T*AEL 

MNOP : ♦ ^e, BC D FG'H JK, cf. ? Gr.; ItlKeX- = *tt« others,' 
= ' those also,* .'. ^e redundant, JULeX^en.] -Xlt., OFHJK. 
JOUULCJOOf] Ai*2BN: + Of Oft CQXOJtX T^p JOL(e, E)c&'f eep- 
KeitXpi^m jQlAJLtJOOT 'for God can graft them in,* UT^Ai^G 
&€., same uncertainty about -KeitX- (Ai«n« Km:^p.). IlK€COIl 

ROMANS XL aa-a6. 81 

thee also shall he spare. ^See then the Idndneaa and the 
seyerity of God : upon them indeed who fell [a] severity ; 
bat upon thee [a] kindness of God, if thou shouldst stay in 
the kindness : otherwise thou also wilt be cut off. ^^ And the 
others, if they should not stay in the unbelief will be grafted 
in again. ^^ If thou (pron.) wert cut away from the olive 
tree, bitter acoording to nature, and wert grafted in corUrary 
to thy TUiture into the sweet olive tree, how much more 
*may these be grafted in according to their naiure into their 
own olive tree. ** But I wish you not, my brethren, to be 
(lit. being) ignorant of this mystery, that ye may not become 
wise to yourselves only, that an hardening of heart hap* 
pened to Israel in part, until (the) fulness of the Gentiles 
come in ; ^ and thus all Israel shall be saved : according 
as it is written : ' He who will save shall come from 
Sion, he shall turn [the] ungodlinesses from Jacob.' 

^ Are these going to be. 



'again*] om. 0. " IC2Ce] AE: + V^.p, L«T»B Sec., d. Gr. 

KOpXK] KU>pXK, AEHJ. . g,^] L« T* A E G' : g,!, B &c. 
•f KA-X^] K^.lr^. +, T» by error : om. KA.T^, G'. JOL&tJO] 
COT, HJ: nOCU),L«D: UOOCO OTIt, E,: n(J0COn,Ei«: UOJC, B. 
TO'T<tTCIc] 0T4>. 'a nature,' AjF. " Jt^f . . . A-lt] om. ll. 

DFK : om. ll and A.It, L by error, ^e] cf. Qr. 37. : V^.p, BDFG^ 
KL. Trs. epereitOI iiA.XeAJLI HA-CIIKOT, DFKL; M has 
confiised reading. n^.IitiLTC*r.] HlJtX., B. ^Itt^. nX6- 

(om. X€, NO)xengx€JUL] i/AEMNOP : xenitexen, t*bc 

DFG'HJKL, ItCDXeit &c.] cf. ? Gr. FG 47. 67** d* f g vg &c. 
imrrms. jfeeitOTA-Ho] T*A &c.: nOT^.^O, L«. €;6oTlt] !ti6-i 
El*. " OTOg,] om. CH J. A2"«(K) D^ HC^I^C : Ai»«Ei»« 

l^riahaya.' eettJkttO^&tJL] eeitOg^eJUL, Aj^KN ?. €q€-] LiAi (er^^qer., Aj) bemp, cf. Gr. sabod* 39. 47. 80. 

Mth EvUial Dam: pref. OTOg,, TtCDFG'HJKLNO, cf. Gr. D«>et« 
ELal pier i!yr«*'arm Or &c. ItUULeX^Ce&H (€, MN)c] -f AXCTT., 
CG'HJ: om. ttl, £3. 

82 npoc puiueoc. 

eHito-v<5- K^xA. 'fiuiexccjoxn 2jl€ ^^j^itftJLenp^.'f 
ne €e£.e itofioi- " ^^.^t^.eo•¥a5JUL n^eHO'v 
VA-p ne nig^AiLox nxec^i"*- neitx nieoo^^ejui 4> 
*^ijL<&pH'f' v^p neujxen* ex^,pexenepA.x- 
ctJoxeAiL iic^. c^-f no^rcHO'c* i'no'r a^e ^-vn^i 
nojxen i6en 'fimexA.xccjoxeAJL nxe n^4- 
*^ n^ipai" n^.! g^ooo^r 'f no^r ^.•rep^.xcu)xeAJL 
ncA. nexenn^i 2,In^. ncen^i ncjoo-r g^oocnr 
f8 ^* UX c^-f VA.p xju^ae^JUL eg^pen of on ni&en 
ei6oTn j6^ ofiUL€XA.xca)xejULfr ^inj^ iixeq- 
n^i itofon ni&en4* ^co nojcjoK n+jxexp^- 
jtJu.o^ neiUL 'fco4>iA.4- nejui nieiuii nxe (^-f 4- 
g^a)c g^^.n^x^exi6cJoxo•r ne neq^^^^n* o-ro^ 
2,^.n^xtfrT^xc! ncooo'c ne neqiuitjoix*- 1 
^*HiitfL v^p nexA.qeiULi en^HX jQLnOT. le niAJi 
^.q€paJ4>Hp ncoefiti neiUL^.q 4- " le niiui ^qep- 
gopn n-f n^.q ofog, nxeq-f n^.q nxoTge- 
£.105*- ^•xe g^^ne&oX ijuuLoq ne*- o-rog, 
g^ g^ixoxq ne*- ofog, ^A.nej6ofn 
epoq XHpoT ne 4>«5q ne nitoo'c g^, ene^ 


fc 'f^'fPjO ^e epcjoxen n^cnHo^r e&oX g^ixen 

'-'^ XA.2i!A.e.] -f 2i., FP. no&l] ^nOiULI^, M, cf. Gr. 47*»«. 
" JUien] om. BG'. gj^^ty^^JXl ne i°] A« &c. ^e, probably for 
Xe, by error, Ai*2E : om. ne, L, ^e] om. MP. ne 2^] oni. 

L. 29 g^^it^e (X, El) OTCJO (e, t*) mx ng^eHOf ] c e h j : 
&^n^.e(x, BKDOTeju^eHo^r, l«bdklmnop: ^in^. 

iiXOTOT (om. OT, FGa)a)(e, Q^)ML nCom.GO&eHO-r, Al♦2FG^ 
•^ VA-p] om. V^.p, CG'HJ; cf. Gr. »«ABCD*ErG 3. 23. 35. 39. 47. 
76. 80. 115, 124. d»w d f g aeth«*^ go &c. om. jcm. €X^.pexenep] 

ROMANS XL 27— Xn. i. 83 

" And this is my coveruint which will be to them, when I should 
take away their sins. ^According indeed to the Oospd 
they are enemies, because of you ; but according to the choice 
they are beloved, because of their fathers, '® for not repented 
of are the graces of God and the calling. ^ For as ye (pron.) 
were disobedient to (Rc^) God once^ but now had mercy 
shown you in the disobedience of these, ^^ thus these also now 
became disobedient with a view to (ilc^) your mercy, that 
these also now might have mercy shown them. ^ For God 
shut up all in (lit. into under) [a] disobedience, that he might 
have mercy upon all. ^ O (the) depth of the riches and the 
wisdom and the knowledge of God! haw unsearchable are 
his judgements, and untraceable are his ways ! ^ For who 
knew (the) heart of the Lord ? Or who shared counsel with 
him 1 ^ Or who first gave to him, and he gave to him in 
^exchange 1 ^ because from him, and through him, and into 
him are^ all things. His is the glory for ever. Amen. 
XIL But I beseech you, my brethren, through the com- 

• lit. * for their exchange.' ^ ' are ' in expressed after each ' him.' 

eXA.T€nep, K by error. llOfCKOT] jQiniCHOTr, B. +- 

jjuerr.] eJUL, chj. ** iu.i ^tjoo-r] l«t*afg': g^ooo-c 

HAJ, CDEHJKLMNOP; om. g^COO-C, B. -f I^OTT i^] om. G'. 
-fnor 2*»] cf. Or. HBD* 4** Dam. ^* Of Olt ni&eit i°] cf. 

Or. »ABD«EL al omn^** syr"*' arm go &c. S^^] J^CIt, MO. 

^ ii(om. B*)ga5K] + ^e, Ej. uieiULi] om. ni, fn. 2,A.n^x- 

j6€X^U)(0,T')T0Tr] om. g^, Aj.^^: om. g^A-It, Aj*: -^.Tgj6.. 

L»T»KLN0 potential. iteiteq2,^.n] ftiteq., Aj: itejULiteq., 
FL. gj^n^ircfi] om. a^n, h*n. neiteqitfLcjoiT] 

niteqitiL., Aj* p. ** Aj™* D°« HC^H^.C : Ai'^^^Ei*-* Ull ' Isha'j^.' 

iiexA.qetJLi] ne ex., 'pchjmnop:<&k ex., b. eug^ux' 
enig,., L: iing,., Aj^jE. ^.qepoj.] ^.qffl., e^*. _ »* le 

Of Og,, B : om. !, Ej*. *« g^A-HefioX] om. a^-It, N. AJUULOq' 
♦XHpOf 'all,' K. Of Og, . . . g^IXOXq Itc] om. Ei* homeot. 
ene^l pref. Itl ' the ages/ D K. 

*2kel AENO: om. OHJMP: OTIt, L^1>BDFG'KL. H^- 
CIlHOf J neitCllHOf, chj, om. G'. 


84 npoc praueoc. 

niiULexffleng^HX nxe ^^ eep€xe^tx ^■&e ite- 

xencoojuL^. ep^.xoT«• nof ajo^rgajof oji eqonjfc 
eqc-r^fii*- eqpA.n^q ii.ct'f 4- o-rog, nexeitgetii- 
cgx itXoviKon eqp^rt^-q*- *oTog^ nxexeng- 
xeiULepaj4>Kp hcxHJtx^. xe nejju m,\etie^. 
3XXXa. nxexenae&x nexeitciULox4- sben o-r- 
AJtexfiiepi nxe niK^.-f * eepexenep^iOKiiutA.- 
^iitfr xe Of ne <&ofa)gj ijL4>'ffr ^!^.v^eo^ 
eep^n^.q ofog, ctxhk sSloX^ 
^'t'xijo v^.p iiJULoc*- e&oX g^ixeit uig^uiox 
exxoi nw iiofoit ni&eit4- exgon j6en 
eKitoffr egxeiULepg^ofo jxeTi caJ&oX ii- 
uexcae ejjuenti epoq a.XXa. eiULeri eerTc&cjD^- 
nionr^.! nioT^i K^.x^. ♦pH'f ex^. 4>+ ^ojg 
n^q no'vcgi nnA.g^^4- 
* U^tpK-f T^.p exe li^pHi s^en oycvoJtx^. itof- 
05X4- ofonxA-it noTAiLHa] jOuuLeXoc Ijlixuk 
niAiteXoc 2^6 XHpoT itoTg^oofiL iioTrtJox ^.It 
nexenxtJooT *• * n^ipK-f ^.noit g^oon sb^. 
niJtxHCQ^ ^rtoit ofctoAiL^ no-ccox i6e!t nxc4- 
nio-v^i nio-v^i sjutxon ^.itoit ^^.itiULeXoc nxe 
neitepuoT * | 
KA. f5" • GoTTottx^n 2^e juUit^.'v ng^^-itg^iULox evojeJBiiH- 

OTX4- KA.x^ n^i jOinig^iutox exxoi n^n^ 
(C Ixe oTupoctHxi^. K^x^. nieonxeit nxe 
<&n^2,'f*- Mxe oT2kiA.i:om^ * j6en 'f^iAJco- 
ni^4- ixe nexi"c&(JO j6en 'fjuiexpeqi'cj&cjofr 

nijutexa.] niAiiexpeqg., DFG^ eepexenx^^e 
(o,Ai«)] eep€xexenx^^e,TtDFG'KLP. nexenctoxju.] 

-COJXeAiL, H by error. €qoni6] omu L. ix^^i" ] position cf. ? 
Gr. >^»BDEFGL &c. Of Og^] om. L^BCDFG'JKL. RXoVlJCOn] 

om. B. eqp. 2^] ^qp., B. * nxex€n(+e, F)^.] cf. Gr. 

N B*D^etoLP al plu d e f g m^* guelph vg go syr"*' ann aeth Clem Cyr 
Ac. UIKA.'f ] OfK^-f , B ; cf. Gr. ABD*FG 47. 67** Clem Or &o. 

ROMANS Xn. a-7. 85 

paaeioDS of God to present your bodies as a saciifice living, 
holy, pleasing to God, and your reaaonaUe worship, pleasing. 
* And that ye should no more shaxe fashion with this age. 

But (^) should change your form in a newness of the 
understanding, to prove what is (the) wish of God, the 
good which is pleasing and which is complete. ^ For I say 
through the grace which is given to me, to every one who 
18 among you, not to think grandly beyond that which 
is right to think, but (^) to think prudently, each one 
according as God divided to him a measure of faith. 

^ For as in one body we have many TnerriberSy but all the 
viembere have not one work : ^ thus we also, namely many, 
being one body in Christ, are each of us members of one 
another. * But having graces diversified according to (the) 
measure of the grace which is given to us. 

Whether [a] prophecy^ according to the likeness of (the) 
faith ; ^ or a minidry, in the ministry ; or he who teacheth, 

eepereit.] eepexexeit., fk. niA.VA.eon] cf. ? a*** f vg 

gj|.atr 4^, eopA^nA.^] cf. Qr. 37 (am* bona placens et porfecta) for 

om. ni£. •itcnron] eo-ron, k. ixenri] t*abdefg'JL 

MNOP: CJUte^ri, L'CK: JOuUteTI, H. CA^oX] pref. e(ff, 
U. 4>U)g] eU)a{ 'decreed/ GG^J: CJOO) 'promised,' £i*. 
*itg,piu] iC6p*) BCHJ. OfCU3JULA.] om. 0% BN. Ot- 
OTJULHO) JOL] om. iULHOI JjL 'many,' AE. 2^6] om. H*E. 

THpo^r] + iixenic(joxt.A. 'of the body,' F. nexe(A., F)n- 

XttX)T]L«T»AD*EFQ'KL: ne eT.,CD«HJMNOP: 6X6 nX., B. 

* A.non g^tJOn] cf. ? Gr. 31. 37. 46. 57. 76. 80. 115. 121. 124. d*» al 
aliq 8jr*^ arm Antioch add koI. OTCCOJULA.] om. O'C, H. ni- 

OTA.! 1®] A: +3s.e, jat^B9 &c. cf. Gr.: om. B*. nxenen.] 
nnen., p. • €(om. G^of onx^n] lra 26 &c.: eoTon Hunt 26. 

iiXAJt, T*B. ngi JQLnig^iUtOX] TtAE: om. nojl JUL 'the 
meaavre of/ L«B 26 &c. meo(a), J) nXCn] O'Ce., GHJ. 
♦n^^-f ] nin^^-f » F. ^ ^I^.KOnI^, (twice)] -CJO- I^ H J ; 

»•, EJ. nex+cj&u)] ♦h ex., ohj. i^en-fjuLCx. . . . 

* natJti'] om. N komeot 

86 npoc puiueoc. 

exi" i6€n Of ULexg^^nXo-rc «• ^h exx^ 
i6<i^ooonr sbeti o-rcnof2kK4- ♦a eett^.i i6€it 
o-rp^o)! *- 
fi? »^^VA.nK ijuuLon ulcxojo&i Ki6«xc. epexen- 
<tHX c^ii.oX IkniiieT^ts3oy. epexenxojuti 
juuuLCJoxcn €nI^,v^.eoIl ^®j6eit •fjuiexxju.i- 
con«- epexeitxH ifeen o-vuiei eiy^yn ene- 
xeitepjiof «• epexeitepojopn nx^ nexeitepHo-r 
nxen eKito-c i6€n oTXAio*- 
^vGpexeitoi hifnsst jLn sbeti •fcnofSs.H epexeit- 
j^iUJL ^en niTuuif- epexeitoi mjl&wk jjlvl^^ 
" epexeitp^-gi i6eit -f&eXnicfr epexenep- 
^•cnoAiteitm j^it ns^ox^e^:^- epexeitiXHit 
efnpocerxH*' "epexenoi ita)<&Hp emxp^^ 
ttxe ni^vioc * epcxeit^Joxi iic^. xjutexjuu-i- 
^*CiULOTr ertH exeToxi nc^ eKitoir<fi- cjtxoy o-rog, 
.ixIIepc^^o•rI*• "p^i itejui lui expA^i* 
x)f02, pi«.i iteiUL itH expiiULi. ^•o-cjULenri 
itofcjox epexeitpA. ijuuioq eitexeitepHo-r * 
ttxexenjJLenri Ait eituuiexeJicig^HX*- ^•XXa. 
epexeiuuLogi iteiui itH exeefi-iKonrr*-! 
£6 Onepojcjoni epexenoi nc^.£Le nojxen jjuula.^- 
^.xeit eHito^r *- " nxexeit^ Rof nexaax)'r 
Alt itg^Xi nxaefi-itjo ncnrncx^cjoo-r *• epexeitqi 
ijL4>p(joo-va{ it^AitneenAiteY juLneiULeo Rpo)- 
itiLi ni&en. 
"ICxe ofoit gxouL JuuuLtJoxeit *• ApiAnrren 

OKItO'C'^ Cep^ipHltH IteftX pUOJUtI ItI&.6It4- 

* nex+itouL-f] <&H ex., chj. ^ULexeAxaHx] 

-itg^HX, H : om. +, F. OTULeXg^AuXo-CCom. "C, A,Ej)Cj 

-f Axex, p. • ep€xeitc&HX . . . nex^coof ] om. a^*. 
epexeitxouLi] tacEiFhk : -xcjojuli, i^b 26 &c *® i"- 
ixexxt^icon] o-ruiex., chj, ^^ epexenoi] iixe- 

ROMANS Xn 8-18. 87 

in the (work of) teachiog; ^or he who exhorteth, in [the] 
persuasion ; he who giveth, in [a] dngleneds of purpose ; 
he who is in the foremost place, in [a] diligence; he who 
hath mercy, in [a] joy. * [Th©] ^^*^ ^ which there is 
not hypocrisy. Fleeing from the evil, uniting yourselves 
to the goody ^®in [the] brotherly love being in [a] love 
toward one another, preferring one another above (iinreit) 
yourselves in [an] honour. ^^ Being not slothful in [the] 
diligence^ being fervent in the spirit^ serving the Lord; 
^^ rejoicing in [the] hope^ being patient in the tribulations, 
continuing in (6) the prayer^ ^^ sharing towards (€) the 
liecewiiies of the MinU^ pursuing (the) hospitality. ^^ Bless 
them who pursue you; bless, and curse not. ^^ Rejoice 
with them who rejoice ; and weep with them who weep. 
^* Being of one mind (lit. thought) unto one another, and 
not thinking [the] proud things, but (^) walking with them 
who are humble. Be not wise to yourselves ^one, ^^ and 
render not an evil to any (me for an evil; taking caire for 
good things before all men. ^^If it is possible for you. 

Teitoi, BOGH J conjunctive. fi(fiiA.-c] A : iipeq(r^^.•r, I^T*B 

&c. JuLn^ d. Gr. KABD^etPEI^P al fere omn &c. d*** e f vg 
MT»* arm go aeth"*' &c. Clem Atk &c. " 'f g^cXuic] Of g,., 

L. €p(om. €p, Ei*M)2,'TnOJULeitm (ItH, F)] L«T*ADEO: 
-itlLOnm, BCFGH«JKJiMNP. e^HpOCerXH] Si"., B: 

j6eiti" , OH J, *» eitixp'^] iiJ^JXP^*-> N ; ^^' ^'- ^^ ^^^^"^ 

ELP al omn^ d*** e f vg«*« fu demid harl tol syr'**' &p. ani> aeth go 
Clem &c. " eita] it ItH, M N 0. rtCA.eKriOTr] cf . Qt. (exc. B 47. 
67** am Clem om. lita^). CMXO^ OTOg^ iXUepC^g,.] om. B. 

" p^.ai i] AFP: 6p^.a| i, lit' b &c. erp^a i] eep., b« f h j ko. 

O-ro^ cf. Or. AD«ELP al pier By r«pJ> aeth &c. : om. FK, cf. Gr. KBD* 
FG47.67.defgm'*Tggo8yrP»Karm&c. piiULl] ACFHP: ep-.L*? 

&c. er puns] eep., bh j. ^* epeTenp^.] erexenpA., l. 
eifexenepHo-r] iteuiitenr., og'H j. eitiJuieTtfr] itni., n. 

" ng^nHeeiU-Itef ] cf. Gr. MA*^^ BDELP al omn^^ a © 8yr«*' 
irm*^ aeth &c. om. Mircor rov ^01) «ii. RpOOliLI Ifl&eit] llltip. 
n., Et; cf. Gr. KA*^*BD«ELP al pier f vg eyr'**' arm go &c. woprmv. 

88 npoc puiueoc. 

*^ iiTexeiteJT jOLneTeitJOLnafia} lUJUt6Itp^.'f 
^.\>>^ jJUJtJL^ JOLnxconT 4- 
Ccj6Ko-rr v^-p* ze ntfTjOLncyio) <l>aji ^.noK ne* 
^.itoK eeitA.'fffle&ito uexe hot* ^^^•XXa. 
ecguon ^^pecy^-it neKXiJXi ^ico4r iUL^.76JUL- 
iULoq*5- ^.qa]^.ItI£LI iUL^.7coq. c^j^i r^p CKp^ 
ijuuLoq^- eKeetJoo-cf n^^itxeJBiC ilxp^*'^^* 
^ixen xeci^,4>e "iineriepe nmeTg^coo-c tfpo 
epuoxen ^.XX^ sbeti nmeeiu.n6ci (Tpo em- 


U^^x^ ni&.en At^poTtfhesgcoo'r enieg^o'cci^ err- 

tf oci i JjuLon e2;oTciA. VA.p gon cJ^hX eitu 

exaou e&oX g^ixeit <&'f itH exgou eJSioX 
2,iTen <&i" ceeHO) * * g^cocxe ♦k exi" 
€i6of K eg^pen -f ej^oTrci^ ^.qi■ e;6o'rn eg^pen 
niecoo) iixe <&'f * hh 2^e exi* ei6o'rit eg^p^.^ 
enretff noTrg^^n* ^itiA.pXH ^^.p lu.'cxw 
erg^cf A-it* JOLni^co^L een^iteq ^XX^ JOLni- 
nexg^ojoT 4- 
Xofoxg 2ke egxeiutepg^o-f sb^T^K n^fejof- 
ci^. •»- .&.pio'ri jOLnin6en^.it6q of og, epe 
cycjoni n^jc e&oX iJUULoc^fi- ^ o'cs^i^jccoit T^.p 
iixe c^-f n^jc xe enmeenA-iteq*- eacou ^e ajc- 
K&L fflA.nipi jOLnilnexg^cjoo'c ^pi^o-f * n^.c€p<^opm 
VA.p ^it R'fcHqi ^iKHfr o-v2ii^Jccoit VA-p Rxe 

" nxexeittfT] epexencTf, m. jQLU(oin. jOl, D; om. 

JULU, L)aig] tff JOLncgiO}, p. CCi^KOf X] Ai"»» 1;-:?.J1 : 
Ei°>« J^^y- l)oth = Dent ^.ItOIC 2°] cf. Or. ^yA ct. d e f vj 8yr«»» 
aeth &c. : pref. O^VO^i T^DFKL, cf. g guelph arm sjrP c. ob &c. 
^" D«»B n^pOIiULI^.: Ai"»Ei"»« Jlt.» *the ProTerbs.' A-XXa.^ 
cf. Gr. SABF 5. 10. 23. 37. 57. 67** 73. d* vg arm &c. Jkqoj^.fll&l' 
pref. OTOg, 'and/ FKP. cf. Gr. D* d e I09*»: +2j.e, B0% cf. Gr. 
D^et«^ 46. 63. u6. 177. 238. I3>«rt I4»«^ arm go. ♦^J V^.p EKp^ 

ROMANS XIL 19— Xm. 4. 89 

do your (best) to be at peace with all men. ^* And avenge 
not yourselves, my beloved, but {<&.) give place to (the) 
anger. For it is written : *(The) vengeance is mine ; I shall 
(lit. will) repay, saith the Lord.' ^ But (^) if thine enemy 
should hunger, feed him ; if he should thirst, give him to 
drink : for doing this thou shalt gather coals of fire upon 
his head. '^ Let not the evil ovei*come you, but (^) with 
(i^cri) the good overcome the eviL 

xm. Let all aotUa be subject unto the exalted authori^ 
ties: for there is no authority except them which are by 
God ; those which are by Qod they are ordained. ^ Where- 
fore he who opposeth the authority^ opposed the ordinance 
of God: but they who oppose them shall be judged. ^For 
the rulers (^p^C^) ^^^ being (^h), not for a fear to the 
good work, but (^) to the evil. But thou wishest not 
to fear the authority, do the good, and an honour shall be 
to thee from it : ^ for a minister of God it is to thee unto 
the good. But if thou shouldst do the evil, fear ; for it was 

JUUUtOq] eKIpI JuLct^l 'thou doing this/ CJ: eKipi JUL^^.!pH+ 
*thou dcnng thus,' H^. €K€eaX)*rf] GKO., CH«J. g^IXeit] 
L«T»AE, ob«. Gr. B inl r^r mpiDi^s : 6^en, B &c.__ " epCJOTeitJ 
AE : epOK, L^T»B &c. singular. eumeTT.] Xin., 0. 

*^^'VXK ItX&eit JUt^po-r. (3^ plural)] cf.? Gr.MABD^ELP Hunt^a*. 
&c. P»«JiL»K (om. F) jj-jLill ^^\ ^^ ^jill jjJ3\ 'the first Sunday of 

the holy Fast' eitie^;.] A : nill., L'T^B &c. ItH eXOJOn] AE,: 
HK 2l€ ex., L«TtB&c.; cf. Gr. MABD*FG 67** ia»««*def g m^* 
vg arm aeth»» go Sec. om. t'^ownai. * g^tJOCTe] LffT*CDFH JL 

MOP: 2,ax:2ke, abeg'KN. ^(€rf,U)e^. i^q'f . . . e^- 

pen] oni. A2L homeoteleuton : -€Cff" &c., RJi' -q^ &c., CJ,. 

nieuxg] me., bmnop plural. * ^PX^] "^> -^j; ^^p] 
om. B. e( + o, PjT^o'f ] iioTrg,., b« : o-rg,., l. ii.(e, B) m 

. . . ijL(om.CHJ)ni] cf. Gr. »ABD*FGP 6. 67** d &c. e f g m^* 
guelph go (aeth) Clem &c. X®**^*^] ^X-» ^K : €K., T». TjlG] 
3Ce 'then/ T». JUUULOc] g^ITOXC, G'. * lt^.K] om. H, cf. 

Gr. FG 61. 116 b"'* o» xe] 2^6, BEjH Ji.2*L. 6a]U>n 2l€] 
e. V^ff CHJ : om. ^6, K. JLt(\ om. BP* by errw. 

90 npoc puiueoc. 

ee&e nxtjoitx*- ^.XX^. iteiUL ee&e i-critH- 

peq^KJogjen v^-p irre ^-f ne eritiiKit enAJg^cofiL*- 
^ xju* iteTrepcjoxeit iioToit iti&ett «• jul^ m^arf 
ii.4>A.nig^(jo'f *• JuiA. nixeXoc jOL<&^.niTeXoc. 

^^x^.lOfr • iinepx^ &Xi nxe g^Xi epcwxeit*- 
e&KX 6iUL6ttp6 nexenepHOf fr 
4>K v^.p eeitxei JOLnecigjc^Kp 4- ispceK niitoitiLoc 
e&oX*- •<&^i v^.p ze itit6K6pit(joiK<fi- RneK- 
i6w3xefiL*- iiiteK(Ju)fi. itneicepjuLeepe nnoTX*- 
nncKepenieTiiim neitx kgoti kgoti nitien- 

XoXh A.-CXKK €&oX i6€lt TU.IC^^I<fi- j6€II 

((jtiLeitpe n6Ka{<&Kp JuLnefcpH'f *5- 
oa ^^'f^vA.UH iinecepnexg^tooT xiiiecactHp hxvjk 
Of It ixnmoitiLoc ne i" ^va-uk " ofog, <l>^.i 
epexeneiULi enicHOT xe -f oTito'c xe ^h2lK 
eepexeitxen oHito-v e&oX i6en uienKox* 
i-no^r 2i€ ^qi6cJ0itx epoit ibceneititog^eiUL 
eg^oxe nicHo-c ex^.nIt^.2,^ ftiiHxq •fi- 

ne] T*ABE: xe, L«C Sec. JOLna|ia)] A: 4ULneiULTl(D)* 
gia, L«T*B &c. * CTItH(I, D)2kecic] AFP 26: -2jlHCIC, 

L«T*B &c. • V^p l^] +A.n, I^. Xeit-f] T*ACEHJK 26 : 

xexeit^, L»BDFG'LMNOP 2«» plural, -peq^lxjogjeit] -<fro-, 

L5DG'L(om. peq)NOP : -<i>A.-, H*. Ite] om. M. ^ JUL^ i«] 

cf. Gr. M* ABD* 67. m®' am demid tol &c. om copula. ItCXep.] UK 

ex., B. uig^cjo-f 2<>] f &^1"> K. xeXoc] xeXcoc twice. 

TtCFG'i*>K. 1"&0+2°] nig,., E. ® nxeg^Xl 'anything'] 

om. N : iixeitg^Xl, J. eJUtenpeitexeitepHOf ] order cf.? Gr. 
SABDEFGP al d ef g m*® vg 8yr»o>» arm go &c. eeJULe(H, Aj)! 

jQi] eoAitenpe, J. ^.q(eq.E)xeK] cdfhjko« 26: -zhk, 

L?T*ABEG'(L)MNO*P: + ijL, L. ItOJULOc] + XHpq, B. 

ROMANS Xm. 5-1 1. 91 

not hearing the sword without cavse : for a minititer of Qod 
it is taking vengeance for (the) anger on him who doeth 
the eviL ^ Therefore it is necessary for you to be subject 
710^ only because of (the) anger, but (^) also because of the 
conscience. ^ For therefore we pay tribute ; for they are 
ministers of God continuing unto this work. ^ Give to all 
their dues: give the tribute to him of the tribute, give 
the custom to him of the custom: give the fear to him of 
the fear : give the honour to him of the honour. ® Be not 
debtors for anything to any one, except to love one another. 

For he who loveth his neighbour, fulfilled the law. * For 
this : ' Thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not kill, 
thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear fedse witness, thou 
shalt not covet* and all other commandments were completed 
in this saying, in (the) Love thy neighbour as thyself. 

^® [The] love did not evil to its neighbour, (the) fulfilment 
then of the law is [the] love. "And this, knowing the 
time, that already is it the hour to make you rise from 
the sleep ; but now approached to us our salvation (more) 

• iiiteicepjuteepe ilito-rx] cf. Gr. »p ai piu (7 ap Scn) vg«>« 

demid barl tyrP arm aeth &c. KeO-ri 2^] om. T*N. A,"' Ei"* L»» 
^Jl yu 'the book of the Exodns'; L adds ^^tiyli * of Leyiticus/ 

itnieitxoXH] liiteKeitxoXH, a,,,*: itttKeitxoXH, Aj"^ 

ij.\ iM^ J *in another copy.* ^.^r(eT, FP)XKK] L^T* &c.: 

^-V2:ejc, CDFHJKO* 26: -xu)K, B. e&oX] om. M. j6€n<&- 

Uteitpe] obs. Gr. B F G &c. om. cV rf iineKpHi" ] cf. Or. 
KABDE al plus'^ &c. ^® jQLnecep] A: iJLU^Cep, L«T*B 

&c. enrtomary ten«e. lUCCJOJC] eiUCCJOK, E. O-CIt] cf. Gr. SA^B 
Di» et 'E L al pier f vg syrP go Qem &c. " eniCHO-c] JOLniCKO-r , 

Aj: epoq enicHo-r, fkp. -fo^rno'c] t*A: tccho'c, LtB 

&c. £|H2kH] position cf. ? Gr. » ABC DE 37. d e vg &c. €ep€- 
(^T€, BC : om. Xeit, D*)Xeit(oro. G'HJ)TerteHltO-c] L»D«E 

FKLMP: €ep€xeite.,NO: epexeit(om.Teit,A2*)Teite.,T* 

A,.2« 26 ; cf. Gr. N* ABCP 37. 76. d»' Clem, ^s] AEKP 26 : VA.p, 

u-HB Ac. eT^.It^^2,fl ex^.^^o2,€Jut, 26. iij6Kxq] 


92 npoc puiueoc. 

0/3 "UXniexcopg, epnpoKonTm* nieg^ooT 2l€ A.q- 
...oTit, i6<witxfr jjL^penxf^ oTn ili6pKi jtitig^JBiHOTi 
M nxe nxA^^^ jutA-pen-f 2^e g^icoTeit ilnig^o- 

uXoit nxe Rio-fcomi* "g,a>c eitifeen meg^ooT 
AiL^p6|nAA.oa)i eitcoT^LKX*}- s^en ^^nxepxep 
^.lt4- ncAJL ^A.iteii6i'^ i6€it ^^.itci)^.ipi ^.it 
itCAJL g^A-itccoq*- j6eit oTojtfnKit ^.itfr nejtii 
o'^^XOft *■ " ^XX^. JULoi g,i eunoT iJLn^ ihc 
RX^frO'fog, iAnepqipcocva) i6^ i"CA.px*i6eii 


oy Ilcrrgtjoni jfcen ^^n^-g^-f ojonq epcoTen ifceit 
a^-ng^ioi itxe ^^tujLOKXM.eK *oTon nee- 
nA.g^'f AJLcit eo-ceAJL en^^i nifiien 4- ncrrgconi 
2i€ gA-qo^fexiL oTo-f. »<j>H eeoTcojUL JuLnen- 
epeqafcajq <j>h exenqo-fcojUL ^.n* <1>h exen- 
qo-fcoAt. A.n AjLuenepeq-f g,A.n eneeonvxM. ^^ 
VA-p ^.qgonq epoq *• * iteoK niAt. ileoK 4>h 
errfgj^n eoyStvoK nojeAtJULo eqog^i €pA.xq 
eReqw le eqnA.g,ei eqog^i 2^6 epA-xq*- o-con 
ajxoAA. VA-p ixHOT exA.g,oq ep^-xq* 
•OTon nexi"g,A.n vi^p At.eit neg^ooT i6^Tg,K 
neg^ooTfr oToit nexi"g,A.R 2^6 Seg^ooT ni- 
Sten^ RioT^.1 Rio-fA.! AA.^.peqeu)x itg^KX* j6€n 

^* excopg,] +rA.p, T'K. iUL^.pen] jju.poy, p* 3*^ pimai 

(JUt^.p€n, i^\ A«H 'another copy/ P*^) : JtX^, B : JUU.peitK6, 
F by error. iti6pHl] AP"»«: 6^6., L«T* &c. Itnig^fiiiO-Cl] 

enig,., NO. RX^*^0 '^^X- H«J- JtiL^-peit-f 2^6] cf. Qt. 

A BC* D*EP B&h^^ go Clem &c. : om. 2i€, BOH J, cf. Gr. H* mh^. 

g^oRXon] -Xcon, EiH*j. "encoTfi-Kx] nc., tbdc^ 

Ji LN : -COTKX, CH JK. ^.R 3^] om. F* P. " ROC] RGROC 

our Lord/ D(F)K. j6€n^^.n6RieTAA.I^.] cf. Or. l^BDELP 

al fere omn Clem Sec: om. 0*. F°v i^\ 'the end' (of the lection). 

Hunt ,6. 1 R6Xa|a)Rl] AG' 26: + 2i€, L«T'B &c., cf. Or. ilX€- 

&A.RillL.J neAilg,, 'and reasonings/ OH J. * ReeiU.^i"] 

ROltANS XIIL la— XIV. 5. 93 

than (at) the time in which we ^believed. ^^ The night 

advanced^ but the day approached ; let us then lay down 
the works of (the) darkness; but let us put on the avTm 
of the light ^^A$ being in the day let us walk, being 
seemly, not in revellings and drunkenness (plur.), not in 
beds and defilements, not in [a] strife and [a] jealousy. 
^^ Bui (^) put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and take not 
care for the flesh in lusts. 

XIV. He who is weak in (the) faith receive not in 
disputations of reasonings. ^ There is he who believeth 
indeed that he may (lit. to) eat everything; but he who 
is weak eateth herbs. ^Let not him who eateth despise 
him who eateth not: let not him who eateth not judge 
him who eateth, for Qod received him. ^ Who art thou 
who judgeet another man's (lit. of a stranger) servant? He 
is standing unto his lord, or is going to fall : but he is 
standing, for it is possible for the Lord to set him up. 

* For there is he indeed who judgeth day before day, but 
there is he who judgeth every day (alike). Let each one 

nern., bcdfk. AA.en] om. ch*: 2i€, h^j. eoyexKen- 
X^-i] €Oftio(e,K)At. itenx^i» T'BCHJK. •-ffleojq] 
-cgoojq, T*CK: +jjL, KO. ^H eTreitqc^fcoAt. ^.it i^] l«t« 

AEi^jO'OP: C^HeeO'fCOJULA.It, BDFG'KL26: ReeO-C.,CHJ: 
om. Ei^N. 4>H exeitqO-CCOAt. A.n 2°] L«T*AEi«2N0P, cf. Ch' 
(in com) e for om. dt : ^H 2i6 eX., BODFG''HJKL 26, cf. Gr. 
»*ABOD* 5. d* go Clem Dam. 'f&^U e\ gjeajq, 36. -He- 

eoTa>(o,0)At.] -♦h ee., b. * neoKj+i^e, o. 4>h] pref. 

i6^CHJ(0). 4>H exi"] neT(om.D*F»)T,BD«F»G'KLO (pref. 

i6^) 26 : ne ex^, t». eoTfiLa)(o, e,)k] eyL., b : efii., EjH. 
eqo^i I®] +2ie, e,*?. eqog^i 2°] qo^i, 0. 2^e] om. k 26. 

JULnOCj itXeUOT, ch J ; cf. Gr. M ABCP arm go aeth &c. item syr** 
»• 'dominuB ejus.' * U€Trf g^A-U i^] Ue^f &-, A : n€ 6X^*2,., 
T twice. VA-p JUteit] AE : JUteit VA-p, L«TtBDFG'KLNOP 
26: om. AiLeif, CHJ; cf. Gr. M^BDEFG al pier 8yr«^ arm aeth &c. 
f« ydfK 2^e] om. C 26. niOTA.1 1°] + 2i€, CH JO 26. cf. Gr. 3. 5. 

14. 37. 6j. !•« lyr**. ftg^KX j6€nneq2,Kx]iiLu€qg,KX, P. 

94 npoc puiueoc. 

Reqg^KX JuLiULii^ iiJULoq *• • <j>H eeitiienri 
enieg^ooT ^.q^iLenri enw* oTog, neeoTuoAX. 
^.qo-fcjojUL juLVi^^ qgeixg^AJLOT r^-p Sxen<fr'f 
oyogj ^K exenqoTcoAt. A-it* qcnrcjoAit A.n 
ijLn^4- o'fog, qgeng^JULox ilTeit ♦i"*- 


^eojoon r^.p 6nn^.a)nj6 6nnA.u)iti6 iA.n^4- 
ecgcon ^e enn^JULOT 6ltn^JULOT iijiac^ ix€ 
oTn eitn^.aonj6 ixe enitAJULOT 4- ^.non 

nxeqepOTfr ena eejuLcooTT neu. nn exoiti^* 
^® neoK 2ie 6efi.6 ot ictg,A.n encKcoit. ijumoit 
neoK gjUOK ee&c ot Kcgcogj iHneKcon •»• A.non 
vA-p TTHpen cenA.x^^oii ep^^xeit n^^p€It 

xe KeXi iti&eit e^cKuoXx itai oTog, ilxe Xa.c 
ni&en o-ccong, e&oX ijL<ti"fr "g,A.pA. o^cn 
nioT^.1 nio-f^.! iJutiLoii qn^.'fXoroc 6XU)q 
ix^'f* " ijinenepeit-f 2,A.u oth xe eiieiie- 


«4>H eeAJLeri] Ree(x, DRDAJLeri, bofg'HJ. eni- 

(om. G')eg,00-c] ixm., L. GUOT] iin., KL; cf. Or. »abc* 
DEFO 23. 57. 67** d e f g vg aeth &c. om. ical 6 &c. fieeOTCJOAt. 
L'ACEG'HJK: HG GO., B : 4>H 60., T'DFLNOP. qojGn i*', B: Gqg., F: pref. O^fOP,* T^DKL. nXGR^fr-f i«>^ 
nXGC^i", OJa*. OTOg, (|>K . . . ^^Xj om. L homeot. : om. OTO^ i°, 
CHJ. qO-CCOAJL A.n (om. A.It, Eg*)] L«ABEi,2*: GqOT., TK: 

nqo-ca3(G,cG'HJ)jUL A.n, odfg'Hjnop. nxGnc^-f 2°] 

ii.4>'f > K. ' OTOg,] 0-f2iG, B«: om. L. * Gn(n, D)nA.- 

tonjfe i°] AJtn., J; see Stem Gram. p. 256. 6n(it, D)nA.- 

a3nj62°J A.nn., be,nop. g(a., B)nn^JULo-c i**] lst^abd 

(it)EFK(it)LP: A.(G,H)Itaj^nXILOT^G'(it)HJNa GHnA.- 

jtxoy 2°] A.nn., BDE2FN0P. jutnoc 2**] gr., l. of n] om. 
c Ji . 6nnA.a3i{i6 3"^] eRa3Rj6, b. en (it, EjGO r^julot 3*^] 

BOMANS XIV. 6-13. 95 

be persuaded in his own heart *He who thought of (e) 
the day, thought unto the Lord ; and he who ate, ate to the 
Lord; for he giveth thanks to God: and he who eateth 
not, eateth not to the Lord, and giveth thanks to Qod. 
^ For there is not any of us (who) will live to himself, and 
there is not any of us (who) will die to himself. ^ For if we 
shall (lit. will, thus again) live, we shall live to the Lord; 
but if we shall die, we shall die to the Lord: whdher 
ilien we shall live or we shall die, we are those of the 
Lord. ' Therefore Christ died and he lived, that he might 
be lord of them who are dead and them who live. ^^ But 
why judgest thou thy brother? Nay, thou also, why 
despisest thou thy brother? for we all shall (lit. will) be 
made to stand before the judgement seat of Qod. ^^ For 
it is vmtten: 'I live; [I] saith the Lord, (and I swear) 
that every knee shall be bent to me, and every tongue 
confess to God.' ^^80 then each one of us will give 
a4XOU7it for himself to God. ^' Judge not then any more 


XeniUJULOT, •PDFLNOP : A.nn., B. • <&A-I] A: + VA-p, Himt 26. 

L«T»B Ac, cf. Or. HXC] cf. Gr. »*A^BC*D*et«EFGP al plus^** 
f g vg am aeth Or Cyr &c. om. koL A.qa3Itj6] cf. Or. »*ABC arm 
aeth Cyr Ac. only cfocrcr. ftxeqepOT] T'A &c. : ItXeqOT, C : 

itxeqepRoc, l». ena eexMSJooynr itexunK exo- 
(a),L«BLN0)ni6] eitK eTo(a),L)ni6 nejutna SBJtxuo- 
o*rr, T'FKL: €nexoiti6 nena eeiUL, d. ^®2ie] 
+neoK, CHJ. K-fg^A-u] eirf., t^k. &cjok] om. b. 

rojcDO)] eKcg., t^fk. <&i"] cf. Or. »*ABC*DEFG 47 °« d e f g 

am tn harl tol marian arm"'** &c. " Aj^'D™* aC^.a^.C : Ei°»« L»:.i Hunt 2«. 
'luha'ya.' VA-p] om. F. 1'Onj6] L«ADEiG'H«JLMNP 26: 
•fa)Itl6.T'BCE2FH*K0. XeKeXl]L«TtABEG^NOP : O^fOg, 

K., CFHJK 26: o^fog, xeK., DL. ereKcoXx] kuoTsx, l. 

nai] om. P*. Xa.c] position cf. Gr. «AOD»>LP al omn^'<> vg arm 
lyrP &c " OTIt] cf. Gr. »ACD»»et«ELP^ al fere omn syrP arm 

go &c. excjoq] j6^xcJoq> f : + JjLMxm iOuuioq, l«t*k. 

iL^-f ]cf. Gr. KACDELP &c. " Of It Xe] X€ Q-f H, DFKL: 

om. ze, H*. xe enen.] xeiten., a,M: xennen., bcg^h«j. 


96 npoc puiueoc- 

PHOT ^.XX^. ♦^i juLA.XXoit Aiu.^^.n epoq* 
egxexnx^ oTtfpou*- le o'ccicA.itiiA.Xoit ii.- 

UOT IHC4- X€ ijuuLon g^Xi eqtfX.j6ejuL efiioX 
g^ixoxq*- gSlkX e(|>K eexneTi eoTenx^i ^e 
qtf2j6ejutfr qtfij6eJUL nxoxq jjl^h exeiUL- 

"ICice rA.p eefie ofj^pe* neKcon n^cp- 
cK^.^2i^.XI^ece€ 4- le joulooji ^n xe ka.x^. 
o'fA.rA.nK*- ijinepxA-Ke c^h exA. uxc iULo-c 
€&pHi excjoq j6en xeKj6p€ " JOLnenepof- 
xeofA. o-cn enexenReen^-iteq* " 'f AJLexof po 
ri.p nx€ cj>'f *- HA^cj^eit oyuoMX ^.it iteu. 
Of CO) 4- A>vX^. A-cj^en o-c juteejULKi *• iteiUL of- 
^ipKHH neAJL j6en o-cuiul eqo-c^*- 
"4>H vA-p enrol aaAcjok j6en iia.i enxc*- qp^- 
itA-q JuLcti"*" ofog, qco-fxcoii ue j6en nipa)iULi4> 
oC " &A.pA. Of n xfL^pen(Sbxi hci. n^.-f ^ipunu iiejui 
It A.niKCJox enenepHOT *® juLnep^LeX ni^co^L iixe 
^-f efiioX*- ee&e o-cjfepe | juten xk- 
po-c4- ^.XXa. o-cnexg^coof ne ijLnipcjojuu 4>k 
eenA^oTCJOAA. efioX g^ixeit ot (Tpon* *^ 
egxeAJLo-cejUL A.q4- of2ke egxeAt.ce HpR* 
tiejtx cJ>K exe neKcoit itA.tfr(5pou iti6Hxq*- 

<l>A.l] om. FK. JULA.XXon] om. 26. JtilieKCOIt] en., G'O. 
"-feJULl] + r^-p, F: + Of It, L; obs. Gr. 17. add d«. IKc] 
om. 36. g^Xl] om. 26. 4>H eOAJLeTTl] L«T»AEiMNOP: UeO- 

(X, D FK L) iUL, B &c. -enx^O - i^X-» B D J. q tf5.i6eiiL 

(It, Ai) 2*»] A OF : A.qtfTi L«T' &c. : €q(C, 26. ^* F«« JU^ j^Hi 

^j^l ^ 'the second Sunday of the Fast': L°^ ^ji^jill j^yJi 'of the holy 
Fast.' VA-p] of. Gr. « A B &c. : 2ie, D FKL, of. Gr. L*"* al pier syr** 

et p^«* go (acth et) &c. A.(e, BLN)pe . . . itA.ep] epe . . . ep, 
MOP. epcKA-n^A-Xi^ecee] a e : xk(€XM., t* n O) k^^ 

itg^HX, T'B &c.: JUtKA.^, L?. le KAJLOOJl] LirABEG'N: 16 
eKAX., T'DFKLO^P: le A.KltAJUL., CHJ: le At.., M. A.n] 

om. c. j6en] eefie ' because of; CHJ. " xe . . . " At.e- 

BOMANS XIV. i4-ai- 97 

one another; but (^) judge this rather^ not to set a stum- 
bling-block or an offeTice for thy brother. ^^I know and 
I am persuaded in the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing 
unclean through itself, except to him who thinketh of 
something that it is unclean, (then) to that one it is un- 
clean. ^^For if because of [a] food thy brother was to 
be offended, then thou walkest not any more according to 
[a] love. Destroy not him for whom Christ died, with thy 
food. ^* Let not then your good be blasphemed: ^'^ for the king- 
dom of God was not being in [an] eating and [a] drinking ; 
but (^} it was in [a] righteousness, and [a] peace^ and [a] 
joy in the (lit. a) holy spirit. ^' For he who serveth Christ 
in these things pleaseth Gk>d, and is upright among [the] 
men. ^' 80 then let us pursue the things of [the] peace, 
and the things of [the] edifying one another. ^Pull not 
down the work of God because of [a] food. All things 
indeed are dean; but (^) it is [an] evil to the man who 
will eat *with offence. ^It is good not to eat flesh, Tior' 
to drink wine, and that in which thy brother will stumble. 

* Through a atumbling-block. 

xonrpo] om. N. onr^. . . . *^ ifeen] om. 0. cnrn] om. G', cf. 
Or. Fo 3. f g go snn. €nexenReeiiA.neq] lsa &c.: enen- 

^V^eOlt n6iUL1ICXenneeit^.Iteq 'our good and your good/ 'P 
FK,oU.Gr.DEFGdefgm^*guelph**vggo8yr»»»&c.4;*«p. " ^^p] 
om.F. Of COAt.] OTOTCOXIL, B. OTC(Jo]oin.O'C,G'. ^.CjfcenJ 
€Cj6m off. " ItA^l] A, cf. Gr. J^»D«EL al fere omn gnelph go 

•yr**' arm Ac: < &AJ, L'-PB &c.. cf. Gr. »»ABOD*FGP 5. d e f g m^* 

Tg&c eR^x]AEM:i3Ln.,L'«TtB&c. qpA.n^q]eqp.,T*FNF. 

qCOTTCOItJ Al (tr. ^liif 'chosen') j: O*CC(J0XU * a chosen/ L^T^B 

&C. *• J|"sL™« ^^\ ^^ jlsJl sa^'3\ *the second Sunday of the Hunt 96. 

Fast.* JUU.pen tfOXl] cf. Gr. C D E al longe plu d e f g m^***^ guelph '^*^* ^ 
Tg reU &c. nCA.] ft, B. HA-i^g,.] om. It^., CHJjO 26. €n€- 

nepHor] ftnen., cg^hjn 26 : itexiLitcit., b. *® ceo^c aA] 

COTAA, sing., HLP. ^h] om. G^ 8011^.0^0) At.] 600*^., 
H*M0P. *' neXfi] T*AE : 0-C2i€, L«B &c.. cf. Gr. nA.(fT] 

om. ItA., 0. ftji>KTrqJ cf. Gr. »♦ (et •) A 6j*^ syr •* aeth ar« Or &c. 
TOIa. IlL H 

98 npoc puiueoc. 

itj^KXK ixucAJLeo ix*i"4- COOT niA.xq ijL<t>K 
€T"€nqnA.i"g,A.u epoq A.n j^en 4>h exeqitA-ep- 
2iOKiiUL&.^in ijuuLoqf- *»<tK 2ie exoi ii&HTr 
5* eacon A.qgA.nof coAt. * ^q&ixq eng^^-n* 
xe ito-cefiLoX j6en ot itA^'f ^.n ne. ^cjofi. 2i€ 
itifien exenoTefiioX j6en oTitA-g^i" ^.n ne*- 
otho^lI ne*- 

ov CeAnna^, 2^€ n^,it ^.^to^t j6^ hk exeoTon 
cgxoMX ijuuLcooT itxeitqA.! j6^ itigconi itxe 

mA.x:icoiUL4- oTog, nx€naxeJULpA.nA.n juuula.t- 
A.xen4- 2 nio-cA.1 nio-c^.i juumcoxeit juul- 
p6qp^.n^.q ijLn6qa)ct>Hp j6eit nmeen^.n6q 
0* *Re VA-p nxc nexA.qpA.nA.q ijuuLA.-cA.xq A.n 

A-XXa. KA.XA. ^^pK-f eXCj6KOTX XB MOjajQ 

nxe itK ex-fg^^iT itA-K a.ti eg^pHi excoi 4- 
w *&(jofiL vA-p nifiieit exA-Tepgopu nci6KXOT 
a.tcj6kxo-c exenc&o)*- &inA. efiioX g^ixen 
•fg^f noAJLona 4- itcjUL 'f'At.expeq^nojut'f nxe 
mvpA.4>K4- nxe -fg^eXnic ojcom nA.n4- •<&+ 
2ie nxe i"2,ipHnH nejut -f ha-pa-kXhcic ^ eqe+ 
no-cAJLeri nof cox ncoxen enexenepaoT ka.xa. 

" neoK] +2ie, t*dfkl 26. oTonxA.ic] l«ab(* xeK)D 

EFMNP: OTOn ItXA-K, T*CG'HJKLO 26 (twice); cf. Or. DBF 
6LP al oinn^<> d e f g vg syi-o*' arm aeth &c. itO'CnA.g^'f". Hr 
JULA.-C] tre. ijUULA.-C it., C H J. itl6HXK] -q, Ag. JOLueuL- 

eo] om. N. 4>K exe] ue exe, b*. €xeqnA.ep] l«t*ad 
EFG'KL: exenqnA.ep, chjmnop; exenA.qep, b. 

^•2kei«]om.F. en(o.e.,A,)2,A.n]ijLn.,TtDLMN26:+ijUULA.T- 
A.Xq, p. 2ie 2**] om. C H J L. OTnA-g,-!" 2**] om. OT, O. 

^ 2^e] om. B, cf. Gr. P* 77. 87. b»«'* o»' al'. jfcA. i°] jfeeH, 0*. 

ROMANS XIV. 20— XV. 5. 99 

^Thoa (pronoun) hast [a] faith: let it (be) in thyself 
before Ood. Blessed is he who will not judge himself in 
tiuit which he will approve. ^'But he who doubteth^ if 
he should eat, he condemned himself, because it is not an 
(action) from [a] faith. But everything which is not 
an (action) from [a] faith is [a] sin. 

XV. But we (pronoun), namely they for whom it is 
possible, ought to bear the weaknesses of the powerless, 
and not to please ourselves. 'Let each one of* you please 
his neighbour in the good unto [an] edifying. 'For 
Christ also pleased not himself; but (A.) according as it 
is written : * The reproaches of them who reviled thee came 
upon me.' ^For all things which were written before 
were written for our instruction, that through [the] jxUiencet 
and [the] comforting of the Scriptures [the] hope might 
be to us. ' But God of [the] 2)eace and [the] comforting 
shall give one mind to you one with another according 

exeo-coit . . . nxeit] om. m : -eren, l. * nioT^ i^] cf. 

Gr. one. al longe plu d e f g m^^ vg syrP aeth &c. : -*- 2^6, L, cf. arm : syr' 
iKXd. ijUULCOXen] cf. Gr. D^FGP a] plus^d* f g m''' vg &c. v/t&P : 
JOUULOIt, 26, cf. Gr. HABCD* et « L al plu d** e syr"*' rell Ac. rjfmw: 
JJLMJL^JT IlCOXen, N by error. ' A^^ (55IS *^A.X.) D»« *^A.X- 
JULO XH Ai'^ifijy^, Ei"»« ^^^ J j^ldl^^l * the sixty-eighth Psalm.' 

iieT"A.qpA.nA.q] ne exp., tno. A.n] om. k. niajoacg] 

niOJini 'the shame,' plural. 26. ItXenK] ItltK, G'. * F°>» J°>« j^3H 
i>jl ^jM Jjill ' the first Sunday of Tubah.' V^p] om. G** L. nifi.en] 
obs. Gr. BP al ' add inurra, Copt, probably renders 6aa by 'everything,' like 
syr*. Cpcyopn] cf. Gr. «ACD«ELP al omn^" guelph syr«*' go &c. 
cf. Gr. »*BODEFG 67** 80. d e f g guelph m^* vg syr*>>» arm aeth go 
Clem Ac. + g^TR.] om. 'f , F. IteJUL-f JULGX.] of. Gr. C«>"DE 
FG P al plu d*** e f g m^* guelph vg syr p go Clem Sec. om. ttd. * ^g] 
om. B. ^^IpKHK] AE^ tr. JUll 'the goodness,' tHen LXJ\ 'the 
peace' added above with note^^\ SJe^ 'a copy, the patience ': J ^T- 
nOAitonK, liCT'B Sec, cf. Gr. 

H 2 

100 npoc puiueoc. 

K2i nejUL o^fpo) SoTurr4- itxeren | -fujoT ii.^'f *• 
c^KJOx JuLnenOT Ihc uxc* 
^GefiiG ♦^i aen nexenepHOT epooxeit ka.xa. 
4>pH'f &cwq ex^. nxcfr gen eanoT epoq 
eccooT ii4>'f* •'fxco VA.p iiJULoc xe u^CP 
^.qojconi iioTi^iAJccoit itxe nce£.i4- exeii -f- 
At.6eAA.Hi nxe ^t'f xe^^c eqex^^pe niu>g 
nxe mio-f • nieenoc 2^6 ee&e o'c n^-i ei^ajoTr 

RA.XA. ♦pH'f eXCj^KOTXfr XB €0^6 <1>AJ -fttA.- 

*• Of (jong, itA-K e&oX i6eii nieenoc o^c og, -f n^^ep- 
4-^A.Xin €ReicpA.nfr "oTog, qxco iiJULoc on*- 
•►xe o*cnoq iAJULcoxen nieenoc neAx. ueq- 
frX^-ocfr " ofog, q^cco juuuLoc on*- xe nieenoc 


4-nxenIX^.oc xapoT*- "o-cog, qxao jOLaaoc 
4- on nxeHc^.H^.c •»- xe eceojconi nxeenoTni 
4- niecce 4- neAA ^h eeiu-xconq eep^-px^^ cm- 
4-eenoc4- ereep^eXnic epoq nxenieenoc*- 

Ih5 nxe] cf. Gr. « AO*FP 37. 73. 109. f vg 8yr«*' inn** ae^ Did 
&c.: nxe IHC, OHJ. cf. Gr. BC^DEGL al pier degm'^' gaelph 
arm«»d go &c. * pO)] T'ABEiFMP 26^: pO, L^ODEsG^KLNO 

26*: Axe^ I 'thought/ OHJ. nxexen-f] nxen-f, i*" person, 
D L. c&icox] A G*^ 26 : pref . oTog,, L«T*B&c JuLnen^ en., p. 
'' &^^] ®™- ^- €^^] ^Te, B. enno-c] cf. Gr. m a c di> et o 

EFGL al plu d** f g m^* gaelph vg ayr"*' arm go aeth &c. eTtWOf] 
eOTCJOOT, 1>K. • r ^,p] c f. Gr. udc (exc. L) 5. 6. 19. 73. d e f g 

guelph vg go Oyr &c. nX^J cf. Gr. »ABC arm aeth Did Epiph 

Cyr &c. eqex^^.] AE: tirrecfT ^jx., UT^Bc &c. -pe] 
-po(e, p»)n, OFHJ. • 2ie] ixetiy g^ ei-coo-c] lkabc 

E J : cei". 'they glorify.' DG'HLMNP: cenA.'f • * they will glorify.' 
T^FEO ; theiie two readings give a new construction independent of Xe- 
X^C. Ai«"»Ei«« djlU *the kings': Aj^ djlU ^U-i 'the hooks of &c.: 
L«» eiyil jL» ' the hook of ' &c. : D™f it^-XAAO n ? efi.oX] A, cf. 

ROMANS XV, 6-I2, 101 

to Jesos Christ: *that in one heart and one mouth ye 
may glorify Qod, the Father of onr Lord Jesus Christ. 

^ Therefore receive one another according as Christ also 
received you unto [a] glory of God. • For I say that Christ 
became a minister of (the) circumcision for the truth of Ood ; 
that {xeyQi^c) he might confirm the promises of the fathers ; 
* but (for) the Oevdiles because of [a] mercy * to glorify Ood. 

According as it is written: 'Therefore I shall (lit will) 
confess thee among the OerUUea, and I shaU (lit. wi]l) sing 
praise unto thy name.' ^^ And he saith again : * Delight 
yourselves, [the] OentHes, with his people.* ^^ And he saith 
again : 'All the Oentiles bless the Lord ; let all the peoples bless 
him.' ^^And £saeas saith again: '(The) root of Jesse shall 
be, and he who will rise to rvZe the Oeniiles, the Gentiles 

* Infinitive may be used after X6^^C ; see Stern Gram. § 612, 
quoting ActH xt. 38. 

Gr. unc exc. K«: +1IOT *0 Lord,' L»T* &c., cf. Gr. K« i. 5. 11. 17. 7a. 
80. 106. 238. c*^ al fere*® guelpb go vg«»« syrP &c. ItlCeitOc] 
2,A.nXA.C 'tongues/ F. O^fbg, I'nA.] om. O^fOg,, J. CnCK- 
pA.n] position cf. ? Gr. D«» E «» G g (aeth). ^® qXCo] eCfXU), F : 

-fxtJO. Aj by error. D»« 2^errepOltOJUUOIt : Ai»« L»« Uii-ill , 
El"* j^\ • Deut.' on] trs. before q^CO), B. " cpCCO ijUULOc] 
cf. Gr. B DEFG i. d e f g guelpb syr**' go arm«*<> aetb" add Xcyci. Olt] 
om. E,*0. Aa"** D"* (Ag"* S5S) "^^.X. pIC^, Ai»« ptc^ ^y^jm, 
J/^ K^ jysu, Ei™« JL^ asumhj h^\ jyM^\ 'tbe hundred and seventeenth 
Pfealm.' ItieenoC nrnpOT] position cf. ? Gr. MABDEP 47. d e 
guelph vg syr P go arm •* Sec. JUU.pOf CXHOT ..." O^f Og,] A Ei , 
cf. Gr. 17. 42. 63. 109. a»» c*" al fere^** syr«»^ Chr: om. N homeot.: 
pref. OTOg,, L«T* &c, cf. Gr. unc. &c.; for 3® person cf. Gr. HAB 
CDB 39. &c. XKpOT] T*AEO«: trs. before IlXe., UB &c. 
"q(om.E,: €C|,F)Xa) iJuULOC] position cf.? Gr. «. Aa«»«H»« 
Nms L"« K(I, L)CA.K(I, HN)A.C: Ai"* Lm^\ 'Isbaya.' Jt^CHCA.- 

H^c] om. G'. lecce] leccH, L«T»MN. €(it, B)nieeitpc' 
exenni., ch j. 6nre(om. AaBF)ep2,.] pref. o-c o^, p. epoq 

eneqp2^n 'his name/ TDFEL. 

102 npoc puiueoc. 

mfi.6n4- next. i"g,ipHnH4- jfeen nxinepexen- 
t^^&t"*- epexeitepg^ofo jfeen -fg^eXnic ifcen 


nifieit itA.vA.eoit 4- epexeitAiteg, i6eit ejuu 
itifieit eoTon cg^o**- iiuuitjoxeit €i"cfi.a) itne- 
xenepHOT* "i6€n ofjutexxoXjuiepoc 2i€ 
a.icj6a.i itcoxeit ito'VA.noAA.epoc 4- ^ujc evf 
ii.4>JULe7fi ncoxeit ee&e uigpuLox exA.7rxKiq 
nni efioX g^ixeit ^^ 4- " eepilojcom eioi 
npeq4>aKC)6n itxe mc n^cc emeeitoc* eiep- 
^tJo&L jfeeit o*cAt.exof aS. enieTrA-rveXioit nxe 
♦'t &i"^ i^'^e i"npoc4>a)pA. itxe iticeitoc 
gconi ecgau* o^cog, ecxoT&KOTX j6en 

•^ "OToitXHi jJutx^x ito7rgoTgo*c jfcen uxp iSc 
g,A. <ti"* "oT VA-p itnA.epxoXjULA.It exe 
o'vcA^i i6en itK exeJuLne nxc epg^cofi. iti^H- 
xoT efioX g^ixox e^ccoxeAJL itxe itieenoc 
j^eit ncA^i * j6eit ng^cofi. " i6eit xxojul itxe 

13 pmg j^mg Lmg ^Wy ^ J^y\ j^JIJ * the first Sunday of Buunah.* 

2^e] om. B*HJ. Tg^eXnic] 'fg^ipKUK, DK, eqexiLA^l 

-AiLeg,, T»; cf.? Gr. »AODELP&c.irXi;p<«»cra*. -(e, J2L)epexeit-J 

-epexexen-, i'^ofg'KP. epexenep] aeh : eepexenep, 
BDJLMN: eepexexeitep,LBT*co'OP: ep,FK. eeoTAA] 

eeTjAjP; ¥^i^\ 'the end '(of the lection). ^*L°«i3jy ^^ m\J\ j^SH 

'the fourth Sunday of Buunah.' A.ftOK] AiEK : +^e, L^T^Aj &c.. 
cf. Gr. It A.CItHOTj position before irrpl vft&p, but also before wimurfjuut 
cf.? Gr. MABCLP al omn^w d*** m''* vg syrP Sec. €X€a\ AE: 
pref. eg^pHI, L«T* &c.; obs. Gr. B ^cp. ifeeitg^COfiL] itg,., HJ. 

i6eiteiULi] ite., mp. " xoXixecH, dmn) doc (obs. Gr. 109 

rQ\iaip6p) 2^{X, N)e] om. 2^6, H J. ItCOXen i^J cf. Gr. K^ABO 

ROMANS XV. 13-19. 103 

shall hope in him.' ^' But God of [the] }u>x>e shall fill you 
with all joy and [the] peace in (the) causing you to believe, 
abounding in [the] hope, in [the] power of the holy spirit. 

^*I also, my brethren, am persuaded about (exeit) you, 
that ye also are full of (j^eit) every good thing, being 
full of all knowledge, it being possible for you to teach 
one another. ^^But boldly I wrote to you in part, as 
reminding you concerning the grace which was given to 
me from Qod ; ^* to cause me to become minister of Jesus 
Christ unto the OentileSy working in a priesthood unto the 
Oospd of God, that the offering up of the Oentiles might 
be received and sanctified in the (lit. a) holy spirit. ^"^I 
have a boasting in Christ Jesus towards (^A.) God. ^^ For 
I shall not dare to say a word of (lit. in) the things in 
which Christ worked not through me unto an obedience 
of the GentileSf in (the) word, in (the) work, ^*in (the) 
power of signs and wonders, in [a] power of the (lit. a) 

aeth «*' Cyr &c. om. ddf X^w. ItOf A. (G, EjM) Uo] A E : A.UO, L«T» &c. 
AJtepOc] AEFJMNP: JULGpOTC, L«T* &c. KKl] HCOXeit 
'u> you,' F. e&idX] om. F. ftlXen] cf.? Gr. »«AODEGLP al 
omn'" vw6. ^* eepigCJORlJ obs. Or. D*FG ytMfcr^ (scd d e f g 

*ut Sim'), npeq^oogjeit (om. en, Eg)] acehjko : -^o-, ut^ 

BDFG'LMNP. mC H^Cc] cf.Gr. DEL al pier syr"^ arm aeth Cyr &c. 

eitieenoc] i6enit-, ch j; ob8.Gr. b om. enierA-r.] Xini., l. 
nxe^.] om. itxe, k. Rpoc4>a5p^] Aj: -opA., ut* &c. 

gCJOni] itXeCttjCOm, DFKL. Of Og, (om. Og,, Eg)] AE : cm. 
L'T &c. " OTOItXHl] -II it-, TOG'HJK : +Oyn (om. M). 

L«T»BDFG'KLMNOP. OTajOTajOT] cf. Gr. «ALP al fere omn 
arm Cyr &c. om. i^p. H^C IKc] HOC IKC, DL: ROT IkC RX^. 
FK. " iilt^.epXoXtJLA.11] cf. Gr. K*AODEFGLP al omn^i* 

gyrP Ath Cyr &c. : ItA.1 €pX., B, imperfect ; obs. Gr. N«B Did Cyr &c. 
nk^. exe] nxe, O*: + it, Ex*M. OTC^^i] podtlon cf.? Gr. L 
al pl6r 8yr«*' arm aeth. g^IXOX] + q, E, by error. €•» CCJOXeJUl] 

ecTfc, K. nxeitieenoc] ilxeiti., dfk. ng^co^] Rig,., 

T»N. " TXOMX] T^AEH : OTTX., V &c.; oba. Gr. D^ct «»^E 

FQ d*f g m' add avrov. 

104 npoc puiueoc. 

itxe oTuiill gjWcrre icxeit iTviuuE 
nejuL uecKco-f ffl^eg^pHi eraA.XX*cpiKoit Sta.- 
juLA.g,oT enieTTA-vreXion itxe rx^* 
*® IlA-ipK-f 2^e itA^iJUtei itg^iaenitoTrqi ne e<&iUL&. A.n 
eTA.fxe <&pA.n iiuxc iJuutoq ^im. nx^^- 
xejuuccoxfr e^cen o-cceni" najeittJU.ofr "^.XXa. 
KA.XA. ♦pK'f exci6H0TX fr xe e^eitA-T ibce hk 
exeiinofXAJULCJOoT ee&Kxq*- crcog, itH exe- 
ixnoyavrreMX e^eK^i"* 
"Ge&e 4>^i A-ix^-g^no noTJULHoj ilcoR ei g^^-pcc- 
xeit 4- *^ 'fnoT 2ie Xjuuion'f juul j6eit nA.icA.4> 
Of on oTJUtei ng^ofo 2ie goR iti6HX4- ei ^a.- 
pooxen ic o-vajlhoj npoiULRi4- ^^g^coc eiitA.aje 
RKi et" cR^niA.. 'f epg^eXnic r^-p en^y epooxen 
em^xge rki eMju.r^ oTrog, itxexenx<froi 
itecoxen ejULA.-c 4- eojcoR A.ia)A.nci juumcoxeit 4> 
j^en o-cA.ROAt.epoc 4- 
K€ ifb 2«#j^^oT 2^e 't' nw eiToujL* eajejutaji n|nK 

2iOniA.4- nejut a.x^i^*^ cipi ito-vAA.exa)<^Hp 
eni^Hici nxe nu eeoT^A hh exjfeen i?^iuiL4- 
" A.f -f juLA-i" rA.p o-cog, o-con epa)o*c nxujoTr •► 

O-CRRA. eq.] RIRRA. ee., TBCG'HJ; cf. Or. ACD*et«E 
F(G) al pluB^* d e f g m® vg arm 8yrP™« Ath Did Oyr &c. ^CJOCXe] 
LKTDM P : g,a3C2ie, A &c. ReAiLReCKCWf ] position cf. Or. K A B 
CLPal omn^»<> &c. RIA.XX-cpilCOn] AN: RieX., P: RIK(e, G')X- 
XKp., G'M: RnA.XXlp., D: RnXXxp.. LbT*FKO: RnXXlp., 
B: RITXXip., E: RlXA.'Cp., C H J : IA.Xlp., L. eRieXA-V.] 
LKTtAOEFHM: JULRI., B(om. I)DG'JKLNOP. *®2ie]om. BH. 
nA.IAA.ei] cf. ? Gr. BD'^FGP <^onfu>0/iai. Re] om. B. e<&iUUL] 

ii.4>., BDFG'L. exen] n., Ei*. o-cceni'] Kecen-f 'other 

foundation/ CH J. OjeJUUULo] -CD, D. *^ AJ^ D»« KCA.- 

K(I, D) A.C : Al"** Ei™« L U^l 'Isaiah.' ef eilA.T] position cf. Gr. 
B 37. ereKA-f ] ^^^'tf T»N. " A-IXA^Ro] A.IXA.£,- 

ROMANS XV. ao-27. 106 

holy epirit^ so that from JerasaJem and its neighbourhood 
even unto [the] Allyrikon I filled them with (e) the Goepel 
of Christ. ^^ But thus I was loving to preach good tidings 
where (the) name of Christ was not said, that I might 
not build upon another man*s (lit. a stranger) foundation; 
^ but (^) according as it is written : ' They who were not 
shown concerning him shall see, and they who heard 
not shall understand.' ^ Therefore I was prevented many 
times from coming to you: ''but now I have no place 
in these parts, but there is (indeed) a longing* in me to 
come to you since many years: ^wlien I shall (lit. will) 
go to [the] Spania. For I hope to see you, being about to 
go thither ; and that ye may escort me thither, if I should 
be satisfied with you somewhat ^But now I shall 

(lit. will) go to Jerusalem to minister to the saints. '* For 
they of (the) Macedonia and Achaia were well pleased to make 
^a common offering unto the poor of the saints who ai*e 
in Jerusalem. '^ For they were well pleased (to do it), and 

* Lit. ' more love.' ^ Lit. 'a sharing/ strictly rendering Kouwyia. 

nOT, T». **nA.I(oni. E2)CA.] HICA., Ej*: CA. HA-I, N. 

CnrilJL(n, E2)€I] OTAJLeri 'a thought,' P. Hg^OTO 2ie] L«AE: 

2^e n2,o*co, T* Ac. ic] icxeit, T*. ** &tJOC] + 2^6, G'. 

ei'C(+A., N)!] cf. Gr. »*ABODEFGP 177. defg 
Tg syr"^ ar* arm aeth &c. om. Acvo-ofAai irp^ vftat. ^^pj cf. Gr. MAB 
CDELP al pier syrP Sec: 2i6, CH J. Cin^. 2^ eit^., E. IlKl] 
om. C D J K L. €JJU.y i°] ijUUL^.T, L. -ClJ -Cmi, Ai« by error. 
Xltepoc] iULCpOTC, D. ** ItHl] om. F K. €I5Ch53l] ^uniua, 

€(om. H*)g,piU e. 'up to Jerusalem.' FH«K. eaGJULttjl] cf.? Gr. 
DEFG def g vg &c.: eiOJ. 'ministering,' DFL, cf. Gr. K<»ABCLP al 
fere omn &c ItHH] eilH, A,. '* iV^BJtX. . . ^.(AE^ : 6, E,: pref. 
t" * L« &c.)X^(oni. DHL)IA.] cf.? Gr. FG f g ^cuca/dom (sic et d*) col 
^Xo^oMM (sed FG om. «m in icoiM»v^). eni^HKl] htll-, CH JLMN : 

iixeni, 0. nxena eeo-c^] om. lixeitK, o : nTenee., 

D. IIH eTri6€n] om. na, CHJ. *'' Oyon &c.] 'there is to 

thflm from themt' order cf. ? Gr. l^ABCDEP d e m^ vg bji'^ arm &c 

106 npoc praueoc. 

ICxe VA.p nieenoc epoj^Kp epoao'v jfceit oTriutX!- 
xiKon* cejutnoj^. itceojeiULajHXO'c i6en mice- 
c^.pKIKo^4* "<tA.i ofn AJci)^.n:2(OKq eJBioX 
itxA£pc<|>^m juLRA-ioTTA^ ncooTfr eieoje 
HKi e&oX* 2,ixen eHitoT ei"C!w.itiA. "-fcco- 
oTit 2i€ xe A.mHo-c g,€it *• A.inHOT ifcen 


RenOT iHc uxc nejut efiioX g^ixen 'f a-va-Rh 

iixe niiTnIl4- eepexenep^-rconi^ecee neiuLHi 
j6€n nexennpocec^H eg^pai excoi g,^. c^i" 4- 
*^ &inA. nxA-itog^GAJL e&oX g,^. ixk exoi ilA.x- 
ctoxejuL jfcen ^^10x2^6^. *• oTog, xa.2^ia.ko- 
niA. eiXHJUt 4- nxecgcoRi ecajHR eitiA.rioc4- 
®* &mA. A.ia) g^^-pooxeii i6eii of e&oX 
g^ixeit Rexe^ne 4>i" o^c og, nxAjQLxon jOutiioi 
iteAJLcoxeit ^^^-f- 2^6 nxe -fg^ipHRKfr qx^ 

RieeROc] A J: pref. A., L«T* &c. OTRRA-XIKOR] L«T*AB 
L«T*AEMNOP: + OR 'also/ BDG'^(0-CR)L i8: +2^6 OR, CHJ: 
-(-OR epOOOT 'also for them/ FK; for coignnction cf. Gr. «m. 

RcegejutgKXOf] ceg., E: itxoTg., t*mnop. rikc- 

CA.pKIKOR] ROflCeC. 'also their/ B i8: RIC, PK : RO'fC., G*. 
" RXA.epC<l>.] •PAEG'MNOP: pref. OTOg,, LfBCDFHJKL i8. 

RKl] om. B i8. -fcRA-RIA.] cf.? Gr. t^Oh al pier &c. " Xe] 

om. F. A.IRKOT i°] AE : eiR., L^T* &c. RXGRXC] cf. Gr. 
»*ABCDEFGP 6^** 179. d e f g am fu harl demid tol arm«i aeth" 
Hunt 18, Clem &c. om. rov tvayytXiov. '^ F°V fjj,^ ^ v^ldl sJ3\ 'the third 

Sunday of Mesry/ 0'CRjAEM(om. R) N P, cf. demid igitur': om. 0: 
2i€, L«B &c.: OTR 2^€, T*. RA-CRHOT] cf. Gr. 48 syr"**- add /*«;. 
and rest of Gr. exc. B 76 for agfX^ RGROT] om. Ji*. g,IXeR+- 
A.rA.RK] om. N. RIRR/L] ^COOT^ 'holy/ 'PCFH* J. €0- 

30— ZVI. a 

ROMANS XV. a8— XVI. i. 107 

the others (lit. they) are their debtors. For if the Gentiles 
share with them in a spiritual (thing), they ought to minister 
to them in the carnal (things) also: ^® should I then fulfil 
this, and seal this fruit to them, I shall go through- you 
unto [the] Spania. ^' But I know that *I came to you, 
I came in a fulness of blessing of Christ. 

'^I beseech yon, then^ my brethren, through our Lord 
Jesus Christ, and through the love of the spirit^ to strive 
with me in your prayers for me to God ; *^ that I may 
be saved from them who are disobedient in [the] Judea; 
and my Tuinistry unto Jei*usalem, that it may be ac- 
ceptable unto the saints, ''that I should come to you 
in [a] joy through the will of Qod, and rest myself 
with you. ''But God of [the] peace is with you all. 
Amen. XVI. But I commend Phoibe our sister unto 

• The so-called Present ii, but really preterite by vivid imagination of 
the thing done. 

(oni.N)peTeit€pA.r.] aboefg'HJLmniS: eepexexeitep., 

L«T*KP : eepen., DO, i^'pereon, by error. Ite(K,B)XeiI(+ep, A^)- 

npOCerX^] ^' <^r- DEFG 30««« n-^** de f g vg«»« (et. tol harl*) 
aeth Pelag add v,i&w, " OTfOg,] cf. Gr.K* AB(^»D*FGP 6*j** 80. 

d e f g vg 8yr«* arm &c. om. un. 2i.lCf , B)A.KO(C0, EjJjItlA.] 
-f A-KCOIIIA., LO; cf. Or. KACD<>etcELP al omn^** d*** f g vg 8yr«»' 
arm aeth Ac. eiTjUut] cf. Or. t^AGD^E al pier &c. €h. eitl- 
A.riOc]T*AE: nitl., L«&c.: j6eitm.,K; position cf. Or. DEFGL 
al fere omn d e f g vg syrP arm &c. '^ ^lOJ^ItlJ position cf. Gr. 

H* ; cf. Qr. K*AC 67** 71 arm Ac. om. koI. <ti"] cf. Gr. ««ACD«LP 
al omn^ vg syr^*' arm Ac. JuLXOIt] eJULXOIt, L«T*M?NO. 
" ^e] om. 0. qX^] ^OCW> MP ; cf. ? Gr. D*EFG it vg syr««»» 
rell add frv. ^JULHIt] cf. Gr. t^BODELP al pier de vg syr^^ 
arm aeth«^' Ac. 

* ^e] cf. Qr. KABOD«>et«ELP al omn^«« d*** e vg syr«*' Ac. 
XeitCCOItl] cf. Gr. t^BODEL al pier d** ef vg syr«*' Ac: ne- 
XeitC, J, cf. Gr. AF f GP a. 73. f •" Ac. exe(A., E,) IteKnOTf] 

A BEG' 18: nxeiie., i/t^ao. 

108 npoc pinueoc. 

exe o-cpeqttjejULoji g^coc xe iixef"eKKXKciA. 
CTibew Kenxp^^c *&mA. nxexeitgonc epoj- 
xeit j6eix noc*- j6eit|^ itxe hk 
eeo-vA^ oTog, itTeTen-fTroxc ifeeit g^coA 
ni&eit *• eTecitA.epxpJ^ ijuuLcoxen iij6KTOT | 
K€ rA.p Reoc g^ooc ^cojconi j^^^^n onrjuuig 
neiULKi &co«5- 
^l^mi enpicKnrXXA. itewi ajtcXXa. iu.a|<t»Hp itpeq 
ep^coA j6€it nxc ikc *■ * n^-i exA.Tf trroy- 
n^^&i e&pHi e^ceit TA.^nroc^*' ^^ ^^^ A.noK 
jjutx^t^jT exgeug^JULox iixoTo-c *• ^XX^ 
newL itiKeeKKXaciA. XKpo-c hrre nieenoc neu. 

i"€KKXHCIA. ItTe no-CKI«5- 

*IIJmi eneneToc nA^rA.nKToc exe iteoq ne 

-fA-pxH itxe -f^-ciA. st>eti noc*- 
•UJmi ejtiLA.pi^ 0R exA-ctfT o-yajlhoi ili6ici 

j6^pa3Ten *• 
' IHmi e^it2.poniKoc «- ne^jL iotXia. nA-crrrenuc *• 

oTog, n^a}<^Kp nex-*J^^^^'^oc *• exe &A.n- 

coTfiit lie j6eit itiA.nocrToXoc n^-i exe 2,A.n- 

ofopn epoi ite jfeeit nxc*- 
•UJmi eA.AiLnXiA.xoc* nA^rA.nKXoc j6eit hot*- 

• giiti eonrpfiAitoc nena|<^Kp iipeqepg^cofiL j6eit 

nxc* itejuL cxA.x^c iu.A.rA.nHxoc *• 

g^COc] cf. Gr. >^B0* 47. add icm'. Xe] om. B: 2i.e, G'O. 

KeitxP(om.E2)ee(i,L: o, D*i8)c] -Kpeec, H: renKoeoc, 

J : -XP^^C> T^P : XS^GOCj 0. * ilXexengoncJ order 

cf.? Or. BODEFG 57. d**' d e f g harL llxeitH] ItltK, 18. OTOg,] 
om. B 18. -CItA.ep] -Cep, FK present. XP^^] ^XP^^> H. 
JUUULCOXeit] JUUJLOJOt, F by error. * e(om. F)npIC- 

Krt(^ L)XXa.] L«T^ACJ 18: enpICKXA., P; cf.? Or. mmuBcma 
Byr~*' aeth &c. irptcnciXXoF : e(om.F)npICKA., BDEFG'HKMNO, cf. 
Gr. unc. &c. A.KT(I, HN)XXa.] A.KtXXa.C, L«L; cf.? Gr. P 
iLcvXXay : A.(om. M)K-yXa., MNP, cf. Gr. reU aicuXair. g)<&Kp] 

a)4>ep, BDJ. * exgen] A.Tgen, m. itiKe] om. kg, cln. 

* IU.A.r.] pref. e, L» : om. HA. ' my,' N : HIA.^., D KL. i'A.pXH] 

ROMANS XVL a-9. 109 

you, who is also a minister* of the church which is in 
EenkhreeSy ^that ye may receive her in the Lord in (the) 
worthiness of the saints, and help her in all things in which 
she will have Tieed of you : for she also herself protected^ 
many, and me also. 'Salute Priskylla and Akylla my 
fellow- workers in Christ Jesus, ^ these who gave their necks 
for my life^ these to whom not I only give thanks, but 
(^) also all the churches of the GerUilea : and the church of 
their house. ^Salute Epenetos my beloved^ who himself 
is the beginning of [the] Asia in the Lord. ^Salute 
Maria, who has spent (lit. taken) much toil on you. 

^ Salute Andronikos and Joulia, my kinsfolk^ and my fellow 
prisanerSj who are known among the apostles^ these who 
are prior to me in Christ. ® Salute Ampliatos my beloved 
in the Lord. * Salute Ourbanos, our fellow- worker in Christ, 

* Rendering of IUomopw, but without special mark of gender. 
^ Lit. ' became before.' 

ABN: XA-pXH, 'PCDEFQ'HJKLMNO: cf.? Or«»* 'initium': 
TA-IIApXH 'the firstfruits,' Lf P. ftxei-] ADFG'H JiKL : ilf, 
LPT^BCEJjMNOP. A.CIA.] cf. Gr. KABOD*FG 6. 67** def g Tg 
(exc harl*) arm aeth««'&c. jfeeit HOT] AEJi". j6eit n^QC, LbT' 
B &c., cf. Gr. ; for j6eit cf. Gr. DEFG al'® fV. * JULA.pIAj cf. Gr. 
ABCP al* arm fmpiaw. O-ViULKO} It (om. T^)] ABEG'MNOP: 

ito-Yiuuig, LffT'CDFHJKL. j6^parreitj T*A, cf. ? Gr. DE 

F«^G d eg vg &c. »r : ep., U Ac, cf. Gr. H*A B 0* P al plus" syr«t' arm 
aeth"^ €U. ^ A.It2kpOItIKOc] -KOK, C. lOTfXlA.] cf. am vg»»«d 
aetU, CTrrreitKC] L^TtADEgFG'KLMNOP: CTItr., BOEiHJ 
(BE1HJ2 thus again), cf. Gr. FG. Il^.a|^K (6, J) p] nO)., 0: om. 

G'. ereg^A-itc] itxeg,., l: pref. itA.i, chj. co-cm] 
coTKit, L^NP. itA.1 ere2,,T'E2)pn] for om. ni 

cf. ? Gr. DEFG d e g. €pOI *mc'] om. Aj*. Itc] om. OP, cf. Gr. 
a. 30. • aJUL(om.C J)IlXlA.TOc] cf. Gr. KAB*FG 67** d c f g vg 
aeth Ac. n^^^^^K(I, E, MP)y oc] n( + A., C)IA.r., AjC H J, 
cf. ? Gr. BF«» om. fuw. • H^cJ cf. Gr. J^ABLF al pier (74. 120. 

a*v) am fa demid barl tol syr»^' aeth &c.: HOC, G% cf. Gr. GDEFG 
37.57. 71. 114. defg arm Ac. CXA-XKC] L^T^AEG^KMNOP: 

-X'^» BCDPHJL. iu.A.r.] niA.r., a,. 

no npoc pinueoc. 

^^UJmi eA.neXXKc niooxn j6en nxc 
UJiiti eitR eTojon eJS.oX j6en A-picToAonrXoc 

" }S^fii eHpco2^ioit nA.crcrreitHc *• 
lymi enn crrgon efi.oX j6en it^n^pjCYcoc hk 

"UJmi eTpi^HA.*- iteM. Tpt^voc^ nn exj6oci 

UJini enepci2i.A. *■ i"JULeitpix *• ok exA-ctfT ot juLHg 
ili6xci j^en HOC *• 
" UJiiti €poT<toc niccoTH st^en hot nejtx xeqjuLA.-c 
Of og, eooi 2,0) Te -^ | 
Kr- "UJmi €A.(rritKpixoc * <tXKVonTA- epM.K4- mjT- 

pO&.^<3- 6pJULA.*3- iteiUL niK6cnKo-v eeiteAiLcoo-Y 4- 

"a^^^ e^-cXoXoroc neJUL io-cXia.*- itepe^.^- 
iteiUL Teqcconi itejuL oX-viULn^n itewi iiiA.rioc 
TKpoT eeitetxcooTf *• " A.piA.cnA.^ecee nne- 
xeitepKOT j6eit o-cc{>i eco-c^JSL ceojiiti epcoxen 
ftxeitieKKXaci^ Tuponr nrre nxc. 


wC "'I*i"g,o epcoTen nA.citKOT eepenreiffg^oKTeit 

enK exipi iinic|>cjopa: tvejtx nicKA.n2iA.Xoit * ni" c&co exA.p€ epoc o-co^ 
peK eanoT ijuuicoo-c * " nA.i vA-p 
ijLUA.ipK'f ceoi iuLficjoK A.n iiLnen^ iiic nxc 

*® eA.n€XXH(o, Eg: I, N)c] cncXXKc, AjL. nn exgon] 
neTg., d. efioX] om. op. A.picTo(+T,MP)fi.ofXocJ 

-fi.O-cXXoc, FN: -fi.0X0C, P, cf . ? Gr. B*FG Ac. " KpO)- 

2i.I(H, HJ)O(a), BJM0)n] cf. Gr.: epUJiklon, DL : Hp02iI0n, 
T': text confused, N. Mi CX, i°] nCT., D. ;6ennA.nA.- 

(e, B)pKTcoc] L9BF(Ki)N0: ;6€nnA.p.,E: ;6enA.nA.(H, L)- 

KT (K, D L : I, G"^ K) COC, T^D G^ H J K L MO P : ;6enA.pKT- 
CO (CO, Aj) C, A C. ^* Tplc{>(JOnA.] Ai.a^M : T"pT<l>a)nA., 

EP: XpT4>enA., L8BDG'LN0, cf.? Gr. KAFGP al am fu harl: 

xpK^enA., CFJ : xpicl>inA., H : xp-c<t-cnA., T'K. netx] 

ROMANS XVI. 10-18. Ill 

and Staches my beloved. ^® Salute Apelles the chosen 

in Christ. Salute them who are from Aristoboulos. 

^^ Salute Erddion my kinaman. Salute them who are 
firom those of Narkysos, who are in Christ ^'-'Salute 

Triphdna and Tryphosa, who toiled in the Lord. Salute 
Pendda the * beloved, who spent (lit. took) much toil in 
the Lord. ^'Salute Rouphos the chosen in the Lord, 
and his mother and mine also is she. ^^ Salute Asyn- 
kritoB, Phl^nta, Erme, Patroba^ Erma, and the brethren 
also who are with them. ^^ Salute Phylologos and Joulia, 
Nerea and his sister, and Olympan, and all the mirUs who 
are with them. ^^ Salute ye one another in a holy kiss. 
All the churcJiea of Christ salute you. 

^"^ I beseech you, my brethren, to observe them who make 
the separations and the scandals contrary to (lit. away 
from) the teaching which ye learned, and turn away^ from 
them. ^® For such are not servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

* Ooptic word for feminine. ^ Lit. 'decline you.* 

nH,C by error. TpTf<tU)(O,A2*N)C^]xpI.,0FHKN. nepCI- 
(T, E) 2^^] -XA., C H J K : nepIC2i (T, P) A., N P. OTJULHg] pref. 

II, TCH JK. " niccoxn] enccoxn, Ej. itejut] oTog,, c. 

" ^(om. B)C( + K, A2)T(I,G0IlKpIT"Oc] T^ABDEFG'HL, cf. Or. 
KDEFO: A.CCnrnK., CJMNOP: ^CtVKp., L«?, cf. Gr. ABCLP 

Ac. : A.nrKpinoc, k«. <tXKroitTA.] ae : c{>Xer., l^t* &c. : 

^XTKOIt2i^, G': ^iXoVOItTA., K: pref. IteJUL, P. CpiULK 
(€, F) . . . epAJLA.] cf. Gr. KABCD*FGP al* d e f g am fn harl tol 
iloriac marian aeth«' Ac. n^.TpO (om. Aa)^. (H, Ai) A.] liexp., E : 
-^A., G'K. " c{>-cX.] c{>I., I^BFG'KLOP : c{>iX( +X, N)0- 

voc, DMN. nepe(K, a)a. . . .] om. n. nejuL- 

ni^V.] om. IteAJL, A. " XKpOnr] cf. Gr. K ABCLP al" (itjm 

DEFG ver. ai) vg syr**' arm aeth Cyr Ac. nwrtu. ll^c] pref. HOC 
'the Lord,' B. ^' 1"f &o] ACHJO 26: +2i.e, L^T^BDEFG'K H«nt 26. 

LMNP, cf. Gr. eep€T"€it.] eepexexen., l^t^bofjop: 
eepeit., e, by error: g^iKA. Rxexen., 26, cf. ? vg. ex ^pe- 
TenT(om. G'j)c.] eTexenn., l present. " iHc nxc] 

at Gr. L al pin syr** arm®** aethPP Ac. 


112 npoc pinueoc. 

xmc^^i eir^oXx nejtx nonrcjuLonr*- gA-nrepg^A-X 
iJLTig^HX itm^TKA.KiA. ^» T€Teiuu.eTpeqccjo- 
T€JUL r^p A.cge itA.c g^. o-con ni&eit * ' 
oTfii e^ceit eKHo-Y i"o-ceg eKitonr ^e epexeitoi 
itc^&e j6€n nineeit^neq ^Kepeoc ^e enmex- 
TTti ^udot^ t^®4>i" 2^6 nxe 'fg^ipKitK eqej^oAJL- 

XewL "S- ng^juLox JuLneitoc iSc n^C^ itewLcoxeit *• 
ttB «i S[gmi epcoTen ibcexiJULoeeoc n^a}<^Hp itpeqep- 
^u)&.«- iteu. Xo-vKioc«- neu. i^cccoit^- iteu. 
ca)cmA.xpoc *• iu.cTvvenKC "-fgim eptuxeii 
^itoK Tepxioc*- <tK exA.qcj6e TA.ienicxoXK 
j6eit ROT. 
^ "S[gim epcoTen-x ii>:erA.ioc *■ n^.a|eiuuu.o nejui 
•fcKKXHciA. XKpc*- qojim epujxeit ibce 

A.pA.cToc4- nioiKoitoiULoc iiTe -fnoXicfr | 
iteiUL Ko-c^.pxoc nicon * 
2*4>K CTeofon gacojuL juUiLoq ex^^pe eHno-v 
K^TA. nA.e^A.rreXxoit * neju. ni^icoio} itxe 
nxc iKc KiJTA. oT(Jcbpn e&oX ilxe otjultc- 
THpioit e^.TX^P^o'^f epoq eg^A-itcKOT neite^^- 
*• -f itoT 2i.e A.qo-con2,q e&oX g^ixeit nirp^.<^K 
ftxe itinpoc{>KXHc 4- ka.ta. nioTA^cA^m nxe 
<ti" nigA-eneg,*- eA-Tfonroitg^q efi.oX erccoxeit. 

iixo-cnexi] ex., chj. x(oin. F)OT>:mcAJK:i] nonr., m 

by error: om. 2Cm, T*KP*: om. ItC^^I, N by error. IIOTC- 
JULOX] nOTCJULOT, D by error. HltlA-XK.] ItTeitl., DL. 

" jULeTpeqccoxejuL] juLexccoxejUL, cj. nA.c] A: 

+ eJS.oX, L?T* Ac. i" p^ai . . • eKItOnr] order cf. ? Gr. D*FG 23 
dw^' arm &c. "f O-regeKItOTf] om. 0. ^e i**] om. BFK. cf. Gr. 115 ' 
Or»»^Ambr8tThphyl: -OTIt, G'. €p€T"€It01 nc] €ep€TeT"€lt 
Oinc, FK; cf. Gr. BDEFQL 61. o*^ def g m®^ vg arm aetb Olem 

Acorn. fi€w. ifcennmeen.] eni., chj: iuLni., n. ^jcepeoc] 
^Kepoc, AF. enineTg^tJooT] j6eitni., l. *® ca.t^ 

nA.Cj CA.2^^It A.C, E J L. n ( + 1, B P<^) g^AJtOT . . . itejuLCJoxen] 

ROMANS XVI. 19-26. 113 

but (^) of their belly; and through their sweet speaking 
and their blessing they deceive (the) heart of the irmocerU. 
" For your obedience went (forth) unto all. I rejoice then 
over you: but I wish you to be wise in the good^ but 
simple for the evil. *® But God of [the] peace shall crush 
Satan under your feet quickly. (The) grace of our Lord 
Jesus Christ with you. ^'Saluteth you Timotheos my 
fellow- worker, and Loukios and Jassdn and Soeipatros my 
kineTnan. ^1 salute you, I Tertios, who wrote this epistle 
in the Lord. '^Saluteth you Qaios my host and all the 
church. Saluteth you Arastos the treasurer of the cityy 
and KouartoB the brother. ^^He for whom it is possible 
to confirm you according to my Oospd^ and the proclaiming 
of Christ JesuB according to a revelation of a mystery^ 
having been kept in silence for eternal times, ''but now 
it appeared through the Scriptures of the prophets^ ac- 
cording to the command of God the eternal (lit. for ever), 
having been manifested unto [an] obedience of (the) faith 

cf. Gr. KABOLP al omn d*** (sed om. inwv) vg rell Ac. Il^Cj cf. 
Gr. ACLP &c. neM-COTen] cf. Gr. KABCLP (item DEFG) &c. 
om. dpip: +TKpOT 'aU,' C J. " qgiltl] cf. Gr. »ABOD*FGP 
al*® defg vg ayrP ann &c. XIJULOeeocJ cf. Gr. KAB'CD« &c. 
iipeqepg^CoA 'worker'] om. K. IA.CCa)It] I^CCJOIt, L8E1O, cf. 

Gr. nA.(rrr(n, Ei)r.J ae, cf. Gr. 108. 178: nA.c-cr(it,j)., 
L« Sec. ^ €rTA.qcj6e (k, Eg)] -cj6^i n, og': -cj6^^ e, h j. 

ji)€nnOT] om. DK. "T"Hpc] position (but not genitiv^ cf.? 

Gr. L ad pier &c. <&.p^(I, G'0P)CTOc] ABCEFG'JOP : Cp^C- 

CO (a>, N) n] ccjoiti 'aister,' Eg. ** W^^MXCTT JuLneitoc 

IHC nXC neJULCOXeit XKpOnr aJULKIt *(The) grace of our 
Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen/ T* : I^ omits with all MSS., 
cf. Or. t^ABC 6. 137. am fu harl* al>"«*»™ aeth™ Or»o*. Vers. 25. 26. 27 
hoc loco dedimus cum t^BCDE 16. 80. 137. 176. cdd ap Or^^^ d e f g vg 
fjT^acth"*' Ac. ** <1>k]T'AJB0EG'HJN0: +2^8, L?DFKLMP. 
n5CC IKC] A, cf. Gr. B : IKC nOC, LbT* &c., cf. Gr. rell. (T^, M)- 
UJpIl €&oX] OJOpn, H by error. Cg^^ItCKOT] AE: S&^n., 

i/rT &c. " A-qo-coitg^q] AO: A-qoTfcong,, D^T* &c. 

YOL. lU. I 

114 npoc pmueoc. 

tiTe ^tu.^'f ;6€it itieenoc XHpo-c *■ *^ nioTr^i 
juutJLA.TA.Tq€ <t'ffr eAoX g^ixen ikc 
n^c^ *• <tA.i exe <ta)q ne nicoonr g a eiteg, nxe 
itieite^ AJULKit. 

IIpoc pu)iULeoc a.-ccj6ktc j^en Kopmeoc 
A-TOfopnc g^iTen ^oi&h •fccom 

e^tOton^(q] L^ADEG^KO: €A.qOTa)(0,T^)ll2,, T*BCFJP: 

€A.qo-ronq. h l m ( + g,) N. e (A., l) nrccoxejuL] eonrc, h J. 
" eAoX] om. p. ^^i ere] ^k exe, G'KP, cf.? Gr. ^ (de 
cuius). fflA-eiteg,] gA-itieiteg,. cj. itTeitieneg,] t»AiDE 

(G')H«JKLMP: IlTeni., L«A2BCFH*N0 singular: +XMpO-C 
•all,' G' ; for tS>p aimvap cf. Gr. i^(A)DE (P) 80. d e f vg 8yr«>>(ann) aeth»*» 

&c. AJULKit] + u^M-ox JuLnen^ iSc lixp iteAJLco- 

Xeit XHpO-Y AJULKIt ' (the) grace of our Lord Jesus Ohrist with you 
all, Amen,' K, cf. Gr, P 17. 80. syr ■«'» arm aethPP ar« (Ambrst). 

Subscription. HpOC pCJOiULeOC, Aj, cf. Gr . A B* CD* i. 14. 30. 

35.41. 47. 49. 135: a.tcj6hxc j6en icopme ^.-vopnc g^ix 

^OI&H i'A.KCJOn ' it was written in Eormth ; it was sent by Phoibe the 
deaconess,* Ei, cf.? Gr. 37. 47. 80. 89. 114: IipOC pCJOiULeoC A.TC- 

j6kxc j6eit icopiiteoc A.-ro-copnc g^ixeit ^. •f cconi 

'it was &c. the sister,' Aj : npOC pC0iULA.IO-YC (COC, L) A.TfC- 

j6hxc j6. k. A.qo-copnc iixeit ^. ^^i^jcvon 'it was &c.; 

he sent it by Ph. the deaconess,' DL : 11. (np, 0) pU)JULA.IO'YC ^ A.. 
i6. K. * A.fO-COpnC g^IXeit 4>.*- i"2i. (pref. UXiJOK 'the end,' 
0), M O, cf. ? Gr. 120. 122. awr kw' al Euthal : n. (IIpO, H Jj) pcOAJLeo 

ROMANS XVI. 27. 115 

among all the Gentiles^ ^ the one only the wise Qod, through 
Jesus Christ, he (lit. this) whose is the glory unto age of 
the ages. Amen. 

To (the) Romans, it was written in Eorinthos ; it was 
sent by Phoibe the sister. Stychoi 1000, 

Chapters 22, 

( + c, CH) ^. j6. Jcopme ( + oc, c) ^.•co-copn( + o, H)c 
(OTog, ^q., H) g^ixeit <t. (fi.1, H) -f ftxe 

ICeitKp^.C (pCCy H) 'it was written &c., Ph. the deaconess of Kenkras/ 
CHJ1.2: IL pU)iULeOC«- ACXCJOK eJS.oX* ATCj6hXC 2i.€> 

j6en Kopineio-ccfr A.-co-copnc T^e g^ixeit <&.* 
•f2i.xA.Ka)it Wre i-eKKXaciA. *• nTe KeRXP^ec*- *it 

was finished, and it was written in Korinthions; hnt it was sent hy Ph. the 
deaconess of the church of Kenchrees,* F : ^.CXCOK C&oX ItXe- 

•fenicToXK €x^.qcj6KXc epcoM-K A.qcj6HXC ic^ceit 
Kopineoc A.qo-copnc nxen ♦. •fas.iA.Kom iixe i"eK- 

kXhCI^ ilXe KeitXP^^C 'the Epistle was finished, haying written 
it to Rome, he wrote it from Korinthos ; he sent it by Ph. &c.,* K ; for 
three ]ast cf. Gr. 10 Ac, CTTf (I, D) X^C jH lOQO, Ai D Ei K LM : 
Tipll 750, CHJ : qK 920, F. cf. Gr. L c^d plural: KC^i^eoW kE 
32. AjLMCpref. nilUgtlO^' kZ ai, CDFH JK, cf, Gr. B : KOTfaCI 
small chapters q 90, H M : pOOiUL^IOC I Greek 10, M : (npO<^KX» 
F: 'f(&A.It, 0)StXeT iULeepC liT"ei-lU.(e,0)XeA. the witness 
of the Old Testament) AJLH 48, FMO (-t-JUUtiieepe, MO), cf. Tisch. 
'Item notantur (cum Euthalio) . . . fioprvpUu iixf* AgEjNP have Arabic. 
BG' have no subscription, cf. Gr. EF 17. al. 

T % 

npoc ROPmeioYc Jk. B. ox. 


^3XYi^.0C n^.nocToXoc €TB^.^esx hrre ihc 

n x^ e&oX g^ixen c^o-vcocg sx^'f hgajl ccoc- 

eeiiHc nicoit * ii'f ckkXhcia. nTe <t'f eu eTgon 
j6en Kopmeoc itH €XA.-CTo-cJS.a)OT jfeeit n^c 
lite UK exe^^GAJL*- nciUL o-con ni- 
fiien eejULo-c-f *• €4>p^n juLneitOT iSc n^CP I 
ic^ j^eit JULA.I m&eit nxa>o-c new. nxA.n. 'ng^- 
juLox ncoTeit itejuL xg^ipunu *■ efi.oX g^rreit ^-f 
ys nemcox *■ nejuL neitro mc n^cc *• +* "fffleng^- 
JULOT iiTen n^ito-cf Rchot iti&eit eg^pm exen 
eaito-c *■ itejUL e^cen nig^JULox ftxe <t'f er^nr- 
XKiq ncDxeii j6en nxc xkc * * xe j6€ii g^cofi 
ni&eit ^T€xeit€ppA.JULA.o tl&pHX itj6KTq4' 
jfeen cA^i itiJS.€it itejuL ejuLx iti&eit *■ • ka-xa. 
4>pH'f exA. -f JULCTTJULeepe iixe n^cc XA^^cpo 
j6eit eHnoTf *• ' g^cocxe nxexeitgconi hxe- 

GpexeitacoTfgx efiioX j^^Ti^K*- iuLnKTcbpn efi.oX 

npoc KOpmeiOC,P: npoc KO(+T,B)pin(om.H)0I(om.CG' 
JK0)O-C(om.BCGJK0)C(om. MN) X, BCG'HJKLMNO (Ji., add 
K€cl>A.Xeon), cf. Gr. KA^dBCD 17 Ac: npOC KOpm0I(om. E^)- 
0(+nr, D)C X S (=the second of the Epistles), DEj: eniCXoXh 

npoc Kopme US, F: npoc KopmeioTc II5II(=thefirst 
chapter), AjEi : cxix PS! ^eX kS : npoc Kopmoio-vc Z 
^•rc;6KXc j6en ec{>ecoc efiioX g^ixen cx€4>A.nA. 

n6AIL ^X^IKOC ' it was written in Ephesus through Stephanas and 
Achaikos/ A2, which adds stichoi and chapter numbers ; and always here- 
after substitutes subscription for inscription. * 



I. Paul (the) apostle^ who is called", of Jesus Christ 
through (the) wish of God, and Sdsthenes the brother, 
^to the church of Qod which is in Eorinthos, they who 
were sanctified in Christ Jesus, they who are called*, who 
are holy, with all who call on (the) name qf our Lord 
Jesus Christ in every place, theirs and ours: ^(the) grace 
to you and (the) peace from Qod our Father, and our 
Lord Jesus Christ. ^I give thanks to my Qod always for 
you, and for the grace of Qod which was given to you in 
Christ Jesus ; ^ that in everything ye were enriched in him, 
in all word and all knowledge; * according as the witness 
of Christ was confirmed in you : ^ ao thai ye become^ not 
lacking in any grace. Looking out for the revelation 

* Lit. 'invited.' ^ Lit. 'and ye lack not.' 

^ exe^&eW.] L«T*ABC (over erasure) D &c., cf. Gr. KBFQ LP 
al omn^ f g r vg gyr"^ arm aeth"*' Ac. IHC IX^cJ cf. Gr. »ALP 
al pier vg«^ syr**' ann aeth &c. g^ITGIl] g^l], M. CCOCeeitKC] 
COC0., M P. nXCOIt] om. E, (tr. habet). * n+CKK.] IlXe- 

^eJCIC., MN. exgon &c.] IIK eTgon, L plural; position cf. 
Gr. KAD'^LP al omn^** (77. om. ri oCan) f vg syr"*' ann aeth Ac. 

KO(a),E,)p.] Kopiiteioc, p. exA.-cTo-c&a)Of sben] 
eTTOTfjS.KO'rr, b*. itu eTo^^ejji] nexe^&ejuL, d : 

KH er^yOl^eJtX, T»Nc preterite expressed. ^ Hg^JULOX] 

nig,., EjM. * nxeniUwitoTf-f ] nxen^.., m, cf. Gr. k*ao 

&c. it vg syr^*' arm Or Cyr &c. /lov. neJULexeitlll (om. BG'N)^,- 
JULOX] AE: om. It6iUL, L«T*B &c. Itorreil 'to yon'] om. H*. 
* Wi6(&, BG')pKl] om. EjP. CSJXi] pref. X., F. GJULl] HG- 
AJLI, L. '' gjUOCre] L«T^ODFKLMNP: -2^.6, ABEG'HJO. 

gcont nxexen.] om. l homeot.: g, epexeit., mp: gj, 
€T ex en., o^ e&oX i°] om. J2. 


nrre neitoc ihc n^cc ^ ® 4>^i exe eqexA^pe 
eHitoTf gA. €JS.oX* iiA.TA.piKi j6en neg^oonr 
iiLneit^ ihc nx^ ^J- • qeitg^ox ib:e4>'f * <tK 
exA.qeA.g^ejuL eKito-c ejioTfit*- efjULexg^up 
nxe neqajHpi mc n^cc neitoc. 
y 10 'I^-J-g^o OTfit eptoxen itA.citKOf 4- eJS.oX g^ixeit 
^ juLneitGC ihc nxc* &xitA. otciJXii 
noTfcoxfr epexeitacoo ijuuLoq XKpoTf*- o-cog, 
nTegTewL g,A.itc{>a)px cgcjoni jfeeit enitonr* 
nxexeitgconi 2i.e epexeitceJ^TcoT *■ j6eit o-c- 
2,HT jtoTfooT * nejtx o-crntojuLH no-cu)x *• 
" 3X"rrA.«.oi rA.p eeJS.€ ennonr itA.citKOT efi.oX 
g^iTeit nA.x^0HC4- >:€ o-coit ^^.ttcg^TitHit gon 
i6eii eHnoT4- ^^^^^i 2>.e -fxuo ijuuLoq*- xe 
nioTA.1 nio-vA.1 iLftxcjoTcii «- xcjo iLmtoc xe 

A.ItOK iULCn A.ItOIC <^A.nA.-YX0C 4- A.nOK 2^6 A.ItOK I 
<^A^noXXu)4- A.ItOK 2.6 A.ItOIC <&AJiCHct»A. <3- A.nOK 

2i.€ A.itoK <tA.nxc*' *^A.-rc{>ea n^c*- -m-h 
iu.TfXoc exeit eHito-c \e ^.n ^.pexeit- 
flTooAJLc e4> juliia.tXoc 4- 
5 1* 'I^geng^AJLOT 2C€ juLni'fcojuLc ng^Xi ijuuLooxeit 
6£lhX eKpicnoc*- nejuL rA.ioc ^^g^iiiA. nTeajxew. 
oTfA.1 >:oc«s- >:e A.peT"eit(fr cojulc enA.pA.n4- "a.i- 

nenOC 'our Lord'] om. CEi*HJ. • gA.efi..] gA.jS.., D. 

g^OOTf JUL] meg,. ilXe, F, cf. Gr. KABCLP al omn^d r syr^^ arm 
aeth &c. "O-Cn (om. M)] L^AEi^jMNOP: 2^e, T^CDF^G" 

HJKL: om. BEi*G^*. nA.cnHO'c] ncnc, B. nenw] posi- 
tiou cf. Gr. KABCLP al omn^<* r vg syr^*' arm aeth Or &c. OTfCA-iCl] 
nOTfC, H. &A.n<t.] om. &A.n, L. 2i.e] om. CH J. €pe- 

Tenc] nxexenc, hj. nejuLonrrno) (o, be^J)] cf.? Gr. 

G^* Eufl HU om. tV. " A.TXAJULOI] -on Ve were shown,' J. 

rA.p] pief. 2^6, O. nA.cnHOT] nenc, B; obs. Gr. C*^»<ide 
Ambrstom. /iov. nA.X^OHc] L«BC: A.X^OKC, ADEFH^JKL: 
om. nA., T^G'MNOP; A»« -^ j 'Coptic, green.' 2,] 

1 CORINTHIANS I. 8-16. 119 

of our Lord Jesus Christ; ®he (lit. this) who shall confirm 
you unto the end, blameless in (the) day of our Lord Jesus 
Christ. ' Qod is faithful, he who called you into the fellow- 
ship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. ^^ I beseech you, 
then, my brethren, through (the) name of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, that ye all (may) be saying 'the same thing, and 
that divisions may not be among you ; but that ye may 
be ''made perfect in one heart and one opinion. ^^ For 
it was shown to me concerning you, my brethren, by 
them of Chloes, that there are strifes among you. ^' But 
this I say, that each one of you saith: 'I indeed am of 
Paul, but I of Apoll5, but I am of Eepha, but I am of 
Christ' *^ Christ was divided. Was Paul crucified for 
you, or were ye baptised unto (the) name of Paul? 

^* I give thanks, that I baptised not any of you except 
Krispos and Qaios; ^^that one should not say, that ye 
were baptised unto my name. ^^ But I baptised (the) house 

• Lit. 'one word.' ^ Lit. 'prepared,' cf. Luke vi. 40. 

Of gjCTi 0. jgon] position cf.? vg«i« harl** tol'syr"*'^ Dial Aug: om. F. 
^ * 4> A.I . . . OT^l i^] om. B*. JUL«.a)T"€n] ;6€IieKnOT ' among 
you/CHJO« (iir^'acopy'). XtJo] eqaCO), L«TtPKLO : q>:U),DN. 

ct>A.^noXXa5 . • . 4>^ (ne, A K) KH^^.'\ tw. -kk^a. . . • A.noXXa), 

F. " A.-Ccl>(om. C)e(^., KMP)g] L» &c.: ^.Tf^KiOg, TG': ^.Tf- 
<t€aj JUL, : eTc{>Kg, AE. A.p€T-eiltfT] L«T*BDFKLMNOP: 
€p€X., AE: eTA.peTe(om. G')n, CQ'-H J. ^* ^^AJLOt] 

L»ACD*ExVG'HJMxVOP, cf. Or. »*B 67** Chr Dam : +iixenc{>'f 
*to God,* B, cf. Gr. ««ACDEFGLP al pier d e f g r vg go aeth"*' Ac: 
+ hxenn^ItOT'f 'to my God,' T^D«L, cf. Gr. A 17. 23. 39. 57. 63. 
219** 8p d** g*^ vg"** fu demid harl** 8yr««*» etP c* ann Ac: + V^p 
ilTeitlU.ItO-C'f, FK : nxe( + It, E2)cl>'f nA.(€rt, E2)^OTT 
•to God my (our, E2) God,' E°w. llg^Xl] Cg^Xl, 0F«: g^Xl, B«F*. 
KpICROc] KpiecnOC, B, obs. Gr. B* Kptunrov. " XB A.p€- 

xencTT] xe exA-pexen., G': le epexeit., b; cf. Gr. 

KABC* 5. 6. 17. 37. 67** 71. 73. 74. 80. a«»^ ef vg 8yrP««arm &c. 
c/3m I UFuifTt* 


•fcoAJLc 2i€ JuLnKCHi itcxe4>^itA. *■ Xomon ft-f- 
ejJLi ^it xe ^it ^i-fcoAJLC niceoT^i^- 
€ " H€x^qxA.o-rox v^p A.n iixenxp efcojuLc* 
A.XX^ eg^icgeititoTqi 4- j6en o-rc&o) itc^:^i«8- &mA. RTeqaTeiigcjoni eqgofrr ibce- 

^ ^*nicA^i TA-p itxe niff: Rxeit itK Aiieit een^- 

KK eenA-itog^eAJL 4- o-czojul iixe ^-f Re*- 
" Cc;6Ko-rT r^-p xe -fnurijco nTco4>i^ iiTe 

ao^q "J- ^® UXqecoit o-cc^^e 4- ^qeooit ottcaj^ *• 

^qecjon ofpeq;6ox;6ex nxe n^-ieiteg,*- julk 

juLne cj^-f- ep xcoc{>i^ iiLniKociULoc hcox^- 

2* 6ni2iH VA.p eJS.oX j6en -f coc{>ia. nxe <t'f "S- ixive 

niKocAJLoc conren 4>i" efi-oX g^ixen i"co4>xA.*- 

A.qi'JULA.'f nace 4^+ e&oX g^ixen i" JULeTcoa: 

iixe ni^icjoioi eito^eu. nitK eeit^^-f 4- 

22 6ni2wK nno-v2i^i4- ceepeTirt it^^niuuiiiti«- o-cog, 

nio-cemm ceKco-f nc^. ^fcocj^iA.*- **A.noit 2^e 

Teitg^icoig iinxc eA.TfA.gqfr mio-v2iA.i Ajteit 

KH|2iA.Xon ncooTf ne* nieeitoc 2i.€ onr- 

juL€Tcox ne* "itA.n 2i.e A.noit i6^ Rk 

€eitA.ito^eiUL fr niioT2kA.i neAJL itio-vemiitfr 

n5cc OT2COAJL iixe cj^-f- ne* iteiUL o-cco<tiA. 

^« 2^e\ +On, BFKP. JuLnKCHl] ABEFG'KLO: AXniKGHI, 
L«T* MNP: M.nKCnHI, D H J. CT€<l>A.ItA.] -ItOC, G'. 
h't'eWLl] om. it, BOH: R-fcOJULC *I baptise not/ A, by error. 
A.n A-I-f ] om. A.It, OH J : ItA-I-f , Ei*: A.IItA.-f, F. " ne- 

TA.qT,] Ite €XA.qX.,T^ «^] CTA.-CpOC,L«JM,thus ver.iS J,. 
"rA.p] pref. JJLen, CHJ. «^] +itXenXC 'of Christ,' B. 

iiTen] itxe, DLMP. ita juteit] om. juLeit,LP, n(ii, Ai) A.n] 

om. D, cf. Qr. FG S^^ defgr fu* am** &c. ^B A.rtOIt] A.Iton 2^€, 
D : om. A.non, CQ'H JL. " Ei°« 'Isaiah.' hxeitlCAJSLerj 

J n»« ii-j ' a copy ' : ItltlC, G' : ilTemco4>OC, J* L. hxeitIKA.Xj 

1 CORINTHUNS L 17-24, 121 

also of Stephana: further^ I know not whether I baptised 
another. ^"^ For Christ sent me not to baptise, but (^) 
to preach good tidings, not in a wisdom of word, that the 
cross of Christ should not become vain. ** For the word 
of the cross to (ilTeit) them indeed who will perish is 
a foolishness, but to us (pronoun) namely those who 
will be saved it is [a] power of God. ^^ For it is written : 
*I shall (lit. will) destroy (the) wisdom of the wise, and 
(the) knowledge of the understanding ones I shall (lit. will) 
reject.* *® Where was a wise man? Where was a scribe? 
Where was a searcher of this age? Did not Qod make 
(the) xvisdom of the world foolish ? ^^ For since from 
the wisdom of Qod the world knew not Qod through the 
wisdom^ Qod was well pleased through the foolishness of 
the proclaiming to save them who believe. ^^ Since the 
Jews ask signs, and the Qreeks seek for the wisdom : ^^ but. 
we (pron.) proclaim Christ crucified : the Jews indeed it is a 
scandal to them, but (to) the Gentiles it is a foolishness ; ^^ but 
to us (pron.), namely those who will be saved, the Jews and 
the Greeks, Christ is a power of Qod and a wisdom of Qod. 

nitlK., G': om. Ill, E. *® OTC^fi.e] rtOTfC, H. JuLniKOC- 

JULOC] ilX€n.,'PFHJK. niKOCAJLOC] cf. Gr. »* AB0*D»'Ti7. 
28.46. 74.a»m''^ nA.IK.,TtG'FKNO, cf.Gr. ««C^D«EFGL al pier 
Byr«i' ann«w &c. *^ €RI2^k] GHI, N*. e&oX j6en] A : om. 

eJ^oX, L«T* &c. i" co<tiA. a*»] C-, N. ** eni2iK] +rA.p, 

CFHJ. nn(om.E)0-r2iA.l] AE, cf. Qr.FG 33. 35. f g fu harl* syr-ch 
&c. om. Kol: ltIK€, L^T* Ac. ^^HiULKmi] cf. Gr. KABCDEFGP 
46. 52. 63. 80. d e f g r vg syr"*' ar« go aethPP Clem Oyr &c. ItlOTf- 
emm] ItlKeO-C'the Greeks also,' OH J. 'f"COc{>I^] AE: OTfC, 
L'T Ac, cf. Gr. " ^ItOIt 2^6] A., ^ton * we also,' 0. JuL- 

n^cc] €R., B. eA.-cA.ajq] a.-c., d. itiio-c2wA.i] uno-c., Eg®. 
AJieit] +o-cn, CJ: 2i.e juteit o-cit, h. nieenoc] cf. Gr. 

KABC*D*EFGLP 5. 10. 17. 23** 31. 37. 46. 71. 73. 80. 93. d e f g r m* 
vg syrP arm aeth go Ac. -COX lie] om. 1X6, Ej*. ** eeitA.- 

nO£,e«.] 0«» l^ * a copy': CXIlOg^eAJL, 0*. 

122 npoc ROPmeioYc ^ 

irre ^-f^ "xe -fixexcox vrre ^^ coi 
iic^&e e^oxe nipa)Aff.i'&* oto^ -fAnexA-coK- 
iiKc irre cj^-f coi ibcoopi e^oxe mpooAff-if- 
C**3XnA.T VA.p enexeiteoo^eAiL itA-cnKOT*- xe 
juuuLon oTJUuig ka.xa. c^ps*- Hjtxoti 
oTAff-Hcy ibcoopi juuuLoit oTAff-Hcy nerreitKC* 
*'^XXa. mcox trre niKocAnocfr A.qconrnoT 

itiAnexxoofi. irre nxKocjjLOc ^qcoxnoT 
nx€4>'f 4- &m^ iixeq'fs^ni ilmxa)pi<»- *^ oTog, 
itiiULex^veitKc tcre wikocjuloc^ tiejtx tin err- 
goojq A.qcoxno7r iix€cl>'f *• txexfu itH exence- 
gon ^n •&• &m^ iixeqKopq iiitH exgon *• 

ijuuLoooT jjLnejtJLBo ix^'f^ ^® fteooxen efi.oX 
juUxoq ^ooxen j6€n nx^ mc«5- cI>k exA.q- 
cgooni itA.n SotcocIha. efi.oX g^ixen cj^-f 4- ot- 
ju-eeAHHi iteu. otxot&o •&- new. oTCoo'f'S- 
3'2,iiu. K^XA. c&pK-f excj6Ko-cx *• xe ner"- 
cgoTojoT jOuuLoq JUL^peqcgoTojOT XjUULoq 
j6eit HOT* 


oTcocl>i^ ^ixAJULo juuuLooxen eniAHTCXKpion 

*^ Xe . . . cj^-f] om. Aj* homeot. D ™« Il^pOI At-I^ * the Proverbs.' 
COIi°]eCOI,T*K:CeoI,Obyerror. e^OXei°]+e,K twice. COl2°] 
€COI,T*KO: CeOI,0Jbyerror; cf.Gr.>^«AODEFGLP&c.forexpr.€<rTiV. 
*' niCOX] om. H by error. UIKOCJULOC i«>] U^IK. 'this world,* F. 

itxeqi"cg.] iixeqgmi, o« twice. A.qcoxuo7r x«] pref. n^i 

' these,' C H J. ItniC^&eT] position cf. Gr. unc. &c. AHeXXOOfiL] 
om. JUteX, OH J. " IteAUnK exeitc] cf. Gr. K^BO^D^ELP 

al pier f m''* r vg syr"*' arm aethPP &c. praem koI. ItK €XCgon] 

1 CORINTHIANS I 25-IL i. 123 

^Because the foolishness of God is wiser than [the] men, 
and the weakness of God is stronger than [the] men. 

*• For see your calling, my brethren, that not many wise 
according to flesh, not many strong, not many noble : ^ but 
{iJ) the fools of the world God chose, that he might put to 
shame the wise; and God chose the weaknesses of the 
worldy that he might put to shame the strong; ^^and the 
ignobUitiee of the world, and them who are despised, God 
chose, and them who are not, that he might do away 
with them who are : ^ that no flssh^ should boast them- 
selves before God. ^^From him (are) ye also in Christ 
Jesus, who became to us [a] wisdom from God, [a] 
righteousness and [a] sanctification and [a] redemption; 
^^ that according as it is written : ' He who boasteth himself, 
let him boast himself in the Lord.' 

II. And I also having come to you, my brethren, came 
not according to an exaltation of [a] word, or [a] wisdom ; 

* Lit. 'all flesh should not.' 

nexg., d. *» ^onooc (om. m)] &mA., G'. ixc^i" ] cf. Gr. 
imc.excc*. ^ neooxeit e&oX] abohj: lie. it^e eJ&oX, 

L'Ei*FG'KLOP: fto. €fi.oX 2s.e, T^DEi^jMNj for 2s.€ cf. Gr. 
^OJXen] +ne, K: om. Ei*. \MM\ position cf. Gr. L al pier vg«»« 
harl* 8yr«*' arm &c. ** Uexcg.] UG eT"ttJ., T*: <&K eXOJ., 

CG'H J. D"w ^A-ClXecoIt : Ai«°b Ei»« L^J^ eJjlU (y-,, El) J^\ 'the 

hooks of the Kings and Aramiya,' A2™«edyi^ jU-1 ^, L"« J^5ll el^Jil^ 
' the first hook of the Kings.' Aff-^peqajOTOJOT iJUULOq] om. 
El* homeot. 

^ pnBJi«»«L"«cyJ ,.w»AlJkH jft.ill *the third Sunday of Tut* (F also, Hunt 18. 
injured, second of Biiunah'), IteX^Uj ItK eX., L hy error. ^ItJ Hant a6, 
LtT'ADKL: trs. after tfTcijBO&c. 18. 26. IG 0TC04>1^] I€ j6en- 
OTC, 0: itOTC, G'. ^IXAJU..] AC(pref. ^I1)EHJM0P: 61- 
XAJtlL., L«'PBDFG'KL(ie)N. -X^JtJLO(a5, EjL; OT, N) ijL- 
1X03(0, A2E2)Xeit] -T^JULOOXen, J. A«.TCTK(I, Ej) pioit] 
cf. Gr. K* AC 5. 30. 71. 77. 80. 81. nw' r syr»e>> &c. 


hre ^-f^ * ixui-fa^n v^p eeiULi eg^Xi i6€it 
OKnoT* e&KX eiitc nxc-s- oto& <&^i ^nr^gq* 
*^noK a^ -^^^ onfAnex^ceeitKC ♦• iteu. 
oTg^o-f*- nejuL OTceepxep eit^cgaoq^- aji 

eoox n&HX ^k iixe ^^nc^^i ilcoc{>i^ iipcoiuu * 

OTXOAIL *&mA. neTeitit^^'f itxeqgxejULgajni 
^en oTco4>i^. ttpa)Aff.i'&* ^XXa. ;6en otxojtx 

^ "Otco^i^ 2s.e nexencA^j jDuuloc j6en nu ex- 

cen^Koppq 4- ^ ^XX^ otco^ia. Sxe ^"f exen- 
cA^i iJuuLoc*^ j6en oTAHTcxapion ok exg^Hn-s- 
eu ex^^qepgopu iie^ac iucecl>'f *• jfc^^oooT 
itnieneg, eTfoooT n^it*>- ®eK exeiine g^Xi 

conrooitc r^p*- it^Ttt^.eai hot nxe hojot 

1 'HXXXa. k^x^ ^^pnt" excj^KOTX 4- xe itu exe- 
ixne Sl^X ti^rt epcooT onr2ie ixue jut^cgx 
coeiULOT*- OTO^ ixnoTcge e&pw exeit ng^KX 
itpa)iULi<^ KK ex A. ^^-f cefi-xooxoT Rnu een^- 
Anenpixq * 

nxecl>'f ] om. ; obs. vg arm ^ Ambrst Pelag * Chrieti.' * BJtXl 

e&Xl]-itg,Xl,T*FG'HK; cf.?Gr.KAD»>FGLalpler&c.^gq] 

ABEK 18: e^T^^gq, t*cdfg'HJlmno 26: exA.T., l?p. 

* &^(0, E,)] + n^CttHOT 'my brethren/ C JO. IteiULOTg^O^] cf.? 
Gr. F G 49 f g r vg Ambrst om. cV : om. H homeot. Clt^cgOOq] IteiUL- 
Onr OJOOq ' and a contempt; 26. * H^CA^l] HIC^^I * the word/ A,. 
g,A.It (om. art., A2*)ea5X] cf. ? Gr. ^^A£ODELP al longe plu r vg syrP 
&c n€iB6is: OnreooX, OH JP. cf.? Gr. 1. 18* 48. 72. 106.108. 132. 153** 
bicr* c>«^ o«»' al d e f g am 8yr«»> arm &C. miBoi. ilCO<t>I^ itpOOAILl] 

1 CORINTHIANS II. 2-9. 125 

I showed to you the mystery of God. "For I decided 
not to know anything among yon except Jesus Christ, and 
(that) he (lit. this) was crucified. ^I also in [a] vjeakneas 
and [a] fear and a great trembling came to you. ^And 
my word and my proclaiming was being not in persuasions 
of words of vriadom of man, but (^) in manifestation of 
a spirit and a power, ^that your faith might not be in 
a wisdom of man, but (^) in a power of God. * But we 
speak a wisdom among them who are complete : but a vnadom 
not of (OA) this age, Tior of the nUers of this age, they 
(lit. these) who will be done away with : '' but {<L) (it is) 
a wisdom of God which we speak in a mystery which is 
hidden, which God foreordained before the ages for a glory 
to us : * which none of the rvlers of this age knew : for if 
they had known it, they wotdd not have crucified the 
Lord of (the) glory. ' But' {&.) according as it is written: 
'The things which eye saw not, nor ear heard [them], and 
they went not upon (the) heart of man, — ^the things which 

cf. Gr. N«ACLP al pier vg<^ demid fu** syrP &c. OnfOOItg,] OTOT- 

twng,, K 18. oTnituLj nimtZ, 18. • nexeitnA^-f ] 

Tisch. cites cop ^/amv by error. cyXCAA. * not'] om. B by error. OT- 
COc{>I^] om. OT, Eg. ® L"« iS^y. ^JM jU\ j^ill 'the second Sunday 

of Buunah.^ Uexe(^, 0) ItC^^l] HG exeit, T*HMNOP 26. 

itK enrxKK] itexx., dfjk. ^e] om. p. iie^ i^] ee^., 
B : iixe, p. ^it xe] om. p. ne^ 2°] e^, b c G' j. itTe] ACE: ^.n ire itxe, l^t* &c.: ^n xe, p. 

ftxenA-ieite^ 'of tlils world'] om. B.* n^I 'these'] om. 26. 
^ itxec^-f 'of God'] position cf. ? Gr. L al plu Bjr^^ Thdrt. 6X6- 

(A^P)nc^^i] nexeitc, chj. ex^qepoj.] ex^cqpoj., 

B«, C added. erOOOnf] eOT., T*FKP: erCOTOOOT, J. 

• iini^pX-] i^^PX-> G'- '^^p] +ne, A2*CGHJ 26: +xe, 

V- -€S] TtBCD &c.: -^g, L»AE. • Ag"' I^p^-JULI^C: 

Ai"«Ei"«L^^ eyL&.*thehidden(Baying8)ofAramiya:' D«»« XgA. (Elca ?) 

L»«M°>«? ^\ LLl ^^ 'the revelation of Aylya (Elias) the prophet.' 
0T2s.€] Onrog,, BDKLNO. OTOg,] 0*^2^6, T'CFHJ. ijL- 

uoTge] iiuo'Tfi, chj. exen] om. b. 

126 npoc ROPmeioYc !3Bi, 

Ke g^ixeit niTiiiX!«3- nimtl! | v^p qj6onrj6€X 
iteitx^^ mfi.en new. hk exgwc iixe <t'f * 
" niAn VA-p j6eit mpooAiLi excooonrit itn^.ni- 
pooAt-i *• gAhX enimu; iixe nipoojun exgon 
iij6Kxq4- nA.ipK't on nA-cJ^-f -s- juLne g^Xi eiun 
epoooT €&hX euimtl! nxe cj^-f *. 
1)8 ^2 3xnon 2s.e niTuuI hire n^iKociULoc ^it nexA.n- 
(^Tci^ ^.XXa. ninit^ nie&oX /6€n ^-f^ fcxiw. 
iiTenejuu enu exA. ^'f xkixot nA.n it&jULox* 
*y "Gxe it^i ite exencA^i xjUjlooot* ;6en &A.n- 
Anexpeq-fcfiLO) nnipooAiLi A.n«5- irre ^^nc^^i 
iico4>iA.> ^XXa. j6en g^^iuu.expeq'fcfi.a) tire 
nimiX;*- enepcTitKpmm itg^^itmuIxiKon *• ilm- 
muIxiKoc ^* ni^TTTXi^^oc 2^e npaoAni *• juLnA.q- 
gen n^^nimtl! hire ^-f epoq*- o^JtxeTcox 
r^p n^q ne*- o*cog, JOuuLon gxoju. iiiULoq 
66iuu<^ xe ^•Cj6ox;6ex iiiULoq mtHxiKoc-s- 
" niTutlixiKooc 2s.e * ileoq aiA.qj6exj6€X iieit- 
X^i iti&en*- iieoq 2^e g^Xi gj6eT"- 
jfcooxq*- "mA«. v^p uex^-qeitu eng^KX 

^^ 2i.e] L'ABENOP, cf. Gr. >^A0 &c. al pier d ef g vg syr^' arm 
aeth Or Ath Did Epiph Ac: T^p, T*CDFG'HJKL, cf. Gr. B 37. 39. 
46. 57. 71. 73. 93. 116. Clem &c.: om. M, cf. Gr. i3*ieet i^^^K ^q- 
(T, L) tfOpUOT] -tfobpn, C ; position cf. ? Gr. unc. (exc. L) al ^* d e f g 
r vg syrwi* a^n aeth Clem Ath Did Epiph Mac Cyr &c. UITlIt^ I**] cf. 
Gr. i^*ABO i7^**Clem Cyr: neqUltA. 'his spirit,' K, cf. Gr. »«DE 
FG L al fere omn d e f g r vg syr^^' arm aeth Or Ath Epiph Mac &c. 

qj6oxj6ex] ^qj6-, B : €q;6., K. " nipcoAff-i i<^] np., 

As*. e&aX • • • pOOiULl] om. M homeoft.; obs. Gr. FG f g arm^<^ 

om. roG d»Op^ov. 6AA.I J cf* ? Gr. L al longe plu otitv : om. E by error. 

««»\J8. " HA-IKOCiULOC] cf. Gr. DEFG f g arm Oyr &c.: HIK., B*, cf. Gr. 

HABCLP&c nex^n(rrTq]ADGrL:neex.,L«Tt&c itxe- 
itGAff-i] itxenietJLi, p by error. " n(ii, Ai)e exenc^jci] 

1 CORINTHIANS 11. 10-16. 127 

God prepared for them who will love him,' ^®But to 
us (pron.) God revealed them through ihe spirit: for the 
bpirit searcheth everything, and the things which are deep 
of God. " For who among [the] men (is it) who knoweth 
the things of (it^) the man except the spiint of the man 
which is in him? thus also the things of (it^) Gk)d no one 
knoweth except the spirit of God. ^*But we (pron.) 
received not the spirit of this world, but (^) the spirit 
which is (lit. the) from God ; that we may know the things 
which God granted to us. ^^ Which are these which we 
speak, not in teachings of [the] men, of words of wisdom^ 
but (^) in teachings of the spirit ; explaining spiritual things 
to the sjnritual (persons). ^^ But the psychic man receiveth 
not the things of (n^) the spirit of God; for it is [a] 
foolishness to him, and it is not possible for him to know, 
because it was searched spii^uaUy. ^^But the spiritual 
(pron.) searcheth everything: but no one searcheth him. 
^* For who knew (the) heart of the Lord 1 Nay, who 

ne nu ex., 'pchjmnp. ^^itiULexpeq^ i*»] om. -f , n 

twice illtlpOOiULl] AE : Sp., L«T* &c. Scoc^l^.] L?T»ADEP 
H»«(^)KLMNOP: ncfiLtO, BCG'H* J 18. ^^lUULGX. 2^] OT- 
JtXerr., C H J mngular. nmit^.] T* A E N ; OTH., U &c., cf. Gr. ; 
for om. ^'ov cf. Or. KABOD*FG 17.67** 71.80.177. 178. 179. d ef g r 
m^** (vg) syr** arm Clem Or &c. CnritKpmm] cf. Gr. KAD*FG : 
CnrriCp., UC, cf. Gr. BCD«ELP al certc pier. TutZlxiKOn] 
-KOC, M omittmg nitlTutZiXIKOC. ^* T^^CXJ^^OC] -l^OH, 

P. :^e] om. B«o 18. n^ninit&.j om. n^, f. itxecl>'f ] of. 

Gr. unc. &c. T^p] om. FK. Ue] ACEHJ: Xe, L-^B &c. 

nirutZxiKoc, bhlm. " nimtZTiKooc] a,.2«oefJi: 

-KOC, L^A,* Ac: -KOH, K. ajA.qj6.] cf. Gr. ACD*FG defg 
m*** r vg syr** arm ar« aeth«*' Clem &c. om. iUp. iietiyQ&.l\ 
itX^J» DF(€n)L by error. " L»« M«« 'IsaUh.' neXA.- 



jOun^i- ejjLjjion. ni*x eena^xc^oq ^.non 

(V.) _ 

ix^pH^f ft^^itcA-pKiKooc*- ixcl^pK-f ftg^^nJCOT- 
XI it^XoooTi jfcen nxc *^rrce eKitonr nonre- 
pooi" noTj6pe ^it T€ I neiJin^xexengxeAiL- 
xojuL r^p ne. ^XXa onr 2^6 -fnonr i3Liu.xexeng- 
xeiULXOiUL •> *€Tri v^p iteooxeit ^^.nc^.pjci- 
Koc«5- ^ooc v^p eoToit onfxo& new. OTcgtfitKn 
^en oKitoT •&• JULK iteooxen ^^nc^^pKiKoc ^.n * 
OTOg, ^xexeitiULoaji ka.xa. pooiuu^- 
i€ *6ga5U VA.p itxe onr^.! xoc*- xe ^noK Anen 
^itoic ^^^n^TrXoc iceoT^i 2^e xe ^noK c{>^.^^- 
noXXoo* oTXi iioooTen ^^npouAff.i4- 'onf otk 
ne ^upXXo)* onr 2s.€ nA.nfXoc«5- ^^it2s.i^jca)n 
ne*- e^pexennA-^-f e&oX g^nroxonr nioT^j 
nionr^i*^ k^ta. ^^pni" er^ nw 'f n^.q^ 
•^noK A.ixa)xi*- ^noXXoo ^qTco*- ^X^. <^'f 
^qepoT^i^i ■'^(jocxe* o-c2ie cI>k exxooxx* 
oT2i.e cl>H exxco ^Xi ne*- a>vX^ (^-f exepo 

eiuuuLon] AiEM: juuuLon, l« &c.: leJOuuLon, a^p. 

2i.e] om. B*. n;Xlc] <5f- Qr. K a O D«E LP al omn^w d e vg 8yr««' arm 

&c. nex€juutt.(n, Ai)on] ne(i, h) ex., fhjno. 

^ 2i.e] om. CHJ. g^OO] cf. ? Gr. u nc. (exc. L) al plus^® k^. 
eCA^lJ ABE: nC, Ls'P &c. nn^-XlKOOC] AOFHJK: -KOC, 
L«T' &c. C^pKI (nr, N)Ka5c] A OFH J : -KOC, L*!^ &c.; cf. ? Gr. 
D«EFGLP al pier Clem Or Did Epiph al mu. * nOTjfepe] cf. Gr. 

HABOP al pins** Euthal r vg syrP Gem Or Did Oyr Ac. om. koL 

iin^xexeng. i^] iSLnexencg-, F: JuLn^g., h*. v^p 

.. .XOiUL] om. L homeot. Onf2ie] om. C. -f nOT (+n07r,Ai)] L»A, 
EFMP: +on,T*BODG'HJKNO. ijLn^XeX€ng.2^]'DA&o.: 

ijLn^xenaj., m. gxeix. . .* neooxen] om.M. • v^p i*»] 

om.L. g^^nc^pKIKO(a), 0FJ)C] n&., LB, cf.Gr.unc.(exc.D*FG). 

1 CORINTHIANS m. 1-7. 129 

will be able to teach him? But we have the heart of 

m. But I also, mj brethren, oonld not speak to you 
as spiritual, but (^) as carnal, as little children in Christ. 
^I gave you milk to drink, not meat, for ye were not 
yet able : but (^) 7U>t even now are ye yet able ; for yet 
(are) ye carnal. 'For aa there is [a] jealousy and [a] 
strife among yon, (are) ye not carnal^ and ye walked 
according to man 1 ^ For if one saith : ' I vndeed am of 
(<^^) Paulos ' ; but another : ' I (am) of ApoUd ' ; are ye not 
men) ' What, then, is Apollo? But what (is) Paulos? They 
are ministers through whom ye believed ; each one according 
as God gave to him. ' I (pron.) planted, ApollS watered ; but 
{&.) Qod caused them to grow. ^ Wherrfore neither he who 
planteth, nor he who watereth is anything; but (^) Qod 

&tt3c] 2,0c, DFG'LP: &o(aj, B*)con, B«. eonfoit] onron, 

DFKL. Onf5C;Og,]TAiYB:o«n.onf,Lf&c. nCiU.] !€, ODFHJ 

KL: g,l,G'. aj(rnHn]^-57-7i-74a*"'ni'®vg 
ann Mth'>«' aem Or om. leol dix* JtMJi] 0^X}» BOHJ. IteCOnrCItl 
position cf.? Or. DEFG d e f g r am fa harl demid tol Sec. C^pJCIKOCj 
-rax:, CFHJ: -KOH, B«L: cf. Or. (exc. D-FO). A.n] om. BCHJ. 
J.T.]L«AE:A.p.,T»&c. *Xe2«>]om.N. OnfxO«^-^-^^^^ Bmib. 
LP a] pier &c. : OTf X€, FK, cf.? Or. »♦ A BC 17 &c. for oi. O^X} • • • * 

* ^noXXco] om. M homeot ^^.ItpODiULl] cf. Or. M*A B D £ F 
17. &j^* 71. d e f g r vg aoth»*' &c. * OT OTIt (Olt, FKLP)] cf. 
Or. H^AB 17. 46. 71. 121. d e f g r vg aeth«^ W o2r. ^.noXXo) (c£ 
Or. FO 37 ... lit Laiini) . . . 1U-TXoc] order cf. Or. HABOD*et«B 
FGP 17. 37. 46. 71. 116. defg r Yg &c. 0*C 3^e] ABOH^JM 18, 
cf. Or. DEFGL al pier def g r yg ann &c.: OT 2^6 ne, L^T^DE 
FG'H«K«LNOP, cf. Or. HABOP 17. 37. 46. 71. 116. Euthal D»m. 
g^^It^I^JCCOn] cf. Or. MABOD^EFO 67** 71. 177. def g rvgarm 
aeth*^ fta US 6^p.] ItC 6X^p., CDHJK: He eX^.p., L. 

• A.nOK] + 7i.€, 0. iJXO (CO, L)XXcO (O, M)] cf. Or. FG, ut Latinl. 

x.qTcoJ -COO, BMP. ^qepOT &c.] ^qepoT juuulooot 
e^^j, p. ' g^anrre] l^t* acfg'M o*p : ^uoc^e, a^b &c 

er (om. Al : +e, H) XCO (00, P)] eXXClO, C : eXCXOO, M by error. 

ftXi ne] -ne, bfk 18. erepo] ne erepo, t*hno. 


130 npoc ROPmeioYc 3di. 

enrco ota-i ne*- nioT^i 2i.e nioT^i qnA.tff 

juLneq^ex^-fi- ka.x^ neqi6ici JOuuLin ijuuLoq^- 

^ •3Xnon &^itg4>Kp v^p itpeqepg^oofi. itxe <t'ffr 

oTiecl^oTooi hre ^'f fteooxen otkcox tire 

jULcl>pHi" ito-ccA-fiie it^pXH^iGicxooit ^ix^ '^o*'- 
ceit-f €j6pHi4- iceoTA.! neeoT^^ejuL koot* 
nioT^ 2^6 nioT^i iUL^peqcoAiLc xe ^.qKurr 
ii^g ilpHi"4- "fcecen-f v^.p iJuuLon gxoAt. 
iixe jceonr ^i x^^ ej6pHi *• c^oX neu ex^c^ 

6Tre iHc nxc ne*- 
X tf ^* ICze onr oit nenrfcoox exeit T^iceit-f noTfi. * 

nieg^ooT VA.p qitA-OToitg^q efi.oX*- xe qn^- 
(Tcopu bSloX j6eit otxp^JU^*- oto^ ng^a)^. 
iJLnioTA.1 nionr^i'fi- ni^P^J^ nA.ep2iOiciAJU.5m 
jDuuLoq*- xe ot^oj iipHrf ne«5- 
tiy i*4>K exe neq^oofi it^o^i ep^xq ex^qKoxq 
qn^tff JuLneqfi-exe •>• ^**h exe neq^oofi. 
itA-pooKg,*- qitA.i"oci. iteoq a^e qn^itog^eiUL •»> 

GA-I^l] ^I^I, A2E2F. " X(tfri>)CO] XCOO, AiBMP. HG 
AEO: ne, L«T* &c. 2^6 2«>] om. A2*BG'KM i8. qn^tfl' 

^.qit^cn, N. ueq&ex^] nifi.., Aj*. ijutt.oq] -coot, l. 

• ^.ItOlt] I^T* &c, cf. Gr.: +2s.e, AE. &A.ng4>Kp] -aj4>€p, D. 
r^-p] L«TtABDEFKLMN: om.CG'HJOP. lecl^OTOOI (+!tl, L: 
+ ItI but om. it foUowing, B«)] €icl>., T*Ai; eiC^.y Ag^K : + V^p, 
CHJO. iteOOXen] cf. ? Gr. D«'»> f vg am syrP &c. add cWc. 
^^ fC^XA. . . • i^-f] om. M N homeot. Ulg^iULOX] H^., H. 

exxoi] exxonr, n. ^px^(^ D)2ieKX(2i, 01)0011] ac 

cf. Gr. DE d e &c. : +2^6, L«Tt &c., cf. Gr. nee07rA.2,eJUL] ne 

ee., T'G'MNOP. nioTA.1 2ie] om. 2^e, B. xe] +julh- 

na3C, Aj. " KeonfA.l] ACEG'HJMNOP: g^Xl 'any one,' 

L«DFKL: OTA^rone/B: g^Xl KeOTA.1, T^ Gj^pHl] il^., 

1 CORINTHIANS IH. 8-15. 131 

causeih them to grow. ® But he who planteth and he who 
watereth are one : but each one will receive his reward 
according to his own tolL ®For we (are) fellow-workers 
of God ; an ^husbandry of God ye (are) a building of God. 
^^ According to the grace of God which is given to me, as 
a wise rrvaster-builder^ I laid a foundation; another goes 
on to build. But let each one see carefully in what manner 
he built. ^^ For another foundation it is not possible that 
another should lay than (lib. outside of) that which is set, 
which is Jesus Chrisfc. ^^If there is he who buildeth 
upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stone ^ firewood, 
hay^ straw; ^^(the) work of each one shall be manifested: 
for the day will manifest it, because it will be revealed 
in [a] fire; and (the) work of each one the fire will 
prove of what sort it is. ^*He whose work will stand 
which he built, will receive his reward. ** He whose work 

» Not 'field,' but 'art of agriculture.' ^ Thus by derivation, 

though usually 'pearl.' 

N. iteK €XXk] exeituxH, a,* (iteK exx^ »>» sj:^ j 

'in another copy,* Aj"*): +e;6pKI, BCJ. IKC n^Qc] cf. Or. tkAB 
LP al plus*® syr»«»> arm aeth &c. " ICZe] AE : +^6, lAV &c. 

TAJCenfl cf. Gr. »«C'DELP al omn^»* d e f vg syr"*' arm *c.: 
TAjf CeitT, E, by error : 'f C, Ei*, of.? Gr. »♦ ABC* fu* aeth Oyr 
Amb. pa)K&] pOKg,, AjBDFG'L. ^* ng^Oofi.] UIg,., P. 

IUOT^.1 2®] om. B, then V^p qtlA-OTOItg^q with confused text. 

eqeo-rcon^] -OTong^q, : qn^oTcon^, tdg'KL. qn^.- 

(Tcbpn] L^'PABFL: ^qit^tfSb (O, K) pU, ODEG'JKMNP: 

A.qitA.eptfr^ HO. e&oX ;6eito7r] om. j^enoT, n. ni- 

XpCOJU-] cf. Gr. KDEL al pier d e f vg syrP arm aeth Oyr &c.: 

onrx- 'a fir«.' MP. n^ep2s..] AjF: een^.cp2i., l* t*b &c. 
iijuLoq] juLu-oooT, G'. pH'f ne] om, ne, 0. " ^h 

L«AEFG'MN: + Onf tt, CHJO : + 2^6, T*BDKLP. GpA-Tq' 
T'AP: om.L«BOD &c. GX^qKOXq] om. eT^q.T*AiP by error. 
" <t>H] L« A E M N 0, cf. Gr. : + 2^6, T*B &c. tt^pU) (O, F) Kg,] 
qit^p.» C by error. Sooq 7^e\ om. 3^6, G* K. 

K 2 


I* " lixexeneAiLi ^n xe iieooxeit oTep4>ei iixe 

<t>i"fr oTog, nimul iixe 4>i"* ^.qgon j6€n 
OHitoT*- "<tK oTit een^ceq iuep<tei tire 
<t>1" *• *^^ ♦I" iw.x^j:oq fr niepc{>ei r^p nrre 
^^ qoTA.J&fr exe neooxeit ne*- 
^•Oneitepe g,Xi epg^A^v jDuuLoq jOuuL^nr^.T-q <&k 
ceAff-enri j6€it enno'ir^* xe otcaAg ne i6€n 
n^ieitc^^* Aju^pcqepcox ^itu. itxeqepcAAe 4- 
"xcfi.a5 r^p juLiwjKocAiLoc 4- oTiutexcox xe 
n^^peit <t'f * ccj6ho-cx v^p xe ♦h ex^jui^^ 
iliticAAeY jfceit xoTiULexcefi. *• ^ oto^ lu.- 
Xm xe HOT ccooTn ititiiULOjau.eK itxe 2^^.itc^- 
Bier xe 2,<tXHOT ne* 
*^&cocxe juLnenepe &Xi go*cgoT jOuuLoq j^en 
nipa)Aff.x<s- enx^J ^^P itifi-eit-s- noTxeit ite*- 
** ixe n^-TrXoc. ixe ^.noXXco fr ixe kh<^^. ♦• rre 
niKocjuLoc *• ixe | nooiui *• ixe <^itt.o'v *• ixe hk 
exgou. rre itu een^^coni^* itoTxen xKpoT 
ne*- "iieooxen :^e iiearren nA.nxc nxP 

i0„ n^.ipK*f on iuu.ponriULe*yi epon iixenipa>AJU ^ok 

g^^.ng^nfneper'Hc nxe nxc nejui ^j^noiicono- 

juLoc nxe niAHTcxHpxon nxe <t>'f *• ■ Xomon 
ceKcu-f juLn^JJUu. j6€n nioiKonoAJLoc ^in^ 
ncexeiUL otaj eqen^ox-^ 

g^ooc] om. Aj*. " o'r6p<^i] ilonf., T*AiH J. ninn&.. 
Of unZ 'a spirit/ MP. ^.qojon] qg., chj, j6en0Knoy 

position cf. ? Gr. »^AOD£FGL &c. ^^ ^^.l] cf. Or. HBOLP al 

pier syrP*«* aeth Did Macar Oyr &c. ♦'fa*^] T>ABODFGKHJK : 
pref. ^, L«EMNOP. n^.X^JCOq] of. Gr. »^ABC al pier def g 

m^**^vg&c. nxep<tei...nxe]LiT»AFHKNOP: nep<t>ei . . . JUL, 
BCDG'j : nepc{>ei . . . nxe, em. ^« g^Xi] + o-cn, o hj. 


will be bamt, will suffer loss : but he himself will be saved, 
bat thus as through [a] fire. ^® Ye know not that ye (are) 
a temple of Ood, and the spirit of God dwelt in you. 
'^ He, then, who will defile the temple of Ood, this (one) 
will God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which 
ye are. ^*Let not any one deceive himself. He who 
thinketh among you that he is wise in this age, let him 
become foolish, that he may become wise. ^' For (the) 
wisdom of this world is a foolishness with God. For it 
is written: *He who overpowereth the wise in their crafti- 
ness ' ; ^ and again : * The Lord knoweth the reasonings of 
wise (men) that they are vain.* ^ Wherefore let not any 
one boast himself in [the] men. For all things are yours ; 
^^whetlier Paulos, or Apollo, or Eepha, or the worlds or 
(the) life, or (the) death, or the things which are, or the 
things which will be ; all are yours ; '' but ye are of (it^) 
Christy but Christ is of (c{>^) God. 

IV. Thus also let [the] men think of us 08 ojjhcere of 
Christ, and devxirds of the myderies of God. ^ Further ^ 
they seek here in the detvarda that one should be found 

"TcAoo] LtAi^ECKMNOP: XCOcl>IA^ T>Ai"« {Hr^ "a copy') 
BO D FH JK. IWJICOCiULOc] JiiK., CH* J : IWJeiteg, 'thie ige,' 

p*. JULexcox] Aneec., l«bg'N. rre] :^€, bef: ne, j. 

A"» Ei»« M«« y^l 'Ayub.' HltlC^.] ItltOf C. 'their wise,' G'. 
» D»» ^iS^JlXO : A»« El"* M "* j>^ •Psahn.' AiEi ? m, A,M Sy. 

trre^^tC] ae: iiTem., l«t* &e.i ftm., b*. cA.fiL€nf] 

pa>AJU, D*FK, cf. Gr. j. 17. 38. 39. 46. 55. 76. 238. k*" am harl*^* 
ann«M &c. e<l>XKOT] <t>X., FH J. " ^OOCTe] L»T* BCD H 

j,.,«KMNOP«: g^uoc^e, AEFG'VP*. j6en] it, P. en- 
X^] J^Xv BDJ. noTTen ne] ituoTen ne, t»: -ue, p. 

" ^noXXo) (O, EjN)] cf. Gr. FG 17. it vg. ICH*^] K€^^^ B. 

nn €xg.] nexg., odhjkm. nn ee(T, CHJ)n.] nexn., 
J. noTren] norren, t^a,. ne] ne, t* ; cf. Gr. d«» et « el 

•1 pier f g Tg lyr"^ arm Or ftc. add iaru 

^ F"« ' the foitfth Sunday of Hatur,' F"f Jj' the third Suiday of BQfinah.* 

on] oTtn, E,: :h.e, chj. ^ceicarf] ncacco-f > t*nop; 


^^n epoi efi.oX aixen okhot le €fi.oX g^nreit 
oTeg^oonr ftxe oTiULexpcoAim- a.XXa. onr^^e 

n-fccoo-cit iig^Xi ^it iij6pHi iij6HX4- a-XXa. 

oT2s.e it;6pHi j6en 4)^i n-feJULA-moTX ^.n*- <tK 

2ie eeit^.'f^^.u epoi uot ne*- 

* ftoocxe juLuep-f^^n eg^Xi j6^x2,h iA.nicKo-v * 

g^^xeqi ibcen^ 4>h een^epe nu enrg^Rn iixe 

ux^J^J *• epoToomi ^ oTog, nxeqof oitg, efi-oX 

ilmcotfiii nxe m^KX«5- oTog, xoxe epe 

nnr^io juluiot^i nioT^i^- ojcum n^.q e&oX 

&ixeit ci^-f *. 

•H/Li 2^6 nA-ctiKonr ^.igonxonr ncxHAJL^ epoi* 

ee&e itexA. ^noXXo) ee&e OHitonr ^in^. iti6pHi 

..•,L iij6Hxeit«5- RxexeittfTcfioj eaixeAnepcAAoX 

niiK exci^HOTX * &iitA. xe itite o7rA.i tflci 
juutxo^^ ee&e o'v^i e^piu exen neqg4>Hp4- 
^niiUL v^p nexepTii^jcpmm jOuulok** onr :^e 
Xa. nexeitxoxK | exeiineKtfrrq 4- icxe 2s.e Ajcep 
HKetfT*- ee&e ot eKaoTcgof iiutft.0K4- g,a3c 

OTAJ JULUeKflT*- ®g,K2iK ^.XeTTenCI ^K2^K 

A.xexeneppAJUL^o A.T(nto*cit ^pexeitepoTpo* 

cf. Gr. £L al plu defg vg bjt^^ Or &c. C<r»i'<u. ii.nA.IUL^.] 
cf. Gr. >^ABOD*FGP 17. 31. 39. 67** 71. lai*** Euthal«* d c f g vg 
8yr««f arm aeth"*' &c. Cqeitg^OX] eqS-, D H J. ' A-HOIC] A : 

+2s.e, L«Tt &c. xe] om. CHJM. nxexeit-f] itce^ 'that 

they should,' OH J. e&oX] om. F. Iti"] 'f, CEi*HJ. ^It] 
om. M. * VA-p] om. FKNO. A-ltOfc] om. BCG'HJM. ll'f- 

CCOO-Cn] i"CUO., BCFHJP single negative. ng,Xl] eg^Xl, C. 
^XXa.] om. F. 07r2i.e] cf. Gr. P 73. 8»«»*&c: om. OJ: +^nOK» 
FK. it'f 0.] "f e., DK single negative : It'f nA.e., future. ^K 
T^e] om. 2ie, P; obs. Gr. U^ syr** aeth 6 yap. * g,U>CT*e] 

&a3C2^e, AEjFG'M. e&Xi] it&Xi, HJ. nicHo-c] nc, bd 
EiJMNP. een^^epe] er^^qepe, cj preterite, na ex- 


faithful. ^ To me (pron.) it is a littlenees that ^I should 
be judged by you, or by (efi.. ^ixeit again) a day of human^ 
(judgement): but (^) I (pron.) judge not even myself. *For 
nueither know I (pron.) anything in myself; but (^) not 
even in this am I [not] justified: but he who will judge 
me is the Lord. • Wherefore judge not anything before 
the time, until the Lord come, who will cause the things 
which are hidden of (the) darkness to become light, and 
manifest the counsels of the hearts ; and then shall (the) 
honour of each one be to him from Qod. ® But these 
things, my brethren, I took in form, to myself and Apollo 
because of you, that in us ye might learn not to be beyond 
the things which are written, that one should not exalt 
himself for (eo&e) one <^ against his neighbour. ^ For 
who maketh thee to differ 'I But what hast thou which 
thou reoeivedst not? But if thou wast aiso the receiver^, 
why boastest thou thyself aa (being) one who (lit. thou) 
received not? ^Already ye were satisfied, already ye were 

* Lit 'y® should judge me.' ^ Lit. * a humanity.' ^ Cf.' lifted up 
his heel against me/ John xiii. 18. ^ Lit. 'didst the receiving also.' 

g,Kn] nexg,., G'*. nx^J^O ^X-* f- o-coii^] ae 
H* Ji : OTcong,, L»T» &c. itTeni^KT] itnig,., H*: itxe- 

ni^., J singnUur. OJCJOni] It^O)., T^AsOPHJE: ^Ig)., N. 

• Ajgonxonr] -ojofi.-, bdfk. ^noXXuo] cf. ? Gr. »• ^ et « 

CDEFGLP al omn^i<> &c. nj^KXeit] cf. Gr. D* 14* 17. 23. 26. 55. 
115. 140. 1»« d** e syrP &c. cV iiiivx tii^WTOTt 'in them,' D: 
it^KX 'in me,' CJ. epC^&oX] CpC^C CIJSlO\ T'. ItK 
€XCj6.] cf. Gr. ^^A£OP 17. 31. 73. syrP Cyr &c. Cj^KOTT] cf. 
Gr. H*ABD*E*FG 46. def g vg &c. om. ^fwvciy. ^Ilt^ Xe] cm. 

xe, B*H*. ' nexep. (om. b)] ne exep., t*bmno: 

erep., fk : ne ex^qep., oh j. nexenxoxK] ue ex., 
•ncHJMNO. exeixn.J om. exe, chjo. icxe a^e] om. 
isje, CHJ. eefi.eoT] pref. le 'or,* chjo. eKg.] aEi: Kg., 

TL« &c.: AJCg., E,. " &K2S.K i^] &K2s.e, A,. A.(e, F)X€- 

XeilCI ^H2kK (e,Ai*,EiH*0)] om. Eg homeot. ^p(X,CH«J: 
ex, F)€X€liepOTpo] pref. ^MM (e, AjFO), AjOFHJO. 

m npoc ROPmeioYc Uu 

g^oon iiT€itepttjci>Rp noTpo neiULurren^* 

A-noit j6^ iti^ncxrxoXoc n^^.nj6^e^4- ijL<&pH*f 
ng^A-nenie^it^xioc -5- xe ^nepee^xpon iuLni- 
KocjjLOc^ nexiL ni^rveXoc«* iteu. niptoiULi«* 
^^^noit ^^ncox ee&e nx^*- iteajxeit neoo- 
xen g^^nc^e^ j6en n^c ^noit ^^.tixvo^,^ 
ilecoxeit :^e necoxen g^itxoDpi^- iteuixeit 
xexenxAJKOTX ♦• ^.non 2^e xengng *• 
" lI|^ei6o'Yn cx^ioTnoT *• xeit^ojcep oTog, xen- 
ofi.14- xenfi-Kg^- oTog, c€i"Keg, tu.n«* onrbg, 
xenceitLnKOTX ^.n *• ^* x€iu6oci *• eitep^cufi. 
ititenxix ijuuLm juutft.oEi4- ce^cooToi epon 
OTog, xencjuLOT epoooTr^- e^66x\ iica)ii 
xenoooT ng,KX *• " erxeoTA. epon xeni" g,o 
epojoT*- ^nepi}L<t>pH'f n£^n6niK^.06pJuu. iixe 

n^.IKOCAff.OC 4- 

HXnepoj&e iloToit ni&en^- a)^€j6onrii exA.iof- 
noT«5- ^* n^ixc^io ixJULcoxen ^n*- eicj6^i hxu.i 
ncoxen*- ^XXa. ei-fc&uo ittjoxeit i«.<t>pH*f 
egoon ng,^ngKpi jOuuienpix itXHi*- "eojcwn r^p 
G €Ofonxa)xen iijuu.-v ito're&^. ii(f2.'ViULU)ix 

j6en nxc *• A.XX&. itonrjuLKg iiitiox AJt | n^pm 
Aeit nxP iRCfr eAoX &ixoxq ijLiii€TrA.rr€- 
Xion ^.noK ^.ix<t>e OHnonr^- 

• t • 

(nfO^]om.CFHJK. Il€^.pexeIt.] LvABCFHJKL: UeA.- 

xexeit., TDEG'MNOP. -onrpo] -i-ne, l^mnp. iloTpo] 

itepO-CpO, TtFG'K, » VA.p] om. CH J. Xe i<^] cf.? Gr. K«D• 

£ L P al pier Yg^ fu** harl syr"*' arm go &o. O*rO(CI0, B) H^XCn] 

oTo^xeit, Aj: oToitxen, o. A.non] om, Ei*h. 2^n- 
j6A-eT] om. 2^n, B. enie^nA.xioc] -xoc, b : -xkc, g*. 


_eniK.,B. ^® g^AJtcox] + r^, T*FK. iiett>(o,B)- 
xen i^] AjB : +2^e,JA'D &c. j6eitRxc] eeAenxP 'beoauw 

of Ohrirt,' B. ^.ItOIt a**] + :^€, C : + V^p, T^FK. g^IUCCPpI 

1 CORINTHIANS IV. 9-15. 137 

made rich without us ye reigned : and I would that ye had 
reigned, that we also might share with you in reigning. 

* For I think that Qod manifested us, namely, the apodlea 
last, as sentenced to death, because we became a epeetacle 
to the vxyrld and the angels and the men. ^^ We are fools 
because of Christ, ye are wise in Christ; we (are) weak, 
but ye are strong ; ye are honoured, but we are despised. 

^^ Up to this hour we hunger, and we thirst, we are naked, 
and we are buffeted, and we are not settled; ^^we toil, 
working with (it) our own hands: they rail at us, and 
we bless them ; being persecuted, we are longsuffering ; 
^' being blasphemed, we beseech them: we became as the 
ruJfbish of this vxyrld. We became the filth of every one 
up to this hour. ^^ I was not reproaching you, writing these 
things to you, but (^) teaching you as beloved sons of 
mine. ^^For if ye have ten thousand guides in Christ,/ 
but (^) not many fathers: in Christ Jesus through the 
Gospd I (pron.) begat you. 

Secwxeit] om. M: +^e, l. " XA.io7rno^] i-it07r 'now; 

OHJ. Xen&HOl] AEMNOP: pref. 0*V0^, LfTBODFO'^HJEL. 
"Xenj60Cl] L«T»AEMN0P: pref. OfOg,, BODFG»HJKL. 

iinenxiz] l*adEi«,hjlmnp: eTi!efx.t co: j6€ni\(oin.B)- 
en, T*BFG'K: ftnexen., Ei* by error. ceg^ojoTTg] enrg,., 

CHJ. OTTOg, XenCXlOTr] T»ABE, cf. Gr. FG it vg Or«»t: om. 
OTTOg,, L* &C., cf. Gr. nCtiDIt] -(JOOTT, J1.2*. " eTTXeOTTA. 

epOIt] cf. Gr. »«B DE F GL si pier it vg &c. XCIffg,©] + CJULOTT 

'blessing/ B. it^A.neniKA.e€pjuu.] ACER: -nepiKA.eA.* 

(€,F)pjJU^ LIT* Ac, cf. Gr.: -6nepiKA.e^.pAiU., J. fU.1- 
KOCJULOC] niK., CHJ. eXA-IOTnOf] AE : ef OnrnOTT 'to the 
honr/ G'K : €^nOT 'to now/ LfT» &c. " e\ci^\ nUA.! 

norren] order cf.? Gr. MABCLP al fere omn &c. : €. nOTTeit 
ItnAJ, K*: om. N. ei'fc&OJ nOJXen] AJ+C, Eg: €li"C- 

Aorreit, k. " €(ii,N: om. B)OToitxa3xen] i/t*defg 
LMNOP: eonrxojxen, A : eoTTon Sxo(a3,K)xen, boh 

JK. OTre&A.] om. Of, GMP. itg,(i6>0HJ)pHl] ACHJ: 
+ rA-p, LfTBDEFGKLMNOP, rf. Gr. HX^ iSS] IKC nX^i 
CHJ; obt. Gr. B Ac. cm. I990V. ^JX^] CQC^ B. 

138 npoc RopmeioYc ax. 


*«« ^g ^-fg^o onfit epa3xert aja?ni epexertorti jjuuioi 

exe n^^cgnpi ijuuLenpix ne onrog, iinicxoc 
j6eit HOT-s- 4>^i een^>.epexeitep4>xt.enri nit^.- 
xt.a)ix j6en nxc inc 4- k^>.xa. ^pnrf ei-fcfiia) 
j6en JUL^.1 ni&eit j6eit hickkXhci^. XKpo-c*- 

OTOit (Tfci ng^KX* " eiei ^e 2,^>.pcjoxeit itx^- 
Xexc-i- egcjon €4>0Ta3gj juLuot ne-s- onrog, 
eieeAci enc^>.xi A-it-s- itnK exA-nrtflci ng^HX* 
A.XXA. exo-cxoxt. -s- 2<* i"xt.exoTpo vA.p nxe 
^^-f-s- it^.Cj6eit nc^^i ^.n* a.XXa. ^.cjieit 

" Of xe nexexeitoTTA-gq -s- itXA.i g^^-pcjoxeit i6ert 
ofoj&cjox-s- g^-it j6ert onrA.v^.nH iiriitl! jjl- 
xt.expeiULpA.nrg -s- ^g^oXcjoc ceccjoxeiUL eo-c- 
nopttiA. j6eit eHnoT -s- ofog, o-cnopni^. 
juLUA.ipH'f e^.! exencgon A.n j6eit itiiceeenoc 
g^ojcxe lixe otta-i (Ji xcg^ixw ixneqitox-fr- 
*o-cog, ftecoxeit g^ojxeit xexeittfoci ftg^HX* 
ofog, ee£.e onr xi^-XXoit iinexenepg^afi.! *• 
2,mA. ncetJoXi efi.oX j6eit xexenjuui't" -s- ii4>H 
exA.qipi ixnAJ^cjofi. iifU.ipK'f ♦- 
icy ^aXnoK xieit v^p ni"iteju.cjoxeit A.n j6eit ricod- 

Hunt26, " Of It (om. AgM)] om. 26, cf. aeth"*' Cbr. ^' CB^e^^A 

cf. Gr. >i«BCDEFGL al pier &c.: + VA-P, F. e(n, M)XenA.gKpi. 

€xe(A.,Ai)ng.,A2*. j6ennOT] j6€nnxc, h*. *a.I2^^ 

4^H»F. epexen]om.H. nit^JULtJOIX] JULIIAJUL, a6. singular. 
j6e!t a^] AOEHJ 26: pref. €X 'who are/ L«T*BDFGKLMNOP. 
n^XlC ^Kc] cf. Gr. KCD»> 5. 6. xa X7. 31. 37. 39. 46. 49. 67. 71. 80. 116. 
bicr otor Euthal«>d vgoie fa harl omiii*«»>« syrP arm &c. : U^ IKC, 26. 
cf. Gr. D*FG d f g. ef (om. HNOP : X, F)'f cftO)] ei^f C&O), T'. 
" ^VJC] +Xe, P. ii-f nKOTT T^e] cf. Gr. K &c. : om. it, B: om. ^€,. 

ICORINTfflANS IV. i6-~V, 3. 139 

'• I beseech you, then^ be ye like me. ^'' Therefore I sent 
to you Timotheos, who is my beloved child, and faithful 
in the Lord : he (lit. this) will remind you of my ways in 
Christ Jesus, according as I teach in every place in all 
the churches. ^' But as though I come not to you, some 
were proud. ^® But I shall come to you quickly^ if it be 
(the) wish of the Lord, and I shall know, not (the) word 
of them who were proud, but (A.) their power. ^®Fcr 
the kingdom of God was not being in (the) word, but (^) 
it was in [a] power. ^^ What then wish ye ? that I 

should come to you with (lit. in) a rod, or in [a] love of 
spirit of meekness ? V. A fomicaiion is actually heard 
of among you, and a fornication such as is not among the 
Gentiles even, so that one should take (the) wife of his 
father. ' And ye also are proud : and why rather mourned 
ye not? That he who did such a thing might be taken 
away from your midst. ' For I indeed am not with you 

TtQ 26, of. Gr. FG d e f g vg. Q-COn] om. 26. ^* ^e] om. CH J. 
€4>OTCOttj]L»T*ADEFKL: om.e, BCGHJMNOP 26. n ot] ^^-f 
* God,' C H J. ne] om. L. OTOg, €16 (om. DK)eiULX GR (ijLni, 
0*)CAJCI A.It S] om. M : om. OTOg^, CHJ; trs. before €nc., 

CH J. nnn] a be : nxeitH, l«t» &C. *^ A.cj6€it] om. ^.c, 
cEi*JN: nA.cj6eit, K. " n exexenoT,] ne ex., l«t*f 

GHKMNOP. JOL(om. B*)nit^.] JuLnilUlA^ L«T*: om. G*. 

* g,oXcoc] -Xoc, MN. ceccjoxejui] L«T*BDFGKLMN0P: 
eowxeiUL, ae : ncecajxejui, ch j. nopm^ i<>] +iin^i- 

pH-f, then om. j6€It, B. eA.l] ItA.1, CJ. exen(om.B)CgO 

((jo,K,)n] exeitcegon, cjp: om. exe, k. eeitoc] cf. Gr. 

M^ABCDEFG 6. 17. 46. 67** 177. 178. 179. Euthal«>d d e f g vg arm 
•cth"*' &c om. ZwoiidCtrm. g^tOCXe] -^e, CEjFH'JK. XC^I- 

xw] AE: iixcg,., ii»T*&c. ixneqitjox] itxen., bchj. 

*XexentfOCl]L«ABEL:-tfTci,T*0DFGHJKMN0P. JjHie- 
Xenep] cf.? Gr. FG oA. XlLn^I^U)£.] ixni^. 'the deed,' o. 
' Kfl om. S, BOFHJ single negttive ; cf. Gr, KAB-CD*P 17. 37. 39. 
67. 80. 116. EfBiih$l^^ Tg sfr^^ aeth &c. om, in. 

140 npoc ROpmeioYc ^. 

•e-f JuL4^^i JuLiujpH-f exoxq iincA.TA.nA.c *• 
enxA-Ko nxe -fcA-px-s- &iit^. iiTe luTuuI no- 
^exiLfr i6€it ne^ooT juLnen^ ikc nx^*' 

lc^ •H^.ite nexengonrgoTT ^it«ft- nTereitetxi ^.it* 
xe o'VKO'vzi itgeiULHp g^.qepe nioTruxgeAJi 
XMpq tfigjejULMp -s- 

K€ ^ U^xonrfi.6 nigeiULKp ii^.n^.c e&oX i^^it eKiioTr ¥ 
gjim. ilx6xeitgu)iu iloTrtJogeiUL JutAepi^- 
KA.XA. 4>pHi" exexeitoi n^xgetxHp «• re VA.p^ A.7rgA.xq nx^*- •g^twcxe ajla.- 
penepctj^j i6€ii oTrgeiULHp it&.ii^c ^.n ott^g 
i6€it o*vgeiULKp tiK^Ki^ ^n n&u. noitHps^4> 

A.XXA. j6€It ^^ItAJLeX^.Xg6iULHp Sxe OTXOf- 

fio nejuL oTiULeeiULHL 
K9 •3Xic)6^i ntoxeit ^i 'femcToXn^ egxea.- 
JULOTXX itcjuL itinopitoc ^^iu.ix6p6 nmopiioc 
^.it itxe iu.iKocAt.oc4> 16 nipeqtTx iixoiic4- le 
mpeq£yU)X6iUL •{- le mpeqg^juige i:La}Xon4> 
ijuuLoit n^.cijLnsi^. ncuxen ne iixexeni e&oX 

£,K2lH] -^e, AjBEjL. ei-fg^n] ACEHJ: AXf ., UT^BD 

FGKLMNOP. einejuL] eiXH next.., l. jjl^h] ijL^pHi~, 

F bj error* ^ No MS. lias yerse-beginiiing, ADHJLP liaye no point 

at pH^ff AiEiL have point at Il^QC i^ CH liave yerM-beginniog 
HxeX€IteaX>xf. JuLneit^ cf. Or. BDEFGLP al omn*" 
d e f g vg 8yr»»» et p c* reU &c. ^li&w. U^QC i**] cf. Gr. KD«E FGLP al 
omn^«* e f g vg syr** etP c* arm aethw go &c. iixeX6Il0UX>T^ 
. . .* nxc] om. F. erJUlA.] eOHUU^ K. neitcS] of. Or. nnc 
(cxc. P) &C. VL^QC J**] cf. Gr. D«EFGL al pier ef g ayrw^etPc* ann 
aethPP go &c. : om. D, cf. Gr. MABD*P46. £uthal«>^ d yg syrP^Mlh'* 

1 CORINTHIANS V. 4-10. 141 

in the bodjfy but I am with yon in the spirit^ already 
judging, as though being with you about (JuL) him who 
did such a thing ; ^ in (the) name of our Lord Jesus Christ 
that ye should assemble together, with my spirii, with the 
power of our Lord Jesus Christ, ^to deliver such an one 
to Satan for (the) destruction of the flefih, that the spirit 
may be saved in (the) day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

' Your boasting is not good. Ye know not that a little 
leaven leaveneth the whole lump. ^Cleanse the old 
leaven firom you, that ye may be* a new lump, according 
as ye are unleavened. For our Pascha also was slain, 
Christ: ^wherefore let us keep (our) feast not in an old 
leaven, ruyr in a leaven of malice and wickedness ; but (^) 
in unleavened (things) of [a] purity and [a] truth. * I wrote 
to you in the episUe not to mix with the fornicators : ^® I was 
not meaning Hhefomicaiors of this vx/rld, or the wrongdoers, 
or the extortioners, or the idolaters; otherwise ye ought 

Ac. • exoTq] iiTOTq, m. cA.TA.nA.c] c^2io EjJL.] itc, Ej. ni+e^ a^c^oo^] meg,., t»f«n. 

i5,(ftTC, P»H)nenOT IKC n^CP] cf. Gr. AFGP al" fere vg* fu 
hari Bjr^^ et p c* ann &c.: om. H^QC, D, cf. aeth, cf.? also Gr. ML al plu 
Eiit1ial«^ am tol floriac go eyr'^ &c. * (TfoieiULKp] cf. Gr. exc. 

D^&a ' nigfeULRp] cf. Gr. H^ABDEFG al** def g m**7g8yr-i> 
go Clem ftc: -*'Cnrit, BHL, cf. Gr. H«CLPal phiEaih«><i syrP aeth Or 
ftc iU.IU.c] +07rn> D, cf. Gr. H« &c. as befora. IlO'VCJOgeiUL] 

Rcnrcnrtjo., hk. ^.Trg^-xq] om. q, m. uxc] cf. Gr. »♦ abc* 

DEFG 17. 46. vg Clem &c.: +€^pKI 6^U)It, K, cf. Gr. >^«C*LP al 
pier Bjr^ go &c. * ^CUCXG] -^6, AEFKL. noiUipl^] 

pref. OTT, H J. g^A.It (om. art., FK) JULGX.] Of JULeX., H : -JUL€X- 
getiLHp, Cv/uig, DEx^sFEL. • 't^i^ E,)niCr.] om. "f , H. H'^*,««' 

" lU.UCepe] cf.? Gr. «*ABCD*EFG 17. 46. 93. Euth«x» d ef g vg *"" 
go ftc om. Kid; Jf gl. Jial'l mean.' 16 nXpeqg^CuXGiUL] cf. Gr. 
t^D»et«EL al pier e vg bjt^ arm go Or. mpeqa)^.(e, T^AtM). 

JULOfe] nia|6iuia|i, e. juuuLoit] ejuutxon, egm. ne 
iixexeiti] om. ne, dl : eie (e a^ « e of efLoX), ch J. 


142 npoc ROPiHeioYC "Sk. 

xeit egT*€AiuuLonrzT" nejULtwoT-s- 
icC Ggojn eonroit ot^\ enr-f epoq xe con* 

eo-cnopnoc -s- le o-cpeqtff ilxoitc-i- le oTpeq- 

cijAJULae i^tJoXon \e onrpeqg^cjoonraj * le OTrpeq- 

eij6i'S' le oTpeqg^toXeiUL*- 4>^i JOLn^ipHi" | of ^e 

juLnepepajc^Hp itonrcoju. nejULA.q. 
Kiy ^2 GpoT VA.p nw e1"2,A.n ei\K erc^^oX. hh exc^.- 

j6onrit itecoxeit iut&^A.n epcjooT ^^ mi excA^oX 

2ie 4>1" eqe-fg^A-O epcjoo-c. 
K^ GCXXio-ci juLnmexg^ajoT efioX j6en eKitoT. 


X Q-yoit oT^i nA, jfceit eaitoT eo'foit- 

xeq oTg^cjofi. o'cxcjog n eiu, neqajc^np -s- e(f\^^ii 

^1 nipeqcfi itxoitc onrog, g^i ni^vioc ^n* 
* a^J^ xexeitejuLi xe niA.rioc een^.-f ^a.u 
euiKocjULoc -s- o-cog, icxe niKocjuioc e-citA-i"- 
^^n epoq j6€it eHnonr-i- n^pexenijLna)^. a.ii 
3ce itg,A.itKo-cxi'f 2,A.n fr 

Hxexenext.1 xe enitA.'f a^n eg^A-n^-rveXoc* 
JULKXi ve g^A-ng^fiiKOf I itxe n^-ifi-ioc-s- * ecgtjon 
jULeit o-«t €onronxa)xeit ijuuLA.'r n^^-iuuL^* 
n-fg^A-u itxe n^i&ioc«»- itn exgHcg jfeen 
•f ckkXhcia. *• itA.1 xi^xg^ejuLcojoT *• '^eixo) 
juutitoc €nfx4>io itojxeit*- 

n^ipK-f ijuuLon 2,Xi itc^£.6 jfceit okiiot eoTon 


nA.IKOCXt.Oc] UIK. 'the world,' BODFH JKL. ^^ eojCJOn] 

+rA-p, FK. eof on] om. e, b. exf pA.n] A.xf ., h J : e^r- 
iULoxf , K. eo-cnopnoc] aefl: + ne, l^t' &c. le i°] it, 
F*? oTpeqg^cjoonrgJ om. ot, g*. ^^\] +n€, p. " nui] 

cf. Gr. >^ ABCFGP 17. 31. 39. 46. 67. 73. Eutb«>d d e f g vg syr**** acth 

Or &c. om. Kai. nK cx i°] nex, Ei*GHM. nH ex 2<*] nex, 

ODEi*GHJKM. CA.j6o-cn] +^6, TtCFHJK. " nK ex] 

L«T'ABD(F)l4N0P: nCX, OEGHJKM: tra. ^6 before GX, F. 

1 CORINTHIANS V. ii— VI. 5. 143 

(imperf.) to come out of this world : *^ but now I wrote 
to you not to mix with them. If there is one who is 
named * Brother ' who (is) a fornicator y or a wrongdoer, or 
an idolater^ or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner , 
with such an one join not even in eating. ^^For what 
have I to do to judge them who are outside? Judge ye 
them who are within, ^' but God shall judge them who are 
outside. Take away from you the evil (man). 

VL There is one (who) will dare among you, having 
a matter between him and his neighbour, to take judge- 
ment from (^l) the wrongdoers, and not from the saints. 
*Or know ye not that the saints will judge the world *{ 
And if the world will be judged before (jfceil) you, ye 
were not being worthy then of small places of judgement. 

*Ye know not that we shall (lit. will) judge angels. 
Much more then things of this life. *If indeed then ye 
have places of judgement of this life^ them who are despised 
in the church, these cause to sit (in judgement). ^I am 
saying it for a reproach to you. Thus there is not any 

4^^ Xt.^'f , F : itX€4>'f after epOJOTT, K : om. D*. €qe-f ] 
IfA.*! y H J weaker future ; N has confused text. 

* F"« Ji™«L»« 'the first Sunday of Amshlr.' J^eitOHnO^] cf.? Gr. 
KBCDEFGL al pier Clem &c.: pref. efi.oX, FK, cf. Gr. AP al^® &c. 

iivus^p. eoTonTeq &c.] eonron itx^.q &c., bcdhj; posi- 
tion cf. ? Gr. (exc. DEFG 119. &c) OTg^CJofi.] T*AEGMNOP; 
ilonrg,. , L^BCDFHJKL. Of TOjq ' between him '] om. B C D H 
JKL. * g^It (om. H)] cf. Gr. >^ABCD*FGP al plus^® Euth«>d 

d e f g vg 8yT»«»» et P c* arm Clem &c. een^.'f'.] CGIt^'f'., H J. 
enrn^.'f .] T*AEL: A.nritA.'f ., L«B0D« &c.: ^ff ., D* preterite. 

ixno}^] ejuin., do. ® ertn^.-f •] l«t*AiEi: en^-f ., Aj: 
^.nn^.'f., BCDE2FGHJKMNOP: ^n-f., l. e(^, b)^^^.- 
n^r.] itg,., TN. ve] Ke, chJ: xe, e^. itxe] lixen, m. 

&IOC] KOCJULOC, J*, gl. &!OC ijH 'a copy has Sl\OC: * €(om. 

B«KL)onrortxcjoxen] LKADEL: eo-coit itxtoxen, T'B« 

CFGHJKMNOP. HK €XgK (6, FH J)g] neX., CDJK. 
* JUUiLOn 2,Xl] cf. Gr. KBO 17. 39. 4<5. 57- 73- sj^^"*'*- 

144 npoc ROPmeioYc !5i. 

SixojjL jOuuLoq^- eep^i^Rpmm o-rre neqcoit 
•^.XX^ oTcoit iteJUL OTcoitfr eq^rf^^n otto^ 

oTree&io ntoTeit ne-s- xe oTonxexeit a^n 
JOuuL^T'S- oTTorreii iteju. itexeitepHOTr •► 

6e£.6 OT JUL&AXoit cetff JOuuicuxen iixoftc 4Lii4> 
ee&e onr AiL^.XXoit ceqcozi JOuuiurreit ^.it4> 
• ^.XXa. lieajxeit extTf iixoitc OTog, eTqu>^i4> 
oTog, ^A.1 nitexencnROT •► •ffl^it xexeit- 
ejuu x€ nipeqtff itxonc4> -f JuiexoTrpo Rxe 1 
Xv 4^*f ceiu.epKXHponoA«.m jOuuloc ^.n. 

QnepccjopejuL-i- xe onr^e nopnoc4- onr^e peq- 
aj^juuye i^u)Xoit4- onr:L6 itu)iK OTr^e Jtx^\Lr 
Koc *- oT^e peqenKOT neiUL g,ux>TX'ft- ^® onr^e 
peq tfTo-vi 4- onr:L6 peqtff ibconc4- o*v^6 peqeii6i«»' 
OT^e peq^guxg •*• onr2ie peqgyCuX6A5t.4- •f xt-ex- 
ofpo iixe ^-f 4- cenA-epKXHponoiuun ijuuLoc 
A.it4- "Ke XA.TXA. ne iietoxeit g^noTron 
ne 4- ^.XXa. ^txeKEJJL eHnoT4- ^.XX^ A.7rro7r&e 
eHnoT 4- ^XXa. A.y^ eHitonr «• j6€n <&p^.n 
juLnen^ ikc n^cc*- iteju. j6€it nimul iixe 
nexeititoxf *- 
Xa ^< 6x€cxm itKi 4- e6pgyU)£. ni&eit ^.XX^. ceepnoqpi 

OTxeneqcon] pref. juuuLoq, l : + nejutneqcon 'and hu 

brother/ K. ^ ^XX^ 0*VCOn] om. A^ homeot €(^ J^^(ft^ 
£,A.n]L«AB: qtff, TtBODFHJKL^NO: tff, GL*MP. <&^] 
cf. Gr. KABD* &c. A-enA-g^i"] ^.Xlt., BFGK. ^ JUL€n] 

cf. Gr. H*D* 3. 17. 74. X08. 116. a"« def Yg arm syrP*»* onu o&. 

g^oXoDc] -Xoc, D* : g,a)Xoc, TG. nojxen] cf. Gr. M ABO 

DELP al longe plu de »yr°*' Euth«»d Or &c. OfOItX€Xen] 

oTronxojxeit, gm: -n nxojxeit, p. g,A.n] itgf^j^^.n, 

F, cf. Gr. KfHiMora. CetfT. • . AJL^XXoit] om. L homeot. CeqCO- 

:i-juiA.(o,H)XXon, CHJ. extfi] etfi^ Ei*. exqooxi 

^.qo*VXl, N. 4^^l] cf. Gr. nnc. (ezo. L) : om. F*. iutexeit- 

1 CORINTHIANS VL 6-1 a. 145 

wise maxL among you for whom it is possible to decide 
between his brother. •But (^) a brother with* a brother 
is going to take judgement, and this before (^l) the un- 
believers. ^ Already indeed is it altogether a humiliation to 
you, that ye have judgement between one and another of you. 

Why rather »do ye not suffer wrong ? Why not rather 
^be defrauded? • But (A.) ye (are they) who do wrong, and 
who defraud, and this your brethren. ^Or know ye not 
that the wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God 1 

Go not astray then ; neUher fornicator^ nor idolaXeT, noi^ 
adulterer, nor effeminaie, nor sleeper with male, ^^ nor thief, 
nor wrongdoer, nor drunkard, nor insolent, nor extortioner 
will inherit the kingdom of God. ^^ And these things were 
some (of) you: but (A.) ye were washed, but (^) ye were 
sanctified, but (^) ye were justified in (the) name of our 
Lord Jesus Christ, and in the spirit of our God. ^' It is 
lawful for me as to (€) everything, but (^) all are not 

* 'Thej do yoa wixmg,' idionuitic renderiug of passive ddiKgurOt. 
^ lift, 'they (to var.) defraud yoa not.' 

CltHOf] itXenr., T*A, : llneT'enepHOT "^one another of yon/ P. 
• lUpeqtTl] cf.? Gr. A*^*d ol ddiKoL ^JtXeTO^po] position cf.? 
Gr. L al pier d e f vg Clem &c. XE Ot^^e] T^AC EH JE : om. Z6, 
L»BDFGLMNOP. peq(g, Ai*)g^(€, TtAgLP*)JULttje(A., M)] 
om. peq, CHJ. ^® Onr^e peqtflOTri] oA. H*; position cf. Gr. 

MABCD*et'EPal longe pla d e f vg aeth''*' arm Ac. 07r:Le peq- 
eii£)l] cf. ? Gr. B DEL al longe pin d e f vg syr»*' arm &c. A.It] cf. ? 
Gr. LP al pin praem o*. " !ie(^ E2: o m. A> )] om. CJ. 

^.XX^ A.nrronr&eeHncnr] om. m homeot. nenoC] of. Gr. b c^ 

P 17. 37 . 47. 73. 80. fm** vg 8yr*»«» et p c* arm aeth Ath Did Enth** &c. 
nXC] cf. Gr. »BO^D*EP 13. 37. 47. 73. 80. 114. "6- 1*" ^ ef m** 
vg syr^fcctP arm aeth Ath Did Oyr Euth«»* &c IteM.j6€lt] om. 

i6€n» c J. nerennoTri"] a : neiwonr'f , l»t*&c. F»fJi«f 

g^l 'the end/ B«»«e)^m A^\ ;>i. JjlH ^y (jj;© * it is read on the first... 
of the ble«Bed Fasts.' " €2:eCXm twice] e^\( + l i% FO)CTm, 

OFGHJ. ceepiioqpi] cepn., bofghjlm. 


146 npoc RopiHeioYc a. 

XMpoT A.n *- €2;ecxm nm eep ^oofi. hi£.en •► 
^XXa. itneo) ^Xi ipi JuLn^epgioii 4- "ni- 
j6pM07n A.TXH ni"it«cifr otto^ -fnea:! 
SnijipMOTi*- e^i ^e next. niKex^J^'^'^J ♦'f 

JuLnOT-s- oTog, HOT jOLnicuxtJL^ 4- ^**i" ^e 
;«.qxo-citoc nenw-s- onrog, ^.noit g^cun eqe- 
xonrnocxen efi.oX g^ixeit Teqxoju. ♦- '* Rxe- 
xeiteiuLi xe nexencajJULA.*- ^^.njtxekoc 
irre nxjc ne-s- itxA-tJoXi oTit itituuLeXoc kre 


a}cjoni4> "g^it xexenejuLi A.itfr xe ^r ex- 
xcjoxt.1 juuuLoq ei"uopnM*- onrcojjuLA. iioTrarr 
ne*- eTfegtoni v^p nez^q JOLnS enrc^-pj 
iio-cwx -s- 

" 4>R ^e exxojjun juuuLoq enw onriiiul nonrtox*-! 

" <|>a)X c^>.£loX S-f nopniA.. nofi.i ni&en exe nipa>- 
ua n^^iq qc^£.oX juLnictJOAt.^ ^h ^e exep- 
nopiterm ^qepito£.i eneqcu)Jtt^ Xiuuuit 
XtjuLoq 4- ^* gA.It xexenejULi -s- xe nexeit- 
ccjoiUL^ o-cep^ei itxe nimul eeo7r^£. ne*- <tR 
exgon j6eit eRitoT'S- 4>r €XA.p€xentfTxq 
iixeii <t>i"*- oTog, ilecjoxeit 4>ci5X€xeit ^.it* 

niteg] T^BCFGHJMNOP: neg, L<ADEKL by error, ipi" 

eipi, K. "^"vx^] €*^Xw> ^J- oTog, -fnexi a*»" 

+ ^tyQHf H : om. N homeot. O^I ^e] -Xe, CG JO. ItllCe/ 

n^iKe., B. nicojJUL^] nc, c. n^qx^] ^qx^, b. 

noprtl^.] cf. Gr. >^AD*P al plu. OtOpj UOT) om. N homeot. 

iiniccjoxjLA.] om. El*. " <^'f ^e] om. ^e, B. nenw^ 
+IRC nxc, CHJ; iuLncn^ ikc, f. eqexonrnocxeit" 

-ItOCen, BDL; cf. Gr. NCD^EKL al pier f vg«»« syr"*' arm aeth Ath 
Euth«>d Sec: iixeq XOTItOCXeit, J, cf.? Gr. A(B)D*PQ 37. 
93. (67**) &c " ItexeitCU)Jtt^] cf. Gr. unc. (exe. K*A). 

I CORINTHIANS VI. 13-19. 141 

profitable: it is lawfvl for me to do everything, but (^) 
BO one shall be able to be in authority over me. ^'The 
meats were for the belly, and the beUy for the meats : but 
this (belly), and the others (i.e. the meats) Ood will do 
away with. But the body was not being for [the] fornix 
cation^ but (^) for the Lord; and the Lord for the bodyi 
^^but Ood raised our Lord, and us also shall he raise 
through his power. ^^Ye know not that your bodies are 
fMfmhers of Christ. (Is it) that I should take away, then^ 
the TMfmbers of Christ, and make them mefmbevB of (a) 
harlWi It shall not be. ^^Or know ye not that he who 
joineth himself to the hxirlot is one body ? For they two shall 
become, he said, one fieafu ^^ But he who joineth himself 
to the Lord (is) one spirit. ^^ Flee from [the] fornication. 
Every sin which the man will do is outside of the body ; 
but he who committeth fornication sinned against (6) his 
own body. ^*0r know ye not, that your bodies are a 
temple of the holy ypirit which is in you, which ye received 

n^C^ i""] iSc UXC» N. Ite] om. N, cf. ? Or. Ff'G«'. ftTA.- 

wXi] itTA^Xi, B*. nitiAceXoc] juuuLeXoc, Ei*. Rt^.- 
Aixof] pref. OTTog,, CHJ. ijuuieXoc] ng^A-iuuieXoc, 

CJ : VmiJtXekoC, H. JuLnopnH] iti"n., CH J; position cf.? Gr. 

DEFG d e f g Yg &c. ^* S^n] cf. Gr. MABOFGP al sat mu def g 
vg syr** Clem Euth«x> &c. eTTTOJiUH] -XOiULI, CFHJK (these 
also yer. 17). V^p] om. F. HCX^C]] cf. Gr. unc. exc. A : trs. after 
5, F. D"W VeitecIC : L°»« aJji /- *the book of the creation.' 

iknS] juLncn^TT, B: om. e,*. ercA-px] eonrc. Kip. 
1^ jOuuLoq] om. El*, enw] JuLnoc, h j. o-ca)x] a : + ne, 
L«T» &c. " exenip.] iiTenip., f. qc^oX] eqc, 

CHJ : cm. q, T*. JuLniCCUJUL^.] jULneqC. ' his body,' AaCH«J. 

eneqc] jOltl, chj. ^* nexencooiti^] cf. Gr. a^l 17. 28. 

37. 46. 67. al plus*® syrP arm Or Did Cyr Euth~d &c.: H€Tr€It- 
COOiUL^ 'your body,' Jj, cf. Gr. HA* &c. al sat mu d ef g bjt'^ See.] position cf. I Gr. B 120. &c. itxeit] nT€, F : j^6lf , P. 

iiecoTen] g^ooTen, m*. a-h 2*»] + ne, u 

L 9 


j6eit itexeitctojULA. 4- 

nopni^ ^e-5- iui^^pe nionr^i nio-v^i XA- Teqc- 
^XAJLi nA.q«»- ofog, •f<>''^J •fo'^J X^ 
necg,^.! it^c 4- 3 ni&^.i xi^peq^ ixiiexepoq 
n-fcg^ijun. UA-ipK-f oit -f caiJULi AJLA-pec-f ii- 
nexepoc jjunec^^A*^ ^^c^iJtxi ijuuLOitxec 
epofiaji juLnecccjojtt^ juUitm ijuuLocf- ^XX^. 
ni^^.1 ne. n^ipirf 2^6 oit niice^^i ijumonxeq 
epoficyi juLneqccjoiUL^. JuUiLm JOuuLoq ^XX^ 
•fcg^iJULi xe*- *ijLnepqex nexenepHOTfr 

efi.HX ^-pKOT j6eit OT'fjUL^.'f npOC OfCKOTfr 

g^m^. itxexeitcpoqx e+npocerxK*- otto^ 
lU-Xm ilxexeni e^ix^i- &in^ iixeajxeu. 
ncA.xA.n^c epnip^^m ijuuLooxeit *• ee&e xe- 
X8 •4>A.i 2ie i"3ccjo iijULoq ka.xa. onrcTrnrnoojuLMfr 
KA.XA. oTA.2,cA.2,iti ^it* ^-foTuxg :Le iixe 
pcjoAci ni&eit ojooni JuLiu.pKi~ ^XX^ nionr^i 
nionr^.1 oTonxeq o-cg^xiox JOuuu.'r efi-oX 
X^ &ixeit ^^-f fr I moT^i juien ixn^ipHi" *• KeoTA.1 

2® OHnonr] +rA.p, BDFKL. JUL^OOO-ir] cf.? Gr. K* Or Did 
Thdrt om. d^. COJAJU.] cf. Gr. »A BO*D^E FG 17. 46. 6^** 71. 109. 
d e f g m*^-^^ vg armo«> aeth«*' Or Did Cyr Euth«x»&c. om. aoi &c. 

* ItKl] cf. Gr. A DEFGKLP al pier d e f g vg*** Byr"»' arm aeth Or 

&c. add /ioi. n^.itec] n^.ne, m. ^ nmoptti^] om. m, a^*. 
OTi i*»] +2ie, Ag. x^ 2°] 0°*- BT. ^ n^ipM-f oit irreq, 

CHJ)C2,IJULl] om. M homeot.; cf. Gr. A 55. syr*''* arm &c. om. ic. 

* juLnecc] enecc, b h. JuuuLm ijuutoc] om. l. ne] om. l. 

^e on] L»ADEFGHKLMNOP,cf. Gr.: om. ^e,l'*BCJ,cf.syr«* Ohr 

1 CORINTHIANS VL ao— VH. 7. 149 

from God ? And ye are not your own ; ^ ye were bought 
with a price : glorify God in your bodita. 

yn. But concerning the things which ye wrote to me : 
it is good for the man not to touch (a) woman. ^ But 
because of the fornicationSy let each one *have his wife, 
and let each one (fem.) have her husband. 'Let the 
husband give that which he ought to the wife: thus 
also the wife, let her give that which she ought to her 
husband. ^The wife hath not authority over (JuL) her 
own hody^ but (^) it is the husband: but thus also the 
husband hath not authority over (ii.) his own hody^ but 
(^) it is the wife. ^Defraud not one another, except 
perhaps in [a] consent for a time; that ye may devote 
(yourselves) to [the] prayer^ and again come together, that 
Satan may not tempt you because of your incontinency. 

* But this I say according to a concession, not according 
to commandment. ^ But I wish that every man should be 
like me, but (^) each one has a grace firom God ; the one 
indeed in this manner, but another in this other manner. 

* 'Set his wife to him' thus again. 

Cyp •!• iineqc] eneqc. , b h. i" (om. N) c^ijuu a^] xeqc. 

'hu wife/ CHJ. TG] 2^6, ABEF: om. K. * JuLnepqezl 

-qiUC, CH JK. C^lMX] efi.oX, C by commoii error. cpoqT"] 
A: CpCOqT-, LTP &c UpOCeTXH] cf. Gr. ^♦ABODEFGP al 
pW^defg vg arm aeth Or Euth«x>&c. om. rj nimti^ koI. !!(€, K)T€- 

Tem] nxexeneoooff , O; cf. ? Or. klp ai piu &c Gw^pxritre^. 

ilTeajXeiUL] om. OJXeJU. negative, E^*. CAXA.nA.c] 0^.2^., 
Ei.,« Ji«2L. iUteXCK-f , B) AXeOJX] Al B E G* N P : + It&KX, 

L«T» &c. ••f^oo] e-fxo), HJ. c(o,K)Tnrna)(o, P)- 

JULK(A.,A2)] cf. Gr. B*CFG: cnrrv., L^GMNOP. KA-XA] 
pref. O-COg,, CJ. "^ ^€ i<>] cf. Gr. K*AOD*FG 17. 23. 39. 

46. 115. d»^ defg am fu demid go Or Cjr &c. JuLlIApK'f] 
At.nAIpH*f 'in this manner,' TtB«Ei*2H*Ji*L; cf. Gr. 63. 74. a"»' 
g«« f Tg Or Ephr Ambrflt om. icai. OTg^JULOX] om. Of, FGMN; 
poAjtion cf. ? Gr. nnc. (cxc. KL). cfioX £,IX€It] cf. ? Gr. 31. 37. 

150 nPOC ROPffiGIOYC 3Bl 

^e juLn^-iKepMi"*- •-fxoo i^e jOLajloc ftiiR 
exeiiLnoferr*- iteju. ni^np^** 2cc it^-itec 

cen^^gepevKp^-Tenrecee ^it Juu.pot(f\^ tu.n€C 
VA-p etff*- eg^oxe ncetfTxp^^At. •► 

A-XXa. hot*- "fcaiAiLi iixecgxejuL^KWpiC ca.- 
&oX jtknec^^i ^ " KA.n egoon ^coj^nc^px *► 
ix^peco^i ilonreaien (ff*- XxjuLoit juL&.pec* 
g^ooxn enecg,^.!*- onrog, nig^^.! SxeqapreJUL- 
XA- "f cg^ixii fr "nceni ^e "fxco iijuLoc 
nojoT ^.noK HOT A.n *• xe egoon eoToit oTrcoit 
eo-coitxeq o^c^ijjli KA-eitA-g^-f juuutA.'V'ft- 
OTO^ e^-i ecrfjULA.'f egtjoni neju^q JuLuen- 
epeqx^^ iicajq*- 

iU.xiu^'f -s- OTOg, *AJ €qi"AiLA.i" 6a|cuni ite- 
iUL^.c4> juLnenepecx^ uig,^.! ilca3c«ft- "^.q- 
xo-c&o r^p ilzenig^^x itA-enA^-f sb^ti 
•f cg^iJULi fr oTTog, A.cxonrfi.o iixefcg^ijuu n^e- 
i^^&'f ^^^ nicoit *- juUiLoit &^p^ itexengupi 
c€tfij6eJULfr -f HOT 2ie ceoTA-fi. ^* ofog, icxe ni- 
^en^.^*f n^.4>u)pz iui^peqct^oopx •$- itqoi JOL&tJoic 

73. d 6 g Clem Or Cyr &c. Afr6. K€(om. KGj Lf)OnrAJ . . . pK^f] 
om. B bomeot. ^€ 2°] om. : Xt.€lt, F. KepHfl om. KB, Ei*^. 
• ^e] om. F : trs. after ijUULOC, D. JUUULOC] om. C J. JUL- 
n^-IpKi"] cf.? Gr. 37. 73. Epiph add otJr«f : XlLfU.pM'f *in mj 
manner/ K, cf. Gr. ^ ^e] om. K. Ceit^gep.] CGn^epO)^ 

DE: itcen^g., l. -xenrecee] LfABCDEHJi.gP: xenrcee, 

T*FGJa*KLMNO. €p€r(p, E)KpA.X.] L»0EFGKMNOP: 

6pen(it, HJ)KpA.x., BDHJ, cf. Gr. B*D* : epvpA.xe7rece€, 

AL, cf.? Gr. FG. It^ItGc] Tisch. cites cop for omitting ccnw, but 
tbe copula is expressed by the verb ItA-lteC as in ver. 8. VA.p] 

+ ncooT, 0. e tff] l« a b e : nee tfT, t* c &c. eg^oxe] ft^., m. 

1 CORINTHIANS Vn. 8-15. 161 

* But I say to them who married (lit. 'took ' thus again) not, 
and the tuidowe^ that it is good for them, should they 
abide thus. * But if they wiU not be able to contain ^ let 
them marry : for it is better (lit. good) to marry than to 
bum (lit. take fire). ^^ But to them who married I order, 
not I but {&,) the Lord, the wife that she should not be 
separated from her husband : ^^ thmibgh if she should 
be separated, let her stay without marrying; otherwise 
let her be reconciled to her husband; and the husband, 
that he should not put the wife (away). ^'But to (the) 
rest say I (pron.), not the Lord : * If there is a brother who 
hath an unbelieving wife, and this (wife) consent to dwell 
with him, let him not leave her. ^'And a wife who 
hath an unbelieving husband, and this (man) is consenting 
to dwell with her, let her not leave the husband.' ^^For 
the unbelieving husband was sanctified in the wife, and the 
unbelieving wife was sanctified in the brother: otherwise 
then your children are unclean ; but now they are holy. 
i^And if the unbelieving will be separated, let him be 

XP<WA*-] i^5C-» BH ^- ^® 4>«3p3c caAoX] 4wpxc efioX, f. 
" xiA-pecog,! iionre (om. A2) g (c, B: (^v)ew(S\ JuuuLoit] 

om. F homeot. ilJULOn] om. P. enecg,^.!] L»T*ABE FKLN : 
AifL, ODGHJMOP. OTOg, Ulg^A.!] om. V- " U\0K\ 

poeitioii cf. ? Gr. t^ABCP 17. 37. 46. 73. Byr«»J> aeth"> aem Or Euth«><». 
nw] JOLn^, BDG*LN. eOfO(om.M)n] L«T»ADEFGL 
MNO: om. €, BOHJKP. OTCg^IAll] om. OT, FHJLNO. 
" €(om. K)OnrO(om. B)ItXA.c] COf Olt itTA-C, AgHP; for rela- 
tive cf. ? Or. ABOD^'^KL al plu syr"*' Cyr &c. iiOTg,^!] COTT., 
EL. A.T"n^2,i"] ABFK: A.en., L»T* &c. 4>A.l] cf. Gr. \^k 
BCD*FGPQ 37. 46. 120. defg vg go Cyr. Cq'f JULA.'f] A.q1".i 
FGMP: qi"., HL. Ulg^A-l] cf. Gr. ^ABCDEFGQ 17. 37. 46. 
it vg syr»<* arm go acth'**' Euth«>* Cyr &c. ^* TlICOIl] cf. Gr. 

»*A BO D* E FG P 17. 19* 46. d e f g &c. ^* Of Og, ICXe] LiT* 

AEGMNOP: ICX€ ^€, BCDFH JKL, cf. Gr. KA-C^.] qit^<l>., B. 
itqO(U), B)l] om. il, BCHJO : eqOI, FK, single negative. 


^.n ibcenicon 4- le -f cooni jfyen nA.i ii.iu.ipK*f *§- 
<&'f A.qe^^eiut. eHno-v >6€n o-cg^ipKitH 4- 
"CtXpeeAJLi v^p eooit -fcg^iuii xe A-pKo-c nrepA-g- 
no^ciUL ijLn6^^i4- le ^.Kcooo-vn eoon nipcoiULi^e- 

"lULKi" euipK-f exA. HOT e^^q ii.nio-v^ 

nio-v^i4- ijL<&pH'f exA. ^'f ^^^esx^ ^y^\ 

4k)-v^I4- UA-ipKi" juL^peqiULoa)! ojfcHxq** 

Xc HA-ipK-f on e-fo-cA-g^c^^iti >6€it nieicicXKCi^. 

XKpo-c^- "^•ce^g^ejUL of^i eqco-c&HX** 

juLnenepeqccK -fAJLer^-xcefii nA.q. ^-'veA^eu. 

o-c^i j6eit -fjutex^xcefi.! 4- iSLnenepeqco-c- 

fi.Kxq ^® nce&i r^p g^Xi ne 4- of og, -f AiL€XA.x- 

cefi.1 2,Xi xe 4- a.XXa. ni^pe^ emenxoXn tcre 

<l>i"4- *® niof AJ nio-vA.1 i6eit nieoo^cAiL exA.**^ 

eA-g^eq aj6Hxq JULA-peqaooni iti6Hxq4' 

^^ nx-ve^^AJLCK eKoi jjlSlvok iJLneitepecepAiLeXi 

n^K4- ^XX^. icxe onron cyzojut. juuulok eep- 

pCAJL^e 4- JUL^XXott ^.pionri 4- 2* nifi.U5K VA-p 

ex^'ce^g.iULeq j6eit hot 0-cA.ueXeTeepoc 
nxe UOT U€4- iwjpni" oit uipetiLg,€4- exA.**- 
e^&AJLcq of&ooK nxe nxc ii€4* *'A.'cgeu 
eKno-v j6^ o-vxiiut.H4- jOLnepep&ooK nnipu}iULi4- 
** nio'v^i niof ^i n^cnKo-c 4- j6en 4>h exA.**- 

le^COOni] cf. Gr. ^^»ABODEKL al pier Or Ac. 4>i"] A : +^6, 
L«T* &c. eKnOf ] cf.Gr.l<*ACK 39. 46. 73. Euth«>d &c. " VA.p] 

om. El*. eu5ni°] ne., k. xep^gn.] xexep^gn., ae. 
eoon a°] ne., bch jk : e^, p. xeA.pKo*c 2°] om. xe, ch? J. 

unc. &c. e(om. K)nipHi"] iJLm., CFH J : eHA.!., T». UOT] 
cf. Gr. h^ABCDEFG 17. 31. 37. 46. 73. 137. 178. 179. it vg Byr«»*» ann 
Enth««» &c. t^i" ] cf. Gr. )< ABCDEF al* def vg tjf^^ arm go Eoth««» 
&c. : HOC, DG KN, cf. Gr. KL al pier syrP &c. 4>0-CA.I i«] ii.<&., 
FK. n^Ipni"] om. C J. ei'O'TA.g,] om. €, BK. ^' Of A.I i**] 
poflition cf.?Gr.D*ct«EFG go: om. H*. €qCOf &HX] -fi-RO-CX, 
DKLO« : -fi.KXq, H. CCK] om. H*. O-CA.! a°] poeition cf. ? Gr. 

1 CORINTHIANS Vn. i6-a4, 163 

separated : not in bondage (lit. servant) is the brother or the 
sister in such cases: God called you in [a] peace. ^^ For how 
(lit. where) knewest thou, [the] wife, that perhaps thou wilt 
be able to save thy husband ? Or how (lit where) knewest 
thou, [the] man, that periiaps thou wilt be able to save 
thy wife 1 ^^ (It must not be) except in the manner which 
God ordained for each one, as God called each, thus let him 
walk. Thus also I command in all the churches. ^^One 
was called being circumcised.' Let him not become un- 
circumcised. One was called in [the] uncircumcision. Let 
him not be circumcised. ^^ For (the) circumcision is nothing, 
and [the] uncircumcision is nothing, but (^) the keeping of 
the commandmeTUs of God. ^Let each one, in the calling 
in which he was called, abide. ^^ Thou wast called being 
a servant. Let it not be a care to thee: but (^) if it 
is possible for thee to become free, become it rather. 
^ For the servant who was called in the Lord is a freed- 
nian of the Lord: thus also the freeman who was called 
18 8 servant of Christ. ^ Ye were bought with a price ; 
become not servant to [the] men. ^Let each one, my 

HABP 17. 31. 37. 46. 73. 74. a»« Euth««» arm go. " HCC&l] 

nice&i, F. -fjutex^x.] ofjut., chj: Axer^x., n. 

g,Xl] iUUULOn^Xl, T* twice, by error. X (2k, £2)6] U€, CJ. 

emenx.] itni., chj. c^-f] +U€, bchj. ^oj^j^^p^q. 

OJOOni i06RXq] om. N. ** ^.'ve^^iut.eK] ^ko., by 

cfTor. Xinenepec] ijLnenepeq, f. epJuteXi] -Xm, 

T»BE,FHKP. ICXe] cf. Gr. FG f g vg™" om. mi. " €XA.f- 

e^^gptneq] -e^g^eui, n. of ^neX.] of og, ^neX., t* by 

error. Il€ i^] X6, L. H^lpH^f OH] of.? Gr. l^ABP 17. 31. 4^- 
73. vg 8yr««»»etP'»» go &c.. 0*cfi.a5K] 1>A &c.: UI&OOK, L«. 
n€a°] potttion cf.? Gr. ><♦ FG f g. ^^eKHOf] + V^p, FK. 

" nionr^l I**] +2k€, CFHJK. n^CnHO-c] poeition cf. ? Gr. DE 
FG dcf g Ambmt. j6€n<l>H(m,E2) CX] j6enUI(oin. B)BO> 
^€JtX ex, BDFG»«KL: jfeeitUieaJg^eJUL 4>H ex 'in 
the eaUing which,' CJO (a^H 'a copy'): j66ttnie002|eiU. 

164 npoc ROPiHeioYc Jk. 

(H.) ^ 

ijUULoc4- g,u5c e^nrnA.! nni efi-oX g^ixeit uot* 
eepiajcjoni iSLuicxoc. "•fuien o-cit xe n^.it6 
4>^i eepeqajooni 4- ee&e -f^-nA-VKH exgon * xe 
n^itcc iJLnipcoiut.1 eepeqajooni ijLiu.ipKi~ 4> 

Xe 2' Kcong, ec^iAJLi jEiuepKoo-f iicA. fi.oXK * | kBlkX 
€&oX nc^iAJLi JuLnepKooi" ncA. c^iiuti *• *• KA.n 
eojcon ^Kci|^it(rrijLn6Kepnofi.i 4- 

AC Of o^ eojcon ^caj^ntff ibce^iu-peeitoc ixuA-c- 
epito&i *• €f etfT 2.8 Ro-cg^oxg^ex itxof cA.p j; *• 
ibcen^i juLn^ipK-f 4- A.noK 2l€ 'fi'^co epcoxeit* 

juLnoopq ne xoXomoit ^m^ hh exeo-conxo-c 
c^iAiLi jjutxATt^ nceep ii^^pK-f nna ereiJL- 
juLonxooo-c 4- *<>nH erpijuti ftoac ncepiAiu 
^n 4- HH €xpA.ttji g^ooc jtcep^oji HH Gxgcon 
g,u5c itce^jULoiti 4- ** HH exepxp^cee 

ixniKOCiULOC 4- g,U5C nC€€pKA.XA.XP^C^€ ^*^*' 

qitA.cmi v^p ibcenicxHiu^ nxe h^ikocajloc 4^ 
'^-fo-ceg eHito'v ^.e epexenoi nA-Xpcoo-cg 4- 

^as^'-Vx^' j6€it4>K ex, M. ** n^pecitoc] u2p, AjL. ca.p,* 

ni] +2i€, B. vnoojuLK] vnojuLK, B. ne-f^] ne ei"T» 
T*OHJ : e^-f , 0. e^-vn^i itw] ^-vnHi, b*. iiuicxoc] 

pref. eiOI 'being,' i8. " Q-cn] Olt, Aj: Q-COn, M by error. 

eepeqcgcjoni i°] ae: iixeqa., l«t* &c. : +ijLn^ipK'f 'thus,' 
L. eepeqaooni 2**] Rxeqg., bdfkl. "Kcon^]L»T» 

ADEiJjKLNO: COItP,, F: KCOOItg,, CEjGHJiMP i8: eiC- 
CtJOItg,, B. eCg^IAJLlJeO-CC^., AjCFH J: itcg,., N : neJULC^., 
L. Kfi.H(e,H)X] eKfi.., KL. ItCg^IiULl] nCA-O-CCg,., CHJ: 

x^+cAm t»gm. nc^cg^iAJLi] ncA-o-ccaM oh"»«jl. 
«8 eajcon] om. chj. ixneKep . . . ^ca^.It(^iJ om. o* homcoL 

1 CORINTHIANS VII. 25-32. 165 

brethren, in that in which he was called, in this abide 
with Ood, 

^ But concerning the virgins 1 have not commandment 
from the Lord: but an opinion I give, as haying had mercy 
(shown) me by the Lord to be faithfvZ. ^* I think, then, 
that this is good [*to be] because of the existing nsceasityy 
that it is good for the man to be thus. '^Thou art bound 
to (a) wife: seek not for loosing thyself. Thou art loosed 
from (a) wife: seek not for (a) wife. *If, however, thou 
shouldst marry, thou sinnedst not. And if the virgin 
should marry, she sinneth not. But* such shall receive 
a tribulation of their flesh : but I (pron.) spare you. 

^ But this I say, my brethren, that (the) time is shortened, 
that henceforth they who have wives should be as they 
who have not; "^they who weep, as that they weep not; 
they who rejoice, as that they rejoice not; they who buy, 
as that they lay not hold; ^^they who vse the world, as 
that they vse not to the fvll : for the fashion of this world 
will pass away. ^ But I wish you to be (lit. being) without 

* Eyidently represents vnApxttp, which has already been rendered by 'is.' 

o-cog,] om. c. ii^peenoc] -oRit-, Aj: -en-, Ei*h*. Jjl* 

1U.C6pnO&l] L^AiCEHJLO: iSLueC, T^AjBDFGKMNP 18, 
preterite. ^^.I] + O^Oti, H. *• Xe) cf.? Gr. DEFG al mu^ it 

vg»» (ap Ln) eyr'*' arm &c. ixnOJpqJ om. iXf HO. ll€ XO- 
Xomon] of. Qt. l^ABD^et**? 17. 37. 44- 4^- <^- 7i- 73- 74- 80. 137. 
a»« syrP arm Eiith«><* &c. g^IHA.] cf. Gr. 67** am fu tol arm Or»»* 
om. KoL HH eTeO-C.] om. HH. L. XtJULOnXOOO'c] iXiULOIt 
nX., LN 18. *®nH expiJULl] L«T*AEGMN0P: pref. 

O-COg,, BODFHJKL 18. g^OOC Itce] g^CWC Ce thus again, B. 
HK erp^gi] pref. O-COg,, BODFHJKL 18. HH €X- 
ga)(0, GJM)Uj pref. Of Og,, BODFHJKL* 18. " Hk] pref. 

O-CO^, BODFHJKL 18. niKOCJULOC]cf.Gr.l<*ABarm. aCOC] 
^CJDCXe, D K L. A.n] + JuLniKOCiULOC, K. KA.XA.XP-] om. 
rA.XA., m^»?g&c. 11ICXH(^,N)ULA.] ncX-> 

D FK N i8*. iiTeiu.1.] JjLiUA., B. ** nA.xp.] n^.ep., DB. 

166 npoc RopmeioYc !&. 

^H exeijLneqcrr A.qqipa30'vc[] /6^ n^n^4> xe 
nooc qit^p^n^q JuLn^ 4- '^ 4>r 2^6 exA.qdf 
^.qqipa3o-va) j6^ niKociULoc 4- xe nooc qiu.- 
p^.nA.c nxeqc^iJULi ^^ofog, qc^Koff- •fc^uuii 
exejOLnectfT netx i"^^.pee^ocfr oh exefiL- 
nectff*- ^.cqipcoonra) j6^ h^uot giin^. iiTrec- 
cgooni eco-cAJSi j6eit necccojuu.^- newL nec- 
mt^; 4- en i^e ex^ctff ^cqipcjoof a ^6*.* 
KocAiLoc :^e ncjoc ciu.pA.iu.q ii.ii6c^^4- 
^4>^i :^e i"xu5 iJuuLoq* ee&e nexepitoqpi 

j6eit eHno-c4- a.XX^ xe \ ^m^. itxe uexen- 
cxHAJLA. cgooni eqcof fi.HX* o-cog, itxeT"eitijL* 
xoit ijuuLonrn euro j6€it o-cjULeTA-XtfTgip^q *• 
^« ICsce 2i€ Of on o-ca.! Axenri *• etfwjini exeit xeq- 
n^peettocf- ecgcon ^qcgA-nepAJOULH it£|0-vo4- 
ofog, 4>^.I nerciULnoiA. nxeqatoni*- nexeg,- 
n^q AJL^peq^iq*- itqepnofi.1 A.n juu.po'ctff* 
"4>H 2^6 exog^i ep^xq j6€n ueqg^HT eq- 

TA^pKOfX* iOUULOn ^ItA-VKH XOI €poq* 

4>k] +:^€, BOHJ. ^qqi ( + 4>, K) pooo-cg] om. paK>'vg, 
CJ. qIl^p^.^^q] qp., bofhjp: 6qnA.p., N: eqp., t. 

** j6^ni] Ai : j6^n^(om. M)ni 'for the things of the,' I^T» &c 

qn^p^.n^c] qp., ofhjk. '* of eg,] d. Gr. **abd«'»p 6, la 

17. 31. 41. 44. 46. 67. 71. 73. 93. 109. 122. 137. f vg Byr«>>» etP win aeih«*' 
Cyr Euth«o &c. q*Ka] eq<&., CH JK. i"Cg,IJULl]T»ABH*NO, 
csf. Or. D*E al pauc^^ m'' cdd ap Hier fii demid syr«®*» arm &c: pwf. 
Of Og,, I>BCDFH«JKL. cf. Gr. 1<ABD«FGKLP al ftre®^ dcg vg 
syrP aeth Euth«>d &c.: + ^C, G* (om. 6X6) M P. eXGiULne- 
(A., GMP)C(n ao] cf. Gr. i^AF* 17. 71. 122. aeth«*' Baa Euth«»* Aug 
4 aya/AOff etiam post 7 yvv^ addnnt. j^CttliecCCOJUL^] cf.? Gr. ADs'P 
'7* 37* ^g^^' &c- om. icoi post dyia; the possesBiye probably represents the 
Greek article, cf. Gr.l^ABP 17.37. 46. 73. 74. 118.12a a*" al Clem Buth«^ 
&c. A.Cqi] ecqi, H : Ceqi, C J by error. CIt^p^.ItA.q] Cp., 
CH J L present. *^ 4>Aj] <1>H, OJ. -fxto] efXVJ^ CJ. 

AUULoq ee&enerepitoqpi] om. m. xe] om. b. eqcof - 

1 CORINTHIANS VH. 33-37. 167 

care. He who married not was careful for the things of the 
Lord, how he will please the Lord : '^ but he who married 
was careful for the worlds how he will please his wife, ^ and 
he is divided. The wife who married not and the virgin. 
She who married not was careful for the things of the Lord, 
that she might he holy in her body and her apirit : but she 
who married was careful for the things of the worlds how 
she will please her husband. ^But this I say because 

of that which is profitable to you, not that I might cast 
a noose over (ifceit) you, but (^) that your fashion may be 
seemly, and that ye may rest with perseverance on (e) the 
Lord undistractedly. ^ But if there is one (who) thinks 
to receive shame about (CXCtt) his virgin; if he should 
have passed the Tnarriageable prirfie^ and this is that which 
ought to be, let him do his will, he sinneth not ; let them 
many. ^But he who standeth in his heart confirmed^ no 
necessity afiecting* him, having authority concerning his 

• Lit. 'given to.' 

&Kx] eqco-CHX, chjk. nxex€njuL(ejuL,T»GN)xon] 
uexeitijLX., k. cuot] ixn^, oh J: nejuLUw, l. 

i6€ncnrjuLeTrA.xtfTg,p^q] om. m. *• xequA-peenoc 
(iu.p, GM)] L»'PABD*EFHJ*NP:€noc 

'his ▼irginity.' CD«GJ*^ (5iH 'a copy') KLM: XeCJUteTII. 'her 
Tirginity/ 0; poeition cf. ? Gr. D*ct« d efg vg arm Ryr»* Ambnt. 
^qgA.n] IHAE : A.Ca)^.n ' if she' ftc, U &c. ^JCU.K] AEN: 

AJCAiLR(€, B)n, L»T«&c. nexejuLug^] a^: ue exejuLU., 

T»: nercejULII., DEi^gLNO: ue eXCeAJLU., L«BFGKMP: 

nex€c iin., a^h* j : ueuexcejutu., 0. iiexeg,nA.q] 4>h 
€X€g,., p. nqepcnpeq, Ai)no&i A.n] om. ^.^, cj(K) single 

negative: Itpeqepno&I, K. JUL^pO'Ved] Ls'PAEi^sGHMNOP, 
cf. Gr. »^ &c.: JUL^pCqCTTi BCDEi*?FJKL. cf. Gr. D*FG g syr*»»» 
arm Epiph Aug. *^ ^H 2^6] om. 2l€, K. €XOg,l] €X^.q- 

Og,I, CHJ. Ueqg^HX] of.? Gr. l^ABDEFGP &c. add a^v. 
eqXA^pKOTX] position cf. Gr. 1<*ABDEP 17. 23. 31. 37. 39. (46). 
49- 57- 7^- 73- 74- »20. 137. a»« d»« vg syrP &c. 

158 nPOC ROPffleiOYC 3Bl 

cnroirreq epgioji ijuuu.'v<6- ee&e nere^mjq 
ixjuuit iiUULoq cnro^ ^ia ^fgj^n epoq ijuuuit 
iJUULoq j6€it neqg^Hx €A.p€^ exeqiu^peenoc 

**8KJ0CTre ^H errf€noc err^JULoc 
K^cuc qp^ jjuuLoc 4- cxTO^ ^H eTGHqi" neaxf 
A.n o-c^cnro fc&Aooc uexeqiu-uq •§• ""fc^i- 
Jtxi con^ enec^^f- e<^oit XP^^o>^ 6qoiii6 
eajcon ^e ^.qa)^nenKox ibceuec^^ o'vpeftit^K 
xe etff ii.ii6X6g^iu.c AiLonon j^en n^4- 
*®ax>-c iuA.xc 7^e ii^o-co ^coj^jto^i JuLau- 
pH-f 4- ic^xA. XA.rnu5iULH *• -fiuteci ^e ^co xe 
Of oit Of mt^; iixe ^-f n^pHi Sj6hx *• 

xfl Ge&e maorr T^e fti^iOoXon Tencoxyyit xe onr on 

o-yeftiu itflbHxen TKp of *• netxi g^qcffci * 

-fA-VA-UK 2i€ g^.cKurr4- *4>H errxtsj jjlmjloc 
xe Ajeu-i 6^Xi4- ii.iu.T6q6JUU k^.t^ <&pirf 

gigi] cf. Gr. A ann : +^e, FKL, cf. Gr. »^ Ac. OITOg^ ^IS 

qCAi-fjE: A.q,L«&c.)1"aA.u epoq ijutiutt iiiULoq] om. Ai» 

B* homeot.: tfs. JOutlUIt JUUULOq after ^HX, CH J, cf.? Gr. »^ ABP 
31. 39. 46. 73. 74. a«" Idi^ j6€nueq2,HX 2«] pref. Of Og,, M; 
cf. ? Gr. DEFGEL al pier &c. 6(11, H) X6qiU.peenOc] as above, 
qn^-^jc] cf. Gr. ** AB 6. 17. 46. 67** Baa. *« g^tJOCXe] -2k€, E,P 

jjK. nxeqn^peenoc] nxeqjuLexn^D«; cf.Gr.imc.(exc.KL) 73. i09.dein^*vg8yr«ohetPc.ob. arm aeth&c €fVAJU.Oc] 
eOf v., OD«H JK, qp^] qit^, Ai by error ; cf. Gr. l^ADEKLP ml 
pier d e vg Olem Euth«>d &c. Of Og, <|>k] cf. Gr. 1<*AB DEFG 17. 37. 
46. 73. 93. 177.179.defg m^' syr*^ anil Clem Euth«^&c.: om. Of Og,, 0. 
itea)(0,BFJ)q] om. It,DL. KA.XtOC 2**] JUL^XXon,GM. U€- 

Xe(A.,JM)qiW^iq] ne eX.,T»GMNOP; cf.Gr.l<AB6.i7.37.46. 
67»*Ba«Euth«><>. ••'fcg,IJULl]cf.Gr.F*01em. CO(U5,BGHMP)n2, 
•bound'] AiBEMNP: CCOHg, 'is bound,' DFK : €C(ora. G«)COn^ 

1 CORINTHIANS VIL 38— VIH. 2. 169 

own will, and this very thing he judgeih in his heart, to 
keep his virgin, he will do well. ^ Wherefore he who 
giveth his virgin unto a marriage will do weU; and he 
who giveth not his (daughter) will do a better* thing. 
^ The wife is bound unto her husband for so long time aa 
he liveth; but if her husband should have slept, she is (a) 
free to marry according to (iJL) her will, only in the Lord. 
^ But more blessed is she if she should stay thus, according 
to my opinion: but I think also that there is a spirit of 
God in me. 

YIIL But concemiug the things slain for idols: we 
know that there is a knowledge in us all. (The) know- 
ledge exalteth, but [the] love edifieth. 'He who saith: 
*I knew something,' knoweth not yet according as it is 

* Lit ' more weU* 

tol barl** aim aeth Clem Or Ac. om. i^fi^ eilCC^^] JULneC^^.!, 
FH; cf. Hier.'viro.' €qO(a5, GLM)Ili6] + ItXeUecg,^!, T*. 
eojCJOU 2l6] om. ^6, B; cf. Gr. »^ABD*EKP al sat mn Ciem Or &c. 
om. KoL -€n(n, BDH JNP)KOX] cf. Gr. unc. exc. A. UCCg^A.! 2*^] 
cf. Gr. DEFGL al sat mu it vg syr*^^ etP c* arm aeth &c. add ttvnjs, 
peJULg^K] L«ADEi<»jOo: -g^e, T^BCFGHJKLMNP, etfliUL] 

ectff., J : om. iSL, H. iinexeg,.] nex., h. AJLonon] pref. 

O-C, by eiTor. *®A.CgA.nog,l]-gjU5UI, L. XA.rnC0(0,BM)- 
iULH] om. XA., AKL. -fjuteci 2.6] cf. Gr. unc. exc. B : Xef- 
iULeVI, OH J, cf. ? Gr. B 4. 17. 37. 6^** 71. 73. 116. tol 8yrP« aeth Cyr 
Ac. ydp. aa5(0, B)] om. F. nftpHl] L«T»ABEGMNP : ll(6-i 

* 2ke i°] om. CH J. xenctooirn] + xe, b : +2.6 xe, m. 

UetXl] niGAlU, F: + 2l€, CH JO. ikC 2*^] om. L. * 4>h] cf. ? Gr. 
HABP 17. 46. 71. 73. 74. 80. 116. a*» am fu tol harl*^ syrP*** arm Clem 
Or Euth«>d &c. om. dc. ^ICJULl] "feiUU, OH J; cf. ? Gr. KL al pier 
&c. f?«fwi. e^\\] g^Xl, Aj: it&Xl, AjOHJ. ijLnA.(6, Aj)- 
XeqeJUtl] cf. ? Gr. NABP 17. 31. 46. 71. 73. 116. Clem Or Euth««» &c. 
oCwt»; cf. Gr. 1<ABD*FGP 17. 31. 46. 71. 73. 109. 116. 238. def g vg 
arm aeth Clem Or £uth<»<> &c om. ovdcV: -f JOuULOq, FK, cf. I Gr. 
D^et«£KL al pier syr^^ &c. add oMv. 


Xj> *6e&e nii6pHo*ci otn trre mgcoT" ni2icjoXoit ••• 
xeiteuLi x€ g,Xi ue ni2LU5Xoit j6eit iukoc- 
jULoc * Of og, xe ixxiLoit g,Xi nnonrf efiiHX 
eo-c^i. *Ke v^p icxe ofoit g,^.^o•rolt enr- 
AJLo-rf epa3o-v 2ce rtoT-f ixe n^pai jfecn nr^e 
ixe g^ixen niK^^i 4- juL^tpK-f exeof on o-vAitKg 
nitofi"4- nejUL o'vajlhoj hot*- 

ertx^i mfi.€n*- cyooni efi.oX g^ixoxq* oirog, 
^noit ^toit ejfeofit epoqf- o•c^.^ ne nen^ 
iHc nxc*- 4>H exA. enx^J nifi.€n ojooni e&oX 
2,ixoxq*» ofog, ^.non g^con efi.oX g^rroxq* 
■'^XXa. neiULi j6en o-con ni&en ^n*- 
&^no-con v^p a)^ej6o'vn e+no-c j6en "ficA^c 
nxe nn2iU)Xon * ceonroojut. ii4>pHi" ng^A-ngorr 
ni2kU5Xon4- o-cog, xo-cc-cnHikecic ecojumi 
eptoof g^ctfobj^eJUL 4- ® o-cjfepe 2^6 ^.n een^- 
x^2,on ep^xen ix4>i"* 0*92^6 A-ngxeJULo-ccoii. 
xenn^tTpog, ^n o'c:^€ ^ngA-no-ctJOiUL xen- 
n^epg^o-co ^n*- •A.nA.'c ^e iutHnox: ttre 
nexcnepcgiaji ^^.i nxeqojooni ittf^on h^Hr 

JuUULOq] epoq, G. ' ^•CCO'COOnq] A.qC., C J| singular. 

* Of n] cf. Gr. NAB D»>FGKL al pier f g m* 8yr»o»»d;P«&c. X€ne- 

AJLi] itxenejuLi, L: +r^p, fk. g^Xi ne] cf. Gr. FG fg m* 

vg 8yr*»*>etP c. ob. &c. add fVnir ; pref. JuUULOn, T* by error : om. ne, 
Et*, cf. Gr. )« &c. nt2iU)(0,E2t^ce)Xon] T^AE: om. It, Lv &c 
g,Xl nnOf -f] cf. Gr. N*ABDEFGP 17. 39. 46. 47. 6y** 73. 116. 
119. defg m^ vg arm aeth Etith<^ Cyr &c. om. rrfpof. efiiKXl 

om. H*. * Ke] ve, Al. ef JULonrf] ^.tajl., b. it&pHiJ 

ilj6p*9 B*. niK^g^l] L«AE,GNOP: nK., BODEjFHJKLMN; 
cf. ? Gr. minuBc sat mu &c. ttjs yfjs, ^ ti^tV 2^6] cf. Gr. 17. &c UB 

<&i"] om. ne, L : ne ix<&i" , f. ex^ i*^] exe, o j. enx^] 

i^X^^» BD(iO)EJ twice. g^IXOXq i^] L»T*AEFGLMN0P: 
n^KXq 'from/ BCDHJK. Of^.I ne 2<^] L«T»AEGMNOP: 

1 CORINTHIANS Vm. 3-9. 161 

right to know; ^but he who loveth God, the same (lit. 
this) was known by him. ^ Concerning the meats, tlient 
of the things slain for idoh^ we know that (an) idd is 
nothing in the worlds and that there is no God except 
one. ^ For even if there are some being called * God/ 
whether in (the) heaven, or upon the earth ; as there are 
many gods and many lords. ® But to us (pron.) one is 
God the Father, through whom are all things, and we also 
into him ; one is our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are 
all things,- and we also through him. '^ But (^) (the) know- 
ledge (is) not in all. For some up to now in the custom 
of the idols eat it as a thing slain for idols; and their 
conscience being weak unto them is polluted^ ^ But (it is) 
not a meat which will commend us to God : neither, should 
we eat not, shall (lit. will) we be deficient ; neither, should we 
eat, shall (lit. wiU) we abound. ^ But see lest by any means 
this your authority should be a stumbling-block to them 

* Close rendering of the Greek ; lit. 'nothing is of idol in the world.' 

prcf. OTOg,, BCDFHJKL: om. Ue, L. nen(om. M)OT] L»T* 
AEGLMNOP: HOT 'the Lord/ BCDFHJK. 6X^2°] GXe, C J. 
g,(JOn 2°] om. FO. ^ g^^nOTOn r^p] cf. Gr. 37. 47. 68. 73. 

80. 116. 137. : om. M: g,. JULCtt, DFKL. g}^. • . HOf ] position cf.? 
Gr. H BDEFG 31. 37. 116. it vg 8)rr»«»> arm aeth Thdrt Aug. "f" (H, M)- 
JCA^c] cf. Gr. 1<*ABP 17. 46. 67** 80. 109. 8yrP™« aeth"*^ Euth««* 
Dun : niK^^C, G plural. itxemi2it0(0, E2)Xoit] itX€It|ni, 
L. ce(€C, M)0TU5JUL] enrOf OOAJL *they are eating,' H J. CCHH- 
(I, D)2i€CIc] AFK : -2iHCIC, L^T^ Sec, thus again exc. P. eCttJtOItf 
COJOOni, CK: eCOjCJOm, U by error. ^ €011^X^2,0 U 

cf. Or. ^^»A &c. riiuis, for future cf. Gr. 1<*AB 5. 10. 17. 46. 67** 71. 93. 
iS''^* Clem Cjr &c. Otl^e i^] cf. Gr. 1<AB 2. 17. 74. I7»«»* am tol 
arm acth"*' Euth««» om. VA-p. ttJXeJtI.] €ttJT., CHJ. tfpOg, 
^ItJ cf. Gr. A*B 46. am tol demid floriac marian arm Bas tav fifi: om. 

AJt, Ltr by error. xenitA.ep] itxenn^ep, H : Rxenep, 

C J. • ^e] om. F. nxeqgj.] itXeqgXejULttJ., P by error. 

ittfponJAEH: no-ctfT, l«bdfgklmnop: ev<C OJ. 



€xatoni4- ^<* ^qttJ^.Il^^•c epoK ibceo'v^ s^ 
4>H ere nejtxi nxoxq eKptoxefi. j6€n o^jjla. 

O-cxi TeqcfUK^^ecic ecoi npeqajooni 4* cn^- 
Ktox enxmepeqofejut goox Si^ooXon* 
"g^qx^Ko v^p itX€4>H ergoom j6€it ncKe* 

juLi I uicoit ex^. nxc ajlo-c e^pm excoq •§• 
*2 n^ipH-f 2^6 epexenepitofi.1 eiticnKo-v o-co^ epe- 
xeitiunttii €T"o*cc*citH2i€cic exgooiti ^.pexen- 
epno&i eu^O^*- "ee&e 4>^i icsce oirj6p€ 
een^6pcK^n2i^Xi^m iXn^con*}- iiit^.o'vcAJL 

^m juLu^con*- 


Uh ^itoK Of pejuLg^e ^it. ajlh ^noK of A-tioctto- 
Xoc ^.it. iULH !HC nxc neit OT jOLnmA.'v epoq^^ 
JULK iteooxert ^it ue u^.2,u5fi. jfceit n^4- 
* icxe i"oi it^uocxoXoc ^it Rg^^nKex^o'^i^i 
^.XX^. i"oi itooxen^- 'fc4>p^ric v^p Stc 
x^-uiex^uocxoXoc itecjoxen ue >6€it uot* 
^ x^.^.noXovi^ itHH exj6oxj6ex juuuloi oaj 
^ Uh ijuuLortxen epojicgi eonrcoAiL neiu. ecco4* 
*ULK oTfOitxeit 6pajia)i eepe ofctorti nc^ijiu 
juLoai ncu5n4- ijLci)pK'f iJLnccni ititi^nocxo- 
Xoc4- iteAJL nicitao-c tnre uot* neiUL KK^^.4- 

exgtom] exit^.g., o m. ^^ ^.qcy^nit^f ] ael: + ^^.p, 

L'^T^BCGHMNOP, cf. Gr.: 2^6, DFK. GpOK] cf. Or. l^ADELP 
al oinn^id de gyr"*' arm go Euth &c. ^H exe] RI 8X8, If. 
ecOl] cf. Gr. k*" d e f vg &c. o^aa, Clt^.KU5X] €CItA.IC., CH JL: 
-KOO^f, BKL by error. UXIItepeq.] UXinxeq., HJ; position 
cf . ? Gr. D E F G d e f g vg sjt «tr aeth &c. " g^qX^KO VA.p] cf. 

Gr.i<*B 17 go &c. 4>K exg.] ni exg., N: uexa.,CHj. j6en] 

cf. Gr. l< AB DEFGP 17 d e f g vg arm &c. UICOH] cf. Gr. K*ABD 
EFG 17. Clem. ^^ em (ijLm,N)CnKO-V . . . ItO&l] om. B homeol. 

1 CORINTHIANS VIII. lo— IX. 5. 163 

who are weak ; ^^ should one see thee, namely he who hath 
(the) knowledge, reclining in a place of idola. Will nd 
his conscience, being of one weak, be encouraged* to cause 
him to eat a thing slain for idolsl ^^For he who is 
weak is destroyed in thy knowledge, the brother for whom 
Christ died. ^^ But thus, sinning against (c) the brethren, 
and striking their weak conscience, ye sinned against (€) 
Christ. ^* Therefore, if a meat will cause my brother to 
offend, I shall not eat flesh at all^ that I may not cause 
my brother to offend. 

IX. Am I not free? Am not I an apostle 'i Saw I 
not Jesus Christ our Lord? Are not ye my work in the 
Lord ? ^ If I am not an apostle to others, but (^) I am to 
you: for the seal of my apodleship are ye in the Lord, 
* My defence to them who search me is this. * Have we 
not authority to eat and to drink ? ^ Have we authority 
to cause a sister as (it) wife^ to walk after us, as (the) rest 
of the apostles, and the brethren of the Lord, and Eepha? 

» Lit. 'built.' *» Lit. *unto age.' « But see Matt. xiii. 56, 

Mark vi. 3, John xi. 3. 

OTOg;] om. F, cf. Gr. FG d e f g go. eXOf Cf H.] AE: ItXOf C, 
L«T» &c. eXOJtOm . . . en x^] ^i"* &c. : eCOJ., CHJ feminine : 
om. Ai* homeot.; 'MJUlyQC, HP. ^.pGTenep.] €p., OHJL. 

" cK^n2i^Xi^m] -^ecee, fgmp. ixn^coit 2^] cf. Gr. ha 

BD*»etcEKLP al omn^^^ yg 8yr«*'arm aeth Clem Or &c. fwv. 

^ ¥^ ' the first Sunday of ? and Ablb.' Of peJULg^G . . . OT- 
^UOCXoXoc] cf. Qr. ><AB P 5. 10 . 17. 37. 46. 93. 177. 179. vg 8yr«c»» 
arm aeth"^ ar« Or &c. IHC Wy^c] cf. Gr. DEKLP al pier d e 8yr»c^ 
etPc* arm aethPP go &c. TieitOT] om. CJ. * IC>C€] +2i€, BC 

HJP. ^nOCXoXoc] -X^XOC, H* thrice. V^p] om. CJKP. 

ne. ne] om. ue, h. » x^^uoX.] pref. of og^, chj. xe] 

position cf. ? Gr. D E FG K L al pier it vg syr p arm Euth &c. * AJL- 

AJLonxenep.] of oitxenep., f. epojioji] +ijuuLA.f , k. 

€(ii, B)Of COJUL ... * SJIfflO om. L homeot. * Of OitXen] 

AiEF : iiJULOitXeit, DfT'Aj &c. Of Ca5m(om. BM) iic] cf. 
Or. (exc. FG). ItCUJIt] itCOH, A*M. UCeUl] UI (om. F)KeC€ni 
'the rest also,' FK. KH^^.] K^<^^, B : K^., N. 

M 2 

164 nPOC ROPIHeiOYC !&. 

exeiiuULortxeii epcgioji jjutx^y eajxejutep- 

Ma ^ HiJUL eg^.qepJUL^xoI efi.oX j6€it itexeitof q no- 
•^toomoit €ite^> itiJUL €g^.qtfb iio'ciA.^A.XoXi * 
oTog, jExn^qonrooiut. e&oX j6en neqo-cxA^* 
le niAJL ecy^ iio-cog,! necooo-c * nxeqg- 
xejuLoftoAJL e&oX i6eit nepco-f itxe uiog^i. 


itojULoc ileoq qxu) iiit^.i ^.n*»| 
X^ • Ccj^ROf X v^p ^eit 4>«ouLoc ijUULoonrcKc 4- xe 
SneK'f c^^x^X eg^pert eg,e eqg,!*- ajlh ^.cep- 

XU5C ^qxu) iuuuLoc ee&Hxeit ^ ex^.•cci6KXOf 
v^p eefi-Kxeit *• xe cejutncg^ iixe $h excx^^ 
iixeqcx^J i6en OTg^eXnic o-cog, 4>r exg^i 
itxeqepg^eXnic etff^- 
M/3 ^* ICxe ^non ^itci-f nooxeit nmmtZxiKoit 4- of- 
nig'f ue ecyoon ^.na)^.^u)Ci6 itxexencA-pKi- 
Kojt*- "icxe g,^itKex<A50'*K^ ex^ff e&oX 
j6ejt ncxenepcLjiaji ^ iig^ofo ajl^XXok ^iton^s- 
^XX^ iJLneitxP^^^^ iJLn^iepci|ici|i «- ^.XX^. 
xeittoo-c itg^HX i6€n ^cwfi. ni&en* ^iiu. 
itxenaxeAJL-f g^Xi itflpon iJLuIenr^.^^eXIo^ 
nxe Rxc*- 

• JESjULA-T] om. OH J. '' niJUL i°] + Ue, BE,«jFK. ItG* 

xenof (om. N)q] nn ex.. t'bfhklnop. no^lr(jo(o,EL)- 
mon(+i, L : +H, N)] iSLo4r., 0: aSff., JP. nijut 2<^] +n€, 
FK. JuLn^-qoftojut] juLueq., EjHP*. e&oX sf^en- 

UeqOf X^g,] cf. Gr. C*D«>et«EKL al pier d e vg«»« am fu syr^*' ana 
Euth Cyr &c. 16 ItlUL 3°] cf. Gr. N AO* KLP al pier syr«o»> &c. ^ m: 

+Tie,FK. a^^-*^om]a^q^.juLom,T»BFG«L. So-co^i] iiof - 

log,! 'field,' L twice by error : om. Of, F. ItXeqttJXeJULOf COJUt] 
L«T*AEGMNOP: pref. Of Og,, BCDFHJKL. UepUJ-f] LbT*A 
DEFGMN: Uiep., CHJKLOP. « CA.Xl]cf. Gr. i^ABCKLP al 

1 CORINTHIANS IX. 6-ia. 165 

* Or I only and Barnabas, have not we authority not to 
work ? ' Who ever becometh soldier from his own pay ? 
Who planteth a vineyard, and eateth from his fruit? Or 
who tendeth a flock of sheep, and eateth not from (the) 
milk of the flock ? ® Spake I these things according to man, 
or saith not the law also itself these things ? ® For it 
is written in (the) law of Moses: 'Thou shalt not muzde 
(the) ox, threshing.' Was it a care to God for the oxen? 
'® Or aUogettier he said it because of us ? For it was written 
Ijecause of us : because it is worthy that he who plougheth 
should plough in [a] hope*, and he who thresheth should 
hope to receive. " If we (pron.) sowed to you the spiritual 
things, it is great if we should I'eap your carnal thing: 
*^ If others have authority over you •, much rather we. But 
(^) we v^ed not this authority; but (^) we are long- 
suffering in all things, that we may not give any stum- 

• Lit. 'take from your authority.' 

pier arm syrP &c. ClJ^^tt Ac] cf. Gr. 1<>A BC DE 46. d e vg syrP Or &c. 

qxo)] eqxu), bf : ^.q^cto, p : xu), e. ' ccj^ho'cx . . . 

AJLUrCCHc] cf. vg. Ei™« j:i} , Ai™K L»« U=i-.3I1 ' Deuteronomy.' jfe^n] 

AE: ^i, L«T»&c. €qg,i] qg^i, H. ^cepjuteXm] -JUteXi, 

D* E 0. j6^Kieg,tJ0Of J ife^Jteg^OOO-C, B ; cf. ? Gr. D E F G 31 . 
39. 46. 73. 178. 1 a »««S for preposition. ^® ^qXU)] eq^C., Eg: qXO), 
CHJ. JJLMXOC] iilt^I 'these things,' CHJLO« ii.^ *a copy.' 
€XA.'CCj6hXO'C r^p ee&HX€Jt] om. Ei*Ji* homeot.: 
eT"^.q. Sec, Eg: om. V^p, 0. CeAJLUttjA.] position cf.? Gr. H*A 
BCP 17. 31. 37. 46. 80. 93.137.139. I2»«»' vgOr Euth Cyr &c. IlXeq- 
CX^O om. L» by error. Of Og, ^h\ Of Og, iixe4>H, OH J, 
nxeq . . . tfTJ cf.? Gr. 1<*ABCP 10. 17. 7i.8yr»^arm ar' Or Euth Cyr 
&c. " \CXe\ L^TtAiEGMNOP: + 2i€, AjBCDFHJKL 18. Hunt ,8. 

A.non] om. B« i8. eojtOnJACEGHJLMPR: +^ltOIt,L»T»BDF 
KNO18. iixexeitC^pKIKOnjAi: ItJteTeitC.'your... things,' 
L«T» Ac. 18 : itniC. ' the . . . things,' R. " ICXe] LbT^A B DE 6 

M NOPE 18: -2l€, CFHJKL. ^XX^] OfOg,, L. "ffeXl] 
om. 'f'f £: it^Xl, F; position cf. ? Gr. hi ABC 17. 46. 137. de vg Euth 

&c. iitfpory ntfTbpn, l : itcfo., m. 




w " flTereitejuLi ^.n xe nn exepg^ojfi. eniep^KO'vi 4- 
a^ijrottJdJtJL efi.oX j6eit n^niepc^eii* o-cog, nn 
eoAJLHn eniAJL^ncpcgooo'vaii ?»- a)^.'vct»coa| e^- 
p^f neiut. niAJL^itcpojcoo-rcgi *• " ^^.IpH'f &coq 
HOT A.qetog itrtH exg^iooigj ixmecA-weXioit *• 
€a5ni6 e&oX i6en nienr ^vveXiort *• ^*^noK 
2l€ ixniepxp^cee no-con nn^i nexA.icj6€ 
n^i 2i6 ^n &m^ nceajcont ijLn^ipH*f ili^pHi 
nj^KX*- n^nec r^p nni jula-XXoii eiULoir^- le 
n^-aofao-c nxegxeAJL g^Xi go-ccoq efi-oX*- 
" GgcjoR v^.p ^la^ng^igejtitof qi ito-cgof ao-c nw 

^Jt Ue4- 0f^It^v|KH V^p eXXH gil^COJI*- OfOI 

r^p itHi egton ^.igxejULg^ittjeitito'cqi*^ " icxe 
v^p ^npi ijL4>^i eg^itm^- le ofon'f &.exj^ 
juLAJL^nr-}- ICX6 e^nm ^tt le o-voIKonoiULI^. 
nex^fxeng^oTfx epochs- 
fAd i«3Xttj Of It ne u^fi.exe* &Itt^. eig^iaeititoirqi *• 
itx^X^ nief^vveXion ^(Tne x^.^^^R•fi- eg- 
xejuiepxp^cee iJLn^iepajiaiif- ifeeit iueTA.v- 
reXion. ^^ eioi rA.p npeiUL^c e&oX ^a. of on 
ni&6n4- ^i^.ix ijL&coK nofon ni&en g^m^ 
nx^xejuLg^HOT juLnig^ofo*- 
*^® CtXigconi iinnof 2i^i *• iSLc^pH-f nof io-c^^a.! *• ^in^. 
nx^.x€JUL2;KOf itnuof 2i^i *• diatom tmn erx^ 

^* n^mepcl>ei] cf. Gr. i<bd*fg 46. f g vg Euth Aug. o-cog,] 

cf. Gr. 74. 114. SL*°^ vg«*« BjT^^ arm Ambrst : om. R, cf. Gr. iinc. &c. 

e0(x, G) JULKn] 6en^JULHn, chj future. euiuLA.] nejtx- 

niiUL^., 0. g^T<l>a5ttJ . . . epOJCOOTCgi] om. J,P* homeot. 

" uot] euOT, L. ijLnienr^.v.] eni., Ej*. eu)nj6 &c.] om. 

L homeot. " llof On Iin^l] nOf ^I nn^I, AjFL; position 

cf. ? Gr. H*J)* Sec. (exc. KL) 17. 37. 46. 49. 57. 71. 73. 137. 177. 179. 

Euth Dam. n(n, AiE)ex^!c^e] -cj6^.i, Ai(2i6ei)EiJ: ne 

(K, L)eT^IC., TtLNOR. n^.i] X^I, P. il<6pHi] n^p., 

BDFL 18. r^p] om. G*. ejuLOTf] cotJULot, B. itxeg- 

XeULg^Xl] cf. Gr. »♦ B D* et "«▼ 17. d e &c. oldtit. " VA.p] om. 

B. ^la^ng^l] ^Ig,!, DF. Of aOf aOf ] cf. Gr. t^ABCKLF 

1 CORINTHIANS IX. 13-20. 167 

bling-block to the Gospel of Christ. ^^ Ye know not 
that they who work (for) the temples eat from the things 
of the temple, and they who wait upon the altar are 
divided unto with the altar. ^^ Thus the Lord also 
ordained to them who proclaim the Gospel to live fi'om the 
Gospel. "But I used not any (riOTon) of these: but I 
wrote not these, that they should be done thus in me : for 
it is good for me rather to die than that any should 
[not] make my boast void. ^* For if I should preach good 
tidings, it is not to me [a] boasting ; for a necessity is laid 
upon me; for woe to me if I should not preach good 
tidings. ^"^ For if I did this willingly, then I have reward : 
if not willingly, then I was entrusted with a ttetvardship, 

" What then is my reward 1 That, preaching good tidings, 
I may make (^^) the Gospel without expense^ (so as) not 
to tbse this authority in the Gospel. ^^ For being free from 
all, I made myself servant of all, that I might gain the 
more. ^I became to the Jews as a Jew^ that I might 
gain the Jews; I became to them who are under (the) 

al omn^<> vg syr"'' arm aeth Or Euth &c. ItKl] om. N. 0*COI VA-p] 
cf. Gr. »♦ &c. (exc. KL) al pltis^® it vg Or Ath Euth Cyr &c. : OTOI 2s.e, 
B 18, cf. Gr. N«KL al pier syr"*^ ann aeth &c. " ^-IIpl] €IIpI, 

DFKL. L°»«^-JL.il1 ^J^ m^\J\ j^a-ill 'the fourth Sunday of Amshir.' 
fiieXC] L^ACDEFJKLN: 0*C&., T*BGHMOPR (X^) 18. 
ICXe 2^ . . A.n] ora. H* homeot. ICXe 3°] AE : + 2s.€, L«T* &c. ^-It] 
+ n€, L. nenrA.T.] UABDEFKLR: U€ eX^.T., T*CGHJM 

NOP. -xeng^oTx] -xeng^oTxx, t* A2 f g l m (g^oTO) n p 

(&0). " UA-^e^e] cf. Gr. »*ACK 13. 17. 23. 26. 30. 36. 39. 

46. 57. I4^««* !!•«•■ vg 8yr»«»> Euth* Cyr &c. Glg^l] IGg,!, M by error : 

^.ig,!, Ag. eT^.rreXion] cf. Gr. sabcd* 3. 17. 23. 46. 57. 74. 

137. a»" d e vg arm aeth Euth Cyr &c. om. tow ;fpc(rrov. ^(JuBj ^X- 
tflte, L»T^BDFKL. X^.UA.nK ( + I,B)] ABCEJK: :^^.n., U 
T* &c. " VA.p] om. D : trs. after IlpeJULg^e, K. J&.IA.IX . . . 

ni&en] om. p homeot. itoTon] eoTon, k. xxni^oyo] 

ixOTOIt ttl&61t *to every one,' B. Vers. 20, 21 Jj has confused text. 
*® ^.lOJCJOUl] cf. Gr. D* 37. de: pref. OTOg,, BDFKL, cf. Gr. 

iiniioT.] ilii., J: juLun.j f. exx^] om. xj^> bdfkl. 


j6^ (^nojuLoc * JuLc^pK-f iteiXH >6^ ♦noAt.oc ♦■ 
ii-fXH ^noK ^.n st>^ c^noiULOc*- ^m^. nrrAr 
xejULg^KOT itHK exxH i6^ <&noiULocfr "^i- 
acwui iiniA.noiULoc 4- juLe^pKi" itoT^^no AiLoc •»> 
e^noK oT^-itojuLoc ^n itxe <&i"* a.XX^ &00^ 
j6^ 4>ftoJULoc iULUX^* &5>^^ itxAJcewLg,Hoir 
nni^noiULoc 4- 

itoTon ni&eit hpKf ni&en*- s^in^. n^nxoxr 

reXion * 2,1 n^ Sx^.€pajc|>Kp epoq. ** itxe- 
xenejuLi ^.n* xe itK extf62ci j6en mcxA.- 
2s.ion> cetfo^ci jjueti xapoTfr ot^i 2^6 ea)^.q(rr 

Xh nA-ipni" 2^e tfo2ci4-2,m^ Sxexenx^^o*- *"oToit 
2s.e ni&en ex€p^vcjom2;ece€ * oj^qAJUioni 
iJUutoq j6cn ^(vSl ni&en4- itK iULeit &m^ 
itcecrf So^x^o-W- €qn^.x^.KOfr ^noit :^e 

OTA.XX^KO *• 26 ^nOK 2s.€ ^"(^0X1 jOLHAJpHi" -S- 

€!^io-ci A.n eui^Hp ^^ ^.XX^. -f aoqi ixm^cujjtxA, 
OTog, -f ipi jjuutoq jul^lCJOk^}- ajlhuooc 6^.i£^ia)icy 
h^^iXKexj^oytw^^- ^.noK g^oo hcexejtxrr eioi 

h^2iOICIAJLOC 4->no«.oq] om. eiXH j6^-<tnojuLoc n-f x^^ ^ ^ t^- 
i^1"XW &c. ix^tpK-f &c., p. ri-fxH ^noK ^n ji>^- 

<l>ItO«.Oc] it'fgOU, CIIJ: om. A-ItOK, P: om. <A.n, CEi*J 

single negative ; of. Or. K A B C D E F O P al mu it vg 8}tP arm 

(go) &c. " itniA.nojuLoc] om. ni, b. e(om. B: le, f)^- 
^nojuLoc ^n, Eg. nxect^-f ] of. Gr. »abcd*fgp 7. 17. 26. 31. 

37. 42. 46* 67** 73.d-"itvg OrEiith Cyr &c. ei^H] ^.IXW>GMP. 

1 CORINTHIANS IX. 21-27. 169 

latv as being under (the) law, (though) I am not under 
(the) ImVy that I might gain them who are under (the) law, 
*^ I became to them wUIiOut law as one without law, though 
I am not one without law of God, but (^) being under (the) 
law of Christ, that I might gain them ivithout law. 

^I became to them who are weak as one weak, that 
I might gain them who are weak : I became to all men all 
kinds, that by all Toeans 1 might save some. ^^ But I do 
all these things because of the Gospd, that I may share it 
(with others). ** Ye know not that they who run in the 
dadiuvi, run indeed all, but one receiveth the palm. 

But thus run, that ye may attain. ** But every one who 
driveth for the mastery layeth hold on himself in every- 
thing: they indeed, that they may receive a crown which 
will perish ; but we an imperishable. ^* But I (pron.) run 
thus, as not covertly ; thus I fight, not as beating the air : 
''but (^) I bruise my body^ and I make it servant: lest- 
by any nieatis, having proclaimed to others, I myself should 
be found [being] reprobate. 

j6^<J>n.] j6encl>., L. ijL(om. JUL, H*)nxc] probably cf. Gr. as 
above, but uncertain. ^Ilt^ • • • ^ItOAJLOc] oni. L. ^^ JUL- 

^pK'f"] cf. Gr. K«CD«'E8'FGKLP al omn^d f g 8yr»tr arm aeth go 
Euth &c. KK exaoom] nicgCJOItl 'the weak,' M. Itg^^It- 
OTOIt] ScnrOIt ni£.en 'every one,' 0. "n^i 2^e 

TKpOT] cf. ? Gr. unc. (exc. KL) 17. 37. 46. 67** 73. 80 it vg arm aeth, 

w6rra. ^* cetfoxi] cen^cC l«t*gmnop. eoj^q^i] om. 

e, BCHJP. 2i.€3^] L«T*AEGMNOP: om. BODFHJKL. UI- 
&^a] niOT^I, L. ** 2^e i°] om. B. ijUULOq] Ai: ItTOXq, 

UTAj &c. ItK XILen] L«AEFK, cf. Gr. K 6. 119. k«' syrP *** arm 
Clem: +OTn, T*BCDGH JLMNOP. cf. Gr. (JT ItOT] om. !t, 

L: om. itoT, Ej*. €qn^.xA.Ko] eaj^.qx., oh J. ^* ot- 

g^OOn] L8T*A«Eire: OTg^CJO^ 'a work,' AiV &c. by error. UA.I- 
Pni"] pref. JuL, B. €(^, B)I2,IOTI ^It] om. ^K, B. eni^Jip] 

iin., CHJ. "iinA.c.] eiu.c., g. o-cog,] om. cdh 

JKL. £^U)] pref. 2^6, DFKLP. 

170 npoc RopmeioYc ax. 


n^cHHOT xe neniQ-f th pot h^-txh i6^ 
•f 6hui ne *• oTog, ^.Tcini XKpoT e&oX g^ixeit 


jfcen -f 6kui nejuL j6eit <^\ojul fr * oTog, t^- 
j6pe ito-c(jox JuLnnXxiKoit ^totojulc TKpoT* 
^oTog, n^iccjo noToox JuLnHZIxiKon A.TCoq 
XKpoTf*- n^.Tca) vA-p ne e&oX jfeeit othtSI- 
xiKH ijLueTp^.4- ecjtiocgi iica>oTfr •fiiexpA. 
:^€ ne n^cc ne-j- ^iSKK^ ixne c^-f*- 'fiULA.'f 
j6en noTg^oTo ^•cclxjoaj VA-p ng^pHi ^\ ng^-qe* 

*Ha.! 2s.e ^.Taooni n4Ln n^^-nx^noc xe ilxen- 
axejULgaoni •}• enoi npeqepenioTAxm ng^A-n- 
nexg^oooT*- k^.x^. ^pwf ex^. nu epenieTxnin*- 
^ o-x^e ixnepojcjoni nojAJUtge iTs^ooXon*- iJL<i>pR'f 
n^4Lno-con n^axoT ii4>pHi" excjfcKOTXfr xe 
^-qg^ejuLci n|xeniXA.oc*- eo*ca)JUL neiUL eco)* 
oyo^j 4LTX(J0OTnoT ecoo&i*- 

•0Tf2s.e ixnenepenepnopnenrm JuLcl>pK^ it£,^.n- 
oTon nj^HxoT eA.TepnopneTm fr oTog, ^.Tg^ei 
ji)€n oTe^ooT noTcox*- nxeKV nao«j- • oT^e 
JuLnenepenepnipA-^m JuLnxc*- k^xa. <i>pH'f 


Hunt i8. 1 VA-p] cf. Gr. »♦ &c. al^® it vg Clem Or Did Cyr &c.: 2^6, CHJ 

i8, cf. Gr. »<^KL al pier 8yr«*' Eiith &c. ^n ep.] n€p., Aj. Ue] 

ne, N : om. LOP. eAoXl pref. oTog,, B. &ixen] i6en 

'from/ CHJ. * -f tfHniJ +XKpOT, B. j6en 2°] om. FHK. 

^ 4LTOT(om. OT, A2)0(a5, T*A,BE)AJLc] position cf.? Gr. ««(€* ?) 
DEFGRL al fere omn it vg syr"*' arm go Or Did &c. * ^TCOq] 

position cf. Gr. DEFGKL al pier it vg syr"*^ arm go &c. Ue i°] trs. after 

eKoX, CHJ. iuuIxikk] -Kon, p. ne] ne, c, then om. ne. 

* A2°« Ei"»g ^\j^^l : ^j^\ j^ 'the hook of the Nurahers.* nOTg^OTo] 
^&(^€&, E2)0T0 'the more,' H. ^.T^XJOg] L«AiEiF: -^^JOpg 
'overthrown/ TtBDGH"»»K LMN OP i8: -<l>a)pX 'divided,' OH* J: 
-4)a5p, Eg by error. Itg^pHl] eg,p., K i8. * T^e] VA.p, J. 

1 CORINTHIANS X. 1-9. 171 

X. For I wish you not to be (lit. being) ignorant, my 
brethren, that all our fathers were being under the cloud, 
and they all passed through the sea ; ^ and they were all 
baptised unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea ; ^ and the 
same spiritual food they all ate; ^and the same spiritual 
drink they all drank: for they were drinking from a 
spiritual rock^ following them: but the rock was Christ. 
* But (A.) God was not well pleased with most of them : 
for they were overthrown* in (the) desert. •But these 
things became to us types, that we should not be [being] 
lusters aftei' evil things, according as those lusted. "^ Neither 
be ye idolaters, as some among them; as it is written: 
' The people sat down to eat and to drink ; and they arose 
to play.* • Neithei' let us commit fornication, as some 
among them committed, and twenty-three thousand fell in 
one day. ^Neither let us tempt Christ, according as some 

Reading ^^OOpOJ. 

^.Tgooni] n^-Toj., p. n^.n] om. j. tthoc] xhh., kn. 
en(it, BN)oi] om. K. it&A.nuex.] l^abcehjn : eg,., t*d 
FGKLMOP18. ex^-KK ep.] eT^.Tep., J. '^jy^se^o- 

^OC (also at 8, 9, 10) : A"^Ei"«G»»«L"«N°»« ^}j^J^ **1^« ^^^^ ^^ **»« 

Kxodiis.' JOLnepcgaoui] abeo* 18: ixnenepenojojui, l^t* 

CFGHJKLN (pref. JuLnep): i3LU€p(n, D) epertaOOUI, DM: 

XiLn6itepena)4LitiLa)e, o«(isr^ 'a copy')?. na^(€,T*)JULae" 
egj^-juLoje, L«L : itpeqgAJULaje, ch«j 18. JULcl^pKi"^^' 

L«l'*AEGMNOP: K^.T^-<t., BCDFHJKL 18, cf. Gr. MX- 
^^pnt" 2«] K^.nr^.4>., L, cf. ? Gr. 17. Mdon KoBi^. Xe] 2s.€, C by 
error. CCO)] C(JO, E. OTOg,] om. B. ' iX^^pHi"] L«T* 

AEGNOP: K^T^-4>p., BCDF°«HJKL 18, cf . ? Gr.: om. ix^^p. 

. . . nopitenrem, r*M. €^Tep(om. ep, Ai)n.] ^.-vepepu., 

Aj. jfeenOTeg^OOT] of. ? Gr. »cACD«> et «EKLP al omn^ vg»» 
Euth &c. • • JULnxc] cf. Gr. D EFG K L al pier it vg syr*** et P ««* 
kc. Tiflch. cites cop«»d for rhv Kvpiow. K^.X^ ^pK'f"] cf.? Gr.: 
ijL<i>pK-f, DFKL; cf. Gr. »ABCD*FGP 17. 37. 46. 67** 73. 109. 
a** al fer6^® it vg syrP arm Euth &c. om. xai. 

172 npoc ROPmeioYc ax. 

^TXA-Ko e&oX 2,ixoxoT ixnig^oqfr "oTT^e 

i}Luenepeneppeqepxp€^«*J^P€^-W- *• ka-xa. <t>pK'f 
itg^^noTon e&oX itj^nxoT*- e^TXP^^tttpejuL 
OTfo^ ^.TX^.Ko e&oX 2,ixoxq iinipeqxAJCO. 
" nA.1 2s.e XKpoT ^.Tojcwni itXTnoc fr nnn. 
^.tcj6hxot 2s.e n^.n e*cc£LCJO j6^ hk ex^ 
uxvdK itrtieneg, epKA.x^rtx^.n epoooT. 
mC ^^ &(Jocx€ cfTa eeAJteri 2ce qo^i ep^.xq JUL^.peqiu.T 
jULHUooc fixeq^ei * ^^ ixue nip^c^xqc x^^e 
OKnoT efinX euipA-CJUioc itpa)iULi4> qeng^ox 
itxe^^i" 4>K exeitqn^-x^ eartoT ^n fr eepoTep- 
nipA-^in juuuLtJoxen*- c^.&oX jul^h exeoToit 
cgxoJUL ixAxaoxeit epoq*- ^.XXa. eqe'fxoxq 
iteAJLcoxert j^en uipA.cjuLoc fr g,in^. rixexertg- 
xeJUL[*-]2COJUL ilqA.1 a^.xexeiii e&oX itj^nxq^ 


M*? ^* Gefi.€ c{>A.i n^JULenp^.'f c|>(jox e&oX g,^ 'f xnex- 

gA.AJLa€ is^tJoXon*- "a.ix(jo XLuloc itojxeit 

juLct^pH-f itg^A-nc^er Jtx^^^n iteaoxen ene- 
•f X(JO jjLU-oq. ">ox itxe •f erXovi^ *• ^k 
exencJULOT epoq-e- julh i"JULexgcI>Kp ^.n xe 
Xe nxe ucnoq iiux^*- nicoiK exert |c^axg 
JjLJULOci^ JULH -fAJiexgcl^Kp ^.11 xe itX€ 

e^yep (om. ep, m) nip^.^in] ^yep., Ag. ^® iinen- 

( +e,L)epeit(q, A,)ep.] cf. Gr. »DE FG arm Or &c. yoyyuC«/cfF. 

eppeqepxpeiULpejuL] a^: epxp-, a,: eppeqxpe«.- 

peAX, L-^T* &c. ^tpni"] cf. Gr. unc. (exc. KL) al mu it vg syr"* 
arm Or Euth &c. om. icai. efi-OX] om. CEi*GJM. ^^ It^I ^e 

XKpOT] cf. Gr. C K LP al pier d e vg syr "*' arm Euth &c. ^.TgOOUl] 
erOI ' are being/ CHJ;cf.?Gi. ADEFGLal longe plu &c. IIXT- 
(H, CH: I, B)UOc] cf. Gr. DEFGL al longe plu Byri^^&c. A.TC- 
^HXOT] Tt &c.: eX^.TCj6., L^. e(^., B)Tc£lU)] eOTC, H: 
itC&a), L ; obs. Gr. frp6s, but K* 31. Epiph ccV. Itmeiteg,] L«ACE 

1 CORINTHIANS X. 10-16. 173 

among them tempted; and they wei*e destroyed by the 
serpents. ^^ Neither let us be murmurers, according as some 
among them murmured; and they were destroyed by the 
destroyer. ^^ But all these things happened as type to those ; 
but they were written for us for a teaching, namely those 
to whom (the) end of the ages occun*ed. ^^ Wherefore he 
who thinketh that he standeth, let him see lest by any means 
he fall. *® The temptation took you not, except the tempta- 
tion of man : faithful is God, who will not let you be temj^ted 
beyond that which it is possible for you (to bear); but 
(^) he will help with you in the temptation, that ye may 
be able to bear until ye come out of it. 

^* Therefore, my beloved, flee from the idolatry, " I say 
it to you as (to) wise ; judge ye that which I say. ^* The 
cup of the Eulogia which we bless, is it not the sharing 
of (the) blood of Christ? The loaf which we break, is it 

GHJM 18: nxem., t*bdfklnop. epaoo-v] epon'us,' c. 

G°*' has collator's note ^ j M J-^ 'collated and found correct.* 
**£,a)CTe] L«T*ODGnJNP: -2s.e, ABEFKLMO 18. €0- ","J^*/«' 

AJie-vi] +epoq, AjOHJ. qog^i] eqop,, b. " npaoAxi] 

iiltlpOOiULI 'of the men.' P. ^qertg^OXj Xeitg^OX, L: +2^.6, 
L»BDF«KL, cf. Gr. cj^-f ] HOC 'the Lord/ GMNOP. 4>h] 4>^I, 
BCDFHJL 18. e(om.B)X€nqn^.]exeqn^., M single negative: 

exenq., om. n^., k. iJL(€, gm)4>h exeo-con] JOLne exe., 
B. eqef xoxq] eq'f ., b. jfcennip-] j^eitnmip., l». 

2,1 n^.] pref. Xe, BCDFHJKL18. itq^i] JuLq^.!, BCJ 18 : om. 

g*. g^xexeni] cg^iix., e. " enoX g^^.] c^AoX it, ^,"°^„'*- 

CHJO»iirJ 'a copy/ -f JUL€Xg^JULae] •f JULGXpeqgA.- 
(€, T^)JULaj€, T*FK. ^* ^IXCO] il^iX(JO, OJ imperfect. 

JOUULOC] om. GM. nCJOXCIt] cf.7 Gr. DE de adding v/itr to 

^poM/«Hff. nei-xoo] c|>H e-fxao, t*ohj. ^•itxe+- 

€(^, E2)'rXoVI^.] iti"., H. 4>k] om. F. ^H Xe i°] cf.? Gf. 
A BP syr** arm Cyr Aug for position of #Wif : om. ^It, Ej*.. IlCItOq] 

lucitoq, T*BG. iuLnxc i""] Sxenxc, b*e. hiooik] l» 

A| E 18. 26 : pref. OTOg,, T' Aj &c. exeit^OXg] KXeiK^., LP. 
A-It xe a°] position of XG, cf.? Gr. A 8yr*»>»Aug Oyr : om. Xe, T* 26. 


174 nPOC ROPIHeiOYC !&. 

r^.p THpoT Teitcrf e&oX j6en nA.t€oiJC 

^®UXit^--c enicK kijt^. c^-pj;* juui kk ^.w eeoruojtx 
itnicgoTcgcoo'vaji 4- exoi fiojc^Kp eniiu^nepguo- 
OTai*- ^*oT xe nef"X(JO ijuuioqfr xe gtJOT 
ni2i(joXoft OT ne^ le 2ce o*c iteoq ne i2ia>Xoit 

noc*- ^.Tojcwx ijuuLoooT itnii2s.(JoXoit 4- oTog, 

Hi"OT€ttj enrtoT 2^e ^.it epexenoi itojc^Kp iini- 
2s.€Jtxuon *• 21 xijuLon gxoju. jGuutaoxen eco) 
e&oX jieit niA.4>ox tnre uocfr neu. niA.<&oT 
itxe rti2s.ejuL(jon *• juLiULoit a^^iUL ijuuLooxeit 
€(rr efioX j6eit -fxp^ue^^- itxe hot 4- ite«. 
-f xpA.ue^^. itxe nis^eiULCJOit ^^ a^^ ^'^r^^i"Xo& 
JULUOT*- AXK ^.non g^^rtxcjopi eg^oxepoq^s- 
2^ cge itep ^oofi. ni&en*- ^.XX^. cepnoqpi XHpoT 
^n- ej^ecxm eep ^cofi. itiJSien 4- ^-XX^ ceKoox 
XKpoT A.it4- "iineitepe g^Xi Kco-f itcA. ne- 
xeclxjoq ijuuLA.TA.xq a.XXa. Rca. <&A.U6qa)(|»Hp 4- 
11$ 2fiGnx^J nifi-en exoT'f ijuuttJooTfr efi.oX j^en 

ncaoAJLA.] uicoojuLA., QLM. JuLuxc 2°] itxenx^, B; 

cf. Gr. (exc. D*FG 21) Kyr«*f arm aeth. ^^ flOTtJOIK] AE : tlcJOIlC, 

L8T» &c. VA.p] om. 26. XKpOT] XKpeit *we aU,* B 18. 

" Sgc^Hp] nniaj4>Hp, L. emjuLA.rtep.] ixniiu.., B: itm- 

JULA.nep., El* plural. " OT XG] OT 2s.€, KL: om. XG, F. 

ne-f^CO)] L«ABDEGKLMP: U€ e-fxO), T'CFHJNO. Hr 
JULOq] JULJULOC, E by error, ttJOOX ni2s.(J0Xon . . . I2ia3Xon] 
cf. Gr. »»BC**DEF 31. 37. 46. 73. 137. d e f (g) vg arm aeth"'' Euth Ac. 

i€ xe] ic 2ce, L?BFKL. iieoq ne] Seoq xe, K: iteoq 
nejUL, F. • i2s.(joXoit] pref. ui, AgCH jgL. ^"^ nexoTgooxJ 


na exA.Tttj., cj. itxeitieenoc] cf. Gr. »ack(L) ai omn'** 

f g vg 8yr«»' arm aeth go Euth &c. itxeitl . . . XJIAJLCJOOT] om. EgN 

1 CORINTHIANS X. 17-25. 175 

Bot the sharing of (the) body of Christ? ^"^ Because we 
(pron.) are one loaf, one hody^ namely the many: for we 
(pron.) all receive from the same loaf. ^® See Israel accord- 
ing to fleah : are not they who eat of the sacrifices sharers 
with the altar? ^nVhat then say I? *The thing slain 
for idols, what is it?' or *what iteelf is (an) idolV ***But 
(^) that the things which the Gentiles slay, they slay them 
for the idcls, and not God. But I wish you not to be 

(lit. being) sharers with the demons, ** It is not possible 
for you to drink from the cup of the Lord and the cup of 
the demons: it is not possible for you to receive from the 
tcdjle of the Lord and the table of the demons, ^^ Or are we 
to rouse the jealousy of the Lord? Are we stronger than he? 
^li is lawful to do everything; but (A.) all things are not 
profitable. It is latvfvX to do everything; but (A.) all 
things edify not. ** Let not any seek for his own, but (A.) 
for that of his neighboiu*. ^ All things (en^^l) which 

homeot. ^-^aCJOT] eTttJ., OHJP. nmiS^OoXort] L*AiEGLM 
NO : nni2s.eJULa)It, TtAjBCDFH JKP, cf. Gr. OTOg, cj^-f ^.n] 
ABEG*HLMN : -iiL4>1"-, li'TCDFJKGP ; position cf. ? Gr. DEP 
GKL al pier defg vg Pyr"*^ go &c. itItI2s.eJULa5n] L«ACJ: 

eni2i., T* &c.: itnn2s.a)Xon, Ei*; position cf. ? Gr. SABCDb 

KLP al omn^ Olem Or &c. " gAoX i«] om. K. ijUULOH 3°] 

pref. OTOg^, FK. itXenOC neJU-i" nrp4Ln€^^] om. N homeot. 

"^-itrw/f] ertn^-f, h«: ^.rt-f, b. juLiiot] cm. jOL, B; 
itTenoc, J : A.UOC, L. e^oxepoq] e^oxe epoq, f l. 

^» COje] cf. Gr. K*ABC*DEFGP 46* 67** 118. 179. d e f g am demid 
fu harl* Iqxov tol go Clem Or &c. om. /loc. llepg^tJOfi.] L«T*AEGM 
NOP: €€p2,.,0DFHJKL: epg,., B. cepnoqpi] AiBCHJP: 
Ceeplt., I^AaDFKL: llceepn., T^EGMNO; cf. Gr. »*ABCDE 
al^ d e am fu hari* luxov tol aeth Clem Euth &c. om. /loi. ^fl i^] 

om. K. ejecxm] lsT'abdfklmnp: e^icxin, cei.««gh 

JO. €(om.A2)ep2,(J0&]pref.nKrtome,'A2CHJ. C€Ka5X(i",A8 
KL)] itCeiC., D double negative. ** Uexe(om. N)4>(J0q] 4>H 

€T"€<i>.,T*CHJ. 4>^neqa<tHp]om.<tA.'thatof,*A8DFHKLOP; 
cf. Gr. >^ABCD*FGHP 17. 67** 71. 73. 80. it vg arm aeth Clem Euth 
&C- om. fkaoTOf. ** eit^^O I^5C-> BDEJL. efi-OX] om. G. 

176 npoc ROPiHeioYc ax- 

uiJULA-KeXXoc o*cojuLOT *• itx€T"eni6oTj6eT 

xen*- o-cog, xexeno*ctoaj iUL^.|a)e itooxen*- 

OTOAJLOT *• Sxex€rtj6oxj6ex ^.it ng^Xi «&• ee&e 
'fc-cnK2s.ecic*- *® eacwn 2^6 ^pecg^it ot^i 
2COC nooxert*- xe o^acox iti2^a)Xoit ne <t^i 
iinepo-ccojUL *• eeJSie <^h ex^qx^JULOoxeitfr 
nesx eefi.€ i"CTnH2s.ecic *• ^••fxa) 2^e ee&e 
o-ccTnH2s.ecic neoDK ^.n xe ^.XXa. e^.n6Ka|<|»Hp4- 
GeJSie OT v^-p XAJUiexpejtt^e cen^.-fg^^.n epoc 
e&oX 2,iX€it Ke(nfnK2i.ecic. *^icxe ^.itoK •ftfT 
i6€ii oTaeng^JULox ee&e ot cexeoT^ epoi 
exen 4>h ^.noK ei^aeng^juiox eg^pKi excjoq fr 
^Hxe o-cit xexenoToojuL -5- ixe xexeitcco ixe 
xexempi niceg^aofi. *• ^.pi g^cjofi. nificit eu'f coot 
i5.4>1"*- "oTog, cycjoui epexenoi ft^xtfpon 
itnno-c:^^.! next, nio-cemm*- next. •feKKXhciA. 
nxe 4>'f -5- *^ KA.XA. ^pKf 2,(J0 exe j6eit ^cofi. 
niJ5Len-5- -fp^-n^-q itoTon ni&€it*&- n-fKco-f" A.n 
iic^ X4Lnoqpi juutJLA.T^.x fr ^.XX^. e^.mAt.Ha| 
g^m^. ncenog^eiuL*- * cycjoni epexenoni ilUuLoi 
K^.x^. ^^pni" ^cjo e+orti ixux^*- 

JULA.K€(A.,N)XXoc] L8TAEFN: JUL^-V., K; iULA-VeXoC, 
C J : JtlLA.SKeXX(om. P)OC, BDGLMOP : JtlLA.IlV€XoC, H. ^.h] 
trs. after il&Xl, DFKL. CTnK2i.eCIC (thus vera. 27, 28)] ABKP: 
-2S.KCIC, L8Tt &c. ^® Ei°»«icy^^, N"v ic/3 ^^j* ' Psalm 23, 23.' 

niK^2,l] T^ACEHJiNO: UK., L^BDFQJgKLMP. *^ ICXe] 

cf. Gr. »ABD*FGP 46. 67** 109. 137. it vg arm Euth &c.: +2^6, DF 
KL, cf. Gr. CD«EHKL al pier syr^*' go (aeth) &c. OTfOn] om. Q*M. 

A.(e, M)en^.2,'f ] ^xit., bofgkl. xexenoToxg] exen., 
L: iixexen., itOFHJ: n|xen., b. eitcit, beh*l)x^O 

+r^p, CJ. eXOTnA.X^'^(^> ^ sing.)] eXO^X-* H*; fur 

1 CORINTHIANS X. 26— XI. i. 177 

are sold in the meat-market eat, making no enquiry because 
of the conscience; ^•for the earth is the Lord's, and its 
fulness. '^If one of the unbelievers invite you, and ye 
wish, go. All things which they will set before you, eat, 
making no enquiry because of the conacieTice. ^ But if one 
should say to you : * This is a thing slain for idols/ eat not, 
because of him who showed to you, and because of the con- 
science ; ^ but I say because of a conscience : it is not thine, 
but. (^) that of thy neighbour. For why will my liberty 
be judged by another conscience 1 ^®If I (pron.) receive 
in [a] thanksgiving, why am I blasphemed about that for 
which I (pron.) give thanks 1 *^ Whether^ then, ye eat, 

or ye drink, or ye do (any) other thing, do all things unto 
the glorifjring God. ^^And be ye oflfenceless to the Jews 
and the Greeks and the church of God: ^^ according as 
I also in all things please all, not seeking for mine own 
profit, but (^) that of the many, that they may be saved. 
XI. Be ye like me,- according as I also am like Christ. 

plural cf.? Or. A. " 2^6] om. CHJ: V^p, DFKL. OTOJOOT 

m:^(J0(O, E2)Xon] cf. Gr. ODEFGKLP al omn^'d g vg syrP arm go 
Eath Ac. neJtx] om. L. CTRHCC, M)2iecic] cf. Gr. K ABODE 
FGH*P al" it vg bjt*^ arm ar« aeth &c. *• -fxvo . . . T^ecic] om. 

H* homeot. ee&eoTcrc K.] T*A : KOTc, L^ &c. neooic] 

iteOK, BC JKO ; cf. Gr. D* it vg syr"*'. ^.H XG] om. XG, DFK. 
CenA.'f 2,^.n] Ce+., BCH J. *® ICXe] cf. Gr. unc al plu it vg 

Bji"^^ arm aeth go Clem Cyr Euth &c.: +r^.p, AjO J: + ^CGV^p, H; 

cf. Gr. 17. 47. luxov. oTgen] om. OT, H. eo&eoT] L8T*ae 

NO: pref. 18, BDFGKLMP: +^nOK, OH J. Cexe] ce, B. 

" xexenoToojui] exexert., chj: xeit., l. xexeit- 
ca)]x€rt.,L: onfnfixexen.,OHJi: o-cnxexen., b : o-cit- 
iixert., Jj. xexempi] itx., chj: xeit., a^flm. eirf- 

OXJT] om. n, MP. *^ OTOg,] om. BCHJ. ttJCOHl] position 

cf.? Gr. 1I«DEF«'GK'KLP al pier defg go arm &c. CKKX.] 

^-XHpc 'an,* NO. *^ exej6ert &c.] om. exe, ohj: ef- 

p^lU.q, FK. niiULKOj] OXJUL., FK. 

^ ojconi] +2i€, DF«KL. efoni] ex^.ioni, f. 


178 npoc RopmeioYC !&. 

j6en &a)& ni&en oTog^ k^ xa. <&pHi" exAii" 

iiftiu^p^^ocic itxeit eHno-cfr xeTenAJUiom 
iiUiLcjooT > ^'fo'ceg eKnoT eperenejtia xe 
x^.4>e itpcjojuLi mfi.en ne nxc xa.<&€ :^e 
n-fcg^iJULi Tiec^A.1 ne x^4>€ :^e ixnxc <&'f 
AX ne fr I * paoAXi ni£.en exxoofi-g, *• le eqepnpo- 
^KxeTin*- epe xuoz\ gjUO&.c eq^gini iixeq- 
^c|>e* '^cg^iJULi 2i€ ni£.eit ecxoofiig,*- le 
ecepnpo4>KxeTm itxaoc 2,cjo£lc ^.it*- cfgiiu 
itxecA.4>e*- ot^.i v^p ne*- oTog, <^a.i po) ne 
noH exe 2ca)c jfcoKg^cfr «icxe v^p ijuuLon 
OTCg^iJULi nA.2,efi.c xaoc* le JUL^-pecj^ojcg^q 4- 
icxe oTojcjocy ne eoTcg^iiULi exe&c xa3c<»* le 
ej6oK2,q le JUL^-pecg^e&c xtjoc^ 
^nipoojuLi xxen r^-pfr cexxna^. n^.q ^n itxeq- 
^e&c 2C(joq*- xe o*cg,iKa)n nejuL otcjoot nxe 
^•f nefr -fcg^iAJLi 2ie neoc<»* otcjoot nxe 
necg,^.! ne. *nexA.Ten nipoojju r^.p ^n 
e^LoX j6en -fcg^iAxi*- ^.XX^ 'fcg^ixin e&oX 
i6en nipcjoiULi * • Ke v^p nex^-Tcenx ni- 
pcojuLi ^.n ee&e -fc^ixxi*- ^XXa. -fcg^ijuu 
ee&e nipaojuLi *• ^® eefi.e ^^.i cexxnoj^. nxe 


* -f XA.I0] -f X^iULO (00, F) 'I show; Ei* FK* by error. ijL- 
JULOOXen] cf. Gr. KABOP 46. 71. 73. 74. a*®"" arm aeth~ Enth &c 

om. d^\(t>oi ilxene.] exene., dEi*fkl. •'foTeg] 

A, cf. Gr. Firr G 47. syrP Ambrst : + i^e, L^T' &c. e (^., 0) pexeH- 

ejuLi] eepexe(+xe, K)neju.i, d*f. ne i°] joen, n. 
XA.^e 2s.e i°] cm. 2s.e, fp, cf. Gr. p. ne 2°] cm. B. :^e a« 

cm. FOP. * eXXOO&g,] AN : eqx., L«T' &c. g^OO&c' 

T^&c: 2,0&C, L«BCDFHL. eqi"aj.] T*ABCEFHJK: q-f., 
LffBGLMNOP. gi((JO, N)ni] aa)ttJ,tr.^^^,MO°«(ii-^ 'acopy') 

p, (DKL tr. ^^^). iixeq4Lct>e] eq-f cg^SJ Teq^<J>€ 'despis- 

1 CORINTHIANS XL 2-10. 179 

' But I honour you because ye remember me in all 

things, and according as I delivered to you the traditions, 

ye lay hold on them. * I wish you to know (lit. knowing) 

that (the) head of every man is Christ, but (the) head of 

the woman is her husband, but (the) head of Christ is God. 

* Every man who prayeth or prophesieth, having his head 

covered, is shaming his head. ^ But every woman praying 

or prophesying with her head not covered shameth her head : 

for it is one and it is the same as (ft) she whose head is 

shaven. * For if a woman will not cover her head, then let 

her shave it: if it is a dishonour unto a woman to shear 

her head, or to shave it, let her cover her head. ^ For 

the man indeed ought not to cover his head, because he 

is an image and a glory of God: but the woman — she is 

a glory of her husband. ^ For the man was not brought 

from the woman, but (^) the woman from the man: ^for 

the man was not also created because of the woman, but 

(^) the woman because of the man : ^^ therefore the woman 

ought to put a veil upon her head because of the angds. 

ing hid head,' N. * C^lJULl 2k€] om. 2^6, BCHJ, cf. Gr. P. 

€CTra)&^] eT"x., chj. leeccq, B)€p] om. ec, hj. 
ibcao (o, F) c] epcxooc, c h j o°»s (' a copy •), p. ^a)fi.c] T» AC a 

MNOP: g^O&C, L«BDEFHJKL. C^faiHl] ecfoj., FK. 
ilTec.] CTec, N. pco] pOOAXI, a by error. i>OK^c] T'A; 
om. C. U &c •OTCg^IJULl] KOTC, T^F: om. OT, CHJK. 

n^g^efic] ng^^Ac, a,*. JULA-pecj^oKg^q] ae : juu.pec" 

gO(a), T*MN)Uq, L8T &c. : -aoAc, K. IC2Ce 2^] L«AEGMP: 

+2^e,T*BCDFHJKLN0. acjboj ue] om. ne,CHJ. eOTCg,.] 


CHJ. e2cefi.c] AE : egencfi., k), ut^ &c. ie(ei, Ai)ej6o- 

Kg, (om. Ji L M) q (C, K)] iej6. , H. JG JULA-peCg, (2C, Ai.2« E,«)] 
om. I€, BCHJ. "^ Uecg,^.! Ue] AE : -Xe, L^T* &c. * ItC- 

T^Ten] lie cta-t., Aj^k. -fc^ixxx 2^] A.i"cg,., 0, 

• Ke] IC2Ce *if,' K: KA.TA. ^pK-f , B. neXA-TCeitT] L«rAD 

N % 


ni^rveXoc •»• 
"IIXHit o-c2^e iJuuLon orc^uun X!^9^^ pcojuu* 
of:^e pwjju x^P^^ c^iiu-i jfcen n^* 

j6€it lupcwAJu ne*- nA-ipnt" on lupooiULt oTefiioX 

XLc^'f !!€*• "AiLA^^.n j6eit eunoT ijutiun 
XLuLurren -9- xe ^.ccoje noTcg,! juli *• eepec- 
Too&g, sjL^'f ibcox: g^ofiic ^.n * ^* o^me neoc 

Xe nipcjoAJU juien r^p cajcjon epe xcoq ojho-v | 
oTacjooj n^.q ne *• " -f cg^uxi 2i.e iieoc eajcon 
epe xuoc ajKOf otooot n^.c ne. xe ex^.'C'f 
ixniqcjoi nA.c nxge&io) itof epojoDn *• ^•icxe 
2ie oTon OTA.I Axe^i eeppeqg(ynKit4' ^iton 
2s.e ijuuLonx^-it jOuula-t itoTK^-g^c ixn^ipn-f 4- 
oT2s.e nieKKXKciA. inre ^^'f^ 

nreit ^.rt*- xe ex^-pexertecoo-rf" enexcooTn 

*® OTepcgaon] AiEH*JP: O-CepOJiai *an •uthonty.' L»TA, 
BODFGH»«KLMNO. CXeil] g^IX., BDKL. '^ OT2s.ei°] 

OTXe, L«0: om. OH J. OTCg^IAXl] AEGKL: om. OT, LsT» 
Sec; position cf. Or, unc. (exc. D^KL al pier) al plas^^ it arm aeth Clem 
&c. pCJOAXI i°] + j^ennOC 'in the Lord,' CH J; position cf. Gr. as 
above. 0-C2s.€ 2°] + iXAXOIt, DKL. j6enTlOT] om. CHJj. 
" T^.p] om. CH J. exe] ex A., G JP preterite, nipCJOAHI liS] 

AEL: -xe, L«T*&c. eAoX jfcen-fcg,.] e. g^ixeit-f., dl. 
cg^iJULi ne] -xe, d. en(it, b)x^J nifi.en] a,*bm: 
en(n,DEiJL)x^5 ^^e nifi.en, l» &c. .- itenx^^ ^^ n., 
N o« : itenx^i n. 2s.e, t*. g,] om. a^-n, a, : 
oTe&oX, B K L (noT by eiTor). jjL^f] j6en4>-f , F. ne] ne, 

H*0*. ^^ ^.CCae] L«A, : ^.H Cge, TAjBDEFGKLMNO: 

ncge, P: cge, chj. noTcg^iJULi] l«aboefhj: it-fcg,., 

DKL : ncg,., GMNOP. JULcl^'f ] position cf.? Gr. DEFG it vg 

1 CORINTHIANS XL 11-17. 181 

^^ Neverthdesa neither is a woman witJiout man -no?* man 
mthout woman in the Lord. ** For according as the woman 
is [a] from the man, thus also the man is [a] through * the 
woman ; all things are from God. *^ Judge in your own 
selves: that it was seemly for a woman to pray to God 
with her head not covered. '* Not even [the] nature her- 
self teacheth you, That the man ^ indeed^ if he have long 
hair, it is a dishonour to him. ^^ But the woman, if she have 
long hair, it is a glory to her; because the hair was given 
to her instead of a veil. ^* But if (any) one thinketh to be 
contentious, [but] we (pron.) have not such a custom, neither 
the churches of God. ^"^ But ordering this I was not 

justifying you, because ye assemble not for ®the better, 
but (A.) *the worse. 

» Blading g^IXen, DL. «> Omitting VAp. « Lit. 'that 

which is chosen.' ^ Lit. 'that which is inferior.* 

Byr°t«- arm aeth. ibcOOc] ep€X(JOC, CHJ. g,ofiL(II, H)c] L»A 
BDEFHK: g^OO&C (om. N), T*CGJLMNOP. " OT2we] cf. 

Qf. unc. (exc. D«EKL) 17. 46. 47. 73. 137. it vg 8yr**^etP*** arm Euth 
cm. <f. neoc] cf. Gr. KABCD*et«EHP 17. 37. 46. 73. 74^* 120. 
137. 178. a»" Euth Dam ; for order cf. ? Gr. D*»KL al pier &c. i" C&(Jo] 
L«T*AEGMP: cf C(om. H)fi.(JO, BCHJNO: ncfcfiLO), DFKL 
doable negative. JULClt T^p] L8TAEGM0P, cf. Gr. »*: om. 
r^p, BDFHJKL: om. JtXeW, N: om. C. CatJOU] om. CJ. 
" 2w€] om. B*. n^.C Re] om. 1X6, GM. It^-C 2°] cf. Gr. KAB 
17. al sat mu g Byr*''^ arm aeth Chr Euth. Item OHP 37. 46. 68. 73. 

74. 80. 109. a«' d*»' f vg syrp &c. SoTepaj.] eitOTCg., B. 

" icxe 2^e\ om. 2^6, OHJ.^ peqgtf".] om. pcq, E|*. A.non 

a.e] om. 2s.€, BOH J. ijUU.onX^.n] iUUULOIt Sx^it, 
BCHJL. JOuULA-T] om. B. mCKKX.] +XHpOT *aU,' CH 
JKO. " eig^ong^eit] cf.? Gr. SO^^idDcEFK^GKLP al pier 

d e g &c. : n^Ig^Oltg,., F imperfect ? . H^-ieJUL^Io] lt^.I6eiUL., 
HJi: n^.eiUL., Ag. ^Iti°] om. N single negative. GT^pe- 

Tene.] epexen., chj present: ^pexen., bdfkl. 
enexcooco, DL)xn] e<^K exc, t*: asyer.y bn: exc, 

G*?. <A.It 2°] om. L. ^K exeeA.] AjENO : ecl>K &c., L«T« : 

enexe., bcdfghjklmp: hk exe., Aj. 



jfeeit euitoT o-rog, 'fit^^-f jfeeit oTA«.6poc4* 
"g^to-f vA-p KTe 2,A.n2,epecic ojconi i^en 
ennoT &inA. itictoxu g^tooT erjfeeit ennof 
itceoftoivg, efioXfr *" epexenitA.ecjooT'f oth 
^i oTAft.^. nonriorpi^Koit nT^mitoit ^.n nc 
eofojuiq " niofA.1 VA.p iuofA.j *• qepojopn 
ittfT efi.oX jfeeit ucq^mitoit eonrtoxn*- otoh 
uexg^oKep juien. oToit nexeAjfei ^e*- 
2* Uh rA.p ijuuLoitT€T-eit ki Hlmx^jx eoTtoAn iteAi. 
€cto a^J^ A.p€xenepKA.T-A.c{)poivm iti" eKicXKCJA. 
x\rre ^^ xcrerewf^wii ftnu exeiijuLoit 
nxtooffr OT nei"nA. xoq ntoxeit nx^eiu^ie 

^'^ *^3XnoK rA.p A-KfTefi-oX g^JTeit hot*- julc^k eTA.i- 
XKiq exeneunoT xe uot ikc j6en nixcopg,*- 
juLA. enA.fnA.TKiq | njfeHxq-s- A-qtfT nonrtojK. 
2^ ofog, A-qgeng^xnox-s- A.qci> oTog, A.qxoc 
xe c{)A.j ue uA.ctoiULA. eT"OfnA.XKiq exeii 
eKnof4- c^A.! A.pjxq enzmepRAJUiefi*- **nA.i- 

^* naopn] nojCJOpn, EaM. -fefClcX.] cf. Gr. mmusc sat mu 

&c. €2,A.n] xe &A.n, k. enrajou] ^.Tojcon, b : gon, 

OP*; position cf.? Gr. D*et«EFG vgoi« syr"*' arm. " ifceneH- 

nOT] position cf.? Gr. D«E Archel. &inA.] cf. Gr. unc. (exc. BD*) 
al fere omn f g syr"*' arm Or Enth &c. om. icai. ^inA. . . . OKnCCj 
cm. K* homeot. niCtOTU] ni +Ke, CJ. !tce0fa)(0, AiCEi 
HJi)ng^] CeOf., HJ: e^eOT., C strong future. *° Gpe- 

xennA.] epexen, a^h*. oTn] cf. Gr. KABCD^et«KLP ai 

pier f vg &c.: om. Ej*, cf. Gr. D* F G d e g Chr. nOTKT(I, L)- 
p(KpI, Ejj) IA.KO (CJO, E2)n] om. OT, B. *^ rA.p] om. CHJ: tn. 

after OfA.1 2°, 0. qepOJOpIl] Cqep., FK ; cf. Gr. unc. (exc A) 

al piu Clem &c. n(fi] ecJT, CHJ. ueq^junon] neq^., a 

1 CORINTHIANS XI. 18-25. 183 

^^ For fii-st indeed, being about to assemble together in 
the churchy I hear of divisions being among you, and I 
partly believe (it). ^^ For there must be heresies among 
you, that the chosen also who are among you might be 
manifested. ^ Being about to assemble, then, together, it 
is not to eat a Lord's Supper : ^^ for each one taketh before 
(another) firom his supper to eat; there is (one) who is 
hungry indeed, but there is (one) who is drunken. ** For 
have ye not houses to eat and to drink (in)? Or despised 
ye the church of God, and shamed them who have not? 
What shall (lit. will, thus again) I say to you? (Is it) 
that I justify you in this ? I shall not justify you. 

^ For I (pron.) received from the Lord that which I delivered 
to you, that the Lord Jesus in the night in which he was about 
to be betrayed (lit. ^ven) took a loaf ; ^ and he gave thanks, 
he brake it, and he said: 'This is my hody^ which will be 
given for you : this do for (e) remembrance of me.* ** Thus 

OTOIt i°] L^^T^AEGMNOP: pref. OfOg,, BCDFHJKL. ^^ Hl- 

Anomrexeit] iluuLoit nxeT-en, hm. ^.pexeitep] 
epexenep, bl. KA.XA.ct.] ka.xa.ii., b. ilxexeit.] l«t» 

AEGMNOP: pref. OfOg,, CHJ : OfOg^Xexen, BDFKL. 

•fgim] om. -f, AiE. iJuuLoit Sxcoot] l«t»abcghj 

LMP: iJUULOItXtOOT, DEFKNO. Of] +Xe, B. Uei"ItA.- 

>:o(a),L)q] ne efnA., t*chjn: ue ef, O: ue e^-xu) 

ijUULOq, GMP. ncOXen] position cf. Gr. uno. fexc. KL) 17. 37. 
73. 80. it vg 8yr*^»» go Cyr Ac. ilXA.eXILA.Je] n+e., OJ. 
eKItOf i«»] + jfeeneKItOT, Aj by error. j6eil(t>A.I . . . OKItOT" 
om. B homeot. n^", MP)] n-feXH., CHJ. A.It' 
om. N single negative. **rA.p] cf. Gr.: ^€, CHJ. ixc^K 

ixne, B. exene.] l«adefkl: ilx., t»bcghjmnop. 
enA.fnA.XKiq] exofnA.x., fk. ** oTog,' 

om. Of Og^, CHJ. A.qcl)] pref. Of Og,, CHJi*,. A.qXOc] 
A.qxa) juuuLoc, 0. xe] cf. Gr. »ABC*DEFG 3. 17. 23* 31. 46* 
57. 67** 70. 71. 73. 136. 178. d e f g am fu al*»<*" ann«>>» Ath Cyr Ac. om. 
\ap. ^. eXOf ItA.XKiq] cf. f vg Cyp (hi' quod. ..tradetnr) arm««». 

184 npoc ROPiHeioYc ^. 

pHrf oil ujKeA.ctoxfr xnenencA. ni2iinitoit eqxtv 

jfeen HA-cnoq*- 
4>A.i A.pixq Scon nifi.eit*- exexeititA-cw JuL- 
juLoq4- epexempj jOLn^Juieri. "con r^-p 
ni&cn eTexennA-OTcjojuL jExn^icoiK i- oTog, 
nxexenco) jjL\i^.\^.^oir *> epexeng^icoig JuL*- 

^« *''&a)cxe c{)K een^.o-vcoiUL efi.oX st>€ti tuavoik^ 
ofog, nxeqcto efioX st>eti nAJA.4K)T STe 
nOT 4- j6en oTXnexA-TriinaA. *• cqeojwni eqoj 
iienoxoc ixniccoAiu. ^ nem nicnoq ixTe 
n^'fr- ^^itiL^.p6 nipooiULi ^e ep^oKiAJL^^m 
juuuLoq*- oTog, nA.ipKi" iUL^.peqonrcoA«. e6.oX 
jfeen nicoiKfr onrog, nxeqcco eiioX jfceit 
niA.4>ox *• 
29 4>n Y'A.p eeorojjtx*' onrog, excto*- A-qoTCOAJL-s- 
ofog, A.qca)4- enrg^A.n nA.q itpeqep^i^jcpmiit 
JuLniccoiUL^. ^.n «• ^® ee£.€ 4^^.! onron otjulhoj 
ojconi j6en ennoT*- onrog, ceinoK^^- onro^ 
cenKox ibceofiULKg ^ " en^-nepT^i^Jcpmrn 
VA-p ijuuLon*- nA.THA.'fg^n epon ^.n ne-s- 
»2eq^2,A.n r^-p epon fbcec^-f*- eqi"cfi.a) nA^si^ 

" on] om. c*. mice] om. ice, oh j. nA.iA^oT] <1>a.i A.<t., 

B EaO*. 'f^l Cf , B) A-eJ om. "f definite article, AjB. JuL&epl] om. 
El*, tr.hab. Tr(2i,BE)e] ne,CHJ. i6ennA.Cnoq] cf.?Gr.ACP 

I7* 23* 37« 4^- 57* 73« ^^9' «" ''? "v^'' /**«'• Scon] jfeencon, CH J: 
om. n, B. eTrexennA.cto], bl. ijuuLoq' 
pref. e&oX, H : e&oX nj6Kxq, c J. epexenipi ixn^' 
epexenepn^., k. "•jOLncc^, n)a.ia.4k)x] cf. Gr. n«c* 

D»> et « E K L P al pier to| syr"*' aeth go Ac. add tovto. ^ ^(JJCTB] 

-^e, BF,ii*L. eenA-OTtojui] eeoT., l- ni^icoiK] cf. Or. 

KL P al pier yg^^ ann«»d aeth Euth al add rovroir. OTOg, nxeqCO)] 
cf. Gr. A 39. 46. 109. !*««' Byr^cJictP*** aeth Clem &c. ical irifp. n^-I^- 

4>ox] 4)^.1^.4)., T*N : niA-c^oT", Ei*2, cf. Gr. nxcn^ i6€n 

1 COEINTHIANS XI. 26-32. 185 

also the cup after the supper j saying: 'This cup is 
the new testament in my blood. This do every time 
(in) which ye will drink it, remembering me.* ^ For 
every time (in) which ye will eat this bread and drink 
this cup, ye are* proclaiming (the) death of the Lord until 
he come. ^ Wlierefore he who will eat from this bread 
and drink from this cup of the Lord unworthily shall be 
guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. ^^ But let 
the man prove himself, and thus let him eat from the 
bread and drink from the cup. '® For he who eateth 
and who drinketh, ate and drank for (e) a judgement to 
him, not (being) diacemer of the body. ^® Therefore many 
are weak among you, and they are in pain; and many 
sleep. ** For if we were discerning ourselves, we should not 
be judged. ^For God is judging us, teaching us, that we 

* If the 6 has &llen out it may hilVe been 'ye shalL' 

Ac] ef. Or. ABGD*£FGKP al pla it vg syr^ob aim aeth Clem &c. 
ixniCCJOJULA.] A : eUl., LkT» Ac. HlCItoq] RCItOq, N ; cf. Gr. 
unc. al^ fere Clem Euth &c. '* Z.e] om. B. JUUULOq] poaition 

cf.? Gr. MABEL al pier syrtt^'arm aeth Clem Or Cyr &c. efi.oX jfecit 
. . . iixeq(It, N)Cto] om. M. niCJOIK . . . niA.^OT] L«ABDE 
GLM»«NO* : HA.! . • • HA.!, T*CFHJKOCa copy') P. *• TA-p] 
om. D Js K L. ee (X, J) OfCJOXH] iBeilA.OTU)AIL, B. A. (6, J) q- 
CCO] cf. Gr. »*ABC* 17. aeth«>: + j6€nOTAJLeXA.TiiligA., T». 
cf. Gr. M«C«D &c. it yg syr'*^ arm go aeihPP*Eath Cyr &c add dva^im. 
e^g^u] cf. ? Or Caes : Ofg^A.U, J, : ilOT2,A.n, BDPK L, cf. Gr. 
npeqepiiicf , BEj)AJCp.] om. ep, Ai. lUCCOiULA.] cf. Gr. 
H*ABC« 17. 67** am* fu* harl* al lacbm (aeth~): + ftT€nOC, 
XiM-w "««*, cf. Gr. i^ Cc D &c. *® C€JtXOK^] ftceJULOTT 

•and die; N byerror. CenKOir] ABD(il)H»J(il): C€ eitK.,L8T*&c 

" €iiA.nep2i.] CDEFJKL: 6nA.cp2iiAJC-, A: en€A.nep2i., 

L«T*GNO: €It€€nep2i., H«MP: eA.It2i., B. rA.p] trs. after 
ijUULOn, CHJ; cf. Gr. H«CKLP al pier 8yr«*' arm Cyr Euth &c 

epon] epoi me/ e. A.n ue] om. a,*. " eqt".] A.qi"., b. 

VA-p] L'AE : 2i€, T* &c.. cf. Gr. : om. H* : + Ue, TGMP. <tf ] 


eenoc. | 
*^&tocxe oTit nA.cnHOf4- 
eoTtoxufr og^i nnereitepKOT 4- **jc>:€ onroit 
ner^oKep 4- JutA.peqofa)juL jfeeit nequi * ^m^ 
iixexenajxeiULetoof'f" efg^A-u*- ncem 2i€ 


A.n epexettoi itA.x eAiufr ^Trexenejuii xe*' 

epeTenoi ileenoc *• epexenxK ^^ nn^ajXort 
iiA.Xj6pot30ffr nA.pexeitJu.oajx i}L4>pK'f exA.Tett 
ennoT eg^pm JOuuLoq*- 
^Ge&e 4)^.1 -fTA-xiLo juuuLcoTreit *• xe iJuuLoit 
g^Xi eqcA^i j6en nsurti; Rxe 4>1" *• scoo ijuuioc 
xe ofon oTA.n^.eejuLA. ne nic*- onrog, iJuuLoit 
gxoxn iixe g^Xi xoc* xe rot jhc*- lAt.K'f 
j6en oTuHI! eqoT^Ji*- *ofoit 2,^.11x01 2^6 

po) Re-s- 
rf * Ofog, ofoit ^i^HToi JuL^KOcg e^oj^^ *^^^ &^i^- 
^iA.Ka)ni^ en^.!^ pco ne. •onrog, onron 
2,A.nxoi ijLcjKXKg nxe[4-] ^^n^&iHoxi en^-i- 
noff pto ne 4- .exepg^tofi. ilenx^i mfien ^it 
o-con nifi.en. • 

A*: nOC, L»T'A« &c. eq-fc&O)] AB«CEHJ: ^.q-f., L«T» 

B*DFGKLMNOP. ixng^A-n] en.., bcEjHJK: ng,., fl. 

neXH] JUL, B«. njeenoc] T»Ai.2«(tr.al8o^ili)EaMNO*P: 
niKOCJULOC, L»A2*BCDFHJKL0« (*a copy'). ^* g^COCXe] 

•2^6, ABEJi*. Onrn] L«T'AEGMN0P: om. BODFHJKL. 

A-pexen] epexen, b. itnexen,] enex., oh J. 

^Mcxe] cf. Or. »*ABCD*FG al^® it vg aeth Euth Ac. om, «c. 

nexg,?] ne exg,., t*. enrg^A-n] eoTg,., ofhjk. 
eieeA-ojOf]^.ajof, 0. 

1 CORINTHIANS XL 33-Xn. 6. 187 

may not be condemned with the GentUea. '^ Wherefore 
then, my brethren, should ye assemble to eat, stay for one 
another. ^^If there is he who is hungry, let him eat in 
his house ; that ye may not assemble for (c) a judgement. 
But (the) rest (of the things), should I come, I shall ordain. 

XII. But concerning the spiritual (gifts), my brethren, 
I wish you not to be (lit. being) ignorant. ^ Ye know 
that, being Gentiles, being under the voiceless idds, ye were 
walking (along) as ye were *led. 'Therefore I show to 
you, that no one speaking in the spirit of God saith that 
Jesus is an anathema; and it is not possible that any 
should say that Jesus (is) the Lord eoccept in a holy spirit. 
* But there are ^ distributions existing of graces, though it 
is the same spirit. ^And there are distributions existing 
of ministrations, though it is the same Lord. * And there 
are distributions of works, though it is the same God who 

* Lit. 'brought tip in.' ^ ' Pftrts of division,' or 'division parts.* 

* F°>« ^^M,.>it j>\ j^5l\ *the last Sunday of Pentecost/ Ji™» Ji^\ j>>l 
^■■■.>il ^ iuLJI 'the great seventh Sunday of Pentecost.' OKItOfJ 

-i-T^e, BCHJ. » Xe] pref. VA-p, FK. A.f Clt] A.T€p, Ei*. 

'eqcA.xi] A.qc., bEjj. onrononrjA: om. oTon, l«t* &c, 


^.neeejuL^, Ej: A^neo^Jixe, e^: eit^.e6iUL^., b. n^ 

om. El*. IHC] cf.? Gr. J^ABO 6. 17* 46* 109. arm aeth"*' Euth. HOC 
IKC] cf. Gr. KABO^. 17. 31. 46. 67** 73. 109. f vg ejf^^ aeth^ Or 
Did Euth Cyr: HOC Ue IHC 'the Lord is Jesus," HKO : HOC 
ne 'it is the Lord,' C«J. lAJLK'^] IXUHTTI, L»T*BCFKMOP. 
OnrnitA.] om. OT, L. * OfO (O), B) n] pref. OTOg^, 0: 

OfO, MN by error : om. 2,A.n, H*. 2s.e] om. CHJ. eTTgOU] 
L«AGMNOP: Ofg., E by error: OJOH, T*BCDFHJKL. U€j 
om. O, thus ver. 5. * OTTOg, Of Olt] om. Of Og,, BG* : om. 

OTTOn, DKL. erojon . . .^4>0tXIj] om. N homeot. Gf- 

go(a^pE2)n] ajoii,T»cj. 2iJA.iccjomA.] AiEGLM:-ko-,l«&c. 

eiI^.IOC] OTTOg^en., L; OnrOg^U., DK; cf. Baa. •ofog,] 

om. bcghj. oTon] om. FK. XJL^tu^] + erg OH, G. 

nTre2,A.n] itaA.n, C J. ne] cf. ? Gr. i^(B)KL al pier Or Oyr Ac. 


ixTe mrffili*- ka.xa- uexepnoqpi*- •ota.i 
Anen vA-p efioX g^ixen niiiit^; ffl^'^'f nA.q 

AJifi. nx^^Xtfo j6en | n^.iiutl! pco on 4- "kgota.! 

2^6 ng,A.It2,£LHOiri ilXOiUL<fr- KGOTJU 2^6 OTUpO- 

2^8 2,A.nreitoc iiX^-c * KeofA.j 2^6 onrepxuHmA. 
iiX^.c*- " n^.! 2ie XKponr nioirA.i eTrepg^toS. 
iHXOTfr n^-imtZ! pco ue eq^oxij JOLmo-v^.i 

UJOTA.I* KA.XA. c^pH-f exegiHA-q*- 

ofoitXA.q SofjuLHg JuuuLeXoc jjLMJurtt^ iti- 
jULeXoc 2^8 TTKpof ilxe niccoiUL^. enrol ftonr- 

AILHg*- OfA.1 2^6 nCCJOAJL^. HG^- HA-IpHi" g^COq 

n3cc*' ^^KG vA-p A.non XKpen exA.n(JTa)AJLc 
j6en ofTiiwI iiofcox*- enrccoiUL^. Sonrcox ixe 
nnonr2k^.i 4- ixe njonremin vre £lU5K ixe pexn- 
2,6* ofog, ^.iton TKpeit ^.Txcoit ftonruiiA. 
nofcox 4- 
rtf **Re VA-p njccjojuLA. noTAneXoc iIotcjot A.n ue*- 

SeitX^O T*ABK : eenX-j L'OFHJL: enX-, I^GMNOP: 

ftX-j E. j6eitofoit miien] om. f. "^ ce-f] l^tabeg 

M NOP; cenA.'f, CDFHJKL future. ' TA-p] om. CHJ. 

m nitA,J OfUIUl. CJ. C^xi] XHUa 'much,* CJ. RA-iiuuI] 
nmil^., Aj^K*. •2^6 i°] cf. Gr. K«AD^ct<=KLP al fere 

omnsyrP&c. HA.! i«] om. F thus again. pto] +OIt *also,' OJL«. 
ftg^A-It^pULOX] om. 2,A.n, H : om. ft, B. pO) 2°] cf. Gr. KC^D 
EFGKLP al pier f g Clem &c. o^. On] om. N. ^® Tabulated 

arrangement, A D F. KeOTA.l] KeOfO K, L« by error. Itg, A-Hg,.] 
j6en2,A.n2,.,CHJ: om. S, B. 2^6 2°] cf. Gr. J^AOKLP al omn^** 
•jr«*' Or Euth &c. OTUpOC^KXJA.] pref. ft, AjCFJK. 2^6 3<>] 
cf. Gr. as before. 2,A.It(om. H)£La)X] pref. ft, CFJK; cf. Gr. AB 

1 CORINTHIANS XU. 7-14, 189 

workeih all things in all. "^ But to each one is given (the) 
manifestation of the spirit according to that which is profit- 
able. * For to one indeed is given through the spirit a word 
of wisdom; but to another a word of knowledge according 
to the same spirit : ^ but to another [a] faith in the same 
spirit ; but to another graces of healing in the same spirit ; 
^® but to another works of power ; but to another [a] pro- 
phecy ; but to another explainings of spirit ; but to another 
kir^ of tongues ; but to another an irUerpretation of 
tongues : ^^ but all these the one which worketh in them 
is the same spirit, dividing to each one according as he 
willeth. ^^For according as the body is one, (yet) it 
hath many nienibers^ but all the members of the body are 
being many, but it is one body ; thus Christ also. ^^ For 
we also were all baptised in one spirit unto (e) one body, 
whether the Jews or the Greeks or servant or free, and we 
were all made to drink one spirit. ^* For the body also 

D«^«K*«L al pier syrP &c. plural. 2^6 4**] cf. Gr. S«ACKL al pier 
syr"*' ara? &c. g^A-Itrenoc] pref. It, CFJK. OTtepAJlKniA.] 
pref. il, CFJK : OTCpjULeni^., BEgGMP, for -lA. cf. Gr. AD*F 
OLP &c. ** Om. verse, 0. HA-l] position cf . ? Gr. DEFG 46. 

d e f g vg go arm Or Did Cyr &c. : om. 2^6, B. RA-ITUti] AENO : 
pref. OTTOg,, L^T* &c. Ue] om. L. ijLUIOTA.1 &c.] cf. Gr. D* F G 
def g m^® vg 8yr«>h arm Or &c. om. Ibiq. " ^^P] ^m. Aa*FL, 

cf. Gr. K a»« arm aetb. OfA.1 Ue] om. Ue, GMP. OfOIt- 
( + il, B)XA.q] cf. Gr. D*Fg^G deg go: pref. OfOg,, BCFHJ. 

niitiLeXoc 2ie] om. a^e, J. ujccjoajla. 2°] cf. Gr. j^*abcfg 

KLP ID. 17. 23. 31. 73. 115. 119. 122* 137. d««' f g vg syr"*' arm aeth 
Euth &c. om. rov Wff. OfA.(0, B)I 2ie] L«T*AEGMNOP: om. 
2ie, BODFHJKL, cf. Gr. ^* XKpen i°] XKpOTT, OHJ third 
penon. e^CtOJULA.] OfCCJOiULA., B. ItllOITSs..] IO-C2iA.J, BH*. 

vre 2^] le, f*. nioTre(to, Bjmm] o-ceinm, bh*. onrogj 
A.non] om. crcog,, b. Trapen 2°] XHponr, h J. nonrniu.] 

cf. Gr. »(A)BC*D*FGP 17. 47. 73. 80. 137. d«°' deg am &c. syr**' 
arm aeth go Ath Did Enth &c ^^ iiO'TAILeXoc] om. ll, BCH J. 


A.XXA. oTJULHgfr "egton ^.pecg^it -fcFLXox 
2COC4- xe ^.noK onrxix ^.itoK otg&oX ifeen 
nictoiULA.*- oT n^.p^. xonnro e&oX jfeen 

niAiL^.a]x XOC4- xe ^.noK o-v&^.X ^n4> ^noic 
onreiipX j6en niccoiUL^. *• onr n^.p^. xofxo 
e&oX j6en niccoAH^ ^.n xe *• " ene hiccjoah^. 
xapq of&A.X ue neA.qetoit g^toq raccjoxexiL^- 
eneoTccoTejuL Trapq ue ^.qecoit g^toq niojco* 
XeAJLfr **i"nof 2ie a. 4)-f ^to itmAJieXoc* 

ct^pui" €XA.qoTtoa -s- 
^•6ne oTAJLeXoc nonrtox XHpoT n€4-ne^qecjon 
g^toq mctoJULA.*- ^^-fnoT 2^e ofjuLua Jtxen 
ne mjuLeXocfr ota.j i^e ue niccoAii^.^- "jDL- 
xnon axoxn nxe iii£l^.X xoc n-fxixfr xe 
i^epxp^^ jOLajlo A.n4- je iiA.Xm "f^^e hni- 
<ri,\^yx xe 1"epxpJ^ jjLJtxaj^ea ^.n-s- 
^^^.XXa. AJLA-XXon mjuLeXoc4- eTOTAnenri 
eptooTT ilxe niccoiUL^.^ xe ceoi tbcco£. n^j 
2^A.nA.nA.viC€on itg^onro ne 4- *^ oTog, itK exeit- 
Anenri epcoof nnre mccwiULA. xe ceana* it^.i 
2s.e Si" ntooT noTTXA-Jo ng^onro*- onrog, hr 
exzA-icooT iixA.It*- onron nxtoonr ng^oTo €ca4 4- ^* na 2^6 excA.itoo*r ilxA.ii ceep- 
Xpi^ ^>^ "S- A.XXA. <^^ A.qeex uiccoajla. *• €A.q^ 

juiaa] + ne, k. " ecycon] + vA.p, o h JjL. xotxo 

OTT, 0. " XOfXo] XOfXOn, C J : XOfXOTT, K M : XOIT- 

xo o*r, GP: xoTTXon OT, BHO : xofxo*r o, N. A.n xe] 
A CE Ja : A.n ne. L*T* &c. : om. xe, L. " ene . . . &A.X nej 
om. F*. A.qeton i**] eqe., b. eneonrctoxeAJi] epeoT., l. 
xapq 2^] xapof, b«. " a^e] xe 'then,' o. exA.qoTra)ttj] 
exeqoT., bh*Ji*. " ne4-neA.qecjon] t^acegp: ne-s- 
neA.q., B(om.q)DFJKL: ne A.q.,L?0: neA.q., HM: ne^-neni 

1 CORINTHIANS XII. 15-24. 191 

is not one member^ but (A.) many. ^*If the foot should 
say : * I am not a hand, I am not from the body, it is not^ 
in consequence of this, not from the body, ^•And if the 
ear should say : * I am not an eye, I am not from the body,' 
it is not, in coTtsequence of this^ not from the body. ^'^ If 
the whole body were an eye, where had been also the 
hearing? If the whole were an hearing, where was also 
the smelling? ^^But now God put the members each one 
of them in the body according as he wished. ^^If all 
were one member, where had been also the body? *®But 
now many indeed are the members, but the body is one. 
^^It is not possible that the eye should say to the hand: 
'I have no need of thee,' or again the head to the feet : 'I have 
no need of you.' ^ But (A.) rather the members of the body, 
of which they think that they are feeble, these are more 
necessary : ^^ and those of the body, of which we think 
that they are unhonoured, to these we give more honour; 
and our ugly things have more beauty (given them) ; ^^ but 
our beautiful things have no need: but (^) God tempered 

iULeXoc ofA.1 7s.e ni^.qea)n, n confused. &ooq] + ue, e,. 

*® ^e i°] om. p. AJLe(K, P)n] cf. Gr. unc. al pier &c. (exc. BD* 73, 
114. dc arm go). RG] om. Jj*. *^ JUUULOn] GJUULILOn, GMP, 

1"€px] it1"epX> jdo^We negative twice, FK^ tepRxP^^i 
N_ twice. iUUULo] ijUULCJ0O*r *them,* B: JUUULOI 'me,' F«: 
AJUULOn *U6,' N. A.n 1*^] + Re, C. i"A.<l>e] +ZOC 'say/ Ja°« 
('a copy*). A.n 2°] om. MP. «* A.XX^] Ai^jE : + ilg^OfO 

(A-R, F), Lf TAi"* ('a copy*) &c. JULA.XXor] om. 0*. eXOf- 

xneri] exexneiri, p. g^A.RA.RA.rKe(K, t»bg h lmp)or] 
g^A.RA.rK(icr,j)eoR, oj. Re] Re, Ji. "rk exeR- 
juterj] RH exexeRxn., : RexeRXH., d. ra.j 2s.e iif] 

AE : R^.1 7^€ eR-f , lA: RA.I XeR-f, T* &c. OfOg, 2^] om. 
CHJ. RK eXXA-ItOOV] R€X2C.,CDFHJL: -00, Ei^g: -tOOR, 
ABEj*N: ROTg^OTTO, L«T* &c. €CA.j] AE: C^.1, L»T» &c. 
"RK 2ie] cf. Gr.: OfOg^ RH, T'CHJ. CCCpXP^^ ^^] 
RCe., BFK double negative, e^-q-f] ^.q^f, P. 


nxeaTTGiUL [4-] cl)a)px atom j6eit hiccojul^ 
A-XXa. icre nixneXoc xapoT qipcooTro) j6^ 
nonrepaoTr*- ^'onrog, eajcou eoTon otjuleXoc 

nejuiA.q4- ecgcon eonroit onrxiLeXoc ffTcoof*- njxneXoc xnpoT p^oji it6iUL^.q<fr- 
2"^ iiGtoxeit 2^e iietoxen ticcoail^. iOLnxc itew. 
neqxneXoc jfeett o'riULepoc*' 
f *• Hk Alien GTTA. c{)'f x^*^ -^^^ meKJcXHci^. 4- ojopn 

^juu.^v 2,€q^c&a) *• juieneitc^. n^.i 2,A.n- 

XOJJL JXA. 2,^XILOX ftXA-XtfO^- 2,A.ItAiLeT|- 

Jtxv peq^xoxof4- g^A-ttxnexpeqepg^exiu g^^-itre- 
noc itXA.c *• *• AJLK ceitA.epA.nocT oXoc Truponr *• 
xnK ceitA.epRpoc{)HXKC XKpof4- xnK ceitA.ep- 
peq-fc&a) xuponr-s- ajlk cenA.epxoiUL THponr-s- 

nTrA.Xtfb*- AJLR cenA.cA.xi THpoT j6en 2,A.n- 
XA.C4- JULK cenA-epAJLenenrm xaponr*- ** X,o& 
2ie em^Jtxoir eenA.A.*r*- 


fa Onfog^ en on -f nA.TAJtiLCJoxen eiceiULcoix enA,A.q 

n^ofo. ^ eojcjon A.ifflA.ncA.xi jfeen <t>XA.c irre 

. . .. pcjo- nipcjoAJLJ -5- nexn ctA.niA.rreXoc *• juLJuton-f 

All, D A.rA.nH 2.€ JUUtHA-Y A.JepijLctpKi" nOTTg^OAILTr 

nOTTg^Ofo] g^OfO, F : Ilg^OfO, 0. XA.I0] ilTA-IO, BL. 

** nTe(A.,E2)cgTejUL] nceaTeiUL, g. cl)a3px] cf.? Gr. n 

D*FGL 47. 74. 109. a>cr al plus*^ g fu (harl*) arm trxl^yMra, ifccn] 
JUL, FK. j6a.] j6e, B. *« eaCOnCOTTOn i*^] om. e, BFK; 

c f. ? Gr. J^ A C D E K L al fere omn vg «»d gyr "ch Euth Or &c. JULK A.g^] 
eJUtKA.2,, T'N. a(^^)^P^ • • • -^i-^^fc] om. EjL (tr. bab.) 
homeot. eojCJOn e(oni. B)OTron 2°] L^ABDEGLMNOP : OTTOg, 

eojcjon, OH J: eojcon ^e eoiron, fk. oTXneXoc 2^] 


the body, haviDg given more honour to that which lacked; 
^ihat there might not be division in the body; bat (^) 
that all the members might care for one another. '^And 
if there is a member suffering, all the members suffer with 
it; if there is a member glorified, all the Tnembers rejoice 
with it. ^ But ye are (the) body of C!hrist, and his memhers 
■ severally. ** They indeed whom God put in the churches, 
first apostles, (the) second prophets, (the) third teachers, after 
these powers, then graces of healing, helps, guidances, kiTids 
of tongues. ^ Will all be apostlesl Will all be prophetsl 
Will all be teachers? Will all be powers? s<»Have all 
graces of healing? Will all speak in tongues? Will all 
interpret *{ ^^But be zealous for the great graces. And 
yet also I shall (lit will) show to you another greater way. 
Xm. If I should speak in (the) tongue of the men and 
that of the angels, but I have not love, I was as a sounding 

* Lit. ' in a part* 

cf. ? Gr. N* A B Thdrt om. cr. (TUOOT a|^.peniA«.eXoc] om. 0* 

homeot " fteooxen 2^] + ne, K : + ne, j. n (n, v) exu- 
neq] om. neq, b. "nH(i,M)juLen] aemnop: pref. Huntis. 

OTOg,, L«T* Ac, cf. Gr. ItieKK (om. Ej*) X] Ai (tr. sing.) : i" GKK., ^^' 
LiT»&c. ajO(tO,B)pu]T*AiBDEFGLMN: preC ft, L»HKOP 18: 

ftojopTi AJien, AaCJ. A.nocx.] +n€, K 18. JTA.] cf. Gr. 

KL al pier &c. XIL€Trp€qi-T"OTrOf] -i"ftx., HJ,*: JUL€X- 
-f ftT., C Ji.i*. *• JtXH CenA.ep . . . XKpOnr] om. H* homeot. 

npO<l>KTHC (-c^KTre^m, B) . . . CenA.ep] om. N* homeot. 
»® enroll ftXtOOflT^ACKNO: OfOItT., L» &c. &iULOTr] 
g^XILCOT', D thus again. epAJLeite^m] T^ABEjHJaLP: ep- 
iULKIt., L«CFGKMNO: epCpJULKn., D 18: epepAJLCH., EiJi. 
*' ee(om. J2«)ItA.A.f] cf.? Gr. t^ABG 5. 6. 10. 17. 31. 37. 39. 67** 73. Bnnttf. 
137. 213. am aeth «»*' Euth Cyr &c, fiiiCopa : 6eitA.n6T, LO i8*, cf. ? Gr, 
DEFGE L al longe plu d e f g vg arm &c. irp(irr(a«r)oiti. 6X1 Oil *f~] 

erf on ti, m. x^JuitoTen] cf. ? Gr. F^Qg itUwiu ifup. 

* ecgCJOn] +^e, HJ. JUUULOn-f] JuLltoni", JA by error. 
2i€] om. 0. A.I€pii.(om. M)] ^.lijL» Aj B D' E. &OJULX] 
2^iULOX> AsBM by error. 

\0L. III. O 

3S~XIU. 3 

194 npoc ROPiHeioYc ^. 

eqcenceit le otKyjtMAiJkosi eqegXaXoTi-s- 
* eoTon iiTM noTupoc^KXi^. *• eictooTit 
ftmxufcxKpion THponr new. neouLi XRpq4- 
KA.It epe ^tn^^t" THpq nxoT*- ^ujcre 
eofcoxefi. ng^^-itxtooT eiioX*- ixjuLon^f 
A.rA.UK 2ie j3LMXA.y^ ^.noic 2,Xj4- *KA.n 
A-iojA-n-f nna eTeitoTJ TKpof4- eeponronr- 
oxnoT oTog, nxA-i" iSLn^-icectojutA. *• g^m^.*rgoTr *• juuuLoiff A-VA-rk ^e juuul^'v * 
iti"xeiUL2,HOT iig^Xi <A.n*- 
*^A.rA.RH gA-ctooTT ii^KX4- cg^ccpg^eXxe «• i"A.- 
TA-UK JULnA.cxo&fr i"A.rA.nH jOLiu-cepnep- 
nepocfr ixn^-ccrTci n^rnr*- * ijinA-ctfTgrnn- 
iLiiA.cKtoi" itcA. nu exenofc*- juLnA-cxcoitT 
juLnA.cAne'vi emnexg^Ooonr*- * juLnA.cpA.aii 
exen ejti.CT'erT ibconc4> a)A.cpA.a)i 2^6 exert 
eiULKi4- ^cg^ctooT ilg^HT I jfeeng^tofi. ni&en^- 
aA-cnA-g^-f j6en g^cjofi. ni£.en4- gA^cepg^eXiuc 
j6en g^to^L ni&eit^fr- a)A.cAJULoni tnroTc i^eit 
g^cofi. ni&en *• * -f A.rA.nK iSLuA-cg^ei eneg, 4- 
iTe nmpoc{)KTiA. cenA.Kcopq its mXA.c cenA- 
Xo>:oT*- lire o*reAJH ne qitA.Kcopci4> 'j^cn 
oTJUiepoc vA-p xenejULi o-f og, j6en o-fxnepoc 

Knf(J,N)JUL&A.Xon] L«T*AGHMNO 26: jnfAH&cjoXon, 
D'LP: KnriUL&A.XcOIt, BOBFJK. * KA.It (cf. Gr. AO 17. 31. 

Cyr &c) . . . TKpq i°] om. L by error. eOfOn ItXKl] T*AHO 26 : 
e(oin. BH JK)OfOItT., U &c, itOTnpOc{)KTriA. (cf. Gr. »»D*L 
al pauc r(oi^)] eOfRp., GMNOP. ei(ie, MO)Ca)Of rt] L«T*A 
E6MN0P: pref. Q-rOg,, BOD'FHJK a6. TKpOf] om. 26. 
KA.n (cf. Gr. AB 17.. 31. Clem Or Oyr) . . . TKpq 2®] om. 26 homeot. 
2,tO(0, 26)CT'e] L«T*GLMP: -a^e, A &c 2,Xj]+A.It, T»A,. 
* KA.It] cf. Gr. ABC 17 al pane Clem Or Cyr &c.: +egton, T*CH JL: 
+rA.p, D' omitting A.I. HK exeitO*«] ItR exenXKI, D'F 
(+XOT by error)HKL: nexenXHI, CJi*,: pref. ItCJOOTT, G. 


brass or a clashing cynibal. ^ Even if I have [a] prophecy, 
knowing all the mydei^iea and all (the) knowledge; even if 
I have all (the) faith ^ 08 to remove mountains, but I have 
not love, I (am) nothing. ^Even if I should give all my 
(goods) to cause them to eat, and give my body also that 
I may boast, but I have not love, I gain nothing. ^ ["I^^] * 
love is longsuffering ; hopeth; love envieth not; love is not 
puffed up; is not proud; ^is not put to shame; seeketh 
not for her own ; is not angry ; thinketh not the evil ; 
"rejoiceth not over (the) wrongdoing, but rejoiceth over 
(the) truth; ''is longsuffering in all things; believeth in all' 
things ; hopeth in all things : endureth in all things. ^ Love 
never falleth. Whether the prophecies — they will be done 
away ; whether the tongues — ^they will cease ; whether [a] 
knowledge — it will be done away. • For in [a] part we 

* Thiu throaghout. 

eepoTo-roxnoT] eeponr oxhot, ae^. ilTA.goTgoir] Ai 

E, cf. Gr. »AB 17. acth'": +ijUULOI 'me,' L«T* &c. JUUULOlff ] 
GAJUULOIff, MP. ^e] om.BO. jJLMXZSt] om. D'FKL. i"- 
X€Jtx\ Ai*2 E: i" n^JC.1 UT» Ai"»« ^ &c. foture. Il&Xl] Cg^Xl, 0. 

* oj^-cep^eXxe] prcf. i"A.VA.iiK, 0. iiKijLiu.(e, V)cxp8y 

•f A.r^] om. El*, cf. Or om. oi foXoi ^ iSydsny. ^f A-VA-HK 3**] cf. Gr. 
2^AGDEFG KL al pier d c g m** syr"*' go Or &c : om. C, cf. Gr. B 17. 
73. 74. a»« al* f vg ann Clem &c. ijLlIA.CepIl€pIiepOC] om. H* : 
+ -f A-V^-HH, B. * VerseB 5-7 tabulated, D'. ItR eX€- 

nOT(om. D')C] It(Il, DOexeit., CD'JL. • BJULer.] LtT 

&c: •fiULeXtfl, CHJ. 2ie] om. BA2*F. €X€n] S, Ei*. 

' gA.cnA.g^f ifeeng^coii niiieit] om. Jt homeot. • jjlt 

1IA.(€, AjOjCg^ei] cf. Gr. »*ABO* 17, 47* &j** 80. &c. wlwui. 
npo^KTTI^.] cf. Gr. ND*P al -XIAJ : HpO^KXHC, L (but tr. 

ssA^\). Jctwpq i^] Kopq, Aj.,*. ni>Acj om. ni, M. vre 3**] 

OT2i.€, F. OnrCAHl] cf. Or. B D* et ^E KLP al pier d e f vg ■yr«*' ann 

go Or Did &c UeJ LtT^AaD'EGJLMNOP: om. AiBOFH*(K). 

qn^.] C6IU^, K. • TA-p] cf. Or. HABDEFGP al sat ma it 

▼g syr"^ arm aethPP Or Did Ath &c Onro^] om. J. JtXBpOC sP] 

iUL^OC, AL. 

O 3 


196 npoc ROPIH0IOYC ox. 

TrenepnpoctKxe^in4- ^® eajcon 2^6 ^qaj^ni ibce- 
niTe- nixeXioitfr iii^.noiULepoc qit^jccopq^- 

n^.ico(rni ue ix^^pu-f ilo*r^.XoT4- it^JAneTi 
Re ixc^pKi" iloTA.XoT g^oxe ex^eppooAni 
A.jKtopq SiiA.'f xiL€x^.Xo*r *• "xeniw.7r VA.p 
i^noT e&oX g^ixeit onn&.X j6eit oToonxeit 
Toxe TenitA.nA.7r ng^o offi.e 2,0 *• A.ieiULi 
•fnoT j6en oTAJiepoc*- j6en ujckot a^e fi^^- 

eJU.I'fr- KA-TTA. <l>pH'f eXA-fCOTTOOnT*- "•fnoTT 

2ie HA.!^ cecjuLonT *• ^tnA-g^i" *• i" g^eXnic ta.- 
VA.nKfr ueenA^q i^e j6en nA.i ne i"A.rA.nKfr 
f/ ^ 60x1 ncA. i"A.vA.nH 4- XO& 2ie enmnA-Trwcon * 
xnA-XXon :^e &mA. nxexenepnpcKt^KTreTm *• 
^ nexcAJCi j6en c^Xa-c *• eqcAJCJ nexn nipoojuu 
A.n a-XXa. 4>-f 4- ijuuLon g^Xi vA-p ctoxejui 
epoq4- j6en mrfrill xe qcA.xi ng^A-nAiLTcxH- 
pion4- 'c{)K ^e eTepnpo4>KxeTm4- A.qcAJci 
neiUL nipcjoAJLi nonrictoTr^- sxesx o-rnoAni"*- 
nejUL oTetox ng^KX *• * nexcAJCi j6€n c^Xa-c | 
^^KiVT JuuuLoq ijuuLA.TA.xq 4- ^H 3ie exep- 
npoc^Hxer J n A.qKa)x noTeKfcXac i a. *• 


^d •^onreo} eunoT Ti^e XHpoT epexencAJSi if^eti 

^® :^e] om. GMP. mA.nOJUL€pO(+T, L*)C] cf. Gr. «ABD* 
FOP 17. 31. 39. 47. 67** 73. 74. 80. 137. it vg arm aeth"*' go Ath Cyr 
&c. om. t6t€. qnA.K.] nA.K., BCK. " nAJCAJ^I &c.] order 

cf. J^AB 17. 8a 93. f vg afith"*' Clem Did &c, nOfA-XoTT 2^] 

nA.XoT, E. nA-iAnenri ne (cm. ne, P) . . . A.XoTr] om. f 

homeot. : +ne, 0. 2,OXe(^e, AEi«2)] AEi'aGO, cf. Gr. J^»ABD* 
67** 119. d e am harl* tol go Did &c.: +^e, L*!"* &c., cf. Gr. J^«D«EF 
G K LP al pier f g vg«»« fu demid syr"*' arm aetb Euth Ac. ^* ^^p] 

cf. Gr. KABD«KL al omn^* ayrP Did Cyr &c.: om. C, cf. Gr. D*FGP 
dcfg vggoarm. -f nOT e^oX] om.F. OTeO(tW,TtGMN0P)n- 

1 CORINTHIANS XUI. lo— XIV. 5. 197 

know, and in [a] jixir^ we prophesy: ^®but if the perfect 
should come, the in paH will be done away. ^^ Being 
a child, I was speaking as a child, I was meditating as 
a child, I was thinking as a child, when I 'became man 
I did away the things of my childhood. ^'For we see 
now through a glass in a likeness, then we shall (lit. will) 
see face to face. I know now in [a] pari ; but then 
(lit. in the time) I shall (lit. will) know, according as 
I was known. ^^But now these three abide, (the) faith, 
[the] hope^ (the) love\ but the great among these is [the] 
love. XIV. Pursue afber [the] love^ but be zealous for 
the spiritual (gifts), but rather that ye may prophesy. 
* He who speaketh in (the) tongue is speaking not to the 
men but (^) Qod ; for no one heareth him : in the spirit^ 
then, he speaketh mysteries. ^ But he who p^vplvesieUi spoke 
to the men for an edification and a comfort and a con- 
solation. ^ He who speaketh in (the) tongue edified him- 
self alone ; but he who prophesieth edified a church. 

^But I wish you all to speak (lit. speaking) in tongues^ 

(om. K)Ten] om. O^f, CD. TOXe] A EL: +2^6, LtT* &c. 

nrenn^.n^.nf] Tenn^-nr, AjD e,*. Sao] e^o, n. ex^-x- 
conroonx] -onx, i/l : conrnx, m. " m^iv] n^.iv, 

T»Ei*?NO. -f^eXnic] T*AiE: Tg,., U &c. : T^-g,., B. T^.- 

v^uh] "t^-r., T': T^.^.v., B. ueecT, BG)nA^q] nee- 

ItAAC, om. ^6, E. 

' tfoxi] +2^6, L : +onfn, F. eniiT.] iinm., bn. T^e a^] 

om. 2ke, L. €pnpo4>.] om. ep, AjEK. * n€T"CA.2Cl] LfP 

ABEGMNOP: +V^.p, CDFHJKL, cf. Or. €qCA.2Cl] T»AE,P : 

A.qc., u &c. nipcojuLi] om. ni, J. ♦i"] prcf. nejuL *to,' 

GMOP. V^-p] L«T*ADEFBKLNO,cf. Gr.: om. CGHJMP. 2Ce] 
T«A: a.e, U &c.: om. P. qCA.2Cl] €qc., OHJM: ^.qc, B. 

*2k€] om. H*J. exepnp.] ex^-qepup., p, thus vcr. 4. 
^qcajicil qc, hj. nonrKOJx] /6enonf., F: enr., k. 
onrecoxj om. onr, b. * n€xcA.2«] 4>k 2^6 erc^jxi, b. 

^qKOJX I**] eqK., J. ^.qKOJX a^] tUM^^nr, N future. 

' THpCc] position cf.? Gr. A Ambrst : trs. after C^:Xh 26. 6p€- "«»t /6, 


T€7fm. n^^ nexepupoc^Kxenrm a.e eg^oxe 
nexc^^i j6€n 4>X^.c. ca.&.oX[5-] ijulkxi iiTeqep- 
juL6neTm<ft- ^m^. nxe-feKKXHci^. (JT nontKoox*- 
•*f nonr 2i€ n^-cnKonr*- eojcjon ^.ia)^.ni ^^.pcoxen 

onreJcbpn efiLoX le ^en o*cejun«j- le j6eit onr- 
npo4>HXiA. 4- le i6en onrcfiLa) *• ^ ojulooc iti^.T- 
it-c^K^- enri" nxonrcjuLK*- ixe onrcH&i Rxo)^ 
iTe onfK've^.p^. *• ^.nraxejuLaifiL'f nxo-^cjULK 
ntjoc cen^.6iULi enexonrxo) i3uuLoq<»- le <&r 
exonfepK^fe^-pi^m ixjuioq *• • Ke v^.p cojcon 
^.peoj^n o'vca.Xnirj; *• 'f nonrcjuiK eco*cong, 
eAoX ^.n*- niJUL €en^.gce&.xa3xq ennoXe- 
juLoc *• » u^-ipKi" ^tjoxeit e&oX g^ixen 4>Xa.c *• 
cojcjon ^.pexenaTejULxe onrc^^i*- eqonroitg, 
6£.oX«ft- ncDc c6ita.6JULi cneT'enxo) juuuLoq 
TeTrenn^-gajni v^.p epexenc^^i 6n^.Kp4- 
^^^O'vort ontJULHO) itajXcoX iiciULH<&- i6en n^-iKoc- 
AJLoc*}- o-vo^ ijuuLon g,Xi eqoi iia-tcjulk*- 
"eaoon ^.laxejULCiULi ctzojul nTe •fcjuiH* 
•f n^-atjoni eioi iiL&A.p&.^.poc iixoTq JuLnex- 

xenc^^i] eepeTenc. 'to speav CJ: eepenrexenc, f. 
i6eii&^.n] rt^., cj. &m^.] om. cj, cf.? Or. d^* f vg &c 

Cpnpoc^.] om. 6p, El*. It^.A • • • ^6] om. 26 homeot. 

n^^] L»A*DEOMNO*P:,TtAi«8™«BCFHJKL0(*a copy'), 
cf.? Or. 37. 73. 2i€] cf. Or. «♦ ABP 39. Euth: om.F K 26?. €^OX€] 

+ €, H. ifcenct (n, EjoX^-c] juLc^X^-c, b. ijulhti] ijuuii", 
T^BDEjJLMNP. Sxeqep(om.ep, K)juLen(om. en, Ax)eTin' 

-epepJUL., DEjN: -JULKH-, LfFKMNOP. « ei(ie,MN)CA^r 

A-ic, 0. nei"itA.XKiq] ne e-f n^^, h no : -^.iq, 26. j6en- 

Onf(Jtb(tfO. M: aO), N: ^0, B)pn] cf. Or. « 17.67** 120* c'^'d c 
syrP Thphyl. om. ^f. le] €1, A thrice. OnfIipo4>-] om. 0*», H. I€ 
j6enonfC&.tJ0] cf. Or. ««ABD»>ct«KLP al pier defg vg Clem &c. 

1 CORINTfflANS XIV. 6-11. 199 

but rather that ye should prophesy: but greater is he who 
2>rophe9ieth than he who speaketh in (the) tongue, except 
he interpret i that the church may receive an edification. 
* But now, my brethren, if I should come to you, speaking 
in tongues, what profit shall (lit. will) I give to you unless 
I speak to you in a revelation, or in [a] knowledge, or in a 
prophecy, or in a teaching ? "^ Even the eotbUeaa things giving 
their voice, whether a pipe or a harp, unless they make 
distinction of their voice, how will they know that which 
is piped or that which is harped 1 *For if a trumpet 
also should give a voice not manifest, who will prepare 
himself for (the) war 1 * Thus ye also through (the) tongue, 
if ye should not say a word manifest^ how will they know 
that which ye say 1 For ye will be as speaking unto (the) 
air. ^^ There are many sorts of voice in this world, and 
there is not anything being voiceless. ^^If I should not 
know (the) power of the voice, I shall (lit. will) be (a) 

^ OJUL00(O,BH Ji) C] AEF: g,OJULa3C,L«T*&c. IX€ i*^] O^Vi^e, L. 

ch£j] ceAi, Aj* F. nx ( + e, b) onrc julk] nonrc. * a voice/ ; cf. 

Gr. B d e tol arm Ambrat, singular. nCTTOnfXOo] ne eXO^f., HN : 

<&R exonr., 0. <tH exonrep.] nexo*cep.,B : c^h exep., if. 
mre^-pi^m] -xm, e^. • ca^Xuivx] -ni^* bei*. cf. Or. alp. 
eco-von^] ADEHJN: eco-^tjong,, l«t»bcgklmop: nco**- 
uon, F. 6en^.a).] n6ena.a)., p. ennoX.] abde^J: eni- 
noX., L«T»&o. • n^-ipai"] pref. onro^, dfkl. eojcon] 

L«T*AEGMNOP: om. BCDFHJKL. eqO*»on^] -(JOItg, as 

before. €&.oX] + A-ii, c F. uexenxco] AE p : nexexenxo), 
LBT^o &c.: ne exexenxu), b. ojcjoni v^.p] om. VA.p, l». 
eiu.Kp] eni., ko p : JuLn^.Kp, b. ^^ julhoj] + r^-p, k. 

OjXooX] A,.2«C: OjXoX, L«T*&c.: (fXoX. GM. CJULh] X^.C 
'tongue/ CK. n^.IKOCiULOc] Ai.g«E, cf. ef vg &c. 'hoc': HIK., 
cf. Gp. D*FG a«»* fV rf g,Xl] of. Gr. «*A BD*FG«'P 17. 67** al'^ 
e f vg arm Olem Euth &c. om. avr&v. Cqoi] cf.? Gr. D*EFG fg vg 
fWiF : om. T». *^ eojtwn] AE : + O^fn, L»T» &c.. cf. Gr. ftxe- 

•fCJULH] ni"., CFK. •fn^.aOJni] om. n^., P: eieO)., CJ stroug 
future. 6IOI] ^.lOI, B : I60I, N by error. 


c^x\ I onrog; neircjL^x nejuLW-s- qn^-ojcDni eqoi 

^•n^.ipKi" iieooxert ^vd^en^ 6ni2LH xexenoi 
iipeqxo& nmuiiIiTiKon euKOJx nxe -f eiocXH- 
ci^. 4- Kcjot" ^iitA. nxexenep^onro *• " ee&e 

nxeqepAJteneTf m 4- 

TajfiLg,*- n^-g^HT 2^6 qoi il^.TonfXA^4- " o*c xe 

7^e on j6en niKe^mr 4- i" rtA.epTlrA.Xm i6en ni- 
miZ;^- •frtA.epTlTA.Xm 2^6 on /6en niKeg^Kx*- 
f»? " 16 juuuLon A-Ka^ncjULonr i6eit nirfnH nexxajK 
ijL4»iULA. ijLnii2iKJ0XKC e&oX nooc qiu^e niA.- 
juLHn e^pHi exert ncKaeng^JULox*- eni2kK uex- 
GKXUJ iOUuLoq qeiuu epoq ^n ^ " neoK VA.p 
juien KA.Xa3c Kaen&iULox *• a.XXa. uiKeontA.! 
qicKT A.rt*- 


(6 18 ^cgeng^iULox ilxen <&i" xe i"cA,xr j6eit <&Xa.c 
jULA-XXort eg^oxepooxeit THponr*- *»a.XXa. 
•f o-vcjoa exe € ncA^i j6eit UAJCA.'f j^en i" eic- 

onrog, uexcA^i nexiLKi] AiGkmp: neAiUii onrog, &c, 

T^ &c. : om. O^TO^ . • . neJULHI, lA, obs. Gr. L a*^* om. mil 6 \mkmv 
h iiijoi papPapos ; cf. ? Or. DE FO 67** al* Clem &c. om. cV. " 1U.I- 

pui"] pr ef. O'y O^, DFG<^KL. X€T"enoi lip.] x€Tre|€pp., 

jOLnKo H J. iiTe^] ft-f, f h k. nxexenep (om. ep, av^ 
g^onro] iixenep., bl* by error. *» nxeqepAJLenerm] 

-JULHH-, EFGKMNO. ^* V A-p] c f. Gr. MADEKLP al pier 

cf vg Byr»^ &o. nA.nitA.J UinitA. 'the spirit.' DL. n€T"- 

xcjo&g,] ne €Tx., Na 2ie] om. b. qoi] eqoi, fhklop. 
^*3ge ] om. 0. ne^HAAiq] ne ej -n^,., hno. ni(om. 

ni, B)nitA. i<>] L«T»AEi«,GMNOP: nA.nnA., ODE,*FHJKL. 
3ie on i«>] cf. Or. KABDEL al pier syrP &c.: om. 2^6, CHJP, cf. 
Gr. BFG 46. 109. c fg vg arm &c. om. 64: om. on, F. niKC i®] L«T* 

1 CORINTHIANS XIV. ia-19. 201 

barbarian for him who speaketh, and he who speaketh to 
me will be (a) barbarian for me. "Thus ye also, amce 
ye are zealous of the spimtual (gifts) unto (the) edification 
of the churchy seek that ye may abound (in them). ^' There- 
fore he who speaketh in (the) tongue — let him pray that he 
may interpret. ^*For if I should pray in (the) tongue, 
my spirit prayeth, but my heart is unfruitful. ^'What 
then shall (lit. will *) I do 1 I shall pray in the »pvrit, but 
I shall pray in the heart also ; I shall sing in the spirit^ 
but I shall sing in the heart also. ^* Or otherwise if thou 
shouldst bless in the spirit, he who filleth up (the) place 
of the unlearned, how will he say the Amen upon thy 
thanksgiying, since that which thou sayest he knoweth it 
not ? ^'' For thou indeed givest thanks wdl, but (^) the 
other one is not edified. 

^'I give thanks to Qod that I speak in (the) tongue 
frwre than ye all: ^*but (^) I wish to say five words in 

* Thus throughout. 

ADEGLMNOP : HA-KG 'ala o my/ BCFHJi^^jK. ^f HA-epif. • . . 
niU.J onu As* homeot. UmnA. a""] HA.., ODFHJi«sKL. 2^6 
ona**] om. 0: om. OH, F. RIKG a*^] HA-KG, (B)OF(H)JKL. 

^KX a<>] nonrc, BH*. ^« le ijuuLon] t»ae : cjtiuuLon, 

i^nnmitA.] cf.? Gr. M^BDEP 73. 137. Euth add fV; for article cf. 
Gr. K L al pier &c. JJLlU (om. F) I2iI00XKc] iiX€niI2L., B. HI- 
^JULKH] ne AJULKH tr. ^j* 'it IB Amen,' H«. qCJULl] ABOD 
EH J: eqeiUlI, FK: nq6iULI,LsT»GLM NOP double negative. 

"r^.p juien] ae: juuen VA.p, l«t» &c.: om. juicn, oj. 

qKKX] nqKKX, DFKL double negative. '• K»»« jJ3\ J J/b HuD^a6. 

i^^lil 'it ia read on the fiftii Sunday of ? ,' F°>«(Ji"s) 'the fourth 
Sunday of BaBhons.' 4>'t"] cf. Gr. KABDEFGP 17. 33. 31. 67** 73. 
80. 137. 177. 178. 179. e g am tol syr^^ arm aeth^^ ar« Euth &c. om. fuv. 
3Ce] cf. Gr. FG d e f g vg 8yr«^ -fcA^l] cf. Gr. KBDE(FG)P 17. 
67** 73. 121. c"« (it vg 8yr»»0 arm Or*"'. 4XA.c] cf. Gr. MADEFG 
17. 31. d e f g vg arm &c. AitA.XXoit1 position of.? Gr. Fb^^G g. 

"exee] exene, b. iienuA-K^X] cf.? Gr. mabdefgp 

al** (17) f g vg 8yr»* arm Euth &c. 



onrni*- eg^oxe onrefi^ nc^^i i)en 4>X^.C4- 
o **> H^-CHHonr ixnepep^Xonr iien nexertKA-'f ^.XX^. 

nexenKA-i" *• ojooni epexenxioc efiLoX*- 
oa 21 Cci6HonfT v^-p ^i 4>nojuLoc xe i6en | g^^-n- 
•"•^ KeXA-c*- iteiUL ^A.rtK€c4>oxonf -fita-c^jci nexM, 
n^.iX^.oc4- o-vog, u^-ipK-f on nnonrcooTeiUL 
iictjoi nexe hot *• ** g^ojcxe niXa.c ' nA.*cxw 
eriULHmi niiK een^.g,i" A.n*- ^.XXa. ni^.e- 

^.n*- ^.XX^. UK €ert^.g,i". 
^^Gacwn onrn ^ca)^.ni eviuuL lixei-eKKXHCi^. 
THpc *• onrog; ncecA-xi THponr st^en ^^.nXA.c *• 
ncei 2^6 ei6o*rn ibceg,^.ni2LKJ0XHC*- le ^^n^-e- 
HA-g^i" ••- JULH cett^^oc ^.n4- xe ^.pe n^.i Xofi.i4- 
**ega)n 2^6 eTfepnpo^^HTenrm XHpo***- nxeqi 
2^6 €j6onfn ilx€onf^.enA.2;i" *• le onn2iia)XHc 
cen^c^.^adci ibceonroit nifLcn cenA^CTri6<A)Tq 
Rxeonroit nifLen. ^ nH ex^Kn nTeneq^KX *• 
cen^-onrong, efiLoX*- onrog, na.ipH't" qiw^iTq 
exen neqg^o 4- iiTeqonfaogjx ijL4>1" *• eqonroong, 
efiLoX*- xe oitTooc ^i" gon j6€it euno-c*- 
o^ "Onr xe ne itA-cnHonr*- eojoon ^p6X6na)^.tteco- 

itxA-epK.] itTertepK., b. k(x»m)^xhx(k, M)in] 

4>X^.C] +C^.fiL0X 'out,' L. 20 ^g|^ jO ^ ^ ^ ^.Xonr] om. Aj 

homcot. KUf i°] 2,KT, B 26. It&pKl] e^pHI, P : ili6pKI, 

26. 2ie] om. 26. " ra.p] T*AB0GHJKMN0P, cf. tol b1^^^ 

arm &c.: om. LsDEFL 26, cf. Gr. A,"* HC^.H^.C : Ai»»«Ei»«L U^Ll 
'Isaiah.* <tnOJULOc] nillOiUL., CJ. g,A.nKeXi.c] om. 
^^.n, Ex*. ^^-nKecctoXO**] cf. ? Gr. DEFGKLP al pier it vg 
Byr^^ arm aeth go Cyr &c. On] om. K. ** g^OJCXe] -2^6, 

AB E N. nA.nfXH] enr XH, o h j p. e (^., b) nr julki (om. e^) ni] 
juuuLHmi, CP: nniiUL., h j. ^.n i°] om. B. m^.(e, A,L)e- 

1 CORINTHIANS XIV. 20-26. 203 

my understanding in the churchy that I may insti'uct others, 
than ten thousand words in (the) tongue. ^^ My brethren, 
be not children in your understandings : but (^) be children 
in [the] malice, but in your understandings be of full (age). 

^^ For it is written, in (the) laiu : ' In other tongues and in 
other lips I shall (lit will) speak to this people \ and thus 
ako they shall not hearken to me, saith the Lord.* 
" Wherefore the tongues were being for a sign not to them 
who believe, but (^) to the unbelievers: but the prophecy 
was being not for the unbelievers, but (^) for them who 
believe. ^*If then the whole church should come toge- 
ther, and all speak in tongues, but urdeamed come in or 
unbelievers, will they not say : * These were mad V ** But 
if all are prophesying, but an unbeliever or an v/nleamed 
come in^ all will convict him ; all will search him (out). 
^The secrets of his heart will be manifested; and thus 
he will throw himself upon his face and worship Qod, 
manifesting that really God is among you. '^ What, then, 

(X, FK)n^.2,'f i^] prcf. S, DFHJK. U^-CXH] ^C^Hi CHJ. 
A.It a°] om. G*. IlK Cen^.^'f ] L«T» Ai*2BE OP : pref. R, Ai«C D F 
GHJKLMN. "O-^n ^.CCg^m] n^-COJA-n, Eg. probably by 

error, but obs. Gr. FG 67** d eg go &c. om. otvi oba. also Gr. BG*'^* 
fX^ for av9tk6ii, XHpc] position cf.? Gr. l^ABKLP al omn^* syrP 
arm &c. 11 (om. N)C6C^^I(XOC, Ji) &c.] order cf.? (Gr. D* et«B 
d e go) aeth Ambrst. 2^6] om. K. IC] He, F by error. ^p6- 
n^jXo&l] ^.pexenXofi.1 'ye were mad.' BHJO ('a copy*). 
-* e(A., B)nfepnp.] ereepnp. 'they shall prophesy/ H J. 12^103- 
TKC] &I2i., J: 2.I00XHC, BGL. C^.g,a3q] C^.^oq, 0. 

cen^^.] pref. onrog,, l^t*. " uk exg^Hn] cf. Gr. »AB 

D* FG al *** d e fg vg go Or Did Euth &c: ItCTT., DFK : prcf. OnrO^, 
CDFH JKL, cf. syr arm aeth. Cen^.Onron^] AEi'jH Ji : -COIt^, 

L«T* &c. eqonfa)(o, E2)ng,] ^.qonr., b : eqeonrajng,. T'G m. 

omrOOC] position cf.? Gr. «ABDEFG al fere*^ it vg syr** arm aeth 
gu Or Did Euth &c. K"« lj^\ 'end (of lection).* *• A.p€T"€It- 


o^vf*- nio'v^.i nio'v^.i-^ o'vonT^.q itonr>^^.X- 
jULoc Hmu.^ *• o-vonxA-q iionrcfi.a3 * o'vonxA.q 
nonrtftopn €fi.oX *• onronx^-q [*•] ilo'VA.cni iiX^c 
o'voitT^.q itonrepiULHni^«ft- &cjo&. ni&cn JULiponr- 

<tXA.c4- KA.XA. 554- le ni^o-vo v o^vog, o*cjul€- 
poc €cl>onf^.i 4- oTog, iuuLpe onr A.I epjuLenerm <- 

" Gojcjon 2.6 itonrepAJLeitenfTHc ^.rt ne ] jut^peq^^- 
pujq i6en •feKKXKciA. iUL^.p6qc^^i T^e ontTooq 
nejuL 4>1" " npoc^KXHc 2^€ E le v AJULponrcAJxi 
onrog, niKex^onrni JUL^.po•»ep2L^^.Kp^^In•^ 
•^ eojcjon 2i€ ^.pea)^.it onrefubpn efiLoX ojcjoni j6€n 
KeonfA.1 eqg^eAJLci uig^o-^ix AJULpeqx^po^ *■ 

'^ Onroit ojxoAJL VA-p ijuuLCDxett 4- ka.xa. onr^.! 
onfA.1 4- eepnpoc^KxeTfm THponr g^in^. ncetfTcfla) 
THponr *• onrog, ncexeu.nojuL'f THponr ** niiutl! 
nxe ninpoc^HXHc*- aA-nreTnexcjoonr nninpo4>H- 
TKc*- s^c^-f vA.p 4>a.4KJopx ^.n ne> a.XX^. 
c^A-xg^ipKiiH ne4- ijL4>pHi" exgon i6eit nicK- 
jcXhci^. XKponr irre hh eeonrA-fi.*- 
oy ^* Hig^iojULi *• AJULponrx^P^AJonr i6en •feKKXKCi^. 

nionr^l (om. ^.I, Aj) 2°] cf. Or. K* A B 17. 74. a"<" Euth Bas. O**- 

onTA-q (om. xA.q a*», c)] oyon nT^.q, b c (3° 4^ 5**) h jk p (5^). 

Onf(Jcb(0, M)pn] position cf.Gr. t^ABDEFG 17. 73. 93. d^'def g vg 
syr^Mth^*' Euth &c. iO\A.c\ + €&.o\ F. 6pJULK(6, P) Kl^.] 

cpjuLeitK^, Aj. g,a)&] + 2.6, HJ. *^ 4>Xa.c] hiXa-c, 
CHJ. mg^onro] t* &c.: ti^oyo, u. onrog, i*'] om. bo. 
epiULenevm] ab?fgh«J2LP: cpiULHiterm, l«t»ckm: 
epepjULHce, EJs)n6nrm, deJiNO. " i((en, D)onf€pAJL] 

om. nonr, B. epAJtenenrrKc] ABFEFHJiKLP: cpiiLKn., 
L»T*CDGMNO; cf.? Gr. BD*Fa JUL^^peq . . . eKKXKCI^.] 

«n. M. o-rrcoq] xcoq, b. nejuL4>i"] nxen^^i", B (<p^ ?). 
••a^e] cm. DL. ^onreJTg, M)oopn] o*ca.i (3^pn, p. 

gJCOni] om. E*. X^POq] -^A5q, A,* B (alto Terse a8) N. 

1 CORINTHIANS XIV. 27-34. 206 

ia it, my brethren) If ye should assemble, each one hath 
a paalm, hath a teaching, hath a revelation, hath luiguage 
of tongue, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done 
in an edifying. ^ Whether (it be) he who speaketh in (the) 
tongue, (let it be) by two or the most three, and a turn for 
(the) one, and let one interpret ^*But if there is not 
an interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; but let 
him speak between himself and Qod. ^ But * prophets two 
or three let them speak, and let the others diecem. ^ But 
if a revelation be made in another sitting down, let the 
first keep silence. ^^ For it is possible for you all to 
prophesy one by one, that all may be taught, and all find 
comfort; ^the spirits of the prophets are subject to the 
prophets; "for God is not of division, but (A.) of peace; 
as it is in all the churches of the saints. ^Let the 
women keep silence in the churchy and they are not com* 

» npOC^KXHC without article. 

" VA-p] om. OJ. KiJT^ OnfA.1 Onr^-l] cf.? Gp. »ABKL al fere 
oiDD (sed 17* Ambrst om. fnurfr, 6. 67** tKaarM, 38. *J2, ticaoTOi iravrfv) 
syrP Or Euth &c. Koff iwa ircurrcr. ^^ ItmiU.] 'PAi^EGMNOP, 

cf. Gr. t^ABKL al pier f fg syrP arm Or Euth &c. vyfvfiora: pref. 
OnrO^, L'Ai'BODFHJKL, cf. Or. OJ^** (^**> K) (Tfte. .. IipOctH- 
TKC] om. N homeot. ^ c^fl position cf. ? Gr. A 57. bjx^ Hipp. 

<l>A.(om. H*)cttJOpx] ABHJO: ^^^O^V^^CJOpX, OFK: (^^.n- 
<&(JOpX, Lf^a>DENP: ct>^.ni4»U)pX, GM: (^^JU.(^(JOpX, L: 
nen<^a)pX, Af . ixctpni" &c.] cf. Gr. »B«> vg Ohr Thrdt Dam 
Tbphyl Oec haec cum antecedd conjung. 6*TCgon] exeCOJCJOIlI, G J. 

na €eonfAA(€e7r, a,?: ee, l)] l«t* &c.: niee., hl: nee., 

D. P»« i^l 'the end (of the lection).' ** HI^IOJULl] cf. Gr. H»»t,»8, 

H A B 5. 17. 31 . 73. 80. 1 15. f vg arm aeth Or Euth &c. om. vfi»y. 'f GK- 
kXkCIA.] cf. Gr. 1 19. fu** tol syr »o» aeth (om. tJ Mcion Dial) : HICKK., 
DFL, cf. Gr. ilCeo•r^.2;] c^-? Qr- J^ABDEFG al pluB*® defg vg 
ann Or Euth &c. iniTpiwirai. C^-g^ni] L«T*ABEGMNOP : + VA.p, 
CDFHJKL la, cf. Gr. 


206 npoc ROPmeioYc dx. 

jut^ponftfhexcjoonr kut^ ♦pni" ere niKeno- 


eonrg^cjofi. *• juLA-ponraen nonrpcojULi ^en no^m^ 

i6€n eano-r 4- a^*^ exA-qc^og, epcoxen jEi- 

jut^nfA.T€n eKnonr*- 
^'ICxe o-von onf^.1 eqjULeri epoq xe onrnpo^^KXKc 

ne4- le o-VTutlixiKoc ne* Jut^peqeiULi eiiK 

ei"Ci6A.i JuuuLcoonr ncjoxen xe onreitxoXK iiTe 

HOT Te*- 
"ICxe 2^6 onroit o-v^.! eqoi iiA.x€JUH«j- ceoi 

ilA-xejULi epoq 4- ^» g^cjocnre n^-CHKonr | xP8j 

eepupo^KxeTfin o^vog; iSLnepT^-^no ccaj^ci 


Xion ^H ex^-i&iaenrtonf qi JOuuioq ntuxen*- 

exe ^K ne ex^-pexentfixq 4- c^^-i exexeito^i 
epa^xen oKnonr itj6Hxq 4- * <tA.i oit exexen- 
n^.ito^6JUL efi.oX g^ixoxq*- xe j6eit onrcA^i 
A.i^ia)€iinonrqi nooxen* icxe xexen^juLoni 
juuuLoq cA.&.oX[4-] ijuuixi ^iKH A.pexeniw^'f 4- 

AJL^ponrCTnc] cf. Or. KAB 5. 10. 17. 39. 71. 73. 80. syr** aeth 
Euth &c. niKe] om. KG, P. ** ICXe 2^8] Xe ICXe, GMP: 

om. 2^6, i8. iionfCg^IJULl] eo^f., J ; cf. Gr. K* AB 17. 31. 73. 80. 
137. al fere^® f vg arm aeth Euth &c. 6C^^l] positioii cf. ? Gr. KAB 
1 7- 37- 67- 73- 80. f vg aeth &c. *• j6en] g^IXGH, B. eX^q- 

♦Og,] position cf.? Gr. Fr G g. " ICXe] L«T'AEFGH*MNP, 

cf. Gr. : +2^6, BCDH'JKLO 18. eqitXe'Tl] om. €q, BF. mtX- 

JKL 18. enn] om. O: nixH, B. onf€rt(ii, bj)xoXk] 

cf. Gr. K*AB 17. aeth Aug. '* 2k6] om. BDGM. eqoij 

1 CORINTHIANS XIV. 35- XV. 2. 207 

manded to speak; but (^) let them be subject, according 
as saith also the laiv. ^ But if they wish to know a thing, 
let them ask their men in their houses : for it is a disgrace 
to a woman to speak in the church. ^Or did (the) word 
of God come from you? Or did it reach you alone ? ^^ If 
there is one thinking of himself that he is a prophet or 
a spiritual^ let him know the things which I write to you, 
that it is a commandment of God. '®But if there is 
one being ignorant, »they are ignorant of him. '^ Where- 
fore, my brethren, be zealous of prophesying^ and forbid not 
to speak in tongues. ^^But let all things be done unto 
an edifying and ^according to regulation. 

XV. But I show to you, my brethren, the Gospel with 
which I preached good tidings to you, which is that which 
ye received, this in which ye stand, ' this also through which 
ye will be saved ; because in ® a word I preached good tidings 
to you, if ye lay hold on it, except ye believed in vain. 

* Probablj renders oywotirtu, ^ Lit. 'unto a being regulated.' 

® There may bave been confusion between OTt article and O'V interroga- 
tive pronoun. 

qOI, 0: om. N. ceOI iiA.T€AJLl] present, cf. Gr. «*A*^*D* 
FO de &c.: CenA.epa.X€JULI, B future, cf. fg vg Or»»» &c 
*• g^OOCXe] -2^6, ABC EL 18. n^.CItROnf] cf. Gr. MAB*D»»et« 

'• 23- 37* 43- ^7** 7^- 74- ^'5- '^P- ^^^ "yr"*' Ac. add ^uw. ec^^l] 
itC, B. j6ert &c.] position cf. ? Gr. MABP 17. 37. 73. Euth &c. ; for 

fV cf.? Gr. BD*FG d e g. *® 2^8] cf. Gr. »A BDEFGP al" it vg 

syr«* arm Euth Cyr &c. : om. H J, cf. Gr. KL al plu &c. €(^, B)*¥- 

koot] eonfKCJOT, F. eHOf] euxg, k. 

^ itA-cnKo**] om. L«. enieTf^-vr.] om. e, 0. 4>h i*>] om. Hnnt^ac, 
96. 4>^i] +ort, DFK. erexeno^i] erexertn^-og^i, j, 26. 
* exexenn^-nog^eM.] exexennog^eju., a,*ln present, 
icxe] +3i€, oj. xexen^ju.o(oo, Ea)m] xexeniu.^.- 

AJLOm, B future: ^.X6X6tt^JU.oni, OFHJ a6, preterite. 
iAiULOq] om. B. lAJLKXl] UiLH*f , T^DGHJLMN. 


208 npoc ROPmeioYc 35^. 

tfrrq *• xe lixjc ^.qjuLonr e^pKi exen nenno&i 4- 
KA.XA- nirpA-^K * onrog, xe ^.fKocq *• o*cog, xe 

nivp^-ctK*- ^ofog, ^.qonron^q €KH<t^. ixa. 
A-qo^vong^q 6niiS<»- • JULertencoK: ^.qonrong^q 
c^nojcjoi S$ iicon enrcon^- n^.i ere nonrg^onro 

A.nrenKox *• 
o€ ^ Ixa. A.qofong,q ei^KuoSkOC ixA. ^.qonron^q eiu- 
^.nocxoXoc TKponr*- •enj6^e 2^6 juuuLooonr 
THponr *• ijL^pH'f iimofiie *• A-qonrong^q epoi 
^o) » ^.IlOK v^.p ne niKonrxi efi.oX *• o-rre 
ni^.nocxoXoc TKponr*- ii'feiULnaA. ^.iteeponr- 
AJLO'V'f epoi 2ce ^nocToXoc 4- eefLe xe A.itf6^i 
ncA. -f eKKXaciA. itxe ^-f 4- 
^^Jbert ofg^JULOT 2^6 hire ^i"4- •foi ixnefoi iSL- 
juioq4- o-vog; neqg^jULOT exeni^HX | iJLneq- 
ojcjoni eqcyonrix 4- ^.XXa. ^.itfTifeici eg^oxepooonr 
XKponf4- ^noK 7^e ^.it ^.XX^. nig^AJtox iixe 

" Ixe onrn ^.noK ixe nu xeng^iooig juLn^.ipK'f «»- 
ofog, n^-ipa-f A-xexenn^g^-f " icxe 2^6 n^cc 
cc^icjoio) jQuuLoq xe ^.qxa)nq e&oX i6eit na 
eejULCJoofx*- naoc o'von ^^.no-roit xcd jQuuloc 
i6en oHitonr*- 3ie ijuuLon A.n^.cxA.cic iixe 
aj(jo- nipeqjULCJOo'vx n^-aoonifr 

ni, D 

^ iixeii] exen, dekl. Sa(^E2)o(tJo,T»)pn] om. n, l. 

eg^pHl] om. C H J. K^-X^. ... * A.f KOCq] om. B. * XB i°] 

om. P. JULJU-^g^v] position cf.? Gr. l^ABDE 17. 31. 37. d e syrP 
Enth Cyr &c. * A.qo-rO (00, T') Hg^q i"*] AE : pref. X€, L»T* 

, B by error. KHctA.(H, AO] Ke^l^, Aj^E,., 
cf. Gr. BD«KLP al pier syrvmv Or Cyr ftrs. 

A.qo-»o(a),T')n2,q 2^] om. q, k. \K] cf. Gr. kabd«klp *i 

fere omn Bjt'^ ctP*»» arm»»» aeth Or Cyr &c. • ^.qo*»0 (00, T^N),- 

&c.: XeOftJOIlg^C 

(q*)jj*oo. ix^.' 

1 CORINTHIANS XV. 3-1 a. 209 

^ For I delivered unto you first that which I received^ 
that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures \ 
^ and that he was buried ; and that he rose in the third 
day according to the Scriptures \ ^and he appeared unto 
Kepha ; then he appeared to the twelve ; * afterwards he ' 
appeared (to) above five hundred brethren at once, of these 
the majority of them abide up to now, but others fell asleep. 

^ Then he appeared to Jacdbos, then he appeared to all 
the apostles ; ' but last of them all, as one bom out of due 
time, he appeared to me also. ^ For I am the least* among 
all the apostles^ being not worthy to be called ^aposUe,* 
because that I persecuted the church of God. ^° But in 
a grace of Qod I am that which I am: and his grace 
which is in me was not void; but (^) I toiled more than 
they all : but not I, but (A.) the gi-ace of God which is with 
me. ^^ Whether then I or they, we proclaim thus, and 
thus ye believed. ^^But if Christ is proclaimed, that he 
rose from them who are dead, how say some among you, 


Itg^q] om. q, E. 2^e . . . "^ ^.noc] om. K by injury. 2^6] cf. Gr. 
»*A*^BD*EPG 67** I9»«^t it vg go 8yrP arm &c. ^.^fenKOX] 
^nrilK., BD J. ^ ITA. I**] cf. Or. DE Cyr tJra. IX^. 2°] cf. Gr. 

»«BDELP ai piu &c. cira. A-qo-voitg^q 2^] A.qonfa)ng,q, T'. 
xapof] om. Ji*. ® enj6A.e] iin., l. ixuionri^e] cf.Or. : 

ijLOnfi6e, Aj*, cf. Gr. FG 19^^. • €&.6X\ om. 26. O^fXe] 

of2Le, H 26. ^ejuinajA.] i"ijLn., bgklmp. ^^onrg,- 
iULOx (c, L«)] nig,., o. ijLnef(Ti, D)oi] ijL4>H e-foi, 
EH J. ererti^HT"] iiTeitj6., t^n. eqcgonrix] itcg.* L*f. 
eg^oxe] itg^oTe., m. iixe^^] it^-f, h. eenejULKi] 

of. ? Gr. l^« A D»» et ^E KLP al omn^^ Euth Cyr &c. 17 orw c/xo*'. ^^ ItK 

Teng^iojigj] hk exeng,., hl: hh exg,., ej. n^.i- 
pH-f i«>] 4»^tp., Eg. onrog, . . . n^.g^'f] om. M : -^.peTeit- 

nA.g,i", 26. ^* 2l€\ om. 0. X€ ... UOJC OfOIl] om. K by 

injury. efiLoX i^^n ItK GO.] -ItGO., D; position cf. ?fg*quod 
reennrcxit a mortuiH,' item al. i^GIteHItOf] position cf.? Gr. DEF 
GKL al pier (it vg) arm go &c. 


210 npoc RopmeioYc 3Bi. 

" ICxe 2^e iiuuLoit A.nA.cxA.cic ilxe mpeqiULajoTr 
n^.a)(Dni *• le onr2i€ Ixne nxjc xojitq * " icxe 
2^6 ixne nx9 Tconq g^^.p^. qgonrix ibcenen- 
g^iiwicg* qgonriT on it^^eneTenKen^-g^i" *• 
^^ cen^^ejuieit 2^6 on enoi juuuLcepc nnonrx 
i6^ ^1"*- ^€ ^.nepiULcepc ^6^ ^^i" 2ce ^qronr- 
noc nxc*- <t^x eTeJuLneqTonrnocq *• icxe 
g^^.p^. nipeqjULCJoo'VT nA-xcoonritonr ^.n* 

"ICxe r^.p nipeqjULCJoo'vxv- n^.TCDO'vnonr A.it4- le 
iJLne nxc xconq 4- " icxe 2^6 iJLnc nxc 
xoonq*- onrec^XHonf ne nexenn^-g^-f *• exi on 
Texen^H n)6pKi i6en nexennofi.1 " le g^^-p^. 
nK exA.'venKox j6en nxc ^.ttajco*- 

"ICxe -2^6 n)6pKi st^en n^wdnst^ ijuM^nr A.xq 4- 
^.nep^eXnic enxc*- le xentff nonrna.i cpon^- 
eg^oxe pcoiuu nifLen. ^^-fnonr 2^e a. u^c 
Tcjonq efiLoX i6en tin eeAJtcoonrx *• XA.nA.pxH 
nxe nK exA.nfenKox4- 
or 21 Gni2.K VA-p efiLoX g^ixen onrpcoiULi a. ^julo'c | 
UL^ a)(joni<»- e&oX g^ixen KepcojULi XA.nA.cxA.cic 
nxe nipeqAJLCDonrx*- " iSL^^pHt" VA.p exejfeen 
A^A.AJL c6nAJU.onr XHponf-s- nA.ipH't" on jfcen 
nxc c€nA.ooni6 xuponr^j- "niontA.! nio'CA.i 
j6€n neqxA.VAiLA.4- 

" Om. verse, D'. obe. Gr. J^*E 17. 28. 43. 48* 74* a"« d'^ e Ojr om. 
ft «€ usque ovif ?crT4r. 2^6] om. H*. nXCnip.] exenip., M. 
O^VS^e] om. 26. ** IC2Ce 3i€ . . . XCJOnq] om. M homeot. : 

om. 2^6, B. £^A.pA. q.] &A.poq., Aj* (A. added above O by Aj*). 

qgonrix i*^] TtAi«,EHJNOP 26: A.(e, FK)qg., l»bcD'FG 

KLM ; cf. Gr. >^»B L al plu d c f vg syr»»^' arm aeth Cyr &c. qOJOnf- 
IX a<>] A.qg., B: Cqg., OF. on] cf.? Gr. «ABD*FOP 17. 23. 
3'* 37* 14' **"* f R ' vg'** fw demid tol (al) syr**** arm aeth Oyr ^c itai K£ 
following is probably redundant, tbouf(h On (A^ has 0*CnX6) may b 
oZp (cf. am ' ergo est et '). nexen.] cf. Gr. »AD»»et«FG K LP al pier 
d e f g vg syr «*'' arm Enth Oyr &c. lfi&¥. " CCn A.^€iULen] 'XeSX- 

xen, BH J : -xejuLX, Aj^ singular, enoi] om. GMP. nnofx] 

1 CORINTHIANS XV. 13-23. 211 

that there will not be resurrection of the dead. ^^But 
if there will not be resurrection of the dead, then neither 
did Christ rise: ^^but if Christ rose not, then our proclaim- 
ing is' void, your faith also is void. ^^But again we shall 
(lit. will) be found false witnesses of Qod; because we 
vriitnessed of God that he raised Christ, *whom he raised 
not, if then the dead will not rise. ^^For if the dead 
will not rise, then Christ rose not: ^''but if Christ rose 
not, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. ^^Then 
they who fell asleep in Christ perished. ^^ But if in this 
life only we hoj)ed on Christ, then we are pitiable more than 
all men. ^ But now Christ rose from them who are 'dead, 
(the) firetfruita of them who fell asleep. *^ For ain^e 

through a man (the) death happened, through man also 
(the) resurrection of the dead. ^ For as in Adam we shall 
(lit. will) all die, thus alsp in Christ we shall (lit. will) all 
live: *®each one in his order. 

* Lit. 'this whom.' 

om. M. XC^-ttep . . • ^^'t] o™- M. ^^l ere] 4>^I 2^6, B« by 
error. ijLneCJXOnfrtOCq] iin^-qX., AE, literally 'not yet raised,' 
but probably by error. ICXC] +Xe, M. ^' IC2Ce . . . A.It] om. 

D'L, cf. Or. P 123. r am fu. le] ABD'EKL 26 : + OT2k€, L«TtCFG 
H JMN P. " ICXe . . . XOOnq] om. H* homeot. 2k€] om. 0. 

TOOItq] om. by error, lie] cf. Or. BD* d e f g r vg go bjt^ etP c. 
ob. &c Olt] LfT» &c.: 0*»n, AE by error; cf.? Gr. K^A 31. syr** 
arm««aeth go Euth Dam ml Sri. iti6pHI st>^l(] T^ABEGMNOP 26 : 

ej6- i>'9 OD'FHJKL: i6en, L». neTenno&i] nexenrt., 

L« by error. " eX^^eilKOX] -UKOX, BHJ. "2^6] 

om. D'KLMOP. en^C^] position of.? Gr. D«KLP al pier syr"*' arm 

aetk &c. Tentfi] TeitHA-tfT, o future. *^ exA.*renKox] 

-itlCO(a), B*)X, B«H J ; cf. Gr. «ABD*EFGP 6. 17. 6^** 71. 177. 
d e f g r Yg arm aeth Euth &c. om. iymro. ^^ g^IXeH 1**] ^6^^, 

H J. <tJULO*c] cf. ? Gr. D»>et«EFGLP al pier &c. efi.oX 2^] AMD 
26 : ♦ Oil, L«T» &c.: +^6 OH, K : +2k€, F. g^rren 2®] om. Oj. 

K epcoi ULi] TKepcojuLi, A. ** exej6€n] om. ©en, p. 
n^^ nKexc, Lt. *^ nionrA.i i<»] abofhjko 26, cf. Gr* 

p % 


nPOC ROPIHeiOYC !]5i. 



. . . ,D 

HA. ni^cjoK &oTA.rt A.qaA.H'f it'f jutexo-rpo 
itTe cl^-f ^ onrog, ^ioot* eaton ^qaj^nKoopq 

xojtx m&Len^ "g^^3-|- ^^p ^pQ^ itxeqep- 
onrpo *• ajA.Teqx^ n€qxA.zi THpoT *• cA.necHT 
ititeq(r2.XA.nrz 2*nij6-&.e T^e ilz^^l qnA.K(Jopqq 
€Te c|>juLo-r ne* "^q^^p^ eitx^J niBien 
(Tftezooonr cA.necKT iln€qtfi.XA.'rx4- 
Gojcjon 2^8 A.qtt|^nxoc xe a. enx^^ nifLeit (JTte- 
xtjoonr nA.q»> qo-roitg, eJS.oX xe a^uren c|>h 
€TA.qepe ertx^^ itifLeit (fnextjoonr nA.q4- 

nA.q TOTe ileoq g^ooq nianpi*- eqetTnexcoq 
JuL^K eTA.qepe enx^J nifi.ert (Tfiextjoo-r nA-q*- 
2,1 rtA. iixe cj^-f ileoq ne g^cofi. mfLen i^en 
onroit mfi.ert->- 
^•GjuuuLoit o-r> nxeitn eTtTTaojuLC 
exert nipeqjuLaoonrT •> icxe ^oXtoc mpeqAJLO)- 
onrT nA.Toooirito'r A.rt4- le eefi.e o-r ceepnKe- 
(fTtJOJULc eg^pHi ezooo-r*- ^°eeJS.e ot ^non 
2,00 It xert€pK'rn2i.iitennrt ito-rno-r iti&ert 
^^ "f jULooo-rx ijLM.Kitr<3- cg^ nexeitgoTTao'r | 

U*{9ed ipse* suppl) Or : +2^6, L«T*DEGLMNP, cf. Gr. n€qT-A.r- 

LKTtBFG«HKMNOP. itTec^-f ] AEF* : ijLcJ>-f *to God,' UT* 

&c. ofog, ^loox] om. oTog,, BCF. xojJL rtiJS.eit] cf.? 47. 

praem naaap, item syr^h, 26 iteqSCA^l] cf. Gr. AFG 10. 17. 31. 

73. 93. 120. f g r harl* go syr»c* aeth &c. add aimv. ^^ TlJji)^^ 

T^e] ABCEHJ: OITOg, UIi6., DFL: UIi6., L^T'GK'MOP: 
IIj6«, N ; for two last cf. Gr. ; position of verse, cf. Gr. ^«ABD^et«FG 
KLP al omn^id f g r vg &c. qitA-KtJOpqq] UA, GE : -KCOpq, 'P &c 

eTe(om. N)c|>juLoir] itxec|>juLoir, k. ^^ en(ii, l«t*bde 

1 CORINTHIANS XV. ^4-31. 213 

Fvrstfruita Christ, tJiea they of Christ in his coming. 
** Then cometh the end whenever he should deliver the 
kingdom to Qod and the Father, if he should do away 
with all rule and all authority and all power. ^For he 
must reign until he hath put all his enemies below his 
feet. ^ But the last enemy he will do away : thai is to say 
(the) death. ^ He caused all things to be subject below 
his feet. But if he should say that all things were made 
subject to him, it is manifest that (it is so) except him who 
caused all things to be subject to him. ^ But if all things 
should be subject to him, then the Son also himself shall 
be subject to him who caused all things to be subject to 
him ; that Qod himself may be all things in all. 

^ Otherwise what will they do who are baptised for the 
dead? If the dead will not rise at aU^ then why are they 
baptised also for them ? ^ Why are we also in danger 
every hour ? '^ I am dead daily (I affirm it) by (cjj^) your 

HJ)X^' i^] ABCHJ2*L: + V A.p, L«Tk &c., cf. Gr. ^e] om. C. 
enX^ 2°] itX^I. BDEH(2°)J (thus agun exc B). nA.q] cf. 
Gr. FG f g vg syrwh arm &c. add a^y. qofong,] TtADEiFHJiNO : 

-oong,, L»B c EjG jjK'L M P. xeoj A.Ten] om. x€, F*. '® en- 

XA-\ i°] itX^^ ^* &^^] 0^- ^r- ^AD«KLP al fere omn f r vg«i« 
demid sjrP arm aeth Ath Euth &c. ku: om. B, cf. Gr. B &c. niOJHpl] 

nojHpi, P: nipeqgKpi, M. eqetfite 2^] eqtfTiFH^Ji^jK': A.q(C 

B. enx^i 2*"] i^X^J> ^^' ^^ s""] o™- ^i- i^eoq ne] AjE : 
a|U)ni Seoq ne,L«'DA2&c.; cf.?Gr.D*de. g^ajfL mfiienjobs. 

Gr. ABD* 17 arm Euth &o. om. rd. " ejUUULOn] T*AEG K'MN 

OP: ijUULOHi L'BODFH JL. Ot i®] om. LN. neTTO-riU.] He 

eTTOTrn^ BNO. icze] + ^e,OFH* j. eefLeo-r] omu ott, e bj 

error. Cg^pKI (om.H) eXOOO-c] cf. Gr. ^A BD*EFGKP al*® def gr 
vg go ayrParm Or Euth&c. : ezen nipeqiULCJOOTT, 0. "^ eofte] 
pref. le 'then why,' C. K-ril2imenfm] KIHIlI., T*H: KinTI., 

B. ncrito-r mfLen] L'T* ac: iioTon iiifLen * for every 

one,* ABP* by error, Aj tr. ^\ ^ ^j*. '^ gA.(e, I^A)ne- 

TeHSI.] cf. Gr. unc. (exc. A) al longe plu it vg bjt^ arm go &c. 


Ihc neiTOT^ 

3*ICze j6en o-r JutexpcjojuLi 4- A.i-f o-r&e nioHpioit 

j6eit e<t€coc*- o-r ne nA-g^HO-r. icxe nipeq- 

jtxujonr nA.T(Joo-rnoT a.i\*- Juu.peito'rcjoiUL 4* 

- o-rog, KTenccjo pA.c-f vA.p TennAJULO-r * 

XI . . ., *' iSLnepcajpejuL g)A.p6 nic^xi v^p eir^ujoy 4- 

K gA.*rrAjce mg^HT eei\A.i\6nr *• 

oij 84 ujcjoni epexenpKc j6eit o-rjuteeJULHi o-rog, JuLnep- 
epito£Li4- o-irjuLexA.Tco-ren c|>-f vA.p exaon 
j6eit g^A-no-roit. a.ic^^i nejULtoTeit j6eit o7rx<&io 
**a.XXa. o-ron o-rA.i n^^oc4- xe ncoc mpeq- 
jULooo-TT itA.x(Jooirnonr 4- A.7rnHo-r ^e j6€n A.g 
iic(jojuu.4- ^'niA-Tg^KT nexeKci'f ijuuLoq 
iieoK i3LnA.q(jonj6 A.qaTeiuuuLO-r 4- '^o-rog, 
nexeKci-f iluuLoq 4- niccojuu. een^a)CJoni4- iteoq neTreKci-f ijuuLoq4- a.XXa. o-rnA.<tpi Te 
ec&HO) 4- vre o-rco-ro ixe Keo-r^^i ixnccni 
itnixpa}X4- »»c|>-f ^e gA.q+ codjula. nA.q4- 
ICA.TA. c|>pKi" exA.qo-ra>aj 4- o-rog, 4>o-rA.i <lK)-rA.i 
nmzpu)Z4- qi~ ixno-rccjojuL^ nooo'c iiJULm 
'• Ca-px w&en 4- ta-ica-px TA.icA.px A.n xe a.XXa. 
o-reT CA.P2; Jtiteit iiTe nipooAiLi o-rer cA.px 
itT€ nrre&nojo-ri 4- OTreTr c^p^ irre nig^A.- 

ItA.CI\H07r] cf.? Gr. KAB KP al"r vg go syr"*' aim w»aeth Euth &c. 
a«fX^o(. XJUULA-Tt] om. BC D FH JL. ifeeitHXC &c.] cf. Gr. unc 
Arc. exc. D* d c (E^) aeth. ^* A^"* Ei«"» Jb*3ll and e^lt ^li-t (om. E,) 
* the Proverbs (the books of Bi om.) the Kings.' ICXe i°] cf. Gr. : + ^€, 
T*BCH JN. A-I-f ] ei-f, B. nieH(6, B)pIon] T»A0H JK'MP : 
ne.,LvBDEFGLN: ItieK pIO It, plural; AjEG tr.,^j)rthe wfld 
beast ': PL tr. cLJl 'the lions.' P L also OwJJl ' I was thrown.' HA.g^KO'r] 
ng^er, B, obs. ItA.nH07r, yer. 33. IC2Ce2*»] +^€, J. XtJO- 
(om. L)07rnO'c] TOXrrn, Aj. *' ffl^P^] om. pe, D by error. 

gA.-rrA.ic(om^B)^ -tajco, j. «* 4>T ^^p] ii^'f ^^P» 
Ji.2«: vA.p JUL<tT> H«. ex(om.ex, K)gon] -gcon, h. 

1 CORINTHIANS XV. 32-39. 215 

boast, my brethren, this which I have in Christ Jesus 
our Lord. ^* If humanly (speaking) I fought with the 
vdld bead in Ephesos, what is my gain? If the dead will 
not rise, let us eat and drink, for to-morrow we shall 
(lit. will) die. ^ Go not astray : for the evil words corrupt the 
good hearts. ^ Be watchful righteously, and sin not ; for 
an ignorance of God (it is) which is in some : I spoke to you 
in [a] shame. ^ But (^) there is one (who) will say : *How 
will the dead rise? But in what body came they?' ^ [The] 
senseless (man), that which thou (pron.) sowest, liveth not 
unless it die: ^ and that which thou sowest — the body which 
Will be is (not, pron.) that which thou sowest, but (^) it is 
a grain, naked, whether [a] wheat or another of (the) rest 
of the seeds ; ^ but God giveth (a) body to it, according as 
he wished, and to each of the seeds he giveth their own 
body. ^ AM flesh is not the same fl^sh^ but (^) a different 
flesh indeed of the men, a different fl^ of the beasts, a 
different fl^h of the bii*ds, different that of the fishes. 

^IC^^l] IU.IC., L* imperfect ; cf. Gr. )^ B D £ P al fere ^^Eath &c. XaX». 

^ OTTon] + o-ron, c. I^^^oc] om. itA., a,*. A.-r hhott] em it., 

P : A.I\It., C*. *• iXUA-q (om. E2)U3IV(6] Xt-Heq., T* Jj^MN 

by error. '^ eenA.gtt)ni] eit^o)., F*. neoq A.n . . . ix- 

AJLOq] om. F : -HG GX., J : -CTT., DKL : . . . iSJULOq + RI- 
CODJUU. eenA.a)(JOni 'the body which will be,' M. O'Vlt^c^pI 
Xe] -^e, BEFL : om. TC, TH JP. ITC 1° (16X6, Aj: €Te, 
E,: I^e, B)] om. 0. IT€ 3*>] Ot^e, B. HIXpOOZ] -2CpOiC, 
TAaEjGH^MOP. ''aA.q'f] IU.qi", P imperfect; poaition 

cf.? Gr. KABP 17. 37. 39. 73. 80. d*«' »1^ f vg syr**' Euth &c. 

exA-qo-foaaj] exeq., b. nixpcox] -ox, T^AjEgGMOP. 

q1"] ^q1"» Ej. '• TA-ICA-pX 2^] om. T»Ea. CA.pX 4°] 

AEFHJKL: XCA.p|;, L«T»BODGMNQP; cf. Gr. minnsc mu syr"^* 
arm Dial. C^pX 5°] ^^^^^J^^^ • ^^^9Z^ L«TDGMNP. 
nXCnrreA.] L* AEjP: prcf. 2s.€,T»B0DEiFGHJKLMN0, cf. Gr. 

niT€&nax)7ri oTrex c^pj nrre] om. b, cf. Gr. k 37. 47. k«" 

harl**-. CA.pX6^]ACBFHJKL: XCA.pX>WT»BDGMNOP; for 

216 npoc ROPmeioYc ax. 

X^-i"*- orterr B^niTe&rr *®o7ron o-tccojul^ on 
iixe Tc|>€*- oTTon o-rcoojuLA. iixe nKA.2,14- a.XXa. 
o-ireT ncoo-r Aiten tire n^T^ *• o-reT ncoonr | 
iULH 7i.e hire itA.iiK^£^i *- *^ o-rex ncjoo-c ijL<&pH 
ofCTT ncoo'r JuLnnog,* o-rex nooo-r iinicio'c. 
ofoit onrcio-r VA.p eqo-cox ecio-r j6en 
neqaoonrfr "nA.ipK'f on ne 'fKe^.n^cxA.cic 
nxe nipeqjULooonrx *• 
Ceci-f jjutxoc j6en ottx^ko*- cnA^xoonc j6en 
onrjuLexA-xx^Jco ** cecif iiuULOc jfcen onr- 
ajuxg*- cnA-Xoonc ifcen o-coooir cecj'f jOuuLoc 
ifeen o-cxto^ cnA.xconc jfcen onrxojuL*- 
00 ** Ceci-f no-ccoDJUu. ix^nrxJKon qnA.X(Jonq nxe- 
o'vcoojuUw ixmilixiKon •> icxe ofon ottccjojuu. 
Xi^nrxiKon*- le o-con otcudjtx^ on JuLnitX- 
xiKon* ** A-cc^fcHo-cx po) on iinA.ipH'f 4- 
xe ibce^T^^JUL nipoojuLi n^o-riX4- 
er^nrxH eca)nj6*- nij6A.€ 2^6 ^2^^jul ottTuu! 
eqxA.ni6o*- ^'^A.XX^L ninnZxiKon A.n ue 
nia]opn<»- a.XXa. m^-cx^^^^^* Jtnenenctjoq 
nimtZxiKon *• 

C4.pX cf. Gr. KBDEFG 17. 47. 115. 119 al de (g) vg«dci wrm aetli Eutb 
&c. nxenig^^XA.'f ] L» ABCEFH* J, cf. Or. D^* : pref. 2^.6, T* 
DGH«KLMNOP, cf. Gr. nixefi.x] position cf. Gr. »ABDEP 17. 
»!• d e m^* r ?g 8yr«o»» wm aeth Euth &c. *® OTTOn twice] L«T* 

AEGMNOP: pref. O-fOg, twice, BCDFHJKL. 0( + -r,T*)n] 
L8T*A E : om. B &c., cf. Gr. ttXex4)e] nxenA.x4>€, T* C H JO. 

coojuu. 2°] +on, EG MP. . nxenKA.2,1] nxenA.nKA.2,1, 
f*CHJ0. ^XXa.] om. B*. nooo-r] c^ojo-c, F. i^e . . . 

** UCOOTT I**] om.E, homeot. 2^6] iUL6n, OK : om. H JO. *^ <tpH 
(€, Eg)] LBT^AEGMNOP: HlpK, BCDFHJKL. O^CeX 2^] 
cf. f m** r vg &c. om. copulam. JuLTIIIO^i O'CeXIlCOO'c] om. Ej 
homeot. : ItXCni ^^c, B. OTTCX 3°] cf. am harl arm &c. om. m, 

iinicioTr] nxecioTr, b. onrcio-c] acfhjl: cio-r, LiT»B 
DEGKM«N0 P. rA.p . . . i6€n] om. Aj*. ecior] eneqcioTT 

.1 CORINTHIANS XV. 40-46. 217 

^^ There is also a body of (the) heaven, there is a body of 
(the) earth; but (^) different iindeed is (the) glory of the 
things of (the) heaven^ but different is (the) glory of 
the things of (the) earth. ^^ Different is (the) glory of (the) 
sun, different is (the) glory of the moon^ different is (the) 
glory of the stars ; for there is a star differing from (6) star 
in its glory. ^^ Thus also is the resurrection of the dead. 

It is sown in a corruption; it will rise in an incor- 
ruption ; ^^ it is sown in a dishonour ; it will rise in 
a glory ; it is sown in a feebleness ; it will rise in a 
power. ** A psychic body is sown ; a spiritual body 

will rise. If there is a psychic body, then there is also 
a spiritual body, ^^It was written indeed also thus: 'Adam 
the first man became a living soul.* But the last Adam (is) 
a life-giving spirit *® But (A.) the spiritual is not the first, 

•from his star.' 0. " OH] om. ODFKL. Re] om. B. CRA.- 

xcDHc] certA.T(Jonc. Aa*(i0 3<>)H(thric©)L(a^3«). ^ o-ncoofi.] 

AE: OnrJULeTX(T,M)(J0fi.,Ij«Tt&c.: om. Cr, BO. O-nCOJUt] 
om. O-r, J,. ** ^^'CX^KOn] ^l., AjL : ^X^K., B : 

'^' €xy^ ^j El . ibceo-c (om. o-r, t*) c(jojula.] iio7rc(j0JUL^, p. 

JULmtSIxiKOIt I®] Oft ixmlXTIKOC (C, H thus 45, 46), HJi. 
IC2Ce . . . lUlIiTIKOn] om. N homeot. lC2Ce] cf. Or. »ABO D* FG 
6. 10? 17.31. 39. 67** 73.80. 93. defg vg arm aeth»»*'&c. OITCtJOXIL^ 3®] 
AEF: om. Of, L«T*&c. OirC(J0JULA.4«»] AEF: om.O-T, L«T*; cf. Gr. 
K L al pier syr"*' aeth«»' &c. OH] LtT*ABDEGLMP. cf. ? Gr. » AB 
CDEFG 6. 10? 17. 31. 39. 67** 73. 80. 93. it vg arm &p. Zgtip koi: 
om. CFH JKO. ** Oft] O-CIt, T». nipCJOJULl] of. Or. KACD 

EFGLP al pier defg m vg syr"*' arm aeth Euth &c. €nf(T,P)- 
•^X^] eO-C^., BOFHJK. Ei«^ aJlilyL- 'the book of the 
creation.' eca)Ii;6] T^AiBFQMN: -OIl;6, L* &c. nij6A.€] 
nj6., P. A.2iAJULl TtAD*EG*HJaLMN : h^J^^^SX, L»BCD« 

FO«JiKOP. oTrnn^] e^ n., dl: eonrn., bofhj. eqTA.i\- 

i6o] A.qT., BHO. ♦• mtZTIKOIt i^] -KOC, HJi: -KVdC, J,. 

^^•^X^^O^] ^X^ ^M B LMN; ^rXP^» r(OC)P: + ttC, 
L«1>DFGKLMN0P. UltA-XIJCOn 2p] -JCOC, (H)Ji: -KCOC, J,: 
+ Iie, DH. 

218 npoc ROPiHeioYc "Sx. 

K^gj} *■ niAJU^S itpcoMJ efLoX jfeeit x^e ne * 
*'ijL4>pHi" JuLnipejuLiiKA.2,1 *• n^ipH-f on niKe- 

p6iU.nK^2^I 4- *• O-fOg, JuLc^pK-f XlLnipeMJULC^4- 

oa-ipK-f on niK6peitiLiA.c&e 4- o-rog, XjL<tpK'f 
€TA.n€p<topin nxg^iKcon JuLnipeAnnKA^i 4- 
iut^.p6nep<t>opin it-fg^iKCJon nxe nip6MjOLc^4- 

V ^<> 4>^i ^e -f^o) jjuuLoq n^cnHO-r xe c^pg; g^i 

cnoq cen^epKXHponoiunn A,n n'fj utexoTfpo 

itTe ^^-f 4- o-¥2.e UTAJCo qn^.6pKXHponoJuun 
^n n't -".exA-TXAJCo. | 
•^ &Kune onrxiLircTHpion ne-f zcjo JDuutoq n(jo- 
xen4- Tenn^-enKOT juten THpo-r A.n* cenA.- 
go&Ten ^e TKpoTr ** j6en o-irco-rconr 4- i^en 
o-cpiKi iiAA.X i6en 'f^A.e itcA.Xnivvoc 4- ece- 
AJLo-rf vA.p nxe-f CA-Xui vx * onrog, nipeqiULto- 
o-TT enreTrcjooirno-r enrol n^TT^Jco* OTrog, 
^non g^con cenA.go&T€n *• ** &<A5'f v^p nTe 
<tA.i eenA.TA.Ko 4- nTeq-fg^iooxq n-fjutexA-x- 
XA.K0 4- onrog, <tA.i eenAJUtoTT nxeq^g^icoxq 
ni" xjLexA.xiULo-c 4- 
**&oxA.n 2^e A.peajA.n ^^\ een^JULOTr i"&iu3xq 
n-f juLexA.ejuLO'c 4- xoxe eqegconi nxenicAxi 

♦^ nipcjoiULi ng,.] nig^o-rix npcojuLi, l. ne i°] om. Ei*. 
npexjL.] nxepejuL, a,. 5] +2^e, ofhj. npooAin] cf. Or. 

^♦BOD*EFG 17. 67**defgvgactharm"«Ath&com.: +nOC, TS 
cf. Gr. N«AD^et«KLP al pier arm Byr"«' go Euth &c. ** £kr 

nipeJUt] nnipeUL, B. "JuLc^pH-f] LBTtAEOMNOP: 

KA.XA.(om. XA., B) 4>pH'f , BODFHJKL. Xg^IKCOn XJL] AC 
EH J: -fCX, B)2,IK(J0n IlXe, L8T*BDFGKLMN0P. JULA.- 
penep4>.]LfT«ADGLMP: +on,BEFHJNO: +0-rn, OK; cf.Gr. 
KAODBFGKLP al longe plu it vg go Euth &c. 4>opt(rmf»€vi for On 
(OTrn) ct Gr. -f (X, BDHL)2,£Cr, P)K(J0(O, Es)n nxe] L«TA 
BDBi«PGHKLMNOP : Xg,. SJL^ OEjJ. *® 2ie] cf. Gr. KA 

1 CORINTHIANS XV. 47-54. 219 

but (a.) the psychic ; after it the spiritual. *'' The first 
man is firom (the) earth, one of earth: the second man is 
from (the) heaven. ^^As the one of earth, thus also the 
ones of earth : ^^ and as the one of heaven, thus also 
the ones of heaven. And as we hove (the) image of the 
one of earth, let us hear the image of the one of heaven. 

^ But this I say, my brethren, that flesh and blood will 
not inherit the kingdom of God ; neither will (the) corrup- 
tion inherit the incorruption. ^^ Lo, a mystery I say 
to you: we shall (lit. will) irot all fall asleep indeed, but 
we shall (lit. will) all be changed, ^^in a moment, in a 
twinkling of eye, at (lit. in) the last trumpet: for the 
trumpet shall caU, and the dead shall rise incorruptible ; and 
we also shall (lit. will) be changed. ^^ For this which will cor- 
rupt must be clothed with the incorruption ; and this which 
will die be clothed with the immortality. ^ But whenever 
this which will die should be clothed with the immortality. 

B C KL P al omn^id f g &c. cen^epKX.] cf. Gr. FG 4a. f g &c. 
A.n i*»] om. A bj error. O-T^e] Crog,, J^*. qrtA.epKX.] L'T* 
&c. : Cei^^ep., A plural by error ; for future cf. Gr. 0*D*FG d c f g 
vg gyr-t^ Euth &c. *^ g^KHHe] + IC, AgH J. TeitnA.eit- 

(ft , BE J)KOT'] XennA.TA.KO Ve shall be destroyed/ tr. «y^ 'die,* 
D. Alien] cf. Gr. l^AO*D«EFGKLP al pier f g vg syrP Euth Cyr 
Arc. A.rt] position cf.? Gr. BD»»^et«EKLP al fere omn syr"*' aethPP 

go &c. cenA^ojofi (n, E2)Ten] TreitnA.ajo&T€n, chj 

reflexive?. ^e] om. K. " "f j6^e] -AJi, B«DJ,MN. 

cA.Xnivroc] l«t*aegmnop: cA^XniTX, bcdfhjkl. 
e(oin. KO)cejuLo-rf . . . nirgj om. homeot. €nfexa)o-rito*r] 

LtT«AEG^NOP: ceHA-T., BCDFHJKL weak future. gO&- 

xeit] ojomren, e. *^ iti" jutex. . . iiTeq] om. p* homeot. : 

om. nTeq, L ; for article cf. Gr. I Meth. -f JUteXA-T JULQ-t] T»A 
D E G H* Jj : -A.eJULO-r, lA &c. ; for article cf. Meth. ** g^OTA^K 

^e] cf. Gr. H*G*1M 64. 71. vg acth»*' go Arc. om. r6 4>6apr6¥ rovro 
iMaifrai anp^aptrUuf icxd : E2 has 'this corruptible must put on incorruption, 
and this mortal must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on 
Immortality.' P^OTA.It ^e . . . 'f AJLeXA.eJUL07r} om. L, ct Gr. 

220 nPOC ROPIHeiOYC !5i. 

€TCi6HO-rX*- TLB A.'VODJULK ix^JULO-t €nftfp0 4- 

**A.qe(joit neKtrpo c^juto-r ^cecjoit xeKco-cpi 
^jtxot^ *«Tcoirpi rA.p juLc^JULo-r 4>koBlI ne4- 

n^n<&- efiioX g^iTen nenSc nic nx^fr 
** g^oocTe nA.cjiHo-r iiuuLenp^'f ajooni epexen- 
xA-xpHo-rx epexenoi Ra-xkiajl epexeitoi 
ng^onro j6eit nig^oofL iixe hot-j- itcKO'r ni&ert 
epexejiejuLi xe nexenj6xci *• qojo'cix A.n j6eit 


w)3 Ge&e niccjop 2^e ex^>qffla)^^ ee&e itiA,vioc 

Jxc^pH-f €x^io7f^g^cA.g^m jtmcKKXHci^ rixex- 

rA.XA.xi A. -5- A.pio-ri g^ooxeit iinA.ipK'f * ka.xa. 
<toirA.i iinicA.Afi.A.xort *• Jtx^pe niot^i nio-rA.i 
juie xkJtxuj^en Xf^ itxoxq eqg^ionri ei^oyn \ Hl^h 
exe neqjuLooix ilj6Hxq4- g^irtA. 
JULKUooc A.ia)A.iti xoxe iixe g^A^noon ojcjoni^- 
^eatjon 2^e A.ia)A.ni4- nn exexemtA.ep2i.oici- 
JULA.^m jDuuLooo-r nA.i eieo-ropno-r efi.oX g^ixeit 
g^A-itemcxoXn *• etfT JuLnexeng^JULOx eiXiuuE 4- 
*ecu(jon 2^e enig^oofL juLuaA. eepige g^co-j- ere- 
juLooji itejuLHi*- *eiei 2^e 2,€it eoj^A^ 

A-TOJ^I^Ceit eJULA.Ke2iOmA. •»- eiULA.Ke2iOltIA. VA.p<»- 

FG f g; for article cf. Gr. »AI 17. njr dAa^. -f g^IOOXq Itf -^.C- 
XA.e{X, HJ2)JULOir] om. M homeot. D°»8 ItOClK : Ai»»«Ei"»«\y^ 
' 'U«i3^/ eqeajCOm ibcenil om. OJ^A^UI ibceni, A| by error : 
-ilXen, BNO. A.^OOJULK] T*ABDEMN: -OJULK, L« &c. 
" A.qea)n] + O-rit, TGMP : +ii, L. (JpO . . . CO'^pi] order 
cf. Gr. »*BCIM 17. 71. vg arm«»i» aeth«> Did Euth &o. A.Cea)It] 
LiT* &C* : A^qeOOn, a by error. c^JULOnr] twicc^cf. Gr. K*BCDE 
FGI 39. 67** d e f g vg aeth~ &c. ** VA.pJ om. H* : l^e, B«DFL, 

cf. Gr. ne(Xe, T*) . . . nel cf. syr, Gr. A pref. cotif before dftofma. 
l^e] om. OP. JuL^nO&IJ + ne, H. Ji°« i^\ 'the end (of the 

1 CORINTHIANS XV. 55— XVL 5. 221 

then shall come to pass the word which is written: '(The) 
death was swallowed up unto a victory.' ^ Where was thy 
victory, (the) death? Where was thy sting, (the) death? 
^* For (the) sting of (the) death is (the) sin ; but (the) power 
of (the) sin is (the) law. *'' But thanks be given to God, 
[this] who giveth the victory to us through our Lord Jesus 
Christ. ^ Wherefore^ my brethren beloved, be ye sted- 
fast, immoveable, abounding in the work of the Lord 
always, knowing that your toil is not void in the 

XVI. But concerning the collection which was made con- 
cerning the saints^ as I commanded the churches of (the) 
Galatia, do ye also thus. ^ Every first of the sabbaths let 
each one of you lay by him, treasuring (lit. throwing in) 
according as (lit. that in which) his way will prosper (lit. be 
straightened), lest by any meanSy should I come, then should 
be countings up. ^ But if I should come, them of whom ye 
approve, I shall send these through letters to take your grace 
to Jerusalem : * but if the work is worthy to cause me to 
go also, they shall walk with me. ^But I shall come to 
you, if I should pass by (the) Macedonia; for I shall 

lection).' ^^ng^JULOX] UIg,., BEgGHJMO. «8pingj^,ng 

L"«*the sixth Sunday of Pentecost.' g^OOCTe] -2s. 6, AEF. JUL- 

iULenp^(K, MN)-f ] HA-Juiertp., cj. nig^oofi. itxe] ng^cofi. 

JUL, L. qcgO-riT] eqcg., GMP : itqaj., L double negative. 

^ itmeKkX.] LKT'AEGMNOP: ifeertni., bcdfhjkl. 

TVA.X.] om. T, Aj. ^ it(itxe, F)] cf. Or. l^K LM al 

pier Euth &c. ann go. niOfA.! 2°] om. M. JULAJLtJOXeit] om. 
CJ. A.IttJA.rtl] A.qttJ., T' by error. TOTG] JULKnOTG, Aj: 
JULKTOTe, A2«. ton] (jofi, FN : g^OJU, D : g^Ojfi., BK. 

^2^A.rten.] om. &, b*. * eniaaofi] l^adeflnoP: 

om. €, T^BCGHJKM. JuLuajA.] eiULU., T'GN. eopl] Opi, 

Al. erejuLooji] e-rjut., h. ^ecgcon A.iajA.n] coj^it 

^lOJ^n, D by error : om. eajCOU, FK. eAJU.K(0, E i°)e(V, Jj)- 
2^OIfIA.]-(J0niA.twice,CKP. r^p]om.Ei*2; ob8.Gr.r»'37.fuiie. W. 

222 npoc ROPiHeioYc ax. 

eHrto-r* le iiT'A.ep'f c|>pa) 4- g^in^. ilecoTen ftxe- 
T€nTc|>oi 6mJUL^. ei" epoq*- ^'foTrcooi 
vA.p ^it en^T epcoxeit i"rto-r4- eix^ &J 
^jULVdVT -f epg^eXnic rA.p eepxpoJ^oc j6^Teit 
OKno-r*- eojcjon ^pecg^it nw o-r ^.g^cA-g^ni *• 
••fit^^oj^^^ j6eii e<tecoc gA.-fneitTHKocTH'S- 
wy •aXqo-caon vA.p nw ibceo-rnittji" iipo eqepg^cofL 
nejuL onrJULHa itA.itxiKiJUL€noc •> ^^^egoon 2^e 
A.p€ TiJULoeeoc i A.rtA.-r ^m^. iiTeqi 
g,}xert i^irffne g^o-f*- nig^oofL rA.p itxe 
HOT uexeqep2,a)& epoq JuLn^-pHrf g^oo " xk- 
nejiepe g^Xi o-rit aoaq*- juu.'fc^oq 7s.e si^eii 
o-rg^ipKitH*- g^iKA. iiTeqi g^A-poi *• -f coxjlc VA.p 
efioX i6A.xa)q itejut iticnHo-r* 
w5 " GbSlB a-RoXXo) ^e nicon A.ii"2,o epoq ejut^oju) 
2,1 rtA. iiTeqi g^A-pooxeit ite^JL nicnHO-r *• o-rog, 
nA.itTtt)c ne c{>o'ca)g A.n ne*- ^iitA. itTeqi 

eqei..., -fito-r-j- eqei | 7i.e ^^pujTeti ^.qa)^.ItxeiUL 

^ TenrKepiA. *• 

isptjoic o-rji*- o-cog, og^i .epA.Teit ehnoTT j6€n 
^^^a'f ^o iiuuLcoxert o-rog, xext-itoju.'f *• 

« le ilXA.ep.] cf. Gr. BM 3. 116. syr**** Chr om. icai T^^Ol] 
epc^OI, L. ajej L«Ai(om.e)BDEFGKLMNP: + HHI, T^A^O 
HJO. "^ i"(om. OO-CtJOttj] AEi«a: n't ., L«T* &c. double nega- 

tive. ^it(om. A.n, Ej*) en^-TT epcoxen] tra. en^.'r epa>- 
Ten A.n, T*GM( -fno-r] -f o-rno-r, l : +^€, 

T'GM. eiX,^ ^l] g^OOC eig,!^ OHJ. V^p] cf. Gr, unc. 
(exc. KL) al^^ it vg go 8yr««»» Euth &c. epXpO^^OC] Ai.2*Ei«2: 

epo-r(e-r,H)XP> i^'T' &c. egoon] cf. Or.: +r^p, chj. 

■•flU-gooni (om. E2)] ABGMO: +2^6, LkT'CDEFHJKLNP; 
cf. it Yg &c.'permanel)o.' 'fneitTHKO (CO, P)(nrH] IieitTI' 
(^, J)ICO((J0, J)CXK, HJ: om.'f , BP*. •F(ver.i2)JiK'the third 
Sunday of Babah.' eq(q, B : ^q, L)ep^W&] pref. OTOg,, BD 

1 CORINTHIANS XVL 6-13, 223 

(lit will) pass by (the) Macedonia. 'But perchance I 
might (itXA.) stay with you, or I might (itTA.) spend the 
winter, that ye (pron.) may escort me to the place to which 
I shall (lit. will) go. ' For I wish not to see you now, 
bein^ on (the) road ; for I hpjye to spend tiTne with you, 
if the Lord should command. 'I shall (lit. will) be in 
Ephesos until the PentScoste. ^ For a great door effectual 
was opened to me, and (there are) many odversaHes. ^^ But 
if Timotheos should come, see that he may come to you 
without fear; for the work of the Lord he worketh, as 
also I (do). ^^ Let no one then despise him : but escort 
him in [a] pecuce that he may come to me : for I expect 
him with the brethren. ^'But concerning Apollo the 

brother, I besought him very much that he might come 
to you with the brethren: and it is not ai all (the) wish 
that he should come now ; but he shall come to you if 
he should find (the) opportunity, ^' Watch, theny and 
stand in (the) faith; master yourselves, and take courage. 

A.It(om. D*)TIKIJULenoc] ^H^L, AgEJL: ^WTlKTtJJL., B«. 

^® ^e] cf. Gr.: r^p, OH J. ^pecg^it . . . i] tre. A^peoj^iti T., 

T' by error: om. I, A2*E2M by error. &in^.] CCn, CJ. A-XtTite] 
^(Jlte, CH J : pref. ft, K. Hlg^OO^ . . . ItTe] L* T*AE GMNOP : 

ng, — ii, B c D F H JK L. nex€(^, t*) qep.] l«t» a b d i^s 
FL: neex€(A., 0JK)qep., ohjkno: nexep., gmp: 

exeqep., Ei*. ixnA.pK'f ] ixn^-Ip., BE2LMNO by error. 

" ^e] om. B. e&oX] om. c J. ^A^ttjq] -oq, t. 

'* A-HoXXoo] -O, CLN: pref. ^iA 'this,' H*. 2^6 i°J om. GH^JM. 
^.rfg^O &c.] cf. Gr. i^ABCD«KLMP al omn^ ara harl** syr"*' 
aeth arm Or Euth &c. om. di^Xco Ifup 6u. 116 i""] AE : tie, L^T* &c. 
4>0-ra>aj] cf. Gr. exc. 47*: + JuLnoC, T»GMP«. obs. Gr. 47* add 
flrov. 2,A.p(J0Xen] A| E : eOjCJOn g^^pOOXen, a, by error ; 
cf. Gr. M ir^f {,^s: om. LsT^ &o. ^qoj^lt] AE : pref. COJCOn, 
LTD &c. XenrKepIA.] i" eT., BH J : om. X, P. ^^ OfOg, 

0£,l] om. OnrOg,, HJR, cf. Gr. OTTOg, X€JUl\ LKT»ArEGM 
NOP, cf. Gr. ADE 46. 109. f vg Byr»»> aeth &c. : om. OTTOg,, BDFH 
JKLB, cf. Gr. MBOFGKLP al pier d e g r syrP go Euth &c 

224 npoc ROPiHeioYc Jk. 

" g^ttjfi. ni&en eTeitTooTeit jutA.po-rauani jfcert 
OT^VA.nK*- "i^'ao OTH epcjoTert nertcitHo-r*- 
TeTencooo-cit JuLnHi itcxec|>A.rtA. *• nejtx ^p- 
nrotn^Toci' xe TA.pxH trre 'fA.x^J^ ^e^ 
oTog^ A.TeA.go-r e^2iiA.KortiA. nniA-vjoc*- 
"^iHA. iletjoxeit ^(joxen itxexentfitesccoTert 
itrtA.ionron ii.nA.ipK'f *• nejtx o-coit m&eit*- 
€TOj itcg<t>Hp lipeqepg^ajfL o-rog^ eTji)OCi*- 
^^-fpA-oji 2^6 exeji TUA.po-rciA. itcxec|>A.nA. *• 
itGiUL <l>opxonrrtA.Toc4- nejtx a-x^J^oc*- xe 
nexentfpog, rn^i A.'cxeKpaoq •&• " ^.^ri" ixToit 
r^-p ixnA-uKZ! nejui cj^ooxert *• co-ren rtA.ionroit 
onrn JuLnA-ipKi" •> 

^^Cecgmi epooxeit RxenieKKXKciA. iiTe •f^.ciA.-^ 
ceojmi epaoxert ejULA-ttjao i^en noc ibce^.- 
KnrXA.4- itexx npicKA. neju. 'feKKXKc^^. ilxe 
nonrw •&• 

2° CecgJiti epooxen ilxerticrtHonr XHpo-r eeiteJuiKi -j- 
A.piA.cnA.^ecee nnexeitepKo-r si^en o-rcl^i 

A.rtoK nA.-rXoC'j- ^^^r exenqjutei ixneriOT 
iHc nxc ^rt juu.peqa^^^ itoirA.JiA.eejuLA. *• 
jUL^p^itA.eA. "^ 

" g^Oofi.] pref. O-rOg,, D F K L. exeitXO) (O, AiT^P) XCJl] 

exexenxoxert, a,. " otk (om. m)] 2^6, d klr, cf. Gr. 

(exc. ^*'D^* &c.) al pier it vg sjr^^&c: om. Aj^HJ, cf. Gr. 1<*D8'* 71. 
go arm aeth^*'. IteitCItKCC] L?AE : nA.CItKOnr, T' &c. CXG- 
<l>A.(om. H)nA.] LBT*ABr« (A. 2° over erasure of two letters) &c.* 
neiULcJ>OpXO'CrtA.XOc] cf. Gr. I^^dE al fere^® de am fu liarl arm 

&c. iixei".] Si"., BFH JPE. A.(e, E2F)x^i^] ^X^^> ^ ^ 

Ei*L: AiCIA., K (tr.ljU *Achayya'). Xe] EiJ: 2^6, AT Eg: HC, 
LRTtBDFGHLMNOP; cf. Gr. »ABO*KLMP al pier r &c. Utrrip : 
Ite, K, cf. Gr. C*^»DEFG defg vg arm etcnv : om. R. eTT^.] 

eoir2^., THJE. "nA.ioiro(om.K)rt] ^A.rtoTon, jr. 

iipeqep] om. peq, j. " ^{n, B)opx.] cf. Gr. »abcde 

1 CORINTHIANS XVL 14-22. 225 

'*Let all works which are yours be done in [a] love. 
** I beseech you, then, our brethren — ye know (the) house of 
Stephana and Phortounatos, that it is (the) beginning of [the] 
Aohaia, and they ordained themselves to a ministry of the 
saintSi — ^^ that ye also be subject to such, .and every one 
who is a fellow worker and who toileth. ^' But I rejoice over 
(the) coming of Stephana and Phortounatos and Achaikos, 
because your deficiency these filled up. ^® For they rested 
my spirit and yours : know, then, such (persons). ^® The 
churches of [the] Asia salute you. Akula and Priska salute 
you very much in the Lord, with the church of their house. 

'^AU the brethren who are with me salute you. Salute 
one another in an hply kiss. ^^ My salutation in my hand, 
I Paul. **He who loveth not our Lord Jesus Christ, let 

FGL 17. 36. 37. 47. e^' defgT v,?. Uexen] cf.? Gr. BCDEF 

GMP 17. 37. 80 t6 i^tpop. nA.i] trs. ^TzeKpcjoq iizen^.i» 

K ; cf. Gr. » B C K L P al omu^^ Euth &c. olroi. " iXTOn] 

eiULTTOrt, L«T*rGN. O-Cn] om. EaJR. iXHA.!] JjL^^A, Eg. 
" ni€KK(om. Ei*)X.] HCKKX., AgEi*: -fCKKX., JE. Ce% 
Ojmi 2^] cf. Gr. BFGLM al pier d ef g r Tg rell Euth &c. dinr^owrm. 
etXAgOO] position cf.? Gr. M 17. 74. a»o' arm. AJCtXa.] L'? Ai*r 
EGMP, cf. Gr. F 17. ut Latini 'Aquila* : ^.K^cXXa., T^Ai^gB DFJi^jK 
LNOK: niA-K-rXX^L, H. np(om. E2)ICK^] L'^AjBTDEFG 
KMO, cf. Gr. l^B M P 17 r am demid harl arm go Pelag : npiCKA.X^, 
Aj: npl(nr, L)CKnrXX4L, JLR: npiCKlXX^L, H, cf. Gr. ACD 
EFGKL al pier vg«»« fu tol syr"*' aeth &c. : npICKlX^, T^P, cf. 

Euth. *^ onr4)i] om. o-r, Al. "HA^cn.], m. 

** qJUtei JuL] om. iJL, L. nenSc] a E, cf. Gr. K P al *^ vg«i* demid 
Byr«»> aeth»t' &c. add fifx&v: nOT, L'T* Ac, cf. Gr. N*ABO*M 17. 73. 
74. r Euth Cyr &c. IHC n^c] LJ'PArEGMNOP, cf. Gr. l^C^D 
EFGKLP al pier defg vg syr"*' go &c. : om. BD(tr. hafl)FHJKL 
(, cf.Gt. 1<*ABC*M 17. 73. 74. r Euth Cyr Chr.«^] 
cf. Gr. : A.nee., Ag: A.n^(e, J2)eHAJLA., JR : ^nA.e«^, B hy 
error. iUt A.pA. (€, N) nA^OA.] A H K L tr. V;)\ j^ J^ to the coming 
of the Lord' : Ai«> E,»> » P tr. k^}\ U Ji 'the Lord has come.': G"^ jb b, 
'our Lord will come* : D tr. ^^Jii ct--3 ISju-* L. Ji 'our Lord Jesus Christ 

VOL. in. Q 

226 npoc ROPmeioYc ox. 

^^n&AiLOT ixneitoc mc n^C^ itejuitjoxen ^*xa.- 

It IIpoc Kopmeionrc 51 iJxc^Hrrc ^en ecJ>ecoc 
e&oX ^ixen cTecJ>A.rtA. itejut a-x^JKoc 

has come' : Ei**" JULOOpA-rteeO JyJ\ ^jUb l^ii^-*^ ^^b^ ilooUl »!*, 
Ct^I ^1 *aiid this word is Syriac, and its form in the Sjriac tongue 
mdranetho," came the Lord " * : N tr. ijlSl^U * maranata.' ^^ H^JULOT^ 
nig,., BAaFMO. UX^] cf. Gr. l^«ACDEFGKLMP alpler d egr 
vg«i« fu demid harl syr"*' arm aeth Euth &c. ^* TA.A.V.] TA.V., 

J2, cf. ? Gr. A 73 om. fxov. A.JULKIt] cf. Gr. l^ACDEKLP al pier d e 
vg<^^« am demid syr^*"^ arm aeth go &c.: om. H*JR, cf. Gr. BFM 17. f g r 
fu tol ali»«hm Euth Ambrst. 

Subscription. HpOC KOpiItO ( +0C, J^^) Z A.TCj6kXC 
(^HOnrT, H) jfeeit Mt was written in' G^eCOC, HJR: TlpOC 
KOpmei (om. El) OTC H (om. GM) A-TC^KXC ^Glt €c{>e- 
( + C€, Ai)COC €jS.oX g^IXeit * through' CX€(A., M) ^^.ItA. 

ii)KTc ii)en e^ecoc A.iroiropuc efi.oX iiTen *it was 
sent by ' TiJULoeeoc itexn cTe^A-HA. iiejuL A.x^JKoc» 
F: nxtJOK 'the end' upoc Kopiiteioc Z A.nrci6KXc ji)en 
ec|>ecoc e&oX g^ixeit cxe^A.itA. itcjut a-x^^^^c, O: 
^cxcjoK efi^oX ibce-f enicToXn itg^o-ri-t itTe Kopm- 

1 CORINTHIANS XVI. 23, 24. 227 

him be an anatheriia. Maran atha. ^(The) grace of 

our Lord Jesus Christ with you. **My love with you all 
in Christ Jesua Amen. 

To Corinthians 1, it was written in Ephesos 

through Stephana and Achaikos. 

Stichoi 160, Chapters 22. 

eOC i^eW OTg^ipanH ftxec^ (sic) 'the first epistle of Corinth 
was finished in peace of God,' K. For Ephesus of. Gr. B'P al aliq Euth ; 
for Steph., Ach., and Tim. cf.? Gr. KL al mu Euth: A2E,M*NP have 
Arahic: BL have no subscription, cf. Gr. M. CXI^ p^ kX k5, 
Al : CTTIXOC ^^ K€C^^.X k5, D : KGX k5 CT"IX AZ.^ ^i ' 

kX k5 ct"tx ^ % ^2' cT-»x AZ K€c^^.X k5 

KOtX nS, F : CT"TX J^ KGX k5 KOTf XI 2s.€ H^, K : 

KeX k5 ct-vx (sic) n^, 11 : CTT-VX^C /P^ ^^ec^A. k5 
niKOTx n(S lost) pcojuteo i niJULeTJULeepe trre 

'fn^.Xe^. if JULJULeTTJULeepe *the small 84, the Greek 10, the 
tcKtimouies of the old (testament) 17 testimonies,' G: CTtyQpC p^ 

Kec^^.XeoI^ k5 hikoxi n^ pejuteoc i niJULeTJULeepe 
itTei^neXeA. &c., M'"*: ctt-vx^c p% kX ninioj-f kK 
kX niKOTfxi ?S pcojuLeo i rtiJuieTiULeepe it-f neXe^ 
if juieepe, F: ct-»x p1! ^^ ninioj'f ^5 kX niKo-v- 
XI rS puojxeoc i itiJUteTJULeepe i^'f^€Xe^. if 

JLtJUL60pCy 0. None of these agree with the Greek except *ia pauci- 
oribus fiapTvpUu i^J 

Q » 



g^ixeit <t>o'y(joa JJL^^ nexjL "riitiLoe eoc nicon 

it-feKKXHciA. ivre <l>i" -j- oh CTrgon i6eit Kopirt- 
eoc4- neiUL oTfoit m^ien eeo7fA.£L enrgon jfeen 
i"^X^*^ XKpc4- ^ng^JULOT* ncoTren ncitx. 
T"g,ipHitH4- eAoX g^nren ^-f nenicoT neiUL 

•f noiUL-f It^.It ;6eit nen^ox^ex THpq eepen- 
xeiULXoiUL g^con ef nojuif" noTfoit niAen eirx,^ 
i6€it g^oxg^ex itiAert efi^oX g^nren -fnojuii-*- 

Inscription. HpOC KOpmOIOTrC, B : RpOC KOpm(oni. H)ei- 
(om. HK)OC (om. OC, H) S, HKP, cf. Gr. i*AB(C^)K &c. : HpOC 
KOpmeiOTfC "KJiv (om. L ; these two pref. Cf Itee(om. L)UJ and 
have oJbli 'the third' in tr.), FL: V npOC KOpHtOOC ff, D : TlpOC 
KOpineiOTfC "K V a (pref. K, E,), AiEi (H. K. lost): HpOC 

Kopirtoioc 5 II^.7fXoc (om. c, m), gm: npoc Kopmeoc 5 
K€*A.Xeoit (jj) i" A.pxw kX (Jj), J : npoc Kopiireoc 5 v 
^.^ocxoXc, Eg: npoc Kopme(+i, n)oc 5 ct(+i, n)- 
X(+oc, N) x^^» NO: npoc KopmeioTfc S ctt-^xoc 

X^^ ^ ^* Ia these inscriptions ^ refers to the first chapter and V 
to the number of the Epistles of S. Paul. A^ always gives as inscription 



I. Paul (the) apostle of Christ Jesus, through (the) wish 
of God, and Timotheos the brother, to the church of God, 
which is in Eorinthos, with all the saints who are in all 
[the] Achaia : ^ (the) grace to you and {the) peace from God 
our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. -^God is faithful, 
the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of the 
compassions, and God of all comfort ; ^ he (lit. this) who 
comforted us in all our tribulation, to cause us also to be 
able to comfort all who are in any (lit. all) tribulation, 
through the comfort in which God comforted us. 


the details which the other MSS. give as suhHcription, it will be placed 
after Ai in brackets amongst the subscriptions. 

1 F"» Ji»8 K""* L°>8 *the fourth jSunday of Tot': B *to be read on the Hunt ,f, 
great sabbath earlj, according to the Syrian rite' (^^ULJl iJj ^). IX^- 
UOCT.] niA.II.,B. nXC IKc]DfABrDEFHJKP i8,cf.Gr.i*B 

MPi7.maretvg«<»d»«^J»°»syrPEuthThdrt: IRC IX^C, T*GLMNO, cf. 
Gr. A DEGEL al pier d e g r vg syr"«*» arm aeth go &c. efi.oX] om. O. 

nCiUL TIAiL] itXIJUL., B : IteTIAJL,N. It-f GKK.] itTe-fe., 
LX. ItX€<l>'f] om. P. Kbpmeoc] pref. Itl 'the,' B plural. 

€B0t^ (€e, LO: ee=f, M) exgon j6en] €x;6€n, k*. 

A.X^^^] ^X}^ AiEjLO. * ng^iULOX] Rig,., BE2O. 

Tg^ipHKH] -fg,., T*rGMNOP. ^ qeng^OX] AE: 

qCJULA.A)U.X * blessed,' l>rDFGHJKMNOP: qCiULA.paX)7fX 

• blessed,' T'BL 18. 4>ia3X] pref. OTfOg,, L«T*DFH JKL 18, cf. Gr. 

* cl>A.l] <1>H, FHJL. Ren^OX^ex] Ug,., H», of. Gr. M om. ^fx&p. 

e-fit.] n't"., M. i>€n^ox.] ;6en£,£,., h. •f itojut-f ] 

nOJUL-f , HK*L. 

230 nPOC ROPlHeiOYC E. 

oi ilg^onro €j6o7m epon4- n^ipH'f on efi.oX 
g^ixeit nxc->- coi fig^oTfo ibceTrenKenojuL-f *• 
« nre 2.8 ceg^oxg^ex juUuLoit eg^pHi exert 
TeTennojuL'f itejtiL ixexeitoTrx^.! 4- ixe ceecox 
jOLiieng^HX eg^pai exen TreTeitnojuL-f oh exep- 
^(vSl ;6€it OTf^ju-oni itToxq | itxe it^.ii}L- 
K^.T2, itoTOJX rtA.1 eTertJULOKg, nj^nxonr 
g^cort*- ^oTfog, Teng^eXnic 4- T"A.xpK07fT 
e&PHi exeit eunoTf enejuii xe K^m^ ^^pK-f 
exeTeitoi ilac^Hp emxJLK^t^ ixA.ipa'f oit 
e-fKenojuL-f -> 
/3 ^H'foTeaj eHitoT 2s.€ A.rt4- epeTertoi ilA.T"ejt«.i 

nA.cnH07f4- ee&e m^ox^ex ex^qcij^™ ••J^- 
itiLon ;6en. 'f^.cI^.4• xe i6€it oTJULeTg^oTfo 
^.TTg^pottj eg^pw excoit itg^onro exen^coiUL 
g^cocxe ilxencijTexiLxejtiLg^HOTf iiniKea)itj6. 
®a.XXa. OiipHi it^HTeit-j- A.n(jr iSLniepOTfO) 
ilxe ct>jt«.o7f4- g^m^. ilxertcgxeiULttjajui epeg,- 
enn x^ iiUuLA.7fA.xen4- a.XXa: ec^-f c^h exxonr- 
noc' nnipeqiULcooTTX*- ^^ ct>A.i exA.qnA.2,Jt«.en 
e&oX ;6en nA.iJUL07f nxA.iJULA.m onrog^ qnA.- 
m^^jtxeii ^H exA.nep2,eXnic epoq xe exi on 
qnA.nA.2,Jt«.en "epexenoi g^ojxen nttj4>Hp 
npeqepg^co^L ;6en nixco&g, eg^pw ezoon. ^\m^ 

^' xe] om. B i8. exeni (om. B)JUL(eiX, OKA-TT (om. BH)2,] 
eXA-nijOL., a preterite ?. On] cf. Gr. D*EFG 17.37. 80. deg go add 

KOi. coi] ceoi, B 18. xen(K, N)KenojuL'f] xeqnojUL-f 

*hw consolation/ B 18. ^ IXe 2s.e] cf. Gr. : ICXe, DHJ: \CXe 

2^€, FKL, cf. Gr. DK^* 32 : om. :^e, B 18. cf.? Gr. C al* circ. Ceg^OX.] 

oTg^o^c., B. xexennojuL-f ] nexenn., l. nexenoT- 
XA.i] nenoTTXA.!, b i^person. ixeceecjox iinen (om. nen, 

H*) . . . XexennOJUL-f ] position cf. Gp. i^ACMP 23. 31. 49. 51. 
57- 67. 73. 80. r am (fu) harl flor tol* syr^h aeth &c. ;6en07fA.iUL.] 

eoTA.., 18*. iicejuL, GM0)KA.nr2,] julka-^^, Ai*be rs. 

2 CORINTHIANS I. 5-1 1. 231 

^ Because according as the pains of Christ abound into us, 
thus also through Christ aboundeth our comfort also. ® But 
whether we are afflicted for your comfort and your salvation ; 
or we are consoled for your comfort, which worketh in an 
endurance of the same pains these in which we also are 
pained : "^ and our hope (is) firm for you ; knowing that 
according as ye are sharers of the pains, thus also of the 
comfort. ® But I wish you not to be (lit. being) ignorant, 
my brethren, concerning the tribulation which happened to 
us in [the] Asia, that we were weighed down excessively, 
more than our power, so that we gained not the life even : 
* but (^) in ourselves we received the answer of (the) death, 
that we might not trust in ourselves only, but (^) in God 
who raiseth the dead: ^^he (lit. this) who saved us from 
death such as this, and will save us: in whom we hoped 
that still he will save us; ^^ ye also being fellow workers 
in [the] prayer for us ; that through many persons (praying) 

exen ( + 1, Ej) JtxoK^] exejuLOKg,, r* n*. g^cjort] om. d k. 

' eg^pUl] om. HJ. K^T"^. c^pui"] cf. ? Gr. i*ABCD*E*MP 17. 
31. 73. Or &c. ft)s. ® iii" OTe(H, B)cy] cf. Gr. K 109. al pauc arm 

Or Ac. 2^e] AE : TA-p, L«T' &c., cf. Gr. n\^OX^€Xi] cf. Gr. 
1 19. al ? syrw^ Thphyl Arabrst om. fjficl>v, iOLiULOI^ cf.? Gr. N^D^ et « 
E KL al pier syr"^ aeth go &c. eg^pHl] om. G*. itg^CVO eT"€n- 
XOJUL] position cf. Gr. DEFGKL al pier defg vg go syr"'^ &c. 
^UOC{om. L)T"e] L»T'Ai'DGH*L : -:^e, T &c. ilT"€It(ora. Ag)- 

cgnrejuLxejUL] om. TreiUL, p. ® nieponroj] iiep., jk: 
neitep., rr. itT€najT€JUL(n, P)] itT€ttjT€«., Ai.2* by 

error: om. ttJTejUL, F by error. ^k] AE: +€pOIt, L«T* &c. 
e^'f'] JjL^^-f, B: c^-f, r*. €TXO-»ItOc] eTTA-CfT., O. 

^^ <l>A.i] 4>H, GMP. qn^rt^2,JULeit i°] cf. Gr. i^BCP 17. 47. 

73. 93. 211. g am marian tol arm Euth Ath &c. pwrrrai, 4^KJ + Olt, 
K : +Onrn, F. 2C€ eXI Ort] cf.? Gr. i^ACD^etoEKLP al pier def 
vpr syrP &c.; for rri cf. Gr. i*ABCD*et<^EKLMP al pier f vg syr^** &c. 
^' epexert . . . eXCOIt i°] cf. Gr. i*BDbet^(et*)E(F)KLMPal pier 
deg Byrwh arm aeth go Euth &c. niTCO^ig,] nx., TGMOP: 
XIO&&, N. 


port 4- efi.oX g^iTen OTfjuLHoj nceajeng^iULox 
ilxeit ^^^ eg^pKi excon*- ^* nencgo-vgonr ^^.p 
c^^.J ne4-'fA«.exit«.eepe itTeTen cnritK^vecic. xe 
ii&pKi j6eit oTfxoTfAo itciUL OTJULeoiULHi iixe 
^^^ffr ;6en o7fcfi.a5 itc^.pKiKH ^.^4• ^cXXa. jfeen 
OTfg^iULOx nTe 4>'f ^ A.itAJiottji ;6€rt hikocjuloc 

^^ ^L^WKeyoodotiw vA-p eT^.rtc;6^I jOuulojot 
ncoxeit*- g^lhX eitn exexencottj ijLiULcoo'v 4- 
n^. oTfog, Tr€T"€itepriK€|ca)07fit jOuuLcooTf 4- "f ep- 
g^eXnic xe T•€xen^^.€JULI a^. j6^€ 4- ^* k^T"a. 
ct>pKi" eT^pexertconrojnen jfeert oTA.nojULepoc4- 
xe ^.noit lie iiexencijoTfttjoTf*- K^.x^. 4>pH'f 
g^ojTeit enre necoxeit 4>tioit j6en neg^ooT 
iinenOT mc n^cc-s- 
y ^*0-»o2^ ;6€n n^iecox Sg^KT" ^-lonrojcij ei 2,A.pco- 
Treit itcgopn 2,iitA. ilxenreittfT ixuip^-oji 
ixjuL^g^S ^* onrog^ e&oX ^vrew eunoTf rtT^ge 
itKi eejuL^KezwoniA. oTog, ^^.Xm on e^ioX j6ert 
eJUL^.Ke2iom^.•5- ei g^^pcoxert o-vog, itxexem"- 

e&oX (om. e&oX, B) g^IXert i°] cf. Gr.eic, though usually lender- 
ing bid and ir.d. Stg^o] L-AiFDEFKLO*: ll'fg^O, T^BGHJ 
MNP: RTeXA-g^O, Aa* (-TA-Hg^O 2^). llceaeng^JULGT"] 
L^^T* &c. : itttJCng^., AE. nxen^^l"] AE (Y.^% %^ l^ \ copy, 
they thanked him'): itTOT"q *to him,' L«Tt i&c. GXCOn] cf. Gr. 
i^ACD*GM 17. al sat mu def g vg syr"*' arm go Euth &'c. uirtp ^fMv. 

^^ cl)^.I ne] ne 4>a.i, f®. ctt nK(e, N):^€cic] aknp : -:^kcic, 

L»Tfc &c. it&pKl] itj6., J. XOnr&o] of. Gr. «*ABCKMP 17. 
37. 67** 73. arm Clem Or Euth &c. aytcJriTri. ifceitOTCJ^CJO . . . txC\ 
cf. Gr. ol)K Iv &c. C^PKIKH] -KIKOH, BH J ; cf. Gr. (exc. FG -icun;). 
jieitUIK.] pref. itiipHI, K. j6^T€rt with] ifccrt 'in,'F. 
^^ VA.p] pref. JtlLert, F. A.n] om. FO. eT^IlCj6A.l] AE J : 
enrencji)., L«T* &c. present. G^hX 6 except] probably = oXX* f 

itH exexencoa] kh eTa5cy>Ei* : xexennicocg, b« by error. 

2 CORINTHIANS L ia-i6. 233 

(for) the grace toward us thanks may be given to God 
through many because of us. ^For this is our boast, the 
witness of your conacie'ncei that in [an] holiness and [a] 
truth of God, not in [a] carnal wisdom, but (^) in [a] grace 
of God we walked in the worlds and especially (lit. but 
more) with you. ^^For not other things we wrote to 

you except those which ye read, and of which also ye have 
knowledge ; I hope that ye will know unto the end : 
^* according as ye partly knew us, that we are your boast, 
according as ye also are ours in (the) day of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. ^^ And in this persuasion I wished to come 
to you at first, that ye might receive the second joy ; ^® and 
through you I might go to (the) Macedonia, and again from 
(the) Macedonia to come to you ; and that ye (pron.) might 

OTfOg, . . . ijUULCOOT] cf. ? Gr. FGK 114. d e f g vg Kyrwb arm &c. 
o:n. fj\ om. B homeot.: IG ItH &c., J, cf. Or. (exc. BFGK &c.). T€- 

TcnepuKe] rta exeTenepiiKe, hj. 2ce] aegmp: :^e 

Xe, L«T*BrDFHJKLNO, cf. Gr. «ABOD*EFG 3. 17. 39. 73. 137. 
178. de fg vg syrw»> arm go Euth &c. " eXA-pexeitCOTfCO- 

(CJOOT, T*)It€It] El tr. U^ 'they knew us,' ^ ^y^^ *^ *a copy. je 

know us.' oTA.(e,B)no] cno, Eg. A.noit ne nexeitcy.] 

'PBrDFGHJKMNOP: KWOW 2^6 UeTCnttJ-, AE by error: 

^.noit neTeitojj L'L- neg^ooT juL] nieg^oo^f itT-e, 

FK. nenoc] cf. Gr. i^bfgmp 3. 17. 23. 31. 37. 38. 39. 48. 57. 67. 

72. 73. 80. fg vg 8yr«*>etP c* arm aeth Euth &c. r. k. ^fi&r, II^c] cf. 

(ir. (N<»)D*EFGMP 2. 3. 31. 37. 38. 39. 46. 57. 61. 67. 72. 73. 80. 93. 

109. 211. b"*' o^^' d e f g vg go syr'*'**etP c* arm aeth &c. add xp*<""ov. 

om. AE T^ith text perhaps reading itlL, which fell out Hunt k\ 
4>^I, N. g^^pCOTreit] position cf. ? Gr. DEF 

G KL al plus^^ d e f g go syr«>h &c. najO(a), M)pil] position cf.? 

Gr. K al plu &c. P^SJl] cf. Gr. S«BLP 31. 71. 73. 80. 115. Thdrt 

Antioch xopap. ^® Onrog, i°] om. O. eOiUL^K.] lie., T. 

oTfog, ^^.Xm] om. o^fog,, dfkl. on] om. bl i8. e^ioX 

j6en] om. efiiOX, JP. ei] L«ABEGLM i8 : eiei *I shall come,' 
T» r D F K K P : i^X^.I ' that I may come,' H J. RX€Trein"4>Ol] 
T*Ai*?2rEGMX0P: pref. OTfOg,, L«Ai'BDFHJKL 18. 

^^ i)€ti (om. H)^ 
before H. II^I 


ei" co(Jlti epcoonr *• ^icoeJTti epcooTf ka.xa. cA.pj; 
g,m^ itxeqaconi Rxot ibcerii^g,^ ^^^ ne^ji 
uiixjuLoit XJuuLort -s- ^® qeng^oT itxecl>-f xe 
neitcA.zi €TA.qttja5ni g^A-pcoTeit itoTA.2,A. ^.n 
ne-j- nejtiL ott ijuuLoit •:• ^.XX^. oTf^g,^. nexA.q- 
ttjcoui ili6Hxq-:- 

iJuuLoq jieit enrtoT e&oX g,ixoT'«5- ite^Ji 
ciXoTA.noc itejuL TiJULoeeoc ixneqcgcorii 
iloTf^g,^ itejuL oTiJuuLon*- a.XXa. o7fA.g,^. 
ueT"A.qacjorii riji>Hxq •:• ^*^ nicoo) v^p THpoT 
ilnre ct>'f exen jinxq *• ott ^g^^ ue *• eefi.e 4>^i 
on efi.oX 2,ixoxq ne ni^JU-Kn c^i" erojoir 
e&oX 2,n"OT"€n4- 
6 21 ^H :^e eTTA^po ijuuLon nejuLcoxen nx^ iie •>• 
oTog, c^H eT^.qe^.2,JUL€rt | c^-f ne*- '^^onro^ 
A-qepcctpA-Vi^m ixjuton-j- oirog^ ^qi" n^-it 
ixn^-pH^L itTe niurti; €j6pKi eneng^KX-j- 
^^^.noK :^e 'fcooj otSLe 4>1" ixJULeepe*- exen 
TA.^TXH-5- xe ei-f^co epcjoxeit ixnn xe 

^■^ eiOTf^ttjq] LBAFDEiLNOP i8, cf.? Gp. i^ABCFGP al^^ f vg 
Euth &c. /SovXcJ/ifws : ^lOTf., A2*B*(E2A.q)HJ: €I€ OT., T^FOKM 
strong future, if not an error of spelling. JULHTl] JULH'f", BH JN. 

o7f^.c^^.I] cf.? Or. fg i^idit om. rj. le nu] ertH, k. ^icocTni 

epCOO-r] om. L»E2 . ilTOX] ftTOTq * with him,' D^. HIA-g,^] 

om. ni, Ag*, no. niijuuLon] cm. ni, p. " qertg^ox] Ai*2B 

DEGHJKM i8,cf. Euth: +2.8, L'?T»Ai^rFLNOP,cf.Gr. ^^A. i°] 
+ ^2^^, L. lie] cf. Gr. i**ABCD*FGr defg vggoarm 
Euth&c. ^.XXa. OTf^.^,^ UeXA-qa^iOril itji)HT"q] AE: om. 
L'^Tt&c, cf. Gr. ^® nittJHpl] UttJ., GH*MP : pref. ^.XX^,, J. 

nXC Ikc] LKAi'BDFJL 18, cf. Gr. ^^*AC Cyr: IHC UX^' T^AgPE 
GHKMNOP, cf. Gr. i*«BDEFGKLP al fere omn (*.) it vg. 

ex^n.] -A.T., F 18. ciXoT^noc] ctX., h j.^ni] 

2 CORINTHIANS I. 17-23. 235 

escort me to [the] Judea. ^"^ Wishing, then, this, did I at all 
act in [a] levity? Or the things which I counsel, did 
I counsel them according to flesh , that the yea yea and the 
nay nay should be with me ? ^® God is surety (lit. faithful) 
that our word which was (spoken) to you was not a yea 
and a nay, but (^) a yea (is) that which was in it. ^^ For 
the Son of God, Christ Jesus, he (lit. this) whom we 
proclaimed among you through me and Silouanos and 
Timotheos, was not a yea and a nay, but (^) a yea (is) 
that which is in him : ^^ for all the promises of God which 
are in him are a yea: therefore also through him is the 
Amen •of God unto a glory thi'ough us. ^^ But he who 
confirmeth us with you is Christ, and he who saved us is 
God; ^^and he sealed us, and he gave to us the earnest of 
the spirit into our hearts. ^^But I (pron.) call to God as 
witness upon my soul, that sparing you I came not any more 

Reading JUL^^i". 

L^ADEGJLMP: UG eT-A.q.,T'BrFHKNO 18. ^® XKpOTf (oin. 
Eg)] om. J. ee&€4>^I on e&oX g^IXOTq (om. q, L»)] cf. Gr. 
>^ A BCFGO^>P 10. 17. 31. 37. 38. 80. 137. 234™« f g vg go 8yr««»> arm Euth 

&c.: ee^ie^^^i v^-p e&oX &c., h j. efi.. .. .^.juLHrt] Ai»bEi"^ 

(iir-^) give alternative tr. uSi Ae- ^^ Uli *80 surely we believe by him.' 
Ue 2°] om.GH*?MP. ct>'f 2°] AB*E(i tr.4J 'to God'): pref.JOLjLBT' 
&c. X3L may easily fall out, but perhaps the position of r^ ^cf before 
jrpos tu^av was not understood. eTfCOOTf] eOTfOJOTf, T'BK 18: 
erOTfCJOOT, J. efi-OX g^IXOTen] cf. Or. (exc, CLO i. 106): 
efi.. 2,n"OX 'through me/ FK. " iSjULOIt IteJULCOTen] 

cf. Gr. i^ADEFGKLOP al pier de g m* vg 8yr«>h arm aeth go &c.: om. 

iluuLort, J. nei°] om. dl. eT^-qe^g^jutert] aeh°>«: 

enr^qe^g^Cen 'anomtedus,' L8TtrDFGH*JKLMN0P, cf. Gr. : 
eXA-qOA-^eJUL 'called' without object, but then ilT"€cl>'f for 
^-fy B. "Q-yog^ A.qepc4>.] cf. Gr. »*AC*KP 17. 30. 37. 

74. 109. 116. al^"«' 8yr«»*»^d go Did Euth &c. : H has confused text. 

nA.pH(e, Ej)^] n^pan, a : ui^pafi., p. nmiu.] unZ, h*. 
ej6pKi e] e;6- e^cen, h j : eib- it, mn. ^^ ei-f ^.co] 

^.I-f ., A 2* E2 J. 2Ce 2°] cf. Gr. olKin. 


CKopmeoc4- ^^otx, ^^^ ^^ ^.noi R^ ene- 
xertHA-g^i" 4- A-XXa. xeitoi naj4>Hp itpeqepg^oofi 

enexeitpA-ai * 
€ CtXpexeitog^i ^^.p ep^-Tert enitoTf iien ct^itA^-f * 

^4>A.i ^.i-f 2,^.11 epoq ili6pHi ilji)HT"'5- eg- 

TejuLopn g,^.pcJo^"€^ ort jfeeit otjjLKi.^ ilg^HX*- 

*icxe vA-p A.noK ex'f juLKA-g, iig^HT" rtooxeit'S- le 

niJtiL €Trepo juLjuloi €p^.aI efi.KX ecl>H cbmxok^ 

h^KT eSadX jOLjuloi 4- * oTfog, 4>^i A.iCj6KT"q 

g^iiiA. A.iajA.iti 2^A.pa3Tert on 4- il^"^.gxeJUL(f^ 

juLKA-g, itg^HX4- ilxe itK eTeciinaA. nw 

Gpe UA-g^KT eux eg^pai exen eanoTf xKponr 
xe nA.pA.ttji cl)cjoT€n xupo^r iie*> *€£loX rA.p 
j6en oTnittjl" naozg^ex^- neitiL otjulka^ 
ng^KX •:• a.icj6a.i ncoTen efiioX g^ixen onrjuLug 
nepjuLK. xe nxe neTeng^HX iiKA-g, A.n4- a.XXa. 
2cex^c nxeTenejuLi efA.rA.nK eTepg^onro 
njimr epcoxen 4- * icxe :^€ a. ott a.i 'f iiK^& 
ng^KT" 4- neTA-q-f ixKA-g, ng^ax nai A.n 4- a.XXa. 
A.nojt«.epoc 4- g^mA. itxA.axejuL07fA.g, JS.A.poc 
exen eano^f Tapo7f4- ^Kan e^^i^i JuLnA-ipai" 
eTA.ienixiJULiA. 4- oai exA.cttja)ni e&oX g^ixen 
o7f jtiLacg 4- ' g^cocxe nenroTf ajla.XXoii 4- 
n& nxexenepg^juLOTT | o-vog, ixTeTen'fnojUL'f 
nA.q4- iULanojc ;6en nig^onro juLKA-g, ng,ax4- 
ncecojuLK i}Lc{>A.i juLnA-ipa-f 4- 

nunt,8. 24q-^j] Q-|- J. ooxi, B: IT I, Eg. A.noi(n, 0)] enoi, 

HO J. noc] nOT, B. enenrennA-g^-f] nex., r. ene- 
TenpA-ttji] nex., h*. 

^ 4>A.l] AE : +rA.p, L«T' &c.. of. Gr. B 17. 37. syrP. g^A-pO)- 
Xen] position (but before wdXiv) cf.? Gr. DEFG al^^ fere it vg Byr*«h 
arm go Ac. O n] position cf. ? Gr. l< A B C D E F G K L P al longe plu it 
vg go 8yr«»^ ann Euth &c. : om. BO 18, cf. aeth. JULKi^^] CiULKA-g,, 
TTGMNO. ^eX-f] ei-f, B. JULKA-g,] GJULK., T'l^GO. 

2 CORINTHIANS I. 24— H. 7. 237 

to Korinthos. ** Not thai we have lordship over your faith, 
but (^) we are fellow workers of your joy. For ye stood 
in (the) faith. II. This I judged in myself, not to come 
to you again in [a] grief. * For if I indeed grieve you, then 
who maketh me to rejoice except him who is grieved by me ? 
^And this I wrote, that, should I come to you again, 
I might not receive grief of them by whom I ought to 
rejoice. Being persuaded of (lit. upon) you all, that my 
joy is that of you all. * For out of [a] great tribulation 
and grief I wrote to you through many tears : not that 
your heart might be pained, but (^) that ye might know 
the love which aboundeth in me unto you. ^But if one 
gave grief, he gave not grief to me but (^) in part ; that I 
may not lay weight upon you all. ^ Sufficient to such 
a one is this punishment which was done through many; 
"^ 90 that on the contrary rather ye should condone and com- 
fort him, lest by any means in the abundance of grief such 

ItlJtlL &c.] cf. Gr. >^*ABC Euth Cyr om. ttmv, eTOpo] eOpO, 
18: om. ex, B. ep^OJl] AiE: eOTfnoq 'delight,' Ii«T*A, &c. 

<t>H(ni,E2) eefr, G)it«..] neTJU.., bdfhjkl 18. ' ^a.i] 

cf. ? Or. A ami Dam om. ain6. A.ICj6KXq] cf. Gr. »*ABO*OP 17. 
137. am Euth Ac. om. liuv. (SlXMJC^^ tffeJULK., rGO.__ nX€- 

itK ex] AEFG : nxeitHK ex, L«T* &c. execiingA." 

AE : eXCeJULHOjA., LbT* Ac. * V^p] om. G M P. JULKA-g, 

twice : eJULK^g, twice, T^GO. epJULH] -JtlLe, MN. JULKA-g, 2^' 
+ iV2,HX, 0. 2CeX^c] om. Xe, AE by error. ei"A.V.] Jt^f., 
P; position cf. ? Gr. FG 93. 211. !«'. '^ -f JDL (€JUL, G 0) K^g, 

ng^Hx] 'fxJLK^^ nai, fk : 'f iSiK^g, ng^ax nai, b« is. 
itexA.cff] nex€qi",A|.a«Ei: itxeq't,A2*Ea: na exA-qi", 

DL: eXA-qt" > FK. tl^HTT 2^] om. 0. • eUIXIiULIA.] 

-JUL^., BM: -eiitlLI^., Eg: -X•»JUtI^., FK. OA-l] Oa, DFKL. 

onrjuLao}] nijutag, b 18. "^ g^cocxe (om. a^)] -:&.€, EjFK n. 
nexoTf&aq] ne exoTf&aq, tAj. jut^XXon] cf. Gr. i*c 

(DEFG I7)KL0P al omn^ f vg syrP arm Euth &c. : + 2^6, HJ. 

onrog, iix.] om. ovog,, 0. n!(+€,E2F)2,ovo ijiic.] LfAr 
DELMNP18: n^oro jDLniJDLJCHJ: n^. Rxeni., K: ni&. 

238 npoc ROpmeioYc k. 

€j6o7fit epoq«5- ®ee£L€ c^a.i vA.p a.icj6a.i 
ncoTert-j- g^irtA. JlTA-ejuii exeT-en:^oKiit«.H -5- 
icxe Texertoi itpeqccjoTeAJL jfcen 2,05^ nifi.en. 
^^c^H :^e erexennA-epg^juLox nA.q A.rtoK g^o) 
•fipi rtA.q-5- K€ VA-p A.rtoK ng^JULox 
4>H iig^JtiLox eeKe eanoTf jfceit 
iig,o JliHc nxc ^^2,mA. ilxeaxejuL uca.xa.- 
nA.c4- tfTxxeit ibcortc^ xeito&cy rA.p A.rt 
ilrteqjULeTi *• 

^^GxA-ii 2s.e expa5A.c ernevA-rreXioit ilxe nx^ 
oTog^ ex A. o-rpo onrcon itm jfcen noc "iine 


oTog^ exA.iepA.no2.A.^ecee ncoo-r A.n bSloX 

JOUULA-T eeJULA.Ke2.0niA. 4- 

»? ^^rig^JULox 2.e juLc^i" a^^ *^J eeonrong, juuuLon 
e&oX ncKOTf ni&en jfcen nx^ oTog, nceoi 
nxe neqejULi eqoTfong, jULAJtoq e&oX 2,1x0- 
xen j6en jula.i nifi.€n->- ^^2ce A.non ottcooi 
nonrqi itxe nx^ ii4>'f ^ jfeen na eenA.no2,eiUL 
neitiL i6en na eenA.xA.Ko -s- ^^ ng^A-no-ron 

neJULKA.2,, Tt B Fo G 0. -COJULK] -OJULK, H J K P : -O JULOK, B. 
ijLc^A.l] ec^A.!, GM: om. EjL. ® eXA.Xpe] JULA.XA.SCpe, 

B« 18, imperative. ^ ^^P] cf. Gr. 112. m^®-'® am go &c. om. Kai: 

om. H J. ncjoxen] cf. Gr. (FG) 31. 8 p^ f g Euth &c. exexen:^.] 
nx., TFNO. 1® :^e] cf. Gr.: om. HJ. exexenjtA. ep] 
exexen, f* ( + ep, «). 'fipi] t" n A.ipi, l future. KerA.p . . . 

ng^JULOX] cf. Gr. i*ABCFGO(etD«EP 31. 37.) Euth &c.: om. 

A.noK, r.] nx., l. ng,o] nig^o, m. ftmc 
nxc]LKT*ArEFGMNOP: ijLnxc,BDHJKL 18. " Rxe- 

aXeJUt] nxeqojXejUL, MP : ItXA.g., rn by error. CA.XA.- 

nA.c] cA.:fc.A.., E JL. c^T^en] t*ae : (ffxen, l« &c. xe- 

nO(a3, BFK i8)fi.a] ABEH 18, single negative: itXenO^LOf, LsT* 

2 CORINTHIANS 11. 8-16. 239 

a one might be swallowed up. ® Therefore I beseech you 
to confirm [a] love unto (lit. into) him. ^ For therefore I 
wrote to you that I might know your i>roof) if ye are 
obedient in all things. '°But to whom ye will condone, 
I also do (it) to him: for I (pron.) also condone that which 
I condoned, [I did it] because of you, in (the) person of 
Jesus Christ ; ^^ that Satan may not do us wrong, for we 
forget not his thoughts. 

'2 But having come to Tr5as for (e) the Gospel of Christ, 
and a door having been opened to me in the Lord, ^^ my 
S2yirit rested not, I having not found Titos my brother : 
and having taken leave of them, I came from there to (the) 
Macedonia. ^* But thanks be to God, he (lit. this) who 

manifesteth us always in Christ, and manifesting through 
us savour of his knowledge in every place. ^'^ Because we 
are a sweet savour of Christ to God, in them who will be 
saved, and in them who will perish ; ^® to some indeed 

rDEFGKLMNOP: XexenofiLttJ, J sing. neg. ^.h] om. G*. 

ftneqjuL.] AjK n -. eneqiUL., L«Tt &c. ^^ f°»? Ji™k (k°»») l»"k 

*the first Sunday of Babah.' eUl] cf. Or. (exc. FG 8p« &c.) 

€ts t6, nxc] cf. Gr. (exc. 17. 23. e€ov), GX^] llXA., K. sb^n] 

itTre, J. ^^ n^nrt^] nim, b«h*. iixon] ejtiLT*., T»r 

GMNOP. OTfOg^] AE : A.XX^, L^T* &c.\ cf. Gr. A.n02w.] A : 

^.noT., L8T* &c. itcoonr] xijULUOOt, L. jOuula-t] juL- 

XKUOOt, H 0. ee AJL^.Ke (om. N) :^0 (OJ, Ei K) Itl (om. M) ^] 

ijUtlLA.K.,K. ^^ng^JULOT"] nig,.,DrT*BrE2FKN0. gi}^n] n«ntj8, 

ttjen, H*MP. c^(n, £2)^1] t^ &c. : 4>h, jj. eeonrortg,] AgEi 
HJ: -cortg,, L«T*Ai'&c.; Ai»» €&ea507f Hg, ijuuLoit e&oX 

i^l Ajr^ ^ *in another copy,' the note afterwards crossed out. €fi.OAj 
trs. before iOuULOn, H J. ^^eniX^O^ cf. Gr. (exc. 17. 37. 73. 80. 
Tg arm Ac. add lfj<rov). llceoi] AEMP : HCO., UT^ &c. : HICO., 

B. e(A., B)q(+e, G)07foit2,] AsEiHJ: -cong^ lkT'Ai' &c. 

" ItOTfqj] om. G: pref. JtCOOI, 0.' ItXenXc] iS-H., HJ. 
ijt*1"] ibenc^-f , FK: ^^-f* BEi*2 18. ^^ naA.It] twice: 

om. II twice, BHJ 18. 



juLen iloTfceoi e&oX jfeeit ottjulot ertJULoy 
h^t.tioton ib.e ito-»ceoi efi.oX jfeeix onfa3ni6 
enra3rt;6fr o^rog, nijut eroi ng^iKA-itoc ot£l€ 
^^.^4- "nA.noi r^-p ^.it ijL<l>pH'f nontiULHa) 4- 
enrepiefittjcoTT iJL^c^.xI JOLc^-f^- a.XXa. g^ojc 
e&oX j6en o'lrrot&.o | a.XXa. g^coc e&oX i>en 
4>1" JOLnejULoo jOLc^-f isfeen nxc xenc^^i'S- 
^ ^Tenepg^HXc ort ilx^g^oit ep^.xeIt4• le julh 
Teitepxpi^ jig^A-itenicxoXa ix^^pni" itg,A.n- 
Kex^o'^'iti ^ enfXA.g,o juumon ep^.Tert 2, 
xert4- le e^ioX g^iTeit eunoTf*- *xeo7fKi 
xenenicxoXa itecoTreit ne. ecci^HOTn- i^it 
rteng^HTT e^feJULi epoq. e^oxg Xjuuloc ibccpu)iu.i 
nifiien *• ^ xenrertoTf ong, e&oX. xe iieajxert *• 
oTenicxoXK ilTe tl^qc €^.7fc^JeJULttII jOuuloc 
efi-oX g^iTOTrert eccjfcHOTnr jfcen otjulcX^. 
A.rt. ^.XX^ j6€it oTfnitZ; ilxe c^-f exoitji. ;6en 
g^^rtixX^-x itcwiti ^.^. a.XXa. j6en 2^^.I^^XA.J; 
itg^KT" ncA-px- 

xe efi.oX g^iTOTeit ijuuL^.^f^.xeIt4• xexenoi 

itO-r (om. OT, F0)CeOl] cf. Gr. D^'E*^ dafilip: OTfCe., T, cf. 

Or. a<r/ijj: j6erto7fceoi, i8: nejuLOTfceoi, b. efi.oX i*^] 

nOTfqi, r, omitting cSloX by error. G^loX ifcen] twice, cf. Gr. 
^^ABC 10. 17. 31. 37. 47« (pri tantum) 80. 137. aeth^" Qem Or Euth Cyr 

&c. «. :^e] juten, dl. iloTf ce.] om. ott , h. e^( + ot, m;- 

a3nj6] om. N. 2^IKA.noc] LeTtABTDEMNP 18: &TK., FG 

HJKLO. " nA.(+i, B)noi] ^^.IOl, j,: ^.noit, t*. Rott- 

JULHOj] cf. Gr. ^^ABOK al plu d e f vg aeth Euth &c. iroXXo^ erep- 

iefiL(n, D)aja5X(&, M)] ^.-vep., P: eripie^., t». g^coc i^] 

cf. Gr. (exc. FO 46. Ac). eSuOX 1®] om. G. O'rTOTfi.O . . . 
ifcen] om. N homeot. e6oX 9®] om. DL. iiL<l>'f" a**] om. XL, B. 

* nX^.g,OIt (om. Aj)] CT^.^., FJj: eitT^g^on, HJjjK. 

2 CORINTHIANS H. 17— III. 5. 241 

a savour from [a] death to [a] death ; but to some a savour 
from [a] life to [a] life. And who is sufficient for these 
things ? *^ For we were not being as many, trafficking with 
(the) word of God: but (^) as from [a] sincerity, but (^) 
as from Qod, before Qod, in Christ we speak. 

ILL Begin we again to commend ourselves, or do we 
need epistles as others commending us to you or from youl 
^ Because ye are our epistle written in our hearts, being 
known, being read by all men ; ^ ye are manifested that 
ye (are) an epiatie of Christ, ministered through us, being 
written not in [an] ink, but (A.) in [a] spirit of the living 
God; not in tables of stone, but (^) in tables of heart of 
flesh, ^But we have such a persuasion through Christ 
towards God : * not that through ourselves only We are 
sufficient to think of a work as that (it is) from ourselves ; 

le (K, B*)] cf. Gr. «BODEFG 31. 37. 46. 67** 74. 80. 179. S^ 

a»<^f>« ai^^ it vg go Euth &c. Tertepxpi^] epilxp^^> ^^^ • 

Ten I il&^ItXpI^» B by error. CXTl^.^o] eTA-g^Ort, J, : 
^•rT•^.2^0, B. 2,A.pa5T"eit . . . g^IXen] om. N homeot. 

* ecci6K07n-] exc., t*gm. neitg^KT] cf. Gr. a &c.: ite- 

Teniteng^HX, B by error, but obe. Gr. >^ 4. 17. aip* al***' demid 
aeth"> l^MP. eT( + H, D*)€JULl] etJULCtl, G (tr. also \^jih> 'they 
think it') L. G^OXg] AgE : eTfecOOJ, H J : pref. OTfOg,, L'TtAi'f 
&c. JUUULOC] epoc, HJ. '-OTfOng]] Ai^jTDHJiLN: 

-OnrOJItg,, L«T* &c. eA.7f OjeJULO}!} ercy., J present. ecci6.] 
CCj6., FH*: Ci6., L. jfeenOTfTUtX] cf.? Gr. 37. Dial. 

exon;6] -a5iti6, 'pgmno. ^^^.n 11X^3^ a*>] <>™- 8j^^* 

indef. art., FHNP*. h^HTT nCA.px] cf.? Gr. i^ABODEGLP 
al ^ syrP Enth Sec. It is probably appositional, as ItCOIlI = XtBlvais. 
^ B (ar.) appoints lection for feast of S. Basil and his brother. F°^ L°^ 
' the second Sunday of Babah.' OTfOinrA.n] -If itXA.It, TH J(N)0. 

jjutx^y] om. El*. i}LnA.i] jOL4>a.i, Ej. ux^J p^f. mc, a,. 

* OTfX O^^^ d^'fy B : O-f , KL: 0-»XI, Eg)] OTfX^ P. e&oX 
. . . ^X€It] position cf. Gr. UBO 73. 137. (37 post Ik,) arm Enth &c. 
2,IK^(e, A2*)nOC] see ii. 16 (exc. £,T, M). BT^UoSk] AjBTE 
NO : eOTg,., L?T' Ai'^ Ac. 


242 npoc ROPiHeioYc h. 

juution A-XXa. xeiuuLexg^iKA-itoc onrefi.oX iieit 
^"f xe. «<tA.i exA-qepeitepneiULngA. ilep2ii^- 
Ktwrt ei~2ii^eKKH JuL&epi tire onrcj6^i ^it 
A-XXa. iixe onruiu. nici6^i vA-p qjfcojxefi.^- 
nirmi; qxA.iti6o. 

2,(jocxe iixeaxeiUL iteitojKpi ijiinc?^ <- gxeiUL- 
zoAJL iizonrajT eiioTit ifceit iig^o iOuuLoonrcHC •fr- 
eeze luojonr itxe neqg^ofr <t)K eeit^jcoopq 4- 
nr * nojco) JULA-XXon itxeajTexiL | nojeiULaii itxe 
uiiiiul4- (Qujni i^ti onrojonrfr Mcze VA-p 
•fTiiA-KortiA. iixe mg^ionri jOLn^^n-i- ^cojoom 
jfeert onrojOT ng^onro JULA.XXon4- cnA.epg,onro 
ttzei'3iiA.KomA. itxe -fjuieeAJUii i6ert onroooT 4- 
" Re VA-p iineqcrjcjooT 4- it2:e<l>K exA.Ti"a50T itA.q 
iieit UA-iAJiepoc ee&e uiojot eeonrtwxefi. 
itg^onro. "icze r^-p neeit^Koopq 4- ^qcguom 
efi.oX 2,jxeit onra50T4- itg^onro ajla-XXoh uex- 
ojon jfeenonrojOT 4- 
t/3 " 60nronxA.1t onrit iionrg^eXnic juLuA-ipKi" JULA.pen- 
ipj itoTrtioji" itoTOjng, efi.oX "onrog, ka-XA. 

onre&oX] om. onr, EgHJP. i6eit<l>i-] T*AjrEGMNP : li.^'f, 

L«Ai'DFKLO: | ^-f, B : aiX€n<l>'f , H J. X (3i, AjEj) e] He, 

T* Af B*. • -Open] -eepeit, l : -epe, r*. itepsii^jcooit] 
eitepi'AJCoit, B*. ei"3i.] rt'f3i., dfhjkl. -eKKH] -ki, 
TH. itxeonruitA.J exeunH, h : itxenimtZ;, t* def. art. 
niCi6A.i] jxc^A.1, E. VA-p] om. H*. qi6twxe&] A.qi6., 

BTL. ninitA.J AgE :. + 3ie, LiT'Ai' &c., cf. Gr. qXA.Iti6o] 
A.qX., B: eqX., GHL. F^H°w g^\ 'the end (of the lection).* 
Haatrt. 7 jymg 3ienrXepOItOJULIOIt ; Ji««« *the second Sunday of Babah.' 
ICXe] T^ATEGMN: + 3ie, L^BDFHJKLOP i8, cf. Gr. 
•f (om. L)2iI(om. 3il, B N) A-KtWrtlA.] T»AELO: -KOltlA., L« &c. 
g^A-ItCj^A.!] cf. Gr. h^AOD^etoEKLP al omn^** d e f « vg syrP go Or 
Did Macar Euth &c. e^f (A., Eg) <l>a)(0, FB JMN)Xg,] L8T'Ar*EG 
JMNOP: eC<l>0((JO,F)Xg^, BT^^DFHKL i8«. i6en 2°] cf. ? Gr. 

2 CORINTHIANS HI. 6-13. 243 

but (^) our sufficiency is from God ; ® he (lit. this) who 
made us worthy of ministering for (e) the new teatamentj 
not of [a] writing, but (A.) of [a] spirit: for the writing 
killeth ; the spirit giveth life. "^ If the ministration of 

(the) death, in writings, graven in stones, came to pass in 
[a] glory, so that (the) children of Israel could not look 
in on (i&6n) (the) face of Moses because of the glory of 
his face ; which will be done away : ® Iiow much rather 
cometh not to pass, (the) ministration of the spirit in [a] 
glory? ®For if the ministration of the condemnation came 
to pass in [a] glory, much rather will abound the minis- 
tration of [the] righteousness in [a] glory.* ^^ For even 
that, to which they gave glory, received not glory in this 
respect, because of the glory that passeth over beyond 
(lit. more). ^^ For if that which will be done away came 
to pass through [a] glory, much mx)re that which abideth 
(ajoix), in [a] glory. ^^ Having then such a hope, let us 
be in [a] great boldness (lit. manifestation), ^^and not 

N«D»>et«EKL al pier d e f vg arm Mac &c. g^OJCXe] L«TTDG L 

MNO*p 18: -2ie, A &c. iizonrajx] ex., r. ng^o] nig^o, 
T*B*N. JULOjnrcHc] iULOJonrcKC, A. nicjoonr] ncjoonr, mp. 


uocoo, L«D. nojextai] niaj., hJ: aj^-**^^ g«lmp. 
uiTutZT] om. ni, LO. oj^^O ^^' ? G'- 8p* ?<my : n^ojcjom, FK, 

cf. Or. Itnai. • i"2iIA«] cf. Or. BD»>EKLP al pier fg vg*^i« go 

Macar &c. -KOItlA.] -Ka5nI^.,TTN. JULn^A.n1 eU., BFK 18. 

^.cajooni] cf. ? Or. D*EFG it vg &c. add ?<my. ^eitonrcjoonr] 

twice: jfeenOJOnr twice, H ; for ifceit 2*» cf.? Or. N«DEFGKLP 
al pier it vg arm Or Macar &c. CIt^6p] cf.? Gr. DE 38. 72. 93. 
al**"" dcg Byr«t' Macar Tftpuratwrti : CGIt^Cp, A2*?H0 by error. 

^^ iineq.] cf. Gr. one. &c. o^. eeoTajTefiL] exonroT, l. 
" neenA.Ka5pq] <^r een^K., b 18. g^iTeit] i6eit, b j 18. 

nexgon] ne excy., T*. " L^b 'the third Sunday of Babah.' 

€(om. HJ)OnrOItTA.It] -It ttTA.It, rHJgNO. OTH] cf. Gr: 
2i.e, H J. nonr. i<>] AjE : pref. JULJJL^.nf, L«T*Ai' &c. efiioX] 
+ JULU^pR-f 'thus/ K. 

R a 

244 npoc ROPiHeioYc b. 

^pHrf A.rt ijLXtcjonrcKC eojA-qx^ ttOTK^-XTiUL- 
JULA. ezeit neq2^0 4- eaTexjiepe iteitojHpi 
iinicTC ttjxeixxojuL ibconrgT enioooT itxe 
neqg^o <1>k eertA-KOjpq ^*a.XXa. A-nreoojUL ibce- 
itonrx«.eTi. gA.ei6oTit v^p e<l>oonr iteg^oonr 
niKiJkrjULJtx^ iiotcjot-j- qx^ ^ixert nioxg 
iiTe -f^iA-OKKH itA.nA.c iiq(Jcbpn e&oX ^.n xe 
eqnA-Koopq i6ert nxc. 
"OtXXX^w gA.€i6onrrt €<1>oot eofoon awnroj^itcjog 
juuticjoTCHC niK^ysntjtxjJU. on qx^ exen 
nonrg^KX4- "eacjon ^e A-qg^witKOTq enw* 
aa^qajXi . £jLn\K^><TJtJLJUL^ juUti^nr *• " hot 
^e ne niuitll. niJtiaw exe mmul tvre rot 
juutioq pnrJULeTpeAJLg^e xe -s- 
*y ^® UXrton ^e TKponr iiert oTg^o eqcTcbpn e&oX 
Tenzonrojx enooonr juLnoc ^en onriA.X4- en- 

2^iK(joit->- eJ&oX iieit oTtoonr enrtoonr*- pTog, 
K^wT^w <l>pH'f ne4- eJ&oX g^ixen onrrutH iiTe 
HOT ne *• ^ eeJ&e <l>awi eonro nTA.n Jjutx^rf *• 
nx^wi^iA-Koniaw *• K^wT^w <l>pH'f exA.nrnA.1 n^.n4- 
nxenepitKA-Km a^n*- ^^.XXa^ enx^ ncoon 
nnK eTg^Hn nxe nojini^ 

" ega^qx^] e(^» B)T"A.qx^> b i8. e^cen] g^ixen, 
i^'Ai'DKL. egxeiULepe] -eepe, P:. -epen, r by error. 
gzejULSCoxt.] aj'^'eixxoxt., r*p* by error. eniojoT itxe- 

neqg^O <1>k] T' Ag E, of. Gr. a f vg Ambrst Arcbel : enXtOK 
iXC^K, L«Ai'BrDFGKMNOP: ixnxaOK JUL<l>K, HJL; cf. Gr. 

&c.: enxooK iinKJoonr iixeneqg^o ^h, i8. " a^XX^.' 
cf. Gr. : onrog^, DL. ^ rbcenonrx«.eTj] iinonrxt., h*. rA.p" 
om. H*. e<toonr] j3l<^., Ag. neg^oonr] cf. Gr. »abcdefgp 

al^* Olem Euth Cyr &c. item it vg syrP arm f(o &c. nOTTOOX] om. Ei*2. 

^X"] €^X*^i ttgmop. g^izeit) ezen, b i8. nqtftbpn] 

TtAjB^FGJgMO^P i8 : ii(en, D)qtfop(pO, H)n, L«Ai^rDEHJi 

KLN. ze eqnA-KOjpq] t^AiE: xeqna^., bh"»«jk: ze 

A.qnA..,L''A2«r<'DFGLMNOPi8: Ze ^.q., F* : om. H*. "OH] 

2 CORINTHIANS III. 14— IV. 2. 245 

according as Moses, who putteth a covering over his face 
for (the) children of Israel not to be able to look at the 
glory of his face, which will be done away: ^*but (^.) 
their thoughts were hardened: for until this v6ry day the 
same covering is upon the reading of the old testament ; it 
not being revealed, that it will be done away in Christ. 

^* But (a.) until to-day, if Moses should be read, the cover- 
ing also is over their heart. ^^ But if it should turn to the 
Lord, he taketh away that covei^ing. ^^But the Lord is 
the spirit: the place in which (is) the spirit of the Lord, 
is [a] liberty. *® But we all with (jfcert) [a] face un- 
veiled (lit. being revealed) look at (the) glory of the Lord 
in a mirror, changing ourselves into the same image from 
a glory to a glory, and it was according as" from a spirit 
of the Lord. IV. Therefore having this ministry, according 
as mercy was shown us, we faint not : * but (A.) we leave 

'^ Unusual construction. 

oni. JL: Onrn, F. qX**] ^^X^i nop ; position of. ? Gr. D*et« 
EFG defg vg go aeth. ezeit] T^AFEGMNO: g^IZ., LbBDF 
HJKLP 18. i^eaOJU 2s.e] om. 2^6, B 18; obs. ec^UJli 

often renders Srav of Did &c. KOXq enOC S^q] om. H* : 
KOJXq &c., M : KOXe &c.. Eg : KOXqil & c., F. gA.q(joXi] 

a)^.T(joXi, LKP. " ne(A., b)] om. n. nmitA-j twice : nitA. 

twice, H*. niAXA.] +3i€, Br«DFKL 18. OnrjUieXp.] cf. Gr. 
NABCD* 17. 67** r syr««^ Nyss Euth om. «icei. F«n»i^l 'the end (of 

the lection).' " XKponr] XKpen, AjH J. eqflloj* N)a5pn" 
-opn, TDN. eit(it, BL i8)aifi.i"] enaifi-f , tfno. Sg^pm" 
ili6., BHJ 18. xawig^iKoon 2°] exA.i2,i(T, GM)Ka5n, gh 
JM: om. L'^EgK. e&oX jfeeit] om. st>en, N. e^ooonr] 
eoTOJonr, t*. oTog^] ae: om . L«T* &c. h g] en e, j. 
g,iT"€it] ifeert, HJ. onrTutX] om. ot, F: nmiu., hj. 
ne] ite, e*. 

* e(c, E2)] -it nxA-tt, bfh jno. 3iiawKomA.] 
KJoitiA., FN. tt(en, K i8)KA.Km] cf. Gr. D*FG f'wo-. * ert- 
X^]AiEJL: nx^>A2BDi8: ^nycujf^^' ttxertx^* 

LiT*rGHMNOP conjunctive. ItK GTaRU] HeXg,., DF, 

Hunt x8, 
18-IV. 4 

246 npoc ROPmeioYc h. 

Hxenxjiottji iieit onrx«.exce& -j- onrog, itxeit- 

. . . , Fr iiert nionrcjoitg, e&oX ilxe -fimeeiULKi <- eit- 

BM 14740 T^wg^o JuuuLoit ep^^xeit itA.2^pert cnritK3i€cic 
^^^8j^ m&.en iiTe rtipooxx.! juLncimeo iJL<l>'f. 'icxe 
' " ■ ' ^e eqepUKeg^KU iizeneneTA.rreXion eqg^an 

st>^t\. rtK eeitA.XA.Ko * en oic a. ^-f A.qecoA«. 
itnixteri nxe niA.enA.2,-f ilxe lU-ieneg,*- €cl>onra5mi nxe nieTA.rre- 
Xioit nxe nojof JuLuxc^- exe xg^iKoon 
J3L<if ne-s- 

t6 ^ HA,n&icoia rA.p jjutioit a.XXa, iiLnxc ?hc 

neitOT A,tton 2s>e &coit xen oi juljSlcok itojxen 

eJ&oX g^ixeit iHC • xe 4)^" A.qzoc4- ze oTonroomi 
eqeeponrcjomi i6en nx^*^^ ^^^ 4*^i ^€: €XA.q- 
eponrojini jfeeit iteitg^HX-s- e^onroomi ilxe 
nejuLi ilxe nojonr iiL4>'f jfeeit ng^o iliSc n^cc*- 
'eoTortxA.It i}LnA.iA.&o •§- i6ert g,A.n- 
cKeroc juifiLeXx-j- &iitA. -fjutexnig-f ilxe 
itizoiUL ilxecajtwni eeA.cJ^-f xe4- onrog, eitonr- 
e&oX iSutiajxeit A.rt xe4- 
^Gn^ex^ujx i6eit g^oofi. niJ&eit a.XXa. ilxert- 

onrog,] L«A,L: onrT^e, t*A2 &c. a.XXa. i6en] om. m. 

mOTCJOng,] L«T»Ai' &c.: -Ortg^, AgH. en(om. H*)XA.2;0] 

-XAwg^on, T'EgJ: ilxA.2,on, Af. cnritK(i, D)2iecic] AjK 
NP: -3iKcic, L^TtAi'^ &c. ^ ^e] om. iiJ. eqepHKeg^Rn] 

AgB^MN 18: qepn., T*rDFGHJKLO Fr: qepKeg^KU, LkAi' 

EiP : eqepKe., Eg. nertenrA.rr.] nexerter., b» 18, 2° person. 

eqg^KnJ AgEFJ : A.q2,., L^T^Ai' &c. * A.qe(JOX«.] eooALi 

H J. ItI(K, FL) A.e(X, GK)rtA.2^i"] UT'Af &c. : IteOItA.g^'f , 

Aa*. eponr] eeponr, tln. ilxenier.] iinieT., k. 
e(il, L)xex2,iKa5n] exeg^iK., r*. ne] xe, b*d 18 Fr. 

iinnt 18. 6 Y^^p ] cf. Gr. : om. Fr. JJLllXJ^ IRC Ueit ot] cf . ? Or. B H K L al 
Hunt a6, fgre omu syr»«^ arm Euth &c. x« « • «v/Moy, syr and arm adding * nostrum ' with 

2 CORINTHIANS IV. 3-8. 247 

the hidden things of (the) shame. We walk not in [a] 
craftiness^ and we use not subtlety in the word of God; 
but (^) in the manifestation of the truth, commending 
ourselves to every conscience of [the] men before God. 
^ But if our Chapel is even (so) hidden^ it is being hidden 
in them who will perish: *in whom God hardened the 
thoughts of the unbelieving of this age, to cause them not 
to see (the) light of the Oospel of (the) glory of Christ, who 
is (the) image of God. 

^ For we proclaim not ourselves, but (^) Christ Jesus our 
Lord, but we ourselves are servants to you through Jesus. 
* Because God said: 'A light shall shine in (the) darkness,' 
which is this which shone in our hearts for a light of (the) 
knowledge of (the) glory of God in (the) face of Jesus Christ : 
"^having this treasure in earthen vessels^ that the greatness 
of the powers might be that of God, and not be from 
you. * Being oppressed in everything, but (A.) we are not 

cop: niKC UXC neitOC, B»HJi8Fr,cf.?Gr.KACDEdef ramtol 
syrP go, yg^ fu demid harl aeth adding * nostrum ' with cop. 3ieJ om. H J 
Fr. mc] of. Gr. unc. &c. : U^C^ G, cf. Gr. K* 5. al* ann: IHC UX^j K. 
• Ji"8 'it is read the second Sunday of Bahah.' D"« VeiteCIC : Ei=>»L 

L»il 'Isaiah.' onronrojmi] om. onr i^ LtTtAgrp*. €(a., J)q€- 

(om. E2FJNO)epOTa5mi] strong future, of.? Gr. ^♦ABD* 67** Clem 
Hyr°^ aeth'*'. j6ert i^] A : pref. €&o\ LsT* &c. UX^*^0 ^^5C-» 

FJHKP. €XA.qep.] exeqep., 26. eTonr twim] eonroTO)., 

i8: eonrO)., B*HJ 26. i}L<l>'f ] cf. Gr. »ABC'D«EHKLal fere omn 
f vg syr™*'- arm go Or Ath Euth &c. IHC U^CC] cf.Gr. MCHKLPal pier 
tol syr°*' arm«> go Euth &c.: U^C IHC, L, cf. Gr. DEFG def g r vg 

Cyr &c. ^ eonroitXA.rt] -it nxA.rt, FN (26): + ^e, b*dfk 

18. 26: OnrOItXA.It 3i€, HJFr. ItlXOXt] A: 'fx., L^T* &c., 
singular. OfOg, . . . ^It Xe] om. G homeot. eitOnre^oX] 
ADE : ItOnr., L» &c. : OTT., T*F*. JUUU-CJOXett] Ai*8 : JUUtlOlt 
*U8,' l>T*Ai»« ('a copy') &c. Xe 2°] Ue, L: om. 0. * eng^GSC- 

2;CA3X] Xeng,., T* : eng^OX^eX, LkP. g^Oofi. (repeated I>)] 
JULA.1 'place,' P : pref. VA-P, H J. ftxeHg^eX.] om. It, JK single 


n3i &€2C2^a5X a^n -> erg^ionri JuuuLoit | efi-oX *• A.XX&. 
nTeng^ooonri efi.oX a^it • eTtfozi itcajrt •§- ^.XX^ 
^^X^ juution iica>q A.n4- e^pooife'r JOuuton 
ei6pHJ ^wXX^w xeiiTAJCHonrT"* 
^^GncKOf nificit eitq^-i sb^ ^Jtxox nmc jfeen 
neitcaoxjLA. *• 2,mA. nsKetwitii on trre ihc iiTeq- 
oTong, eJ&oX j6en nertcoojuL^ ^^eitcKOT r^-p 
iti£.en A.rtoit j6^ kk erroiut> c€+ JOuuLon 
ei6pKJ ecl>juLonr eoSte Inc. ^in^. niK6conj6 
on nxe inc ilxeqoTong, e&oX i6en Tenc^-pj; 

*« ^* &u5CTe <l>iULOT A-qepg^ajfi. iti6KT"€n. niuonj^ 2^€ 
i)€ii eanonr ^^eqeni^KTen ^e ibcenA-iuiuI- 
nA-iTutZ nrre ^m.^-f^ k^t^. ^pnrf exci6R- 
OTX xe ^win^.g^'f eefi.e c{>a.i ^.ic^j^i4- a.non 
g^oon xennA.g^'ffr eefi.e <1>a.i Tenc^jici. 

*^ ^* G next. J xe <1>k eTA.qxonrnoc hot ihc eqexonr- 
nocxen ^ojn nexii ihc 4- onrog^ qn^-TA-g^on 
€p^.xen nexttwxen *• " a^ofi. vA-p nifi.en 
eTA.nrgc»ni ee&c ennonr^- g^m^. nig^jutox 
iiTeqepg^onro onrog^ iixeqepe mgeiig^JULOx 
cp&oTo efi-oX g^ixen niAXHci) enraooT ijLcl>'f *• 

negative. e&oX i®] om. N. nxeng^ooonri] -g^ionri, P : om. 

it, B«H J i8 single negative. • ^^(6, A2)qX^ . . . A.n i*'] AE : 

q^O) . . . A.n, J Fr single negative: nq . . . A.n, LiT* &c. 

^® encHonr] AFr: nc, Lfp&c. enq^-i] nq^wi, b»d iB. irc i°] 

cf. Gr. t^ABOKLP al omn^*<* r vg syr"*' arm go &c., for om. xvpiov Gr. 
i^ABCDEFGP 17. iS* 31.71.80. 139. 177.178. def g rvg 8yr»o»> arm 
aeth Or Euth Oyr &c. UencCJOJUL^. 1^] LKT*AB*r*? DEFHLN 18 
Fr, cf. Gr.: nenc.'our bodies,' l>(tr. li^L^l, gl. \3Ju^ ^^^^ body*) GJ 
KMO*P; cf. Gr. DEFG defg r vg"^ am"« fu demid tol harl 8yr»«* arm 
&c. add lifi&^. * on] om. B»GM 18. -Onrong,] AEH Ji: -OTOjng,, 
L«Tt &c. ; position cf. ? Gr. A vg«i« Tert : + n^^n, T. nenCOJJULA. 2«>] 
cf. Gr.ABODEFGKLP al pier defg syrP &c.,8ee above exc.DFHL 18 
have lien, cf . Gr. K 39. r vg syr »»• Or : +€enAJULOnr 'which will die/ Fr. 

2 CORINTHIANS IV. 9-15. 249 

oppressed; being cast out, but (iS) we are not cast away; 
'*^ being persecuted, but (^) he left us not; being struck down, 
but (^) we are not destroyed. ^® Always carrying (the) 
death of Jesus in our body, that the life also of Jesus may 
be manifested in our body. ^^ For always we, namely they 
who live, are delivered to (the) death because of Jesus, 
that the life also of Jesus may be manifested in our flesh 
which will die. ^* Wherefore (the) death worked in us, 
but the life in you. ^^ But the same spirit of (the) faith is 
being in us, according as it is written : * I believed, therefore 
I spoke'; we also believe, therefore we speak, ^* Know- 
ing that he who raised the Lord Jesus shall raise us also 
with Jesus, and will present us with you. ^^ For all things 
happened because of you, that the grace may abound and 
may cause the thanksgiving to abound through the many 

" eitCHOnr] a,: he, L«T»Ai' &c. VA.p] cf. Gr.: om. E2*FFr*. 

exortii] -twrtii, gm n 0. ej6pHi] eg^., Fr : hsbf m. tire 

IHC] cf. Gr. h* A B D«E L P al omn vid f m** ^ yg reU Enth &c. -OnrOHg,] 
aee above exc. E -CJOHg^. XeitCA-PJ;] Iteit., H«J: XC, L: 

CA.P2;, H*. ^2 g^tocxe (2^6, Eg) . . . iiKxen] om. n. 

cl>X«.Onr] cf. Gr. h^ABODEFGP 17. 31. d e f g r vg arm Euth &c. om. 

HcV. nicjonii)] ntortj6i ghj. 2^e] om. p. ^^eriifeH- 

(€, Mnren] TtAgT &c.: tii6-, L^Ai'DHJ. 3i€] om. EgHJ. 2°] AfaB^FEFHJKLN 18 Fi : om. L^TDGMOP. Ag"* 

555[ ^TA-X. pie : D"»« ^rawXjUL pie : G"» '^^'Xjjloc pie : 

Ai">«L"^B P^Gjy^U ' Ex««-*ii Ju^j wW^^l 'the hundred and fifteeuth 
Psalm.' ^.ICA.2Cl] cf. Gr. BODEKLP al omn'^ def r vg aeth om. 
KaL " hot] JOLhOT, F; cf. Gr. KODEFGKLP^al pier def g 

tol dyr»^.aeth Euth &c. r6v Kvpiov: E] first omitted ROC, cf. Gr. B 17. 

71 . 73. r vg arm &c. eqexonr itocxeii] t*a Ej*^, : -xonritocen, 

Lf &c. neAJl] cf. Gr. h**BCDEFGP 6. 17. 31. 8p« d f g r vg arm 
aeth Euth &c. avv. qnawX^.£^OIt ep^wXeit] of.? Gr. 17 add fffuig. 

1* vA-p nifi.eit] itiAeit vA-p, a^: om. rA.p, Ai^ghmft. exA.T- 
a]U9iii] om. ex, 0. aiHA.] pref. iJX\^ Fr. OTOg, iixeqe.] 

om. OTOg,, B*DFKLFr. efi.oX] pref. OTOg,, J. HliULKa] 

onriULHO), B*G* p singular, e^ojonr] eof ax)nf , t*. 


if ^* Gefi.e <l>A.i iixeneprxKA-Km ^.It 4- a.XXa. icxe nen- 
pcoALi exc^oX qitA.x^JC0 4- ^.XXa^ nexcA.- 
ii)onrrt qoi juL&cpi neg^oonr iiA-Xg^K iieg^oonr* 
*^ n^wCiawi v^wp nxe neng^ox^ex itxe -fitof 
a^qepg^ajfi. 4- k^^xa. onrxjiexg^onro <- erjuiex- 
2,onro4- erfi-^wpoc ilxe onrtwoT Renege 4- 
^^Gnzonrgx ^.it*- ertK exawrtitawnr epooonr | a.XXa. 
itK € epojoT ^.it*- nexoTrtA.T r^-p 
epojonr g^a^nnpoc onrcKonr ne4- itR 3ie exeitce- epojonr a^it g^A-naA-erteg, ne4- 

^'z ^ Tertctoonrrt VA.p *• xe eoj^n A-qaj^witfi-ajX e&oX 
lixenertKi nxe neitx«.A. ilajooni exg^izen 
HK^wg^i oToitxawit nonrKOJX efi.oX g^ixeit <l>i". 
oTHi iiA.ejuLonrrtK iiziz nerteg, i6ert itict>Ho-Yi 
^^eit <l>A.i VA.p xenqi^wg^ojUL eittfKggajof 
e^g^icjoxen juLneruuL^. ita)a}iii niefi.oX j^en 
x<l>e. ^le cojoon ^.noj^itXHiq g^itwxeit cen^.- 
xejjuen enfi.Kg *Ke VA.p A.non j^a. hk 
exgon i6en n^iAx^ itcgooni. xenqiA.g,ox«. 
eng^opoj. exeit nexenonrcjog a^it efi.A.gxen 

^« iixerteptt (om. G J M p : en, H)KawKm (a.,Ei*: A.n,B*)] 

Xeitep., EgO; cf. Gr. »BD*(eW)FG 17. 39. 109. 136. 139* e*^ efca-. 
ICXe] om. G. nCltpOOAiLl] om. pOOiULI, Eg. neXCAj^OTH] 
ne eXC, T': pref. netlpCOiULI 'our man,' H JO; for om. vf^i^ cf. 
Gr. D»»et«EKL al pier &c. qoi] eqOI, LO. " UA-ClA-l] 

nCA.1, G* by error. llxeueng^OXg^ex] itXertUeitP,., H; 
cf. Gr. (exc. B syr '^^ Chr). A.qepg^(Jofi.] qepg,., J. ^(JO&j Ai B : 
+ ItA-It 'for U8,' L^T'Aa &c. eTXt-eXg^Onro] cf. Gr. »• &c. : om. 
1/, cf. Gr. N*C* 38. 80. syrP arm aeth go. enrfiL^wpoc] eOTfi.., FK. 

*« enxofgx] ae: ertxeitz., tno: nxeitx., l^i* &c. 
exawitrtA-nr i°] lkab»del: exertrt., T*rFGMNOPFr: 

€XOnritA.T, HJK 3° person. ^.XXA. . . . epOOOT i°] om. P, 
cf.?Gr. L. €XA.rtnA.T 2^] IiBAiEx.2«: exeitH., T'B'FFGK 
MNFr: exexeitlt., DL 2° peraon : eXeC^w, A2)nC€, HJO 
3° person, double negative. IteXOnmawT] ADE: ItK €XOTIt., 
L8T*B«rGHJLMN0PFr; HK eXGItn., FK i*^ person. Ite i°] 

2 CORINTHIANS IV. 16— V. 4. 251 

unto a glory of God. ^« Therefore we fairnlt not ; but (A.) 
if oui- outer man will perish, but (^) the inner is made new 
day before day. " For (the) lightness of our present tribula- 
tion worked more and more exceedingly* a weight of an 
eternal gloiy. ^® Looking not at the things which we 

saw, but (^) the things which we saw not : for the things 
which they see are for a time, but the things which they 
see not are for ever. V. For we know that if our house 
of our dwelling-place which is on (the) earth should be 
pulled down, we have a building through God^ an house 
not made with hand, eternal in the heavens. ^ For in 
this we groan, yearning to clothe ourselves with our 
dwelling-place which is (lit. * the ') from (the) heaven : 
^then if we should clothe ourselves they will not 
find us naked. ^ For also we, namely they who are in 
this dwelling-place, groan, being burdened ; not for that 

* Lit. 'according to an excess unto an excesfl.' 

cf. ? Gr. FG f g r vg Or*"* Ambrst add cariv 'sunt.' 2i.e] om. H J. 

CTre] T*AEGJMNPFr; erecemjr, r f : exoT- 
n^-nr, h : exexenn., d 2° person : €, l : 

exeitlt., B»K 1° person :, L^O ?. 2^A.rt(oni. p*) g^w- 

eneg, ite] g^A-iteneg, ne, ?«: -ne, m, of.? f vg Ori°* Ambrst; 

ono. ne, Ej ; cf. ? Gr. 

* nenw] HKI *(the) house,' K. RKA-g^l] lUK., AjEgFEKOP. 

onrortxA.rt] -it iixawn, hjno. g^ixen] t^AjEGHJMN 

OPFr: i6en, LBAi'B*rDFKL, cf.? Gr. c «. OnTKl] ttOnTHI, HJ. 
A.e(X,EL)JULOnritK] L'?T'AiB»r«DEFLOFr: ^0(T, AgGHJi)- 
JULOHK, r^GHJKMNP. ^/TA-p] om. AgEj. €n6l] Ittff, 

B*P. JuLnert.] en., L. niefi.oX] L«T*B»DGH«JKLMNOPFr: 
om. ni, Ai'jrEFH*. ^ IC eaOJU] cf. ? Gr. BDEFG 17. 80. &c. 

tartp: OTOg, eojoon, HJ, cf. ? Gr. KCKLP al fere omn Clem Did 
Euth &c. ftyf. XKiq g^IOJXeit] cf. Gr. KBCDoEKLP al omn^ 
f VK syr'tr arm aeth°*' go Clem Did Euth &c. XeJULCn] ZeXJl- 
Xeit, HJ: XeJJL, F by error. eitfi-Kg] iIBl., B»D. * UA-l] 

<1>A.I, A2* ; cf. Gr. DEFG 31. 120. d»«' (177) d e f g m^* vgoi* syr'*' aeth 

go Euth &c. ertg^opg] ng^., d. ezennexenonr uxg] l« Af, 

252 npoc ROPmeioYc E. 

xeit, Fr &mA. nceooJULK JuLnexegawqiULOT eAoX g^ixeit 
BM 14740 n(Jortj6. '^^tn 2^6 exA-qepg^ojfi. epoit 6ct>Ai <ti" 

ne. c{>K exa^q-f na^it ijLnawi^pH& itxe nimtZ 

® eitXA.ZpKOTX ng^KX HCHOT fll£.6It OfOg, 

eiteiULi xe enojon xa.i j6en nicoojuL^ xen- 

eJ&oX g^jxen ofitA.g,-f neefi.oX A.n g^ixen 
' onrcAJLox. 

* Gpe neng^KX 2^6 xA.zpHonrx. onrog^ itxeiffjULA.'f 

• x«.A.XXon €1 efi.oX j6en niccjoxtA. oTog, ege 
2^*. ROT ^eeJ&e <1>a.i ze xertoi ijLAJU.ix^.ioit 
ixe engon xa^i jfceit nicooiUL^ ixe enitHOf 
€&lo\ j6ert nic(joA«.aw^ nxeitatwui enp^.n^.q4- 

ne ^®2^(joi" VA-p epon xnpert iilxenonrong^en 
efi-oX-ft- n^-g^pert ni&KX«.A. itxe nxc4- g^m^. 
iixe nionr^.1 nionrA.i *• di ka-xa. nig^J^Ko-i^i ex- 
a^qawixoT eJ&oX 2,ixert mcooxiLA. 4- ixe nee- 
na^neq*- ixe nexg^ooonr*- 

lO " Gitcooonr It nj" &oi" itxe noc xeneoox iiLng^KX 

ititipcoiULi xeitoTooitg^ 2^e juLcl>-f 4- •fepg^eXiuc 

3ie xe awionroitg^x efi.oX j6eit itexeitKecnritH- 
3iecic •>• 

B»DEFHJKL: ezeit<l>H exeitxenonruxij, ttgmnop 

double negative ; cf. Gr. ^' 4. XHiq] pref. e, FK. itCeCJOiUUc] 
'OXJLK, FHJKP: (JOIK, B* by error. na5Itj6] ItI(J0Itj6* TO. 
* 2^e] om. 0. ^A.\] Ai'2B»FHJ : + <1>A.I, L»T>rDGKLMNOP, 
cf. Gr. avT6: +<l>^, E possessive. ^^ UC] lie <t>'f , 0: Ite ^'f 

ne, GMP : Ite c{>-f ne, t' : om. ne, f. <1>k(<1>a.i, e) ex] cf. Gr. 

K* BC D*F G P 67** 73. 80. d e f g m^* vg syr*®^ arm aeth om. <eai. n^I 
^pKJ^] AgE : ni A-pafi., F : n^-pnA, LsT* Ai' &c. « itg^RX] 

AarEGHJMNOP: pref. Onm, B*: + Onm, L«T*Ai^DFKL, cf. Gr. 
OTOg,] om. HJ. e(^, Ai')naO(a5,M)n] itOJ., E. XA.I 'here'] 

om. Jj*. xeng^i] eitg^i, b«. ^ neefi.oXj l« AjV B" tef g 

2 CORINTHIANS V. 5-1 1. 253 

which we wish to strip ourselves of [it], but (^) to clothe 
ourselves anew, that that which dieth might be swallowed up 
through (the) life. ^ But he who worked us for this is God, 
who gave to us this earnest of the epirit * Being assured 
always, and knowing that being here in the body we are 
absent* from the Lord; "^ for we walked through [a] faith, 
not through a (visible) form. ^ But being assured, and 
well pleased rather to come out of the body, and to go to 
the Lord. • Therefore, then, we strive ^ whether being here 
in the body or coming out of the body, that we may be 
pleasing to him. ^^ For we must all manifest ourselves before 
the jvdgement'Seat of Christ ; that each one may receive 
according to the works which he did through the body, 
wliether good or evil. 

^^ Knowing the fear of the Lord we persuade [the] men, 
but we are manifested to God; but I hope that I mani- 

Lit. *in (the) strange.' ** Lit. 'love honour.' 

HJKNOP: nefi-oX, D: itK eT€efi.oX,L: iteAJLefi.oX,Aa«; ne 

tieJJL €&o\ T, for next. cf. Gr. F G f g vg praem Koi. . IJ\\ 
T*Ai' &c. : trs. after CXt-OX, L«HJL: om. A2 single negative. 
• neng^HT"] nexeng^HT, N by error. 3ie] cf. Gr. B C D E K L P 
al pier d e f vg &c. OnrOg, . . . iULa^XXoit] Of Og, . . . X«.A.XXon 
2s.e, AgE: om. ULtXkoW, H*J. llxen.] A: Teit., 13 &c. 

onrop, 2°] om. FH J. g^^w] g^., b*. * xe] 3i€, b*. en- 
ajonf itajM dEj: nettoj., Aj^: n has confused text. ertitRonr] 

ItltKOT, B*D. efiiOX] om. A2*Ji*, obs. Gr. 3. 39. f g vg Hyr«* ar« 

Clem &c. trs. iK... eV. *^ nxeiionrortg^eit] -a?-, tf : ottg^- 
xeit, Hjo. iti2;&.] neg^fi.., b*fhjk. nic] neqc, fk. 
neeit^^neq . . . nexg^cjoonr] ae: onrnee. . . . OTuex., l«t* 

&c. neXg^OOOnr] cf.? Gr. BDEFGKLP al pier Clem &c, icaiccJv: 

tre. before 1X8 Onrneo., J. " enCOJOnrn] +3i*€, FK: om. Hunt 18, 

It, L. eojx] OKX, 0. ng^Kx] nig,., h*. xenonrtwng,] 

-Ong^Xen, P suffix, 1° plural. ijL<l>i"] AEg: pref. efi.oX, L«T» &c. 

2^8 xe] om, 3ie, H. awionro(a5,F*)itg,x]om.x, Ag. Kecnrn.] 

om. Ke, F i8*. -K (I, D) T^ecic] AgKMNP : -K2iKCIC, L«rT*Ai' &o. 

254 npoc RopmeioYc E. 

awit-fXcjoizi nooTeit eaonrgonr eg^pRi excjon^- 
IjiivA. ilxecgcjoni nooxeit^- onrfi.€ itk exgonr- 

A.rt. "ixe vA-p icze ^.ttcig^i itg^KX. le A.itcig,i 
ijL<l>'f4- ixe xenK^w-f \e A.rtKA.-f ncDxeit*- 
^^-fA-VA-UK TA-p itxe n^c cAJUioni XiuuLon 

'^o Xe A. onr^wi ^wqAJLonr ezeit oToit ni&eit ^^p^ 
onroit iti&en ^.nrjuLonr ^•onrog, A.qx«.OT ezeit 
oToit itifieit. g^iHA. itK exoitii*- SxoTgxeuL- 
(joitii ttaoonr ijuuLA.nrawXOT 4- a.XXa. ijL<l>K 
exa^qxt-OT eg^pHi ez(J0OT4- onrog, A.qxa5nq 
"g^oocxe ^.(toit iczeit •fitoT iixertcaoonrit 
iig^Xi A.rt K^wX^w CA.P2; -J- icze 2s.e A.i\coTeit nxc 
KA.XA. cA-px*- A.XX4L -fitonr ze xencooonrn 
juutioq A.rt*- 
"&a5cxe 4>K exjfcen nxc*- onrctwitx iJL&epi 
ne4- itiA-px^oc ^.nrcmi4- ic 2^^it£.epi ^.Taju9ni4- 
"g^cofi. 3ie nifi-eit €fi.oX Jju^'f tie <^^i exA.q- 
g^oxnert epoq efi.oX g^ixert nxc onrog, ^.q^ 
nA.n juLniaejuLttjj iixemg^ajxn. | 
"Xe <l>i- iiawqj6ett nxc4- eqg^twxn ijiniKocxt-oc 
epoq 4- itqajn epcjoonr itnoTiiawpA.ux(J0JULA.4- 

^^ nA.nXA.2,o] cf. Gr. »BOD»FG 10^39. 67** 139. d e f g vg go 
syr«*' ann Euth &c. om. VA-p : + ^€, O. JUUtlOlt nOJXeit] JUL- 
JULOOXen, F*L by error. ^IVf] A: €iff , L^T* &c.: ft-f , r*NO. 
eg^pHl] om. H J. eZOJn] cf. Gr. (exc. K B 17 Cyr). jfeeitUg^RX] 
iieitmg,., H ; cf.? Gr. KBD*FG 17. 37. 73. 121. Euth Cyr it yg &c: 
om. i6en, B», cf. Gr. C &c. ^^ IX€ i<>] IX^, B* J 18. I€ i°] om. J. 

A.ncig^I a°] + ng^RX, l^h. A.n(om. HL) K^w-f ] enK.,T*: xeitK., 

J. " TA-p] om. Ai'GM. n^Cc] ^l" 'God/ J. CAJULOni] 

AJUL., Aj^L. JUUtlOIt] JUUtlOI 'me/ DL. Xe] cf. Gr. K*BC^D 
EFQ K LP al plus*® d e g syr'' ^ aeth-*' go &c. : + ICZe, T^K, cf. Gr. H« 
0* al sat mu f vg arm Did Euth Oyr &c. A-Of A.l] L»AE : om. A., T* Ac. 

2 CORINTHIANS V. ia-19. 265 

fested myself in your consciences also. ^*We were not 
commending ourselves to you again, but (^) are giving 
to you pretext for boast about us, that it may be to you 
against them who boast themselves in (the) face, and not 
in (the) heart. *^For whether if we were mad of heart, 
then we were mad to God ; whether we are of sound mind •, 
then we were of sound mind to you. ^*For the love of 
Christ layeth hold on us ; we having judged this : That 
one died for all, so then all died; ^^and he died for all, 
that they who live should not live to themselves only, but 
(A.) to him who died for them, and he rose. ^® Wherefore we 
(pron.) from now know not any (one) according to flesh: but 
if we knew Christ according to fl£shj but (^) now auy more 
we know him not. ^^ Wherefore he who is in Christ is 
a new ^ creature : the andeni things passed away ; lo, new 
things happened. ^^ But all things are from God, he (lit. this) 
who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and he gave 
to us the ministry of the reconciliation : ^® That God was 
being in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not reckon- 

■ Lit. * onderstand.' ^ Or * creation.' 

^* itH ex.] ner:, df. onj6] a5ni6,T*rGMNO. " g^twcxe] 
-2i€, AEFKN: ^ajc, T. nxencojofit itg^Xi ut(\ eit- 

COOOnrit ttg^Xl, J. ICXe 3ie] cf. Gr. K 115. go &c.: om. 3i€, 
K. ICXe . . . C^wpx] om. H* homeot. U^cJ position cf. ? Gr. 
DE de aetb &c. A-XXa.] K^XA., L by error. 3£e] om. Ei*. 
" g^OOCXe] -2i€, AEF. g^^wttfi-epl] cf. Gr. »BOD*FG 67** 
d e f g am f u demid tol- arm«<* aeth'® Clem &c. om. ri irdyra. ^® ^ej 

om. B* 18. eJ&oXi^] pref. g^^H, B»J 18: om. P . i}L<l>'fj 

2^ix€itcl>-f, i>DFKL. ite] ne, mo* p. nxc] cf. Gr. »bc 

D^FGP 3. 17. 31. 39. 57. 69. 73. al pane it vg.ayr"*' aeth^*' arm go 
Euth Ac. mojeiULail AP : Rffl., L«T* &c. Ulg^OJXn] Itlg,., 
E by error. '® ZeJ pref. £,050^ DFKL: g^OJC 2ie, B* 18. 

€qg,oo(o,D)xu]» I'- iimic.] eniic., hj. itqaon] 

enq., D : ilqajOOn, P«. ^n] om. nngle negative. 

256 npoc ROPmeioYc E. 

itj6HTen •> 2^ A.rtepnpec&enrm onrit exert 
nxjc *• &a5c epe <l>'f 'f noTrtojuLi" efioX 2,1x0- 
xeit xeit-fg^o €cl>juLA. JuLnxc &a5xn e^-f^ 
" <j)K exeixneqconreit itofi.i 4- itno&i 
eg^pKi exoort*- g^m^. ^rtoit ttxenojcwni nof- 
xx.eeiULHi tixe <l>'f ttg^pw itj6KTq*- 

^ Gitoi 3ie tia<l>Hp iipeqepg^oofi. *• onrog, xeni^g^o 
eaxeAJtepexengen ni^jtxoir irre ^-f epoj- 
xert j6eit otojotix-j- 

2 4x00 v^p juuuLoc ze j6eit onrcKonr eqgnn a.iccc- 
xexjL epoK •> oTog, ifeert nieg^oonr nxe nioTZ^i 
^.lep&oKem epoK •:- 
Kfi IC g^KHue 'fnonr-s- ic onrcHonr eqojHn. ic g^anne 
-frtof. IC oTeg^ooT iixe nionrxawi-j- ^nxeiff 
g^Xj ttcTpon A.rt i6en g^Xi &mA. itxeajxejui 
nengext-ai eooXefi. ^^.XXa^ i6eit g^oofi. itt&en 
enxA-g^o JuuuLoit epA.xeit4- g^twc g,A.n2iiAJctort 
nxe 4)^" j6en onrnicyi" li&'^noxt.ortK -5- j^en 
g^awitg^ozg^ez *• i6ert g^A-itA-HA-VKK *• j6eit g^A-n- 
iJLKawnrg,*- *j6en g^^wrtepii^x *• jfeeit 2,A.n- 
ojxeKcoonr 4- jfeert g^^wngjeopxep 4- i6eit g^A-it- 
i6ici4- j6en g^^wnapooic^- ifeeit g^awitiiKcxiA. > 
®i6en onrxof fi.0 -5- i6en onrpeqoooT iig^KX* 
jfeert onrccooTn 4- i6en oTX«.exxP^*" -^^^ 
onrmu; <- jfeert OT^wVA-nK tta^xjutex- 
ajofii4- ^ i6ei\ onrc^wZi Sxe ojulki^- st>^n 
onrxoiUL nxe <l>i'4-| 

niC^Xl} T»AK : nc, U &c. ftj^KXen] -XOnr, 3° person, 

B» 18. *®A.nepn.] a^XXA-rtepn., m. onrrt] om. g*n. 

^UJC] om. El*. g^OJX ( + e, M) n] pref. €, B^DGJjKL i8. 
e^-f] MX^-fj B» 18. 21 ^j^-j ^ Qj. ^♦BOD*FG 17. 67** 

71. 137. def g vg Or Euth &c. nitofil] om. It, H. .^.ItOIt] 

2 CORINTHIANS V. ao— VI 7, 267 

ing to them their transgressions^ and he put the word of 
the reconciliation in us. ^^We were ambassadors then for 
Christ, as if God gave [a] comfort through us : we beseech 
you, instead of Christ, be reconciled to Qod. ^He who 
knew not sin he made him (to be il) sin for us, that we 
(pron.) might become (to be a fioT) righteousness of God in 
him. VL But we ai'e being fellow workers, and we 
beseech you not to receive the grace of God emptily, * For 
he saith : * In a time accepted I heai*d thee, and in the day 
of the salvation I helped thee.' Behold now, lo, a time 
accepted ; behold now, lo, a day of the salvation. ^ We 
give not any stumbling in any(thing), that our ministration 
may not be aspersed; ^but (^) in everything we are oom-i 
mending ourselves as ministers of God, in great patience, 
in tribulations, in necessities, in pains, ^ in stripes, in prisons, 
in tumults, in toils, in watchings, in fastings, ^ in [a] pure* 
ness, in [a] longsuffering, in [a] knowledge, in [a] kind^' 
fiess, in [a] holy spirit, in [a] love without hypociisy, ^ in 
a word of (the) truth, in a power of God. Through the 


+ &a)lt, L«T*DFHJK. JULCejULHi] eJULHIi FK. ItapHl] 
nj6pHI, J. 

* itpeqep] om. peq, b«. eajTrejui] om. r. epexen" 
ee., L : epexereit, fk ; cf. Gr. k*bd« &c. ^w. nig^AiioT" 

Hg,., K* 0. * Aa°* I> °* HCA.HA.C : Ai^J Ei°»« Uiil 'Isaiah.' Hunt ^ 

F»«J,«»8* the third Sunday of the Fast.' qZCJO] eqZU), F; position 
cf. Gr. l*BCDbet«EKLP al fere omn f vg syp"*' &c. OTOg^] om. L. 

2,Hnne i"noT ic 2*>] om. l. • g^Xi i®] ftg^Xi, fh j 26. 
nefpon] -cjon, Ei* : ncTbpn, m. ;6en g^Xi 2^] Sg^Xi, 26. 

^IIU.] om. r*. neitOjeJULOJl] cf. Or. DEFG 66** 73. dwr 8pe 
d e f g Tg syr^'' go &c. * ltlfi.€n] om. H*. Tabulated arrangement, 

AB'DEHJ. ^^n^OX^ex] OTg,., r singular. ijLK^.T- 
(om. B*H)2,] eJJLK,, TG HO. * ep;6cX5T] -OT, FKP 26. 

cypcjoic] pcjoic, Al. • ;6enoTpeq . . . ccooTit] Ai : .^en- 
OTJULcrpeq . . . ccjooxn, Aj: trs. ifcenoTccooTn ;6en-r 

OTAILerpeqCOOT iig^HT, L«T* &c. Iliu!] om. B* by error. 
VOL. IlL 8 


onrin^jUL itejUL n^x^(fH^ ®efi.oX g^ixeit otooot 
nejtiL oTgoDoj*- efi.oX g^inren onrcjutoT new, 
oTc^.g^oTi -5- JDL4>pH'f ng^^^nnX^itoc next, g^n- 
eiULHi4* •g^toc nceccjooTH juuuLon A.n<- oTog, 
erccjooTH ilUuLon. g^cjoc etttt^JutoT 4- g^anne 
X€na)n;6 *• &«5c eTi"cfi.a) itA.n 4* oxog, ce;6cw- 
Te& ixiULoit ^.n* ^"g^coc enjutoKg, itg^HT* 
enp^.a)i 2^6 Schot ni&eit<fr- ^cwc ^^.itg^HKii- 
enipi 2ie noTiULHO) itp^.JtiL^.o -s- g^coc juuuLon- 
Ten g,Xi -s- oTog, Ten^JULOiti ng^cjofi. ni&en 4* 
^^UX peon oTCJon oTfi.€ eaitonr-s- tu nifcopmeoc^- a. 
neitg^HT oTCJoojc efi.oX " iiTexeng^exg^cjoz ^.^4• 
iij6pHi itj6HTen'5- ^eren^ex^ox a^e nj6pHi 
j6en neTen JULexttjA.nejuL^j6T -s- ^•i"za) a^e 
i}Ln^.iajefi.iefi.exe noTcoT ncoTen* ijl^^pai" 
n^^.ngjHpi<6- oxegc okhot e&oX g^conren*- 


icy ^^ Qnepcgtjoni epexenoi ita4>Hp ec|>it^.g^&eq Hre 

m^Bn^.^'f. A,a v^p xe i"JULeT a|c^Hp nxe i"- 

jULceJULHi nejuL i"A.nojuLi^.. le ot tg i"iULex- 
a4>Hp ixuioTcomi nejjL nxx,^^^ *• " le ot ne 
H'fiULA.'f iSLnxc itejUL &eXiA.p *• ^.oj xe xxoi 
SoTrnicToc itejut oTA.eit^.g^-f *• " le ot ne 

^ efi.oX g^ixen . . . XA-tfu] om. n. nig^onXoco), EiJ)n] 
+&•, A2*p singular. nTei"juL€e.] ni"JULee., B«: nxee., 

J. * CJULOT . . . C^^OTl] order cf. Gr. 37. 73. 80. arm aeth. 

• itCeCCOOTn] JETC, HJ single negative. iJlJULOn i^] iOL- 

jULoc, r*F. ijuuLon2°] +A.n, o by error. en(n, D)n^.- 

JULOt] eA.nJtlL0T, B» preterite. g^KRUe] T*A &c. : pref. OTOg,, 
L8B*rDFKL. T€nU5n;6] -On;6, B»DEP. €T*fc&U5] 
A.T'f., EjM: om. i", N. OTOg, Ce;6.] om. OTOg,, 26. 
Ce;6a3T€&] nce;6., conjunctive, T'AjDHJL 26. ijUULOn 3^1 

om. H. ^" enjuLOKg^] iULjuLOKg,, B«. g^coc 2,^.n2,.] 

2 CORINTHIANS VI. 8-16. 259 

weapons of [the] righteousness, those of the right hand and 
those of the left hand, ® through [a] glory and [a] dishonour, 
through [a] blessing and [a] curse; as deceivers and true 
(men); ^ as unknown^ and known; as about to die, lo, we 
live; as chastened, and not killed; ^^as grieving, but rejoic- 
ing always ; as poor (men), but making many rich ; as not 
having anjrthing, and we lay hold on all things. ^' Our 
mouth was opened towards you, O [the] Corinthians, our 
heart was widened out. ^^Ye are not straitened in us, but 
ye are straitened in your affections. ^' But I speak of the 
same recompense, as children: widen out yourselves also. 

'* Be not sharers of (the) yoke of the unbelievers : for 
what (^a|) is the fellowship of [the] righteousness with 
[the] iniquity 1 Or what (OTf) is the fellowship of the 
light with the darkness ? ^^ Or what is (the) agreement of 
Christ with Beliar ? What (^S{) is (the) part of a believer 
with an unbeliever? ^^Or what (OTf) is (the) agreement of 

^oc eng,., 26. ^e a^] om. fjp. oxog, Ten.] xen. +2.6, 
26 : o. nrenn^^^Jtx., future, h j. " ottcoh] oxKit, h j : 

OTfi.eit, M. OTrfi.e] Ce&e, B» by error. O) ItlK.] cf. Gr. FG^^ 
8p« f vg : om. CO, B«DK L, cf. Gr. I* &c. Ueng^HX] cf. Gr. (exc. tkB). 

" itreTen^ex^vox] L«rDFQLMNOP: trren^ex- 
g,(jo(o, AiE2)x, AEJK 26 : xeitg^e^c^ajx, B«. xexeitg,.] 

VrDFGHLMNOP: XeHg^eZg^CO (O, A,E2M)X, AB^EJi^jK 26. 
2i€] om. M, cf. Gr. C a^r l»cr. jij^pHI 2°1 Ilg,., L 26 : om. FK. 

juteroj.] oj., H J 26. ^' oTreojc] ottAhojc, l : exeojc, f. 
" ^I^.(T, T'FK)en.] ni^.en., b». ^.oj] <^™- ^ ^y «"<>'» ^^^o 

hT€ for Te. IteJUL*f ^.nOJUL.] neXJL may l>e either turd or xai 
I€ Ot] cf. Gr.l^BCDEFGLP 17. 31. 37. 39. 67** 73. 80. 113** 115. 
8 P« d*^ it vg syr'c^etP "8 arm go Clem Euth &c. fj ru, ijLniOTtOIItl] 
AjE : ilTeUI., L-^TAi' &c. ^* OT HG TrfjJL^.i"] om. UG, F: 

om. n, r* H : OT ue iti"iUL., EG M. JuLnxc] cf. ? Gr. S B C P 13. 

17. 8p« def vg xP^trrov &c. J&eXlA.p] cf. Gr. l*B CLP al plus*® fu harl* 
wyrParm aeth Euth &c.: &epIA.X, B» : fi.A.pi^.X, P*: &^.Xl^.p 
i^l isH 'another copy,' P"»«; for IA.X cf. minusc pauc fg vg &c. 
^53] P^- J^» K, TTOl] UT'Ai' &c.: TOI, AgHJP. *« le] 

S 2 


ui"JUL^.i" noT[4-]ep4>€i Hre ^-f^ nexx <I>^.n^ 

HXnoit VA-p ne nicpc^ci itxe c|>'f exonj6. K^.^"^. 
c|>pKi- exA.qxoc nxec^-f-s- xe eieoj^ni Sj6k- 
XOT4* onrog, ciciULoaji itj^pKi itj^uxoTr*- eie- 
ojconi itcooT itnoT'f *• oTog, iteujoT g^oooTr 

e|fi.oX ;6en To-cjuLu-f^- oTog^ c^cjopz eJS.oX 
juuuLCJooT ueze noc4- juLneptfT ncjui nextfi- 
j6ejuL4- oTTog, A.noK eieojen eaitoT epoi. 

Kh " O^rog, eiecytoui ncoTen gtiujx -s- oxog, netoxen 
g^cjoTert epexenea^ni hhi eg^^-ncgnpi neix 
g,^.ncgepi uexe noc UA.itTOKpA.Tcx5p. 

«« * 6oTortTA.n o-rrt i}uut^.T nn^.iu>a) n^jut6np^.i~ * 
jULA-penxo-cJ^on e&oX g,^. oajXe^ nifi.ert itxe 
TCA.P2; nexx o-cuitX! cnxoofc JuLnixoT^o e&oX 

'f^ ^igouTert epujxeit. juLncncTi g^Xi ibconc. jOLnen- 
TA-Ke 2,Xi. iJLncttqez g,Xi. 'ha-ixo) jOuuloc 
A.rt K^^TA. o-cg^ioTfi ijLng^A.n. ^.lepojopn ^^.p 
fbcoc xe xeTenxK -^en neitg^KT eepg^^Hp 
juuuLOT nejtl eepgc^Hp n(J0it;6 *oTonxKi 
iioTrtittji" i3Lu^.ppKCI^. 2,^.pa)Te^. oTonxai 

om. B». ni"JUU.i"] om. H, AH. ItXe ^^fl om. ItTe, 
B» by error. Ag"' I^.p^•itK.I^.C : Ai"»« Eiour M"»« L.^1 'Jere- 
miah.' ^.nort vA.p ne] cf.? Gr. i**bd*lp 6. lo. 17. 23. 31. 

39. 67** 71. 80. 109. d e aeth Clem &c. ^fuU et cV/icV. IXICp^l] 
Bingular, cf. Gr. (exc. i** 122. Clem). eXOn;6] •^n;6,T»rGM 
NO. KA.TA. 4>pH'f &c.] et. f vg syr"*' arm Qem Did Ath &c. KaBms 
fiiTfir. Rj6hXO-C i°] praem. rij6pHI, L. Q-lfOg, CI&U..] om. 
OTTOg,, M. nj6pHl] om. F. eieojUOUl] pref. OTTOg,, B»DFJ 
KLO. nUJOTf] cf. Gr. Fp^GP g &c. o^oir. g^CJOOx] om. L. 
nai] cf. Gr. DEFGKL al pier it vg reU Euth &c. exX^Oc] 
eo-cX., P: SotX., GHM. "E^™* HCA.HA.C: Ai»«Ei««LX 

LmL\ ' Isaiah.' e&oX 2®] om. F. jOUULCOOt] om. E,*: j^enXOTT- 

2 CORINTHIANS VI. 17— VIL 4. 261 

a temple of God with that of the idolal For we are the 
temple of the living God, according as God said: *I shall 
dwell in them, and I shall walk in them; I shall be to 
them God, and they also shall be to me for a people. 
^^ Therefore come out from their midst, and be separated 
from them/ saith the Lord ; touch not that which is 
unclean ; and I (pron.) shall receive you. ^® And I shall 
be to you for a father, and ye also shall be to me for sons 
and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. VII. Having, then, 
these promises, my beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from 
every pollution of (the) flesh and [a] spirit, completing [the] 
holiness in the fear of God. ^ Receive us : we did not 

wrong to any : we corrupted not any : we cheated not any. 
' I was not saying it according to a condemnation : for 
I said before, that ye are in our heart to share death and 
to share Ufe. ^ I have a great boldness of speech toward 

JU.K'f •from their midst,' HJ. ixneptfl] AFEGMNOP: pief. 
OTTOg,, L'T B» D F H J K L. XKGT (H, Eg) tfX.;6eJUL] He €T (T., 
T» : HK £rV(S7y plural, F : TeT, L. epOl] epoq, Aj by error. 

^» eieojcjoni] prcf. ^.itoK, t»dfkl. eciujT] noxicox, l. 
^coxen] om. M. epexeneoj.] epeT'eitoj-, kf. eg^^-it] 

L«l'*ArEGLN: ftg,., B^DFHJKMOP. ^^.^XO(a), M)KpA.- 
TCJOp] L^AjDE : pref. HI *the,' T^ &c. 

* eo•¥OItT^.^] -n ilx^.^, no. oth] om. p. xcA.px] 

i"C., Ai'B»DFKLO. OlfUItA.] AjE : niUIlA,, L«T*Af Ac. 
eit(it, DEL)Xa)K] -HK, r*. ^'f] nOC 'the Lord,' HJ. 
* ttjonxeit] om. Ten, suffix, i« plural, B» by error. ijlneilCfl] Hunt ,6, 

iinepflT, l. g^Xi i°] om. h*. iSLnenqesc] iSLuepq., ^ 

E|V ? : + it, FF. 3 A.n] position, qualifying X€>, cf. Gr. l*BC P 

i7Tid 73. Euth. ijing^A-nJ en., b»f. iixoc] nxonc, b**lp 

by error. ;6en] pref. e(n, 0);6pHI, HJO. iJUULOX] iXr 
lUULOTT, C«WP«« both 'another copy.' e(om. JP)epgc^Hp] OT- 

epoj., A2: eajc^Hp, h. * o-conxHi i°] -n itxKi, t»h« j 

NO 26: om. XHI, Af. ItOT i^] AaTEGMNOP 26: prcf., L«T*AfB»DFnJKL. OTfOnTKI 2«] -H ItXHI, 
T^HJNO 26. 

262 npoc ROPmeioYc B. 

noTrnittj't ScHO"^fflO"^ exen eanoT. ^iailo^ 
e&oX ;6eit TexenitojuLi" -s- A.iep2,oTo j6en 
nip^^oji-s- eg^pKi ezeit neTeitg^oxg^e^c XHpq*- 
^K€ rA.p ex^.ni 6eJUL^.Ke2iO^I^. jOLne xen- 
c^PS. ^ &^^ iiJuLTon4* ^.XXa. eng^ezg^oox 

«3tXXX^. c|>K ea^q+woju-i" iinH eTeeSmoTT 4>i" 
^.qi'IlOJUL'f n^n-s- j6eii xnA.poTciA. iixixoc4- 
^OT juLonon a^e ;6eit Teq^4poTCI^. <- a.XX^ 
ttcjUL i6€n •fKeitoiUL't- 4- OH eT^.qxAJ£po 
it;6pHi itj^HTc ezen eHnoT-s- eqxajuio 
jOuuLoit euGT-eitjuLei ilg^HX*- nejuL nexcnpiJULii- 
kC nejuL uexeitxo& eg^pHi exeunt- t&tocxe 
n^ ^iT^.p^.aI itg^oTo | « xe icxe A-i-fiuLKA-g, 
ntjoxen ;6en i"euicxoXR n-fo-ctojui it^eHi 
A.I1*- icxe n^.IepnK607ru)JUL ng^oHi ne4* •f^^.T 
VA-p ze i-enicToXn exeAJUUL^.T 4- xe icze 
^.cfiiKA^ ng^HT ncoTen*- npoc otkotxi*- 
*i"itoT ^e i"p^.a^ OTX oTi xe ^.Tex€^ep- 
juLK^.^ ng^HT-s- ^.XX^. xe A.T€xenepijLic^.g, 
ng^HX ecjutexA-itoi^.. ^.TeT•e^epiJUCA.g, ilg^KX 
rA.p KA.T^. c^-f 2,1 HA. nxexenaTeju.i"oci Rg^Xi 
e&oX iuuuLoit. *"niJuLKA.2, ng,KT rA.p ka.xa. 
c^-f ^.qepg,a3fi. ecjuLeTA.noi^. ewog^ejui nA.x- 
omejjL ng^eaq*- niijLK^.2, rig^KT 2^6 nxe 
niKocjuLoc gA.qep2,a)& erjutoT. 

nigi" it] om. F. xexennojuti-] nexeitit., l : pr©f. 
j6eneHiioT, k. A.iep] pref. oxog,, f. uexeng^oz- 

g^ex] A,*2EFJ 26, cf. Gr. F'^Kal***': neitg,., LsT^Ai'B-r 
UGHKLMNOP. * €XA.Itl] €T^.n o-il . P i° singular. 

JULA. (om. E2) Ke2iOIlI^.] -cioiti^^ K. ijLne] JuLm., j. 

S(om. F)ijL(eiUL, r &c.)T"On] L«'PAFNP, position cf. ? Gr. »BD«' 
K*^KLP al fere omn aeth go Euth &c. g,^ncga)(0, L« &c.: OT, 
M)nXCf, 26)] T'AJ: pref. It, B»: pref. st^n, a6: ♦ OTOg,, K. 

2 CORINTHIANS VU. 5-10. 263 

you, I hAve a great boast about you: I was full of your 
comfort, I abounded with [the] joy for all your tribulation. 
* For even having come to (the) Macedonia, our fieah took 
not any rest, but (^) we were' oppressed in everything; 
outside contentions, inside fears. ^But (^) he who com- 
forteth them who are humble, Qod comforted us in (the) 
ccmiing of Titos ; ^ but 7U>t only in his coming, but (^) also 
in the comfort, in which he was assured about you, showing 
to us your hearty love and your weeping and your ze^I 
for us. lio that I rejoice the more, * because if I gave pain to 
3^ou in the epibtie, I repent not, although I was repenting; 
for I see that that epidle, [that] if it grieved you, (grieved 
you) for a little (time), ® but now I rejoice, not that ye 
were grieved, but (^) that ye were grieved unto [a] repent^ 
an^e : for ye were grieved according to Qod, that ye might 
not suffer any loss from us. ^^ For the grief according to God 
worked [a] repentance unto [a] salvation not to be repented 

* Lit. 'we being.' 

« egA-q-f] eXA.q+, B*F. noJUL^f i°] JUU.'f Veil pleased,' M. 
exee&.IKOTT] + Ue, F. c^'f ] position cf. Dam ad h. 1. Ambrst. 
^ OT . . . n^^pOTCIA.] om. 26. WejJL i°] LsT^AFEGMNOP : om. 
B^DFHJKL 26 (but DKL tp.^ J3). -f KG] om. KG, N. €T"A.q- 
XAJCpo] T^A, B*FG, cf. ? Gr. irapairXiJA; : eT'A.CfTA^pon 'he 
confirmed ns,' LTDEHJKLMNOP 26. eqXAJULo] A.qT., E,: 
qX. , r. e^CCOIl] obs. Gr. K &c. om., Gr. rell f>u. g^O) (O, 26) CTG] 

•^e, FHJKLM 26. nT^.pA.c^I] nxenp., piurai, 26. • ii- 

(€JUL, rGO)KA.P, i^] AEFH*KL: + It&HT, L«T>B»rDGH«JM 
NOP. It^.I€pJ ne^^iep, J, cf.?Gr. 93. a^*. ne] om. GM. 
rA.p] cf. Gr. l*CDbet«EFGKLP al omn^»d fg ^^ arm go Euth 

&c. ze icze (+n, B») 2°] om. ze, b*dfhjkl. ^.c-fXi- 
(ex«.,T>r)K.] ^.ci"iii3L., h«: ^.Ii"., r. oxKonrzi] ae : ot- 

O-ritOT •an hour,' T.»T' &c. '^ "fnOTT 2ie] AH J: om. 2i€, 

L«Tk &c. OXi] O-f , L : 02il, E J. epiXK^.^, i<>] om. ep, Ej*. 
eTJUL€X^ItO(om. H)I^. . . . It^HX] om. DKL bomcot. A.Xe- 

nren 2®] ^.pexen, r. r^-pj om. h j. *^ Hx^^ i«] 

eJULKA.g,, T»GN twice. ^.qep2,U5&] eqcp., TtAjPN. €^- 

no2,€JUL] eoTit., fk. ^.xo^reJUL K\ afh«: A.e(X, b»deg 


'^ " &Hnu€ r^p 4- ic niJULK^.^ h^wr eTr^.p€rTen^.iq 
K^^TA. c|>'f ^.qep2,a)fi. ncoxeit eoTiULHO) itcnoT- 

CIC4- ^.XXA. enrg^o-f -5- A.XX^. erjutei h^Hrr. 
A-XXa. €nrxo&- ^XX^. exerf juLnajiaj. oTog^ 
;6ert ^vjSl iti&eit4» A.xexeIlx^.2,e oHiioTr €p^.- 
xeit ennoT epex€^oT^.fi. juLnig^cofi.. 
K$ " &A.PA. icze ^.ic;6^i nooTen. eefi.e 4>k eTA-qtfT 
iixonc*- oT2ke ce&e <I>k a.ii €X^.TflTTq nzonc-s- 
^.XX^. xe g,inA. itxecoTcoitg, e&oX ibcexexen- 
cnoT2iK eA.1 GTexeitipi juuuloc eg^pm excoit 
2, iSLnejuteo juLn^^fr- "€ofi.e ^^^ 
A.TreeT neitg^HX. eg^pHi 2^.6 escert TeTen- 

exen nip^.cyi nnre xixoc*- xe ^. neqmti; 
ijLToit ezen eKitox xupox-s- "xe ^^.cgoT- 
aoT j6A.xoTq | exeit ohhot iOLni- 
cgini ijuu.oq4» 
3XXXA. KA.TA. 4>pHi" eT"A.icA.xi HejuLCJoxert itcHo-c 
iti&cn j6eit oTiULceJULHi <(- n^.ipH'f on uen- 
ttjo-cajoT4- exett eanoT j6A.X€n 
XIXOC4- A.qaj^ni ;6ert oTJUteejULHi <(- "oTog, 
j6en oTiULexg^oTo neqiULexcg^nejULAj^T * 

KL)o-ru5(o,T*r)JUL S, LKT» &c. -&eKq] -2,KX, L. 2ie" 

trs. before Itg^HX, J,., (+ 2ie). aA.qep] A.q., K. eTTAILOT 
eO-VAIL., K. " eXA.pexenA.iq1 cf.? Gr. N«DEKLP al pier 

de vg go arm aeth Clem &c, ncOXeitJ cf. Gr. l**BDEKL al plu 
de go arm Clem &c. vfiii^. eOTfitlLHa)] UADEGLM: eYiUL, 
B»F: itOT., TTKNOP: eOTnittjl" *a great,' IIJ. eTA-HoX.] 
cm. ex, M. eTA.rA.ItAJCX(2k, Aj'E)HCIc] L^^Ai', DE : eTA.r- 
(rt,r)A.ltA.KXHC,'nrGMNOP: eTrA.Ite(A., KL: H, F)ICXKCIC, 
FH J K L : eTA.rnA.XHCIC, B"(om. HA., ♦). e(A., E2)Tg,0'f 
A.XXA.] cm. L homeot. JULCI Itg^HX A.XXA. €^] cm. N 
homeot. CCOg, ifccit] L'l'^AjrEGMNOP : cm. OTTOg^, Ai'B»DF 
HJKL; cf.? Gr. Di>et«EKLP al pier de arm &c. A.X€Xe(ora.Xe, 

AjO nxA^g^e] T» A Ei^g : A.p€xe(om. xe, M) nx., L» &c. epA.- 

2 CORINtmANS VIL 11-15. 265 

of: but the grief of the vx/rld worketh death. ^^ For 

behold the grief which ye grieved (lit. did) according to 
Grod worked for you much eamestTieBa^ yea (^) a defeTice^ yea 
(^) an indignation^ yea (^) a fear, yea (^) a hearty love, 
yea (^) a zeal, yea (^) a revenge ; and in everything ye 
established* yourselves pure of the thing. ^^Then^ if I 
wrote to you, (I wrote) not because of him who did wrong, 
nor because of him who suffered wrong, but (^) that your 
earnestness^ this which ye feel (lit. do) about us, might be 
manifested to you before the Lord. '* Therefore we were 
consoled: but about your comfort, we rejoiced nvore exces- 
sively about the joy of Titos> because his spirit was rested 
for you all. ^^ Because my boast which I made to him about 
you, I was not ashamed of it. But (^) according as I spoke 
to you always in [a] truth, thus also our boast which we 
made about you to Titos was in [a] truth. ^^And abun- 
dantly his affections are turned (cyon) towards you, remem- 

* Lit. * set up.' 


TeneaitoT] om. Eg. iSLnig,*] em., b*. ^* a.icj6^0 Hunt js. 

-j6€, H Ji«2. €Ofi.e 2°] om. F. <|h A.n 2°] om. ^.rt, L«T*G M P. 
(jTxq] tfT, Aj*. A-XXi. Xe] LsT* Ai^PgrENO : cm. Xe, Ai' &c. 
exexeit . . . eXCJOrt] cf. Gr. BCD^et«EKLP al plu8^® d**e 
8yr»«' arm"»» aeth Euth Dam. ijLUOC] AE : ijLc|>'f-, L«T* &c. 

** ^.•¥e€(H, L)xnert] eT(A.T, H«j)ea)(€, t*)T ixncn, t* 

H*J. e2,pHIi^2i€]T'ArDEGKMNO,tf. Or. l^BCDBFGKLP 
17. 93. al " it vg go gyr"»»etP«»» &c. : om. ^6, L«B»FH JLP 18, cf. Gr. 
32. 36. 39. 69. 71. e«" ann Eutb Thdrt plane om. df . XeTeitrtOJUL*!"] 
cf. Gr. Ff'KL al pier syrP c* Euth &c. ^.np^.ail] eft(p, J2)p^.a)I, 
J. €;>,pm 2°] om. B*DFHJKL 18. XGAJ om. Ze, H*. iX- 

Toit] eiULX., T*NO. " exeneHitoTf] iiTeite., b»dfl 
18: om. u*. ixmcgini] ixuKncgmi, k. exA.!.] ae: 

eT^.^., L? &c. neiULCOXen] position cf. ? Gr. 1*»BFGKL al 
omn^«> g 8yr°*' arm Euth &c. ScHOT nifi.ert] cf. Gr. CFfG(g) 
syrP: om. Ji*. Olt] om. F. nengOTTOJOT] cf. Gr. l^DEGKLP 
al pier d e f g vg go syr"*' arm Euth &c. ifc^Xeit] cf. ? Gr. DE FG P 

37. 71. 73. 80. Dam vp6t. ^.qHa3^l] ^.qcyo^, gmp. 


ceojon ej6oTit epcoxeit-ft- eqipi xL^julc^i 
iiTexeitJtiLeTpeqccjoxejuL TKpoT *• iuL^^pHt" 
exA-pexengonq epa5Ten j6en onrg^o-f neix 
o-rceepTep "'fp^.^i xe j6eit ^voSl nifi.6it 

jtTe ^^'f exToi itHi i6ert nieicKXHciA , nrre 

n2kOKiJULH Sxe o^cg^oxg^ex ^. nig^oxo nnre 
noTpA.aji nejjL nojooK itxe xoTiULeT"^KKi. 
A.q€pg^o-co €j6o'cit efjjLerrp^MU,o itTe to**- 
JULeT"A.nXoTrc ^-fepimeepe xe K^.T^. xott- 
xojuL nejjL c^.fi.oX iiTOTrzojuu ^.Tepxoxo•c 
j6en nonrpoDOTxq JJLMX^t^r^ot *• * ^.Txajftg, 
ijuuLort j6en oxmg'f it'fg,©*- ce&e nig^JUtoT 
itejuL i"juLexa*Kp rtTe niajejuLoji eTgon itni- 
A.VI0C4- * OTTog, KUTi. ^pKf ^rt GTA-rtepg^eX- 
nic aX\^ ^.7repc[)opn iixhixot ixnoc*- oxog, 
tu.n 2,u5rt eJ^oX g^ixen nexeg^ne <^i"'5- 
•eepen-fg^o exiToc-s- &m^. K^.T^. <^pRi" 
ex^.qep2,HTc icxen aopn 4- uA-ipni" nxeqzcwK 
e&oX iin^-iKeg^iULox >6€W eHnoT-s- 
^HXXXa. KA.TA. 4>pH'f exexenoi iig^oTo j6eit 

tiejUL meJULi^ tiexx cnoT2iH ni&en^- nexx 

" eTA-pexengonq] ex^.peTe^(^f^q, b» i8. " xe] 

I^T^ArEMNO. cf. Gp. unc. al plus*" it vg 8yr«*etP*** Euth &c : 2^.6, 
B^'HJ i8: 2ke X6, DFGKLP (2iX6); 2^6 perhaps^o^ir, cf. Or. 37. 
73. 137. 8p« al pauc^i go arm syrP™' Chr. 'fx^JiC.] pref. OTOg^, 
EM : -fnA-eefilOTX *I sball be humbled/ B». 

^ L°«« *the first Sunday of Abib.' -fXAJULO (O), B»L: 8, A,*)] 

2 CORINTHIANS VIL 16— VIH. 7. 267 

benDg the obedience of you all, how ye received him in [a] 
fear and [a] trembling. ^® I rejoice that in everything 
I am assured in you. 

VIII. But I show to you, my brethien, the grace of God 
which was given to me in the churches of (the) Macedonia ; 
' that in a great pivof of a tribulation, the abundance of their 
joy and (the) depth of their poverty abounded into the riches 
of their singlenens. ^ I witness that according to their power 
and beyond their po^er, they acted of their own readiness, 
^ they prayed us in a great beseeching concerning the 
grace, and the fellowship of the ministry which is done to 
the aalnts: ^and not according as we hoped, but (<&.) they 
were beforehand in giving themselves to the Lord, and to 
us also through the will of God. " So that (copeit) we 
besought Titos, that according as he began from (the) first, 
thus he might complete this grace also in you. ^ But 
(^) according as ye abound in everything, in the faith, and 
the word, and the knowledge^ and all eamednesSy and the 

cf. Gr. 47. 73. 80. 93. 122* al^" fere vg«*«i arni go Eiith &c. ItKl] om. B*. 
* ivapHl] iii6., P. OTfg^OZg^ex] nO-Cg^. 'their affliction,' J. 

^qepg^oTo] €^.q., Af D L. e-f.] it-f., p. tot (Teit, M)- 

JUL€X^.UX0T (om. Eg M) c] T AjFE G M N P : -g^A-UXoTC, L» 
Ai'B»DFH JKL. ^ JULeep€(H, E,)] AgE : + VA.p, L«T*Ai' &c. 

XOTXOJUL] OTZOJUL 'a power,' L«L: XOJUL, Aj^ C^.&oX] 
cf.? Gp. l^BCDEFG 17. 45. 46. Euth irapd. nOTpa50TrTq] OTp., 
J indef. art. * A.TXU5fi.g,] AE O : CTT ., L«T* &c. a^^P 

itX€ni(n, FNO: ni, B«)a}ejuLttji] a*wp eTgon JuL- 
nojciULcgi, DFKL. ititiA-vioc] em., b-*: iiTem., dfl; 

cf. Gr. unc. al plu it vg eyr "*' aeth Euth &c. om. ^'f ^fwr. * GT'^.H- 

€p.] €T€nep., Aj*. ^.Tepoj.] e^epoj., o. juLhot] en., 
H J. n^.rt] ^.itoit, B». p^cjon] om. l. nexeg^ne] om. h*. 
*€p2,HTc iczenajopn] epojopn iiepg^HXc, hJi*,. 

HA-IpH-f] A E F : + on, L«T* Ac. ^ ^enniH^g^i"] cf. ? Gp. ». 

cnoT2iH] ppef. OT, P. ex;6en &c.] prcf. ea, P; cf.? Or. B 30. 

31. 37. 42. 73. 74, 80. 238. a««' b"®' syr**^ arm •{ ^f^y iv v^iir. 


^\n^ itTexertepg^oTo j6eit nA.iKeg,JULox * 

A-XXa. eStoX g^iTen i-cnoTr2kK nxe g^A-nice- 
XJ^otm^ eiuiexccoxn g^ooxeit nxereit- 

• TeT"eiica)OTit r^-p jjuni^AxoT hrre neitw ikc 
n^cc xe ^.qep2,HKJ ce&c eKnoT4- eonrpAJULA.o 
ne 2,m^. necoxeit g^oonren ;6eit baxct^mci 
irre 4>h exejuuuLA.T 4* itTeTeneppAJUtA.o •«• 
^® oTog, j6en <I>A.i -f^ iioTrncoiULK 4- 4>^i VA-p 
nexepnoqpi nujTeit* nn exe ot AiLonoit 
nig^cofi. e^.lq4• ^.XXA. niKeo-ctogj ^.Tex6^ep• 
fflopn rig^ixen OHnoT epoq icxcn cito-rq <- 
Aa " 'I^itoT 7^€ niKeg^ujfi. e^iq xoicq e&oX. ^m^ ka-TA. 
^^pK'f ijinipcjooTTq iiTe nioTcoaj » ^^.lpH•f on 
iixe uiKexcjoK efi.oX sgconi4- K^.x^. nexennre 
nioT^.1 nioTf*.! "icxe rA.p nipujoxxq qajon^- 
KA.XA. ^exe^x^.q qgHn4* oxog, K^nr^. nexen- 
x^.q ^.rt•5• " ottx^ &xw^ vA.p ^.^ itxe 
oTijLxoit ccjcioni h^^tiKexj^omu o-cog, itxe 
oTg^oxg^ex cgooni ntjoxeit. a.XXa. g^m^. itxe 
oTg^Tcoc gcjoni ;6eit ha-ichot itxe -fnoT^- 
^* &m^. itxe nexeng^o-co ojconi eucTpog, nnn onrog, 
uig^o-ro fixe na itxeqaaoni enexentfpog,*- 
g^tn^. itxe oTg^Tfcxjc sgcont. "K^.x^ ^^pat" 

j6€nnA.i] en^.!, h j. * e&oX] om. p. ejuiexccjoxn] 

ea eXC, FL by error. ^.I6p2i.] AE: 6I6p^.^ L«T*B»rD 

GHJKLMxV: ei6ep2k., Fo. ® oanoT . . . iteooxen 

cf. Gr. K B D£ F G L P al plu it vg 8yr«^ arm go Eutb Cyr &c €0"rp.' 

erp., B» ne] om. h*. nxec^a(ni, Ai'Ej)] juL^a, tmnop. 
^° rna3JULa(i, m)] + ntuxeit 'to you/ AsFhjkl. nexep.] 
ne exep., tthjno. na exe] nexe, j. iii^vjSl] on 

neAXg^Ujfi., Ea by error. A-XXa.] + neAA. 'also,' H JL. A.Xe- 

xenep.] eA.x., dk: ^.pexenep., hj: e^.p€x., b^ 

2 CORINTHIANS VHL 8-15. 269 

love which is in you from us, that ye may abound in this 
grace also. ^I was not saying it according to command* 
ment, but (^) through the earnestness of others, I approved 
(the) choiceness of your love also. • For ye know the grace 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he became poor because of you, 
being rich, that ye also in (the) poverty of him (that one) 
might become rich. ^^ And in this I give an opinion : for this 
is profitable to you, who Twt only the thing to do, but (^) 
the wish also ye were beforehand in beginning a year ago. 

*^ But now the thing also to do, fulfil; that according as 
the readiness of the wish, thus also may be the fulfilment, 
according to that which each one hath. ^^ For if the readi* 
ness exists, according to that which he hath he is accepted, 
not according to that which he hath not. ^^For not that 
a relief might be to others and a tribulation to you, but (^) 
that an equality might be in this present time. ^^ That 
your abundance may be for (the) deficiency of those, and the 
abundance of those may be for your deficiency, that there 
may be an equality. ^^ according as it is written, 'He of the 

^rren] g,i, b». " 2^e\ +on, hj. e^.iq] €^.I, kl, om. 

suffix 3° singular : om. J. OH] om. H J. HIKe] III, GM«P. 

" ^^.p] o-cn, h j : 2ie vA.p, tn. qao(a), A2)n] l^t^Aj &c.: 

ODD. q, AiEMNOP. UexertTA.q i®] cf. Gr. l*BC*DEFGKP 
al*** it vg go syrP*** arm aeth Clem Euth &c. om. rU. qaHIl] qojOU, 

T*p by error. nexenTA-q 2°] neTA-itT"., TEj : nexA.q, L*. 

"O-rxO om. B»HJ: OTOg,, O. iXXOrt] GJULT., T'GN. 
gj^XiKey^fJiOtWl 'others'] ^A-nOTfOKeX-. Aa by error : g^^It- 
JCeOTOIt 'others,' B»HJ: g,A.rtOTrort •some,' T°^. OTTOg^] cf. 
gj|.0eii. om^ B*H J, cf, ? (donbtful, because conjunctive ItTe) Gr. M*BC 
17. 33. 35. 80. de aeth"'': +2,in^., M. OTg^OZ.] om. OTT, LfP. 
^in^ 2^] om. Ai'HJ. 2,T(I, D)C0C] + ijLTOn, L. ojcjont^ 

♦ ntJDxeit, AgH J L. iiTei".] t^ &c. : ni"., L'. ^* itxe i\ 

ItXen, H by error. CgCOHI i°J pref. ItTeq, DFKL. eutfp/ 
€ni(fp., HJ. nig^OTTo] + OTTOg, Ulg^O-ro, L« by error. 
g,TCOc] g^IC, D : -CCJOC, A. 


exc;6HOTrx "5- xe \ c|>A.ni2,oTo ilLneqcp^onro •>- 

CnOT2kH KOTCOT eXGIt eHltOT jfceit ng,KX 

itxixoc-*- " ze nieojx ng,HX juten A.qtfTxq* 
eqiHc 2ie ii^o-co ei g^A-pcjoxen j6eit neqpoo- 
oTxq Sg,HT4- "^.no*¥a)pn juLniicecott ncAJL^q-s- 
4>^.i exeneqgoTgoT ;6eit ^leT^.^^eXIOIt4• 
€JS.oX g^ixen nieicKXKciA. xaponr, " ot AiLortoit 
^e ^.XX^, nejui €^.tx^ ^^^c excoq eJS.oX 
g^ixen ni€KKXKci^4- eqxH &i nojejuumo 

juuuLoq e&oX g^ixoTcrt ercjooT jOLn^ iteiuL 
nertpa)o*rrq n&KT"*- ^** entopq ijuuLoit e<^^J4- 
2ce itite 0-CA.I ojogeit jfceit x^^izoajl exA.n- 
a)€JtiLci)i iiuuLoc efi.oX g^rroxen*- "xenqi 
VA-p i3L^pa50Trg n2^^nneon^.iteT ot iULonon 
juLncjuLoo ixn^ ^.XX^* itejtiL ijLneAJLeo 
nnipoDJULi 4- 
'2 UXnoTcopn a^e iSLneitKecort ttciULCooT c^A.i exA.n- 
ep2iOKiAiLA.^m iiuuLoq ;6eit oTJUtHg iioTJULHg 
iicori eqoi ncnoT2keoc4- *fiioT 2i.e eqmc 

'* D™« e2;o:^OC : A^K Ei"»« L ^)^ J^ 'the book of the Exodus.' 

<1>A. i°] om. H*. ijLneqep \^ Xin^qep, f. hikotxi' 

ii"nt,8, UK., K. JULTieC 

«6-ai - 

ep 2°] JuLn^-qcp, l. " ng^juiox 

c^H, DFKL, €XA.qi"] + It^.lt, FK, cf. Gr. 
C harl*. " it(om. K*)2,HX JULe(H, Eg)!!] L8T*ArEGMN0P: 

Aitert Sg^KX, B»DFHJKL i8. A-qcrTrq] exA.qtfrrq, O: 
A.qxHiq, M*. eqiH(ni,E2)c 2ke] Ai*ar*EH°»«MNOP: eqoi 
2ke ncnoTZ.€0(a),j2)c, B»n*j 18; eqoi ScuoTz^eoc, L«Tt 

Ai°>«(*a copy')r»DFGK?L. €l] AE: ^qi *he came,' L^T* &c.: 
O-rog, A.qi, HJ. " ^It(S,E2)OTra3pri] r'AFENO: + 2ie, 


abundance abounded not, and he of the little was not in 
want/ ^^ But thanks be to God, he (lit. this) who gave the 
Hame eamestneaa for you in (the) heart of Titos. ^^ Because 
he received indeed the exhortation, but being more in haste 
to come to you in his readiness of heart, ^^ we sent the other 
brother with him, he (lit. this) whose praise in the Gospd 
through all the churches ; ^^ but Tiot only (so), but (^) also 
having had hand laid upon him by the churches, to travel* 
with us in this grace, this which was ministered by us 
unto [a] glory of the Lord and our readiness of heart: 
^ withdrawing ourselves from this, that any one should [not] 
blame us in this amount (XOJtK.) which is^ ministered by 
us : ^' for we take care for good things, tu^ only before the 
Lord, but (^) also before [the] men. ^ But we sent our 
brother also with them, he (lit. this) whom we approved in 
many things many times to be (lit. being) earned^ but now 

* Lit. ' being on (the) strange Oand).' ^ Reading eXOT of H« J. 

L«DFGHJKLMP: ^.IO-VU)pn 2^.6, i<» singular, B» i8. Il€JULA.q] 
position i-f. ? Gr. Ik* P c"«' 8p«. ^® ^.XXA.] om. L. efi.oX i°] om. 0. 

netju.n] neiUL^q 'with him,' l. j6en] cf. Or. b(C)P ai pius^* 

f vg ann aeth Euth &c. eXA.TttjeJULgi] AE : eXOTfg., present, 
LtT* &c. g^ITOTert] g^ITOXOT, FN*. eTCOOT] eOTUJOT, 
•r*B*FK i8. hoc] cf. Gr. BCD*FGL 3. 23. 31. 39. 57. 71. 73. 80. 93. 
d«' defg vg go arm aeth Euth &c. om. avrov. nerfpa)0*CXCj] 
Ueqp. *his readiness,' B» 18. *® eWCOpq] om. q, Ej*. Itlte- 

o-rA.i] eiteoT^.1, h. ex^^noj.] a, e : 6X6110}., l^t^Aj &c. : 

eA.1 6TOTaj. 'this which they,' H« J : e^.1 6X6ltaj., B» 18. 
2^ X6nqi] cf. Gr. l^BDEFGP 6. 11. 67** 80. 91. f*'' d e f g m^^ vg 
syr»c»»etP arm &c. vpopoovfuv. JJL^p.] 4>p., FN. n6JU.] T*AE 
GP: om. L«B*rDFH*JKLMNO 18. i5Ln6AiLeO 2*^] om. JUL, DF 
HJKLMO 18. nipCJOJULl] AjB^EHJL 18: + Ort 'also,' K: 
nifC6p. 'also the men,' L«TtA,^rDFQMNOP. " i}Ln6niC6] 

om. JUL, GMP. eT^rtep] ex6rtep, Jj. ;6€noTiULHaj] om. 

JK. 6(om. B*)qOI itCnOTr2i60c] pref. ^.n:2C6JULq, K : om. B* : 
.cnOT2.H, TtGL*M. eqiHc] A.qiHC, HJP: e(om. B»)qoi 
itcn01f2i60C, B»Aj"8(*acopy'). 

272 npoc ROpmeioYc K. 

it^onfo jfeeit o-citiai" ilecjox iig^KX <1>H ergon 
g,A.pu5xen *• *^ ixe ezeit xixoc- n^.a)(t>Hp 
o-co^ itci)4>Hp itpeqep^co^L ej6o-cit epooxen-i- 
ixe nencitKOT. ^A.nA.nocxoXoc ite*- ilxe 

2*4>onfU5n2, o-cn efi.oX ilxeTenA.rA.nK nejJL nen- 
cgonrcgoT exeitpA. iixt-oq ezeit eKito-c o-cong^q 
epu)o-v juLnejuLeo iinxeKKXHCXA.. 


ne Xy Ge&e i"2wiAJi:oniA. vA,p imeit excypA, juuutoc 

iiniA,rioc o'yg^o'yo khi ne 4>a.i ecj^A-i ncoxen*- 

»i"cu50-cit rA.p ixnexenpcjooTTq *• ^a.i efpA. 
juuuLoq ngofojoT ezeit eKitof*- j6a.xoxo'c 
iinA.eAJLA.Ke^oniA. 4- xe a. nA.^A.x^i^ ce&xo 
xoT icxen cito-cq* a.XXa. nexenxo& ^^- 
X0& JuLuoTg,o-co *• 
•CtXnoToopn i^e linicitKOT g, ^iha. nen- 
ojofOjOT exenpA. ixiU-oq exen eKno-c*- 
nxeqgxeAJLgooni eqgoTrr4- j^eit nA.iiu.e- 
poc*- ^iHA. ICA.XA. ^pK'f enA.ixoo JUUUtOC-i- 
nxexencgcjoni epexence&xoox *• * AJtHncoc 
A.fojA.nx iteiULHi ibcenA.eAJLAJce^onxA.<fr- hcexejUL 
OKno-c nxexence&xoox A.n nxenajmi A.non 
^XHA. xe iinen^coc*- xe iieooxen ii^pHi j6en 

" nA.g4>Kp] neno). 'our/ f. o-cog, na)c{>Kp] om. b»k. 

ejiofn eptOXen] position cf.?Gr. DE de 8yrw>» go Ambret. 

ne] om. Ji*. ncjooT] pref. nxe. K. **xexenA.v.] 
xenA.r., p by error. exenpA.] nx., L. ezen] j6en, k. 

Onrong^q] cf. Gr. h^CDJ'et^^E'^KLP al fere omn f vg syr^^ arm acth 
Eiith &c. 

^rA.p JULen]AE: AXen VA.p, L»T*&c.: om. jtxeti, HJ. 

iiniA.rioc]TtAB«KR«: em., L? &c. onr^o-co] o-cog^onro 

( + n, Aa*), A2*B»FMN by error. e(A.I, P)Cj6^0 e'fcj6., G. 

2 CORINTHIANS Vlll. 23— IX. 4. 273 

more eager (lit. hasting) in a great oonfidence which there 
i^ (to him) in (g^^) you. ^^ Whether (any enquire) about 
Titos, (he is) my friend and fellow worker for (lit. into) 
you ; or our brethren, they are aposUes of the churches^ (the) 
glory of Christ. 2* (The) manifestation then of your love 
and our boast which we mak^ about you, manifest it to 
them before the churches. 

IX. For indeed concerning the ministration which they 
do for the saints, this is superfluous* for me to write to you: 
' for I know your readiness, this of which I make (a) boast 
about you to them of (it^.) (the) Macedonia, that they of 
[the] Achaia prepared themselves a year ago ; but (^) your 
zeal gave zeal to very many of them \ ^ But we sent the 
brethren to you, that our boast which we make about you, 
may hot be empty in this respect ; that^ according as I was 
saying, ye might be prepared : * lest by any means should they 
of (the) Macedonia come with me, and find you not prepared, 
we (pron.) might be ashamed, that we should npt say, * Ye,' 

* Lit. * a more.' ^ Lit. * their more.' 

^ n(eit,FKL)ao'cao-c] ecg., b». j^^t^otto-c] j6em"o- 
To-c, M. ^x.^^^] ^X}^» KL. ce&TO(o-c,E2)xo-c] 


E2NP. A.XX^.] AE : o-cog,, LfifT* &c. nexenxog*] cf. Gr. 

KBCP 17. 39. 67** 74. aW' (8Pe) Euth f vg syr«»» arm &c. ^^i"- 

XP8j] o™- -^2 homeot. JOLn.] eu., l^\ ^ ^.no-coopu] cf. Or. 

D«^TSfr deroid al»»c>>"» arm &c. : ^.tOfCOpTI, B», cf. Or. rell. 6X811- 

pA.] iix., N. n^^iiULepoc] o•c^.^^Jt«.., Aj* : o-c^.n^.iAJL., a^ 
g,m^L] pref. ^.XX^., B». eitA.ix(Jo] nn^wixo), m : exA-ixo), 
L. iixexeitttj-] om. it, jg. * it^.eiUL^.K.] om. n^, lp. 
ncexeAJt] aer: pref. o-cog^, l^t* &c. nxexencefi..] 

AoF^E : itXeitC, r* by error : epexeilC, L^'PAj^ &c. itXeU- 
ttjmi A.non] OfOg, ^.noit itXeitOJ., R. cf. Or. D*et^E*Lde 

syr«»c»» «u. &in^. xe] om. zc, H*o. ititenxoc] nxenx., 

O; cf. Gr. KBC^LP al omii^*<> fg 8yr«*' Euth &c. "kiymiup. 

274 npoc RopmeioYc H. 

n^igjt^ * Of A.itA.rK€oii oTit ^iJULenti epoq 
eeex n&HT liiticitHO-c ^iit^ iiceep$t)opn iti 
g,A.pu5xeit oTog, nceepojopn licefiLTe nexen- 
CAJLOT ^H eT^pexenoo^i) iOuuioq icxeit g|opn 4- 
^m^. nxeqjaaom eqcefixajx. n^-ipK^f 2^e ^toc 
o-ccJULOT *• o-cog, no-cAnexcfT nzoitc * 

A8 •4>A.i 2^€ ne 2:e 4>h exi' eqci'f 6q6U3Cj6 on 
^eix o-c'fA.cO'j- o-cog, ^H exci-f i^en o-c- 
CAJLOf -s* eqeu5Cj6 on j6en ot cjulo-c 4- "^ nioT^.i 
nio-v^t KA.x^ *pHi" ex^qccoxu nA.q j6en 
neqg^HX. ne efioX tb^tv ot juLk^^ ng,KX A.n *• 
le efioX i6en oTA.nA.rKH *► o-cpeq^ vA^p eqpA^i 
exe 4>'f Axei jOuutoq <• | 
•Ofon jya:ojuL ^e juLct-f-^ eepe g^ox ni&en 
A.cyA.1 ncoxen <>• g^m^. epe <t>pu)aji gjon ncjoxen 
j6en g^oofi. ni&en ncHOT nificn'^ nxexenep- 
g,oTo ;6€n fcoofi. nxfien iiA.rA.eon'> •ka.xa. 
4>pH'f €xci6H0TX 2:e A.qc(Jop €fi.oX A.q-f nni- 
g^HKi xeqAxeeAJLHi gjcon (yA.en6g^. 

Af ^** nexcA.g,ni ^e ijLni^pox Xinexci-f eqeceg^ne 
nxKewiK nA.q on eo-coojuL ofog, eqcepe ne- 
xenclo A-m^i eqeepo-cA.aA.1 nxenio-cxA^g, 

n(4>>0)A.lgj!] nA-Ijyi,D| cf.Gr.«*BCD*FG3.i7.a3*57.67**69. 
70.71. 177. 179. it vg aeth Euth &c\om. r^f xavx^cMr. ^ A.nA.VK60n 
-KKOn, 'nAi'FOHJK(Onfn)LP. O-cn] om. Ai'K. A.IAJLe7ri^ 

nA.tJUL6-vi> B»o. eeex] -hx> b»dhlo. ao(tJo,E,M)pn 
ni] om, ni, H*. ni . . . cgopn] om. EjL homeot. ofog, nce- 
epojopn] onr og, ceep., p : om. ofog^, 11. nexencjtiLoT] 
nexenKecAJLo-c 'also your biewing/ R. (jogj] epgfopn ncjooi, 

H J, cf. Gr. wpo &c O-COg, nOf.] cf. Gr. S^BCDi^E^KLP al pier 

Hnnt fi6, bjtP arm aeth go Euth &c. ^ c{>A.I :h.e Ue Xe] 4>^I 2^e HeXS, 

^ LST^ by error; B*DE J have point after Ue ; no MS. has Xcyt*, L«T^ 

mistook nexe 'said' for Ue *is' and Ze * that '= ore cJ)K exi"] 

nexi^, D K L. eqci-f ] om. h*. eqeoocji i**] eqoo., f. 

j6enO-CCAJLO-C 1®] om. 0*C, r*U ; cf. Gr. D*FG deg m^* fu al«««k» 

.2 CORINTHIANS IX. 3-10. 275 

in this measure. ^ I thought it necessary then to 'exhort the 
brethren, that they should oome before to you, and prepare 
before your blessing, which ye promised beforehand*, that 
it might be prepared, but thus as £a] ben^cenoe** and not 
(as) extortion^ ®But this it is, that he who. is sparing 
(in) sowing shall reap also sparingly; and he who soweth 
beneficently shall reap also beneficently : ^ each one according 
as he chose for himself in his heart, not grudgingly^ or from 
a necessity : for a rejoicing giver (it is) whom Qod loveth. 

^ But it is possible for Qed to make all grace multiply to 
you, that (the) sufficiency, being to you in everything 
always, ye may abound in every good thing : * according as 
it is written: *He distributed, he gave to the poor; his 
righteousness abideth for ever.* ^^ But he who supplieth 
the seed to him who soweth shall supply the bread also to 
him for [an] eating; and he shall cause your plants to 
grow ; he shall cause them to grow, namely (iixe) the fruits 

* Lit. 'from first.' ^ Lit.'blesHing.* « Lit. * a wrongdoing.' 

^ Lit. 'from ti grief.' 

go &c, eqe (om. m ) (jocj6 • • • cajlo^] cm. G homcot. /6eno*c- 
CAJLonr 2°] om. o*c, L«r*, of. g Aug. "^ exA-qcooxn] -cotu, 

R. ne] om. L. JJLK^.^] €XfLK., TGN. cSloX 2°] pref. 0*C, 
L»P. eTe^)^ LBTAiB»rDEi«2FGKNP: nnrec^-f, LM: 

epec^-f , Ei*R: 4>A.i exe^^'f , a^hjo. • ^e] v^p, b»df 

KLR, cf. Gr. D^* 109. 178. 3?* demid tol 8yr*»»». AJLC^-f] e^^^f , 

B'E|* ? epe] ep, Ai. cl)p(jocgO nip., b» : <l>(Joaji, l. cg^n] 

cgooni. Ej. •^pK'f] om. Ag*. Aj4"*« D"»-' G"< ^^.XaJLOC 

(om.D) pIZCAj^XSI ^A.X): Ei«»fyui ^\^ %S^ jy,^, Ai^*^ jyjM. 

eneg,] + iixenieneg,, hr 26. cf. Gr. fgk 6. 39. 42. 238. f g vg«i- 
aeth- ^® uexci-f ] 4>K exci^f , H J. €qe . . . eqe (om. l) 

. . . eqe (om. B^EjL).] cf. Gr. S* BC D* P al " d e f g r vg arm aeth Euth 
&c. niKetOIK] om. Ke, GMP. rt^.q] om. B». on] om. A,'H 
JL.^ OnrtOiULj -OAJL, GM. Q-CO^J om. Aj. Itexeittfo] 
AjEH^J: Uexeit(yo, L«T*Ai' &c., singular, of.? Gr. eqe(om. 
B ' E2L) epO*C (om. r* F : Ope, L)] T* Aa r E G H« J M K P : pref. 
0-C02^,L8Ai'B»DFHKLR,cf.Gr. ^.ajA.l] AgE: ^.1^.I, L^^TUi'&c. 

T 2 


nxexeitAJLeoAJLHi ^^epexeitoi np^JU-^o i>eti 
g^tofii ni&en jfcen AJtexg^A-uXo-cc ni&eit. e^i 
exepg^cofii €&oX g^ixoxen erajeng^AJiox 
iixen 4)-f . " ze x^LI^I^.KOItI^ iixe T-A.i4>A.gni 
OT jv^onoit ecaou ecxcjoK nmxpi^ i^'re ni- 
A.rioc^xoT. ^.XXa. cepuKeoi ng^oTo 
efioX ^ixen oTAiiKcg iiajeng^AJLOx iixen <t>i" 
"e&oX ^ixeit -fi^oKiAJLK iixe n^-igeAxgi. 
Gpexen-ftoo-c ix<^'f eg,pHi ezen nitfitexcjaq 
iixe uexenonroong, efi.oX euierA-vveXioit iixe 
nxc. itejtiL i"AJLexA.nXo*cc iixe i"JUL€xgcj)Kp 
epcoo-c neAiL o*con ni&en "nejuL uo-cxoofiL^ 
exo-cp^ ijuutoq eg^pKi exeit eHno*c*- e»aon 
j6en o*cAJLei itg^ax epooxen-s- eefic nig,- 
JU-ox nxe 4>-f exepg^oTo j6en eKitoT*- 
^^ n^AJLox ^e ijL4>i" SJHu eg^pKi exeit xeq- 
. . . JUL- ^(jope^. h^rrc^jxi iSuuLoc •&• 



S ^'T JXnoK 2we nA.*yXoc i"i"g,o epooxeit e&oX | g^ixeit 

•f AJLexpeAJLp^.•ca^ *• nejuL i"juLexeuiKKc iixe 
nxc*- &00C eieefimoTX Aiiett j6en eaitoT 
ixnexeitJuLeo •> eic^fioX :^e iiJULOoxeit n^.- 
^HX XA.xpHo*cx j6eit eKitof^- *ix"a5&g, 
2we eepigconi eix^^pHo*cx iig^KX*- ii^fg.^.poo- 
xen ^.rt j6eit n^^iecox iig^KX*- <l>^.I ef-txe^i 
epoq eepxoXAJL^.n eg^pKi ezeit ^^nofoit*- 

iixexeniUL.] iixexexeitiuu, B^oikL " Axex- 

2,.(om. B»)^IlXo-Cc] pref. 0^ H: pref. g^A-It, P. iixeitcj>-f] 
iixe^^'f , r, obs. Gt, B Oiov. ^^ XA.12iIA.K.] -f 2s.., R. cf. Gr. 

iix€X^i4>.] iixA.i4>., K. x^.i^^^ttj'^O n^-iaejuigi 'this 

miniBtry,' R. eCttJOU] A-CO}., ER: Cg., F: IlA.CttJ«f B». ec- 

X(jok] + efi.oX, R. XP^^] AE : (Tpo^, L«T*Ai^ &c. cep] 

L«A2DEH*K: eep, : ecCp, B*: ceep, TtAi'FFGH^JLMNP: 

eceep, r. uKeJ niKe, x\. oicc, n) iig,.] L«T*Af B*rDFG 

2 CORINTHIANS IX. ii— X. %. • 277 

of your righteousness : ^^ ye being rich in everything, in all 
biiiglenesSy this which worketh through us a thanksgiving 
to God. ^- Because this Tainidration of this service not 
only is (at work) filling up the wants of the saints [only], 
but (^) also aboundeth through many thanksgivings to God ; 
^^ through the pivof of this ministration. Ye are glorify- 
ing* God for the subjection of your confession unto the 
Oospel of Christ, and the singlenesa of the fellowship witli 
them and all ; ^^ and their prayer which they make for you, 
being in hearty love to you, because of the grace of God^ 
which aboundeth in you. ^* But thanks be given to God for 
hiB/)*ee gift unspeakable. 

X. But I Paul beseech you through the meekness and the 
fairness of Christ, as being humble indeed among you in 
your presence ; but being away from you ^I have firmness 
among you : * but I pray to have firmness, '^not being with»i 
you, in this confidence, this with which I think to be hold 

^ The second person is expressed. ^ Lit. 'my heart (is) established.' 
^ Copt, takes /x^ with naponv, ^ Cf. Matt, xiii, 56, Mark xiv. 49, but 

hoth have variant Jo^P* 

njKLMNOP: o^\ itg^., AgE: (Jf ii&., R. e&oX g^ixeit] 

oni. efi-OX, R. O-CAJLKa] g^A-HAJL., plural, R. ii'Teit4)'f] 
ix4>i", R. ^^ i"(om. Ei*0)^OKIiULK] -f^I^KOHIA., DFK. 

eperren-f] eepexeit-f, hj. niflTte] ntfrte, fgmp. 
enie^A.r v.] ijLni, T'G m : pref. ej6o-cn, r. Mxeri^ (e, no)- 

nXo*C (ora. N) C] -2,A.nXo*CC, L«DF«HJKLR: om. AJLeT, r*. 
epOOO-c] Ai*2E: pref. ejfeof H, L»T*Af &c. " eXOfp^L 

ijuutoq] om. R. eptoxen] pref. Gjio'crt, b^hjlk. 

^^ II&.] ni^., DE2GMO. 2^e] cf. Qr. ««C*^D»>et«EKLP al pier 
8jr»*' arm Euth &c. e^pKl] om. F. ^.XC^Xl] ^.XgCA.ZI, 
potential, L. AjLiULOC] jQuULOq, J. 

^ L™« ^.bwH jj-jjd\ \juft iu.-^. u*fyfj^ •M^^ »M^ **^« ^®*st of the 
roaityr Markurius (later writing, at the church of this great saint).' 

-p^.(e,A2)•»aJ "P^o'^^ffl* ^^- aa5c]+xe, B». jfeenoH- 

no*C i«»] om. ^en, Ei*. j6eite. 2*^] cf.? Or. P (de)fg r VK. 

^ n^-ieoox] cf. Or. c^ exert] e, Af . of on] o-cooit, r*. 

278 npoc RopmeioYc B. 

•^.iiAJLogi r^.p K^rrjL cA.p^¥ nA.noi jjutx^rroi 

*Hi2,oiiXort VA.p nxexeiMJL€XJULA.Toi g,A.ncA.p- 

KiKon ne. ^.XXa. g,A.it2faiejt ivxe ^'f ne 

e-ccgopojep iixe itexzop*- eTpoj^T €j6pHi 

ng,^Litco<5Tii *ne4UL 6Tci ni&en eTrrcooTit ii- 

AJLtwoT eg^pKi exert nieftxi Rxe ^•f. o-cog, 

ef\epex,JtJLi^\iJdir€nim jOuuLerx iti&en ejio'fit 

j6eit ncorrejuL iinxc •onrog, encefiLXurr 

e(yr JuLnejuLnajiai juLAJLexA-xcurreAJL iti&eit 

ecgcon ^.qg^iiAJLog, najopu lUcenexencooxeAJL 

^ nx€xeitxo*cgx enn exx^ ii.uexeitii.eo. 

AC 4>K exe 2,eKq x** ^^ <l>^n^>Qc ne ^^i ort ajla.- 

peqcotfhi epoq iti6pHi itjinxq xe r^-XA. ctpK'f 

exe. .., exe iteoq 4>^n])^ uA-ipK-f ^.non g^cjon. * eojcjon 

« VA.p A.ittj^itao-cajO'c Xtjutoi itg^onro*- e^pKi 

exert niepojiajx exA. hot xwq itHi ericaox 
o-cog, iteuexeitp(jOj6T *« iti^nAgim A.rt. 
• • • &e- » 8>m^ ilx&.gxeJULepii.4>pKi" *• ito-cA.i eqi"2,eXi 
Xi, D itcjoxeit efi.oX ^ixen niemcxoXH *• *® ze 

itieuicxoXn juieit ce^opoj*- | o*co^ cexop4- 
i"nA.po*cciA. 2ie itxe uicooiUL^. of A-ceeitKc xe * 

^.ItJULOgjl] enAJL., J. * ^.^AJLOa)I • . . C^Lp^ i«] om. LN 

homeot. ^.nAUOCgi] AjE: eilJUL., LkT^Ai' &c.: n^.neitftJL., 
M by error: erte eitftJLOOJI *if we walk,' HJ. VA.p] om. HJ. 

* 2,onXoit] -oort, Ei j. e*caop.] otoj., h. itxe itex] a,d 

EJ: ItXeitK ex, L«TtAfB»rOHLMNOP: ItltK eX, K : ItXe- 

itex, F*. e-cpOj6x] Aj : -poojix, l«t*A2 &c. 2,^.itco(nti] 

itCO(fltl Itl&eit *every counsel,' J. * eXX(om. EjCJOOfUj 


jjLXSLuooif] om. 0. enepe{om. E2FLN)X'*J^-] G^G epex-, P- 
jfcen] Ai?2EM: j6^., l«t» &c. • ence&xoox] itc, b»d. 
(TT iJLneAJLn (om. Ai^d) g (tfl l) ig] (JT ixncy., j. eojoon] 

+ 2w€, B». itcyopil] Ai*2B»E, cf. Gr. C 39. r Aug : om. L«T* Ac 

ccjuxeiUL . . . "^ exxH ii-] om. n homeot. : itxexen . .. iJLeo, 

2 CORINTHUNS X. 3-10. 279 

against some, these who think of us that we walked according 
to flenh. ^ For we walked according to jle^h^ (yet) we were 
not (serving as) soldiei'S according to jlesh. ^For the 

weapons of year soldiering are not carnal^ but (^) they are 
powers of God, unto an overthrowing of the things which 
are strong, unto a hurling down of arguments (CO(fftl)> 
^and all heights which luise themselves against the know- 
ledge of God, and we are leading captive all thoughts into 
(the) obedience of Christ ; * and being prepared to avenge all 
disobedience, if your obedience should be filled first. ^ (Is it) 
that ye look at the things which are in your presence? 

He who trusteth that he is of Christ, let him argue 
(co6ltl) this again in himself, that, according as he is of 
Christ, thus are we also. ^For if I should boast myself 
more about the authority which the Lord gave to me unto 
[an] edification, and not unto your ruin, I shall (lit. will) 
not be ashamed. ^ That I may not be as one frightening 
you through the epibtles. ^^ Because the episUes indeed are 
weighty and they are strong ; but the presence of the body 


om. Aj*. "^ ilxexenx.] pref. o-cog^, B\ enH ex] nnn ex, Ji«°V'' 
0: hnex, M: eitex, a <1>k] + ^e, dfklp. exe] 

€XA.q, M. on] poBition cf. ? Or. P 14 d««r : om. 0. epoq] om. J. 
njfcpHI itji)HXq] cf. g 'intra se/ also ? Or. «BL 21 €^\ 'apud' d e f r 
vg. HA-ipK-f] 4>^I p., r*. ^CJOIt] cf. Gr.JfBCD'FGP al^*^ 
d e f g r Tg go syr"*' ar« arm aeth Euth &c.: + <1>^U;X1C» ^S cf. Gr. D«E 
KLal pier Dam Oec. * egjtOTl] cf.?Gr. BFGH 17. 31. 73.80.177. 

178. d»cr arm d e g tol 8yr*»>> &c. om. r*. Sg^OI'o] cf. Gr. h^*BCD* 
E*FG P 39. 45. 120. c*®"^ d e f g r vg go syrP *** arm aeth Euth &c. om. icac. 
niepcgicgi] cf. Gr. C*P 115. 119. al pauc 8yr*o>^ ar« &c. om. jumv. 
KHl] cf. 8yrw»» ar« Chr Thphyl. Uenexenp.] nCXeitp., G : 

nenexenp., a^. pu5j6t] fflopffl^rp, h. i" it^] i", g. 
» e&oX 2,ixen] om. h*. ^^ xeitiemcxoXK] om. Ej 

homeot. Jtlten] AjE. cf. aeth"* Method Ambrst: + neX^.q, L«T* 
A,&c., cf. Gr. KDEFGKLP al omn^ de aeth pp. Ceg^OpOj] C€- 

2,opx, D'L. uicooAJLA.] 'f cA-pj;, 18. A-coeitKc] ^.ceK., 
H: ^ce^., M: ^.coenoT, N*. xe] 3ie, AE. 


o*cog, nic^^i ajKcc)4- "cj)^i oit Jtx^peqjtxerti 
epoq itxcn^.1 juLuA-ipH-f *• xe ka-T^. <l>pH'f 
exenoi ijuu-oq jfeeit nc^^i*- e&oX g^iTen 
nieuicxoXK*- enxH j6^Teit ennoT A.it4- 4>^.i 
ne ijL<l>pKi" erreitoi Xjuuioq jfeen ng^ODfi. enxH 

^2 HTenepxoXAJLA.n r^-p ^.n exeiteooneit le egi- 
Teit eg^^itof on itK exx^^o i}uuLa50*c ep^LXo-r 
ijuuu.TA.xo*c a.XXa. necjoo'T il(6pHX il«6KX0'Tf 
enrgi ixiULCJOo-c *• o-cog, e*ceonxen JDuutooonf 
€p(joo*c jjuuLin ijuuLcoof o-cog, nceKA.'f A.n. 
^^^.noit 2we''^ ijuuion j6en 
g,A.nA.xaji ^XXa. KA.XA. nigi iixe * 
4>H ex^L 4>'f oA-aq nA.It eepen<l>o^ JH^po^ 
j^en Of a J nejUL onrojA-pcjoxen *• 
^'? 1* 0*c VA-p g^coc nxenc^e^ epaoxen xencooo-cxen 
jjLJjLoti epu5xen[4-] ng^o-co. A.n<t>og, v^p epoo- 
xen g,(joxen j6en nie-cA.rreXion nxe uxc 
^* encgo-cao'^f iJUUion A.n j6en g^A-nAxexA-xgi 
j6en 2,A.nj6xci nojciuuuLo <»- eo-conxA.n 2^6 
no*c^eXuic A^peojA^n uexenn^-g^i" a.ia-i eepeq- 
epniai" j6en eano-c ka-xa. nenKA.noTn enr- 
xfLCT^o'xo •&• " e^ijgennof qi ncoxen nna 
na{6iu. exoi nnicgi" enn. j6en o*cKA-no*cn ncgeiuuuLO 
. . ., D A.n eaonraoT juuuLon j6en nH exce&xoox 4- 

"4>H ^e exgoTojOT iSLiULoq AJLA-peqajo-cgonr 

" on] AEiO*: Ofn, L«Tt &c. UA-l] AEi: 4>A.I, L'fT' &c. 

efi.oX] orn. J. enxH i"*] om. XJ^> J- ^*^] <^™- ^ ^y «'"^^' 

or Bingle negative, with en = It. C^A.! 2®] AE : + On, Lk &c, 

^*exenea5(+x,F)ne(A-,E5j)n] nxene.,T'GMP: eewnen, 
El*. gix( + x,A2)en e] oj^Ten it, AsHJP. epA-xo-c] 
ora. p. e»eo(U5, T*D')nxen] A-Te(jo(o, E,)nxen, be. 

epOJO-c] om. Eg. O-COg, ItceKA-i"] Ai'jBEFHJKL: om. 

O-COg,, L«T*rD'^GMiNOP; cf. Gr. «BD8'«EKLP al fere omn 

"""-18^' ^ ^^''"^ "*"" *^^ ^^ ^"*^ ^^- ^^ A-non 2i€] cf. Gr. « Ac. 

2 CORINTHIANS X.'ii-i?. 281 

is tveak, and the words contemptible. '^ This again let such 
a one think, that, aocording as we ai*e in (the) word 
thi*ough the epistles^ not being with you, this is as we are 
in (the) deed, being with you. ^^For we are not bold 

to compaie ourselves or to measure ourselves with (€) some 
who commend themselves : but (^) they (pron.) in them- 
selves ai^ measuring themselves, and are comparing them- 
selves with (6) themselves, and are not understanding. 
^^ But we (pron.) were not boasting ourselves in things 
without measure, but (^) according to the measure of the 
caiioa which God ordained to us, to cause us to reach unto it 
in a measure, and one as far as you. ^^ For Twt as not reach- 
ing to you we stretch (out) ourselves to you the more : for we 
reached to you also in the Gospel of Christ : ^^ not boasting 
ourselves in unmeasuredness (plural), in toils of other men*; 
but having a hope, should your faith grow, to cause it to 
become great in you, according to our canon unto an abun- 
dance, ^*to preach glad tidings to you, ^things which ai*e 
greater than those, not in a canon of other men (and) to 
boast ourselves of ihe things which were prepared. ^'^ But 

* Lit.* of sti-ange,' thus again. ^ Misuuderstanding vn€p€Ktufa. 

as last. It^.ItcgOTCgO'r] cf. ? Gr. 8p« Kavx^fitBa, also FG f g auct 
-fwiwf. ^.Xtt^(tf^ M)l] LKAiBFEGMNOP: pref. JULCTT, T'AgD' 
FHJKL. KA.XA.] oiD. J. Rlgjl ItXe] nojl iJL, i8. K^.- 
nOfU] AE,.8( + 0-CIt)FJK: -HCAJIt, L^BD'^GHLMOP i8: -ttOIt, 
FN. c{>h] L^TtAFEGMNOP: 4>^I, BD'FHJKL i8. OTfa^- 
pcOXeit] A El : oin. OTf , LkT* &c. ^* OT VA.p 2,CJ0c] cf. Gr. 

HDEFGKLM al pier defg vg syr«^ Euth &c. UXencl^eg,] 

-^og,. HJO. epcjoxeit i^] a^p., b. iig,o-co . . . epao- 

Xen 3°] om. El* homeot. g^COXeit] om. H*. " ^It] om. Ai . 

2,A.ruuLex^Lxaji] o*ciULex., fk: om. g;, B. eonro- 

(oni. E2)It( + rt, rO)X^.It ^e] + jOuULA-f, BF^D'FJKL i8. 

eepeq] epeq, h. nenK^.ito*crt] as above (exc. b -o*cn): 
neiiK., 0. ^^ eita] erte, D'L. €ttjo*cajo-c] L^'nAFEGM 
NOP: e-cttj-, i>: ertttj. 'boasting/ FK: ^XXa. e(^., i8)ngo*c- 
jyo-c, BHJL i8. " 2ie] om. i8. AJLA.peqgo-cgoT 


2;^. ixAiLoq j6eit hot "c{>h rA.p exx^jg^o 
iiiULoq ep^-xq ijLiULA.*c^xq ne nicooTn. ^.XX^. 
4>H exe nOT n^-XA-g^oq ep^xq 4- 

A^ JXitJLoi n^,pexeitnA,ep^nex^c^€ ijutxoi nonr- 
Ko*czi jfcert x^.AJLexA.xg,KX a.XXa. ooot h^wr 

ne^JLHi. ^^fx^a VA.p epooxeit j6en otxo& 
nxe 4)^^ . A-ig^exn OHnof r^.p iioTg,^.! iloTaox 
noxnA-peenoc ecxonf&Ko-cx jOLu^Cc. *i"ep- 

•••P'^'f* aot ^e AJLHUtoc JuLc{>pH'f JuLuig^oq exA.qep- 

^ 2,A.X ileTTA. j6en xeqAxexcefii ncex^-Ko ti^c- 

tierretiJULe^i e&oX g^ixen 'fAJiexg^A.uXo'cc 
I16AJL nixo-c&o €Xj6€n n]>Qc *icze AJien VA.p 
neeitKo-c qrtA.g,Kjoiaj ntoxen nKeiiic iSLnen- 
2,10010} juLiULoq. le xexermA.(rf nKeuitll ixne- 
xeiteTTxq. le reeT^^rreXioit ixuexengonq 
KA-Xcoc 2we xexeitita.epA.itex€^cee ne, 
* 'I^AJLenr I rA.p xe -f epj6^e eg^Xi A.n *• eg,oxe m^.- 
nocxoXoc eeof oxefi. • icxe ^ttoK of ij^icoxkc 
j6eit nc^.zs ^.XXa. j6eit ue^jit ^.n *• a-XXa. j6eit 
g,(jo& nifi.eit A.nonfoitg,eit epooxen j6en onroit 
ni&.6tt4- ^JULK o*cno&i nex^iA-iq eiee&io jOL- 
AJLot^fr- 2,m^. itecoxen ilxexeittfYci ze ^.i^tcjoxaj 

. . . XH, nojxen axmxK ii.uieTA.rveXion nxe cj>-f *. 

D /i •aXiKCJoXn it^A.iteKKXKci^. *• A-itfl o>lr(jomon *• eefie 

ijUULOq] om. B homeot. ^^ A.n] om. r*FL. ijLiULA.-C^Xq] 
oni. Ei*K. ne(nA.I, O^) niCtOXn] order cf.? Gr. «*BFGnKL 
MP al omn^id g Or Euth &c.; for HI = 6 cf. Gr. FG. 

^ itA-pexertn^.] itA.pexen, jkl. ^.itex-] ^rt^X** 

FLP. ilO-CKOTZl] cf.? Gr. FGKLP al plus^** degr Euth &c. 
om. ri. j6e^tX^.AJLeX^.X2,HX] cf. ? Gr. H KL al plu Euth &c. 
Tj d(f>poirvyjj. ^.XX^. . . . 2,HX] om. B homeot. ^ i6eit01'X0&] 
-ni-, HJ; position cf.?Gr. 37. 48. 7a. 130. itOITlA.pCnA.p, L)] om. 

it, J. * iJLctpKi-. . . ep] Ak<^. ex^.UIg,oq ep, h J. ite^ a.] 

2 CORINTHIANS X. i8— XL 8. 283 

he who boasteth himself, let him boast himself in the Lord. 
^' For not he who commendeth himself is the chosen, but 
M he whom the Lord will commend. 

XL Would that ye were to bear with me a little in my 
senselessness : but (^) be longsufiering with me. ' For 
I am jealous aver you in a jealousy of God: for I united 
you to one husband a pure virgin to Christ. ^But 
I fear lest by any means as the serpent deceived Eva in 
his craftiness, your thoughts may be corrupted from the 
singleness and the pureness which is in Christ. ^For if 
indeed he who eometh will proclaim to you another Jesus 
(whom) we proclaimed [him] not, or ye will receive another 
spirit (whom) ye received [him] not, or anoth^ Oospd (which) 
ye accepted [it] not, ivdl forsooth will ye beaTwiih (him). 

^ For I think that I am in want of nothing in comparison 
with (€g^OT€) the apostles who surpass. ^ If I am an un- 
leamed one in (the) word, but (^) not in (the) knowledge ; 
but (^) in everything we manifested ourselves to you among 
all. ^ Is it a sin which I did (in) humiliating myself, that 
ye might be exalted, because I proclaimed to you freely the 
Gospel of Qod 1 * I robbed churches ; I took vxiges because 

position cf. ? Gr. h^BFGHM P 17. 37. 8o. g aeth Euth &c. i6€It] cf. ? 
Gr. (exc. D*'). iice(^.^ Ai)TrA.i:o] cf. Gr. l*BD*FGP 17. d eg r 
go arm Clem Euth &c. oni. ourwf. JUCeitereit] Illtexert. K. 

AJL€T2,(om. B)A.nXoTc] om. MxeT^ o. neJU-niTo-c&o 

(om. fi.O, r*)] cf. Gr. K*BF«'G 17. 74* a««' g tol go aeth"*' syrP c* &c. 

* XJuuLoq] + ntjoxen *to you/ k. ka-Xox: i^e] T*Ai*2rEi«2 

GMNOP : om. 2^6, L'Ai'BDF'HJKL. TenreitltA-ep] n^-pA.- 

xeitii^.ep, B. ^it€X(?> E,)ecee ue] aten: om. ne, 

L8T*&c. * VA-p] cf. Gr. (exc. B). -f €pj6-] i"*^^^?-^-* ^°*"''®» 
HJ. eg^Xl] AEi«2: itg;-, L«T* &c. O-COTefi] -tOX-, LtFK. 
*^ ICXe] L«Ai*2rE LNOP, cf. go : +2^6, Ai'BDF'GHJKM. 12^100- 
XKc]g,I2w.,HJ. nCA.Xl] niCA^I,Ai'. A.nOTO(U5,B)Itgjeit3 
cf. ? Gr. «« D«E K L P al pier r vg«i«f syr w*' Euth &c. '^ neTTA-lT] Ai'2 

DEi^jL: ne ex., l«t»&c. : exA.i^.iq, Ei*. * &^r^] aef' 

H J: +Ke, L«T* &c. O-^rO).] pref. It, H : pref. ilOT, J ((JOItllt). 

284 npoc RopmeioYc E. 

exA.iepj6^e JuLnio'CA.a&^poc e^cen onr^.! 
juuutaoxeit 4- n^eTpog, VA.p ^.-cxeic poxj 
nxeiticitHOT exA.-ci e&oX j6en eAJLA.Ke- 

epoi *• eioi iiA.Tfi.^.poc e&oX g.A.pooT'en *• ot og, 
ei6^.p6£f on. ^® i"JULeejJLKi itxe nxc cojon 
il(6pHi ilj6HT'*- xe UA.iao'Cfflo-c qitA.geA.AX 
epoi A.n j6en itiiULA. iixe i^A-x^^^** " ee&e 
OT. xe i"AJL€i AJUULcjoxen cj>-f n€XC(joo*cn«6- 
^2 ne-f pA. ijuutoq 2^6 i" oit. g,mA. 
nxA.xe2c eXcoixx nitK eeo-coog exe^JL Xooizi-s- 
2,mA. ncexejULOf j6eit cJ>k extt)o*cttjof juutxaoo-r 
itj6Kxq KA.XA. neitpK-f &cjoit. 
" Ha.1 ta-p iSLnA-ipH-f 2^A.itA.uocxoXoc nito*cx ne -s- 
nepvA.XKc nxpoq eroji&i" XJuutcoo-c juLncju-ox 
ii2,A.itA.uocxoXoc nxe nxc*- "o*cog, nonr- 
a^^Hpi xe. iteoq ^coq ncA.XA.nA.c *• qajifiL^ 
ijuuLoq iiucxnox ito*cA.rr€Xoc nxe ^^ofoomi 
" iio-citijij-f fr o-cit ne icxe neqK62iiA.Ka)tt4- 

Ceojl&i" JUUUtCOOT iiUCAJLOX it^A.It^XA.KU)Il 

irre •f AxeeAAKi. nA.i exe xo*cj6^e itA-ojconi 


Mfl '^ nA.Xm ^XO? jJLiULOC JULHUCJOC itXG O-yA-l iU-e7f! 

epoi xe A.noK o-ca.X2,kx. ijuuton juLcJ>pHi" 
ito-cA.X2,HX cgoux epcoxen** g^iitA. nxA-cgonr- 

» ei (T, m)xk] ^ixh, J. i6^xeit] j6eit, r*?. j6^€], K. A.-c(q, D')xeK] -xkk, bfn. nifi.en] om. r. 

A-IApe^] nA.1., HJ. epoi] position cf.? Gr. «*BMP 17. 37** 

73. 93. d e f vg Euth &c. A.X&.J A.e&., H J. eieA.pe2^] eiA.- 
pe&, G. ^® ego (00, t*)uJ eccg., pl. UA-ia] L^TtAFE 

GMNOP: UA.Cy. 'my boasting,' BD-^FaiJKL. gOA^AJt] L«AD' 
E J K L : JUL Age., T* B F P G II M^ N P, epOl] It pO)! * my mouth,' 

2 CORINTHIANS XL 9-16. 285 

of ministering to you \ ^ and being with you, having been 
in want, I put not burden upon one of you ; for my defi- 
ciency the brethren who came from (the) Macedonia filled 
it up**; and in everything I kept myself, being unburden- 
some to (lit. from) you, and I shall keep (so) still (on). ^® The 
truth of Christ is in me, that this boast will not be shut off 
from me (epoi) in the places of [the] Aohaia. ^^ Whyl 
Because I love you not. Qod knoweth. ^^ But that which 
I do, I shall (lit. will) do it still (on), that I may cut off 
(the) pretext of them who wish to find pretext; that they 
may be found in that in which they boast themselves 
according as ourselves, ^^For these are as false apostles, 
workers of subtlety, changing themselves into (the) form of 
apostles of Christ. ^^And it is not a wonder. Satan also 
himself changeth himself into (the) form of an angel of (the) 
light ^^ It is not then a great (thing) if his ministers also 
change themselves into (the) form of ministers of [the] righ- 
teousness^ these whose end will be accdrding to their works. 

^* Again I say, lest by any m^ans one should think of me, 
that I am foolish, — nay, even though as foolish receive mo, 

* Lit.'yo^^ ministry.* ** Lit. 'its mouth.* 

T* J- + ^X^(*^™- ^)^^] otii.'f , H*, cf.? Gr. FG 14. . ^^ HeXc] 

ne exc, TTN. ^^ijuuioq 7^e] 2^e jOumoq, fno: 

ijUULOq VA.p, HJ: om. 2^6, BL. oXoOIXl] bin. e, HJ. ^H 
(HI, MN)] om. B. eXcgonfOJO-c] AD'L: eXO^fg., L?T* &c. 
ijUUL(J0O-c] om. H*. " ft (eft, M)epV.] niepr., D"^: pref. 

o*cog,, Til J. erg.] A-'ccg., Ag. ncAXox] nic, t'n. 

1* 0*CgcJ)Hpl] cf. Gr. «BD*FGPR 17. 39. 67** 74. a'^'" Or Eiith 
Dam. fteoq]AEF'J: +rA.p, L'BD'HKL: +2i€,T«rGMN0P. 
CA.XA-nA.c] C^.2w., EiJ. nCAJLOX] niCiUL., D'O. " ftOT- 
nicgi"] om. ft, M single negative. Ofn] L«TtHK: Olt, A &c.; 
cf.? Gr. (exc. D*): om. J, cf. Gr. D* d e m®* go syr"«*> arm Leif om. o^p. 

jOLncJULox] iini., fd'EjO: iic^pH-f ixnc, h. j6^e] 
j6^h, bfno. *® UA.Xm] n^-ipK-f, l*. juL(eiUL, gm)- 

AILOIt • • • A.X£|HX] om. B homeot. 


goT ijuuLot 2,00 itoTKonrxi *• " ne-fcA^i 
iJuuLoq n^^i^iccjo juuuLoq ^it k^x^ n^ ^Wl 

itTe n^-igo-cgo-c *• " enii^K oToit OTJUutg 
cijo*cgoT Umlvjot ka.xa. c^px* A.noK g^u) 

^*&K^Hax: rA.p TexeitepA-itex^cee ftitiA-xg^irr 
iteooTeit g,A.itcAAe*c **^ xexenep^itex^cee *• | 
2;& '^^P ii-4>H ernpi ijuuicoxen iJL&ooK'^ 4>h 
eeo*c<JOJUL ijuuicoxen *• 4>k extfT Sxeii eKnonr 4- 
4>K €X(yrci juutiLoq nejUL ^h er&io-ci jfeen 
nexeng^o *• " ka-xa. o-cojcjojh -f zo) juuuloc 
xe ^nojconi ^iton. 
4>H exeof OK o•c^.l nA-epxoXtJL^it iti6Hxq ^jzu) 
iULJULoc j6€a o*cjtA€XA.xg,HX *• -fn^LepxoX- 
juL^n g^o) 4- " g^A-ng^eKpeoc ne ^.noK g^co 4- 
2,A.iicp^KXixKc lie A.noic g^oo. g^^itxpox iixe 
^£.p^.^juL ite ^.noK g,oo. ^^ g^A-n^iA-Kton iixe 
nxc ne*- ^.ica^i jfceit o-ccig^i itg^KX*- ^nofc 
ng^o-co. iij6pKi j6en 2,a.iu6jci ng^o-co*- it(6pHX 
j6en ^^itgHjiji ng^o-co*- iij6pHi j6eit 2,^.n- 
gxeKcoo-c st^eti o-cAJLexg,o*co jfeen g^^iuuLonr 
no-cAJLKg itcon **efi.oX g^ixoxoT iiituo'r2^^i4- 

tlOfKOT^lJ position cf.? Gr. unc al plu it vg syr*^*^ ann aeth go 
Enth &c. ^^ Ji^j^\ c\kj\ jA^l'the Sunday of the great lifting np' 

(the last before the Forty Days' Fast), L™' ^^\i\s^\ s^^ (s)^LU mJ\ Jl> 
^j^ J,i »J \^yf^\ 9'^J^j^^ /^J^ 'the Sunday of the blessed lifting up, 

and the feast of Istafanus. Of the lifting up, and it is the great lifting up 
in which it is read before causing to fast.' Tie'f C^^x] 116 C^C, T: 

ne-f ZOO, p. XJuuLoq i^] +rA.p, EiHJ. nA.ic+'f , P)zoo] 

It^.IC^.ZI, H J, cf.? Gr. XoXo). K^.X^. HOC] position cf. Gr. DELM 
al pier d e r vg go syrP &c. Il&pKl] tut>.f H J. " eni2iK 

(e,Ejj)] +VA.p, K. K^-XA. CA.p£] cf.?Gr. l**P*FGR 17. 71. 
73. 8P« Did &c. 2^00] om..Ei*. XJUULOl] + JUUULOq, L. 

2 CORINTmANS XI. i7-a5. 287 

that I may boast myself also a little. ^^ That which I speak, 
I was saying it not according to the Lord, but (^) ae in 
[a] foolishness, in this measure of this boast* ^^ Since many 
boast themselves according to fleshy I also shall (lit. will) 
boast myself. ^^ For gladly ye hear with the foolish, ye 
(being) wise. *° For ye hear with him who maketh you 
slaves, he who devoureth (lit. eateth) you, he who * receiveth 
from yoU) he who exalteth himself, and he who smiteth in 
your face. ^^ According to a dishonour I say that we (pron.) 
were weak. That in which any one will be bold, I said 
it in [a] foolishness, I shall (lit. will) be bold also. ^ They 
are Hebrewe^ I am also. They are Israelites^ I am also. 
They are seeds of Abraam, I am also. ^ They are 'ministers 
of Christ. I spoke in [a] madness, I am more ; in toils 
more, in stripes more, in prisons in an excess, in deaths 
many times **by the Jews. For I received five (times) 
forty stripes (SJ^gj) save one. **I was stretched out for 

• Or 'flhareth with you.' 

"&H(€,G)2.H(J0(O,KL)c]t*A,.8ceF'HJ: -€a)C,L»&c. A-iiex-] 

^•ne^., Ea twice, iiewxeit] +2k€, k. ^® eTipi] err en- 
ipi, F'. XUiooic . . . juuu.a5xen] om. M homeot. excfT. . . 
eTtfTcs] ee . . . ee., EiF. " KiJT^ oTacogj] om. k*. 

•f ^CCJO] om. 'f , Aj. 2Ce ^.^] T* &c.: pref. g^CJOC, L«BD'L. cf. Gr.: 
g^OOC e^.^, K. ^Vi\ L«AEFH JL, cf. Gr. D* d e vg 8yr«*' Ambrsi: 
+ 2ke, TtBrD'GKMNOP, cf. Gr. '-'* g,^.^Cp^.K>VlXKc] T> 

AP: ^^ni(H,EHJ)Cp^H(!,E,)X!XKC, L«&c.; cf. Gr. KB*D«E* 
F O H K M P &c. -Xira*. A.&. lie] cm. KG, Ej . *' He] om. H J : 

^^.ItOK 2,03, r*G*?. A.ICA^l] eiC, HJ; cf. Gr. KBHKLMPil 
pier syrP arm &c. itl6pHI ^£W . . . ftg^OITO 2®] om. M* horoeot. 

iu6pKi j6€n . . . itg^oiro 3°] om. b homeot. jgHai • • • cgxe- 

KOOOir] order cf. Gr. »* F«^ G g &c. 2,^.^aXeKa5 (om. N) Oir] om. 

2,^.^, r n 0. ;6e^2,^.^ julot] pref. e^ioX, p. " &ixo- 
(+ir, M)xoir itni] g^ixenm, hj. e v^.p] aef^: om. r^-p, 
L«'p &c. Jx] pjix, E1J2. aA.a] + 1, GMP. a^Ten] 
aj^xe,GM. ^^^.nronrea^o1r^&,EHJ)a3a^T]T»&c.: A.10T., 

288 npoc RopmeioYc b. ,^ 

onrcocgx ixncg^ajx ilr iicon* ^.1r2,Ia}ItI exa5i 
iioircon-> a. uxoi &.\xi i6^poi nv neon* A.iep 
onreg^ooir nejUL onrexcopg, j6eit nojooK ijL^ibAiL4- 
*® i6en 2,^.IlJULoa^l g^i ^^ajlcjoix itoirjULKgj iicon. 
A-ig^oocg ifeeit 2^^}oir. A-ig^oxg Rxe 2, 
cmcjoo-ci. ^.I2,a5a^ nrre it^n^-gXcjoX *• ^.i^oog 
nxe g^^iteenoc. -A^ig^oxg i6eit ^*Ki* 
A-ig^oog 2>^ ng^qe. ^.ig^oxg j6€it <l>ioiUL4- 
^ig^cjog tire g^^itcituoir ititoTX * *^ s^eti 
&^iii6ici itejUL g^A-iuDLJCA-irg, *• j6eit g^A-itajpooic 
itonrjULHcg itcon *• i6eit g^A-itg^Ko itCiUL oirifiLi *• 
jbeit 2,^.itrtKcxi^ itoiruLHg itcon 4- ;6ett g^A-it- 
2c^q neuL g^^nfi^cocg *• ^s^^jpj^ ^^ ex|c^.- 
fiioX-i- eqg^i^cooi XxjULKiti itxec^pcooTcg ilmeK- 
kXkci^ .XHpo-c-5- 

"HiJUL eTgcjorti o-cog, 'fcgcjom ^•n*- itijui exep- 
cK^n2^^Xi^ecee«5- oTog^ 'fptwKg, ^it. ^^icxe 
cejutno)^ ivx^gonrcgonr juuuloi 4- A.mA.go'ccgoT 
ijuuLoi ;^en n^Mxe^xtJo&.^ 

"<l>^ o-cog, 4>itJox ijLnen^ mc nxc eTcoooirit*- 
4>K eT"citiLi.pa50irx g^* nieiteg,^- xe it-fitA^e- 
Ajteetto-rx ^.It4• ^^xe rtg^pKi j6en 2^a-"^ckoc4- 
m^pXJ^^ rtTe meertoc iixe ^pexA. noirpo n^q- 
A-peg, eefiL^.JCI nxe ^^.:^4JUL^.cKoc*• eqo-ccooj 

L8GLM. ijLngfi.a)x] jDLnig., BO : ngfi.., Ei*. ^.nrg^io)- 

rtl . . . con] ora. K homeot. ^.nXO(iV, D')l] A.ni2C., GKMP: 
^(tXOl, Ai' by error. I^\€p0te^.] om. OIT, Eg. nojOOK] 
nXCJOK, L? : nojtJOI, D' by error. -« cI)JULU3IT] niJtX.y T*G 

MP. Tabulated arrangement rD^EF"^HJ2. A.I&U3Cg j^GItg^A-It- 

lA-pcjoonr] om» D'* : om. &^n, B. itxe2,^itcm(+i,D'P)a)o-« 
(oAi, B)] itTeng,., L^BEaHJK. itx€n^.n^.] T'AjD'G 
LM: ^xenn^.., ef^: itxenn^.n^.., l^Ai^bthjicnop. 

a^^tJoX] A: a^o\ L«T* &c. A-iaOJCg 4°] om. 0. ilx€- 

2,^.^ee.]TfcAD'E2HLN0P«: nxen(+ite,M)2^.,L'?BrEiPGJ 
K M p*. ^e^tg,^.^tfi .] nxeg^A-itfii., k : om. &^n, b. nrre- 

2 CORINTHIANS XL 26-32. 289 

(the) rod three timeB, I was stoned once, I was shipwrecked 
three times, I spent a day and a night in (the) deep of the 
sea; ^*in walkings on (the) road many times; I was in 
danger in rivers, I was in danger of robbers, I was in danger 
of them of my nation, I was in danger of OentUes, 1 was 
in danger in cities, I was in danger on (the) desert, I was in 
danger in the sea, I was in danger of false brethren; '^in 
toils and in pains, in watchings many times, in hunger (plur.) 
and [a] thirst. In fastings many times, in cold (plur.) and 
nakedness (plur.). ^ Witfuytd the things which are outside, 
(the) care of all the churches is coming upon me daily. 

^Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is made to 
stumble, and I bum not) ^^If it is right that I should 
boast myself, I would boast myself in my feeblenesses. 

^^ God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (is he) 
who knoweth, he who is blessed unto the ages, that I shall 
(lit. will) not say feJsehood : ^ that in Damascos (the) ruler 
of the Gentiles of Areta (the) king was guarding (the) city 

g^Itcn.] T^ &c.: itxeitg,., L»Br»JKM: om. Itxe, T. 
'^ j6eit] cf. ? Gr. hi«HKLMP al omn^ f vg Or Eath &c. JJLK^'€^] 
eiULK., G : iJLK^.2,, D'J L. &^It2,K0( +ir, Ej)] AiE F' : OITg^KO, 
L«T^ &c. : ^^nor^KO, M. KKCXI^] IXeCX., B : HICX., Ej. 

2,1X051, H J. iimeKKX.] Rxeni., l«. " -f ojconi] 

LfT'Ar^EF'NOP : h'f . . . ^K, double negative, BFoD'GHJKLM. 
•fpCOKg^jAirEF'N: pref. ^KOK, L«T»A2Br»D'HJK0P : A-KOIC 
pOK^, L: iLtU it'fp., double negative, GM. "ueitOT] 

cf. Gr. DEMP al plu d e f vg 8yr««»> arm aeth Euth &c. Tl^c] cf. Gr. 
DEH*LMP al pier d e f vg syr*^ aeth Euth &c.: om. K, cf. Gr. KBF«' 
GH* 17. 31, 37. 118. g am al>«»»»" go syrP arm Chr. ajA.meit€g,] om. 

ni, HJ. -f rtA^ejuLe(om. L)e.] aepl: -f^cejuiee. (x, N), 

L«T*BrD'GJi«8KMN0P: 'fjtXeo.yU. ^* n&pHi] itj6., BHJ. 

2wAJULA.cKoc 1^] x^, AEF'. 11(6, j)Trenieenoc] ftm., 
B. nxe^.pe^-A.(om. t^, r* : n^, m)] e^■e^.p., b. efi.AJci] 

position cf.? Gr. i<BD*et«EFGHP 17. 37. 74. a«« Euth it vg arm. 

itxenA.] om. ^^., Ji«2. ^^mu.c. 2^] xa-, b. eqonrcwaj] 

VOL. III. u 

290 npoc ROPmeioYc E. 

exA^oi^s- '^onrog, ^•nrx^T" enecRT s^en 
o'ccgo'ccgx * s^exi onrcA.pVA.nR e&oX g,ixen 
nicofi.T 4-£^eiUL efiioX >6€it neqxix *• 

My ^Ggonrgoir 2^6 cepitoqpi jtxen,** •fiw^i 2^6 
exeit ^ •^ iteAX. ^A.iT(ru)pn e&oX 
itxe HOT** ^'fcojonrit itonrptoAiu i6€it nxc 
j6^^6it S npoiULni rre j6€it coojula. ft-fewu 
A*n* ixe caAoX itccoAiiA. il'feuLi A^it** <ti" 
nexcooonrrt xe A^nrg^eXeiUL <tA.i ii.iu.ipH't" * 
ttjA. i"JUtA.&ri" ijL<te4- *oirog, i^ccjoonrn iSL- 
nA.(pcoiULi ixHA^ipni" •s- ixe ;6en ccojula. ixe hcvojtx^ "fejtxi A^n*- ^^ neTcojonrn. 
* 2ce A.nf2^oXjULeq eiimA.pA^icoc<s- onrog, A^qcco- 
xeiUL eg^A-itcA^j itA.xcA^i jOuulcjooit*- na 
exertcoje A.n itxe oTpcouti ca.2Ci XJuutcooir *• 
* 3XmA.gonfttjonf Xiuuloi e^pKi exeti 4>^i ilLnAJ- 
pHi"*- eg^pw 2we excoi ii-fitA.gonrttjonr iijULoi 
A.n-5- efinX A.pK0ir j6eit iticyooiti. | 

X^ • 3XigA.nonfa5a VA.p egonrojonr XJuutoi*- il'fnA.- 
acjom A.n eioi itAxg^KX*- ojulki rA.p ne^fxo) 
JJLAI-OC » i" AiLHncoc itxc OnfA.1 juLenri 
epoi*}- cajS.oX epoj jJutxoci^ le 

A.q., J; cf. Gr. F^'G g syrP aeth praem, ^^D^EHKLMP al omn^go 

Euth &c. add tffX«v. »» jfeenonrgonrgx] L«T*ArEF'GMNO: 

pref. efioX, BD'HJKLP. CA.pVA.nK] -ICA.nK, HP :, J, 
obs. Gr. K -I**. A.ino^eAiL] LsT* &c. : A.l4>a3X, H : A.in0^eJU. 

AJ^^cjox, M : pref. onrog,, BD'JKL. j^cnneqxix] om. K. 
^ ecgonrcgonr 2^e] cf. Gr. kd* 114. Thphyi «n;x. it: pwf. cejut- 

najA., K, cf. Gr. BD«EFGLP 17. 31. 37. 108. 136. 137. al plus*® d e g 
go syr***' ar« &c. icavx- W, Gr. EM al plu aeth«*«" Ath &c. kovx* ^. 
iULen] cf. Gr. KBFGP 17. 67** f (g) vg, also Gr. D«^* syr»>» ar« aeth 
go Euth om. fioi. A.n] IXe, F', making the clause affirmative. T^C 2° 
. . . Ke] cf. Gr. B 213.: 2ke without KG, P, cf. Gr. S<IFGHP 17. 73. 80. 
118. f g vg arm Euth &c. eXCn] e, H JL. ^ COOAiLA. i**] HC, 

T*G KMP, cf. ? Gr. D*E* rf <n£»^iari. R ( + Te, 0)'f eULl] twice : 

2 CORINTHIANS XI. 33— Xn. 6. 291 

of them of Damascos, wishing to seize me : ^' and I was let 
do¥ni from (lit. in) a window, in a baskety from upon the wall : 
I was saved from his hands. XTT. But it is not profitable 
indeed to boast; but I shall (lit. will) come upon visions 
also and revelations of the Lord. ^ I know a man in Christ 
fourteen years before, whether in body I know not ; or out- 
side of body I know not; Qod knoweth, that such a one 
was carried away unto the third heaven. ^And I know 
such a man, whether in body or outside of body I know not ; 
God knoweth, ^ that he was carried away to the Paradises, 
and he heard words unspeakable, which it is not lawful 
that a man should speak. ^I would boast myself about 
such a one : but about myself I shall (lit. will) not boast 
myself except perhaps in the weaknesses. * For should 
I wish to boast myself I shall (lit. will) not become foolish ; 
for I say (the) truth : I spare (you), lest by any means one 
should think of me beyond that which he seeth (of) me, or 

om. it twice, single negative, BHJ. ^'f"] om. B. II(^,B)€X- 

cooo-cn] ne exc, ro. -^.irg^eXecco, L)iUL4>^] ^•'rg^eX 
isu^i^iy B: A-nrg^wXeuL ijL, HJ. ixn (4>, m«) A-ipK-f" 

Xt-^pni", M*. Vl"] r, BD'JaKL«: 5, Ei*. * ixnAJpCO- 

JULl] it(i}L, 0)4>^Ip., B : om. M*. C^fi.oX] cf. ? Gr. M D«>et«E** 
FGKLMP al omn^»d Euth &c. cWrfff. 'f CiULl] AjE : pref. S, L^T^Aa 
Ac; cf. Gr. unc. (exc. B). ♦'f' ll] om. B by error. lieXCtJOOiril] 

ne ere, tno : ere, b. * 6niiu.p.] iin., b. exeit- 
cge] exe(om.BH)Cttje,BD'HJKL. onrpa)juLi]T*AE: om.onr, 

Lf &c.: + nifi^eit, B*. * e^pKI i°] om. B«D'JKL. It't'IU.] 

om. it, HJ single negative. A.pKO'c] epOOOIT, B by error. Itl- 
OJCJOItl] cf. Gr. BD* 17. 67** 109. de syr"*' arm: ^^.aJa5m, BJ, 
cf. Gr. MD«EFGELMP al pier fg vg go aeth"^ Ath Euth &c 
« it-f ItA.] iti", present, PK. €10l] L^TAj &c.: A-IOI, B: 

eitoi, AiP: exoi, L. ncrf^ccjo] ne ei"2ca5,T».'r, 

E,)] AEGHM: + :^e, I/T* &o., of. Gr. JULKHax:] cf. Gr. 17. 
MJLert\\ om. H* by error. nexeqHA.'r] neXA.qit., D'JKL. 
epOI a«»] epoq, P by error. 

U % 


nexeqccjoxeAiL epoq efi.oX juumoii' ^itejui 
jfceiT TU.a)^.i tcre iticTcbpn efi.oX4- ee&e <t^ 
^m^. itxA-syeiULcrrci juuu.oi-&> ^.-c'f itonrgen- 
cep&eni jfceit x^•c^.p2;*► ivxeontA-rreXoc nnre 
^c^.x^.^^.c *• ^ihjl ixxeqi-Keg, hki xe iiriA.- 
(TTci juuu.01. 
• CtXiTco&g, jjLi^ nv neon exert 4>^i. &mjL Rxeq- 
g,€itq^oX jjLJtxoi * • onrog, nex^.q itai xe 
icKit epojc en^jg^uLox. xa^ojul v^p ^•cxkjc 
e&oX j6eit 'fiULexA.ceenKC. 
liZ 4p^nHi o-rn AiL^.XXon *• ecgonrgoir ijuuioi it^pHi 
j6ert niojooni <fr- ^m^. vrre ^xoxx nxe nxc 
ojooni ^ixcoi. 

;i€ ^<> Ge&e ^^\ i"iiLA.i" ifeen 2,^.^ga)^t^ *• j6€n 2,A.n- 
aoottj-s- i6€n g,A.itA.itA.rjcK *• >6eit 2,A.iT2iia)r- 
jULoc j6ert g,^.^g,oxg,ex eg^pKi exeit nx^. 
ecyoon VA-p ^.Ia|^Ita|coItI *^ Toxe cg^^ixeAX.- 
nojuL-f * 
" 3Xiep^xg,KX * necoxert ^xexertep^nA.ricA.^irt 
ijuuLor*- ^itoK r^p It^ciJL^a)^. nni ne^s- efi.oX 
g,ixen eanonr*}- ilxexenepc-cnicx^rtm ii- 
juLoi*- ixnicTpog, ^^.p rl&Xi eg^oxe m^noc- 
xoXoc eeo'coxefi^4- 
ICxe uteit ^.ItoJc &Xi*- ^^a-XXa. miULHim ilxe 
'fiULexA.nocxoXoc *• A-irepg^cofi^ jfcert eHito-C'j- 
itg^pKi j6€n 2,irnouLonK ni&eit^- j6en g,A.n- 
iULHini <fr- nejtx &^.ita)4>Kpi 4- 1 ite^iL ^^nxojtx 4- 

nexeqccjoxeAt. epoq] cf. Gr. »*bd«e**f«'G 17. 37. 67** 

g am fn* demid tol harl** pyr*** arm aeth Or Euth, but TieX = 6 repeated 
before CiWeJtX, ^ efiiOX) om. T*. eoSLB^l^i] cf. Gr. » A B 

FG 17.67. (om.twi) g Euth bi6, tft©, L«) ICl] OJOITCgOiry D'K. X^- 
CA-pS] cf. Gr. FG f g vg &c. : XCA.p2;, D'Bj, cf. Gr. reU. ^C^.- 
T(5^f BJL)A.(oiii. X^, ^*)It^.c] cf. Gr. »*A*BD*FG 17* 67** it 
yg &c aaropa. ^KE^] om. 'f , T. Xenit^CrTci JOuUtOl] cf. Gr. 
M«BELP al fere omn sjt^^ arm go Or Mac Euth &o. • ijLlIOC 

2 CORINTHIANS XIL 7-12. 293 

that which he hoareth from me. ^And in (the) abundance 
of the revelationB, therefore, that I should not exalt myself, 
a piercing thorn was given in my fieah^ namely (itzc) an 
aiigd of Satan that he might buffet me, that I should not 
exalt myself ^ I prayed the Lord three times about this, 
that he might depart from me. ^ And he said to me :' It is 
sufficient for thee with (6) this grace: for my power was 
completed in the weakness' It is pleasing to ikie then 
rather to boast myself in the weaknesses, that the power 
of Christ may be upon me. ^^ Therefore I am well pleased 
in weaknesses, in injuries, in necessities^ in pers^vJtions^ in 
tribulations for Christ : for if I should be weak, then I take 
courage. ^^ I became foolish : ye (pron.) compelled me ; 
for I (pron.) ought (imperf.) •to have been commended by 
you : for I was not deficient in anything in comparison 
with (6^0X6) the apostles who surpass. If indeed I (am) 
nothing. ^' But (^) the signs of the apoMeship were worked 
among you in all patience, in signs and wonders and powers. 

* Lit.* that ye commend me.* 


position cf. Gr. D*E de aeth. &eitq] &A.Itq, M: enq, HJ. 
^ neX^q] cf.? Gr. FG Chr €2n€P. n(4>, B G M) A.Ig,iULOX] 

n^g,. 'my grace; KL. T^^OJUL] L«TtArEF'GMNOP, cf. Gr. 
K^^A-^Dbet^EKLP al fere omn syr"'' Or Ath Euth &c.: 'f^COUL, 
BD'HJKL, cf.? Gr. i<*A*BD*FG 67** defg vg go ann aeth &c. 

^cx.] ec, Br. iigjpKi] om. HJ. mojcjoiti] ^^noj., hj,- 

cf. Gr. B 67** 71. harl syrP arm &c. om. fuw. ^IXUOl] EX., 0: 

eg^pKi ex., HJ. ^® j6eit&^n2,oxp,exJ cf. Gr. »«ade Hunt 18. 

FGKLP al pier it vg rell Or Euth &c. VA-pJ cf. Gr. : 2^6, JO 18: 
om. H. " A.X2,KX] cf. Gr. »ABDEFGK al plus" it vg arm 

aeth Or Euth &c.: + ^^.p, K. rtODOTen] L^AjBTD'EF^GM 
NOP 18, cf. Gr.: +2^6, T*Ai'HJKL. ijLngA.] eiUtn., LtTt 

rPGMNO 18. ftxereitep (om. ep, AiE)cnrn.] eepc-cii., 
K. hPjXi] L9T' &c. : eg^Xi, L 18. €e (X, G) oiroT-e&] 
-ooxeS, L«rGJLO. g^Xi 2^] +, L'. " -futerA.* 
nocT.] ni^,noc7-. 'the apostles,' D'PK. A.^repg^ooA] ^.lep., 

FKL. j6e^^^.ItiU.HmI] cf. Gr. D«EKLP al pier vg<^ demid 
Sec. cV mifiMioig : lteJUt£^^.IUtA., B, cf. Gr. F^G g syr"^ Ohr »d <n7fA. 


fA9 "to*c v^p ^eT^.pe^"eIT(rpo2, epoq n^.p^. 
nceni ititieKJcXKci^ 4- e&nX xe ^.noic ixni^pog 
exeit oKno-c*- x^ ^^.l(^^ ibcoitc nui e&oX 
'*4>A.i ne ^jjL^^v ilcon ne^s- eico&'f ijuuioi ei 
2,^.pa5xe^t* onrog, jtit^^pocy exeit eHiTO'r4- 
nAJJCco'f r^p A.n itcA. nexeno-rreit *• ^.XX^. 
he A, eKno***- c6AiLna)^. r^p itxe itia)Kpi 
2,io-« ej6onrn itmio'f a.XXa. nnoi" itma)Kpi4- 
"^nojc 2^e •f^JULA-i" etfo e&oX*- o-cog, eep- 
g,o-co tfo e&oX<3- e^pKi exeit itereit^nrxn. 
icxe -f juiei XxjuLcoxeit itgionro ceftxei juuuloi 
g^co hoyKotxx * ^* ecxo) :^e ^.itojc ixmotA^- 
&Apoc exeit eKito-c a.XXa. eioi ijLn^itoirp\7oc *• 

eo-c^i efiioX j6ert uk ex^ionropno-c g^^-ptoxen 
eA-itfTeanoir iixoitc e&oX g^ixoTq. 
^•nXi'fgjO errroc-ft- o-cog, ^.Ion^(op^ iiniicecon 
it6AiL^.q<fr- JULKXi ^.qtfT eunonr ibcoitc iixe- 
Tixoc^ JULK ex^itJULogi A.rt j6eit nA.iiuu! 
lU-iTutH. JULK it^ixA-xci n^^ix^^xci ne*- 
^* K€ xeAft. xereitiULeiri xe Tenepoira} iwjoTeit. 
ijLneftxeo ixc^^f xertcA^i j6ert nxc- 


eHno-r ii4>pKi" eTert't'onrcog ^ti *• o-cog, ^.itoic 
2,03 ftxexeiucejuLX iuLc^pR-f eTexeno'cajg 

'^nex^pe*ren]L»&c.: ne eTA-p^TtrF^KNOis^ epoq] 

A : ijUULOq, L»T*. H^p^] cf. Gr. D E 8 p«. ^.^OK] + ijUUL^-IT- 

^ir 'alone' may also = airdt, i8. ^* 4>^l] cf. Gr. «ABFG al 

plua^' d e f g vg go syr^^ aeth Euth &c., also position cf. KLP al pier Ac. 
ne i<>] AH J : om. LarT* &c. ItCOnl om. B. Iin^^pOgj] om. 11, 
El*,: + Ten, B*. exeneHnonrJ cf. Gr. DEFGKL al pier it vg 
sjrr «*^ arm go &c. {ffi&p, liAas i+^tl' not/ K. CeAiLnaj^. VA-p] Cge 

2 CORINTHIANS XH 13-ao. 295 

^^ For what is that in which ye were deficient aa regards 
(the) rest of the churches, except that I (pi*on.) was not bur- 
densome to you? Forgive me this wrongdoing. ^*Thi8 
is (the) third time *that I am ready to come to you; and 
I shall not be burdensome to you: for I was not seek- 
ing for yours, but (^) for you : for the children ought 
not to lay up (lit. throw in) for the fathers, but (^.) the 
fathers for the children. ^^ But I (pron.) am well pleased to 
spend and to overspend for your souls, if I love you more 
I am loved myself the less (lit. a little). ^^But be it (so), 
I (pron.) put not burden upon you, but (^) being crafty 
I took you with [a] subtlety. ^"^ Saw ye one of them 
whom I sent to you, through whom I did you wrong ? 

^* I besought Titos, and I sent the other brother with him. 
Did Titos wrong you at aWi Walked we not in the same 
spirit ? Are they not the same steps ) ^* Again, (KG xeix) 
ye think that we answer you. Before Qod we speak in Christ. 

But all things, my beloved, for your edifying. ^But 
I fear lest by any means, should I come, I may find you as 

• Lit. * preparing myself.' 

^^.p,HJ. a°] om. H by error. g^IQ-Cl] eg,., HJ. "2wei["- 

^sjujf] 2^ef Jtx^Jf, E2L0. o-cog, eep] eieo, l. tfo 2«»] 

etfO, HK. ICXe] cf. Gr. ^<♦ABFG 17 : +2^6, P. T-W-^O cf- Q'- 
N*A 17. h^* d'^. P/JO] om. BD'HJKL 18. " eioyA.IOI, 

HJO. iio-cxpoqj T*A : om. ont, Lt &c " eA.jtflT A-ltfT, 

FNO: (fi, E,*. hXOnc] -OOItC, B. " ^ji"aoJ + ^^j 

D'KL. exixoc] itx., L. o-coopn] -opn, D'EJ. ailk- 

Tirf, B J)] JULK, H«. ibCO (O ), M) It c] + ftgiXl * any,' J O. 

niu. i^] + no-ccox, t*k. lujnit^. 2<>] cm. t^ ^* ice] 

of. ? Or. K«DEKLP al pier g harl* go syr'*' am ftciraXur. JULeTTl] 

om. El*. Tenepo-ca5(om.E2)] AEE*: xenep^noXo(i,P)- 

VlCee, L'T &c. : TeTenep^n., J by error. XeitCA^l] pref. 
e, K. ^(vSl] Ai*?rL : + 2ke, L«T» AlO &c. itexenKcoTj a E : 

nexeit., singular, L'T* &c. *® T^s] AEP, cf. Gr. 31. 37. 73. 80. 

118. 8yrp»»« arm : vLp, L^T* &c. exen^fonrcjoa] exeiffonr- 
^gq, K: exeitonrcog, Ei*L: iii"., J. exerenonrcjooj] 

L«T»&c.: hX., rF^MO. 


^•iT*- iULKnox: eo-roit ojcrnKit le xP8j ^^ xojirr*- 
\e ojepcgi-t* le ic^x^.Xa.Xi^ | le XA-^^^^^ '^ 
ajeopxep le (Tfci itg^RX "iULKnoK: on ^.Ig^m 
2,^ptt)xeit*- itxeqeefiioi iixen^itoTf*- onrog, 
riTA.epg,K&i eo-TJULKg nxe hh €XA.nrepno&i 
e&pHi ic^cen gjopn*- onrog, ixnonrepJULer'^itom e^pni 
• ..,D exen ni(fcbi6eiUL*- iteut 'fnopni^.^- ne^it 

niccoq €^iq*- 
^ 4>^i V itcon ne *• eiitKonr g,A.pcoxen. e&oX i6€ii 
pcjoq ijuuteepe S le r epe c^^i iti&eit o^t 
epiJTot ^ iJixoc icxeit g^n* oirog, i"€pajopn 
ilxa) ijuuLoc oit*- ^voc eix^ ii>^TeiT okitot 
Oj^jju^^con K UGAiL i"noir oit eixj^ i6^xert 
OKitoir ^.it ijLcl>juu.2, v iicon*- 'fxud jjLuloc 
ititK exA.nrepno&i icxeit g^K-j- iteiUL nco^^cn 
M Xe egcon ^ia)^.m ijLn^iKecon 'f itA.' AJt 
2ce 4- * 2ce TeTreniccoi" iicA. x:^ojcijulk juLnex- 
c^jii iii6HX nxc*- 4>^i exenqgojiti A.rt g^^.pa> 
Ten. a-XXa. onron gxout ijuuLoq j6en eunoT. 
* KG r^p ^.•c^tt^q e&oX j^eit onrjULer^ceeitKc * 
A.XX^ qoitjfc )6€n onr^cojuL inre ^^ *• 
/i^ Re ^^.p ^non aeon xengcom nejuiJLq. ^XXa. 
enecjoivife nelJL^.q on^s- efioX j6en o'YXOAiL 
nxe 4>i" eifeo'cit epaoxen ^^.pmip^^m £1- 

eoiron] rto-cort, n : om. e, j. gcTctfaj, D'HJi)nHit &c.] 

CQ(SMIH{^j E2) Ity E; these nouns are unqualified and may therefore 
render the Greek plurals as cited by Tisch. 5C^&] ^'^DC^&i ^* 
cf. Gr. ABD*FG 17. 39. syr«* arm go &c. ^{l^ L)CJ it] om. S, 

EaGL. " itT^epg,.] itTenepg,., b*. fflopn] cuaopn, 
T*!^. onrog, iULHo-cep] om. onrogp Ei*. mdtS^eMx] 
nonrtftbj6en, o«. 

^ 4>^] n^i, JK. v] S, T*. ne einHonr] neenKo-c, l by 

error. Ei»« ^^^ill ^ 'the book of the Levitee.* €fi.oX] + VA-p, KP. 
pCJOq ijL] om. B: pOOOIT ijL, J: om. pCOq, H*. le] cf. Gr. H 
32. 46. f vg arm Dial. * on i°] UT^AjO &c. : A.n, Ai^jN: om. 0. 

2 CORINTHIANS XIL ai— XHI. 5. 297 

I wish not; and I also, that ye find me as ye wish 
not; lest by any meaTie there is strife or jealousy or 
anger or faction or daTvdering or whispering or tumult 
or pride; ^^lest again should I come to you my God may 
humiliate me, and I should mourn for many of them who 
sinned in time past% and they repented not for the undean- 
ness and the /omico^ion and the defilement which they did. 

XHL This is the third time (lit. three of time) I am 
coming to you. From the mouth of witnesses two or three 
all words shall stand. ^ I said from (the) beginning, and 
I am before in saying again, as being with you (the) second 
time; and now again not being with you, (the) third time, 
I say to them who sinned from (the) beginning and all the 
rest : That if I should come this other time I shall (lit. will) 
not spare any more ; ^ because ye seek for (the) proof of him 
who speaketh in me, Christ; he (lit this) who is not weak 
toward you, but (^) is powerful in you: ^for also he was 
ci-ucified from [a] weakaesSy but (^) he liveth in [a] power 
of Gk)d. For we also are weak with him, but (^) we shall 
also live with him from [a] power of God toward you. * Try 

* Lit. 'from first.' 

2^a>c] g,oc, BD. ijL4>AXA.2, i®] om. ii, hj. e\y^K 
j6^xen2°] it'fj6^Ten, bhj: neiULi6^xert, dkl. 

'f^CO) ijtJULOc] cf. aethPP; Gr. D«EKLP &c. ypa<^«. IICCO- 
(0,E2)2Cn] CU^X 'word; M by error. l^W Xel om. XG, K. 
^2Ce] cf. Gr. T^Q 5rt. RcA.] om. B. T2kOK.J IT^ 2kOJC., 
DK* : 2^0JC., H* 0. iij6KX] position cf. Gr. F«'G g. 4>^l] 4>K, 

T»GM. g,^.pa5xe^t] ;6., L. * ic(x, O) ev^p] cf. Gr. «*b 

D*FGKP 2. 17. 39. !■"♦ d e g aeth«*' Euth &c. bSlOK ifceitO'C- 

juiex^ce.] om. efi.oX, g* : eeAerertJULexA-ce. •i>ecau8e of 

our.' P. qOIt;6] A.qO(U),T*GM)Itj6, LtT*GLMP. KCr^p 
^ItOIX ^CJOIt] cf. minusc vix mu Chr ttxl yhp Ktu ^fuU : om. ^(OIT, 
HJ, cf. Gr. ^<ABDELP al longe plu it vg ayrP go Euth &c. L™« *thc 
first Sunday of Hatur.' n6iULA.q 1^] cf. Gr. «AFG f g 8yr«»» ar«. 

cSloX ;t>^noyxojjL\ om. e&oX, hj. ej6. eptoTen] 

cf. Gr. KAD*FGKLP al omn^w f g vg syr"*' acth go Euth &c. 


jULcoxeit ijuuLA.nrA.xeit eKnonr^s- xe tg- 
xenaou i6ert niitA.g^'f*- A.pi2^oKiAiLA.^m 
jOuutcjoxeit jOuuLA.nrA.xen eKitonr^fr- le itxe- 
xerteuLi xe nxc mc gon j6eit eHitoT 
e&aX A.pKonr 2C€ iteajxeit ^AJf A.2kOKiiULoc <&- 1 
^'fepg^eXnic 2^6** xe xexeititA-euLi*- xe A.noit 
^A.itA^oKiiULoc* ^ xejtxco&g, 2ke ijL4>t* 
2,mA. nxexeitaxejuLep g,Xi JuLnexgiOaoT *• 
onrx^ g,mA. nxenonrcong, efi^oX A.non g^ox: 
2,A.nca)xn *• a.XXa. g,mA. iteu)xen itxexenipi 
ijLnineeitA.iteq. A.rton 2we itxencgconi ii^pR-f 
it^A.itA.2kOjciiULoc *- * RxeititA^xeixxoiUL rA.p 
A.n4- et" onrfi^e oajlhi^s- a.XXa. eg^pm exeit 
^iULeoAiLKt 4- • rA.p A.noit A.ita) 
ojooni^- ilewxert 7^e itxexerta^wni eonron 
axojUL juuuLcoxert 4- ^^i pco on nexeitpA. 
ijuuLoq enxoofi-g, e^pKi exeit nexencofi.'f *• 
^^Ge&e 4>A.i nA.i 'fcife^i iJuuLcoonr itcoxeit n't" 
2,A.pa5xen A.n 2,mA. ei^H -ifcA-xen ennonr*- 
itxA-axeiiLipi j6ert onrgcox efi.oX** ica.xa. 
niepojio}! exA. hot xmq nai eTKcox*- onrog, 
nenrcyopcyep A.it4- 
r "^omoit nA.citKonr4- pA^oji^- cofi^'f *• xeuLitoiUL'f * 
A.pi onrjuLenri nonrcjox*- A.pi g^ipaiiK* ^^ itxe 

* juLtJLA.nfA.xen i<>] ijuuLcoonr A.xen, b. A.n xexen- 
ttjon (con, T*N : oni, ao] A.xexenajon, u h l o. nxexen- 

ejULl] om. n, B J, single negative. -€JUu1 AEF'J : + epCJOXen, 
L»T*BrDGHKLMNOP, cf. Gr. A.n Xe] om. A.n, H*. n^C 
IHC] cf. Gr. »AFGP 39. 8p« f g vg arm Olem Euth &c. gO (tO,T»)n] 
cf. Gr. «AD»>et«EFGKLP al pier it vg go arm Enth &c. : om. JK, cf. Gr. 
BD* 17. 116. aeth 01cm. A.(e,E2M)pHOnf] epOJOnt, B by error. 

• xexennA.ejun] xexenejuLi, e^*. ^A.nA.2kOJci juloc] a : 

+ A.n,L«Tt&c. ^XenXtO&g,] cf.Gr.»ABD*FGP 
57-73- 80. 8 P« it vg flyrP arm aeth Euth &c. OtXf &II^^] O'TX} ^^ 

2,1 nA., L. nxenonru) (o, h) ng,] nxexenonr o (to, k) n^, 

AJjK by error. efi.oX] om. 0. A.non i^] pref. XC, L8T*DKL. 

2 CORINTHIANS XIH 6-11. 299 

your own selves, whether (X6) ye are in the faith; prove 
your own selves. Or know ye not that Christ Jesus is 
in you, except perhaps that ye (are) reprobates 1 ^But 
I Iu>pe that ye will know that we (are) not reprobates, 
''But we pray God that ye may not do any evil, riot that 
we (pron.) may be manifest o^ chosen, but (^) that ye (pron.) 
may do the good, but that we (pron.) may be as reproba4;es. 
* For we shall (lit. will) not be able to fight (lit. give) 
against (the) truth (AiLKl), but (^) for the truth (iULCeiULHl). 
■* For we (pron.) rejoice should we be weak, but ye be power- 
ful. This very thing also we do, praying for your perfection \ 

'^Therefore I write these things to you not being with 
(n't") you, that being (€I^H) with you, I may not act (ipi) 
severely, according to the authority which the Lord gave 
to me for [an] edification, and not for [an] overthrowing. 

"Finally, my brethren, rejoice; be perfected**; take 
courage ; be (of) one thought ; be (at) pea/ce. God of [the] 

* Lit. 'preparedness*; cf. i Cor. i. 10. ^ Lit. 'prepared.' 

2^a}(0, lyc] TABEPHJM: 2,U)It 'also* or 'ourselves,' FNOP : 
om. L«DQKL. -A.XX^] om. F*. IteCOXeit] trs. before g^llt^, 
HJ. ixxexenipl] cm. n, T*rN: ItXenipI, B by error. 

nxengcoui] om. ii, a,*. • itTennA-gxejuLX.] xeit- 

n^cyxoAiL, BJ. r^p] om. 0. IJ\\ om. N. -A.Xa^ . . . 

iUieeAiLKl] om. P* homeot. • A.Iton] + &U)!t, 0. ^It- 

a)^.^a)coItI] om. cy^n, O: pref. eojoon, del. ^(*r, b)6] 
om. P. rtTexenojaoni] exerrencg., N: Texena-, 

HJK. on] cf.? Gr. «*ABD*FGP 17. 39. 67** it vg arm 
aeth"*' Euth &c.: O-CH, EjNP. nexeitp^] I/ABDEF'GK 

LMP : ne exenp^, tthjno. enxcjofiig,] itx., d: ex., 

M*. ^® ItU)Xeil]T»AEi«PHJLO: om. LkBFDEi^GKMNP. 

€IXH] enXH> I** plural, K. j6€nO'C.] iionr., r. hot] posi- 
tion cf. Gr. 2<^ABDEFGP 17. 37. 73. 74. a*"** it vg go Euth &c. 

ile(o, KO)'cgopajep] om. it, P: neo-ccg., dhl. " Xoi- 

non] + 2C€, DPKL. cf. Gr. P add o^ir. XoiUOIt . • . XGAIL] 
i»m. M. JUie^l] eJULI, El* ? . ^^'f ] pref. O^rOg,, B«D H« J K : om. 


'fA.rA.HK tieJtx i"&ipKitK eqecgtoni nciULCo- 
" nXpi^cn^^ecee ititenrenepKoir i6en onr<ti eco-rA^. 
cecgmi epcoxert itxem^noc xupo'c** "ng,- 
iULox XineitOT mc n^Qc * neix ^^v^nn tcre 
4>i" next. i'JULer'a^^Hp irre niuiul eeo-rAA 
next-coxen XKpoT * 

npoc Kopm^ i^yci^HTTC >6en c^iXmnoic rtxe 

eiUL^.iC62^oiti^ ^nro-copnc iixeit xixoc 

itexiL Xo-cjc^c cxi^ X*^ •^/^^ ^ 

-f^V. . . . i"aip.] cf.? Gr. »ABKP al pier (in his fere** 
K. rijt tip.) f am deroid tol syr^^r aethPP Euih &c : in. *f~^IpHItH 
neXX'f^.r^.IlK, B, cf. Gr. DEL 37. 49. 80. 115. 119. 123* 8p« de 

vg«ie fu go arm &c. itexxcoxcn] jtcoxeit, L*. ^* ilite- 

XenepKO-c] om. Ei*H*. ecO-C^A] portion cf.? Gr. AF6L al 

piu8^* f g vg Euth &c. ^' ng^xxox] nig,., BEjF^o. uenw] 

cf. Gr. 37. 41. al plus ^® f m * vg syr "*» arm aetli go Did &c. 'f XXexg." 

om. xxex. El*, eeo-c^fi.] eenr, mp : ee, bfl. XKpoV 

A, cf. Gr. i<*ABFG(L?) 14. 17. 67** f g harl* m* ann«" aeth« Euth 
Oyr &c. : + ^JULHIt, L»T» &c., cf. Gr. K«DEKP al pier d e vg go •yr«*» 
ann«»^» &c. 

Subscription. npOC (om. J{) JCOpIIte (K added above, H) (KOpe, 

5, J) ^nrcj6Kxc» j6€rt4>iC'r, j)Xmnoic (Xno, J,)4- itxee- 

XXA.KO(e, J):^OItI^.<»- (om. points, J,), H J: H. KOpIIteOC 5* 

^. j6. ^^•rXmnoic itxeexx^.K^.. ^.-conrppnc itxen- 

2 CORINTHIANS Xm. la, 13. 301 

love and [the] peace shall be with you. '^^ Salute one 
another in a holy kiss. All the saints salute you. ^^ (The) 
grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of Qod, and the 
fellowship of the holy »pirit with you all. 

To Corinih(ians), it was written in Philippois of (the) 

Macedonia : it was sent by Titos and Loukas. 

Stichoi 555, Chapters la. 

XITOC, P: n. KOpmeOC(om. OC, A,(2)L: lO^rc, D: lOnt, B) 
S (om. A1E2) A.. i6eit (om. M) 4>I(T E)Xl(0, Ej) nUOI (om. £2)0 

nTeeuL., BrDELM)o-copnc itxeitTiTce, E2)oc 

neM.XonrKA.C (n, Ej), (Ej has lost XnroC &c., Ar. habct), 
A| (2) BFD E Q L M. A2KOP have Arabic subscription : N has none. 
For i6ert<t. cf. Gr. KL d"' al mu syr"** (K &c. add rijs fuucfdomar)* 
iXTenX. K. X., cf. Gr. KL al mu syrP : KXeUTlXOC, cf. 
Gr. 3. 8yr»^ : CX( + O, B) I (X Jt^XP^i^^* ^^» AiF" JL : 

cirirf, F) X^ Jcec^^XeoiT (cm. F' : k, j : k\ JjL : iceX, 

Ai(2): Kecl>^X, D) l5. AkjjBDF'JL: CXIX 50^ * *^^ ^ 
KOI (small) ft, H : dT^XPC (om. OC, T) ^O^ ICe^^^XeOIt 

(kX, T) i5 JcX (om. kX, gm) Konrxi it ptojuteoc (om. r) f 

ItliULee (AXerr, G : om. F) At-Cepe (the witnesses sc. of the Old 
Testament) I A., FGM. £i.2gi^c no numbers. No agreement with Gr. 
except fiaprvpuu la. 

npoc vax^\.axTHc. X 5i. 


Se mxY^OC n^nocroXoc e&oX j6eit pwAJU ^.it 

^ixeit nic nxc iteu. <^'f <^ia)x*- <t^i eT"^.q- 
Tonr itocq efiioX j6en itR eejutoooTX 4- * itejut 
iticitKonr THponr eeiteftJLKi •»- ttitieKKXKci^. Rxe 

^Ilg^JULOT- itooxeit itejuL T^ipKitR e&.o\ ^vren 
<^-f nemoox nesx neitro ihc nxc * <t^i ex^q- 
TKiq eg^pKi exeit iteittto&i 4- g^xeqitA^Juteii 
eJ5.oX j6en n^iette^ exg^ooonr exgou K4.XA. 
nexeg^itA-q ijL<tf onrog, <^ioot- • <^h exe 4>cjoq ne 
ni(joonr4- a)^. eite^ hire itieite^ ^juuin^- 

• 'I*epaj<tRpi ze n^iput" nx^^^-**-** ceonrcoxefi. 
jOuuLooxett eJ5.oX caAoX jOL<^k ex^qe^^eu. 
eKitoT j6eit ng^juLox iinxc eKeer^vreXion-s- 
^exe fceonr^.! ^n ne eJSLuX A.pKonf4- xe onroit 
2,A.itonfoit ergeopxep jOuuLooxeit 4- eroTcoaj 
e^en^ nierA-vreXioit ilxe nxc4- 

Inscription. UpOC V^Xa.XK(A., H)C, HKL; cf. Gr. MABE 3. 
17. 37. 47. 80. 108. al mu go: TipOC f. S, rD(F')NO: IL V. S X 
(pref. K, E), A^E : IL T. Ke<tA.Xeon (om. eOK, J^), J : H. V. 
nA.nfX0C, GM : •f eniCXoXn n. v., P ; cf. Gr. !■« : B hM none. 

^ L>°< Akflll vybo Juc^ 1.^.1 ^ Jbll j^^l 'the second Sunday of 
Abib and the feast of James the intercised,' pOO JLILlJ twice, probably 



I. Paul (the) apostle, not from man, nor through man, but 
(^) through Jesus Christ and Qod the Father, he (lit. this) 
who raised him from them who are dead, * and all the 
brethren who are with me, to the churches of (the) Qalatia : 

^ (The) grace to you and (the) pectce from God our Father 
and our Lord Jesus Christ, ^ he (lit. this) who gave himself 
for our sins, to the end that he (cy^xecj) might save us out 
of this age which is evil, which exists, according to the will 
of Qod and the Father : ^ whose is the glory unto age of the 
ages. Amen. * I wonder that thus quickly they remove 
you from him who called you in (the) grace of Christ unto 
another Oospd ; ^ which is not another ; except perhaps that 
there are some troubling you, wishing to pervert the Oospd 

rendering Gr. plural. g^lXeit i«^] j6eit, N. iJ\ 3®] + UG, AjH. 
^ mcitKOnr] niCrOC, GM. XUpOX] om. K, obs. syrP habet c*. 
TVA.X^XI^.] T'Aj^I^DKLM, cf. ? Gr. WBDEHKLP &c. -rias', 
-2kIA., AiGOP: XK^.>v^T"!A., EPJ: om. X i°, L«Br*HN. 
3 ng^JULOX] nig,., BMoQ: + ItCOTeit, DE2GKL: trs. Hlg,!- 

pana neiULg^JULox, m* ?. nemcox . . . neitro] cf. aeth: 

<|>!a5X. . . neitOC, B*D*Ei*K, of. Gr. BDEFGHKL 37. 47. al plu 
d e f g vg syr «»' arm go &c. * <^^.!] H^.!, B. €XgO (00, Ej) h] 

position cf. ? Gr. >^* AB 17. 39. syrP aeth"*' Or Did Euth &c. ii.<t'fj 
om. JUL, EP'. <t!a)x] U'PArEP'GMNOP: UeitlOOX 'our 
Father,' BDHJKL. ^ <^a] L'T^AEF': <^A.I, B( + X)r &c. 

« -f epoj.] +2ie, HJK. cf. Gr. FrG g. ceoTfcox.] xeonroox., 

P by error. CA.J5.oX] om. Af. n( + I, BE20)g,JULOX JOL] om. 
P* by error. ' eXCKG (om. L)] CKG, H J. GT (om. 0) OTf COttj] 


304 npoc vox^axTHc. 

®3XXX^. KA.K ^itort-»- le onfA.vveXoc efi.oX jfceir 
x<l>e*- nxeqg^iaeitnonrqi itcoxeit c^.&oX ijL<^H 
exA.n2,iaennoTqi juumoq ncoxeit*- jui^peq- 
aconi nonr A.itA.e€xiL^. *• •ii.<l>pH'f ex^itep- 
gopn I Sxoc-j- neu. •fnox on "fxco jjuuloc^ 
xe ^H eeit^g^iaenitonrqi itcoxeit c^oX4- 
jjL^H exA.pexentfrrq jut^^peqaconi noT4.n^- 

pcDAni oj^n <t»*f. a)^.It ^iKco^f tlc^ p^it^q 
RpcojuLi •^ icze itAjp^n^q itpcojuLi on ^ \e ^noK 
onr&coK A.n ze inre nxc*- 
/} "^TAJULo 2^6 ijuuLooxen nA.cnKonf enieT4.x^e- 
Xion-j- 4>K exA.nfg,iaennonfqi jOuuLoq e&oX 
g^ixox*- xe nonfK^x^. pcojuLi A.n ne*- " oxib^e 
v^.p ^.noK ex^tfrrq nxen poojuLi ^n onri^e 
nex^.T'f c&o) nHi epoq ^.n ^.XX^. efi.oX g^ixen 
oTCfcopn efi.oX iixe mc nxc*- 
^^ 3XTeTenca)TejuL rA.p en^JCinAJLoaJ iSLnicKonr -s- 
ng^pui j6en •fjuteTionfii^.! xe n^pKi jfcen 
oTJUtexg^oTo *• n^icToxi iic^. "feKKXHci^. nTe 
^^^ onrog, n^^igcoq jOuuloc-j- ^*nA.iepnpo- 
Konxm j6en •f julcxiot:^^! *• eg^oxe onrjuLKO) 
nxe XAJULA.IH j6en n^venoc eioi npeqxo& 
n^onf0 4- enn ex4. n^.io'f xkixot enrox-s- 
^^g^oTe 2^6 CTTA.qi-JULA.-f ibce<^'f ^h exA-q- 
<l>opxT- efiioX j6€n enexi nxe t-^jula.t4» 

• KA.n] cf. ? Gr. B 115 &c. ttCOXen i°] om. B. CT^Si^l 
CTiJi^lj i^ singular, DKL. JOuULOq] om. Ei*. KCJOXen 2\ 
cf. Gr. i*«AD<»EKLP al pier d ef vg eyr^^*' Ac: jOLxUCDXen, Aj* 

H*, cf. Gr. D* Ath &c. 11 (en, B) oTf ^n^ecAiLA.] nn^e., M: 
-e^juu., N : -eHJULA., EF'H. * eTA.nepajo(a),T»)pn] 

L«T*ABEF'J, cf. Gr. roU: CTTA.! ep., rDGHKLMNOP, cf. Gr. 
^* 3- 33- 35- 67* io8* k^' sjr'^^ aeth &c. nOTqi] +ijUULOq, D. 
^^A-MCCD-f] eiK., HJ. npCOJULI i""] nni(om. B)p.,BDEL, 

XCZ6 . . . on] om. F" Ji*" homeot. 1CZ6 n^ip^n^^q} u(iczen. 

. GALATIANS I. 8-15. S05 

of Chmt. ^ But even if we, or an angel from (the) heaven, 
preach good tidings to you outside of that which we preached 
to you, let him be an anathema. 'As we said before, and 
now again I say, that he who will preach good tidings to 
you outside of that which ye received, let him be an 
anathema. ^^For now did I persuade [the] men or Qod? 
Or did I seek for pleasing man? If I was pleasing man 
still, then I (am) no longer a servant of Christ. ^^But 
I show to you, my brethren, the Chspel^ which was preached 
by me, that it is not one according to man. ^ For neither did 
I (pron.) receive it from man, ruyr was it taught to me, but 
(^) through a revelation of Jesus Christ. ^' For ye heard 
of my walk (of life) once in the Judaiem, that abundantly 
I was persecuting the church of Qod, and I was devastating 
it : ^^ I was advancing in the Judaism more than many of 
my age in my race, being more (a) zealot in the things which 
my fathers delivered unto me. ^^But when Qod was well 
pleased, he who separated me from (the) womb of my 

^!.)Ai.2*E : ICXe ^.ip., BFOMNO, cf. Gr. i*ABD*FG 17. 39. 67** 
71. 80. 8p« it vg arm Euth Cyr *c.: ICXe :^e It^-ip., DK : ICXB 
m^lKUOrf nc^.p^.lt^.q *if I was seeking to please,' A2«(om! RcA.) 

H Ji"»2 P : icxe 2k (X, L) 6 H AiKOJ-f ncA.p^.nA.q, T* L. 

itpCDJULI 2°] ixp., HP*: llnip., BKO. Ze] om. BDHJKLN. 
" 2^e\ cf. Gr. K*ADt>etcE«'KLP al pier syr"*' Euth Cyr &c. GHI- 

enf^.rr.] JuLm., tn. eT^nrg^i] em^i^i, i^^eiuguiar, jl. 
^lojenitonrqi] ^xcDicg 'proclaim,' p. itonfK^XA.] ne 
o'ifKA.XA., H J. A.n ne] om. ne, j. " A.noK] om. Ei*. 

eTA.i(fnrq] AJO: nexA-icT^ l«bdepkl: neexA.1., tg 
HMN«: uexA.1., P: He CTTA.!., T»N*. itxenp.] itxenip., 

0. OT2ie 2°] cf.? Gr. »AD*FGP &c. lteTA.nff •] L»ABDE 
PHJKL: It€(H,0)eTrA.Ti-., TTGMNOP. IlKl] om. H. 
^XXa.] om. P*. efi.0X tA om. GM. " I^pHI i^] om. 

TNG. i-JUL€XJ0-¥2i^J -fjOTTkeA., H*. JUUULOC] JUL- 
JULOq, N. " n^.iep.J pref. OTOg,, BDJKL. iiX€ XA.- 

jUL^iK (€, d] om. iixe, N : j6^, H : j6en, J. " Kxe«tt"] 

cf. Gr. l^ADEKLPalfereomn desyrPc* arm aeth Cyr Euth &c 

306 npoc vax^oxTHc. 

onrog, A.qe^.g,iULeT g^ixeit neqgputox *• etftbpn 
ijLneqojHpi e&oX iti6KX ^m^. itx^g^igeit- 
nonrqi iJuuLoq j6eit iticeitoc 4- ca.xox JuLnionr- 
^&T i^c^ c^PX &^ cnoqfr "onfT^e ijlnxaje 
e^pHi eiTCiuuL gA. mA.nocrroXoc exj6A^<A)J *• 
X^ 3XXXk. ^ige itui exA.p^AiA.4- iu.Xin on | ^.i- 

"IxA. iUL6tt6nc^. r iipojuLm ^.ige itw eg^pw 
eiTCiuuL en^^nr eKH<t»^4- onrog, ^xo^i j6^TOTq 
juLie neg^oonffr "k€ot^ 2^6 iiit!^.nocT-oXoc 
. jtjLnm^nr epoq 4- 6£jiX ci^jcoo&oc ncoa juLn^ •&- 
y 2*^Hk 2^6 e^cj6A.i jOLxnooonf ncoxeit ic g^Hune 
ixneixeo juL<l>i"4- ze it^fxeJULeeitonrx'6- 
** AJLeitenc^ n^.i 2^6 ^.u ernc4. nxe -fcxpi^. 
iteJUL •f KnrXiKi^. 4- 2* it4.Tca)onf n 2^6 iijULoi 
A-it ne j6en n^-g^o ibcemcKKXHcx^. 4- itTe 
•fjonf2ie^. mi €T'j6eit nxc*- ^^jutonoit 2^6 
iteg^.-¥ca)TejuL ne*- 2ce <tH en4.qtfoxi ncoon 
ijLnxcKonr*- •fnonr qg^igennonrqi jOLnm^^'f -s- 
<1>K en^^qgooq juumoq nonrcHonr*- ^*onfog, 
n^.nf'fcjoonf iiL<l>i" ne iti6pHi iij6KX4- 

h \tl. Aitenenc^ i^ npojutni ^ige nHi e^pHi 
eiTvHJUL neAJL £Apn^.&^.c ^i(rr2ie juLniKeTixoc 

2,ixen] AEF': pref. efi.oX, L«T* &c. " tfcbpn] 

(JTgj N)opn, T*N. nx^.2,igennoTqi] -^looig 'proclaim.' 
HJ. c^.T-ox] nc^^xoT- (+q, L), DKL. " JuLnige 

eg^pHl] of. Gr. 2^AKLP al pier syrP*** arm aeth Euth Cyr &c. 
Hunt ,8, ji^^twO a^^O)!, L« by error, on] cm. B : OTf n, Eg . " V It] 
LBAFEF'JK i8: vf n(om.'P),T'BDGHLMNOP; position cf.?Gr. 
KAP 17. 74. laa. a»«'b»«o»« al syr^h Euth &c. A.ige nU! eg^pKl] 
om. HHI, BDKL 18; cf. Gr. unc &c. ai^X^^. KH(e, N)^^] cf. Gr. 
N*AB 17. 67** 71. 8yr"«J» syrP»« acth«'' ar«: <1>HV^^ J^Fj. A-JO^l] 


GALATIANS I 16— 11. 1. 307 

mother, and he called me by his grace, ^® to reveal his Son 
in me, that I might preach good tidings of him among the 
Gentiles ; immediately I* applied not iofiesh and blood, ^"^ nor 
went I up to Jerusalem unto the aposUes, who were before 
me. But {&.) I went to (the) Arabia. Again I returned 
to DamascoB. ^^ Then after three years I went up to 
Jerusalem to see Eepha, and I stayed with him fifteen days. 
^^ But another of the apostles I saw not, except James (the) 
brother of the Lord. ^^ But the things which I write to 
you, behold, before Qod, that I say not falsehood. ^^But 
after these things I came to the parts of [the] Syria and 
[the] Kylikia. ^ But the churches of [the] Judea^ which were 
in Christ, were not knowing me in my face : *^ but only they 
were wont to hear, that he who was persecuting us once (ni)i 
now preacheth good tidings of the faith which he was devas- 
tating once (07f) ; 2* and they were glorifying God in me. 
n. Then after fourteen years I went up to Jerusalem with 

^ Added myself after. 

eog,!, B. JAJe] itle, h j 18. " neon] nicott, a«E2. 

*® HK 2^6 e-f] HA-I 2^6 ^f , HJ. ^KUne] &H2iK, HJ. ^j\'8. 

iSLneixeo] neJuLncjuLeo, dkl. ii'fxejuLee.] om. it, 

J i8»": i"JULee., H. 2* 2ie] LtT^ArEPaMNOP: om. BDH 

J K L i8»- ", cf. ? Gr. RTe+Cnf (I, H).] tcfc, M. ^K^t (J, L) Xl- 
(H, BN« i8)KIA.] om. •f , H*. ^2 h^^yCOOOT (om. Ej) h] 

COOXeJUL 'they were hearing/ Ei*, hut tr. fjy^/^* ^6j om. J. 

jtJuuLoi (Tf , N)] jOuuLon • 118,' El*, ne] om. L. nA.2,0] 112,0, 

J. cf. ? Gr. (exc. F &c.) ry np. ** JULOItOIt] JULOOHOn, Eg: 

AJLom^^n, B. i-nonf] + 2s.e, f^h j i8»- *». qg^i] eqg^i, pjg. 
ojenitonrqi] ooicg, df'KL. eitA.qga)(o,B)q] ex^^qgoq, 
M. jDuuLoq] om. p. nonrcKonr] iinicHonr, h J. ** n^nr- 

•t"a)Onf] position cf.? Gr. i^ABCKLP al omn^«d syr*^ &c., cop. has 
€',un after tfc<J^. He] om. DF'HJKLP 18. tlj6pHl] Itg,., DK. 

^ IX A.] cf. Ir*»» Tert Chr om. ndkiP. KKl] LiT^AP: om. B &c. 
nuce] AD«EL: RKG, L«TTD* Ac: Ke, 0*. 

X % 


^ ClXige 2k€ eg^pai K^J^^ oTtftbpn efioX onrog, 
^iX^ j6^xoxonf juLnie7f^.rreXion 4- efg^iooig 
juUiLoq ^6^^ nieenoc. c^nc^. :^e itnH eexiLcnri 
xe JULHna)c[fr] ^leToxx ;6€n onrgonrixfr le n^.i- 
(Fbxi »^.XX^. oT2k€ nKCTTixoc*- <tH erx,^ 
nejuLHK- eonremm ne-»- ijLnonrcg6p^.n^.VK^^m 
jOuuLoq econf&HT"q*» 

exep xenAJLeYpeiiLg^e e^ 
j6en nxc*- &inA. itce^ixen jOLBlcok-^- *iw.i 
eTreiilnenog,! j6eit nonrtfite sccoq^- npoc 
onronrnonffr &m^. i"juLeexiLHi ilxe nienfA.we- 
Xioit nxecajcjoni eccjuLoitx g^^^pcoxeit. •eJS.oX 
2ke j6ert itK eejuteri 2ce ^.itort ne*- ixRipR-f 
en^^nroi JOumoq nonr cKonr *• ilqgefimoTX Rxot 
A.n itg^Xi. ^-f ii.n^.qtfr g^o npcoxni. 
Hk rA.p eejuteri 2ce ^.itort ne *• ijLnonfonfA.2, g,>vi 
6poi<^ ''a.XXa. neTroTfi.Hq*- CT^.xm.x xe 
^.nfxertg^oTx enieT^^rreXiort nxe i"iULex^x- 
cefiii*- KA.TA. ^pHi" iiuexpoc *• exA.nfxen- 
£^OTxq e<l>A.niceAi *• ®^h VA.p ex^^qepg^ooA 
j6eit nerpoc*- erjuteT^A-nocxoXoc nxe nce&i-s- 
A.qep^a)& rtj^HX g,a) enieeitoc •> • onr og^ 
eTr^.TejuLi eni^ixorr exToi itnifr ibcei^.KU)- 

* KA.XA. onr] om. onr, j,.a*. ^.J^^] M^^ P)JXH, QMP. 

et"&i] tirf^i, N : ei-f&i, e,. itna] enH, h: om. ii, k i8. 

n^-KToxi] n^-cC D by error. ® oTfj^e] om. J. eoTejitin] 

onrei., N: eionr., r. jOLnonra.] neAnnonrg., TMiNOP. 

Hunt x8. A.iiA.(om.H*)rK(Kr, Ji)A.^m] -e^m, EaN: -H^m, F'. * :^e] 

om. P, obe. Thdrt Hier. Uh] 11^.1,. K. H^Cc] AE : + IKC, L«T» 

&c., cf. Gr. itce^^ixen] cf. Gr. b'^fg 17 &c. • 11^.1 exe- 

ixneitO^l] tjf. ? Gr. unc. (exc. D*) fg vg eyr^*' arm (aeth) Euth Ac. 
Coptic has ols with negativcp but not ovbt. nOTfCrfte] om. n» G^. 
^2ie] VA-p, HJ: om. K, cf. Gr. 17. RIpKi"] TU.ip., A^O. 


GALATIANS IL a-9. 309 

B&mabas ; but I took Titos also with me. ^ But I went up 
according to a revelation, and I laid before them the Gospel, 
which I proclaim among the OerUilea ; but apart to them 
who* were thought (much of), lest by any means I ran vainly, 
or was running. ^ But {<&.) neither Titos even (jKe)^ who was 
with me, being a Greek, could be compdled to be circumcised. 
^ But because of the false brethren who came in to spy 
out our freedom, this which we have in Christy that they 
might make us servants: ^ these in whose subjection we 
stayed not for an hour ; that the truth of the Goejyel might 
be permanent with you. 'But from them who think that 
they. (lit. we) are (something); as to (Jji) the manner of 
which they once were being, it makes not any difference to 
me : God accepteth not person of man. For they, who 
think that they (lit. we) are something, added not anything 
to me : ^ but (^) on^ the contrary, having seen that I was 
entrusted with the Gospel of the uncircumcision, according 
as Peter was entrusted with that of the circumcision. ^ For 
he who worked in Peter unto an apostleship of (the) circum- 
cision worked in me also unto the Gentiles. 'And having 
known the grace which is given to me, James and Eephas 

* ' Who think,' perhaps literal rendering of rois doKowru^, bat probably 
^ttOItn6 omitted. ^ Probably redundant, 0!Y^6s not even ; 

tr. ^LLi-b lyh U; «xu J . ^ That which is against it. 

eitA.nfOl] eTTOnroi, pres., Ji«2L. SonrCKOnf] itCHOT, H. 
nXOX] ilxOXeit, ist plural, B. A.n] om. L by error. ♦i"] 

J3l^^, r. JuLn^^qcTi] JuLneqtff, preterite, AgO. 2,0 ftpoo- 

UU] order cf. ? Gr. 46 f vg arm &c. ^dr frpdo-M. Mp. Hh] ItXAIL, 18. 

xe ^.non ne 2°] cf.? Or.FG f g add w fZi^. iinonfonf a.^,] l«t» 

rOKMNOP: JULnonr^^A &c. "^ eT-^] +2s.€,T»DH« 

JKL 18. juLnerpoc] en., l. ®j6enneTpoc] jOLn., 

L«Ei*?P, obs. Gr. L nirpow. CTJULGX] eo^JtXETT, PK. 

eitxeeit.] itni., h j. * enig^.] JuLni., a by error, i^k. 

810 npoc vox^^axTHC- 

juLert epax>nf xe g,^.ncT"TXXoc ne *• 
3XTf 2kexi^ ttHi itejUL £.^pn^A^.c erjuteT-g^tHp'S- 
^m^ ^itoit AiLCtt emeeitoc<i- necoox :^€ eni- 
cbSli ^^^juLoiton 2,in^ ftxeitqjpcooTffl nnig^KW 
OTog, <^A.i ^iiKC jOuuloi e^jq. ^* ex^^qi 2^6 
eifeonrn ibcefCHc^^c €^ ^i" e^onrit 
^p^q h^o onffi.e g,o xe ne^.nfepK^T-A.rmax:- 
Kiit ijuuLoq ne *• ^^ eAJL!U.xe g^Xi VA-p i e&.o'k 
^^ u.Koo£.oc ttea)^.qonru)AiL ne itejuL nieeitoc 4- 
eTi^yi 2ke ^qg^eitq n^^q*- onrog, ^.q<t>opxq 
€fi.oX*- eqepg^o'f j6^X2,h Ritiefi-oX j6en 
nce£.i *• ^* OTOg, ^-nrepAJLexgo^i iteAJU.q 
ibcencaixn itmioT2s.^.j •&• g^cocxe nK6£.^.piu.- 
S? Sl^c^ ^^Iffl^ ^^^^ -^^ri Tonr JULexgoJS.! 4» 
( " 3XXX^. ex^ 4- xe ceog^i ep^-xonr ^.n j6en 
i"juLeejuLKi itxe nier^^vreXion nexm ilKH<^^.c 
ixneijLeo itonron iti&eit^- xe icxe iteoK ileoK 
onfionf2^^i Koitj6 JuumeTreeitoc onrog, juumex- 
ionf2iA.i ^.n*- ncDc^.rK^.^m itnieenoc4- 
eepxnexionfTiA.! *• 

IteJtlLJCK(e, B*E)<^A.C(om. P)] cf. Gr. WBCKLP al omn^* yg gyyutr 
arm aetb Or Ath Euth &c. ICO^H.] UJoliy L. HH] H^.!, K. 
eTOnrjULenri], preterite, B. CXnfXXoc] AKOP: 
CTnrXoC, L»T' &c. 2i(X, AEHJK i8)eXI^] + 2^6, i8. 
AJLeit] aooit, P. ^<^itXeitqipa)(om.N)Onfa] L^AFEF': 

•q!<^p., T*GMNO*P i8: nTeitepcj^JUL (om. B) €nf I, BDHJ 
KLO« ('a copy*). Itnig^HKl] position cf.? Gr. DEFG it vg &c. 

ijuuLoi] juLJUtoq, L«. " exA-qi :^e] T^AarEPCM 

NOP: g^oxe 2ke exA.qi, l^a^bdhkl i8: oxi :^e 

eX^.qi, J. €j6onfIt i<*] AgEF': om. L«T*Af &c. KK<l>^c] 
KH<^^., J; cf. Gr. KABCHP lo. 17. 31. 46. 67** 80. 115. 136. 137. vg 
am al syr^^ et syrP""* arm aeth Euth Ac. A.nX!OXI^] ^>^i"-» 

A2E1JL. ng^o] e^o, L. ne^^nrep] om. ep, b«. ^* eiit- 

GALATIANS H. 10-15. 311 

and John, who are thought to be pillars^ Qave the right 
hanvd to me and Barnabas unto [a] fellowship, that we indeed 
might (be) unto the OentUes, but they unto the circumcision ; 
^^orUy that we should take care of the poor; and this I 
hastened to do. ^^ But Kephas having come into (the) 
Antiochia, I opposed him, face to face^ because he had 
been condeTnned. ^^For before that any came from James 
he was wont to eat with the GevtUes : but they having come 
he withdrew by himself, and he separated himself, fearing 
them of (the) circumcision. ^^ And the rest of the Jews were 
hypocritical with him; so that Barnabas also went (away) 
in their hypocrisy. ^^ But having seen that they stood 
not in the truth of the Gospel^ I said to Kephas before all : 
' If thou thyself a Jew livest as a OentUe* and not as a Jew^ 
how compdlest thou the GentUes to JudaiseV ^^ But we are 

Lit.Mn GentHism.' ^ Lit.'in Jadaism.' 

n^.Xe(^., E,*N) 2,Xl] AFEF'NO: JJLlL, L«T*BDGHJKMP: 
Onrog, JULn., 18: JJLH€T^^\ L by error. V^p] om. 18. 
1] L»ABDHJKO 18: €!, TTEF^GMNP: trs. IV4.p, L. eXA-Tfl 
:^e] cf. Or. ACD*>et«EHKLP a] fere omn f vg syr"'' arm go Euth &c. 

onfog,]ora. 18. ^.q<^opxq] -<l>a)pxq, Ej^jF'HJi: ^.qclKJO- 

(O, M)pX Ei*M 18. eqepg,.] eqeepg,., Ej*, by error. 

" n3C€n(om. Ai*)Ca)Xn] cf. Gr. B f vg go om. Kai g^OOCTe] 
L'T^DKL: -2^6, B &c.: g^COC, A. n(om.M)Ke&.] pref. JUL, G: 
neKfi.., Aj* ("ff liKC&L. i^\ iir^ 'another copy'): HIKefi.., T^O. 
j6enX0T] i6eitOT, M: j6A.T0nf, K. ^* ^JtXeBJJL.] nanus. 

'fK€XILe<t. 'the truth also/ 18. KK<l>A.c] L^TtAFEGMNOP: 
KK(A.,B)<l>A., BDF'HJKLi8,cf.Gr.»ABOHio.i7.67**i37.Ygarm 
aeth ar« 8yr«>*» (ubique) Clem Euth &c. AEH ,j^. 'Butnis,' G ^J^iS 
* Klfas, P U^ DK U^ *Safa.' KO(VJ, B)nj6j eKa)(0, T*) tvt>. 
T'K. ncoc] cf. Gr. WABCDEFGP 17. 37. 39. 57. 71. 73. 80. 116. 
179. 8p« d e f g vg 8yr«'»> arm aeth go Or Euth &c. €KepA.nA.V.] T* A 
E F : ^K6p., J : ICep., U &c. epjJi€T (O, B) lOTf 2i.] epiOTf >k., 
HJ. ^* 2ie] AEP': on, B: om.L«T* &c. <^nfCl] <^ICI, EF'J: 

pref. &A.It, T*K. ^.HOIt a°] pref. 6, KL. g^^^ItJO-C^.] om. 
^^.n, H J : e£.oX j66ItItII0T2k. 'from the Jews,' 18. 


312 npoc vox^^axTHc. 

j^ctt nieenoc ^tt itpeqepno&i 4- ^* enciULi see 
ceit^ejut^ie mpcojtiLt ^tt4- e&oX ^en, nt^- 
^Konri ftxe nmoiULoc4- liULKi" efi.oX ifeeit 
^n^.g^'f itmc nxc4- oto^ ^ttott ^ojit ^.it- 

♦i^^&+ iinxcfr ne eJ5.oX j6en nig,J5.KOfi 
nxe nmoju.oc4- xe efi.oX j6€it mg^&Konri 
itxe ninoAiLoc ceit^ejui^e c^px ni&eii ^.n^ 
"xc2ce :^e enKCJoi" ftc^. mxa.\ j6en nxc* 
^'nceu.eit ^(jon enoi jtpeqepno&i 4- &^p^ 
nxc oT2iiAjica)it iirre ^no&x ne. iutecgoann- 
" ICxe r^.p nn ex^i&oXoT e&oX *• 1W.1 on e^f kcot 
ijuuLU)0T4- -fepcTnicxA-itm iJuuLoi jOLn^-pa^- 
J5.^.t-hc 4- " A-itoK r^.p efi.oX ^ixeii onr hoajloc 
^iJULonr ixnmojULoc 4- &in^. nx^.ooitj6 next. 
^-f. ^.gT itexn u5cc *• *® +0^^ A ^noK ^.it [<•] 
xe. qortj6 2s.€ iij6HX ibcenxc. 4>k 2s.€ ef on;6 
iti6HT"q -fnoT j6en xcA-px* ^.ia)iij6 i6eit 
nmA.g^'f hrre nojHpi ijL<M" *• <tAJ exA-qjutenpix 
onrog, ^.qxKiq eg^pui exu)i4- " ii'f^^S^a 

" eiteiULl] ^It€., HJ ; cf. Gr. AD«KP al pier syr**' arm acth &c. 
mpUOJtJLl] pref. 6, H«J. ^.It e&oX] om. ^It, Ej*. lAJLHi"] 
-TI, L«K. i6en4>it.]AEF'^HJL 18: g^IXeit, L8T*BrDGKM 
NOP. IKC nxc] cf. Gr. KCDEFGHKLP al fere omn it vg n-ll 
Eath Oyr &c. OTTOg^ ^ItOIt • • • IHc] om. T*, omission supplied 
probably by F*, tr. has it with ^jU^^l) i^, ^U;l ^ a^, and a note remarkn 
that Gr. has ^JM = «ia i® and > = ck 2° : om. OTOgp 18. n^C^ IHC] 
cf. Gr.: IHC njQC, T'HJN, cf. Gr. BH 17. 74. n^ syr"*' aeth &t. 
itTeit(om. M)JtiLA.I €&oX] -JtiLA.10, Ag^: -eXJU.10, HJ; om. 
e&oX, 1 8. JuLn^XC] of . Gr. i* a B C D E L P al fere omn it vg rell Eu th 
Cyr &c. : 6 (It, i8)IhC, N i8. 116 e&oX] L^AjE : ItCJUL efi.oX, Ao: 
pref. OnfOg^,T*&c. jfeeitltlg^^. 2°]aBDHJKLM 18: pref. A.It, 
LsTTEF'GNOP. g,&HOnfl a°] +^.n, BDGKL 18. ItOJULOC 2^] 
+ ^.It, AgH^'J. 2Ce...ltOitJLOC3°]c5f.Gr.»ABD*FG I7.67'*i77. 

GALATIANS H. i6-ai. 313 

hy nature Jews^ and not of the Gentiles, sinners. ^®We 
are knowing that the man will not be justified from the 
works of the laWy except from (the) faith of Jesus Christ ; 
and we also believed Christ Jesus, that we might be justified 
from (the) faith of Christ, not from the works of the law : 
because from the works of the law will no^ flesh be justified. 
^^ But if, seeking for being justified in Christ, we also were 
found to be (liU being) sinners, then Christ is a minister 
of (the) sin. It shall not be. ^^ For if the things which 
I pulled down, these again I build, I prove myself (a) trans* 
gressor. ^•For I (pron.) through [a] law died to the law, 
that I might live with God. I was crucified with Christ; 
^^ I live ; no longer I, but Christ liveth in me : but that in 
which I live now in (the) flssh, I lived in the faith of (the) 
Son of God, he (lit. this) who loved me, and he gave himself 
for me. ^^ I shall (lit. will) not reject the grace of God. 

*■ Lit. 'all ... not/ as the Greek. 

1 78. 179. 8p« Enth Dam ^1 : om. Aj H ? bomeot. Ce (^, A^* M) It^e-] position cf. Gr. i^ABODEFGHP 17. 37. 73.116. 118. 8p« it vg 
BjT^^ arm aeth Euth &c CA.pX] tlC.^ B. Itl&eil ^.It] om. A.n, 
AiDP i8*, tr. of all has negative. " ICX€ 2s.(X, HJN)e] om. 

2^6, DK. eitKCofl ^ItK., T*DKL 18. JUL^l] ejUl^.l6, K. 

2,a>it] g^o). El*, ne] om. Aj'DM. ^« hh €XA.i&o(a), uy 
Xonr] n€rT4.iA., K. itA.i o(+nf, E2)it efKVj^] it^ vA.p 
nex cf , J2) Kcox, h j. ct (I, b) m (k, m) cxA.itin] ci (t, J)- 
n^.cT-^.nm, hj. jOLn^.p^.fi..] g^ooc n^.., h j. jultu-p^* 

fi^.THC ^» A.rtOK] om. B. ^^ ^.IJULOnf] A^JULOOOTT, F^ 

nT-A.a)n;6] -ohjo, e. neAJL<l>'f ] ae Jg : Mx^fy u^t^ &c. 

*® i"OItj6] twice, L^ABDENOP, 2® HL: +0011^6, twice, TGKM, 

lOTtprL: n'fa)(o,Ji)ni6, HJ. xe]om. lm. qoit;6] 

qa)Itj6, M. 2^6 1° . . . i" Oltj6] om. F homeot. ^R T^s] om. 

2ie, Hjp. ^.ia)nj6] ^ionj6, l«bdp. itxenaj.] iin., 

HJ; cf. Gr. «ACD»>et«EKLP al omn^^ f vg gyr**' arm aeth go Clem 
Euth Oyr &c. 4>^l] 4>H, 0. Cg^p.] ftg,-, N. " ffl€(H, B)^] 

ffl^ffl^> TNO*. nig^JULOX] pref. JJL, 0. 


314 npoc vox^^axTHc. 

ICxe v^.p efi.oX j6eit 4>noitJLoc ne *f JULeejuLKt ^ 

2AP^ nxc A.qiULOT ibcm^H ♦• ^ co itiA-noHToc 

Rva.Xa.xkc 4- niAJL nexA.qepfi.A.cKA.noc epcw- 

Ten-s- itH exA-nrepgopu ncj6e iSc nxc*- 

<l>A.i..., UA^pen itonf&A.X 6A.nrA.ajq 4- ^^a.! juLiULA.T- 

A.T"q erfonroooj eejtxi epoq iiTeit eHitonr<i- 
erA.pexeittff jOLniTutAl €J5.oX j6eit itig^fiiHOTi 
icre nmojuLoc*- cg^r^ efiioX j6eit ncooxejut 
ilxe <l>nA.2,i". 
^IlAjpHt" itecoxeit &A.itA.x^HX 4- eA-xerenep- 
2iKxc j6en mmtH-j- i"itonf 2s.e A.peTenxa)K 
e&oX i5en xcA.px *A.pexengen onrjuLHoj 
iij^ici g^iKH ic2ce :^€ 2,ikh. 

V ^ ^K onr It excA^g^ni JOLniiiitA! itcoxeit onrog, exep- 

g^a)& eg^ j6en eHr tonf» onfeJS.oX j6eit 

nig^fi-HOTi iiTe nmoAJLoc ne *• efi.oX j6eit 
ncooxejuL itxe nmA.g,i"4- « *:a.xa. <tpK'f 
itA.£.pA.AJUL exA.qnA.£^i" e^^^ A.nfonc nA.q 
erjULeeiULHx ^ 
■^ TexeitejULi ^A.pA. xe itie&oX j6eit <titA.2,'f*- 
itA.x ne mojHpi itxe AJipA.AJUL * exA.cepa)opn 
2^e itxe^rpA.<l>H * xe e&oX i6€n ^titA.g^'f 
epe <^'f nieenoc A.cepg)opn ng^i- 
ojennonrqi itA.£.pA.AJUL-> xe erecgconi ercjuiA.- 
pax>fT- itj6pHi nj6KXK nxenieenoc THponr-s- 

j6en] g^ixen, bdhjkl. <tnojuLoc] ni(om. B)n.,BD 

HJKL i8. 

^ A.noHToc] -THc, L. nexA.qep] ne eTA.qep, rn jn. 

epCJOXen] cf. i*ABD*FG 17* 67** de f g fu al»~^»»« 8yr*»»> arm«Aet«** 
ar« Euth Cyr &c. nCj6e(H,E2)] cf. Gr. «ABO 17* 23* 31. 38. 43. 
52. 67** 72. 73. 93. f am fu** tol 8yr»o»> ann aeth Euth Oyr &c. om. 

€V (ffii^: om. B. * <tA.j] +onfn, HJ. exA-pexen] 


. For if from (the) law is [the] righteousness, then Christ 
died without a cause. III. O [the] foolish OoUatians^ who 
bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was fore-written, 
having been crucified ? ^ This only (is it) which I wish to 
know from you. Received ye the spirit from the works of 
the law or from (the) hearing of (the) faith 1 ^Thus ye 
are foolish. Having begun in the spirit, [but] now ye com- 
plete in (the) flesh. * Ye suffer many toils in vaiv, if 
indeed (^e) in vain, 

*He then who supplieth the sjnrit to you, and who 
worketh powers among you, is it something (OT) from the 
works of the law, or from (the) hearing of the faith t ^ Accord- 
ing as Abraham believed God, it was reckoned to him for [a] 
righteousness. ^ Ye know, then, that they (who are) from 
(the) faith, these (are) the sons of Abraam. ^But the 
Scripture having foreseen that from (the) faith God will 
justify the Oentiles^ preached good tidings before to Abraam : 


(om. pe, j)xen,H<^j. <tnA.^'f ] L«T*ArEF'GMNP: nm^.2,f > 

B^D H JKL. * nA-ipH-f.. . eA.T-exeit] om. N. ^^.IU.X- 

^HX] it2,^.It., A,: &mA.2,^.Xg,HX, M by error. €4.Xe- 

TGitep] e^-pexen., t*b»hjk. nrc^^px] +c., b»hjl. 

* -fflen] -ttjHn, hl. 2^6] om. hj. * e^^tixoMx] Sg,., Hunt ,8, 

J. OTeAoX] cm. Onr, T* by error. lie] tra. after efi.oX i°, B». 

nccDxejut] mccox., p. um^.g^'f] <^it., gm: +ne, i8. 

6 B»mg ( +53 and 0) D™« VeiteciC : Ej^ L°>« iSJ^l^ 'the book of the 
creation.' eXA.qn^.g^'f] eXA-Trn., B* by error. <d.nfOnc] 
pref. OTOg,, H J i8. €TJULee.] eOTfJULl, H JK i8. '' X€- 

XeiteJULl] XeiteJU.!, B»G*, i^ person: XeX€KJULeTJ 'ye 
think,' L. It! i°] HH, T>, also ver. 9. He] position cf.? Gr. ^^»A0 
DEFGKP al pier it vg 8yr»»' &c. HIOJ-] cf. Gr. L 106. 319. o2 vloi 
® eXA-CepOJOpn] om. ep, GMP.] trs. before 2s.e, 18. 

epe] A-pe, B^Eg 18. b»°>« ( +S and i) D"« rertecic : Ei"»ff N"»ff 
iiJLily--.] -eiULA.10, h: -eiui^ie e, r: it, 0. il(6pHi] it^., 18. 


• &tocxe niefi.oX s^en ^m.^-f cen^cjuioT epcoonr 
neiUL nmicrroc A.&Lpi.AJtx^ "onron r^-p 
JH nifi.6n ergon €fi.oX j6eit itig^&HOfi | vrre 
nmoiULoc4- cexK ^^ uc^^onri. ccj6kott 
r^p*- xe qcg^onropx iixeonfoit itiJSLen enrenq- 
itA.og,i eiiK THponr excj6Konf X fr g^i nxcoju. 
Rxe n^mojULoc en^-ixonr ♦• " xe it^pHi i6eit 
nig^fiLHonri nxe nmojULoc4- jOuuiott g,Xi It^JUL^.I 

^ 4oToit^ e£.oX4- xe nieiULHi ^.qn^conj^ e&oX 
i6€n 4>itA^-f 4» ^2 nmojuLoc a^e iionfeJ5.oX 
j6eii nmA^-f ne ^XX^. ^h eeiw.A.iTonf 
6q6ooitj6 ni6pHi S;6HX07r*» "nxc ^.qaon- 
Ten ^A. nc^-g^oTi nxe ninoiULoc^- e^^qgooni 
nonrcA.2,onfi e^pHi e^ccon*- ccjfcHonrx r^.p xe 
qc£^onfopx nxeonron ni£.6n ena)€'> 
^* £^In^. nTeqaoonj j6en nxeenoc ^ ibcencAJLOT 
n^£.p^.^juL j6en nxfi ^hc* &ii^^ nxentff 
jOLniooaj nxe niruul eAoX g^jxen <tnA^-f 4- 

* ^^ BU,cnHonf ^.ixo) jQuuLoc Kijri^ puoMxi osxuoc 
onr2ii^eHKH nxe onrpojJULi A.nfgA.nx^.xpoc 4- 

•&W)(0,L)CXe] -2i€, B*HJM. ^^ V^p i*^] om. K. 

Ce(H, B»)3(;h] L»T*Ai.2«« ('another copy') B^T^ (*a. c.') Ac. : CCXH^ 

A8*r*L. j6^] i6en, Ai*?L. nc^g,.] nIc^^.,J3^ a«« 

L"f Nn»« l::i-iN : Ei"** J^l /- 'Deuteronomy': B»°»«(+r and O) 

2i€TxepA.noitJLoc : D"« T^e^rxepo no JULIO n. xe\ d. Gr. 

2^AB0D£FGP 17. 73. 80. 118. 177. 178. defg »yr«*» arm Euth Cyr 
Dam. n^.0^l] om. n^, GMOP: n^.^JUU.^X 'will hold,' 

B». enn xaponr] nnK t., J; cf. Gr. k*b 17. 31. 37. 67** 73. 

116. 118. cat*»* Euth Ac. nXO) (O, B»N)JUL] niX., T*B»rNO. 

nA.!nojuLoc] nin., e^*. *^ n^pKi] nj6-, b»h. <^'f] 
om.j8*. qoTongJ qonroong^, l«t*b»E2GJ2KLMOP. b*™* 

(+ 2s. and 5) D»8 A-A^^-KOTfiUL : A'ng L">« N"»« Jj5^ 'Habakiik.' 

A.qn^.(om. nA., Ea*)a)nj6] qn^(om. h*)., h«J- "m- 

GALATIANS IIL 9-15. ?17 

' All the Gentiles shall be blessed in thee/ ^ Wherefore 
they (who are) from (the) faith will be blessed with the 
faithful Abraam. ^^For all who are (ojon) from the 
works of the law^ are (^h) under (the) curse: for it is 
written: 'Cursed is every one who will not stay in (€) 
all the things which are written on (the) book of this law 
unto (the) doing them.' ^^ Because in the works of the 
law no one will be justified with Ood. It is manifested, 
that the righteous is to live from (the) faith. ^^ But the law 
is not from the faith ; but (^) he who will do them, shall 
live in them. ^^ Christ bought us from (the) curse of the 
laWy having become a curse for us : for it is written : * Curaed 
is every one who hangeth on (the) tree*:' ^* that (the) blessing 
of Abraam might be among the Gentiles in Christ Jesus ; that 
we might receive the promise of the spirit through (the) faith. 
^'My brethren, I spoke according to man: though (it is) 

» Lit. wood.' 

m^'t] ^n., H J : o*cn., DKL. ^.H ue] om. ue, B*. ♦h] cf. 

Or. l<iABOD*FGP 2. 17. 67** 80. 93. cat*«» it vg 8yr«»MP*«» arm 
aeth Cyr &c. om. MfMtwos. itj6pKl] om. B». ^* H^X^cJ UT' 

AB»rEF'i8: +2^6, DGHJKLMNOP. ^.q^OnxenjA: 

e^-qcy., gmp: +€fi.oX, l^^t' &c. g^A.] i6en, b». ilo*cc.] 
itc, b*k. c^.2^o*ci] c^.2^fi.i, H. eg^pKi] ei6., b*. ccj6- 

rA.p] cf. Or. l<iD«E**KLP al pier syr-^' arm Did Cyr &c. D»« 

2ien"epoitoAJLioit : Ai"»k Ursu-iii : e^^ j^\. qcg^Com. J)o*c- 
opT] eqc, N. nxecrcon ni&en] omL h. noje] nioje, 

GJiKM. ^* B'*"' ( + e and 5) e^GKIA-C : L^ J-?^, B* JLij:^ 

'Ezekiel.' nCAJLO*c] RICAJL., B» Eg. ti^A.] fiTe^^., K. 
nXJ^ rnc] cf. Gr. ACDEFG KLP al omn^^d it vg syrP arm Did 

Euth &c.: om. iHc, H. nmSITl + eoot^&. (ee, h«^), h^j. 
4^K^&1"] ^i^M 18. " D»» renecic : l»» ^^\ ^3Ul^ iU 

*the night of the Holy Nativity*: Ji™«^ uj/^J cT*^^ ci ]A «J^- 
elf^^ 'Paulus, to be read on the twenty-eighth of Eihak/ also reference 
to the Nativity in B*J]. B'^^^ doubtful as to which quotation it applies, 
blLJif\ 2w€Tnr6p^ItOAt.OC t^ referring to number of the quotations 
in the Epistle. OAJL(n, F')tt)c] LtTArEF'GMCom. •)NOP: 

M8 npoc vai2\.axTHC. 

^rreXion nejtx neqxpox. n^^qxto jOuuloc ^n 
xe nejtx neqxpox ^coc exen o-vjuutg 4- ^XXa. 
2,ax: 6X6if OTTAJ xe neu. nencpox ere 
n5cc ne^ 

gopn iTTA^poc e&oX ^rren ^-f (|>noiULoc 
er^qgtuiu iUienencA. ^rX npoAJLiu^s- nq&cuX 
juuuLoc e&oX ^.n cepeqiccupq ijLiucoa|4-i 
" ICxe r^p €&oX ifeeit ^hoajloc •»- xe -ficXapono- 
Aiu^<«- le €no*c€&oX s^a oywQ ^.n xe nre. 
€T^. c^i" 2we ep^^AJLox ii^p^.AJUL <s- e&oX 
g^rren o'coog'S- "ott xe ne 4>itoiULoc4- 
^TTX^^ ee&e ninA.pAA^cic4- oj^xeqi Rxeni- 
:^pox4- 6XA.qcA>a) nA.q. eA.7reA.a)q e&oX ^iX6n 
£^iw.rreXoc "S- ifeen xxix noTtiULeciXHc 
*® lUAJLecixHC 2ie ijL<&^.o*cA.i ^n ne^s- c^-f ^e 
o*cAJ ne^s- "4>noAJLoc o-rn ^.q^ o-v&e niooo} 
iiT€ ^i" . ititecajtoiu. eneA.-rf noiULoc rA.p ne •»• 
eo'Toit ojxoiUL iA.AiLoq exA.itji>o 4- ohtux: ne 
•f AxeeiULKi o*ce&oX i6en ninoiULoc nre ^ a.XX^ 
*fvpA.^K ^coje^juL e^ujSL ni&en s^n ^no&A^ 

gOOjqc] AB^DHJKL: CtJOajC, LtTrEPOMNOP. ix- 
n^*¥0*CA^eAJL] JuLnOTTOTT., preterite, H J. " n^^qXtO . . . 

xpox] om. K homeot. ^n] om. M : + ne, BK neAJLneq- 
xpo{vdy AiDEiL)^'] om. ne^JL, then neqx., J: ne^xneK- 

XpOOX, K, cf. Gr. D* d e aeth, Gr. rell rot; <nr€pfutaiM. eXenOT- 
JULKffl A-XX^ &tOc] om. M. nCKXpOX] ncqX., 3*» person, J. 

exenxc ne] n^-en., a^ : enx^* r. " ijuuioq] 

JOlAXOC, B». e^-CepOJ.] A-TT., B»HJ. ♦f] cf. Gr. J^ABCP 
17. 33* 67»* 8o, f vg aeth Euth Cyr &c. 4>nojULOc] + ^B, T'K. 
npOAXm] position cf. Gr. KABODEFGP 17. 37. a««^ al^ it vg syr"'' 
Bath &c. : om. Ex*, ^n] om. Aj*, single negative. ^^ c^nOAILOc] 

ninoiULoc, t*. -re i^] ne, hj: tire, e, ^j «™r. eno-c- 

GALATIANS HI, i6-aa. 319 

a covenant of a man, should it be confirmed, no one rejectetb 
it, nor add they firesh ordinance. ^® But proraisea were pro- 
mised to Abraam and bis seed. He was not saying: ^And 
bis seeds/ ds about many ; but (^) as about one : ' And tby 
seed,' wbicb is Christ. ^^ But this I say, that a covenant 
having been confirmed before by Qod, (the) law which 
happened after four hundred (and) thirty years dissolyeth it 
not, to cause it to do away with the promise. ^^For 
if the inheritance is from (the) law, then it is no more 
from a promise: but God granted (it)* to Abraam through, a 
promise. ^* What then is (the) law 1 It was given (^ACj) 
because of the tranagreasiona, until the seed should come, 
to whom he promised ; having been ordained through angeh^ 
in (the) hand of a mediator : ^ but the mediator is not of 
(<^a) one, but God is one. '^ (^e) Icl'^ then was against 
the promises of God. It shall not be : for if law had been 
given, it being possible for it to give life, certainly [the] 
righteousness would have been^ from the law. ^But (A) 
(the) Scripture shut (up) everything 'in (the) sin, that the 

* Of. Luke Tii. 21. ^ Lit 'was being a.' 

efi-oX] AEPL : no*c., L«T* &c. A.n xe] ibce, a,*. " o*c 
xe ne] om. ne, Aj*. a*cx^^] L'AEF'Gmf: €AT.,T*B*r 

DH JKLNO; cf.? Gr. D*FG 71. 80. 109. 177. Or &c. mAy. €e&€] 

o*cfi.e 'against,' HJ. iiin^.p.] HI., P. erAqcooj n^.q] 
eTrA.*ca)cg it., j; cf. Gr. ^: exAqoDoj ijuuLoq HAq 'to which 

he promised it,' B». €^.*] €TA.Te., J. 2^A.n^.W.] 
om. a^-n, J. 20 niAJLeClTHc] om. Ei*8M. T^e i*»] L^T* 

B*rDGH«JKLMNO»P: Ue, AEi^gF. JuL^^.] ♦•> ^J. <&^- 
0*C^.l] cl>0*CA.I, T*A2B»Ei*GMN(om. ^.1)0*P- i^t(\ om. B*. 
*' ^q1"] om. r*. OT&e] +e, T*K. ilX€4>i"] cf. Gr. (exc B 
d e &c.). jDuULOq] ijUULOC, L. He] 2ie, J. 0*Ce&0X] L'T* 
AFEt^GMNOP : Iieo*ce&., B»DKL: om. OT, HJ. " ^CO)- 

oajul] A.c«.^.aj^A-M., B*. eg,a5&] rig,., b»hj. ;6€n] 

Ai* (tr. c>*? * under ') E F^ : ;6^ ' under/ L« T* Ai«j &c 

320 iipoc vax2\.axTHC. 

^iit^ nia>g 6&oX ^ixen <t>itA.g,-f itiKc n5cc 
i^ iicexHiq liitK een^.g,-f -s- t**GAJLiiA.xeqi Rxe- 
niiu^^ n^.7r^.pe^ epon ne ;6^ ninoiULoc 
eTAiL^a)e^JUL 6pon oj^. niit^^-f eeitHOTr 
ntfobpn e&oX * ** ^oocxe nmoAJioc ^qep- 

tfi^cAJLooix*- ** neooxeit YA-p XHpo*c neooxeit 
g,A.iicgHpi Sxe <&i" e&oX g^ixen <t>nA^'f 4- ;6eit 

exA.*coAJLco*c ;6€ii n^^*- ^.peT-en-f ixn^Cc 


o*¥2ie c^iAJLi4- iieoDxen vA-p xapo^c itecoxen 
o*c^.i ;6en nxc- | 

2cpox it^.&p^^JUL -fi* KA.T"A. nicoa necoxen ^^.n- 
KXaponoAJLoc j- ^ -f xoo it, Afoc xe ec^ocon 
Xpoi^oK*- eniKXapoitoAJLoc o*cko*cxi it^.Xo*c 
ne JJLMXOTI g^Xi ila^fi^'f iiutoq neix ot&wK 
eqoi itOT eenx^i itifiieit*- * a.XXa. ^^qx" 
;6^ a^neniTponoc *• neix ^z^noiKotiojtxoc ^ 
a^ i"nei ilxe neqicox*- 
' n^-ipni" ^.iton aeon *• g^oxe eitoi it^.Xo*c rt^.nxK 
;6^ nicxoix^ott i^'re niKocAiioc 4- enoi jul&uok 

g^lXeit] i6en, B*D H JKL ; G M have confused text. *^ GIX- 
IU.Xeqi]TtAB»rEGM(eXA.)N(X^.)P: JULn^-X.. L'DF^HJ 

KLO."] ptef. 2^6, b«^dhjkl. epon i°] epoi, 
El* F' (T). ne] om . B*. j6^] Aen, m. erjui^. (om. ajla^ j,)- 

ge.] ABF': A.*C., B»: €A.*C., LsT* &c. epon a^J epOOn, DG*?M. 
it(Jtb(0, M)pn(om. H)] €(SZ HJL. 2* g^GOCXe] -2i€, B^Ej 

F'MN, .^.qeptfTa* B»rEL)-] eA.q., h J. nx^] + ikc, t^k, 

cf- Gr. P*E*FG 8»~' d e f g fu ali^>>°> ann Ambret. ** XenXH] 

•ingle negative, LsTtArEPGMNOP: IlTen., B»DHJK: eXCn., 

GALATIANS IIL 23— IV. 3. 821 

promise through (the) faith of Jesus Christ might be given 
to them who believe. '^Before the faith came we were 
being kept under the law^ being shut (up) unto the faith 
which Cometh to be revealed. ^ Wherefore the law guided 
us to Christ, that we might be justified from (the) £uth. 

^But the faith having come, we are no more under a 
guide. ^ For ye all are sons of Ood, through (the) faith, in 
Christ Jesus. ^ For ye all, namely they who were baptised 
in Christ, clothe you with Christ. *• There is not Jew nor 
Greek, there is not servant nor free, there is not male nor 
female : for ye all are one in Christ '* If ye (are) they 
of Christ, then ye (are) they of (the) seed of Abraam, accord- 
ing to the promise ye (are) heirs. lY. I say that as lon^ 
as the heir is a little child there is not any difference 
l)etween {ix) him and a servant, though he be (lit. being) 
lord of all things. ^ But (^) he was under guardians and 
stewards unto the term of his father. ^Thus we also, 
when we were children, were being (^C^) under the dements 

L. Xe] om. Ej* F'. " IHC] trs. before n^Xl^i MS.?, cf. Gr. a"". 

*^ enr&.*COAJLCO*c] eX^ TO^COAJLCO^C, IA by error. sb^W- Hunt ,8. 

nxc] AaEF': enX^> LgT *Ai &c. ^.pexeil'f (om. Eg)] ^" *^ 

^xeTeit-f, H* J. ixnxcj om. ix, h*J2L. " ijuuLoit 

g^COOTT] OtT^e 2^., P; obs. Gr. F8'* om. ?w. Tabulated arrange- 
ment, D. Cg^IAJLl] OTTCg,., L. r^.p THpO Tf] om . F^ 
homeot.: om. THpO*C, P*. IteGOXeil a°] om. J. UX^J ^lE 
i8 : + IHC, L(?T* &c. *^ ICXC] + 2w€, D H JL 18, cf. Gr. n^^U- 
( + 1, M0)XpOXj possessive case, obs. Gr. B awtpiiarot. It^&p.J 
nxe^.&., 0*. K^.X^.] cf. Gr. KABODE 17, 89** def vg arm 
aetb &c. 

^-fxO)] LBT^AB^EPLP: +2^6, TDGHJEMNO i8. e<&0- 

con] -€c-, GL 18: -HC-, M: eq., B*. eniKX.] om. e, HJK: 

om. ni, M. naifiii-] om. It, DFK. ^ ^^X^] ^q., J 18: 

q., B»r. ;6^] i6en, k. enixp.] eniZip., e. iiei] hki, 

B«*rE2. *2^0Te] +2ie, K: g,02ie TC, F'P: 6X1, 18. 

Xk] + ne, 18. i6^] j6€it, K?. niKoc(om. r*H*)iULoc] 

n^lK. 'this world,' B»L. 

YOL. III. y 

322 npoc rax2\.axTHC. 

nicKOT ^ ^^ oyujpn JuLneqojKpi 4- 6^.qga)ni 
j6^ oyc^ijja^ e^.qa)(oiu )6^ mnoiULocf- 
* ^m^. SxeqgKn hk e'T)6^ nmoiULoc *- g^m^ 
itTeiKTr iti"x«.exgKpi *- • oti 2s.e 3ce neooTen 
^/.ngjKpi'S- ^ <&'f x^.o*co iiLniTmXi itxe neq- 
a)Hpi4- 6;6pHi enexeitg^HX *- eqcjoo) e&oX 3ce 
aRRa ^^icox* '2,(Jocxe iteoic ott&cok ^.n 

^64- ^.XX^. OTOJHpI. ICX6 2s.e OTOJKpi 4* 16 O'TKXk- 

poitoiULoc on 6&oX 2,ixen <t-f *- 
i8 'CIXXXa iinicKOT iuien exejuuuLA.T iixexen- 
cu)o*cn JJu^'f A.I14- ^.xexenep&GOK fiiiK <tTci 
exe g^^^itiioTf ^.it ne 4* • i"noT ^e ^.x€xeIl- 
cofen <ti". juu.XXoit 2^e ^ <^i" conreii eHitoTr-s* 
nooc xexenKooi" ixxnooxen oit e;6pKi eni- 
^CA)&4- o*cog, n^^HKi ncxoixioi^ KK exexen- 
o*ca>aj eep&GOfc na)o*c iucecon*- ^^G^-xexen- 
•faeHxen eg^^-n | eg^ooTt newL g,^.itAAHx*- 
neiUL 2^A.ncKo*c "S- ne^x ^^.itpoiULni <s- "-fep- 
&oi" ;6^xexeitg,K -s- iuiKnooc ex^-itfiibici 
epcoxen g,iKH "gtwni JDLiu.pK'f *• xe ^.Ito]c 
^o) i5,nexenpK-f" *- 


ic HA-cnKOTT i"i"&o epooxen iinexeiKyTx ibconc 

na)(om.N)oT] om, K. * SxenicKOTr] JuLnc, b*k. 
oTtopn] oTopn, eph. e^.qg).] ^qg., i8. ^^ i^] ab» 

EP: e&oX iOen, Ii«T* &c.; tr. ^^ 'from/ for both, )6a being 
probably an error, D having written ^ATlIItOAJLOC before 6£.oX 
and crossed it. • ItXeqajKn] AB^rEPHJL: -ajen,L«T»DGK 
MNOP i8. -fjUtexg.] OT-M.., P, •OXI 2i(X, M)€] 

exi 2s.e, K, 2ce i**] om. hj. x^.o*co] oTToopn, GM. ene- 

Xeng^KX] TAEiOsFfK, cf. Gr. D«EKL al Jonge plu vg*^^ demid tol 
al go syr"*' aeth Did &c.: eiieng^KX, L«B»rDGHJKLNOP i8 : 
nneng,., M; cf. Or. KABCD*FGP al" d e f g m^^ am fu floriac mar 
al arm Ath Eutb &c. '' ^JUJCTe (-2.6, AB*EF'MP i8) . . . 

. GALATIANS IV, 4-ia. 323 

of the world, being servants to them : ^ bat when (the) 
fulness of the time came, God sent his Son, having become 
under a woman, having become under the law, ^that he 
might buy them who are under the law, that we might 
receive the sonship. ^But hecavse ye (are) sons, God sent 
the spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying out: 'Abba, 
(the) Father.' ^ Wher^ore thou (art) no more a servant, but 
(^) a son ; but if a son, then an heir also through God. 

^ But (^) at that time indeed not knowing God, ye were 
servants to them by n<xture who are not gods : * but now ye 
knew God, but rather God knew you ; how return ye again 
into the feeble and poor elements to which ye wish to be 
servants another time 1 ^^ Having observed days and months 
and times and years ; ^^ I am afraid of you, lest by any means 
I toiled for you in vain. ^^ Become as I (am), because I also 
(am) as ye (are). 

My brethren, I beseech you, ye did me not any wrong : 

o'rajKpi i*»] om. L. icxe . . . gapi] om. r*H*. on] om. t*gl 

MNP. ♦+ ] + )6enn5CC mc 'in Ohiut Jesus,' K, obs. addition 
in Gr. K^'O^DEKLP al pier d e go Did Enth &c. hih xpurrw, d. Iffvov xp* 
39. d»" k*" al pane syr"*' aethPP Thdri. * iUteit] om. H J. 

iict-f ^.n] ^.^ ii.4>'f , b* : om. A.n, l. ^.xexenepAooK] 

position cf.? Gr. KABCD»»ct«KLP al omn^*^ syr-t' ann &c. HHK 

4nrci]L«ArDEiN0: nm <&tci, TtQKM: fern <tTCIC, B»E2 
F'Rjh: eni <&-ccic, p. €Trea^.n.] nxeg^n., l. ^n 

ne] order cf.? Gr. KABOD*et«EP 17. 47. 71. 73. 80. 118. 177. k»« f 

▼g go Euth &c. • ^.x€Teitco7re(o, m)ii] ^.pexeiic., b\ 

4>1"] J^^ff L. 2we 2^] om. 0. ^^'f] om. ^^ H. CO-C€Il] 

A.qc., L. on] om. B*. ej6pHi] nj6., t»n. n&HJci] ni&., 
B*. ^^ e^.xexen'f] a.x., b*dhjkl: ex., F'. neix* 
gj^n^Lnrr] om. m. a16lH(€, J2«)x] t^afj/l: aAox, 

B^F'O: efi.KX, L«DEGKNP: e&eX, HJi. ^^ j6^Xe- 

Xeng^u] j6^Xen&K, K by error. eX^^ltfl] nX^.tff, con- 
junctive, HJ. "ixn^.pK-f] L«T»A2B*rD«Ei«G<^HJK0«P: 
JOLnA-ipK-f 'thus,' AiD*Ei*2F'G*LMN0*. Xe . . . pR-f] om. 
El* homeot. Xe\ om. 0. ^oo] pO), P. -(Hx] '-(FfTT^ B»K. 

Y 2 

324 npoc vax^oxTHC. 

trre +c^.p2; ^.i^iajenno'rqi iiooxen nojopn^- 
" oTog, nexeitnipA-CAJLoc erxj^ ^^^ T^.c^.p^ 
JuLnexenaoaq'S- oy^e jjLneren^i e^q itcooq^- 
iJkTs^ ^pexenaonq epcoxen juLctpa-f Sot- 
<t>pKi" ^.rreXoc ftxe <&i" jOLctpHi" Ikiixfi ihc*- 
• . ., F 15 3Xqea)n otn n6T6nAJL^K^.piciULoc *• ^f epAJieepe 

rA.p ncoxert'S- xe eneoTron gxoAX jQUuLooxen 
ec^epK nexeit&.^.X e&oX it^.peT"eitnA.XHixoT 
nm ne^s- ^•g^oocxe ^.lepx^^i €pa)xen«»- xe 
^TAJULo JuLJULcoxen eeiULKi^- "ce^og, 
epooxen Rka-Xgoc ^it-s- ^.XXa. enro'roog ea^o^ML 
epcoxen &iitA. nxexeitxo& €pax>7r "it^iiec 
2^e exp^ ;66n nin€en^.iteq rtcKonr ni&eii^- 
OTTog, eiXH ;6^xeit eunoT ijLAXA.-cA.xq 
H" "nA.ajKpi itA.1 e^i-nA.Kai i} iiKecon 
gA.xe nxc flTjutop<t>K ^en oKito-v *• *® itA.i- 
o^coDoj 2s.e ei g^A^pooxen 'fitoTt*- o*co^ eajifiLi" 
iixA.cjuLK. xe i"ffloXg, ng^HX ;6eii ennoTr*- 
^^ SXxoc o*cfi nw A-xexeitoTcooj eojooni j6^ nmo- 
juLoc-s- ilxexeiica)o*cit ijinmoiULoc ^.n* 
** cc;6K07rx rA.p xe a.&pa.ajul ^.qxcte ojKpi Si* 

" :^€] om. L, cf. Gr. 0*1^0 76. 8o. deg go &c. nXC^- 

(x,H«j)cA.p2j itxecA.px, H*. " nexennipA-cjuLoc] 

cf. Gr. K* AB(C*)D*FG 17. 39. 6^** d e f g vg : HA-Uip. 'my tempta^ 
tion,' K, cf. Gr. D»>et«E KLP al pier syrP Cyr &c. 6X^X1^] ^m. ^K, 
K. j6€It] i6^, D. XA.CA.p2j XC. '(the) fleflb/ B»E,F'. 
iA.pexengonq] -nX 'received me,' B^DP-KL. " A^qocoit 

<om. B*)] of, Gr. J^ABOFGP 5. 6. 17. 31. 47. 67** 71. 73. f g vg syr** 
£t P"« arm aethPP Euth &c., iroO, but for A.q = fy cf. Gr. DEFGK al 
longe plu d e g go &c., aud obs. Gr. 1 15. f vg arm &c., tfaruf, eat. Oflf ] 
0*C, A by error. XC €Ite] X6Ite> B*J. efi.oX] om. L. 
nA.peX€mtA.XKIXO*c] nA.XHrrD*C, r* by error; tr. l^J^^ijWI^ 
'ye gave me tbem/ and gloss U^j^kxj ^^SjS^je were giving me them.' 

KHi ne] om. ne, p. ^« ^oocxe] -a^e, b^Ej. Ajep^AJci] 

GALATIANS IV, 13-aa. 325 

'^bat ye know that because of a weakness of the fleiih 
I preached good tidings to you at first: ^^ and your tempta* 
tion which is tXK) in my flesh ye despised not, nor reviled* 
it; but {<&.) ye reoeiyed him as an angd of Qod, as Christ 
Jesus. ^* Where was then your felicitationl For I 

witness to you, that if it had been possible for you to pluck 
out your eyes, ye would have given them to me. ^* Where^ 
fore I became enemy to you ; because I show to you (the) 
truth. ^'^ They are zealous unto you, not weU ; but (^) 
wishing to shut you (out), that ye may be zealous unto 
them. ^'But it is good to be zealous in the good always, 
and not only (when) I am (^k) with you. *• My children, they 
(lit. these) for whom I travail agion, until Christ be formed 
in you, ^but I was wishing to come to you now^ and to 
change my voice ; because I am doubtful about (i£>en) you. 
^ Say then to me, ye** who wish to be under the lav^ — ye 
know not the law. ^For it is written that Abraam begat 

* Lit. 'spat at.' ^ Lit. 'they who wish/ reading the variant of E. 

n^^IIt^CpX., future imperfect. epCOXeit] ItOOXeit, 0; cf. ? 
d e f g vg &c. i"XAX«.o] i" ItAX., P future. eeAUil] L« A FD 
EGLMNP: lie., B*FHJKO : 11+ XHeeAJLHI, T*. " ec- 

OTODOj] A.7r., DFKL. COJ (om. B»)eAJUL] AB»DEFJK: 

etiL^^cye., L«rGHLMNOP. " )6eitninee.] era., hj. 

eiXW] L«TL\B*DFHJKL: ^IXK> TEGMNOP". X^] j6€It, 
M. *• fflHpl] cf. ? Gr. K*BD*FG &c. Wjcku HA-I] om. AjHJ. 

2^0T( + 0,N)Il]om.(B»)DFHJKL. IlHl] +Xe 'then,' B». ^.Xe- Hnnt^'8. 

xeno*c(joaj] AE : e(ii, F)xexeit., l«t*&c. : xexeit., b*h J: 

IIH CXCOfODO), K, probably the correct reading, ItK haying fiEdlen out 
of the other MSS. because of HHI. 11X6X6 ItCCOOTrn] L^TAFE 
GMO*P: X6Xenc., HJ: itXeX6ltCa)X6AiL 'ye hear not,' 
DFKLNO°»« 18: r tr. ^JJ^'^^ and ©wly gloss ^^y^^ itX6X6n- 
CG0X6AiL ^Ja^l {^j^.^ if%% 'Greek and some of the Coptic, ye hear': 
itX6XeilO*¥a)aj ecVJTeSX *ye wish not to hear,* B». JUkJll 

. . . ^.n]jBni . • . A.n, b*dfk 18: ^.Il eranojutoc, l. 

22 B» »« ( +^ 1^) D^ ren6CI (O, B»)C : A»« Ei™« aJily- 'the book 
of the creation.' X6j om. H. 

326 npoc vax2\.axTHC. 

o OTA.I e&oX i>en \ -f&ooKi*- nejJL on^\ e&oX 

**3XXX^. nie&oX ixen s^en. 'f&toKi*- exA-TAi^cq 
JCA.x^ cA-ps;*- ni e&oX 2s.€ i^en 'fpeJtM.^H 
oTreAoX j6en onrenA-rreXiA. ne " ere nA.i ne 
egjA-Tep^^XXHropm ixjtxvdot :M^.eHKK E-f ite 
n^.1*- o*ci iuieit efi.oX sben uxooot itcm^.4' 
eciuuci enrAJLer&ooK exe ^.r^.p xe •»• ** ^r A.p 
^e ne rxooott ncin^. ¥ eqx^ ^^en x^.p^i^ *- 
^.qoi 2we ngjc^Kp n-f juu-i" new. iahjul itxe 
•f HOT. coi r^.p ijL&a)Ki4- iteuL necojHpi *• iT^kSjl 
^e exeM-naooi oTtpexng^H xe. exe xenjuLA.T 
xe-s- 2^ cci6HOTrx r^p xe o*citoq ijuuLO 
•f^.(rpKii4* OK exeixiU-CAJLici. c^coxifr o-rog, 
(JOffl e&oX eK exeJuLHA-crf n^jc^i fr xe lu^oje 
nicyHpi ilxe i"ffl^qH JULA.XXon eg^oxe ok 
exeo7ronx^.c juLnig^^.! juuul^t. 
if *• nXiton 2^e nencnHOTT ka-x^. ic^^k ^non 2,^11- 
gHpi nxe -fen^-rreXiA. "^.XX^ JuL^pK'f 
ixnicHOTT exxH n^.pe niiULici ka.xa. c^^pj; 

•f peJULg^K] L«B»LO«: -P,e, T»A &c.: -flXCTpeJtJL^H 
*the freedom,' D. ** AXeitJ om. B»K. cf. Gr. B f vg &c. 2ie] 

L8T*ArDEGLMN0P i8: om. B*FHJK. 'fpejtX^H] L«D 
L0«: -ae, T*Ar &c.: i"X«.eXpex«.ae, B», cf. Gr. K iknfStpuu. 

o*cefi.oX i6en] ab»E: -efii- ^ixeit did, lst^ &c.: om. 
OTT, 18. o*cen^.vv .] + e,, b*. nej om. b» : trs. before j6en 3*, 
HJ. " exei\A.i(om.F)ne ea-l exeitA.1 (om. f) neoj., 
FKL. ea|^.7rep/| om. ep., gm. ^.aXkvcx, B»)opin] h tr. 

jlj, gloss w>^^ f^ O CJoptic strange language.' 2wI^0KKHj Ax 

EJi*: +r^p' L«T*A2&c. J-f] ADFHJKLP: CHOXf, I^T* 
B»rEGMNO i8; om. article, cf. Gr. (exe. K* al vix mu &c.). lie 

it^.i] n^i ne, LM. Axeit] om. n. nxa)o*c] nixcoonr, 
b*. eTTxnexA-] eo-cjuL, hjk. xe] ne, A,*r*, 

"A.rA.p 2i(X,A)e ne] T*AB»r»EFHJNO 18, cf.?Gp. ABD*' 
E'^ 37. 73. 80. 40 1*^* 8yrP«««: ^.V^.p VA-p ne, DKL, cf.? Gr. KLP 
17** al pier de 8yr"»»etP*** aim*o^ &c.: ^.V^p ne, L»GM«P; 

GALATTANS IV, 113-29. 327 

two sons, one from the maidservant, and one from the fi^e- 
(woman). ^^ But (^) he indeed who was (lit. the) from the 
maidservant was bom according to flesh ; but he who was 
(lit. the) from the free(woman) is one (pt) from a promiaey 
*^^ which things contain an allegory ^i these are two covenantSf 
one indeed from (the) mountain Sina bearing (children) unto 
[a] servitude, that is to say> Agar. ^ But Agar is (the) moun- 
tain Sina, being in (the) Arabia ; but it was ranked along 
with present Jerusalem ; for she is servant with her children. 
^ But Jerusalem which is above is a freewoman, that is to 
say, our mother. ^For it is written: 'Delight thyself, [the] 
barren woman, she who beareth not. Break forth and cry 
out, she who travaileth not ; because many are the children 
of the desolate (woman), rather than (of) her who hath the 
husband.' ^ But we, our brethren, according to Isaac, are 
children of the promise. ^ But (^) as at that time he who 

* Lit. 'which are these, they aUegofin them.' 

thns no MS. has t<$, but all have oyap, three omit conjunction. 
nxa}0*c] ir.j^ Tut, gloss J-^ J 'Coptic mountain.' eq^h] L8T* 
ADEFHJKL: ^.q., B»rGMNOP 18; cf.? Gr. K add Up, ^CH] 

i6^ H. ^.qoi] eq., K 18 : qoi, T* H J. 2^6 2<»] om. H J. WeX3L 

iTCiuul] eiTviujL, t»b*j. coi] ecoi, 18: ceoi, g*P: €oi,jf. 

r^^p] cf. Gr. KABOD*F»'GP al mu deg syrP*»» arm Cyr. MX- 
AoOKl] fem., AB'FBFHJP: ijL&GOK, masc, L«TtDGKLMNO 

18. *• jutncgo^O om. JUt, H. oTrpejuLg^a] -g,e, t*jlm. 
ererenMJLiJt x(2w,AEL)e] cf.Gr. k*bc*dbfg 5. 6. 17. 67** 

177. 178. it vg 8yr«^>»etP™» ar« aeth go Or Oyr &c. *^ B»»« 

KC^.K^.C H kS : D«» HC^^I^C : A"« Ei»« G°« N"« \^\ 'Isaiah.' 
-f A.(rpK(€, Ej)!!] + C, B». 4KJ0XI (om. Bj)] qCOXI, A DEL. 

jULnA-cf] ixnec-f, p. +3^(6, a,) qa] -qe, b»fh. 
JULA.(0, H)XXon] + 2ke, h. e^oxe] om. ae. exeo*coii- 

X^.C] om. exe, D. ** ^.Iton . . . A.I10I1] cf. Gr. J*ACD«B 

KLP al pier f vg syr"'' arm aethPP go Euth Oyr &c. IteitCHKOT^ 
L«T*ArEGLMNP: H^^CIt. 'my brethren/ B*DFH J K i8. IC^.^JC 
cf. Gr. (exc. K* DE). eUA-VV.] ^.IU.Vr., Aj^FLN. ^9 |t^.pe" 

e^^.pe, a^ b«dfhkl 18. uiajlici i^] + VA.p, b*. 

328 npoc rax2\.axTHC. 

<F6x\ ricA. niAJLici ka.xa. ninnZ n^-ipK-f ort 
-fnoT ^ A-XXa. ot ne erre -frpA-^u xoo iiJULoq 
^lO'Ti iix^.i&a)]ci 6&oX iteAJL necajKpi. nne 
najKpi r^p n-f&ooKi epKXKponoiuuii nesx 
ngjHpi it-f pejuig^e *- 
^^OEXnott 2we nenciiHOT ^.noii nenojHpi n-f&ooici 
^.n *• ^.XX^ tpeAJig^e *- ^ n&pHi v^p ;6en 
•f AJL€Tpejuig,e fr ^. nxc ^ixen ilpejUL^c. 
IT? Og,i OTTit ep^^xen oHitoTr *- o*cog, iinep-f" eunoT 

id * IC g^HHue ^.nofc n^.7rXoc *- -fxuj juuuloc iiooTeii 4- 
xe egoon ^.pexe^g)^n ) co*c&e ohhott*- nxfi 
HA.'f^KOT nooxen ^.n n^Xi*- ^i"epAJLeep€ 
2k6 on npooAJLi nifiieii exce&i jOLAxoq^- xe 
cepoq eep <&noAJLoc TKpq, * A-xexenicoopq 
e&oX 2,^. nxc fr hh exejuL^.io jukjtxvoont ;6eii 
nmoiULoc ^.Texeng^ei e&oX ^en nig^Axox* 
* ^.noit r^.p j6en mnHI! e&oX j6eit oTrnA^-f ^ 
o*c^eXnic ilxe oxJULeojtxni exeitzonrgx e&oX 

•H&pKi VA-p ^eii nxc liic*- oT2we nce&t 

ijUULOIt ^XOJUL JOuULOq'^ 0*C2ie -fAJLeXA-T- 

cefi.1*- ^.XX^ o'cnA^'f erep^vd&. epoq e&oX 

itC^.ni At-I (om.AJL I, Ej) Cl] I^TAE : om. iULICI, B» &c. : RniC^, 
M by error. miUtX] L«T*AB*EFHJK: om. HI, TDGLMNOP i8. 

^^ OX ne ere] l»t*aeghj(m)np: ot nexe, B*rDFKLo i8: 
om. o*c, M. 2,io*ci] pref. 2ce, K. B»«» (+IE o) D»« venecic : 

iAJil 'the creation,' Ei"* L°«. XA-l] cf. Gr. A. G&oX] trs. before 

;6€nTA.i, B*. hne] pref. xe 'because/ B*: cne, L. nojHpt] 
om. n, GMP. r^.p] om. B*. ni"&(>c, M)a)Ki] itxef., FK. 
n-fpexiL&e (H, Ai'DL)] T»Af,rDEFJLNO i8 : nxe-fp., 1/ 
QKMP: npe^JL^e, H: ni"AJL€xp€iULg,e, B*. ^^ ^.non 
2we] cf. Gr. ACP 23. 57. 73. Euth Cyr &c. nencnKO*c] n^cn. 

*my brethren,* HJ i8, cf. Gr. 17. syr*^. ^.non 2°] + 2s.€, L. 
nen(om.M)Cg.] ne nig. *are the sons.' F. ^nj om. B» by 
error. i"pejULg,e (H, LbAi'B'DEjKL)] AEO* 18*: pref. n^, 

GALATIANS IV, 30— V, 6. 329 

was bom* according io fitah was persecuting him who was 
bom according io the spirit^ thus also now. ^^ But (^) 
what is it which the Scripture saitht Cast out this maid- 
servant and her son : for (the) son of the maidservant shall 
not inherit with (the) son of the free(woman). ^^ But 
we, our brethren, are not (the) children of the maidservant, 
but (^) the free(woman). V. For in [the] freedom Christ 
made us free. Stand then^ and put (lit. give) not yourselves 
under a yoke of servitude. ^ Behold, I Paul, I say to you, 
ihat if you should receive^ circumcision, Christ will not 
profit you anything. ^But I witness again to every man 
who receiveth circumcision, that he is debtor to do (the) 
whole law. *Ye were done away with from (g,^) Christ; 
they who justify themselves in the law — ye fell from the 
grace. ' For we (pron.) in the spirit, from [a] faith look 
out forward for [a] hope of [a] righteousness. * For in 
Christ Jesus neither (the) circumcision hath power, rwr the 
uneircumcision, but (^) [a] faith being worked® through [the] 

■-■■ ■ ■ ■ _ _ ^-1 

* Lit.' the birth,' thus again. ^ Lit. 'droamcise yoanelvee,' thus 
again. ^ Lit. 'they working it.' 

possessive, L«T*BTDFGHJKLMNP i8«. i"peftJLg,e . . . ^ T^p] 
om. B». 

* it&pKI &c.] cf. Qr. KABCD*HP a. 4. 17. 37* 46** S*- 73- So- 
us** arm &c. om. i. r^-p] cf. Chr. UX^ ^.IXeit] cf. ? Gr. N« 
OHEL al pier fvg«>« arm &c. xpwrA* ^/mff. OTTIt (om.H)] cf.Gr. KABO 
FG HP 10. 17. 31. 52. 67** 71. 73. 136. f g vg«>* go Cyr &c. OHIIOY 2®] 
+ Ort, B»DFKL. * Ji»« L"« 'the second Sunday of Tubah.' 

^.pexena^Kc] ^p€xeit(om. H)c., hj: ^.peg^itc, d*. 
nooxeit 2°] iLtxGoxen, »•• ^ pooiULi] o*con, b». 

cepoq] ADE: ceepoq, fk: qepoq, l«t* &c. eep] l«t»a 

EH J 18: eepeqcp, B*rDFGKLMNOP. * ni &AHOX • . . 

^ efi.oX i6€it] om. M homeot. * i6€nninn^] pref. e&oX, 
HJ: om. j6en, F. efi.oX ;6en] €&. ^ixeit, hj. exen- 
xofgx] ilxeitx.,J: epeTenx.,L._;6A.3ca)c] i^iJX.i3dQr€ 

•for them/ F. • HCe&l] om. P*: AJLHC, L. O'Cn^.&'f] 

€fn., H Ji. e*cepg,a)&] eqep., T» by error : exepg,., Al', 

830 npoc vax2\.axTHC. 

niAJL neTA.qx^.&ito ijuuLooxeit egxe^xepe 

nexeng^KX ecox itetx oajlhi ® n^-ieoox ng^KX 

. . . A-it nonre&oX i>^n nerovo^eMJL juuuLooxen ^.n 

^^9^ ue*- •oTKOTTM nojCAJLHp ^^.qope moogeu. 

XHpq (najGiULKp ^^^^.noK v^.p n^^KX 0KX 
exen eKito-r ;6eit i(^^ 3ce xexeitn^^AJLenri 
^.^ 6Ke^(o&. <&k 2.e exgeopxep iiJULurren 
eqq^i )6^ nig,A.u <tH exe neoq ne. 
K " OEXnoK 2we it.&.citHOT *- icxe oTcefi.1 on ne^g^itoig 
ifjutoq 16 €e&6 ot cecfbxi nccoif- &^p^ 
^.qKa)pq itx6nicK^.n2i^.Xon hrre ni^ iixe nxc 
"AJULoi itcexGoxi e&oX ibcenK exa^opxep 
juuuLCDxen *• " netoxen v^p nA.cnKOT * 
^.7re^.^6AJL ennoTr enrAJLexpexit^e •> JULotton 
jOLnepmi ivfixeTpesx^e €;6o*cii ^en ot- 
Xooixi ilxe i"C4.pj;4- 
o^. UXXXa. e&oX ^ixen i"^.^^.^K4• ^.pi&ooK | nne- 
xenepKOT-j- "nmoAiioc r^p xnpq ^.qxKK 
e&oX )6€n o*ccAJ8:i no-coox si^en ^iuienpe 
neKg^&Kp iineKpH-f . 
'ca '« ICxe 2i.e xexeittfiX^.nci eitexeitepnoTr •> onroa 
xexeno^coojuL. ^.n^.7r julkhgoc itxexeitiULOTriiK 
efi.oX ^ixeit nexeiiepKOT •> 


"^ 2s.e] AB»E : HG, LbT* &c. neXA.qX.] L« A2«B*Ei.2* GMP : 

ne €XA.qx.,TtrE2»HJLN0: €X^.(e,Ai')qx., Ai'DFK. eg- 
xeAJiepe] -eepe, a,(J2*)ln: om. axetuL, j,.2*. t^exfL- 

OAJLHl] cf.?Gr. ««ODEFGKL al omn^id Euth &c. tJ dX.: ne|jULKI, 
B» by error. ® OCJOX] + V^^p, T» Ai' D F KL. • KOTXl] + 2k€, 
FK, obs. Gr. L add ydp. ^® W.p] L«'PArEGMNOP: 2s.€, B»D' 

FH JKL, cf. Gr. 0*FGP 73. 106. 108. 109** fg demid ann Euth &c. 

n^-^HX oKx] nexg^HX n^-^HX, p. exgeopxep] 
eqa-, J. " ne^^i] t^ad'EFJKL: ne ei"g,i, u&tq 

GALATIANS V. 7-16. 331 

love. ^But ye were running wdl\ who prevented you 
(80 as) not to be persuaded of (the) truth 1 ^This per- 
suafdon is not [a] from him who calleth yon« *A little 
leayen causeth the whole lump to be leavened. ^^For 
I am persuaded about you in the Lord, that ye will not 
think another thing : but he who troubleth you is bearing 
the judgement, he who he is. ^^ But I, my brethren, if 
it is still [a] circumcision which I proclaim, then why am 
I persecuted? 80 then the dumblingblock of the cross of 
Christ was done away with. ^^I would that they were 
mutilated who trouble you. ^* For ye (pron.), my brethren, 
were called unto [a] freedom; orUy bring not the freedom 
into a pretext of the flesh. But (^) through [the] love 
be servants to one another. ^^ For the whole law was 
fulfilled in one word, in (the) loving thy neighbour as thy- 
self. ^' But if ye bite one another and devour (lit eat), 
see lest by any means ye shoidd be consumed by one another. 
^® But I say: 'Walk in the spirit^ and ye shall not fulfil 

HMNOP. eefi.eoT(om. o*c, El*)] + on, hi, B»j, cf. Qt. ce- 
d^xi] cetf l, G*. uic^]t'&c.: nicrrA.*cpoc, gm: ncx., 
u. itTenxcJ cf. Gr. A c 39. 49. 57. 1 14. aeth »tr. J 2 ibcenH] 
nmi, B»D'F KL. erujeopxep] ercpge., h k. " VA.p] 

Ije, B*HJ, cf. Gr. Fff^G^ 8o. syr^*' &c. e*CAJLeXpeJUL.] eOTT- 
JULeXAJL., H J K. JULOnon] iiJULOn, J by error ; B» ^ *the third 
Sunday of the Fast.' -IHl] -1, B*D'. j6eil07rXa)I(om.B*FH)Xl] 
LiTAFEGMNOP: CTX., B'F HJ; e07rX>, D'KL. g^ITenJ 
om. M. -f ^.V^^H] + llxeumitA. 'of the epirit; T»K, cf. Gr. DE 
Y^Q 3i.degvgc>«go&c. "B*"»«(om.^)D'™fifEi»8L™«^^j5Ul^ 
'the book of the Levites.' ^.qXHK] -XeK, B*GM. JuLneKpH-f"] 
cf. Gr. NABCDEKN** 17. al pennu Euth &c. " ICXe ^^6 

Tereit] icxe x(2i, N)eT"eit, b*fghjmnp. X^nci 
( + it, B*D')] X^'^fi, T*rGHKMNP. eneT"€ne(^., F)pKo*c] 

iilteX., G(L)MP: nCA.neX., B»; position obe. Gr. D*et«EFG 

d e f g &c. place after KonaOirrt. 6&.0X &c.] position cf. ? Gr. D* et * 

EF^'Q d e g &c. neXenepHOf] epKOT, Ax*j. Ji"« g^l 'end 

(of the lection).' " 2^6] LtT*AB»rEi»2FH«JKN0 26: om. D' Hnnt.6. 

Ei*GH*LMP,cf.Gr. '^' 


332 npoc vax^^axTHc. 

i"enienfiun^ nnexertc^pX nnex enxoicc €£.0X4* 

"i"c^P2; v^p cepeniB'XJixiti onrfiie ninitli^- 
ninitA! ^e onr Ae i"c^p2; «• tt^i v^p cef ei6onrn 
eg^peii no*if epKO*if 4- ^m^ nn exeTerto*if^- 
gonr*- n^\ iiT'exengT'eAX^ixonr 4- 
"ICxe 2^e ^pexeruuLogi st>en nimul le ^pexert- 

ong,..., ilxemg^&Konri iiTe i"c^P2; exe n^i ne 
^^ •fuopm^. ni(r(bj6ciUL uicoKf. *® •f AJtexgAJUL- 

ci)6i2ia)Xoit4- i'AJLerpeq'f^^A^pi. niAJtex- 
x^xi. iticycTTfKit. nixP8j' niii&oii4> itixepxep 
iti4>copx4- niAJtexg^epecic *• *^ iti<t»eonoc 4- 
itii6(A)X6& 4> meij6i4- iticgepoji^- nejtx, nn 
exoni ntt^i. it^i ei^epojopn nxo) jjiMLVOcyt 
ncoTert *• jc^x^ ^^pni" on ex^iepojopTi itxoc *• 
xe UK exipi nrt^i ii.Ti^ipK'f" •> •fAJtexo'ifpo 
iixe 4^*f c6iu.6pKXHponojuuit jOuuloc ^it4- 
Ky "no*ifx^g, 2i€ itxe niniul c^aj ue*- o*if ^rA-na •► 
o'vp^oji *• o*ifg,ipKrtK *• oxJtxeTpe^uJOli R^htt*^ 

** o'VitiLexpeitiLp^'vci) 4- ( o*if evKp^xi^ ♦► n^i 

iULTU.ipK'f" JOuULOIt ItOitiLOC 'f 0*lf &KO*lf 4- " ItH 

necn^eoc iteAJt. itecenie'VitiLi^ 4* 

Snexertc^p|J a: itxei"c^p2; 'of the flesh/ ut^ &c 
-3co(a),D')icc e&oX] om. €&o\ D'L. " cepeTUoJ B* 
H K: ce ep.,AD ^EFj 26; cpcnie., L«T*rGLMNOP. umiu.' i*»] 
ttmit^^ p. nmn^ 2^6] o-cog, nmiu.» h j. v^p 2°] of. Gr. 

K*BD*EFG 17. it vg &c.: 2^8, HJ, cf. Gr. N«ACD«KLP al pier 
vgeddiMhm ayrp Euth &c. ItO*lfepKOnr] position cf.? Gr. »KLP *1 

pier 8yr«*' &c. itxex€n( + €, HgxeitiL] exexen., ffk: 

nxert., Ai' by error. ^® 2i€] om. B»HJ. ^p6X6IUXOa)l] 

ep., 26: ^xexert., b»hj. le] om. t*k. ^pexeitXHj 

Ai*2E: ^Xexen., J: Xexeit., L«Ai«rD'FGHLMNOP 26: 
ilxexen., T^B^K. ^n Xe] cf. Gr. N«C al^® syrP Did Atig add «Vi: 
om. D', which ends at ItOAJLOC : XG, ver. 19, T*. ^^ C€(om. M)- 

GALATIANS V. 17-24. 333 

the lust of your fleah.' ^^ For the flesh lustdh against the 
spirit ; but the spirit against the flesh ; for these are opposed 
to one another ; that the things which ye wish, these ye may 
not do. " But if ye walk in the spirit^ then ye are tX^) 
under (the) law no more. ^* But the works of the fl£sh are 
manifest, which are these; [iheY fornication, uncleanness, 
defilement, ^idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strifes, jealousies, 
wraths, revellings, divisions, heresies^ '^ envyings^ murders, 
drunkennesses, quarrellings, and the things which are like to 
these, these of which I say to you before, according as also 
I said before, that they who do such things will not inherit 
the kingdom of God. ^ But (the) fruit of the spirit, this 
is [a]* love, joy, pecLce^ longsufiering, kindness, goodness, faith, 
^^ meekness, temperance; law is not against such things. 
'^ But those of Christ Jesus crucified their fl^sh with its 

Thus thronghoiit. 

0*lfa)(0, DH JiM 26) ng;] om. Ce, L. 2ie] LBAaB^rDEFOKM 
NO 26, cf. Or.: oxn. (T*)Af HJLP. Klg^jS-J UIg,&., LB by error. 

exeiiAj ne] iixen^i ne, N: enren^i ue, a^. EjD 26 have 

tabulated arrangement. •fuopllj (cf. Gr. ^ D*) ^.] cf. Gr. ^*A 
BOP 17. 47. 57. vg syr*®** ar« aeth Clem Euth Cyr Ac om. fioixtia, 

^^^jtxeroiM^, T^EgP*) AJtae] •f itiLexp€qgAJU.ttj€, t* Ai' 

JKL 26. i"itiLeTpeqi"cl)^.j6pO LKTtAiB»rDGH«MNOP: 

'fitiLexpeq4>., A2Ei.2*^L: f-M-expeqepc^., fjk 26. m- 

JJUerrXAJXi] 'fiUL., singular, B», cf.? 8jr»^ aeth. ItiajCThKIt] 
cf. Gr. CD»>et«EFGKLNP al plu it vg go syrP arm Olem Euth &c 
<p«ff. J^IXO&] ^- Gr. KCD»>et«KLN al pier def vg syrP arm 

Clem &c. ijlKon] ejuJS.., TNO. " mc^onoc mj6«>- 

XeJS.] cf. Gr. ACDEFGKLP al pier it (vg) syr"*' arm aeth go &c. 

n^i e^-ep] n^i xe-f ep, b\ hxuo] iixe, m. o(+nr, E2)n] 

cf. Gr. >^«ACDEKLP al omn^^d d e g tol (ali»«»>™) syrP arm Clem Euth 

&c add Koi. ^^ Jtxer pejtx (y, Aj*) p^ (e, a^ -coj] -pa)o*rttj, 

H. e(^, A2M)riCp^XJ^] cf. Gr. D*P -ria: e nvp., E, cf. Gr. 

DEFG «v«p-. n^ij+r^p, Hj. " STTerixc IHC] cf. Gr. 

(»)ABCN<»"P 17. 47* 80. Cyr Scc.jJSTsb^nnXP *who are in Christ/ 
B% cf. Aug 'qui sunt in,' for om. IKC cf. Gr. DEFGKL al pier defg 
vg go syr"*' arm Euth &c.: IlTelHC IV'JQC, G, cf. aeth^*'. nTOT- 

834 npoc vox^^axTHC. 

MX^.'f on nejUL nimul *• JOLnenepeitgconi j6en 
o-tJtxeTJtJL^iivor eqgo*rn"4- encu5K nnenepaonr 
eni"*- eit6p<t^eoitoc iinenepRonr •► 
^H^cnaonr ecgcou ^peoi^n Toxq no^rpajjun ge 
i6€n lU-p^uTcouLA. necDTen j6^ muHUxiicoc 
ce&rre ^^i iiiu-ipHi"*- j6eii o*ifiutII juuuLex- 
peiULp^*rc[) eiouLO'vaiT XiutiLoic ^ujk^ iuuinoac 
ftceepuip^^m ijlAJLOJC ^ q^t ;6^ tti&A.poc itite- 
TenepKonr*- lu-ipai" TexeniwjCHK nmoAJtoc 
itxe nxc e&oX. 
ic€ »lC3ce 2k€ o*roii oTf^i jjueri^ xe ^.itoK ne. ^Xi 
^n ne4- ^qep^^ juuuLoq i}uuL^.*rA.xq. 
^nio'v^i ixioTT^ AJU.p6q6p2kOiciAX^^m iJLueq- 
^a)&4- o*ifo^ TOT€ epe neqcgonrgonr cgoani 
n^q^xq o*ifog, JOLueqcg^^Kp ^.rt 
•nio*if^i r^p UIo•lf^J eqexcoonrn s^ xeq- 
€T^ JuuuLm jOuuLoq. 

jc^eax^it iJuuLoq JOLnic^^i j6eit neeit^neq 
ni&eit 4- ^ JuLnepccjopciUL. c^-f ccn^.6XKa)^i 
iiccjoq ^114- 

C^-pj] cf. Gr. FG f g Tg go syr** aim aeth &c.: ST"eO*lfC^p2;, A, }iy 
Hunt 18. error. ** IC2C€ 2i(T", B»)e]T*AEi«aHJL i8, cf. Gr. 37. : om. ^6, 

'^"^^ L«B» &c., cf. Gr. T'€na)rtj6] -onj6, tdhjln. j6enra- 

(om. Ul, H)UIl^] forfeit cf. ? Gr. L cV. 16 . . . UIU.J om. M 

homcot. neJULUinrSTj t* &c. : jOLniiuur, l«p : ttejuLn^- 

niuHI! 'with those of the spirit,* 18. *• iULTlCIte.] pref. OTfOP,, 

18. ertCCOK] L«T» &c.: Sc, D: TGnc, AE by error, enx- 

en(oni. ert, L) . . . epaonr] om. b» homeot. 4^eonoc] A: 
(^eonm, l«t* &c. iinenepaonr 2°] ertert., defk 18. 

* eoJCOn] cf. Gr. K 4* 61. o*»' syr«<»»» arm go Dam om. koI. S^etXr 
n^p^.n.] LSAFE: ;6ertO*rU^.p^.Tl. *in a tmnsgression,' T' &c 

11000(0, E8)xen] +2^6, TtKL. j6^] ^ert, lm*. rrnZxi- 

JCOC] -KOJC, F: -KOH, P. €(^, P)iaULO-r(om. E|M)cgT] GK- 

GALATIANS V. 25— VL 7. 335 

passions and its luds. ^But if we live in the spirit^ 
then let us also agree with the spirit ^Let us not be 
in a love of vain glory, * provoking one another, envying 
one another. VI. My brethren, if a man^ should go in ^ 

transgressiony ye, namely the spiritvjol ones, correct such 
a one in a spirit of meekness ; considering thyself also, lest 
by any means thou should be tempted. * Bear the burdens 
of one another: thus ye will fulfil the law of Christ. 

'But if any one thinketh that he (lit. I) is (something) , 
being nothing, he deceived himself. ^Let each one prove 
his work, and iJien his boast shall be to himself, and not to 
his neighbour. ^ For each one shall carry his own burden. 

* Let him who is instructed share with him who instructeth 
him with the word in every good (thing). "^ Be not led astray ; 
God will not be derided. For that which [the] man will 

* Lit. 'drawing one another to (the) fight.' ^ Lit. 'his hand 

of a man.* 

XO-lfajT 'looking.' T>. Uip^^m] T* &c.: Cc^p^n^m, L*. 

* iinexenepKOTf] agop: nTencr, M)eT-€nepK07f, l^t^ 

&c. n^IpK-f ] A E : pref. O^VOg^, L«T» Ac. Xexert^^JK.] epG- 
TeitX., J; cf. Gr. BFG 33. 35. defg m'* vg syr'^ aeth go &c. 
JUL, HJ. * 2ie] om. GH*M. JULCTTl] AiB*DEKL 18: 


iig^Xi, fdhklno 18. ^n] om. At»o«. ^qepg,.] eq., b«. 

&^^] &€^> ^2 : g,Xl, Aj hy error. JUUULOq] position cf. ? Gr. 
HABO 17. 37. 47. 73. 116. 118. syrP Enth &c. * IHOnr^I i°] AE : 

+2ke, l«t* &c., cf. Gr. AX^peqep^k.] eqep^., J: eq^s.., h. 
o*»og, i°] om. HJ. epeueq.] om. epe, h*. aconi] pref. n^, 

'PFH-vJ. JULTieq.] om. JUL, J, 18. * T^p] L»Ai'aB»DEF 

HJKL 18: r^p ^e, T^rGMNOP. obs. Gr. 1. 17. 61. b"*'* o>« W. 

eqexu5o*ifn] eqx., hj. eT'4>^ (o, e,k)] T<t., B»rEF*K: 
4>a3, L. • niic^eKXo*'ritiL.] Aj^ehj: +^e, L'T*Ai' &c. 
epojc^Hpc+i, B»)] eqepg., T'N. ec^K ex] euex, B»: 
jjL^H er, HJ. ic^eHX(*^>A)m] XC*^' M)^eijcm, em. 
luc^jii] nc, p. ^ *t] +^^P» D- ^T^i^' 

336 npoc vax^^oxTHC. 

K^ 4>K r<&.p exe nipoDixi n^c^xq *• c^^i on nexeq- 
n^ocj6q *• * xe c^K een^ci'f exeqc^pj; 
qn^a)Cj6 on nxeqc^-pj; no*rx^Ko*- <tK ^e 
ex^qci-f iJLniiuiAl<^ qn^u5Cj6 on e&oX ;6en 
oSl uiunZI no7fa)nj6 neneg, | • nmeen^neq 2^6 
enipt JuuuLoq«ft* juLnenepencpiiK^jcm 4- sben 
o*ifCKonr r^p e^xjon nex€nn^.a3Cj6 nxencopeiUL 

kC ng^KX ^n *• t ^® &^p^ o*if n g^ocon eo-v on 
o*ifCKonr nxoxen*- ju^penepg^ajfi. enmee- 
n^^neq nejtx o'von ni&cn^- iut^Xicx^. 2i6 

Kti ng^of o nejuL nipeuLiiKi itxe c&n^^-f *• " HXn^-r 
xe ex^icj6^i nojxen ;6en ^^ncj6^i ix- 
JULA.IK j6en XA^i2c *• " na eeo*ifU5ttj ecTfcjcen 
^o j6en xc^px *• n^i exep^n^VK^^in 
iijuLCDxen eco*ifJS.e eKno7f*> juLonon ^in^» 
nceaxeiULtfoxi nca3o*if si^ew m^ nxe nx^*- 
"o*if2ie VA.p necjooT g^ojoT nK exA.Tconr- 
fiiKXOT nce^-peg, eninoiULoc ^n-^ ^XXa. ^.•^f- 
OTTCJoo) eepexenco7ffi.€ OHnoTf* 2;in^ nce- 
ttjo*ifgoT jOuuLCDOT j6en xexenc^pj;*- 

kO '^CiXnoK 2k6 nneccyconi nai nx^cyo'vcyoT jOuuloi-s- 
efi.HX j6€n uii!^ nxe uenro iSc nxc* 4>^i 
exe efi-oX g^ixoxq *• ^^rioji jOLniRociULoc nai ^ 
OTfog, ^nojc ^(jo A.*if^gx juLniKocAJLoc 4- 

n^c^xq] n^tfo(a), Ji)q 'wiu plant/ hj. uexeqn^.] 
ADEFG«KL«MPR i8: uex^.qnA^ UL*: ue exe(^, N)- 
qn^, T»B»rHJNO. •een^.ci'f] L8AE: ex(e,Ji)ci'f, 

T» &c. exeqc^pj] cf.? Gr. : nxeqc, Ei*H J1.2* i8» cf. ? Or. 
FG t5 <rap«(. qn^cDccn, A2*)j6 i°] ^.qn^., b»gmpr 18. 
nxeqc^pj;] ae : e&oX j6enx., lrt^ &c xeqc^pj; a°] 

cf. Gr. DEFJ^G d eg aeth &c. : XC^pj '(the) flesh/ DFK L, cf. Gr. rel. 

2ie] om. 18. ex^qci'f ] ae : exc, ljt* &c. jOLnmnA.] 

AE Ji.2* : €TU., L«Tt &c. qn^a)(0, A2B*)C(n, El*) j6 2°] UT>A 
Ei«H JN*: ^qn^^, B»rD &c. on 2°] A.n, T(JUi\ ^>«> ^_^ ,j«J'not 
in some of the Coptic') Ej : om. N. no*lf a)nj6] eOTf., 1 8. • epll- 
K^Kin] om. ep, J i8. V^p] om. H* Ji, j* i8*. C^^COn] JULAJLU}- 

. GALATIANS VL 8-14. 337 

8OW, this also he will reap. ® Because he who will sow unto 
his fiesh will reap also of (tt) his flesh [a] destruction ; but 
he who sowed the spirit will reap also from the Bfpirit 
[a] life eternal * But doing the good let us not faiyd ; for 
in a time of our own we shall (lit. will) reap, not losing 
heart. ^^ So then while we have [a] time, let us work the 
good with all, but mostly with them of the household of (the) 
faith. ^^ See that I wrote to you in writings of size with 
(lit. in) my hand. ^^They who wish to make a fair show* 
in (the) flesh, these (are they) who compel you to receive cir- 
cumcision, only that they may not be persecuted for (^6It) 
the cross of Christ. ^* For Tiot even themselves also, who 
were circumcised, keep the law; but (^) they wished for 
you to receive circumcision, that they may boast themselves 
in your flesh. ^* But it shall not be to me (pron.) that 
I should boast myself, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, he (lit. this) through whom^ the world was crucified to 

• Lit. 'to take side of face.' ^ Or 'which/ 

Ten, B», 2<> person. Ten(q, N)COpeJUL] LIT* A, 8*^DEiGMN0 
PR 18: -CO)-, A2*B»rE2FnJKL. ^® g^OCOU^ g^OJC OK, 

Lfif: om. on, B»DFKLR, eO*lfOn] om. G, HJP. OTTCKOT] 
T*AEG: CHOT, U &c. JULA-penep] of. Gr. KB*CDEFG al plu 
defg m'* vg &c. itiL^.XlCX^( + I, E) 2^6] om. 2^6, HJL. 
^^ ijUUU.IK (HI, E2)] AEL: n^.a)iOL (om. D)itiL^I(om. B)H, 

L«Tt &c. " etfTcKen] etfj ncKe, n. ^] cT^Tpoc, l«gm. 

" nea50*lf g^COO-c] eXg^OJO-C, R« (^OJOnr repeated and erased). 
IlK(e, 18) eT'A.7fC07ffiLK(e, JP«)TO-Cjcf.? Gr. B(FG)L al plus*® 
d e g go aeth &c. : om. TOT, R. nC€^.pe^] om. S, B»HJ: 
e^peg;, R, ^.TOTa3a]L8THrEGMNOP: €T., DFJKL 18: om. 

^.T, A: ceoToxg, b*R: ctcjoci), h. eeperen] eepexe- 

Ten, FK. ^* Ji°>« cyWi/. ^^^U31j \£>yy^ ^t^i ^^ fji]/i u^y. Hunt i3 

'Bulus, it is read the day of the feast of the Cross ten of Tut and tenth of 
Barmehat.' efi.HX] + ^.pHOTf, B\ ^] CTA-TpOC, L^B»GM. 
niKOCiULOC i«] cf.?Gr.FG2i9.Thphylpraem 6. nKl . . . KOCitiLOc] 
om. M homeot. OTfOg,] om. Hc(*po8sihly neitiL)J. JOLniKOC- 
AJLOC 2®] em., P; of. ? Or. C'D«EKL al pier arm Cyr &c. praem ry. 


338 npoc vax^^axTHC. 

^* ng^pHi r^p j6en nxc mc -s- on^^e nce&i g^Xi 

ijL&epi ne "o*roit iti&eit ex+JtiiA.'f ;6en 

nm^i4- nejUL escert iiicX iixe t^-f-^ 
"Ilceni ^e nit^i^- JOLneitepe g,Xi o*if^g,j6ici 
6poi4- ^itoK r^p nigcjoX^ nxe ux^ t^^^j 

nenOT mc nxp tiejtx neTertuitZ h^chhot 


npoc v^Xa.xkc ^.^rc^HXc j^eit pcjoiULH 

w B» "°8 JULU57fCRC ^nOKpic&O'V. il^(j6i B»)pHI . . . 
OTf^e i^] cf. Gr . ^ACDEFGKLP al pier defg vg syrP c* aethPP 
Eiith &c. mcj om. M. Ue i*>] cf. Or. H*ABCD*EFG 17. 28. 47. 
67** 80. 178. d e g go Bjr^^ etPnw arm Euth &c. ^* 0*lfOn] prcf. 

OTfOg^, T'DFHJKL 18. exi-UL^-f] for tense cf. Gr. AC*DE 
I^G 4. 71. deg arm aeth &c. j^GItll^l] Ei« (i6 over erasure, 
eit added above). K^ltOJIt] -OH, EjF: -GTfrt, J: -KCiOn, 
M. neJtX exen] tiexetl, A2*(lt seems crossed), obs. Gr. D»^* 
E^ 121. 238. aeth om. km. ^^'f'J om. B* by error; obs. tol Hil oiii. 
ToO $€ov. " 2ie] om. B». lin^.l] + n^-CnHOTf *my brethren/ 

BK r^p] 2^6, B». fflUjXg,] jgoXg;, H: tfoXg^, L*: 
gXop^, E2. TIXC] cf. Gr. P 47. 73. 118. arm aeth^'' Euth &c. 

Sbert] j6^, 0*. " ng^iULox] ni;>^., AjB^Ea. neitOT] 

cf. Gr. (exc. HP 37. 39. 2»««* aeth). ^JUtHIl] om. Ej*, cf. Gr. G g &c. 

Subscription. Tipoc V^X^.XHC (om. HC, J,. 2) ^TCj^HXC 
j6en pOJitiLK (I, M), Ai.(2)BarDE,.2GHJ,.2M, cf. Gr. B«>"KP 

47. al : up, r. A.. j6- p. ^•ro'Topric itxen xixoc *it was 

GALATIANS VI. 15-18. 339 

me, and I also was crucified to the world. ^^ For in Christ 
Jesus neither (the) circumcision is anjrthing, nor [the] uncir- 
cumcision, but (^) it is a new creature ^ ^^All who agree 
with this canon, (the) peace upon them, and the mercy, and 
upon the Israel of God. ^^ Henceforth^ let not any one 
molest me, for I (pron.) bear the brands^ of Christ in my 
body. ** (The) grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with your 
spirit, my brethren. Amen. 

To Galatians, it was written in Rome. 
Stichoi 312, Chapters 6. 

» Or 'creation.' *> Lit. '(the) rest of these.' « lit. 'points.' 

sent by Titos,' F : ^CXUOK bSloX HpOC V^XiJTHC ^TC- 
S^HTTC S^eti pCOitiLK ' was finished (the Epistle) to the Galatians, 
it was written from (or in) Bonie,' 0, cf. ? Gr. L 48. A2EN P have Arabic, 
L no subscription. fCec^^Xeo F, B*: CXI^* Ai(: CTlXPf 
D: CXOIX, Ej.j: CXIX, Jl.«) ^^=15 (TiK, J1.2) K^eX, Aj 
(: Ke*^X,D: K^.E^aJj: K,e, Ji) F,AiDE,.jJ: CTIX (CXT, 

H) TiE (H, H) Kect^Xeon (k,^, h) F Ko*rxi * small ' 7^, 
FH : crrrxp ^S K^ uimoji" F k^X niRO'vctci ko 
pvojtxeo S itJitiLexitiLeepeT iS, r: ct-t(xoc, om. m) 
Ti5 Kecl>^.Xeoit F niKo-cxi ko ptwiULeoc 2I m- 
juLexjuLeepe 15!, gm: cxtx xiS kX nmiai" F 
kX uiKo*ifxi 5^51 kX pcoitiLeoc 2I itiiULeTritiLeepeT iff, 

0. For TlA cf. Gr, 1«>**P, addnnt pauci cnm Euthal . . . itaprvpttu ta. 

Z % 

npoc e^ecioYc. e. 35i. 


exgou j6eit ec^ecoc oTog, iinicrroc errs^en 
nyjc inc. 
^H^JtxoT noxreti nejtx Tg^ipanH efi.oX g^rren 
c^-f nemcox iteu. uenro iitc nxj^^ 'qcAJiA.- 

AILA.X <ti"4- OTOg, ^llVT JULTiet(^ IKC n5CC'9- 

c^K ex^qciULonr epon j6€rt cjulot iti&en juu^ 
mulT'iKOTi j6€it n^mctKo*ri j6en nx^. 
*R^x^. 4)pK-f ex^qcoT-ueit il(6Hxq j6^^6ii 
tk^t^^oXk ii.niicocitiLoc. 3ce nTengcjoni en- 
0^^^ enoi it^TeooXefii iJLneqiJLeo jfcen onr 
^.v^UK * e^qepojopu ne^gTen eoTiULeTgapi * 
efiioX &n"ert mc uxc ej6o*rn epoq jc^nr^ 
ni'fAJU.'f hrre nexeg^n^q •e^go-raoT ilxe 
uojoT nT€ ueq^itiLOTr 4>^i exA-qxHiq if^.if 

Inscription. UpOC ec^ecoc (OTC, L : IO*rC, H), HKLOP, cf. Or. 

^ABE 3. 17. 37. 47. 89. 108. 113. 123. ai: u. ectecio*rc jcect^^- 

Xeo (om. O, Jj), J: U. ecl)eC10*rC (IOC, N) e, DFN: U, €<^- 

coc euicToXa e, b»: u. ec^ecioTc e Z, AirEi.t: n. 
ecl>ecoc u^*»Xoc, gm. 

Hunt 18, 1 trre ikc HXC] T*AB»HJKL0, cf. Gf^AFOKL al fere 
omn f g vg syrw'* arm aeth Euth Cyr &c.: llTenXC IKC, I^FDEF 
GMN«P, cf. Gr. BDEP 17. de am (al»^»»°») go syrP Or &c.: om, N*. 




I. Paul, (the) apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of 
God, to all the saints who are in Ephesos, and faithful who 
(are) in Christ Jesus. ^ (The) grace to you and (the) peaxie 
from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ ^ Blessed is 
God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who blessed us in 
all spiritual blessing in the (places) of the heavens in Christ. 

^According as he chose us in him before (the) foundation 
of the worldy that we might be holy, being stainless before 
him in [a] love : ^ he having foreordained us unto [a] son- 
ship through Jesus Christ into him, according to the good 
pleasure of his will^ *unto a praise of (the) glory of his 

2,n"en] j6eit, E. THpO*lf] cf. Gr. K«AP id. 8o. am fu demid 
tol al (vg«ie) ar« Hier Cyr. exgo(a), Af Ej) u] pref. ItH, AjB^H J, 
jfeenec^ecoc] cf. Gr. N«AB'DEFGKLP al (practer 67**) omn it vg 
rcll &c. eX^eit] om. CT, Ai^P. ^ Hg^OT] UI&., 

A2E2M. neiUL 2<>] JUL, B*. » qCJUUJUL^T"] L^T'Ai* 

&c.: qClJL^.pa)0*lf(om. OT, Ai^)X, Ai'jB^FL* 18. CiULoV 
pref. 07f, H. j6enn^ni.] iteitlt^ni., T* by error. U^C 2\ 
+ IKC, 18 ; cf. Gr. D»> et «EK 4** 46. 47. 76. 109. 1 15. syrP aeth"*' Ath &c. 

* coxneit] cojTnen, a,, eno-c^] Ronr., AjB^e : ev ot- 

^, L. enoi] pref. 0*lfOg,, H J 18. j6eilO*lf^V^TlK] cum 

praecedeutibus, cf. Gr. LP al ut^*** plu f vg go &c * E^Cjep- 

cyopn] ^qepcg., b»: exA.qepaj., N. eoTiULeTg.] 
exjtx., b^^df. uii"AX^i"] u-f., B» 18. « erg.] eo-rcg., 

K. <1>^I eTA.q . . . gpULOX] cf. Gr. H*ABP 6. 17. 23* 47. 57. 
67** 69. 70. 73. 80. 118. 8P« Or Chr: om. P*; Tisch. misled by Latin 

342 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

n&iULox j6€it neqitiienpix *► ^<1>k ex^.it(JT 
ixTUcoj-f efiioX g^ixen neqcnoq 4- nix^ efioX 

R^.x^. -fjuLexpAJUL^o nxe xeqiuiexxpc •e^i 
or ex^.cep2;0*ifo ej6o'cn epoii^- j6eii | co4>ia. 
iii&eii4- neiUL K^-f ni&6it4- •e^qx^JULon 
euiiULTfcxKpioii ilxe uexeg^n^q-^ k^.x^ 
neqi'JULA.'f 4- <t^.i ex^qepojopn itceiULnKxq 
ii^Kxq* ^® eroiKonouLi^ nxe tucook efiioX 
iixe rticK0*r4- 

j3 GxcK ^coBl iii£.6it eSoX j6eit nxc*- na ex- 
^en ni<tK07fi4- nejtx. na ex^ixen nijc^^i 
iti6pKi ilifeKxq *► *^ ct^i ex^ntfT jOluikXh- 
poc liifeKxq*- e^qoA-gxen icxcit gopu* 

y R^.x^ nigopu nceiULiti nxe 4>h exepg^ujfii j6en 
g,u5& ni&eit ICA.XA. uicotfni nxe nexeg^n^-q 
"3ce iixenajajTii ergoTgoT iixe ueqojonr ;6^ 
UK ex^.T€pajopTi iiepg^eXuic j6eit n^c " *^i 
ex€iii6pHi ili6KXq Searren g^coxen ^.xexeii- 
ccoxeix 6nc^J^l iixe i'juLeejuLKi 4- uieT^.rv€- 
Xion iixe n6no*rx^J4• <^^.i ex^.pexenn^g^-f 
ii^Kxq ^.•repcctp^ri^m juuuLcoxen ;6€it 
luTiitZ! 6eo'v^£. nxe i"eiu.rreXi^ ^*exe 
u^.pK& ue iixe 'f KXaponoiun^. ercoj-f ilxe. 
uix^nj6o ergoTfgoT iixe ueqcoonr. 

incorrect tranalation. IieqitiLeitpIXj for possessive of. syr*^; for 
om. vl^ aifTou cf. Gr. (exc. D*E*FG 8p« &c.). ^ 4)h] AE: ^^ 

'this,' L»T* &c. eX^rttfl] cL Gr. H*D«'* aeth, UlCOOi"] 

ncuj-f, B». g^ixen] ;6en, HJiV(3&rren »-^ 'a copy'), 
nix^] enx^> b». xeqitiiexxpc] ^eqxpc, l ; cf. Gr. 

A 109 Cyr xPlfrrdTfjTos. ® O^l] AB^DEFHJKL i8: OH, L»T* 

rGMNOP. neiULK^'f m&ert] cf.? Gr. ^pomiw: om. H*N. 

• eA-qxAJULon] ex^qx., e^fkn. iixenexeg^n^-q] 

K^.X^.n. 'according to his will,' n«J. Heq^'JULA.'f ] cf. Gr. (exc. 

DEF8TG &c.). ^^i] <l)K, 18. ^® e^oiKonoitin^] €o-roiic., 
HJK. iixemcHo*if] iinic, f 18. excK] -ujk, a,: -hjc. 

EPHESIANS L 7-14. 343 

grace, this which he granted to us in his beloved, ^he 
through whose blood we received the redemption, the 
forgiveness of our transgressiond. According to the riches 
of his kindneasy ®this which abounded into us» in all 
wisdom and all understanding, ^ he having shewn to us the 
mystetTf of his will, according to his good pleasure^ this 
which he pre-established in him, ^^unto a diepenaaiion of 
(the) fulness of the times, To complete all things in 

Christ, those which are in the heavens, and those which 
are upon the earth ; in him, ^^ he (lit. this) in whom we *were 
made an heritage, having ordained us from (the) first. 

According to the pre-eetablishment of him who worketh 
in every work according to the counsel of his will ; ^^ that 
we should be unto a praise of his glory, namely they who 
were beforehand in Iioping in Christ: *^he (lit. this) in 
whom ye also, — ^ye heard (the) word of the truth, the Ooapd 
of our salvation, — he (lit. this) in whom having believed ye 
were sealed in the holy spint of the plromise^ "which is 
(the) earnest of the inheritance unto a redemption of the 

* Lit. 'we received the kleros.* 

rEjG^MNOP. e&oX j6en] om. efiioX, Ei*. j^enm- 

<^KO*lfl] cf. Gr. l^AFGKP al plu Euth Cyr &c. UIK^g^l] HK., 
TDL 18. nj6pKl] «&., 0. " 4>^.l] c^K, B»G. 6X^(6, 

Ag*) ntff iinilcXKpOCj cf. Gr. ^^BKLP al omn^ f vg am go syr"^' 
Euth Cyr &c. IlceitiLm] -KK, T*AjB*E. nXe4>K(UI, EgH : 

ne, J)] iixect'f <1>k, t*k, cf. Gr. defg 10. 31. 46. 47. 59. 71. 73. 

(80). 8p« d e f g arm go Euth Ambrst. UICOCTRi] AjE. 116X6^- 

n^q] 4>K exeg,., 18. " €Tajo*ifajoVl eo*ifaj., TtR. 
" itjfepKj] iig,., 18. ^xexencoDTeJULj cujTeiUL, k. 
^c^JK^]'p&c.: racA.^i, l«gmp. nxei-juLee.] ni"itiL., 

B»F*. neitO'VX^l] AB»EFK 18, cf. Gr. K 74. 115. 12a. al plus*: 
UeTeno*lfX^I, LBTrDGHJLMNOP. cf. Gr. rell. 4>^I &c.] 
cf. Gr. DEP»^G d e g am go arm Did &c. om. koI. ^Tepcc^.] pref. 

oTfog,, T*K. ** exe] nxe, f. ue] om. f. tire i°] S, 

E2. i"KXKp.] AiD FK L : XGWCXup. 'our inheritance,' L«T» &c. : 

uikX, El*?. ergo*ifgo*r] eo*rg., pk. 

844 npoc 64>ecioYc. 

eT'j6en ennoT ftxe nenw iSc ux^ nejut hh 
eeo'v^ THponr ^•ii'tx^ iit-ot- e&oX ^.it 
eigen g^iULox eg^pai exert eHitoT4- eiipi 
ijLnexeruuL€*ri st^eti n^upoce^x^ *• "&ik^ 
iiT€ ^^-f" jOLneit^ iSc u^cc*- <l>xcjox iixe ncoonr 
iiTeq+ ncoTen no*ifiuu; itco<t>i^* iteiUL o^cfthpn 
eJS-oX j6ert neqeAiti. | 
^* GepoTepo*ra3mi ibcemJS.&.X irre uexeng^KX*- 
xe nrrereneixi xe A.g xe •f^eXuic irre 
neqecjo^eiUL 4- o-Tfog, xe ^oj nre i"JULexp^.- 
jUL^.o 4- nxe uojof nxe TeqKXKponojuuA. j6en 
ni^^vioc ^•ofog, xe ot ue uig,o*ro nxe 
•fjULermcgi" liTe TeqxoAJL ej6o'ni epoit 
i6^ itK een^g,i"4- 
R^T^ luepg^cofi. ftxe fl^jul^^i nTe ire^xoix *• 
2® OK ex^qepg^ojfii epoc j6eit uxc eA.qxo*r- 
nocq efi.oX j6en na eeiULcoo-cx *• o-rog, ^qx- 
^eiULcoq c^o7rm^JUL jOUuLoq^- j^eii n^nict>HO'vi 
" c^nojcjoi ii^pXH ni&en* nejUL exo*rci^ ni&eit 
nejuL xojtx niJieit^- nesx XAJtexw m&eit 
nejuL p^n ni&eit^- exox^'p^.n epcoonr o-c 
iULonon j6ert u^ieneg,* ^XX^ neJUL j6eit 
ueenaoT. ^*o*rog, ^qepe g^ojfi. ni&eit (ffte- 
xojoT c^uecKX Siieq(J5.X^*ifx o*ifog, ^qxKiq 

" ^noK ^(o, Ea)] ^noit ^11, El*. Kxe TieiiOT] 

AgE: JULHeitOC, T»Ai'MN: eUeilOC, L« &c. U^c] AHJKO, 
cf. Gr. D*EF«'G d e g go »yrw»» aeth Victorin : om. JA &c. ttejULnKJ 
AfaB»r*DEFKLO*, cf. Or. H*ABP 17, Or &c: pref. IteiX-f- 
^(om. M)r^UK e^<^ ej6o*^f It, L«TT°»b (tr. M^ i*i*.yi i^^j 
'and the love necessary for all/ gloss ft^ li^ f^^^ tf}}*^^^^» <^d 
your love to all/ S^^y^ k^-T* '^y^^^' ^'^^ J^^ affection') QHJMN 
0(*a copy')P, cf. Gr. N«DEFGKL al pier defg vg syr»^ go &c. 

" i^1"3C^] "°>- J^» F» single negative. e&oX ^h] en efiioX, 
N. eittjen] ^.jcg., F*. eupi] eipi, Ax'B^p. JuLuexeit- 

EPHESIANS I. 15-aa. 345 

]ife-giving% unto a praise of his glory. ^^ Therefore 

I also haying heard of ihe faith, which is among you, in 
(ilxe) our Lord Jesus, and (among) all the saints, ^® I cease 
not giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers^ 
^^that God of our Lord Jesus, the Father of (the) glory, 
might give to you a spirit of wiadUmi and a revelation in 
his knowledge ; ^^ to cause the eyes of your heart to en- 
lighten, that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, 
and what is the riches of (the) glory of his inheritance in 
the &iint8j ^^ and what (o*r) is the abundance of the great- 
ness of his power into us, namely those who believe. 

According to the working of (the) strength of his power 
^^ which (sc. the power) he worked in Christ, having raised 
him from them who are dead ; and he made him sit at his 
right hand, in the (places) of the heavens, ^^ above all rttZe, 
and all authority^ and all power, and all (the) dominion, and 
all names which are named, Tiot orUy in this age, but (^) also 
in that which cometh : ^ and he caused all things to be sub- 
ject below his feet, and he gave him as (it) head of the church 

*■ UtpmoufO'ttis has been taken in tbe sense of 'saving' or 'preserving.' 

JULenri] of. Gr. D«'«E(F8'G g)KLP al pier ef vg 8yr«*' arm Or &c. 
add v/*«K. " 4>1"] + 4>JCJ0X, B». GULl] AIL6*VI 'thought,' Ag. 

" n (rt, Ji)exeit2,Hx] cf. Or. unc. &c. xe^-cgTe 1°. . . o*co^] 

om. B»N homeot. ; for xai cf. Gr. i^»D«E KLP al pier vg«»« syr^*' arm aeth 
Or Cyr &c. XG 3^] om.FH JK. " 0*c] A.ttJ, HJ*(«°« 0*C 'acopy'). 

ni^o*co] n^., HJ. -fAnermaji"] om. Anex, dfk. j6^" 

jfcert, Aj. nAJU.a.^1 itXe] o m. B» M homeot. 20 epoc| 

€pOrt, AEi* and tr. by error. HX^] + JHC, B'Ej. UK €0- 

jULCJOo*cx] nee AIL., d. ^.qx ( + ^, Aj) ^eAUcoq] of. Gr. de f** 

G K LP al pier d e g go arm aeth Or &c.; for avrw cf. Gr. >♦ A 17. 23. 57. 80. 
syr-tt aeth Or Euth &c. nA.ni4>H0*Cl] T* A^' &c., cf. Gr. >♦ A D E F G 
KLP al pier Or Euth Cyr &c.: om. H^., L8B»H JP, cf. Gr. B 71. 213. 
Hil Victorin. ^^ D has tabulated arrangement. eXOf'f'p^Il 

€pa5o*c] om. El*. tiexsL 5°] om. 0. neenHo-r] neeiie- 
itHO-y, Aj. *2 A.qepe] ^.qep, Bs 

346 npoc e^^ecioYc. 

ii^^e jt-feKicXHci^^ eg,oxepa5o*c XHpoT "ere 
neqccjojuLA. ne niAno^ ivre 4>A.ertx^^ ni&en 

9 ^ 0*cog, iiecjoxeii g^coxeit epexeitiuLCJoonrr j6eii 
ner'eiinA.pA.nxcojuLA. neix nexenno&i <• » kk 
en^pexeitAJLooji il(6pHi ilj6HXO'y ii.nicHo*c 
KA.XA. neneg, ivre lUJicoauLoc 4- K^rr^ n^-p- 
XJ^^ ixnepgittji ijLuiA.Hp iixe niiuii;*- <t^i 
exep^cofi. •fno'c i6en nigjHpi iixe ^Jtxer- 
A-xeoox ii^KX*- 'na exe ^non THpo-r 
n^^iuuLocgi il(6pHi iufenxoT iio*ccKOT i6en 
o2k iuenie*cAin^ iixe xcA.p^4- empi nmo*c|oogj 
iixe tcA-p^*- new. niAJL€Tfi Sg^HX o*cog, 
^ n^noi <t*ccic*- iigHpi iixe lucconx*- ii.<tpH'f 

jOLnKGceni •^ 
*4>i" 2k€ o*cpAJUu.o ne j6eii 4>ka.i4- ee&e xeq- 
itiai" il^^v^nH*- 0^.1 exA.qAJLertpixen iIj^hxc* 
•o-yo^ eiuuL(joo*cx j6eii neniU-p^nxcouL^. 4- 
4^qxA.ni6oii i6eii nxc*- j6ert o*c^Ju.ox o*cn 
A.X€xertnog,eAiL4- • o^rog, A.qxo'rrtoceii neix- 
A.q o*co^ i^qx^^ejuLcon neJUL^q j6en ii^.ni- 
4>Ho*ci j6en nxfi mc^ '&ik^ iixeqo*ccortg, 
e&oX j6en meneg, eenKo*c iii"AJLexp^JUL^o 
exep2,o*co iixe neqg^AJLox ;6en o*cAiLexxpc 
eg^pHi exooit jien nx^ ihc*- 
f *I)ert oif^uLox r^-p A-xexertno^exiL e&oX 
^ixen o'cnA.g^'f . o-yog, <t>A.i iio*cefi.oX jOuulcjo- 

riA.4>(n, 0)e]T*&c.: iio*cA.4>e, l«p: om. a,. it't'eKKX. 
ilxe^., L«T*Ai'rN. ** exe] iixe, n. neqcoouL^J 
necooitt^, r*. ne] xe, b»*. uiajlo^ . . . ni&ett i**] om. 

B»*. niJULog,] +xe, HJ. enx^O ^XA-^f i>J- &^J^ 
m&ert] +j6eno*cojt m&ett, HJLO(*a copy'): + oToit 

JtlKert, McOo(*a copj'). 

^ neXennoKl] cf. Gr. «BDBFGP al^* cat*** defg m" Tg 

EPHESIANS I. 23—11 8. S47 

(more) than them all, ^whioh is his body, the fulness of 
him to whom all things (cit^^l) belong (4^^), being filled 
with (j^cn) all things (^a}&). IL And ye also being 

dead in your trartsgreaswvs and your sins, ^in which ye 
were walking once (ill) according to (the) age of this worlds 
according to (the) rvler of (the) authority of the air^ of the 
spirit, this which worketh now in the sons of the disobe- 
dience; ^ among whom we all were walking once (o*c) in 
the lusts of (the) flesh, doing the wishes of the fl^sh and the 
thoughts of heart, and we were being by natm*e children 
of (the) anger, as (the) rest also. ^But Qod is rich in 
(the) mercy, because of his great love, this in which he loved 
us: ^and (to us) being dead in our transgressions he gave 
life in Christ : in [a] grace, then, ye were saved : • and he 
raised us with him, and made us sit with him in the (places) 
of the heavens, in Christ Jesus; ^that he might manifest 
in the ages which come the abounding riches of his grace in 
[a] kindness about us in Christ Jesus. ^ For in [a] grace 
ye were saved through [a] faith ; and this is not anything 

syr«*' aeth go (arm) Or Euth &c. ^ niCHO*c] IU.ICHOT, Eg. 

nerteg, . . . KOCJULOc] om. N homeot. n^-IKOCAILOC] UIK., L. 
ni^Kp]L«TtAB»r*EGMNOP: H^^Hp, r»DFHJKL. * XH- 

pO*c] -peit, 1° plural, T'AgDFKL. rU-IlAJLOttJl] ^.ItiUL., B*DFH 

JKL. rtj6pHi] ej6., l. xc^px] 1"c., b»fgmop. empi 

. . . i" ca^piJ om. Jj homeot, i"C^PS] '^Cv HJ^. <t*CCIc] 
T*A: 4>'*'(J, E)CI, L«&c.: ii.4>*CCIC, B*: + Ue, DFKL; position 
cf.? Gr. ADEFGLP 3. 37. 80. 106. 108. 116. it vg syrP go Did Euth &c. 

* 2ke] om. H*. AJtertpixen] -x|xeii, bk * A.qTA.n- 

j6o( +T, N) It] cf. ? Gr. Fo d e f vg &c. i6eit a°] cf.? Gr. B 17. 73. 

118. vg«i« toi arm &c. • ^^qTro-mocen] -cTert, b». o*co^ 
^.qxg^ejULcoit iieJULA.q] om. b*Ei*g*o*. ''j6€nin.' 
eiti., H : nm., j ; piurai. Ri" AiLcx.] G'f JUL., 0. iiTeneq." 
j6€nueq., hj. ® VA.p] 2^6, hj. ^(e,Ai'E2)X€rTeii- 

ItO^GAJL] 2<> person, cf. Gr. (exc. D*E* &c). OTnA-^i" ] cf. Gr. 
1^BD*FGP 17. 67** 76. 80. &c. 

348 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

xen ne. <t^<ti" ne • ne e&oX i6€it 

go*c JOuuLoq. ^^eA.rtoit o*re^ v^. itx^q 

eA.qconxeit jfceit nxc mc egpHi exeit 

g,^it^£LKo*ci enA.neT4- kk exA.qepgopn itcefi- 

ogi..., xooTOT nxe<ti". fem^^ iiTeitiULoan il(6pHi 

P Brit. ilj6HTOT. 

MU8.14740 "6e&e <t^i ^.pK^AiLeTi 4- xe iiecoxen j6^ mee- 

noc iio*ccHOT j6eit xcA.p^ na erorjuLOTf 
epa)o*c xe 'f Anex^-xcefii -a- e&oX g,ixeit 
neTo*cju.o*ci" epoq xe nce&i i6eii TCA.p^ 
ile^ju.10 ibcix "xe n^peTenx^ ii.uicKo*c 
erejJLMx^.'t Sjunxj^i- epexenoi 
ncgeibuuLo ei"noXixiA^ nrre nicJv*- o-ro^ 
iicgeiu.|AiLO itnixiA.eHKH irre ^em^weXi^ 
XiJULoitxexen g^eXnic juuul^t-q- oito^ epe- 
xenoi it^eno'C'f j6ert uikocailoc. 
"^ito*c 2^6 j6en nxc ihc*- 11000x611 i6^ hh 
eeo-TKOT ii.nicK0*C4- A.X€X€nj6cJoiix i^eit 
ncnoq iinxc -ft- ^* ileoq v^p nexen^ipHnu*- 
<tH eT"A.q€p ni5 fto*c^i4- o*co^ 'fxmeAiLH'f 
nxe niecoAiL A.qfi.oXc e&oX 4- eA.qfieX i" jmex- 
2CA.XI efi-oX j6eii xeqc^p^ 4- " <|>itoAiLoc ilxe 
nienxoXh i6en W2kOrJULA. A^qKopqq*- ^\n^ 
nxeqcconx JuLniS il(6pHi Rj^nxq ito*cpcjojju 
no*ca)x juUiepi eqipi ilo*c^ipHrtH*- ^•o'cog, 
nxeqg^ooxu JOluiK j^en o*cca)JUU. ilo*ca)T 

niXA.Io] pref. ^.XXa., K. Ue] om. P. • He (H, AjE) 

e&oX] it(eit,F)efioX, DF: o*co^ ne efi., J: o*co^ o*c- 

e&oX, H ; for pref. ical cf. Gr. 37. ^^n^fi.(4>, N).] Iieit^fi., J : 
om. g^^It, EjG*. A.n] LsTCa., A2*)B»rEGHJMN0P: + n€, 
AiVDFL« : + Ue, KL*. ItXegXejU.] lixa.g., B^EjL by error. 
" e^ItOn] AE : ^.non, LsT* &c. V^pJ trs. before 0*reAJULIO, 0. 

eA.(e, M)qcort(x, AiH*L*)xen] ^.qc, F: -couxeit 'chosen 

ue/ Aj. -C€fi.X(J0XO*c] -XOXOT, AjL: -XOVro-C, Eg. 

EPHESIANS U. 9-16. 849 

(0*r) from yourselves ; the gift is of (<^^) Qod : ^ not from 
works, that no one may boast himself ^^ For we are 
(being) a making of his, he having created us in Christ 
Jesus for good works, which Qod before prepared, that 
we might walk in them. ^^ Therefore remember that ye, 
namely the OentUes once in (the) flesh, . who are called 
'the uncircumcision ' by that which is called '(the) circum- 
cision' in (the) fl£8h made by hand; ^that ye were being 
at that time outside of Christy being strange to the com- 
monwealth of Israel, and strange to the covenarUa of the 
promise^ not having hope, and being without Qod in the 
world. ^* But now in Christ Jesus, ye, namely they who 
were far off once, drew near in (the) blood of Christ. ^* For 
he is your peace, he who made the two one, and he pulled 
down the middle part of the barrier^ having pulled down 
the enmity in his flesh, ^^ he did away with (the) law of the 
commandmente in the decrees, that he might create (of) 
the two in himself one new man, making [a] peace \ ^^and 
might reconcile the two in one body to God through the 

^^ il(om. A2)0*C(om. 0*C, B»0)CHO*c] position after iiuit, cf . ? Gr. 
N«D»» K L P al pier syr p ; after r^, eyr *»»» arm aeth go. epa50*c] cm. H*. 
g,IXen] om. H. neXO'TAJLO'C'f] HH eXO*CAJL, P pluraL 

jfcenxc^PS] itxexc., j. " ixnicKo-c] cf. Gr. »abd*fg 

ly.defgtolali-ohinciyj&c. €i-noXl(K,AP)XIAj UAB'EFHJKL: 
ni"., TrOGMNOPF'; -TI^, cf.? Gr. B^P. ncgeUJULO 2<>] om. F. 
nni2kI^eKKH] e^A-OHKI, B» singular. ^' ee(X,G)0*CHO*c] 
€enHO*C, P by error. A.T€X€Itj6cJ0ltT] A.pexertj6-* B»H 
JP: om. jicOIlT*, Ej* by error. UCItOq] niCIt., 0: om. U, M. 

^* epni]^ om. ep, Ei* : -n5, b». nxemeooju.] ile., b*. 

*.qfi.oXc] -OOXC, B»J. e^qfi.e(K, rEjL: OO, M)X] pref. 
O-CO^, B». " 4>K0AJL0C] + 2^6, F K. Git (om. M*)XoXk] 

ilx., DJ,. rtiTkOVJU.^] xor., AjB^fgJjKmop. itj6pHi 

itji)HT"q] cf. ? Gr. ^<*ABFP 3. 14. 17. 31. 37. 47. 119. 238. Ath 

Procop. ilo*cpa)Jun] eo-yp., b^dhjklf'. ^^iixeq- 

^cjoT-n] iixeq&oxn, EiNF. mS] n5, e,j. 

350 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

^^Xi iii6pKi itj^HTq*- 
"0*co^ A.qi i.qg,igertno*cqi nooxen itOT^ipHnH 
j6^ itK eeo*cKo*c hgjul oT&ipKiiH nna ex- 
;6eitT'. "xe e&oX g^ixoT-q*- oTonx^it 
ijUUL^T jOLuixmi 6j6o*rii j6^ niS enrcon 

1? "8iA.p^ o*cii Seiwxeit ^^.nojeiuuuLoooT ^.n ace* 

neAJL ^^npeAJLiixooiXi ^.XX^. ^A.nci)(t>Hp RpeAA.- 

...nciA, ijL&^jci ilxe ni^-vioc new. ^^.npeAiLilKi ilxe 

^' <t1''8- ^®eA.*cKeT" OKiioT exeit 'fcen'f irre 

ni^uocroXoc 4- nexiL ninpo4>HXHC4- eqoi 

iixu)X ilX^jicg, epoc itzenxc mc "<tA.i exe 

XKpq niKCDX XKpq x<|>hotx nj6pHi ftjinxq*- qn^.- 

Ff ^\^\ eT€p4>ei €qo* i6eii nro 4- *» 4>^.i 

oe exexenoi iiIg4>Hp iiKoox g^ooxeit Sj^Kxq 

CTJUL^ ftttjconi ii4>i" >6eit miutZ*6- 


Ge&e 4>^J A.noK nA.'rXoc nexcoitg, Rxe u5cc 
iHc exen eHrto*c j6^ niee itoc» ^icxe ^.xe- 

xertcooxeAJL €i"oiKortoAJHA. ilxe ui^julox 
ilxe ^'f exxoi nw epooxeit-s- ^xe k^x^. 
o*c(rcbpu efi.oX ^.-rxAJU-oi euiJULnrcxHpion 
KA.XA. <tpHi" ex^.iepttjopu ncji^i nooxeit ^en 

• • • 

z$:] cx4^*cpoc, L«GM. ilj6pHi] ej6pHi, F'. " A.qi] 

€A.qi, B*rDN. ee.] AjB^rEFHLMO: eX., L^TtDGJKNP'F'. 
-O-CHO-y] -IlKO*C, Ai'P*. O-Cg^IpHIlH] cf. Gr. NABDEFGP 
17. 71. 80. d ef g Yg go ann aeth^*' &c. nitu] j^^IlH, A^'DKL: 

j6eititH, F. " e&oX] pref. Q-c, H J. ^ixoxq] itxoxq, 

Ji*. 0*COnXA. (e, Ai') n (om. M)] Ai'2l>rGKLMF': 0*COn 

iiX4.n, LKT«B»rEHJNOP. ixuizmi] jjlux., Ai'B»kl. 
€j6o'yn] efiioX, f. ni5] nS, Ai'B». e^con] ^lo-yc, hj. 
aA.(+4>^, Aio4>icjox] j6^xen4., h. ^» ^.XX^.] cf. Gr, 

EPHESIANS 11. 17— m. 3. 861 

cro88^ having killed the enmity in it. ^"^And he came, 
he preached good tidings to you of [a] peace, namely those 
who were fiar off, and [a] peace to those who were near: 
^^ because through him we, namely the two together, have 
the access in one spirit to the Father, "^^80 then ye 

(are) no more strangers and sojourners, but (^) fellow 
citizens of the aairUs, and they of the household of God, 
^^ built upon the foundation of the apostlea and the prophets^ 
Christ Jesus being head comer stone unto it ; '^ he (lit. this) 
in whom the whole building constructed^ will grow unto 
a holy temple in the Lord ; ^' he '(lit. this) in whom ye also 
are sharing in being built unto a dwelling-place of Ood in 
the spirit. 

IIL Therefore I Paul, ^the prisoner of Christ Jesus for 
you, namely the Gentiles, ^if ye heard the dispensation 
of the grace of God which is given to me unto you : ^ that 
according to a revelation the mystery was shown to me. 

» X4>HO'yX, no MS. reads XpHO'CT" of WUkins, from which 
Peyron conjectures TA^pKOTX. ^ Lit. 'he who is bound.' 

D«E**KLP al pier syr"*' ann Or Euth &c. -g4>Hp] -gj^p, DL. 

iifi.a.Ki] itfi.., L8J2. ^.noc] ^.nocrToXoc, Ei*. iihi] 
HI, El*. *^ exen] g^ ixen, b*. xtwx] xcoxi, l», epocj 

cf.? Gr. (exc. U*) ain-ov. Jiy^C IHc] cf. Gr. >^AB 17. 39. 47. cat^* 
f vg go arm &c. : IHC n^C^, P, cf. CDEFGKLP al pier d e g syr"*' 
Euth &c. 2^qnA.4.I^I . . .22 RjfcHXq] om. B* homeot.: 

eqitA.AJia.1, L. e^ep4>ei] eo-rep., Ji: iio*cep., FHJ2L. 

jfcennOC] iJLnOC, r^ (gloss vyi ^^^J 'Greek, to the Lord') HJ. 

^* eTexenoi] om. 01, lm. Skcox] nKcoTeit, t^a^: 
iiKCJoxxen, Aj. erjut^.] eo*CAX^., hj. 

* Ji™' *the fourth Sunday of P entecos t.' nCT CO ((JO, TEsGH 

M0)it2,] ne exc, t'. ilxenxc] ixnxc, b»; cf. Gr. «*d* 

FG 61. o»o' 8P' d eg aeth«f Victoiin. j6^.ni€eitOC] jfeeitltL, B*. 

* ^-xeTenccDT-eAJL] xexertc, n. * o-r^Tcbpn] ni(C 

A,E. A.-yX^JU.Ol] cf.? Gr. «ABCD*FGP 6. 10. 17. 23. 31. 67** 
73. 80. 137. 177. 178. 8p« it vg syi«*' arm go Or Euth Cyr &c* 

352 npoc e^^cioYc. 

AiLooxen*- epeTeno*cu5gj eeixi euA.Jc^.'f i6eit 
uiAJL*ccxHpioit Rxe n5cc4- *4>^i ereixueq- 
o*c(jon^ e^A-nveneA. -ft- nrre neitcgHpi itm- 


O^pH-f i"no*c exA.q(Jcbpn e&oX nneq^-vioc 
Sa-hocxoXoc 4- neju. nequpo4>HXKc j6eit 
niniul *eepe nieenoc cgooni e*roi naj4>Hp 
RfcXHponoiULoc neju. oj^^Hp Rcoojuu. enrol 
itcg^Kp enioocg exj^en u^c ihc e&oX 
g^iToxq JuLnierA-rreXioit ^^^.i ex^^iojconi 
nA.q n2ki^.Ka}n K^'T^. -fxcope^. itxe ui^^ajlox 

...KKi, nrre ^-f enroi hki ka.x4^ uiepg^oofi. nxe 

Ji xeqxoAiL -ft- 

t *3XrtoK ne 4>h erc&oK em^-vioc xapoT. i^T-f 
juLn^^ig^jULox HHi e^ittjertrto'rqi itnieeitoc nrf- 
AJLexp^juLA.o iixe n5cc exejuuuLon ^.Tpiucc. 
'o-rog, ef ijL4>o*rcomi ilo*con ni&6tt4- xe ^.g 
xe 'foiKonoAJLi^ Sxe niAJL*ccxKpion <t^.i 
exg^KU icxcit merteg, j6en ^-f 4>^i ex^q- 
coonx itg^cofi. ni&en*&- 
^^8imA. Rxeqc-roon^ efi.oX -fnonr*- itnii.p|xH 
neuL nie^o-rciA. j6eit nA.ni4>Ho*ci e&oX g,ixeit 
i"eKKXHCiA. 4- 'fco4>J^ iixe 4>i" exoi itoTOO 

* epexeno'rtmj] A.pexeno*c(jog, Ai'. mAiL*ccx.] 

mJUL., B» plural. * -O*CCJ0rtg,(om. N)] -0*COn^, A,: + e&oX, 

L«T*FK*p. e(it,M)^^.n(Ke feU out before ve)ven€A.] e^A.n- 

Keverte^ *to other generations,' D«EL, for 'other* cf. Gr., but the 
rendering is different. neitcgKpl] IlIcgKpI, B'^HJ. nitlpOOiULl] 
Tt Ac: it Xeni., L»HJP; Sp., T. -(TtbpUC + C. B»)] -CptfT, 
FGO. niTUUT) cf. Gr. FGChr. • COpe] Gpe, Aj'H. 

emCJOttj] JuLUI., Af L; cf. Gr. «ABCD*P 17. 47. 73. 106. d e am fu 
demid tol 109 1»* Byr««>> aim aeth Or Cyr &c. li'jQC IHcJ cf. Gr. NA 
BCP 17. 47. 73. 8P« f vg go syrP arm aeth Euth &c. ^IXOXq 

EPHESUNS IIL 4-10. 853 

according as I wrote before to you in few (words), ^ accord- 
ing to that which it is possible for yon, wishing* to know 
my understanding in the mystery of Christ; *this which 
was not manifested to generations of (the) sons of [the] 
men. As now it was revealed to his Twly apostles and 
his jyropJiets in the spirit ; * to cause the GentUes to be 
fellow heirs and fellow (members of the) body, sharing the 
promise, which is in Christ Jesus through the Gospel^ "^ this 
of (lit. to) which I became minister , according to the free 
gift of the grace of God which is given to me according 
to the working of his power. ^I am he who is less 

than all the saints: this grace was given to me to preach 
good tidings to the Gentiles of the riches of Christ, of which 
there is no end ; ^ and to give (the) light to all men, as to 
(^€) what is the dispensation of the mystery, this which 
was hid since the ages in Qod, he (lit. this) who created 
all things. ^^ That he might manifest now to the rulers 
and the authorities in the (places) of the heavens through 
the church, the wisdom of God which is of various kinds, 

» All MSS. have CytWttJ Svishing,' perhaps by error for (JOOJ 'read- 
ing'; HJ make a new verse at 'wishing.' 

jULHi] g^ixenui, HJ. "^ eT^Jttja)ui] ex^^qgooni, 

FG* H* Ji* LP* by error. Ulg^AJLOX llxe] om. homeot. GX- 
TOlJ uncertain, but more likely to belong to j^fck.tOpe^, cf. Gr. 
D«^EKL al pier &c. * cfi.OK] -CJOK, T*B»M. emA.r.] Sni., 

r. Pn«L™« *the fourth Sunday of Pentecost,* L™* *and the second of 
Abib.' nai] trs. before ijLUA.I(om. A2)2|AJLOX, H. Rniee- 
noc] cf. Gr. i^ABCP 23. 31. 61. o^ a eth Euth. Trs. GXeAt.- 

jULoit ^.-ypHxc (om. Ei*) itxenxc, F^ ' ef ] eri", d. 
c^o-ycjomi] nio-y., r*(«no'y). no-ron nifiert] cf. Gr. »«bc 

D E FG K LP al pier it vg rell Did Euth &c. OIKOnOAJLI^.] cf. Gr. unc. 

al pier &c. exA.qccjo (o, P) rtx] RxA-qc, l. acjofi. mfi.en] 

cf. Gr. NABCD*rGP 17. 47- 48. 73. def g m®* vg 8yrw»»etP^^ arm 
aeth go Did Euth Cyr &c. om. M &c. ^° nitl] T'AB»: €111, L» &c. 

^ixen] j6en, fk. 


364 npoc e4>ecioYC. 

...icxe, itpH-f*- "KA.XA. niecjottj ilxe icxen gopn 
y^ hrre meiteg, ^^.i sb^n nxc ikc 

nenoc*- "4>^i exe tij6pHi ilj6Hxq A-HtfT 

ijLUio*ccjort^ €&oX neju. i"zmi eifeonrit j^en 

o*cecjox Sg^HX efiioX g^ixeit ueqitA.g^'f* 

la ^^ee&e 4>^i -fepexm ettjx€AJLepiiKA.Km s^en 

mg^oxg^ex eg^pKi exen eHiio*c exe uexen- 

cjoo*c ne. 

i^ ^* GeKe <|>A.i -f KtwXx iinA.KeXi g,A. <|>ia)x " <tH exe 

efi.oX iiJULoq*- cexu) ijL4> ilrtiJULexiarr 

;6eit..., XHpo*c«fi- it&pHi j6eit ni4>Hoifi«fi- neAJt ^ixen 

J I nsKA.2,1 4- " &mA. iixeq-f ncoxen ka.xa. 

XAiLexpAJULA.o iixe neqcjoo*c eepexenAJULA.g,i 
j6en otxojjL^ e&oX ^ixeit neqniu.4- 
"Gepe nxc gooui j6ert nipcojuLi excAj^oiit 
efi.oX g^ixeit umA.g^'f ilj6pHi i6eii nexen- 
&RX4- epexentfenoirni efi.oX j6en o-yA-VA-UH 
epexenxA:icpHo*cx ilcert-f*- ^*^iitA. iixe- 
xencgxeiULZoAiL nxA-g^o*- neiu. niA.rioc 
xaponr* xe ot xe 'fo-yRcgci neAJL taiH 
next, nitffci*- ne^jL uicgcoK "ee^jn e+A-VA-UH 
exepg^o-yo ilxe uejuii Hjixjc^ &inA. nxe- 
xenztJOK efi.oX j6en uixcjok XHpq Rxe cj^-f *• 
20 4>H exeo-roit cgzoAH JuuuLoq eipi e^oxe 
^cjofi. ni&eit j6ert o*cAJLex&oif o 4- ena exen- 



exe, roHJgKO. mene^] neneg,, hJj. 

" iu6pHl] itg^., L. i" (m, A,')2Cmi] for article cf. Gr. >*«0D»» 
KLP al pier Ath Euth &c. ^IXert] ^\, H. " 'f €p€- 

XI(e, AaB»M)n] om. i", B» by error. epil(ert, B»)KA.KIItJ cf. 
Gr. >*AB*et^D* 13. 17. 37. 39. 46** 47. (Euth) : epKA.Km, T'H*. 
nig^OXg,.] L'AaTEi^aFGMNOP: HA-I. 'these,' Ai^B^DHJjKL*: 

HA.. *my.' t'Lp^*' «»". exe] Rxe, N. nexentwo'r] cf. Gr.: 

UenCDCy, K, cf. Gr. C 17. 31. 33. 37** 71. 72. 80. 116. f^r arm Euth. 
"-fKCJoXx] om. i", Aj: i" ItA.K., P«« ('another'): -fnA-KCOX^, 
P*. <|>I(JOX] cf. Gr. N* ABCP 17. 6^** demid aeth^^' ar« Euth Cyr &c. 

EPHESIANS IIL ii-iio. 355 

^^ according to the ordinance from before* the ages, this 
which he made in Christ Jesus our Lord, ^^he (lit. this) 
in whom we received the boldness and the access in [a] 
confidence through his faith. ^^ Therefore I ask, not to 
faint in the tribulations for you, which is your glory. 

^* Therefore I bend my knees to (g;^) the Father, ^* from 
whom are named ^ all the families ° in the heavens and 
upon the earth, ^^that he may give to you according to 
(the) riches of his glory to be strengthened in [a] power 
through his spirit. ^"^To cause Christ to dwell in the 
inner man through the faith in your hearts ; that ye, being 
rooted in [a] love, being firmly founded, ^^may be able 
to apprehend with all the mints what is the breadth and 
the length and the height and the depth, ^^to know the 
love, which exceedeth (the) knowledge of Christ^, that ye 
may be completed in all the completion of Qod, '^ for whom 
it is possible to do more than all things abundantly (more) 

» Lit. 'of from first of,' var.* which from first of.* ** Lit. 'they say 

(the) name.' « Cf. Luke ii. 4. ^ itTG is correct after ^f", 

and jOl after U, and € is more usual (Matt. v. ao) after ep^CVO ; 
therefore the Greek seems wronglj rendered 'the love, which aboundeth, 
of (the) knowledge of Christ.' 

^* 4>h] 4>^i, fk. napHi] eg,., f. " eeperrenAJUL^^i] 

€epexeTeit., L«FK. jfeeitO'yXOAJL] cf.?Gr. Fff'O g praem tV. 

"TOpuoAJLi] nip., Aj*. um^.g^'f] 4>n., hj. ilj6pHf 
itg,., H. epexentfe] eepexexentfe, k. efi.oX 
iii6pHi, K. "ilxeT-€nttj(om.HJ)x.] ilxena., P by 

error. ilXA.2,o] €X., DFL. 0*C X€ i"] om. N homeot. 
1"af(<^A2B*)m(e, L*)neM.mtffci neAJLUl] om. Eg homeot.: 
UigiH &c., H: -n^TTci &c., B^JjNO; order cf. Gr. BCDEFG 17. 

37- 67* 73« 1^^' i* ^g g® *"° *®**^ *^- ^* eeJULIJ om. GM. 

*®4>k] AFEGHJMNOP: +2l€, LkT»B«DFKL. aOoK] XOO^a 
* prayer,' N by error : pref. 6, T*F. 

A a 2 

356 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

KiJT^ -fxo JJL exepg^cjofi. ilifepHi iu6Kxeit4-| 
nxc mc g^. mvene^. XHpo*c ilxe ueiteg, hire 

ItlCtteg^ ^JULHtt4- 

eT^.*ceA^€AiL eHrto-r epoq * j6en ee&io ilg,HT 
ni&en neix o*cju.exp€AJLpA.*cg4- neju. oTAneT- 
peqa)o*c Rg^RT. 
GpereitepA-nexccee ilrtexeitepKO*c si^en ot- 
^.r^-na ^epexertmc e^-peg, e'fju.exo-c^.i Rxe 
ninRX; neAJL uiAJto-yp exxHK efi.oX Rxe "fg^i- 

g^eXnic ito-ycox ilxeneTertetJog^eAJL *o*cot 
iio'ccjoX'5- o'cn^.g^'f ilo'ctJOT'S- oyvjjULC Ro'caaTv 
• 0*cA.i ue ^^i" 4>JCJ0X iiT€ o'yoit nifi.eit 4>h €Txh 
g^sxeit o'coit ni&ett. birog, eKoX ^iTen o'coit 
ni£.6tt o*co^ iu6pKi j6en o-yon ni&en^- 
■^ nio-ca.1 2^e uio-y^.! JuLjuiort 4- A.'cf nA.q 
ilo-c^AJLox K^^XA. ncgi ii'f2^a5p€A. ilxe uxc- 
la • Gefi.e 4>^i q^cco ixajloc xe ^qge n^q entfTci -s- 

ie(ei, Aa*) . . . epCJOO-c] om. B». ghh] ilnH(€, J), B*r J1.2* : 

KH, DH. exeitKA.'f ] enrexeit., diilo. ilj6Hxe(H. B*)n] 
-xq 'in him,' D. " 4>cJoq] 4>oq, Ag. i" skkX.] niGK., 

plural, DFKLO; order cf. Gr. KABCDbRLP al pier &c. ItGAil] 
cf. Gr. NABC 17. 73. 80. 213. vg &c.: om. H, cf. Gr. D»»KLP al pier 
eattxt Byr"t' arm aeth go Euth &c. jfecn 2**] om. FJjK : trs. IhC 

nx^, B». neneg;] nieneg^, o. nierteg^] niene^, fn. 

F»Ki^l 'the end (of the lection).* 
nnnt.6, 1 o-flt] om. AjB^EgN 26. UeXC0(a5, A2GHJM)ng,] i6^4>H 

»^ exc, 26. ;6en] Rxe, df. ilxeniea5(^^ d], dkl. 

EPHESIANS m. ai— IV. 8. 357 

than the things which we aak^ or the things whieh we 
understand, according to the power which worketh in us, 

^^His (4>CJ0q) is the glory in the church and in Christ 
Jesus unto all the generations of (the) age of the ages. 

IV. I beseech you then^ I the prisoner in the Lord, to 
walk according to (the) worthiness of the calling to which 
ye were called, ^ in all humbleness of heai-t and [a] meek- 
ness and [a] longsuffering, Bearing with one another 
in [a] love\ ^hastening to keep the oneness of the spirit 
and the bond which is complete, of [the] peace. ^One 
body and one spirit^ according as ye weie called in one 
hope of your calling : ^ one Lord, one faith, one baptism. 

' One is God the Father of all, who is upon all, and 
through all, and in all: ^but to each one of us was given 
a grace according to (the) measure of the free gift of Christ. 

^ Therefore he saith : ' He went to (the) height, he took 

€TA.*c(q, B»)eA.2,eAJL] -etw^eAJt, AjB*. * JULexpeJuip.] 
um. pejtx, A2. -&.nex(?» E2)€cee] ^.n^., B»EFn*?LP. 
itneTenepRo-c] ilnert., Ei* bj error. ^ rteAJLniAJLo*cp^ 

AjEHJ 26; j^CniUiU.., LKT^Ai' &c., cf. Gr. eTXHK €&,dX 
L«T*AEFJiP: om. B'rDGHJjKLMNO 26. * K^-TA. 

^^P^i"] AjB^EFGHJ 26 i. ii, cf. Gr. B 19. 32. 39. 43. 55. 114. 213. 
238. k** vg go 8yr»«»» aeth &c.: + OH, xai, L«T*Ai'rDKLMNOP. 
cf. Gr. rel fu tol syrP arm &c. eHrtO*c] oiii. B». itXeneTTeil- 
eCO(^., B»c)2,€AJL] om. 26. «<{>ia)X] L«T*Ar*EGMNOP. 

cf. Gr. 38. 47. 114. Byrw»» ar« : pref. 0*COg,, jca*, B»r«DFH JKL, cf. Gr, 
rel Or Cyr &c. llifcpHl] Kg,., B»DFKN: Gj^., E. Hlfieit 4^] 
cf. Gr. NABCO^P 17. 31. 67** 71. 73. 80. 109. 177. aelh«*' ar« Or Ath 
Euth Cyr &c. '' 2^e] om. Ag* P. 0*C2,JU.0T] cf. Gr. B D* F G L 

0»»P* I. io8* 4o»«>*k»" arm Euth Dam. Rgi] mojl, DFH*KL; 
^\, M. ni"2LCJ0p€^] L8T*A2B»rEiGJMN0P: 112^., EjH^: 
itXef2L., Ai'DFH* K L. • Aj"** 5ZS it^-X |3 : D»« '^iJk- Unnt i3, 

JtXO(C:jy,j^fC,GL. qZCJo] AiB»DEFJK 18: eqX.,LtT»rQM 
NOP: ^.qX., HL: ^XUJ *I say/ Ag. eU^TTci] L»A,.2*DEFHJ 

KLP; engjcoi, A2« : encgooi entffci, T*B*rGMNO 18. 


358 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

ii2; iiitipooAJLi 4- ' uige 2k€ engcoi o*c 
ne efi.HX 2ce ^qge n^.q ort enic^. excA.uecKX 
iinKA.g^i'S- ^®^H €XA.qge euecHT neoq on 
n€4- ex^^qge enojcoi c^.na|U)i ilni4>KOTi xk- 
po'C'5- g^m^. ilxeqxcjoK e&oX n^cofi ni£.eit4- 
t« " 0*co^ iteoq ^.q-f AJtert iig,A.itA.nocxoXoc | ^^.n- 
o-con 2^€ i}Lupo4>KXHc -s- 2,A.nKeo*cojt 2^e ilpeq- 
g^ittjenrto-yqi 4- ^A.nKeo'ron T^e i}uut^.it6cu)OT 4- 
neAiL ^^.rtpeq^c&a) 4- " npoc cofi.'f vcre 
niA.vioC'5- erg^oofi. ili"2kiA.Koni^ 4- e*cJca5T ilxe 

^ ^^ U|A.nTenepKA.T^ XHpen e+Ju.exo'rA.i itxe 
mrt^.2,i"4- nexsL nexsLi nrre nojHpi ii^-f 4- 
e'cpcDJULi nxeXioc-s- errgi nxe •f^jL^.m nrre 
4>AJL02, ii.nxc'5- ^^g^in^. itxengxeju-gconi 
enoi nKo-cxi itA.Xo-y^- epe n^ujiJtxi ^lo-ri jjl- 
jULon. eTo-ccoxe& ijuuLon efi.oX j6ert oho-v 
iti&eit fixe i"AJLexpeqi-cfi.a) ;6en i"iaffi.i^. 
nxe nipcojULi ;6eit o*cju.excefi. -s- npoc niKoxc 
nxe i"nXi.nH. 
i*enipi 2i.e noAJLHi ;6en o*cA.VA.nK JULA-pen-f^i^.! 

A.qep€(om. B^rDEjFL)^-] c^-Gr. J^BCDEFGKP al pier it vg reB 
Or Euth Cyr &c. ^qi"] cf. Gr. ^<*AC*D*FG 17. io8* j^^ cat*** def g 
vg arm &c. ^ 2^€] + C&oX, B» : om. Ei* 18. Ot] om. B*. efiHX] 
om.BS 0( + T, E2)n]cf. Gr.: om. rHJNO i8*; for om. ir/>»Toir cf. Gr. 
N*AC*DEFGO»> 17.46.67***«*deg am^aeth^t'OrEothCyr &c. 
eniCA.] cf. Gr. NABCD«KLP al omn^* f vg arm 8yrP Euth Cyr &c.: 
eniAJL^ 'the places/ F: Cnu, L, cf. Gr. D^EF^'G d e g go 8yr«* ar« 
aeth &c. eXC^.] om. H*M. ^° 4>h] L»AB»r*EGMN0P: +2ke, 

T*i^DFHJKL. -oje i°] + nA.q, l«t*dfkl. ne ex.] om. 
ne, HJ: nex., dl. -oj^ 3°] +i^^^> 'pfk. cA.nga5iJ om. 
FM homeot. iini4>Ko*ci] eni4>., L«T*B»rN0P. RxeqxooK] 
itxeq^ceK, J. efi.oX ng^coA m&en]A: it(om. h«J)2,. n. 
e&oX, lft' &c.: om. efi.oX, GLMP. " ^^.nfceo*ron i«] 

EPHESIANS IV. 9-15. 359 

captive a captivity, he gave gifts to [the] men/ • But the 
going up, what is it except that he went also to the parts 
which are below of (the) earth? *°He who went down 
is he also who went up above all the heavens, that he might 
complete all things. "And he (pron.) gave indeed apos- 
tleSy but some as (JjL) prophets, but others as preachers of 
good tidings, but others as shepherds and teachers ; . ^^for 
perfecting of the saints, unto a work of the Tninistry, unto 
a building of (the) body of Christ. *^ Until we all attain 
unto the oneness of the faith and (the) knowledge of (the) 
Son of God, unto a full grown man, unto a measure of 
the stature of (the) fulness of Christ : ^* that we may not 
be little children, thrown by (the) wave, being carried away 
in every wind of the doctrine, in the sleight of the men, in 
[a] craftiness towards the wiles of [the] error, ^*But 
doing (the) truth in [a] love, let us grow in (it) all things 

L'T^AF^DEFKL 18: g^A.riKeX^O'^I^I* BV om. JC€, r*GHJM 
NOP. itpeqg^I . . . 2i.e] om. Aj homeot., obs. Gr. K. g^^^ltKe- 
0*COIt a°] T'AiEi^jHJa 18: om. KG, L» &c. : a^*^^0*COIt, Jj. 

iJUULA.n.] it2^, dfkl. ^^cofi.-f ilxe] ael. 

cf. Gr. I. 109. 114. 121. 178. : ncoKi" llx€, L«B»rDFG«( + ni)HJ 

MNOP 18: ixncofL-f rt, T'K. e^g^cofi.] eo-cg;., k. i". 

2iia.KO(CJ0, AiEJ)ni^] A, cf. Gr. D*FG praem r^r: 2kl('f , E)A.KO- 
niA., LKT* &c., cf. Gr. rel. ilXenca)AJL^Jl.»T*AB*EGMNOP 
18 : ii(eAJL, F)nc. , FDFHJKL. iXUXc] L«TtAB»rEGMN 

OP 18: ilx€nxc> DFHJ|«8KL. ^^ ttjA.rtxenep] t*ahj: 
ajA.T"enep., l» &c. jcA.xA.rt(om. r*)x^n] KA.x^it, Ei*k. 

THpeit] -pec, 3° person, DFK 18. RGAJH] AgEGMNP: 

niejJU, LffT*Af &c. iUL4>1"] K'T"€., H*. €*CpCJOAJLl] L»AEF 

G«KM: ecrp., B*DHJNO: onrp., TLP 18. ergi] eo-ccg^*K: 
€ngi, HJ. ilxei"JU.a.iH] ili"AiL., b»dfkl. ^* rtKo-cxi] 
ng^A-itK., HJ. &IO-CI] 2,1, b*?. eHo*c] 'pfdEiFgoh^jk 

0P«: eKnO*C, by error, LbAi'2B»E2G*L*MNP* 18. ilX€^- 

xierp.] n't JUL., 0. j6entK(oin. E2)*c(i, dfh*j,.8*k)&.] 

om. j6eit, G*. -&IA.] cf. Gr. NB*D*FGO>»P Euth. HI- 
KO(CO, rNO*)Tc] cf. Gr. A. " enipl Ac] of.? Gr. FG 

0X7^109 dc iroiovvrcr, item d e f g vg &c.: om. 2^.6^ FHJ. 

360 npoc e4>ecioYC- 

ftg^cjofi. ni£.ett ejfcofrt epoq ere Reoq ne 

epoq Of og, A.qi'iULA.'f j6ert ofg^ioi e£.oX 
g^nreii niiULonrr nifi.ert iiTe nicA.2,ni4- k^xa. 
ni6p^u)£. j6ert ofoj^ ^"^^^ 4>ofA.i 4>of^i iim- 
juLeXoc qipi iULni^.i^.i rnre niccojuu.^- erKcoT 
n^.q j6en of^v^UK. 

*C ^'^ <f>A,i 2^e 'f xco iijuLoq onrog, -f epAiieepe j6ew 

HOT ecHxeuLopeTenuLoai xe jjL ^^pH^ ere 

nieeitoc julooji iJUULoq-s- j6en o^jULere^XHO^ 
hire no^^HTT *• " ef oi itx^J^i j6ett nof- 
AJLenri^s- efoi ncge-«AA*-o juLnicwitj^ itTe ct'f *• 
eeJS.e •fjuLex^.xeAJLi excgon iliiHTOf*- eefi.e 
niecoAJL tire nofg^nx -s- ^* rn^i ex^^ep^T- 
o^ ixK^.^ I ^.fTKiTonr ijuuLA.fA.xoT ej^pHi 
ef cujq efg^oo^L itxe tfcbjieJUL rtiJS.ert j6en 
ofAiiextfl nzonc^s- 
ir} 20 Jteujxert 2i.e hh exA.f ennonr A.rt juLtia.!- 
pK'f enxp^ *^ Jcxe AwXexencoeAiieq *• onrog, 
A.f ennonr RjfcHxq ka.xa. ^^pH'f exe 
otJuueBJULM exxH j6eit ihc *• *^ Rxexeitx^ 
€i6pHi ^ooxen ijLnexeit^iitiULocgi itxe ojopn 
nipcjoAJLi ilA.nA.c^ 4>h eeitA.XA.Ko ka.xa. iu- 
eniefiULiA. itxe -fA-HA-XH ^^ itxexeit€pfi.epi 
^e jfcert ninitA. itxe nexeng^ux*- ^*ofog, 

exeiteoq . . . ^* epoq] om. B» homeot. (Petraeua copying L 
omitted He). " ^OOXU] &OXn, AiTDEgN : pref. e, F. A.qrf ] 
L»AB*E1ILP*: eqi", TTDGMNOPo i8: q^f, FJK. OfP,IOlJ 
-^lOf I, L^Tfc. ^IXeit] 2,1, F. niAiL( + a5, F)OTXj AE: 
Of AiLOf X, OLMP : om. Itl, L«T* Ac. AJieXoc] cf. Or. AC 14. 
66°»« vg 8yrw»» Cyr &c. qipl] eqipl, T*B*FHJK 18. nA.q] 
iTuiita6, cf. ? Gr. »D*FG 37. 106. 109. a^^ Cyr. " 2^e] L«T»ArEGM 

NOP: Ofn, B»DFHJKL: IXeit, 26. ( + 6, L)ep€XeitAiL.] 

e(om. FjOpexexeitw.., fk. exeiti] rtxeiti, b*uj?no*. 


EPHESIANS IV. 16-24. 361 

into liim, who himself is the head, Christ; ^^ he (lit. this) to 
whom the whole body is united and it is (^C|) rationally 
consistent through all the joints of the supplies, according 
to the working in a measure of each one of the Tnembera; 
(and) maketh the growth of the body unto a building for 
him (lt^C|) in [a] love. ^"^ But this I say, and I witness 
in the Lord, for you not to walk any more as the Gentiles 
walk in [a] vanity of their heart, ^^ darkened in their 
thought, being strange to the life of God because of the 
ignorance which is in them, because of the hardening of 
their heart; ^^ these who were without feeling (JULIC^g^) 
gave themselves up to [a] defilement unto a work of all un- 
cleanness in [a] wrongdoing. ^®But ye (are) they who 

have not been thus taught Christ ; ^^ if ye heard him, and 
were taught in him, according as [a] truth which is (^h) in 
Jt'sus : ^ that ye also may put away (lit down) your former 
walk (of life), the old man, which will perish according to the 
lusts of the deceit; ^^but that ye may become new in the 
spirit of your heart, ^* and clothe you with the new man, 

eenoc] cf. Or. »*ABD*rGO»> lo. 17. 47. 51. 67** defg m'* vg 
»eth"t' Clem Euth &c. " nOf JUtefl] HOf., G J 26 : Of., 

HMNP. ixuicjoivi)] eui., FHJK 26: j6enni., p. eeJS.e 
ni.] itcAiini. 'with the/ piuiai, B*. ^* ex^fepA.xijL- 

(eWt, r G 0) KA-g,] eXOf ., H, present ; cf. Gr. affijXyiyicoTcs : 

+ it2,HT", F. ef coKj] eofc, t*jkp. e^g^oofi.] eof^., 

HJK. nifi.eit] of. Gr. KABKLP al pier m'* vg go Clem Ac. 
jfcenOf.] cf.Gr. (exc.DEFG 39). *® F»»« ^^....^i JjIU J^'the Sun- 
day of the new (hirth), in Pentecost,' Ji™« L™« *the first Sunday of Pente- 
cost* (Ji adds ^jA 'for Bulus'). HH eT lSTTjom. HJi)C.] n€T., 
DHJKL«: eXA-fC, B*F. €UXc] L«T*AB*rDGLMOP: om. 

e, EH J: ixn., FKN. " enitof] +oit, hj. enre] itxe, 

y. 0*fJUteeAiLHl] cf. Gr. (exc. FG). CXX^] <>"»• X^> ^^• 
IHC] nXC, B*F: nXC IKC, L. "^^UJTen] om. AfD 

KL. nieniofULiA.] •feme., dfgkl, cf. Gr. de d e &c. 
^^ itTCT'enepfi.epi] cf. Gr. d»> lo. 14. 17. 31. 33. 37. 43. 47. 73. 114. 

k*»' al defg m** vg syr"*' Clem &c. 2^€] om. GMP, cf. Gr. I^Q 

g acth. ;^n] cf.? Gr. B. itxenereit.] tin., h. 

362 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

nxerrerff ^\ okhot ixnipcojuLi JuL&epi ^k 
eTA.nrcortxq4- Kisri. ^"f j6eit o'vixeeJUiHi 
weMJL ofxoffi.o itxe eiULHi«> 

iB 2«eefi.e 4>A.i x^ €j6pKi it'fAiLeeitonrx- ca^i 
ReAiLHi nio'v^.i nio'v^.i neMJL neqa)(t>Kp. xe 
^.itoit g^A-itAiieXoc nitexenepKOT "^ccoitx 
ofog, juLnepepnofii-i- ^^iinenepe <t>pK 
^ooxu exen uexeniiAort 4- onr2i.€ juLnep-f jula. 
iini2^i^&oXoc 4- *® nex (Tfofi ne peq- 
tffof I xe* AiLA.XXort 2.6 jut^peqj6ici eqepg^oofi. 
iineqxix €nm€enA.n€q4- g^m^. iixeqxiJULi ei* 

ic ijL4>H exepjfc^efr t*^CA.xi ni£.en exg^coonr^- 
juLnenepofi efi.oX i6ert pooxen a.XXa. nmee- 
nA.neq e^Koox itxe 'fxP^^'^- g^m^ ilxeqf 
itofg^JULox ititH excooxejuL 4- ^® ofog, ixnep- 
-f juLic^g, itg^Kx JuLnmiu. nxe ^^ 
4>H exA.fepc4>pA.ri^m ixjuiooxeit | ftj^uxq-s- 
enieg^oof itxe nicao'f . 

Ka 3^ UJa-oji mfienf- itejuL i3L&ott iti&eit^ westx xoonx 
itifieii iteAiL COO) efioX ni&en iteiUL xeo'v^ 
nifi.en*- A.Xixonr efioX g^A-pooxeitfr neui 
KA.KIA. itifien-s- 
^^UJconi epexenoi itxpc eitexenepKOT *• npeq- 
aeng^KX epexenx^ efioX itrtexeitepHOf 
KA.XA. ^^Kf exA. ^^t" X^ ncjoxeit efioX j6en 

^^itXexeit-fCom. AgB^HL)] cf. Gr. »B*D»>et<^K 4- 10. 14. 
3'- 37- 43- 47. I^"" defg m** vg syr^*' Clem &c. ** n't" JUL.] 

e^juL., B». iULeeit.] Mjuerrw., teJiLn. noAiLHi] iti"- 

iULeeJUL., B»HJ. 2« D"« ^^A-XaJLOC S. onrog,] om. B». 

" 4>Pk] om. r. nexertjuL(eAiL, fgh^mo) &on] itexeit., e,. 
^* uextfTofi] +^e, h J. juLneitepeqeTToTi] om. mn homeot, 
ftiteqxix] erteqx., hj. enineenA.neq] position cf.? Or. 

N*ADEFG 37. (47). 57. 73. 116. 8p« de f g vg go arm aeth Byr«* ar« 

EPHESIANS IV. 25-32. 363 

which was created according to God in [a] righteousness 
and [a] holiness of (the) truth. ** Therefore put away 
(lit. down) [the] falsehood, speak (the) truth each one with 
his neighbour: because we (are) Tnenibers of one another. 
2* Be angry, and sin not : ^ cause not (the) sun to set upon 
your wrath : neither give place to the devil. ^ He who 
stealeth let him not steal any more ; but rather let him toil, 
working with (it) his hands the good, that he may find to 
give to him who is in want. ^^ AM evil words, cause 
them not to come from your mouth, but (^) the good unto 
[an] edification of the need^ that it may give [a] grace to 
them who hear. ^And grieve not the holy spirit of God 
in which' ye were sealed unto the day of the redemption. 

^^ All bitterness, and all wrath, and all anger, and all 
crying out, and all blasphemy, take away from you, and 
(itGXl) all 'malice. ^^ Be ye hind to one another, com- 
passionate, forgiving one another according as God forgave 
you in Christ. 

» This may refer to God. 

Euth &c. &inA.] om. N. JuLcI>k] om. JuL, AG* by error. cl>K 

exep.] nexep., h j. ^9 nxe-f XP^^] J^'f X-» »* ; cf- ^^' 

NABDcE**KLP a1 fore omn am fu^*** tol demid syr"*' arm Clem Or 

Euth &c. excooxetx] eec, e,. ^^jt^nxq] pref. 

ni6pKi, DKL. e(ii, Lc) uieg^oof] eneg^ooT, fhj: juL- 

neg^OO-r, B». UlCaO'f ] nKOOt"* B' by error. *^ juL(eM., G)- 
Aoit(\ N). . . XOOItT"] cf.? Gr. KABELP al pier go Or Euth &c. 
nCJULCOCy . . . Of^] om. N homeot., obs. Gr. L om. kcu xpavyii, 
22 OJ^^O AB»0, cf. Gr. B 32. 47. 69. 177. I4»~* k"«r arm Clem Or &c.: 
+ 2^e, L«T* &c., cf. Gr. »AD«EKLP al pier f vg syrP Euth &c. epe- 
Tenoi itXPC] epexenottl JuLUXC ' being like to Christ,' B». 

enexenepKOf] ilitex., g. fiitexenepHOf] enex., 

n J: itXeX., M by error. ttOOXen] cf. Gr. KAFGP al plu d e f g 
vg<^i' go aeth Qem Euth &c.: WUX 'iw,' DKL, cf. Gr. BDrE8»KL al 
plu8^^ am fu* syr"*' arm Or &c. 

364 npoc eoecioYC- 

ttjupi ijuuLenpix * ofog, 1x0^1 i6ett ofA.v^uK 
KiJT^ ^pH'f on exA. lixfi jOuulcjo- 
xert ofog, A.qTHiq eg^pKi exen OHitonr iiof- 
npocc^opA. <s- neAJL oTojofgcjoofaji ix^ti" erceoi 
K/S ^^ixopitiA. 2ie itejuL tfobiiejuL nifi.eit le onrjuLer- 
peqtfT iixoitc juLneitepofze j6en 
ennoT ka.xa. ^^pnt" excejuinaA. nniA-vioc 
* nicA^xi eTaof IX nejuL iuca^i jjuuLercox ^ 
le -f juLexefxpA.neXoc rtA.i eTcejuingA. itA.i- 
xonr A.XXA. AiLA.XXon-j- otoien^^Mxo^. 
* 4>A.i VA-p epexeneAJLi epoq ofog, epexeitcooofit 
juuuLoq4- xe nopnoc iti&en^- le A.KA.eA.p*Toc 
iti&eit le peqtfT itxonc ni£.eit eTe 'fjuLer- 
gAJULaei2wa5Xoit nre ixuLonxeq KXaponojuLiA. 
JuuuLA.nT'fi- j6en -fjuLexofpo nnre n^cc neut 

'^y «Unenepe £,Xi epg,A.X jjutxuoTen^ j6eit g^A-it- 
OH CA.XI efcgo**^*^ "S- eefi.e nA.i VA-p | qiiKonr itxe- 
nixconT itxe ^^ eg^pai exeit nicgnpi itTe 
-fAiiexA.xeajx itg^HX-fi- ^ ixnepacwni ofn 
epexenoi itg4>Hp epcooT *• * nA.pexenoi vA^p 
ii^i^Ki riofCHOT •f nof 2^e ofOTCJomi j6en nw. 

^Onr(om.N)n] L^T^ABTDEFLN, cf. Gp»: om. GHJKMOP. 
-Om] 01, B» by error. ^ on] L«T'ArEGMNO : om. B*D FH JK 

LP. iOuULOOTen] cf. Gr. K^ABF 32. 37. 71. 73. 116. 122* 238. 6»~'* 
m" aeth'**' Clem Euth &c. OHnOT] cf. Gr. B 37. 73. 116. m^* aeth"'' 
Dam Victorin. enrCOOl] eOTCeOI, HJ: OfC, B*. ItCeOl] 
LfT'Ai'jB'EgFHKLMNP: llcei, Ai*EiGJi: ftce-T, DJj: om.O: 

itoTcei, r. ^ nopniA.] cf. Gr. »ad»fgp ai. cr(aj, n)«>- 

i)eix\ pref. ni, F. nifi.en] position cf.? Gr. J^ABP 17. 31. 39. 

Euth &c. le ofiULex.] nejuLOTjuLCT., T^: nejuuuLer'., n. 
-peqtfi] cm. peq, EgK. necpA.n] noTpA.n, t'. excejuL- 

nojA.] eXA.ciJL., B» by error. * niCA.XI i«] Ai*2r*EGM 

EPHESIANS V. 1-8. 865 

V. Be ye tlten like to God, as beloved children; *and 
walk in [a] lave, according as also Christ loved you, and 
he gave himself for you an offering and a sacrifice to God 
unto an odour of fragrance. ^ But [the] fomicaium, and 
all uncleannessy or [a] wrongdoing, cause not them to say 
their (lit. her) name among you, according as it is worthy 
of the sainfits ; * [the] empty words, and [the] words of folly 
or [the] jesting^ these which it is not worthy to do: but 
(^) rather* [a] thanksgiving. *For this ye are knowing 
and ye are recognising, that no ^fornicator nor unclean man 
nor wrongdoer, which is [the] idolatry, hath inheritance in 
the kingdom of Christ and God. ^ Cause not any one to 
deceive you in empty words, for because of these things cometh 
the anger of God upon the sons of [the] disobedience. '^ Be 
not ye then sharers with them ; ^ for ye were being darkness 

■ Lit.* every,' thus again. 

NOP, cf. Gr. AD*FG 23. 31. 39. it vg Euth &c.: pref. OfO£,, LkT» 
A,'Bar«DFHJKL. cf. Or. KBD«KLP al pier syrP arm &c. W£JJl\ 
cf. Or. »*BD«KL al pier aeth"*' Clem &c.: 16, DFK, cf. Gr. »*AD*F 
GP 23. 31. 39. cw it vg syrP arm go Euth &c. •f'iULexe(A., MN)T- 
T(om. M)p^ne(K, D)Xoc] om. 'f , L^^H*: -XpO-, L'AEP*. 

n^i excejULna^.] exec, b*K; cf.? Gr. kabp (17). 31. 67** 

73. RyrP'°»«' arm Euth &c. Of Cgeu] pref. S, AgT*. * ep€- 

-retteAiLi] L?T*Ai*rEGJMNOP«: exexeiteiuu, h : enren- 

ejULI, Ag: XexeiteULI, B»DFKL, cf. Gr. NABD*FGF al^*^ 
it vg go arm Clem Euth Cyr &c. OTOg^] L»T*ArEGMNOP: om. 
B*DFHJKL. le i°] neJUL, H J. ^J<A.eA.pXOC] KA.e., AD* 

J2L*: -xon, Ttr*GMNP. exe] le, b*: e, l*. julgx- 
g^(e,TtA,'L<^)iULaje(A-, M)] JULexpeqcg-i t^fkl^O; cf. Gt. 

FG it vg Ro &c. Xe] 2iG, T'AEN. Trs. cj^-f neAJLUXC, Aj, 
cf. Gr. Fpr G g ar« Amhrst Zeno. * ^^P] om. F*H*, cf. Gr. K* 

Tert. qttHOT] eqtt., L. nixcjonx] nx., h*. eg^pui] om. 

GM. -fAILeX^XetJOX it&HX] L«T*AEGJ*MNOP: 'f- 
JUteX^XCCJOXeUL, B»rDFHJ(*a copy*)KL. "^ OTH] om. 

HJ. rtttJc{>Hp . . . *0I] om. 0* homeot ' ItA-peXGItOI 

T^p] it^-pexencTf, jj. r^-p] om. b»hJ(,).2. 

366 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

*^ Uooji &0OC ^^.ncgHpi nnre nio'vcjoini • now^^ 
vi^p itxe nioTa}mi4- A.qit^pHi jfceit neeit^.- 
neq m&.en4- iteix of 2iiKeocfitK 4- itexiL of- 
JULCOAILHI ^® epeT'enep2i.oKiAiL^^m xe of 
neepA.nA.q juLn^4- " ofog, juLnepepa)4>Kp 
eitig,jS.HOfi HuToyri.^ tire nx^Ki*- jula>v- 
Xort ^e ofog^ cog^i4- ^^nexofpA. juuuLCJOof 

VA.p itx^^*- o^a^^^ ^^ eepuKexoxonr. 
"Sicwfi. ni&eit ecg^.pe mo'vcjomi cA.2,a}OT a^.^- 
oToong, cSloK g^cjofi. VA-p nifi.€n eeo-cong, 
e&oX OTOf cjomi ne ^* ee£.e <^^^ qxoo juuuloc *• 
xe TCJOHK 4>H exeitKox*- ofog, og^i ep^xK 
e&oX i6ei\ itH eeAJLUJOfx 4- ofog, epe n^C^ 
epofoomi epOK*- 


*c€ " 3Xn^T oTrt ^.Kpi&ooc n^cnnoT xe epexenAJLooji 

itA.ttj itpH-f JuL^^pH^f ^.rt n2,A.nA.xcfi.a5 4- ^XX^. 

ii.4>pKi' n2^^ 4- " epexencgcwn JOLni- 
cKOf xe meg^oof ce^ujoT " €efi.e ct>A.i ixnep- 
cgcjoni epexeitoi n^-xg^HX ^XXa. Kuf xe of 
ne c|)OTa)ttj ik^'f ^®ofO£, iJLnepeij^i ifceit 
nKpHfr 4>H exeofort onrjuLexA-xofx^i gon 

AiLOaO +OfIl, T*HJK. •nOfXA.g,] HlOfX., KN?. 
niOf OOmi] cf. Gr. »ABD*E*FGP 6. lo. 17. 47. 67** 179. 213. it vg 
go 8yr»ch arm aeth Euth &c. neOIt^^neq] CHOf 2^K, J. ^I (T,T*)- 

Keo(+nr, E2M)cf(om. A2*)nK] a^iKeoc mfi.eit, h. ^^ epe- 
xenep.] exexenep., g*. nee(x, G)p^ttA.q] ne eep., 

TTN. " hA-XOfXA-g,] om. K. ^e] om. N. Onrog,] 

om. DFJ2«KL. " HCXOf pA. iSjULCJOOnr VA.p] L^AgE: KK 

ex. &c., GMP: nexo•cp^- vA.p iSjuLUJo-r, Ai^d^Jj^^jL: 
( + it, K)nK exoTpA. v^p ijuuiaoonr, b*fhk: nn r^-p 
eTOfpA. ijuuLCJooT, TtrNO: itnH exofpA. jGuulooot, 
D«. ne] om. AjB*. eep.] e^ep., P: exep., f. ^^ &w)fi." 
AEN*: +2ke, L8T* &c. ecij^pt] ffl^pe, p. nio-vciomi| 

EPHESIANS V. 9-18. 367 

once, but now a light in the Lord. Walk as children 

of the light ; ^ for (the) fruit of the light was in all good 
and [a] righteousTiens and [a] truth — ^^ proving what is 
pleasing to the Lord ; ^^ and be not sharers with the un- 
fruitful works of (the) darkness, but rather even (OfOg^) 
reprove (them); ^=2 for the things which they do secretly 
it is a shame even to mention them. ^^ All things which 
the light reproveth are manifested: for everything which is 
manifested is [a] light. ^"^ Therefore he saith: 'Eise thou* 
who sleepest, and stand (up) from them who are dead, 
and Christ shall enlighten thee.' 

^* See then carefully my brethren, in what manner ye are 
walking, not as unwise^, but (^) as wise ; ^^ buying the 
time, because the days are evil. ^^ Therefore be not ye 
foolish, but (^) understand what is (the) wish of God. 
^® And be not drunk with (lit. in) (the) wine, in which there 

» Lit. *he.* *> Lit.'wisdomless.' 


nox, T». ni&en 2°] om. f. €e(x, 0)Ofoit2,] afdEiH : 

-ooitg^, L«i^ &c. ^* qxcjo] A.q2C(J0, M: eqxo), L. D«»« 

le^eXXMJC : L"« L^rAramija; Ii{^ Ei"»»0 L^\ cyUife. 'the hidden 
things of Aramiya' ; ohs. Gr. G"« *in secreto Enoch.' 4>K GXeitKOX] 
L'TkAFEGMNOP: neX., B»DFH«JKL. e&oX] om. L. ItH 

eejuLCJoofT] iteoiut.., d. OTog, epe] om. ofog^, h. 

F«n« 1^1 *the end (of the lection).' " ^.(6, P) Kpifi-CJOc] position Hunt ,8. 

cf. Gr. »*B 17. 31. 73. 80. 118. Or &c. HA-CIlHOf] of. Gr. »«A 
vg Pelag : trs. before ^Kp., H J, position cf. Gr. K^' &c. GpC- 

xeitxiLoaji] L«AEHJ: A.p., 18: ex^pexeHAjL., T*B»r 

DFGKLM(N)OP. it (om. T') pK'f i5L4>] om. N homeot. ^\\\ 

om. DFK.^] c^&KO-r, B» ^« epexencg^n 

( + 1, B*E2L*N)] -cgon, El. " epexeitoi] om. 01, n*. 

K^i"] of. Gr. KABP 17. 67** 73. 118. syr*»^ arm aeth Euth &c. ^^fl 
L^AgFEGMNOP i8*, cf. Gr. A 14. 55. 66** 109. 115. 178. 31* 81* d e 
vg^i* am* demid t^i^^ra &e. : UOC, 'PAi'B^DFH JKL i8«, cf. Gr. rel 
Euth &c. " UKpn] UIHpn, L i8«. 4>k] <tA.I, B». OT- 

JUL€rTA.X.] om. Onr, B»H. aon] LkTFGMNOP: om. AB*DE 
FHJEL 18. 

368 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

ninKH "eperrencA^i j6ert eHitoT4- itg^^it- 

ixniu-TiKon-i- epexeitg^coc ofog, eperertep- 

aeng^JULox ftcKonr itiKert eg^pni ezeit onron 
nifi.eit4- ;6en 4> iJLiien^ wc uxc*- next. 
cj^-f cj^icjox*- " epexeittfno nzooxen nne- 
xenepKO-r jfcert 'f&o'f itxe nxc*- 
K^ *" Hig^iojULi jULA-po-rtfTiexooonr ititofg^A.! ixctpHi" 
juLnOT 23 xe nipooAff.! xA.4>e it-fcg.iJULi n? 
ii^^pH-f iiuxc-fi- exe rr^^e li'feKKXHci^ 
xe* neoq ne ncooxHp ixniccoiA^.^- " ^.XX^. 
iS.ctpK'f efeKKXaciA. (Trio Hxtvc juluxc n^»- 
pK'f g^oooT ni^iojuLi Jut^pof(ritexa5onr ititof- 
^A.1 i6en g^oofi. ni&eit. 
"HipoojuLi A.pi^rA.nA.rt itnexeitg^iojun k^xa. 
4>pKi" exA. nxc €p^vA.nA.n it'feKKXRci^ 4- 
oTog^A.qxKiq eg^pKi excwc*- *"2,m^ nxecfro-TT- 
&OC eA.qxofJS.oc ifeert nicjoAiic nxe niJULax)nf 
itg^pKi j6en ncA.xi *^g,m^ itxeqx^g^e -feicKXH- 
ciA. n^-q ep^xc ecjieit otcjoot 4- juLJUion ^(fiti 
iij6HXc le eooXeJS. le ftx^i ii4>pH'f ilitAJ4- 

" €pexenCA.Xl] pref. of Og,, H J. it2,A.Il^A.X.] cf. Gr. 
KAD^'EsTGKL al pier f vg«Jd laohm Euth &c.: J^eHg^It., B»HJ, 
cf. Gr. BP 17. 67** 73. 116. 118. d e vff go &c. ^a52s.H] U)2wK, FL: 

^a52s.e, EjN. juLnitA-xiKon] om. ijL, tn. ep^A.Xiit] 
om. ep, B»H*. juluot] l«aeJiO: euoc, T* &c. j6enii€- 

Xeng^HX] cf. Gr. K«ADEFGP 47. 8i>« it vg go 8yr«*etP"« &c. 

2® nxc] om. El*. nejuL4>'f ] oTog, 4>i-, h. 4>kjox] 'nA 

B»DFHKLP: pref. Of Og^, L-frEGJMoNG 18, cf.Gr. ^i gp^. 

Xeit.] pref. Of Og^, D(F)KJL -(Tno] AjDEHJKL 18: -tflton, 
L«TtA2B»rFGMN0P. HXc] cf. Gr. KABLP alfere^^f vg bjt^ 
arm aeth go &c. : HOC, B*, cf. Gr. K. ^^ AJLA.pOf (TlteXtJOOf ] 

cf. Gr. » A P al fere^® f vg go arm aeth Euth &c. RltOf g,^] HOf - 

EPHESIANS V. 19.^7. 86d 

is [a] difisolttteneBS, but (^) be ye completed in the spirit; 
^* speaking among yourselves, psalme and hymns* and 
spiritual songsy praising and playirig to the Lord in yonr 
hearts; ^giving thanks always for all^ in (the) name of 
our Lord Jesus Christ and (neu.) God (the) Father ; ^ being 
sul^ect to one another in the fear of Christ. ^'Let the 
wives be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord. 
^ Because the man is (the) head of the wife, as Christ is 
(the) head of the churchy he is (the) saviour of the body. 
^^But (^) as the church is subject to Christ, thus also let 
the wives be subject to their husbands in everything. 

** [The] men love your wives, according as Christ loved 
the church, and he gave himself for her ; ^ that he might 
sanctify her, having sanctified her in (j^CIt) (the) baptism 
of the water in (il^pKI j^eit) (the) word, ^ that he might 
present to himself the church being in [a] glory, not spot 

* lit. 'blessings.' ^ 'Mod/ not expressed but probably intended. 

2,^1, AiB*«L. ^* nipOJAJLl] cf. minusc mu Clem &c. Il€ i^] 

ViXJC eX€, L. Xe] AB»E|H: ne, L«T* &c.: om. Ej. 
neO(C0, B»)q] cf. Gr. »*ABD*E*FG 72. 73. 112. 178. d e f g vg Clem 
Euth &c. ne 2°] cf. Gr. H«D»>etoE**KLP al pier syr"*' arm go&c: 
om. O. cf. Gr. H* AB D* E*FG 17. d e f g vg aeth Olem Euth &c. ncu>- 
XKp] CCDp, LP ; cf. ? Gr. K* A 3. 17. 57. 70. Clem &c. ** (ffto 

nza)(0, E,: e, H*)c] a,* eh &c., as before? : (fiXOIl ibcOOC, LfAi» 
DGK &c, as before?: (HtCI^CCOC, B\ itltCV^^l] simple posses- 
sive, cf.? Gr. AD«E**KLP al pier fg syr"*' arm aeth go Clem &c 
**J1[eTen£JOJUH] cf. Gr. FG Thdrt it vg arm aeth &c eXA.- 

nx^ eoxc, Ei*. *" itX€cixoffi.oc] -fi.a)c, t«. eA.q- 
xo'cAoc] ofog, A.(eA., Ji)qx., hj. jfceit] g^ixert, hj. 
nicoiULc] ncjoAiLc, dfkl. ncA.xi] nic^.xi, b*. " &in^] 

om. N. ltA.q €pA.Xc] trs. BpUTC U^q, FK, cf.? Gr. D«EK 
al longe pin syr"^^ &c. Cp^XC is part of the periphrasis for wapor 
oT^trjj, but aiT6s is not expressed, and Cp^XC is transferred to the 

position of aMip. IC (61, At) ItX^O ^^' ^* ^^'' '^ KGeit- 
(ft, L«D)X^.J>T*&<}. 

YOL. III. B b 

870 iipoc e4>ecioYc. 

A.XX^ &in^ iiTecgconi ofog, ecoi 
nA.xea}Xefi. 4- *• n^-ipa-f ^ooot ttipooiULX cejui- 
n^A. itTonrepA.rA.nA.n nnonr^ioiut.i ii^pHi" 
itno'vcooAiLA. 4- 4>K r^-p exepA.rA.iu.ii nxeqcg^i- 
JULI 4- A.qepA.VA.nA.n iJUULoq iijULA.fA.xq *• 
*• Une g^Xi rA.p juiecxe xeqcA.p2: eneg,, a^XXa 
eg A.qcgA.ttof ojc 4- ofo^ a)A.qepeA.Xnm iuUtfLOC4- 
oe KA.XA. ^pH-f g^ujq I jjunxj^ exA.qipi ivfexr 
kXkcia.4- *®2ce A.nott 2,A.itx«-eXoc nxe neq- 


•^ Ge&e c^Aj epe nipa}AiLi4- x^ neqioox nejtx xeq- 
iULA.Y itca)q4' ofog, eqexoAxq exeqcg^iJULi 4- 
ef ecgconi juLnS eTCA.p^ nof cwx ** nAJJUifc- 
XKpion onrnig'f n€4- A.itoK 2we •fxco ijuuLoc 
. enxc neAJL •feKicXHciA. 4- '^uXkh ftewxen 
£,u5xeit KA.XA. ^onrA.1 ^onrA.1 ijUuLa5xen4- lixeqcg^iAiLi iineqpHi" 
-fc^iJtjLi 2^e 2,0)0 4- &mA. nxecepg.o^f j6a.x&k 
iiLnec^A.1 4- 
«f ^Higupi cooxeAiL iicA. nexeitio-f jfeeit n^. ^a.i 
rA.p onrg^cofi. ixiuuii ne newcox 
itejuL xeKAJLA.f exe eA.i xe •f enxoXn itg,of rf 
exj6eit nia}C£)4- '&inA. Rxe nineenA.neq 
cgcjoni nA.K4* ofog, lixeKep oTiiig'f ft^poi^oc 
g^ixeit niKA.^14- * mio-f juLnepi^xcoitx nnexen- 

A.XXA.] om. J. g^lHA.] om. L. ** g^COOf ] cf. Gr. A (B 17. 

RyrP)DEFGP 213. it vg go aem &c. ItltOnrCCOAILA.] ct Or. 
(exc. D*E*). nxeqcg^lJULI . . . A.VA.nA.It] om. 0* homeot 
"^'TA-p] om. L, cf. Gr. 17. ajA.qttI.] pref. e, B». Onro^ 

gA.qep.] o. itxeqep,, b*L: om. ofog,, hj. JEinxc] 

eXA^nXC, B*; cf. Gr. »ABD*FGP 17. al** it vg Byr«*' wm aeth go 
Euth &c. '® neqCCDJULA.] cf. Gr. »*AB 17. 67** a©th«*' Method 

JSuth sine additamento. ^^ D»« reitecXC : A2 aJdl ^ 'the book 

of the creation/ neqiUJX] cf. Gr. ^AD^EKIiP al plor •yr«* 

.. ' ■ ..'■.■• 

EPHESIANS V^ a8— VI. 4. 371 

in her or stain or *any such thing; but (^) that she might 
be holy and stainless. ^^Thus the men also ought to love 
their wives as their bodies. For he who loveth his wife 
loved himself. ^ For no one ever hated his flesh ; but 

(^} nourisheth it and cherisheth it, according as Christ also 
did the church ; ^ because we (are) members of his body. 

^^ Therefore the man shall leave his father and his mother, 
and shall join himself to his wife; they (the) two shall 
become onefl^sh. ^This mystery is great: but I (pron.) say 
(it) of (e) Christ and the church. ^^Nevertheless ye also 
sevei^aUy each of you, let him love his wife as himself ; but 
the wife also, that she may reverence (lit. fear) her husband. 

VL [The] children obey your parents ** in the Lord : for 
this is a righteous work. 'Honour thy father and thy 
mother ; that is to say, the first commxmdmerni which is in 
the promise, ^ that the good may be to thee, and that thou 
mayest spend a great time upon the earth. ^ [The] fathers 

* Lit.' something as these.' ^ Lit. 'Others.' 

aeth &c. XeqjULA.f] cf. Gr. P 31. 47. io8* 219** vg Byr«*» arm 
aeth &c. ereqCg^IJULl] cf.? Gr. H*AD*FG 17. 37. Il6. &c. 
ri yvpauci eTeojCOni] L«T»Ar*EGMNOP: pref. OTOg^ B*r» 
DFHJKL, cf. Gr. JuLnS] -RlE, GHMOP. '* HeAJL-f] cf. 

Gr. BK 4. 51. 72. 73. al'® &c. ^ nXuit] uXm, MN, K^.XA.] 

om. H, jOLneqpH't"] cf. Gr. DEFG it vg Dam. 

1 F»« 'the second Sunday of Mcsiy.' jfceitllOT] cf. Gr. l*AD*>et« 
EKLP al omn^»d yg syr"** arm aeth Or Euth &c.: ^6^1X11^0, B*. 

<t>A.i] <1>K, G M : om. L. * XA-ie] XA.IO, H. D "»« reitecic : 

Ai"«2"'Ei"« LiL.,3l\ 'Deuteronomy.' TeKJtXATt] cf. Gr. F«^G 37. 
47. 115. 219. 238. al pauc g vg«i« BjT*^^ aeth &c. 'f'eitXoXK Ac] 

•faofi-f iieitxoXK, b». eTj6€itnia>a] ii^niuoof, P; 

of. Gr. DEFG. ' ItA.K] AF: XMJtXOK, L«T* &c. niK^.&l] 

HK., J P. ♦ ItHO-f] pref. OfO^, B*DFKL. i"XU)ltT] am. 

B b 2 

m npoc e4>ecioYc. 

...^X- cgnpifr a-XXa. gA.itofgonr j6€it onrc&oo neu. 

X^, Ji onrKA.'f Rxe hot*- 

^Hi€£.iA.iic carreiUL iicA. rtexeiKJTceTr ka.x^ 
cA-p^*- jfeen onrg^o'f nexn ofceepxep*- i6en 
oTiUL€TA.iiXoTC ftxe n€rr€naRX4- ^vjc epe- 
xencooxetiL itcA. noc •jfceit bnrjULex&AX 
iJL&u)ic A.I1 ii^^pirt" !taA.npeqp^iicDonr Riu- 
poDJUu<6> ^XX^ ijL^pK*f n^A.ite&.i^.iic irre 
n^ccfr epexempi Xinexeg^ite <t'f efi.oX j6€n 
nexeit^XW *• ^ neM. ofAJieTi en^-iteq £,(joc 
epexeitoi Xi&cDK iinac ^ o'vo^ puxtxi ^it ^ 

• GpexeneiULi «• xe nio'v^i nio'VA.i «• 4>r | exeq- 

lu^iq XSLneeitA-neq ^i.i qnA.tfTxq itxen n^4- 
ix€ £.0)1:^ ixe peiui^e^ 

• Ofog, itecDxeit g^tjoxert j6a. nicTfcenr ^pio'vi 

ncooT ii.iu.ipK*f<6> epexeitx^ efi.oX 
zconxfr epexeneiju xe neooonr nexiLcoxen 
nexeitOT gon j6eit ni4>HO'vi onrog, ijuuLon 
xofojx eg,© nA.^p^.q4- 

r. ^ 

ici| ^^ Ilceni 2we ilitA,i n^^citHonr xexjLnoAJL'f j6eit rot 

nfeiUL j6ert n^jui^.p,i Sxe xeqxoAii "onroa 

juLoi g,i oHnonr juLnij^ooK XKpq itxe ^'f^ 
gjin^ SxexengxeAiLXojuL no^i ep^-xen 
eKHonr oxSlC niKoxc nxe ni2ii^.&.oXoc 4- 
"x€ n^.p6 ueit'f gon ^it oT&e cA^p^; 
2,1 crtoq ^XX^ onrfi.e itiA.pXHt of&e*- iti- 
e^oxcit. ofile itiKociULOKp^xoop itxe n^- 

Ofcfi-Co] "f cfi.CD, definite, H J,. * KA.XA. CA.p^ podtlon 

c-f.?Gr. DEFQKL al pier cat^* &c. XHeXA-UXonrcJ JULCX- 

2,^nXonrc, b^dfJjL: -2,A.nXonr, h*. nexertg^Kx] 

flCltg,., B» by error. IIOCj cf. Gr. AL 17. 39. 47. &o. • Of- 

JULex&A.X] 2,A.itAiLexfi.^ j,. ix^^pn-f i°] pref. A. XX/L, 

L* by error. peqp^.noOO'V • . . ^A-It] om. B»0* homcot. H^^ 

EPHESIANS VI. 5-ia. 3i7* 

anger not your children: but (^) nourish them in an in- 
struction (c&co) and an understanding of the Lord. 

^ [The] servants obey your masters according to flesh in 
[a] fear and [a] trembling, in [a] singleness of your heart, 
as obeying the Lord, ® not in [an] eyeservice as pleasers of 
[the] men ; but (^) as servants of Christ, doing the will of 
God from your aovls; ^with a good thought, as being 
servants to the Lord, and not man : ^ Knowing that each 
one — that which he will do good, this he will receive from 
the Lord, whether servant or free. ® And ye also, namely 
the masters, do to them thus, putting away [the] anger: 
knowing that * their and your Master is in the heavens, and 
there is not regard of person with him. 

^^ Finally^, my brethren, take courage in the Lord, and in 
(the) strength of his power. ^^And clothe you with the 
whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against 
the wiles of the devil, ^^ Because our fight was not being 
to us against fl^h and blood, but (^) against the rulers^ 

■ Lit.' they with you your MaHter.' *» Lit. '(the) rest of these.' 

cf. Gr.: UOT, G. g^ne] +ijL, FO. Itexen'^rfXH] I^AB'E 
GHJjLM: Tereit^lr., TTDFK(N)OP singular. 4nrXH • . . 
' epereit] om. N homeot. ^ &C0C] cf. Gr. l*ABD*FGP al 

plus^® def g in®* vg syr**^ rell Euth &c., but tre. before dovXcuoKrcF. 
pCOJULl] L»AB*rEJa: pref. S, T*DFGHKLMNOP; cf . ? Gr. B aeth, 
Kinguhir. « niO'V^I niOT^.1 (om. 2^ N)] position cf. Gr. ABDE 

FGP al fere 2® d e f g m®* vg aim Petr Euth &c. ^H 6X6 (A., T^E, 
MNP)] cf. ? Gr. »oADEFGP 3. 17. 31. 37. 39. 67. 73. 116. 

ai'^&c. qn^tfnrq] exeqitA.(frrq, h^Jj. •g^ooTen] 
om. B\ nixujtVT] Rx., K. ileooonr neAiiaoxeit] cf.? Gr. 

N^ABD^f^P 17. 31. 37. 38. 116. 8p* cat^^f vg go arm Clem Euth &c. 
heUJOt = airrol and nexert(Ueil, H*)0C 'your Lord' follows. 
i« F™« * the fourth Sunday of the Fast,' = 26 ; L">« 'the second Sunday of Hunt 26, 
Mesiy.' itnA.l] om. Aj*. ItA.CItKOnr] cf. Gr. ^KLP al pier syr»»*' 

go &c. " ofog,] om. B*. itxeTenaj.] itxeitg., b* by 

error. itO£,l] CO^I, B«DFL. ^^ Weivf OJOH rU.n] om. 

It^It, F; for i^ person cf. Gr. KAD^EKLP al pier vg syrP arm Clem 
Or Did &c mKOCAJL.] UIIC, L«. IUJ;x;A.ICI] UIX-i H: 


874 npoc e<>ecioYc. 

X^Ki onr&e niTmllxiKoit itxe ninerg^CDOY 

K^ ^* 6e£.6 ^iJi (SI fXiiyrew HsiMti^^ XKpq iixe ^•f 4- 
...xoxjL, &iit^ ftxexengxejuLxoxjL ftog^i ep^.xeit 
i> OKnonr j6eit nieg^oof exg^toof. €A.peT"€nep- 

g^cofi. iti&eit og,! epA.xert OHitonr "og^i onrit 
epA.xert oHitonr epexeiu6Kic exen nexetrf ni 
j6en cviULeeiULHi •>- ofog, juloi g^i enno'v 
it'fj6eXifi.g nxe -f^iKeocnritH ^^ajla. nieaH)'vi 
epA.xeit oKitonr j6eit ncofi.-f juLuienr^rveXioit 

X ^* O'cog, ^en g^cofi. iti&eit (Tf ncoxeit iJLniaie&aji 

n nxe nittA.g^'f^' ^^i exer'en | n^ajxejuLxoAJL 

iij6Kxq •5- eoKgeAJL itnicoeiteq TKponr * eejuLe^ 

ftXP^**^ Rxe nmexg^ujof 4- " oTog, (S\ na>- 

Ten it'fiiepiKe4>^XeA. iiTe nmog^ejuL * iteut 

-f cnqi Wre niiuul *• exe nicA.:2Ci itxe ^-f ne ^ 

^•e&oX g^nrert npoce^X^ nifi.eit neiut. 

TCD^fr epexenxa5&£, iicKonr m&eit j6eit 

niuiu.4- ofog, epexenoi najpcoic e4>A.i ii)€it 

ne«JL JULOfit iti&eit nejUL too^ ni£.eit4- e^^pni 

. . • , Ji Qcert HH eeoT^A TKponr 4- ^* itcAn e^pHt 

excjoi 2,05. 
&m^ itcef HKi Ro'vc^^i sb^ti 4>onra5n iipajj 
j6eit Of iu.ppHciA. eof tjong, e&oX JuLniJULTc- 
XKpioit iixe nie^^rveXion *<^4>a.i efepnpec- 

nX->Ax'B»DFJ2KL26: X^^^^T*; cf. Gr. N*ABD*FG 17. 67** 
80. defg m*' vg Byr**etP*«* ann aeth Clem Ath &c.; (for om. rovrov 
Ign. Antioch.) ltI^It^-XIKO^] HIHIU-X., N. Il&pKl] nj6.» 

B**EFH. " nop^i] eog^i, D'L. epA.xeit] €pA.xq, D'. 
€A.pCTreitep2,a5i!Lj TkA2B»<^rEiGHMNo 26: epexenep., 
B»*P: e^pexenenitonr epg^oofi, e,: ofog, ^pexeitep., 
Jj: ofog^^xexenep., D'FKL: oTog, exexeitep., L«A,'. 

^* O&X • • • OKItO-r] om. Jg, cf. ? Gr. D*F«'G d e Gyp &c. Onritl 
om. B»iG. Itexen-f ni] Xexeit., D'L singular. OfOg,J 
om. 26. " JUU.] LsTfcAri^EGMNOP 26: pref. Onrog,, B^P-D* 

EPHESIANS VL 13-20. 37^ 

against the authorities^ against the world-nders of this 
darkness, against the spiritual things of the evil in the 
(places) of the heaTens. ^^ Therefore take to you the whole 
armour of God, that ye may be able to stand in the evil 
day, having done all things, (to) stand \ ^^ Stand, then, gird« 
ing your loins in [a] truth, and clothe you with the breast- 
plate of the righteousness ; ^^ put (lit. give) the shoe to your 
feet in (the) preparation of the Gospel of the pea4^. ^* And 
in all things take to you the shield of the faith, this in which 
ye will be able to quench all the fiery^ arrows of the evil. 
^^ And take to you the helmet of the salvation, and the sword 
of the spirit, which is the word of God: ^^ through all 
supplicaiion and prayer, praying always in the spirit, 
and watching unto this in all perseverance and all prayer 
for all the saints, ^^and for me also. That a word may 
be given to me in (the) opening my mouth in [a] boldness, 
to manifest the mystery of the Oospd, ^this for which 

* The sign of the infinitive has probably fallen oat. ^ ' Full of 

fire/ Peyron, or 'burning with fire.' 

FH J2KL, cf. Gr. uiecooTfi] uiee., Kf. nco&i"] nico&'f , 

T*N : OnrCO&'f , B». " OTfOg, i6en] AB»: cm. OTfOg,, L»T» 

Ac; cf. Gr. i^BP 17. 26. 31. 34. 37. 80. 118. 213. 8p« cat*«* defg m** 
▼g syrP aeth ftc. h. ix,\[\%eSkJ^\\ AE : n^f a{.> feminine, I/'P &c. 

eejULeg,] l»t*ab*ek 26 : eecT, gh)julo(+-c,n)2„ fd^phj, 

LMNOP. "O-COg,] om. 26. i"CKqi] om. 'f, 0. nX€- 

niuit^J jOLnimtZ, h^ Jj. exe] hxe, h*m. ^® xco&g," 
ux., B»: + ni&eit, F. epexenT-co&g,] om. Ei*. onrog,' 

om. 26. epexenoi n] cm. it, H®. e^^.l] 'this,' probably=aW 
without additional tovto, cf. Gr. SABD*FG 17. 31. cat« d ef g m vg 
8yr»»' aeth go Euth &c. JULO'C(om. P)n] pref. Of, H : OnfOlt, by 
error, E,: + e&oX, FK : Onmonf, J,, obs. Gr. DEFG defg go 
gyjtch ar« &c. add iran-or*. THpOTf] cm. F. ^' ItKl] position 

cf. ? Gr. »♦ d e f vg &c. GOTf CJOItg,] + 2^6, F. JOLUIJULf CXK- 

pion] eui., r*? 0. nTeuier^-rveXion] cf. Gr. sadeklp 

al omn^<> d e f vg syr"*' rell Euth &c *® ei"€pll.] om. ep, H. 

376 npoc e4>ecioYc. 

£.eTm fr eg^pRi e^ccoq jfceit onrg^^-Xf cic *• ^im. 
iix^.o-con2,T- e&oX nj6KT-q k^.x^. ♦pirf 

TeiteuLi g^ooxeit ee&HTfr xe of uefp^ 

iluuLoq. eqex^-AHcoTeit fi^(J0&, m&eit ibcexi- 

X^Koc ni^.v^.nKToc ncoit onrog, iinicrroc 

4>^.i..., S2ii^.ica)K i6€it ROT 4- *2^^.i enr^.io'ropnq 

&in^ iixexenejULi eitn enrgou ijuuLoi ofog, 
hx€qi"nojULi" nitexeitg^KT" ^^-fg^ipKHK iini- 
cHHo-c neiiL 0-c^.r^.UK -5- neuL o-cn^-g^i" eJS.oX 
g^ixeit ^i" ^KJOT-s- neiUL nenw iSc nxc 
^*ng,juLox iteuL onron itiJ&en eejuiei ixueni^ 
iHc nxc ifceit 0-cjuLex^.xx^.Ko fr 

npoc e<^cio-cc ^.-ccj^RTc j^eit pcoiULH 
^.Tfonropfi icreti iriX}^oc 

0-C2,^.Xf (H, HJ)CIC] L^AjB^EH J 26: a^-Hg^^-CK, L*)X-C- 
(K, D'FGKL)CIC, plural, T^AiTD'FGKLMNOP. itX^.C^.Xll 
L«T*Aar*EGMNOP : ec^^l, Ai'^B^roDTHJKL 26. " 2keJ 

om. H J. g^CJOTen] position c£. ? Gr. BKL al pier syr"*' arm aeth &c. 
eefijiT"] -Tq, 3** person, 26. Ue'fp^.] L«Ai'gEFKL 26: Ue 
€i"p^., T*B»rGHJMNOP: UGXp^., D'. X^JULa)(0,rDai)- 
Xen V(\ L«T*ArEGJMNOP: -Xen e, B»D'FHKLa6; order 
cf.? Gr. SBDEFGP 17. 37. 116. 120. &c. Itl&en] om. D'L. 

ni^.r^.u.] UA.^.v., H J. ftcoit] cm. 0. JOLnicxoc] om. E ; 

tr8. after 2iI^.Ka)n, 26. 2iIAJC(J0!t]-KOn, B*r. ** €!tK(I, N)' 
linH, FN. jDLM-OI] XJUULOIt 'us,' T»Ai'B»DFL. ^^ -fg,.] 

Tgj.y B*HJ 26. 0-C^.r^UH(I,M)] 'f^V.y B*HJ26. OTf- 
n^g^i"] om. O-C, Al. ^-f] om. KN*. ^4 ug^JULOX] L«A 

B»DEiFHJKLM26: Ulg^.jTTEgGNOP. IteULjii.J. -X^JCO] 
cf. Gr. S*ABFG 17. 73. fg am* tol arm aeth™ Euth : + ^JtlLHIt 
(JUL, N), T'HJNGP, cf. Gr. N«DEKLP al pier vg^** am** fu demid 
al syr"*' go aethPP &c. 

EPHESIANS VL 21-24. 377 

I am an ambassador in a chain ; that I may speak boldly* 
in it, according as it is right for me that I should speak. 
^^ Bat that ye also may know concerning me, what I do, 
Tikbikos, the beloved brother and faithful minister in the 
Lord, shall show. to you all things: ^^he (lit. this) whom 
I sent to you for this thing. That ye may know the 
things which happen to me, and that he may comfort your 
hearts. ^ [The] peace to the brethren, and [a] love with 
[a] faith, from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 
^^ (The) grace with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in 
[an] uncorruptness. 

To Ephesians, it was written in Bome: 

(it) was sent by Tikbikos. 

Stichoi 312, Chapters 6. 

* Lit. 'manifest myself.' 

Subscription. HpOC (om. Ji : om. UpOC, Jj) €^eCIOf C (-COC, 
GHM) ^.-CCJ^KXC j6en pCJOiULK (I, M: om. Ji) ^.f (CO, E,)- 

o7fo(q, Dr)puc (cm. AF) itT-en T-C(I, A)XMom. x}y M)- 

KOC (om. B»), Ai(2)rDEiFGM: the same except g^lXGIt (for 
nxen) and Ji.a interpose CXIX* &«• ^^^ €<l>€CIO-CC, HJi.,: 
the same except ^.CXOOK after e^feCIOfC and g^IXeit, B»; 
of. Gr. al plu : KC^^-Xe^^. f , B» : CT^XP^ (CXOIXOC* D : 

cxix. A) TIE Ke^^-Xecoit (k^X, a,: K^eX, a,: k^, Ei) F, 
A,(2)DE|: cT-cx ^i5 Kc^^-Xeoit (KeX, H) F (+neix, h) 

KO-CZI 'small ' X, FH : CTICC, Ji)^ ^"^ *^/^^ ^K* ^^ ^» '^i-* ' 
CT-CXOC (om. C, T: om. OC, M) tT5 KC^^-XeOIt (K,X 

niticg-f, r) F uiko-cxi (pref. k^X, r-. om. ni, gm) 7v 
pcojULeoc (om. r) V itiJULex(e, G)juLee(x, M)pe F, fgm. 

For Tiff cf. Gr. KLP al plu Euth, and for ftaprvpuu <; Eutb. E^KOP 
bave Arabic, LN have no subscription. 

npoc ^i^nnoic. r. ^ 


mxY^OC nejtx TiJtxoeeoc me&iA,iK inre n3cP 

exaou j6eit ^iXiuuoic-s- iteiu. meuicKonoc* 
nexiL nir^iAJccjon 4* "ng^uLox ncoxen iteiu. 
Tg^ipKitK e&oX g^ixen ^^f nemcox-s- neu. 
nenw ikc nxjc^ 
"fttjeng^AiLox iixen n^.noTf e^pm exeit ne- 
xenuLeri XHpq*- ^^rfp^ ijuuLoq itcHo-c 
ni&en j6eit n^.x(jo^ xaponr e^^pKi excit 
OHito-c XKpo*r jfeeit onrp^-aji *• enpi juLnixco&g, 
* eg^pHi exeit xexeiuuLexg^Kp ♦• ex^cgconi 
juLuiefA-vveXion icxen nieg^oof iig^ofixfr 
S*> i> g^.ei6of n e-fitonr *• • epe ua^hx enx exen 

^^.ifr xe ^K ex^.q€p2,KXc j6eit eRitof-s- 
qit^^CK o'V2^(oJ& eit^.it6q eJ&oX of^. nie^oonr 
nxe IKC u^cc. 
j8 ^ R^.XA. ^pK-f exe onrg^coJi XLuhi | kki ne ^^.i 

• * 

Inacription. UpOC ^I (f, J2)XlUUOIC (ROCIOnfC, L: + K^X, J,). 
H J2L; cf.? Gr. SABE i. 3. 17. 37. 47. 113. 123. al ma go : lipOC 
^ICC, 0)X!UU(om. F)OIC (UOICIOnfC, FD: UOCIOC, 0) F, TD 
FO : npoc 4>lXmriOIC ? H (Ex., add another ^.), AjE,.,: UpOC 

^iXmnoic (HOC, M) ri^.-cXoc, gm: emcxoXu npoc 

^iXmHOCIOC (UOIC, K), KP; cf. ? Gr. 115. 116. 121. al: Cni- 

cxoXk upo ^iXiURocio-cc ^.nof n^.f Xoc ^.nocxo- 
Xoc F, B»: upoc ^iXmnoicio'vc cxnr^X^ na, n. 



I. Paul and Timotheosj the seiYantB of Christ Jesus, to 
all the mints who are in Christ Jesus who are (gon) in 
Philippois, with the bishops and the deacons: ^(the) grace 
to you and (the) peace from God our Father and our Lord 
Jesus Christ. 'I give thanks to my God for all your 
remembrance ^ which I make always in all my prayers for 
you all in [a] joy making the prayer ^ for your fellowship 
which was with (JuL) the Gospel from the first day up to 
now ; * being persuaded about this, that he who began in you 
will complete a good work unto the day of Jesus Christ. 

7 According as it is a righteous work for me to think this 

^ e&IA.IK] aA., AjEj. nXC IKC i«>] cf. Gr. SBDE 109. de: 
IKC HOT, FO, cf. Gr. FGKLP al pier f g vg syr»*' arm aeth Euth &c.: 
om. IHC, K. nitl^-VIOC . . . IKC] om. H*, cf. Gr. 17. ^I(R, A,*)- 
XinUOIc] <t-C>vIflUOC, B»H*: ^iXlRIlOCJOC, OP: pref. HI, 
F. ItieUICK.] niKeen. *the bishops abo,' M. ni2iI^J(CJ0It] 

-Kon, B«GM. * ugpuLox] uig,., o. uemcox] ^icot 

•the Father/ B*. ^ 'fSJ^n . . . ilXeK(om. B*N) U^-nonff ] 

cf. Gr. »ABD«E**KLP al omn^»d vg bjt^^ rell. THpq] XKpOf , 
El* by error. * It^-XCO^g,] U^-TCO&g,, L by error. GIIpl] 

eipl, B^Ej by error. * JuLnief^.W.] AjEH J, : €UI., UT* &c. : 

j6enm., bk ic2:eii (cm. t^e^n) uieg^oonr] cf. Gr. sabp 37. 

k-' Euth. a^]om. 0*. • qn^^eK] +n, TtA,: -XtOIC ft, 

H JgP. IHC ll*XJC\ cf. Gr. i^AFGKP al plu am** demid syr"*' arm 
aeth Euth &c.: pref. UeilOT 'our Lord,' D'L. ''iXAt.KI HKl] 
XJUULKim, L«Ai'K by error. Ue C^Aj] 6(^^.1, H Jg. 

380 npoc 4>iMnnoic. 

ejULeri epoq exeit eHnonr XHpo-c4- ee&e xe 
xexeitXH itj6pH! i6en n^-g^HX-i- iteju. jfcen 

neiUL irTA.xpo KTe nienr^weXioit epeTeitoi 
iici)<t>Kp enig^JULox XHponr ncAit.Hi4- 'n^.- 
iULeepe v^.p ne ^•f-s- ii^pH'f efixei ijuuLu>- 

iKc n^cc. 
• Of og, c^AJ ne-fTa)^ eeJS.Kxq ♦• ^im. Texen- 
^.v^-HK eri JUL&.XXon Keju^XXoit iixecep- 
2^o'vo sb^n ncAiLif- neu. eceecic ni£.eit<> 
^® eepexenep2iOKiiUL&.^itt nitH enrepnoqpi * 
2^in^. hxexeitgconi epexenxof JSlho-ct ♦• 
ofog, epexeitoi iu.xtfpori eneg^oof jfiLnxc 

it«.Ki<> nie&oX g^ixeit ihc u^cc e^cooT nciu. 

y is'l^o-ccog 2^6 eepeTcitejuLi n^-cnno-c xe itH 
exgou jjuuLoi ^m iUL^.XXon ernpoicouH tcre 
nier^-vveXioit " g^cocxe n^-cn^-nrg, nTonrgcoui 
e^ofoitg, e&oX4- jfeen nmpexcjopioit XHpq* 
neiiL Of on ni&eit eTccoxn ^^ofog, ng,o*ro 

om. 2:e, Jj. iVj6pHl i^] ei6pKi, t^g J2. n^-g^HX] cf. Gr. K 
8yr«»^ aeth. IteJULj6eit] om. i6eit, B»H* Jg. iVj6pKI /6en a« 
€j6. i6-» I>'L; cf.Gr. »BD»>et«EKLP al pin Euth &c. TA^noX." 

iULA.n., HJa. uxA^po Rxe] nix. jju T: nrr. ilxe, 
T^D'FHJjKLNO. €pexeitoi Sa-] hTexeitepoj., J^. 

€(ijL, J2)nia.] eU^Ig,., D-^FKL. TRpO-C HGiULKl] eXTOI 
neiULKI, A2J2: oro. THponr, H. • Ue] cf. Gr. NoADf-^E^KLP 
al pier f vg gyrP Euth &c 'f JULe(H, B^Eg)!] om. 'f, J^. IHC 
n^Cc] cf. Gr. FKL al pier f vg<^ tol harl 8yr«>» Euth &c.: U^CC iKC, 
B^HJj, cf. Gr. »ABD*EGP 17. 37. 73. 116. n8. 145. 178. d eg am fu 
demid eyrP arm &o. • nei^XCOJ^] L8T»AD'Ej«tL : Il€ e| 'I ., 

PHTIJPPIANS I. 8-14. 881 

about you all, because that ye are in my heart; and in 
my bonds, and in my defence and (the) confirmation of the 
Gospel ye all are sharing the grace with me. ^For Qod 
is my witness, how I love you all in the tender mercies 
of Jesus Christ. ^And this is that eonoeroing which 

I pray, that your love yet more and Tnore may abound in 
(the) knowledge and all disce^^Ti/merU ; ^^ to cause you to prove 
the things which are profitable ; that ye might be sincere 
and ofiSancelees unto (the) day of Christ ; ^^ and being full 
of firuit of [the] righteousness which is (lit. the) through 
Jesus Christ, unto [a] glory and [an] honour of God. 

^^ But I wish to cause you to know, my brethren, that the 
things which happened to me came Tnore unto an advance of 
the Oospd ; ^^ so that my bonds became manifested in all the 
Pretorion and all the rest* ; ^^ and most (lit (the) more) of the 

* Lit. 'who are left.' 

B^rFGHJjKMNOP: Ue lUXCJO^, Ej* ?. X€XeiULVA.nK] 

L«AiE: nTexeit., "PAj &c.: itxexexen, fk. exi] om. 

H J„ cf. Gr. 37. f vg &c. KeJULA-XXon] om. N, cf. Gr. P. 6Ce€- 

cic] -eH-, P: ceeiiKc, D'L. ^^eepexen] B*r &c.: 
eepexexeit, l»t*fk: eepeit, i» person, ah. neg^oonr] 

meg,., T»GMP. " OTfOg,] L»T»ArEGMNOP: om. B»D'FHJ, 
KL, cf. Gr. -iUL6^] -iULOg^ H JjL (Petraeos correded to iULC^^). 
itOfX^^] uncertain because of Of (erased ?, G), bat Til following 
is singular, cf. Gr. MABDEFGKL al pins'' it vg aeth Enth &c 
elf (q, Eg) coot] eo-CCOOnr, 'PK: erOTCJOOnf, B» by error. 

^* eepexeneuu] eepexenren., fk: epexeit., gmp. 

A.-CI] enri, p. ernpoic 

eo-cn., T*FH«J2K: €n., H*.- 
LIT* : -2^6, A &o. eV 07f Ong,] 
LsT*ArE,HN: -(Oltg,, B* &c. €&oX] Ai*2E, cf. Gr. a««^* Entk 
Dam: + jfeeitn^Q^* Ii«T«Ai"« s>\j lie^ *a copy adding,' &c.: jfc. 
nXC IHC, 0: i6. HOT, K (tr.'the Christ'); for position of U^QC 
cf. ? Gr. D^'EfFG f g vg arm Thpbyl. €XCa)2Cn] T^A D'FHJg 
KLO : -OXU, L«B»rEGMNP«. " H^OTo] Ilg^OTO, B^. 

m npoc <i>iMnnoic- 

nmcnHonr exi6en hot ticexA- &^Konr eiw.- 
ciu-fg,* n^oTO JUL^-XXon itc€epxoXtiu.n 
ec^^i JuLnic^^i tire <^^ n^-xepg^cf . 
"Orog, g,^.no-con iuiett^* ce&e onr^^oitoc itea. 
ofgtfltHn* 2,^.ito7foiT :^e neju. ee&e onrf- 
Aiu.'f ce^^icjoioj JOLuxc " n^.s juien ifcen 

nie7f^.rveXioK *• " it^.! :^e i6€it onrgtfltKn 

2ce uXhu j6en cjulox nuS-eit* ixe jfcen 
ofXa)ix!4- ixe i6en onriiLeeAiLHi 4- u^cc ceg^i- 
coia i3uuLoq j6en ^^.i 1"p^gi'5- ^.XXa. o*cog, 
ei6p^.ci)i 6n 4- 1 

g^jxeit nexenxcjo&g, neuL uc^-g^m nxe ninlul 
nxe iKc u^cc *®k^.x^. lujciitxof gx *• iteiuL 
XA-g^eXuic, xe ^f n^-ami ^.it sf^en g^Xi. ^.XX^. 
i6€it onrn^.ppKci^. ni&eitfr ii^pK-f ftcHonr 
iti&en new. 'f nonr 6qe^.iA.i ilxenx^ f^^^ 
nA.ccjoiULA^ ixe e&oX g^ixeit ncoitji xxe efiioX 
2,!xeit 4>JW-o-c ** ^.noK v^.p u^.a)itj6 ne u5cc t 
Of og, luuLo-c onrg^Ko-c hhi ne. 

exi6.] om. ex, n. jfeenuw] i6* nxc hot, t*k : j6* 
nxP iHc, F. €it^.cn^.f a] itnA.cit., D'L. ijLni(om. P)- 

-C^^l] El* had a different reading, now erased : GUI., K. nXe^i"] 
(El* see above), cf. Gr. »ABD*E*P al plus** def vg go «yr*»»» am 
aeth Clem Euth &c. ^^ OfOg,] om. B»H Jj. &A.nO*rOIt 

AILCIt] cf. ? 6r. M^ 17. 34. syrP arm aeth om. itoi, uncertain because of 
previouB Of02, = jcai: £,• ni&eiT, E2 by error. £,. :^€ tteJOl 
(iULCn, HJj)] om. neiUL, D'Ei*FKLO: 2,^.no-COIl AILeil, B*. 
" " n^.1 &c.] cf. Gr. SABD'^EFGP 17. 23. 37, 44. 47. 73. 8d. 137. 
179. aip. k«e' defg vg go arm aeth Euth &c. CI^C^] L»AEO*: 

^1X^5 T* &c.: n^.iXK» H Jg. enr^-uoX.] eoT^.(e, MN)n^ 

T»K* ^^ceg,!.] er€^\., GMP: om. C€, F. enrJULETTl] 


brethren who are in ihe Lord trust to my bonds, and dare 
much rfwre to speak the word of God fearlessly. ^^ And 
some indeed because of [an] envy and [a] strife ; but some 
also because of [a] good-will proclaim Christ : ^' these indeed 
in [a] love^ knowing that I am set for a defence of the 
Gospel: ^^but the others (lit. these) in [a] strife proclaim 
Christ not sincerely, thinking to raise [a] tribulation for 
my bonds. ^' What then ? Neverthdeas in every form, 
whether in [a] pretence or in [a] truth, Christ is proclaimed ; 
in this I rejoice, but (jL) also I shall rejoice still. ^® For 
I know that this will happen to me unto [a] salvation, 
through your prayer and (the) supply of the spirit of 
Jesus Christ, ^^ according to my looking and my hope, that 
I shall (lit. will) not be ashamed in anything, but (^) in all 
boldnessy as always, now also Christ shall be magnified in 
my body, whether through (the) life or through (the) death. 
^^ For to me (lit. I) Christ is my life, and (the) death is 

ejuL, B». exonrnoc] cf. Gr. »abd*fg(P) 17. 31. 39, 73. it vg 

arm acth &c. Ofg^OX.] pref. It, T^FK. Iin^..] eitA.., T*K(N): 

nmc, D'; 2,!xeitiu.., f. " xe nXnit] cf. ? Gr. safgp 

17. c*» al plus ^^ cat*** g Euth Oyr &c. nX^p ^i. jfcenCJULOT (f , Lf 
by error)] j6. OnfCJUL., B*. UXC] +2^6, B». jfcen^^-l] L«T» 
AFEGMNOP: pref. OnfOg,, B'D'FHJjL, cf. Gr.: pref. ^.XX&., K. 
A.XX^] om. GHJj. ei€p^.gi] 'f p., K, prcMnt. ^^ i"eJULl] 

•f JULenri 'I think; FG*M. VA.p] cf. Gr. MADEFGKLP al pier 
defg m^^vg Byr»»''ariii&c.: om. B», cf.aeth. n^-OJCJOHl] i"n^.g., 
r. ItHl] om. 0. e^O-CiCA.!] e(om. D'L)OfOf ., TtD'KLO. 

nexem-cjofig,] itex., j,. nmitA.] om. ui, ae. nxe^ 

IKC U5CC] iimc &c., P; cf. Gr. unc. (exc. DEFG) m^*^ vg syr««' 

arm aeth Ath &c. *® -XOnfOJT] + 2i€, HJ2. X€i"nA.g.] Hunt 18. 

nXttJ., double negative and present tense, 18. &AIJ + A-It, Ej by ^ ^ ^ |^g 2< 

error. nA.pp.] OfU., A^^ Xt-^pH-f] pref. lt€JUL, T'D'FKL. 

nCJOnji] ma)!tj6, 0. ^JULO-c] ^IOJUL, M by error. " ue i<>] 

cf. Gr. FG?' d e f vg go add ^crriV. OnfOg,] om. H Jg. ItHl] ItKOf , 

T* by error. 

384 npoc <i>i^innoic. 

tiM ne. onrog, onr n€i"it^.coxnq n^feiULi ^.it 
"ce^JULoiu XJUuLoi nxeuicitonff exeme^AiuA. 
eceitxox e&coX efi.oX hx^-gcoiu iteju. nx^- 
ng^oTo v^.p iULA.XXoit qcoxu **niga)ni ^e 
i6€it TCA.P2; crc^.it&.riceoit ng^ofo ne ee&c 
onrog, eKiTo-v **ofog, ^^.i epe lU-g^m" oht. 'fejuu 

exexennpofcoRK neuL ^p^-oji nTe niiu^i" 
^•g,m^. nexensgo-ccgoTf itxeqepg^onro ifceii 
n^cc mc tti6pHi nj^nx eJ^oX ^iTen luxim 
g^A-porren on nKecon. 
« " Uoiton ^.pmoXixe-cecee j6en ii6Ait.nci|A. jOLiu- 
eT^.vr€Xioit iixe nxc. &in^. Ajci|^.ni oTog, 
nxA-n^f epojxen ixe iii" j6^xeit ennof ^Jt. 
nx^.c(joxejuL ee&e eHno-c4- xe xexenog,! 
ep^.xen eHno-V'S- ifceit o-cnSil no-ccox onrilnf- 
XH SoTfcjoTfr epexenoi Jtoj^Kp tiji>\ci i^n 
n& nmA^'f*' nxe ui€^|^.rveXioit«j- "oTog, 
nxexeitnogu ^.it i6eit g^Xifr e&oX g^rren 
KK efo*r&€ oKno-v^ n^.i exe nonro-ccong, 
eJS.oX oTX^.Ko ncoonr ue-s- ncoxeit ^e o-cofx^ 

" ICXe] AaHJa: +^€, LBT*B»rEGMNOP i8, cf. Gr.: +rA.p, 
Ai''D'FKL. OnrOf XA^] OfXA^, HO. Ue] cf. Gr. FG it vg 
rell &c. Ue-fn^.] AiYB-D'EFH^JgKL i8 : RG ei^WA., L«T*r 

GH«MNOP. *»ce^juLom] cen^-AJUL., o^. -AjuLom] 

LiT«Ai*?2rEGH*M«N0P i8, cf. arm: +2^6, Ai'B*D'FH«J,KL, 
cf. Gr. unc et longe plu it vg go ayrP aeth Eath &c nicnoxf"] 

AgE : ni5, L«Tt Ai' &c. exeniefjuu^.] a^e : -feme., L'T^ 
Ai' &c.: enie., g*m. €ceitxo(a), b»D'L)T'] ceilxox, hj,. 
€fi.a)(H, M)X efi-oX nx^^aO L'T^AgrEGMNOP: e&oX 

efi.oX O-COg, nT-^.a.,BTHJ2i8: €&oX OTfOg, ItXAXg., Ai^ 

D'KL. IteAHnXc] jOLnXC, N. r^.p] cf. Gr. H«ABC 6. lo. 17. 

31. 39. 47. 67** f**^ 8P« Clem Euth &c. q(om. E2)C0Xa] Ai'gB^rD' 
EL: q(€q,K)CU5XU, LBT'FGHJaKMNOP 18. . ** >6€nr 

PHILIPPIANS I. aa-28. 385 

[a] gain to m©. ««!£ the life in (the) flesh, this is a 
fruit of work to me: and what I shall (lit. will) choose 
I know not. ^' The two (things) lay hold on me, 
having (the) deeire to be dissolved, that I may be with 
Christ ; for much (lit. more) raiher is that (lit. it is) 
chosen : ^ but the abiding in (the) fl^esh is more necessary 
because of you. ^^ And (of) this being persuaded, I know 
that I shall (lit will) stay, and I shall (lit. will) abide with 
(lit. to) you all, unto your advance and (the) joy of the 
faith; ^that your boast may abound in Christ Jesus in 
me through my coming to you again. ^ Only behave as 
citizens worthily of the Gospel of Christ: that, should 
I come and see you, or being not with you, I may hear 
eoncoming you, that ye stand in one spirit, one sovZ, sharing 
toil in the faith of the Gospel; ^and not frightened in 
anything by them who are against you ; these whose mani- 
festation is [a] destruction to them, but to you is [a] 

TC^-px] cf. Gr. B D E FG K L al longe plu &c ^n^VK€On] L« A ^ 
rEJjKN 18: -HOIt, T*Ai'B»D'^FGHLMP. ng^onfO UC] Ue 
iig^OfO, 18: om. ue, D'HLO. ^ ^^.l] j6€IT4>^.I, 18: 

+\:^.p, 0. i-ejuLi] -fjuLeri *i think,' l. exexennp.] 
Rx., G M p 18 : epexennp., b». *• on] om. f 18. 

27 F™«' fourth Sunday of Abib' : K«« *it is read the night of the fourth 

Sunday of Abib.' uoXixenrecec] -xenrcee, i^efgJjKLO. 
onrog, iix^.itA.'c . . . ^.n] om. b». iii"i6^'T"eii] om. 11+, 
M. xexenog^i] xexeitn^-og^i, b». onr^nrx*^] v^^- 
neJUL *and' or 'with,' lkT'Okop. i6enumA.2,'f] iJLni.t 
b*dfkl : eni., n j,. *• it(om. jj)xexeitit(iut, B»)oaii] 
-onrcgu, T^HJaL: -^.gn. Eg. 2,Xi e&oX] om. h*. g^i- 
xeit 1^] iien, hJj. hk ei"o-cfi.€eKnoy] ui(iti, 18) ^.it- 

XIK-C(I, F i8)JULeitOC, B"DFK i8: + ni^.It2iIKIiULeitOC, L. 
It^.l] L« A E : HH, T &c. nOfOTCJOng,] ijLUOfOTf (JOKg,, FK : 

<to-ctong,, G*. ncjoof ne] cf.? Gr. ^^abod^fg 17. 61. 177. 

178. d e f g am fu tol go arm; item vg«** demid 8yr««*» Euth &c ItCO- 
Xeit 2^6 0-CO-C(om. Onf, Q)X^\ . . . Ue3«] L^B^FGHJjMNOP 

18: itcjoxeit ne . . . ue, ae: necoxen 2^6 onrof^c^ 


S86 npoc <i>iMnnoic. 

A.7fXHiq ncoxeit ngputox eg^pKi cxeit n^cc 
onr iULonoit 6n^.g*f €poq ^.XX^. eojenilJCA^ 
oit eg^pHi exooq. 

y ^ GnA-JA-vcon nofcjox nTen eKnonr ii^pH-f ex^- 
pexenn^.f epoq ilj6pKi Rj^hx. new. i"iio*r on 
TexenccjoxeAJL epoq ili6HX. 

C * <^K exeof on tfpo ng^KX ne nrre nxfi^ ♦h exe 
onrecox ng^KX ne nxe o7f^.r^.nH. ^h exe 
o-cjuiexa^Hp ue nxe ofun^.* ^k exe ot- 
xiLexaA.nejuLA.i6x ne nejUL o-caeng^nx ^xjla^ I efi-oX-ft- g^inA. nxexenep oTAiLe^i 
noTfcjox. exA.iA.VA.nH poo xe exenxcoxen epexenoi noj^Hp ii^nrx^ epexenoi 
iio-cg^KX nof(jox4- 
•Hxexenep g^Xi A.n j6en onrgtfnHn onri^e j6en 
o-cAJLA.i(joo-c eqgoTfix. a.XXa. nj6pHi j6en ni- 
ee&io ng^HX epexenx^ nnexenepHonr inren 
ennof enroToxeA epcjoxen. ^enniofA.! ni- 
o7fA.i iiJULcjoxen -f ng^enq A.n nexeno-rxen 
juuuLA.nrA.xen eHnonr. a.XXa. neix 
xenepHOf *• 

IIlOTTA.! niOTTA.! iOuULCOXen ' AJLA-peqiULCTI e<&A.i 

nCOXen ne^TK; for 2® person with dative expressed, cf. Gr. D^B 
KL al pier f vg go aeth &c.: nOCOXen ^e • • • HE, DFL; for 
2° person without case expressed, cf.? Gr. i«^ABC*P 17. 31. 39, 47. dc 
arm 8yrPet«««». OTefi.oX] nOfefi-OX, HJ2. " A.XXa. 

AjE : + nejuL, L«T*Ai' &c. on] om. H j,o. ®® itxeno. 
ex., Al'. iOL^pHi"] +rA.p, f. nj6pHi] om. hj,. nejUL^ 
onrog,, T'H Jg. nejuL . . . nj^ax] om. n homeot. on] n, a,. 

nj6HX 2^] pref. n^pHI, FK. 
Hnnta6, • ^ D has tabulated arrangement. ^H eXeOf.] Ai*2E 26: ^^H 
Onrn exeo-ir., L«Tt &c.: ^H exeonron., A^' by error: C^K 

onrn exeonron,, l. (Tpo] + ne, k. ^h 2<»] <j>a.i, b». 
nxeo-cA.r.] nonr A.r., r. ne nxeoT.] nxeni., a6. c^h 


PHILIPPIANS L 29— n. 5, 887 

B&lvaiion, and this is from God ; ^ because it was granted 
to you for Christ not only to believe him, but (^) to suffer 
also for him : ^ Having the same conflict as ye saw in me, 
and now also ye hear in me. II. (As to) being of good 
courage in (lit conquest of heart of) Christ, (as to) that which 
is [a] conjBdence of [a] love^ that which is a fellowship of 
[a] spirity that which is [an] affection and [a] compassion, 
^ fill up my joy, that ye may have (€p) one thought, it being 
the same love which ye have, sharing in souly being of one 
heart. ^ Not doing anything in [a] strife, nor m [a] love 
of vain glory, but (^) in the humbleness of heart esteeming 
one another as surpassing yourselves ; ^ each one of you not 
observing your own things only, but (^) also the things 
of one another. Let each one of you ^ think this in 

€T€OTiULeTttJ^.ne.] obs. Gr. unc. ci w. OnfOjeitg,.] AjEL : 

o-cjuiexg., L'TAj' &c. ^jul^.^,] iuieg,, t*. eponr- 
xiLcnri] epjuie^i, h*: epuo-cJULenri, b». ttonrcjox i*'] 
+ XHponr, HJaO. Te] ue, dfklp 26: om. xe, B». 
eT"€m"(e, r)a)xen] Teitxtoxeit, d. epexeitoi itof- 

£,KX no-C(JOX] cf.? Gr. J^BDFGKLP al pier d eg syr"*' arm aeth 
Clem &c. ro tv <f>p, uxicertain, but ^H*T instead of previous iUL67ri 
may imply a difference of the Gr. w instead of aM. ^ OTT^Cj cf. 

Gr. SABC 17. 31. 37. 116. de m^* vg arm aeth Euth &c.: 16, HJ2, 
cf. Gr. D«'fE«'FGKLP al pier f g syr^*' go &c jfceit 2*^] cf. Gn 
i<*ABC 17. 31. 37. 116. de m^® vg Byr»»' arm Euth &c. O'CAIt.^.I- 
(om. A,* H*) coot] Aj^E: OTJULe(A., AiOTiUL^-ICOOnf, L«T* &c. 

iij6pHi] itg,., GM. uie.] e., p : oto., f. -x^] + ^^o\ f. 
€7f07fO(to, r<')Te&] eoTa3(o, H)T'efi., b^hj,. * enui- 

O-C^.1 niO-C^.l] Af 2E : JUi(eJtX, DL)ni., L^T* &c.: UI., N; 
cf.? Gr. i^CDEKLP al pier d e go syr«»' &c t" Itg^^Hq] A^'cfi* 
FDEGKMNP : it^f ^euq, UTtFHJg: i"&eKq, A^'aLO; of.? Gr. 
N ABCDEFGP al fere** de f g m vg arm Euth &c. ne(H, Af ,)Xeit- 
O-CT-eit] L^Ai'aB^DEFJgKL: ItH eTen., TPGHMNOP. 
OKnOTj om. K. nCMx] cf. Gr. (exc. D*FGK 61. o*^). Ul- 
Onr^.! &c.] cf. ? Gr. KL al pier d go syr"*' arm &c. • iUL^-peq- 

XILefl] cf. Gr. C'^KLP al pier arm go Or Ath &c. ^pow/o^w; for om. 
yap cf. Gr. X*ABC 17. 37. 73. k««'f arm aeth Euth &c. 


388 npoc 4>iMnnoic. 

iliipHi sb^n oanoffr ere 4>h ne €T"j6€n 
nXfi wc *• • ♦h exaon j6eit o'viULop<^H nrre 
<t>i"fr no-cg^coXeuL | ^.it nex^-quLe^i epoq*- 
eepeqofooni iio-cg^-cccoc neju. <t'f*' ''a.XXa. 
^.qcgofoq €&oXfr ^.qtff nonriiLopct^K JDL&coic 
6^.qa}(Joni i66ii onrmi ttpcoiiLi 4- e^T2:6iULq i^en 
OTfcxHAJLA. JOL^pai" nonrpcojuu <> '^.qee&ioq 
JuuuLA.T^.T'q 4- e^-qep peqccoTCAiL a)^.ei6pHi 

•Gefi.e ^^.i A. <^'f epg^onro dXcq* ofog, ^qep- 
2,juLox itA.q ii.nip^.tt ^k ertfbci ep^.n itiJ&eitf* 
i^g^m^. i6eit ^p^.11 RiHc tire iceXi ni&eit iccoXxi- 
n^-T^e irejuL it^.nKA^i nexiL it^.nH eTc^.necHT 
juLnjc^.^^! 4- " 07f og, itxe X^.c ni&en oToon^ 
efi.oX xe UOT iKc u^c enrcoo-c ii^ti" c^icjox. 

1? ^^ ftcocxe itAjmenp^,^ k^,x^, ^pRJ" erA,peTeitep 

peqccoTeiUL JtCKO-c ni JS.eit j6en n^j^mi ^^.po)- 

Teit ijuutAT^-xq ^.itfr ^.XX^. -fnof ng^oTo 
jUL^-XXort iti" j6^Teit eano-c ^.it j6eit of^o-f 
nciUL oTfceepxep A.pi^u3&. eueTenof 2:^.1 *• 
i«^-J- v^.p uexepg^ojfi. ifeert eanof eonrcjooj 
nejJL mepg^oofi. eg^pai ezeit ui'fjuL^.'f "^.pi- 
g^cjofi. ni&en ^.xtfhe XP^^-^^P^-^^ neju. julojc- 
iULeKf- " ain^. RT-CTrenaconi epexeitoi iU.T- 
A.piici ^.piKi oTog, n^.K6peoc itccjKpi ilxe ^i"*- 

• • •! Jl 

^h] + on, B». ne] om. n. • ^h] ^^.i, h Jj. neT^.q- 

JULenri] LfADEGLMP: ne eXA.q., T'B^rFHJaKNO. OT- 
g^nrO, DN)Ca)c] A,.2«: -COC, L«T'Aa* &c.: om. OT, GHJaM. 

neJULct>-f ] ixc^-f 'to God.' M. ' ^.qcyoTfoq] l«afp: -aKj, 
T» &c. eAoX] +jjLJtxin juLM-oq, b*. ^qtfi] e^.qtff, b*d 
KL. e^-qajconi] ^.qaj-> hJjP. e^.7fxejULq] lktatkom 

NOP: ^.-CZ., HJg: OTfOg, e^.TZ., B*: OTOg, ^.fX-, DPKL. 

PHIUPPUNS IL 6-15. 889 

yourselves, which is (rL€) that which is (8Ti66It) in Christ 
Jesus, • who, existing (eTjyon) in [a] form of God, not a 
robbing thought it to be [an] eqwil with God ; ^ but (^) 
he emptied himself; he took [a] form of servant, having 
been made in [a] likeness of man; having been found in 
[a] faahion as a man, ^ he humiliated himself, having become 
obedient up to (the) death, but a death of a croaa. ' There- 
fore God abundantly exalted him, and granted to him the 
name which is exalted above (6) every name'; ^^that in 
(the) name of Jesus every knee should bend — the things 
of (the) heaven and the things of (the) earth and the 
things of those which ai*e below (the) earth, ^^ and that 
every tongue should confess that the Lord (is) Jesus Christ, 
unto [a] glory of God the Father. ^* Wherefore^ my 

beloved, according as ye were obedient always, not in my 
coming to you only, but (^) now much rather^ being not 
with you, in [a] fear and [a] trembling work your salva- 
tion; ^^for God is he who worketh in you unto wish- 
ing and the working, for the good pleasure. ^^ Work all 
things without murmuiing and reasoning; ^^that ye may 

jfcenoTcx-] Sonr., f. nonrpcojULi] ititip., plural. Ei*h. 
• peqccjoTeju-l pejULc, b». • ee&e] pref. onrog,, b»dol. 
^.^•f . . . tficq] ^.qepg^of o (fX.cq ibce^ti", hJj. iSLm- 

pA.n] cf. Gr. i^ ABC 17. &c. : om. Jg* : il07fpA.It, Ja«w. eXCToCl] 
eir^^aZ 0. ^° neJULItA. 2° . . . K^-g^l] om. M homeot. : om. 

n^., AjD^FGH J2KLNOP. ^^ itxe . . . o7fa)(o, nyn^] cf. ? 

Or. SB al plu Clem Cyr &c. HOC IHC H^c] ^<^ ^^ ^HC &c., B\ 

enr ooonr] eonrcooTf , k. ^"f"] om. p*. ^itox] om. o. F^t yj 

'the end (of the lection).' ^^ g^CJOCXC] -2^6, AB»EP. ifeeit^ 

TU^ini] cf. Gr. B 3. 17. 38. 48. 72. 178. hal harl** sjt'^^ arm aeth &c.: 
pref. OTfOg^, DFKL. A-It i**] om. K by error. ^.XXa.] cf. Gr.: 

+ it6iUL> HJ2O. ener-eit.] iin., m. " uer-epg^cjoA] 
ne eT., TtPHJaNO. j6en . . . m(om. m*) epg^cofi.] om. h 
homeot. eonfoog] AE: enioTfcottj, L»T* &c. niep2,(jo&] 
epg,., Aa. ^* A.x(rite] A-tfite, b*h jj. " A.TA.piKiJ 

^.XpIKI, Aa B« Ei« H* 0. A-Kepeoc] -pOC, D F G* 0. 

390 npoc 4>i2\.innoic. 

qyo^ ec^n^ itK exexenofong, e&oX nj6K- 
TOf JuL^tpai" itg^A-npeqepofoomi ^en niKoc- 
jUloc " epexenAJULoiti ixnic^j^i nrre na5nj6- 

(Toxi ^.ft j6en ofcgo'^iT'C- onf2ie nexA-igenjiici 
^.ft enexao-f IX 4- " ^.XXa. icxe cen^^ep uice- 
ofoxnex e&oX eg^pm exeit nicgo'vajcoonraji 4* 
nejUL ' nictxAxgen nxe nexenn^^i" •&• "fp^^ai 
ofog, "fepcg^tHp np^^oji nejuiooxen xaponr*- 
"^en ^6.1 2^6 p^^ai g^coxeit onrog, ^pioj^^Hp 
np^.a)i neiULKi4- 
$ " 'I^epg^eXnic 2^e ^en hot ihc 4- eonrcopn ncoxeit 
nxiJULoeeoc nx^^^-**- &ii^^ A.noK ^co nxe 
ixA-g^HX ijLxon«8- ^loj^^neJULi ee&e nexengmi 
*® iOuuLOft ^Xi v^.p rtXHi eqgna nejtx x^^nr- 
XH-fi- eqnA.qi nexeitpcoofg jfcen ofxonr&o-s- 
*' ^.f Kcoi" r^.p ncA. nexenof onr XKponr 4- ofog, 

4 M Teqii^oKiJULH 2^e xexenccoofit jDuuloc xe JuL- 
4>pKi" nofgapi itoficox ^.qep&ooK neiULHi 
enierA-rreXion. ^3 ^^i jtxen o^n -f ep^eXnic 
eofopnq ^loj^neAiLi c^.xox4- ee&e nexgon 

epexenof^.^] epexenomA.x^.tfrti 'being without spot/ 

HJ. j6eneXILK't] cf. Gt. Dt>et«EKL al pier &c. eCKCoXx 

. • . ecc^oong,] AFH JO* : ecKoXx • • • e(^., E2)c4>on^, l«t» 
B* FD E1.2 (KO)) G L M (4>a5) NO«p. €xexen (exen, o*) of - 

Ong,] ADH: -COng,, L«T*&c. j6€nni-.."AJULOm i}L]om.M. 

" Xinic^j^i] hj: nnic-, b» piurai. eneg^oonr JuL' 
enieg,. nxe, k : jfcenneg,., h : iineg,,, j. iinxc 

nxexn^^pof CIA. JULnXC 'of the coming of Chriat,' K. ^.ti i*»] 

+ ne, H JL. nexA^iaen] n^^iajen, h J: n^^KfT, b\ " -of - 

ox (e, D K) nex] L»Ai (com added €& above) DEK : Of OO (X, 
A2*B'^)fi.eX 'carry me over/ T^Aj &c. " HOT IRC] T^AFEG 

PHILIPPIANS n. 16-23, 391 

be blameless and harrrUesa children of God, Holy in (the) 
midst of a generation bent and perverse, among whom ye 
are manifested as luihinaries in the worlds ^* laying hold 
on the word of (the) life, unto a boast for me at (the) day 
of Christ ; that I was not running emptily, nor toiled I unto 
that which is empty. ^^ But M if I shall (lit. will) even be 
poured out as a libation upon the sacrifice and the minister- 
ing of your faith, I rejoice and I share in rejoicing with you 
all : ^® but in this rejoice ye also and share in rejoicing 
with me. ^* But I hope in the Lord Jesus to send to 
you Timotheos quickly, that I also may be at rest in my 
heart* should I know concerning your state. ^For there 
is not any (other) of mine agreeable to my aoiU who will 
take care for you (lit. take your care) sincerely. •^For 
they all seek for their own things, and not Uie Uiings of 
Christ Jesus. ** But ye know his proof that as a child to 
a father he was servant with me unto the Gospel. ''Him 
(lit. this) indeed then I hope to send, if I should know 

* Lit.' I alto mj heart may rest J 


nxe] e, n. iixon] ejuLxoit, t^gl. eefi.e] e, b»hj. 
^^eqcgKcg] qa-» ^* e(A^ E2)qn^.q!] qn^^, fgh*kmp. 

nexenp.] A^rEGMNP: pref. JUL, L«T*Ai' &c. OnfXOf&o] 
Ai*8*r*EGM0*P: Of XHexmRCIOC 'a genuineness,' L'T* 
Ai««2«« r™« (i^j^lj Jtsili ,^^. 'some of the Coptic and Greek') DFH 
JKLN. ** ^.f KCO'f ] ^.qK., B»E2. TA-p] om. Jj*. n€- 

Tenofonr] nexenonr, A2E,«2 : nexenooof, t^p*: ftK(i,N) 

eTenOfOnr, TFHJNO. nXC JHc] cf. Gr. BL al pier fu demid 
aiiMhm gyrp aethw &c. " ixiULOc] T* &c. : + ^.11, L». Of JCOX] ^"^^^^ 
Of OOX, A2*B»DEi*M 26. -fi-COK] -g^CoA 'work,' JL. nCiULHI 

eni.] nw nexuni-, b». ^^ca-xott] gA.xoxq, f. 
nexgon] AiEGJM: hk ex., l«t* &c. : nexeng., a,. 

3w Hpoc 4>iMnnoic. 

juuuLoi-fi- ^^n^^HTT 2^e eax ^€it hot xe 

ca «» Onr^.nA.T'Keoii :^e ^.lsxerl €p6q eonrcopn norreif 
n€n^.4>po2iixoc nicon onrog, nioj^^Hp npeqep- 
^a)& onrog, n^^ojc^Hp juuula.t'oi. eqoi ^e 
nA.nocToXoc ncoTen of og, iipeq<tKioa)en tire 
TA-XP'^*" **eni2kK nA.qiUL6i niu^nr epoDxen 
TRponr ue-fi- ofog, nA-qjULOJcg, iig^HX*- ee&e 
2C€ A.xexeftccjoxeAJL xe ^.qcycJonI "Ke v^.p 
^qgcjoni a A.xeqj6a)nx e^Jtxo^ *• | 

z.n A.XX^. HHi 2,00 2,mA. nx^.gx€iULtff ixic^ 
ng^HXfr exeit juuc^.^ iig,KX on*- "j^en 
o"f mc ofit i\g,of o ^.lonropnq 4- &mA. ^.pexeii- 
a|^.rtn^.nr epoq-s- nA.Xm nxexenp^^gi o-cog, 
^.rtoK 2,00 itx^-aconi nof egen ijuc^^ ii^kx * 
"gonq onrn epcjoxen j6eit hot j6en p^^i 
ni£.cft o'vo^ n^i Xx.n^.ipH'f juuLpo^vajconi 
e^x^-iHOfx itxen oHnonr ^^xe ee&e ni^cofi 
nxe HOT ^.qj6cwnx a^^ejipni e<l>JU.onf 6^.qep- 
u^-pAAoXenrecee iixeqilrf ^h fr ^iit^. nxeq- 
JUL^^ nexentfpog, e&oX nxe nKtxjoajen extff 

4/9 To Xoinon n^^cnnonf p^-gi ^en uSc. n^.i on 

ijUULOl] om. F. . ** A.nOK] AGMP 26: +2,00, WT* &c. 

** ^.n^.vK€on] -Kon, t*b»E2FGJLmop. 2^e] om. hj. 
^.i(nf, Egjxiief i] n^iiUL., HJ. €(om. B*)nA.4>po(e, Ji)^i- 

XOC] L^TB^rFGHN: -XI2iOC,0: -XIXOC, DJiL 26: A.UA.- 
4>p02i(X, Ai'jK) IXOC, Ai'aEKM. UICtJ^Hp . • • OTO^ a*^] om. 
Ji*, cf. Gr. D* d e &c. : n^-OJ., B*FH Ji^j. n^g4>Hp] UIOJ., T 26. 

eqoi 2^e] ofo^ eqoi, hj. *« nn^^nr] cf. Gr. n^aods 

ftl^* fere d e syr"*' arm aeth Euth &c. Tie] om. B». n&HX] + RG, 

H J. ^.xexenccoxejui] ^.pexenc, d f k l. *^ onrog,] 

PHIUPPIANS IL 24— m. I. 393 

immediately concerning * my affairs : ^^ but I am persuaded 
in the Lord that I (pron.) shall (lit. will) come to you 
quickly. ^But I thought it necessary to send to 

you Epaphroditos, the brother and the fellow-worker and 
my fellow-soldier, but being apodle to you and minister 
of my need; ^^ since he was loving to see you all, and he 
was grieving, because that ye heard that he was sick : ^ for 
indeed (K6) he was sick until he was near unto (the) death. 

And Qod had mercy on him; but not only on him, but 
(^) on me also, that I might not take grief upon grief 
again. ^^More hastily, then, I sent him, that, should ye 
see him again, ye may rejoice, and that I also may be 
without grief. ^ Beceive him, then^ in the Lord in all joy ; 
and let such be honoured by you : ^ because concerning the 
work of the Lord he was near up to (the) death, having 
risked his life^ that he might fill up your deficiency of the 
service, which befell {(S\) me. 

nL Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write 

* Lit. 'those which happen to me.' 

AiE: ^.XXa., UT* Ac: ^.XXa. OfOg^, Aj. nA.q i*'] position 
cf.? Gr. i^ABC**DEFGP 17. 37. 57. 69. 73. 116. it vg syr"*' arm Euth 

&c. c^'f ] HOC, DFKL. nA.q 2^6] onfog, ftA.q :^e, dfkl. 
nm] L«T* &c.: n^.1, a en. V^WT . . . ii&HX] om. F. 

exen julk^^ it&Hx] l«&c.: exen exuc^^., t^gmn: 
exen niijLK^.2^., ad«E: c^ceniiiLK^^., b»: om. d*k, 

2®OfIHc] LKT* &c.: OfJULeXCnOfikeOC, HJO"«. ^\s\^ 

. . . epoq] om. Ji*. A.noK] om. H*. ilx^.ga)Ui] om. B*. 
nofecgen] nofcg^^^* d*h*: itofg, K: nofecg, f. 
"j6ennOT] om. o. ^enp^^cgO i^P^ffl^ ^- e^x^-m- 

OfT] eXT"., FM. *® Xe] om. H. hot] cf. Gr. « AP 17. 

31. 47. (57). syrP arm aeth Euth &c. n^^p^Ji(n, L)oX.] AfgB^D 
EL, cf. Gr. KABDEFG 177. 178. 179. al Ac: -&OnfX., L«T* &c., 
cf. Gr. CKLP al pier Euth &c. -efCCee] Ai^jFO: -eTCOe, 

L«&c., cf.?Baa: -ofxercoe, H: -ofenfcoe, M: -ixeTcoe, 
L : -€ (K, Eg) cee, T'Ej : -fi.^.f ecoG, N. €poi] epoq, J. 

^ to] XOI, B*. n^.1 on] cf.? Gr. M«ABODEEL al omn^ 

394 npoc 4>i2s.innoic. 

ec^KTonr ncjoxeit JtonftfTt^^nr Jtxen. nni ^.n ne* 

ofx^^po itcoxen ne * emoT^cop^* 
6.nijx eniepvA.XHc exg^coonr ^it^nr enigtwx 
itc6£.i4- ^^.noit vA-p ue nic6&i j6^ kk ex- 
gexjLjg! juLnimill trre 4>i"4- ofog, 6na{o*vgo'v 
ixJULOft ^en nx^ mc-s- ofog, it^.pe ^eHU 
XH j6en XCA.PX ^^n. 
*Renep A.noK ofoit nxHi juum^'v iio^ewT 
a^KT j6en xcA.px on, icxe oToit Jceo-cAj 

A.noK. *onfce&i j6eft 4>ail^.2,h rteg^oonr. e&oX 
j6eft uvenoc ixnicX. x<l>nfXH juLfi-cni^JULin «• 
ofg^e&peoc e&oX ^en g^A-itg^e&peoc 4- k^xa. 
nmoiULoc ^.rtoK onf<l>^.p!ceoc 4- •ka.xa. of- 

XPZf ^I^^I i^CA. -feJCKXHCIA. 4- KA.XA. -f- 

n2^ juteeiULHi | eT'j6€n ninoiULoc4- ^.lojconi eioi 
itA.XA.piKi ♦• ^a^XXa. hh enA^^aon nm e^a^it- 
2,Honf4- HA-i A^iononr epoi nofoci ee&e nxc*- 
•a^XXa. JULenofitve 'fcjon JuuuLcoonr XKpof 
e2,A.noci4- ee&e nig^onro nxe neiju nxe 

ly 4>A.i exA.i'f oci itg^cjofi. ni&cn ee&Hxq. oTog, 

Euth &c. r& avrd; IIA.I aloue =r ravra, Gr. M^FGP: pref. OntO^, HJ. 

ecj6Hxof] cj6., B»rL: e-fc^., t*fk. xa.xpo]ab*fh 

JL: +2i.e, L?T»rDEGKMNOP, cf. Gr. * Ofp^a5(0, B*L)p 

( + 1, N) eitl] om. 0* homeot. * Rxec^T] cf- G'- ^*A 

BD«EFGKL al'® g vg«>d 8yrP°« Ath Euth &c. eiigonfcgonf] JJV 
Af &c. : na-, AjDEiJ. ^eitXCA^pX A.n] LkT^AFEGMNOP: 

A.ft ^enxcA^pj;, b*dfh jkl. * ofoit Rxm] ofon- 
XKi, dfglmp.] l«t*Ai'&c.: om. a^e. o*jrea)x 

ng^HX] L»T* &c. (J"»» *a copy'): Of(om. onf, B»)gonfgOf 
•a boast/ B»HJ*. Oil] om. L. ICXe] L«T*Ai'rDEGLMNOP: 
+ 2i.e, AjB^FHJK, cf. Gr. FG f g fu Lcif. JCeonfA.l] L«T*Ai*2B»r 
EGMNOP: om, KG, Ai'DF^HJKL, cf. Gr. 46. 109. syr^ ar« &c. 

juie^i] om. AE. exA-] ^XA-* n. iig^ofo] eg,., m. 


these things again to you, is not indeed irksome for me, 
to you it is confirming. ^Beware of the dogs, beware of 
the evil workers^ beware of the * concision : ^ for we are the 
circumcision, namely they who minister the spirit of Ood, 
and boasting ourselves in Christ Jesus; and we were not 
trusting in (the) flesh. ^ Although I (pron.) have a con- 
fidence in (the)yZeaA also: if another thinketh to trust in (the) 
fl^sh^ I the more am (trusting): '^[a] circumcision on (the) 
eighth day, from (the) race of Israel, (the) tribe of Benjamin, 
a Hebrew from Hebrews \ according to the law I (am) a 
Pharisee^ * according to [a] zeal I persecuted the church, 
according to the righteousness which is in the law I was 
blameless. "^ But (^) the things which were being to me 
gains, these I reckoned to me a loss because of Christ. 
* But (^) moreover I reckon them all losses because of the 
excellence of (the) knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, 
This (one) for whom I lost all things, and I reckon them all 

* 'Gut off,' added to the usual word. 

* fiem^juLin] cf. Gr. de ai pier. e&oX j6eit ^^n^e- 

fi-peoc] om. B» homeot. UlftOJULOc] cf. Gr. FG praem T<Jir. 
• ^.KToXi] n^.!(C B\ -f GKKX.] OfeKK., B\ cf. Gr. D*FG. 

•f jULeojuLKi] +2i.e, HJ. eTi>en] nxe, hj. A-XA-piKi] 

^Xp.,MP. ^ ^.XXA.]cf.Gr.N«BDEFKLPalplerDid&c. HK 

eit^.nfgon(mooni,T*FN) nw] hk Jtxen en^.'vaion nw, 
L: riR juL6ft ^.TTcyooni, H: HK JULeH ^.^rojconi nm, Ji«2. 

HHl] position cf.? Gr, J^AD^'E^'GKLP al pier g go syr»*' Did Euth 
Oyr &c. €2,A.It2,(C, E)HOf] Ilg,., GMP. HA-l] +2^.6, HJL. 

iiofoci] noci, p. « jULcrtonrn (om. Ai\* l*) v (x, f* : k, o) e 

cf. Gr. KAP 17. 37. k«»' o"' al sat mu Did Euth Cyr &c. 'f'OOn i*'^ 
cf. Gr. U* 80. f vgoi« fu demid al »«»>»« go aeth Cyr &c. nSJtXl 

meAiLi, f. nxenxc] Ax'aEL: ixnxj^, ijt> &c. mc 

cm. B»«H*. UA-OT] UeitOT, FK. cf. Gr. AP 81* demid harl* 
ayrP arm aeth Did Cyr &c. 'f CJOU 2'*] "f JULK(= €r€)l 'think/ Bf. 
XKpOf] om. Ai'B»DFKL. e2,A.ltX€(I, GMP*)&g] cf. Gr. »♦ 
BD*FG 17. d e f g vg syr*"* arm aeth &c. 

89^ npoc 4>i2\.innoia 

itj6Hxq. ecetvToir ^.n nxe ^^mlbbjulm +• 
e&oX j6eit umojULoc. a.XXa. -fefi-oX j6en 

t» 'I'juLeejuLKi 2^e -fefi-oX j6€ii 4>i" eg^pHi exen 
^^itA-g^-f *® eepiconrconq next, -fxoiu. nxe 
xeq^.iu.cxA.cic next. -fjULexa^Hp iiTe neq- 
juLK^-g,. eiai&i" ijuuLoi itcjuLox neiUL ueq* 
jutonr "xe ^.pHonr nx^.'fjuuL'f enxconq nm- 
peqjULCJOoTX. '^o^x o'^^ ^^ A-ionro eitff. le 

^H2kH ^.IXOOK efi.oX. -ftfOXI 2^6 Xe ^.pHO'V 

nx^^x^^o j6e« 4>^.i ex^^nrxA^g^oi nj^Hxq 
e&oX g^ixeit IRC nx^. 
ic "H^^citHonr ^.rtoK 'fjuie^i epoi ^.n. xe ^.tcvu) 
^ix^^o. o'v^.i 2^6. enpi iULen jOLHuo&g itiu.« 
4>^^onf. eicaoofxen 2^6 ijuuLoi €nA.x&iu 
^*K^.x^. onrcojuLc efi.oX eitfoxi nc^. ni&^i 
itxe niecjog^eJUL exejULRgaoi nxe ^^i" ex/feeit 
nxc iKc 4- ^* Of on ni&en exxKK efi-oX 4- c^^i 
juL^.peqjULeTi epoq. OTog, jc^ce xexeniuteri 
eKe^ujK nKepH-f-fi- n^xyQ^rr epe ^^i" tfcbpnq 

iinxc] nxenx^'E. •ec€n(n, h)xox] eceen- 
xox, B» : ceenxox, A2 : ncenxox, d : necenxox, l 
ninojuLoc] 4>n., o. ^.XX^.] om. h*. -f e&oX j6enV 

om. N. ^n^.g^'f" . . . J^en] om. G* homeot. ^X^ 
+ mc, HJO. 'f iULeeiULKI • • . 4>n^.g,'f] om. N. 2^€ 

om. B»FJ. -f e&oX 3°] om. -f , T^B* J^ ^^ nxex€qA.n.'^ 

nxeq., B»P. 'fjULeXacJ>Hp] cf. Or. DEFQKLP al omn^ 
Euth &c. : N has confused text. nCJULOX nejUt] JULUCJULOT 

nxe, HJ. " euxcjonq] iinixoonq, k. n]A,B: 

nxe, L«T>Ai' &c.; cf. Gr. EL al pier arm Thdrt Thphjl 
^2 OXi] 02i.I (e, Ej), EH JP* : O^f , KL. ^.laTo] AE : ^JOn^U), 

L«T» &c. eitfi] etfT, J. le] om. k. ^.ixcjok] eix., J. xe 

^.pHO•¥] L«T*Ai'B»rDFHJKL: om. Xe, AjEGMNOP; cf.? Gr. 
N* D* E* F G 39. 1 1 2. d e f g vg syr w» arm aethgo. ^en<t>^ cf. Qt. 
Dk'^E'^F^'G 6^** 74. g Tert om. lud. IHC llXJc] Ai'sDFHJK 

PHILTPPIANS in. 9-15. 397 

rabbish*, that I might gain Christ, ^and be found in him, 
not having my righteousness, that (lit. the) from the law, 
but M that from*> (the) faith of Christ, But the 

righteousness [the] fix)m Ood upon (the) faith: ^^to cause 
me to know him, and the power of his resurrection, and 
the fellowship of his pains, changing myself into form with 
his death ; ^^ that perhaps I may attain unto (the) resurrec- 
tion of the dead. '^^ Not that I have obtained ((Tl), or 
I was already completed: but I run, that perhaps I may 
apprehend in that (lit. this) in which I was apprehended 
by Jesus Christ. ^^My brethren, I (pron.) think not of 
myself that I have apprehended: but one (thing), — I am 
forgetting indeed the things behind, but I am stretching 
myself unto the things before ^* with (KA-TTA.) an expecta- 
tion I am running for the palm of the high^ calling of 
God which is in Christ Jesus. ^^Let every one who is 
completed think this of himself: and if ye think another 
thing in another way, this also will Ood reveal to you: 

» Lit. *by twigs or chaff/ cf. Acts xxviii. 3. •> JOGIt as before. 

® 'Which is up.* 

LO, cf. Gr. 74. 112. a»" f syr^^ aethPP Euth &c : n;XlC *^C» L«T»B» 
TEGMNP, cf. Gr. KAP 47. 73. 80. 109. 115. 120. 178, 238. c^ f"*^ al 
Yg gyrpmf arm Ac. ^^ 'f'JULefl] pref. 11, B» double negative. 

A.It Xe] cf. Gr. i^ADrrP 17. 23* 31. 47. 73. 80. al fere** syrP c* aeth 
Clem Euth &c. ^.IX^-g^o] AT: €1(16, H)Tr^.2,0, L«T» Ac. 

eiipi] eieipi, gm: eipi, b*hj. eiccoonrren] a.ic., p. 

^e 2®J cf. Gr. : om. B^DFKLO. JULAHOl] jjLjtXiJX, Ej by error. 
eit^^Tg^H] liJ'PAf &c. : il^.Tr2,H, Aj^j B*. " 61 tfoxi] A E : 

•fcC L«T* &c. exexunojooi] nxeJULU., ae: nxen., b»: 

eajTeJULRIcg^X, L by error. nTrect^-f] cf. Gr. (exc. F«^G 46. g 
Clem &c.): nXGX^^e 'of (the) heaven,' DFK. GXifeeft] om. 
ex, FK: pref. ct>H, HJ. H^C IHc] cf. Gr. (exc. D*EF«'G Ac). 
" nifi.en] +OfIt, TDFKL, cf. Gr. XX^-peq.] imperative, cf. Gr, 
ABDEFGKP al pier &c. HA-IX^T"] L«T*ArEGMNOP: pref. 
Of Og,, B»DFHJKL. tftbpnq] T*AEF: tfopuq, L« Ac. 

398 npoc 4>i^s.innoic. 

ncoxen e&oX 4- " nXait <^h em.n^^ g^.- 
poq 4- c^A-i JULA-peit-f Ait^.'f rli6Hxq " gjcwni 
epexenoj ita)(l>Kp nmi jOuuloi n^^cnnoT* onro^ 
xo^ax eitK eejutocgi juLnA.ipH'f'fi- ka.t"a. ^frpaf 
exengou ncjoxen nxnrnoc 4- *® of on ontJuiKg 
VA-p ^.-rjuLooji 4- ft^.1 ex^^ixoc ncjoxeit eeJBiK- 
xonr itonriULHcg iicon4- ofog, -f nonr on eipiiuu 
'fxao iijULoc nix^^^i nxe niip: nxe n5^4' 
*• n^.1 ere xofj6^€ ue uxajco. n^.! exe uor- 
noT'f ne xonfn€2Ci4- onrog, noTToooTr a.qi66n 
o'vojini. n^.1 eejuLCf I enA.UK^.2,1 4- 

^ 2^ TenjuLexpejuuDUSL^^Ki r^.p ^.non ^ccyon i6en 
ni4>HOfi4- ofog, e&oX Jjutx^y xenxonrgx 
j6^X2^h ijLnencaoXHp nenro Irc nxe *• '^ ^h 
6en^.cyi&*f ixncojjtx.6. nxe neneefi-io na)<t>Hp 
ijuuLopcl>H nxe ncooju.^ nxe neqojoT Jc^.XA. 
niep^a)& eepeqxejuixoiUL o'vo^ eepeqep ^u)& 
ni&en tfnexcjoof nA.q. 

if ^ftoocxe n^^cnKonr n^.rA.nHxoc o-cog, ijuuten- 
p^.'f n^.p^gi4- nejuL n^-x^oJ^*" iwapnt 
og^i ep^^xen ennonr ^en hot n^JULenpA.*f. 
*ef02i.i^. i"i"&o €poc4- neiUL ctivr^xj^^ 
eepoTJULeTTi ecl>^.i po) j6en nOT4- ^ce ^'fgfi 

"4>H €XA.ncl)0( + n, p)2,] nex„ dfk: ^z.i ex., Ej. 

XJL^.peni".] JUL^-peq-f ., G by error: XHenpA-i"., L by error. 
nj6HXq] cf. Gr. i^*AB 17. 67** aeth'o &c. " na4>Hp] om, ft, 

Aj. €(n, B*: om. AE) tiH ee(x, K)] eneo, DK. exengon] 

-gCJOn, T*. " ^.f (om. J) JULOajl]L»AB*E: e^fJUL., T* &c. n^i 

ex^^ixoc] nH(i, A^eir., t^A: n^i ex^^nxoc, f, cf. Gr. d*'* 
Aryofwir : ex^^qxoc, B\ nix^-xi] pref. xe, B». nirp:] ni- 

CX^.f pOC, L8G. ^® X0fj6^e] -j6^H, B»c (^ih, ♦) FDKN. 

xofnexi] pref. i6en 'in/ B*. ofgmi] Ai'jDL^J: nof- 

HuntiS, gini *their shame,' L«T*&c.,cf.Gr. ^^ JULfi^. (O), L) JCl] n&., 

**" '^ B*EJ. r^.p] om. HJO* 18. ^.cgon] ecg., P: -gconi, b» 

OTOg,] om. DFK 18. XOr{UJ, M)gx] LkT^AiB^FEFGHNP 

PHTLTPPIANS m. 16— IV. 3. 399 

16 nevertheless that unto whidi we reached, with this let us 
be consistent. ^^ Be ye sharers of likeness to me, my 
brethren, and look at them who walk thus, according as 
we are an example to you. ^^ For there are many (who) 
walked, these concerning whom I said to you many times, 
and now again weeping I say — the enemies of the cross 
of Christ: ^' these whose end is (the) destruction, these 
whose god is their belly ; and their glory was in a shame : 
these who think the things of (the) earth. ^^For our 
(pron.) citizenship was in the heavens; and from there we 
look forward to our saviour^ our Lord Jesus Christ : ^^ who 
will change (the) body of our humiliation in conformity 
with (the) body of his glory, according to the working to 
have power and to make all things subject to him. 

IV, Wherefore^ my brethren dear and beloved, my joy 
and my crown, thus stand in the Lord, my beloved. 
'Euodia I beseech and Syntyche to think the same thing 
in the Lord. ^Yea, I beseech thee also, [the] * chosen 

* Definite article for vocative. 

18: +€&0>v, A2DHJKLO. CCJOXHp] CCJOp, L. " c^h] 

AjE: 4>^I, L«T*Ai'&c. JuLncCJOXILA.] JULRIC, T*rGHNOP. 

nxeneite] iiTeiin., h : juLneite, 18. iicyct>Hp ixjULop- 

4>k] of. Gr. KABD*FGdefg m'* vg go arm aeth»»' Or Ath Euth Qyr 

Ac. ftxencooxiL^.] T* &c. : Xinc., HJ: itxenic, L«Ai'P. 

eepe-] AgFEGMNOP: pref. OfOg,, LkT^Ai'B'DFHJKL i8. 

-qepg^oofiL] Ai*2E: -aojfi., L?T* &c.: eopeepg^cjofi, Ai'. 
tflie] L»T* Af Ac. : ecTiie, AjEi : netfrte, Eg. 

^ g^cjocxe] -2i.e, ab»el. JOuuienp^.'f] iiAJULeitpA.'f 

'my beloved.' K. n^.pA.cyO ^Ip- 'the joy/ Ag. lieJU.] om. P. 

n^-ipH-f ] pref. JUL, L«T*. hot] hx^, L. It^.JULenp^.'f] 

cf. Gr. B 17 8yr«*. ^ Gf 02il^] cf. Gr. J^ABDEFGKL al pin. 

CfltX^X^] L«DLN 18: Cf nXHXH, T^FK: CnfriTIXWf 
AEi: Cf VTf XW» B». 4^l] U^I, 18. ® CG] cf. Gr. unc al 

pier it vg go syrP ann aeth &c. 

400 npoc 4>i^s.innoic. 

n6Aita>o*v 4- mji €XA.-jrtfT^ici nciULHi^- j6en 
nie^A.rreXion 4- itejui iiKejcXiuuLenxoc *• neu. 
uceiu ititA.a)(^Hp npeqepg^oo^ 4- nA.i exe nor- 

ne ^. 

t^ * P^>.ffli j6en UOT ilcKonf m&.eit m.Xin "fxa) 
iJjuLoc xe p^>a^ ^ TexemjLeTeniKKc jut^pec* 

ofong, epooiULi ni&en. hot jfceitT. •ixnep- 
qipa)onrg|4- a-XXa. ^en g^oofi. ni&eit -fnpoc- 
enrxH-fi- itejUL uixoo&g, ;6€it onrgeng^iULOT 
nexeftexKJUu. JULA-pofOfcong, e&oX j^A-xen 
<t>i". 'onrog, -fg^ipHUK iixe 4>i" ok extfoci 
eitoTTc iti&en. ece^^peg, eitexeng^HT nejui 
nexeiuuLeri si^en nxjc mc. 
1$ • To Xomoit n^.ciiKonf na exe ^^.h^ailhi ne. hr 
ere g,A.nju.excejuLnoc ne. hk exe ^^.n^iiceoif 
ne. UK exe ^^.nxxe^Tot&.o ne. g^coA ni&en 
^en oTTiULei. g^oofi. ni£.en nojenno-cqi 4- ct>K 
ere onrA-perK ue. ofog, c^h ere ne. 
n^.1 iULenri epaooT • exe n^.! ne exA.pexen- 
xc^Ae eKnonr epaoof 4- ofog, A-pexentfTxcT 
onrog, ^.pexencoeJULonr ofog, A.pex€nn^.T 
epcjoonr itj^pHi nj6HX, n^-i ^.pixonr. onrog, (f'f 
iixe 'fg^ipKnK eqegooni nejULCJOxen. 

crcn^^f re] l»t*dkl: -ra, F: c^n^ive, tegmno: crcn- 
^iKe, AiP: ncfn^iKe, a,: nc^n^^KKe, H: c^r^Kve, b*; 

cf.? Gr. N«AD*FG: Cf^eKH, J, cf . ? Gr. J^^BD^EKLP al onrn^ 
(Tvfvyf. JULA.XOXK] om. K, H. i6€nni-] LfPAFEGMNOP i8: 

em., B*DFH JKL. nKeKX.] niKeK., f. KXiuui.en(om. h*)- 

XOC] -XIL^.nXOC, T: KXf ., F. nceni] nKeceni 'the restalso/ 
H JL. nA.gct>Kp] -ep, D : n^^cnHOnr 'my brethren/ J. Cj^KOnfl] 

L«r {^ ^^j\ J y^ ulsJl J ^j JoAi ^b^ 'Syriac only, and it is not in 

PmUPPIANS IV. 4-9. 401 

yohe/Maw, help them, these who toiled with me in the 
Chapel, with Elementos also, and (the) rest of my fellow- 
Workers, these whose name is written on (the) book of 
(the) life. 

^Rejoice in the Lord always: again I say, 'Rejoice/ 
•Let your moderation be manifest to every man. The 
Lord is near. ^Take not care; but {l) in everything 
the Bupjjlication and the prayer in [a] thanksgiving, — let 
your requests be manifested unto (ifc^Tert) God. ''And 
the peace of God, which is higher than all intelligence^ shall 
keep your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus. 

* Finally i my bi-ethren, the things which are true, Uie 
things which are reverend, the things which are jubt^ 
the things which are pure ; all things in [a] love, all things 
of good tidings ; that which is [a] virtue, and that which 
is [an] honour, think on these, ^ which are those (lit. these) 
which ye learned and ye received and ye heard and ye 
saw in me — these things do : and God of [the] peace shall 


the Coptic nor in the Greek') QMNOP : CCSt^KO^lT, AE : cm. B»D 
HJKL 18: trs. after UOOHji, F. nTeiia5Itj6] iJin., DHJ 
KL. * L°w *the fourth Sundaj of Ablb.' Il^^Xm] +on, 'PK. Hnntac; 

*-€niKKc] -jcec, MN. onrong^] ah 26: ofoon^ L«rp &c. 

•iJLnepqiptJOOfttj] AjE: +i6^aXl *for anything/ L^T'Ag &c. 

nixoo&g^] nixoo&g^, Ji piurai. nexenexjuuLA.] pref. 
o-cog^, HJ. ^ece^-peg^] €c^.p., p. enexeng^Rx" 
itnex., N (enit) p. * Xoinon] Xiil, b*n, ^^iteJULKf 

AjB^EGM 26: g^^^ItM-eeJULHI, LfT^Af &c. JULeXCe(nf, B*)- 
iULItOC we. ItH exeg^^n] om. K homeot. ^IKGOft HG] om. 

ne, 0. rtojeit.] a^jB^defjel 26: j6€itonfg., lkt^ghm 
NOP: ofp^iojen, r. 4>h exeof^.pexH] ^k i^e of., 

26. Of Ogjom. H J 26. <1>H exeof X^.Io] c|>H 'h.e Of X^-IQ, 

26. • exe . . . epcjoof i«] om. r homeot. nA.1 ne] n^-i 
ne, L«A2B*r»«FN. exA.pexenxcA.&e] na exA.fxc., 
HJ. ^.pexentfl] l^T'Ai' &c.: ep., AjE. ^.pexencoe.] 

UT* &c.: ep., AE. OfOg, ^.(e, E^pexeitKA-f] om. 

Of Og^, B*, 

VOL. III. D d 

• • 


m npoc «^s.ranoia 

T€n<t>ipi eJBioX nofCHonr erauLeTi eefiiiT jfcen 
4>K eTA-pereitjuLefi epoq. nA.p6 uichot a^e 

^leiULi j6€n itH ef nj6HTo*jr epcoo)! epoi4* 
"•fccoonrit ne6£.io -fccjoonrit nepg^onro s^n 
^cofi. niJBieit^- -fxc^HOTTX nejtx nj^mrof 
THpo-c* iteAiL eci nejut, eg^ico | itejuL eep- 

^a)& ni&6ft j6eit c^k ex^.q'fitojui'f niu* 
" nXKit JCA-Xcoc ^.pexen^c e^.p€Tenepgj<t>Kp 
€n^.^ox^ex > 

" Texencooonrit 2^e g^ooxen nipeiUL<l>iXmnoic * xe 
j6en XA-pxH iinier A-vreXion 4- exAJi e&oX 
j66n eAt.^JC62koni^« JOLne ^Xi i66n itieicicXK-> 
CIA. 4- epc[]ct>Hp epoi ^en onrtfT hcail o-c-f 6<&mX 
epooxeit iJuuu.'VA.xen oHnonr. 

*• 2Ce ng^pHi on j^en oeccA^XoniKH iionfcx>ii iteiUL ff 

A-xexenonfCJopn itai rtxA-XPi^** "o-^x ^''"^ 
xe A-iKoo-f iicA. uix^^io. a.XXa. A-iKco-f ilea, ni- 
onrxA-g, ex€p2,ofo enexeng^cjoA. "A.i(rf 
:^e ng^cjo^ ni&cn onrog, A-iepg^ofo. ^.liULo^ 
:^!- exA-itfT itxoxq iteiiA.ct>po2iixoc iinexenoT- 

"2ke]cf. Gr.2 om, B». A.pexenct>ipi] A.xexeit., dfh 
JKL. e&oX] om. Al^ nonrcHo-r] ncHonr rti£.6n * always' 
K. erjuLeTi] eonrjuL., hJi«2: om. k. ee&Kx] om. b*. 

uichot] nc, B»G*. ** OXl] 02il, Eg J: Q-f, KL: OT^I,li 

ep^A^eJ om, ep, m, j6ennKj enn, j. epo(a5, b»)i] om. 

H«. ^^ 'f CCJOOfll I**] cf. Gr. 14. al bjt^ arm aeth. ecfi. ... ft] 

om. GH homeot. 'f CCJOOfll 2°] pref. OTOg,, B». G^Ko] om. 6, 
G* Ji* P. eepg^Of O neJU.] om. G* homeot. " g)er t4>H] cf. 

Gr. «*AB D* 17. d e f r vg arm aeth Clem &c. : ^ennX^ ^H, V, 
cf. Gr. K« D^E^'FfffG K LP al fere omn g Ath Euth Cyr &c. 'fitOAIff ] 

•fxiLA.'f, M*. ^* A.pexeitA.ic] e^-p., D: ea^xexen., 

•PFK : om. N. eA.pexenep(om, ep, T*H)a4>Hp] A.p., T*B»Eg 

gmTiTPPIAlTS IV, io-i8. iO» 

be with you. ^^But I rejoiced greatly in the ]x>rd that 
Tuyu) ye put forth *at length a thought oonoermng me ; in 
that which ye thought, but the time waa not being favour- 
able *» to you, ^^Not that I said (it) with reference to 
(iC^nrA.) a being in want : for I (pron.) knew, in the things 
in which I am, to be content. ^^I know how to (ii) 
be humiliated, I know how to (i\} aboimd in everything; 
I am taught also (fteu.) in them all both (neiUL) to be 
satisfied and to hunger, both (tteJU.) to abound and to 
be in want. ** I have power in everything by (lit, in) him 
who encourageth me. ^^ Nevertheless ye did (^pex.). well^ 
having shared in my tribulation. '^^ But ye know alsa [the] 
PhilippianSf that in (the) beginning of the Ooepd^ I having 
come from (the) Makedonia, none among the churches 
shared with me in a receiving and a giving except you 
only; ^* Because in Thessalonike also once and twice* 
ye sent to me for my need. ^^ Not that I sought for the 
gift; but (^) I sought for the fruit which aboimdeth unto 
your work. ^^But I received all things, and I abounded: 
I was filled, having received from Epaphroditos the tiiinga 

* Lit. ' at a time.^ ^ Lit ' giving yon.' « Lit at one time and two.' 

H J. eiu.^,.] ii.n^.g,., m«. ** g^orrcn] om. Ei^. ni- 

peAJL4>U*^» EJL)XinTlOI(om. Ai*B*)c] pref. O), AjEJO: pref. It, 

L. j6eit i«>] om. FK. i}Ln!e^^.rv.] iixenie^., b». bjju.-^ 
Ke(^^ P)2iom^.] -2ia5mA., efk. j6€nm,] abhj: itiu.^ 
L»T &c. j^enof tfi nejuLOf-f ] Ax*,e : i66nnc^^i Ro-rf 

IteJU-Onrtff 'in the word of a giving and a receiving,' L«T*Ai' &c. : 

j6en iloTf &c., H*. " it&pHi] ru6., h j. on] om. h*. 
noT.] it,, GMP. ^.Trereno-r] ^.pexeit,, gm. itai 

itXA.XpJ(H, Ag*)^.] combines both Or. " OX (2^., J : "f, E) l] 

+ 2^ey H, T^-IO . . . rtCA-Ul] om. B»Ji* homeot A.IKOO'f a*^J 

€\K.,Ji^2. nioyir^^] nofx^.a., gmp. g^oofi.] ^con. 

rmgNP. r has note SLe. &CJOfi. 'yowr work': then ^ ^yj ^^1 ,^^ 
SC^y^ Sj* ^*^«^ *dome of the Coptic, Greek and Sahidic your secret, 
your speech.' " " en^<l>pO(I, N)2kCr, FK)ITOc] ^.nA.ct>po- 

P d 2 

m npoc 4^I2S.IimOIC. 

xen nonrc^oi nceoi noTrqi nofgonrgaxrrgi 
eqojHn eqp^n^q JuL^i". "iu.itoTf :^e eqe- 
JULA.£^ XP^^ niJEieit itooxen eJBioX kut^ Teq- 

< iUL6xp^juU.o j6en ofcoonr ifeeit nxc ikc. 

irre nierteg, ^julkh. "gmi eonroit ni&en 
eeonr^ j6eit nx^ mc. 
I ** Cegini epcjoxen itx6iticftHo*v XKpoTr eeitejuuii *• 

< Cegmi epooTen itxeni^.rioc XHpo-c*- jtxA.- 
i XicTT^. mefi.oX j6eit uhi iinofpo. **iig,AiLOT 

jOLnen^ iiic n^c itciUL nexenmill na^citKOT 
ajuLKn 4* 


npoc <t>iXinnoic ^.f c^hxc j6eii pcoiULH 
^.nroTTopnc nxeit Tijuioeeoc iteju. 


cri^ cm jc/^e S 

;^(T, E)iT"oc, EHJP: ^.iu.(topTiToc, Aj. iinexenof- 
xen] ititR exen,, fno: enn ex., h, onrceoi] om. onr, 
HJ. nceo(om.j,)i] jlcef, b^glm: nonrcei, r: om. n. 
eqgnn] -gen, fno*. " 2^e] om. r*. eqexii^^] cf. Gt. 

J^ABDoE^'KLP al plu aim aeth &c. ItOOXen] AjEiV itXa>- 
(O, J)Xeft, L«T*AfB*rD'Ex*&c.: eXOOXeit, M. m^ om. N*. 

?® ne] om. D'. nieneg,] me., n amguiar. ** eeonr^] om. 
El*: ee, L, " A.rioc] ^.nocxoXoc, d^l. juu^Xicx^] 

Ai*2E, cf. Gr. L 17. 115. cat*»* &c.: +2i.e, LfifTtAf &c. ** n^- 

JULOX] nig^., Ej. nenw] cf. Or. W^E'^F k^^ ^ al YJx mn f ? 
jg^ fu demid tol al 8yr««>>etP c* aeth &c. neXenmtlT] cf. Or. 
K*ABDEFGP 6. 17. 31. 47. 67** 73. 80. 118. 120. 8p« de f gr vg am 
aeth Enth &c. ^JULKH] cf. Gr. 2<ADEKLP al fere omn d e r Tg 
njT^^ arm aeth &c. 

PHIUPPIANS IV. 19-23. 406 

which are yours, as (it) an odour of fragrance, as (it) 
a sacrifice acceptable, pleasing to God. ^*But my God 
shall fill up to yon every need according to hb riches in 
[a] glory in Christ Jesus. ^ But God and our Father, his 
be the glory unto age of the ages. Amen. '^ Salute every . '' 
saint in Christ Jesus. ^AU the brethren who are with 


me salute you. All the saints salute you, especially they 
(lit. the) from (the) house of (the) king. ^^ (The) grace of our 
Lord Jesus Christ with your spirit^ my brethren. Amen. ^ 

To Philippois, it was written in Rome: it was sent 

by Timotheos and Apaphrotitos. 

Stichoi 218, Chapters 4. 

Subscription. HpOC <lnfXlIinoiC A.TCj6hTC 'was written • 
j6€ItpU)iULH A-TOTOpnC (om. Ji) g^ITCIl 'wm sent hf e^T- 
(om. €T, H) c^pIX (O^, H«) IXOC, H J, cf. ? Gr. K al : H. 4>I (T, Ei). 
A.. j6- pa)AJLK(I,F: om.M) A.T(q^rEiGM). ftTCIt TIAJLO- 

eeoc itejuL e(A.,A,(2))nA.4>po^(x, Ai(,)F)itoc, Ai(,)rEiF 

GM,cf.?Euth: A.CXU)IC €&oX 'was finished' ibcei"€IUCrroXH 
n. 4>. A.. ^. pCOAJie OTOg, *and* A.qOTOpC 'he sent it* 

itxeit xiJULoeeoc iteAA. enA-cj^poTixoc, K: npoc 
<l>iXKnnocioTC A.cxaoK ^•»cj6htc j6- p. ^.q. ii'to'xi- 
jULoeeoc iteiuL enA.4>po^iT"oc j6eit oTg^ipHitH nxect^-f 

*in peace uf God/ B^ AgD'EsLNOP have Arabic : K6c^^ F» B>: 
CXTXOC (IX* A: TX* J) CIK K.cX (K,X, J,: K,, Ej) 5; 
A,(,)EJ: CTOIX- C*X-» J^K) CIK Ke4>A.X€OIt (K€ctA.X, K: 
K^X, H) ^ KOTX (KOIX, H: KOTXI ^6, K) kX, FHK: 

cTT^oc (xo» r : x» M) ^Hk Ke^iSKeoM (kJX ititioj-f , 

F) ^ K(ilK, r)OTXI k5I pa>(o, M)€0C V, TGM, cf.? Gp. b. 

no npoc Ro^^axccoxic. %. ax. 


nHXY^OC nA,nocrroXoc irre nxfi mc e&oX 

nicott *ititiA.rioc eTjfceit koXa.cca.ic*- oto& 
jOLiucxoc nciiHOT exjieit n^fi Jhc- h^^ailot 
itcoxeit neiUL Tg^ipKiiH efi.oX g^iTen cj^-f 
uenitJOT*- nejuL nenw ihc nx^*- 'Ten- 
geng^juLox iixeit 4>-f 4>ia3T iineitOT ihc n^cc 
RcHOT nuBieit exen OHitoT*- eitTco&g, *€A.n- 
ccoxexiL enereitiu^-f eTj6€it hot ihc newt 
i"A.rA.iiH exj6eit ohitot eitiA-vioc THpoT* 

-.-, D ni4»HOTi4- en eTrA-pereitepajopn itcoejuiec*- 

j6€it ncA^i itT€ *f AJLeexuii nrre uie^A.vre- 


Inscription. HpOC KO (A., D') Xa.CCA.1 (A.CIA., H) C, D' H K L : 

n. K^eX (JcJX, Jg), J : n. koXa.cia.c f , f : n. nif, O: n. enicToXH f, P: 
n. i:oXa.cca.ic f H, AjE: n. i:oXa.caja.c Z, F: n. 
K0XA.CA.1A.C !u.*cXoc, GM: enicxoXK npoc koXa.- 

CA.IC A-VIOT nA.TX0C A.n0CT0X0T Zf B*. cf. ? Or. L : 
n. K0XA.CA.IA.C CXT^O ^"5 K F, N. For wp^s koK cf. Or. 
HABE al mu; for xoXas cf. Gr. AB*K al plu Euth sjrWtr, etiam M 
bis in gumma pagina. 

Hunt x8. ^J^m ^,...>il ^ J^5n j».5M 'the first Sunday of Pentecost' VlXJC 

IKC j c f. Gr. MABFGLP 17. 8p« d e f g am fu al>«<*«» syrP Enth &c.: 
WC nXC, T*D'JLO*, cf. Gr. D'^E^'K al pier vgo>« demid iol harl 



I. Paul, (the) apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of 
God, and Timotheos the brother, ^ to the minis who are in 
EolassaiSy and faithfvl brethren who are in Christ Jesus : 
(the) grace to you and (the) peace from Ood our Father 
and our Lord Jesus Christ ^We give thanks to God the 
Father of our Lord Jesus Christy always for you praying, 
^ having heard of your faith which is in the Lord Jesus, and 
the love which is in you unto all the mintsy ^ because of the 
hope which is laid up before you (i^^JCa)*T6It) in the heavens, 
which ye heard before in (the) word of the truth of the 

«yrw»» ann aeth Ac. * llltl^rioc] + XHpO*C, i8. eTj6eit] 

eTXH i6€n, i8»«. KO( + T, E2)X&.CCA.I (IA.,Tt)c] L^fPAiD'E 
KL. cf. Gr. KP 17. 37. al plus*^ syr"*' Or &c. : KoXa.C^-IC, AjO 18 : 
KoX4LCA.I^C, rCMNP : KoX&.Ce^-(0, B»)C, B«H : i:oX&.CIC, 
F : KA.X^.COIC, J. CITHOt] CH0*C, A2*B*M»N by error. R^C 
mc] cf. Gr. AD*E*FQ 17. 31. 73. defg vg &c.: om. IHC, B^J, 18, 
cf. Gr. HBD«E**KLP al pier sypP arm aeth Euth Ac. ng,A«.OT] 

nig,., Eg. itejuLueitciiLneit, r)oc mc nxc] cf. Gr. «ac 

FG I al plu f g vg«>« arm aethPP Ac. * ItXeit^'f ] IlT'ec^'f , 

N : ii^-f , J. c^ICOX] cf. ? Gr. D*FG, et Ti warpl cum BC*. Item 
•patri' d e g harl** syr"*' aeth"*' ar« &c. * €A.ItC0OT€JUL] obs. 

Gr. 17. fo^ AcovoiTcy. enexeitit^^'f ] i/ae ; eeJEiencrr., 

TVAc. HOC mc] cf. Gr. »*A : UX^ IHC, T*B»D'FK, cf. Gr. rel.: 

HOC mc nxc, i8. erri^w euitoT] €0^6., EjN; cf. Gr. 

KACD*E*FGP al plus" defg vg syrP ar"P« arm Euth Ac ^v Ix*t€. 

cm^^vioc] ititi., H jp : ee&em., D^ * exx^] om. x^* 

Jg. j6^^tt3Teit] j6^JC0On, J. i** person. OH] 4>H, F, masc. 
epa]0(a), T*: om. Ai*)pll it.] om. B*: om. €p, H*. COO- 

AJLe(o, H)c] -juteq., lm. 

408 npoG Ro^axccaxic. 

•^A-i ergon j6en ohhot*- ka-ta. ♦pK'f oit 
exeqgon jfceit niKocjuioc THpq eq+onrxA^*- 

icxcn uieg^ooT CTTA-pexeitcooTejiiL *• onrog, 
€XA.p€i"eitcoTeh m^^Jtxoir tcre ^^ ifeen 

OTiULeeiULHI 4- ■'ICA.XA. ^pH^f eTr^-p€T€iieM.i 

e&oX g^iTen en^-cj^pA.^ nuxenpix itcg4»Hp 
jOL&coic itxA.n4- ere oTUicroc ne it^iAJccon 
nxe lixp exeit ennoT *• 
• 4>4U exA-qxAJULon ereren^r^-nK j6€it ^lIutII•^ 
• ee&6 c^A.! ^.itoit g^ooit icxeit | nieg^oo-v exA.n- 
ccoxeAJL*- nreit^x^ jtrcren efi.oX ^.n*- 
enrco&g, exen eHno*v neix eiteperm ^m^ 
nTereitJULog, j6eit ucoTeit nereg^it^q ji)€n 
co^iA. ni&.6it 4- neiUL K^.*f ni&eit jQLniu.T'iKon 4- 
^® epcreitAJLooji eperenjOLnojA. JOliCx s&eti 
p^it^^q ni&.6it ^en &u)£. iti&en eeit^nev 
eperenxA-ofo ofXA-g, efi-oX*- oTog, epexen- 
A.i^-1 j6eit nieiULi itxe ^i"*- " epereitxejui- 

TLOJJL j6eil XOiUL Itl&eit KA.X^ UAJUU^I 11X6 

ueqoooT j6eit g,TUoxiLoiiH ni&en* iteAff. of- 
jutexpeqtuoT ilg^HX i^eti OTpa.cgi4- 


^ " Gpexengeng^AHox itxeit ^icox ^^i exA,q- 

• exgon] exgcon, t'EjN. ere(^, N)qgon] lit* &c.: 
erg., K: hxeqg., m : exeitg., dl: er^-qgooni, b*; 

cf. ? Gr. HABCD*E*P 17. 31. 39. 43. 71. 80. 122. 177. 238. ^^ Sv k«« 
arm aeth arWp'et^'' Euth &c. iarip without Koi. UIICOCJULOc] IllC., 

B». eq-f OTX A-g,] qi" •, ro M n p : erf., e. OTOg, eq^j^i] 

O. A.q., B*E; cf. Gr. HABOD*E*FGLP al plus^ defg vg Byr»«' 
arm ar« et"P« aeth Euth &c. Oil 2<»] om. K. eg^OOT] + it^O*CIX 
•first; JLO. CCOTeAJL OTOg, er^-perert] om. DEgFK. 
^ KA-X^- 4>pH'f] cf. Gr. HABCD*FGP 17. 23. defg Yg g0 8yr«»> 

■' KOLOSSIANS L 6-ia. 409 

Gospel. ^ Tliis which is (gjon) in you ; according as also 
it is in all the worlds bearing fruit and growing, according 
as also in you, from the day which ye heard and ye knew 
the grace of God in [a] truth ; "^ according as ye knew from 
Epaphra the beloved fellow servant of ours, who is ^fa'dhfvl 
miniaier of Christ for you. ®He (lit. this) who showed 
to us your love in the spirits ' Therefore we also, from the 
day which we heard, cease not praying for you and request^ 
ing, that ye might be filled with (the) knowledge (C0T6It) 
of his will in all wibdoniy and all spiritual understanding, 
'^walking worthily* of the Lord in all pleasing of him in 
all good works, sending forth fruit, and growing in the 
knowledge (€iULl) of God; ^^ being empowered with all 
power, according to (the) strength of his glory, in all 
patience and [a] longsuffering in [a] joy. ^' Giving 

thanks to the Father, he (lit. this) who made us worthy of 

• Lit. 'being worthy.' 

aeth ar»P«et«>edw Euth &c enA.^p(oio. P*)A.] ^11., T*AB«HK. 

ere] nrre, p. ^iA.Ka3(o, B*)n] + jSjSlOok 'Bervant; hjo. 

eaitOlf] cf. Gr. ^^^CDbet^EKLP al pier def vg go syr"^ arm aeth 
ariipt ei^^^ Euth &c. * eX^-nCCOXeAJL] GX^-qC, B*, 3° singular. 
cSlOX] ora. B*DL. eitXCO&g,] ItX., B*J. IteAff. eit(oin. 
en, A)ep€T"m]AEi«,: OTOg, €It(om.eit,N: S, B»j)epexiit, 

ifiT>&c.; obs. Gr. BK 219* &c om. nexeg,itA.q] nexeg^itec^-f 

•the wUl of God,' 18. C04>I^] C&OO, B^ IteULKA.'f lU&eil" 

om. K. jOLiuuIxiicoit] om. iiL, FN. ^^ epexeiiAJLoaji 

cf. ? Gr. H*ABCD*FG 17. 23* 37. 39. 57. 116. 178. al aliq Clem Euth 
sine vfias, but Coptic has pronominal prefix. 6p676nAff.nci|A.J 
KiJT^, neAJLHOJ^, K. rot] ^-f, 18*, cf. Gr. 47. f vg 8yr«»> ar^ 
Did &c. st>en^tJO&, nifi.eil] om. r* homeot. -X^OTo] AE : 
+ €, B»F: -XA-OTe, LaT* &c. j6enni(om. FK)eiUU] cf. Gr. l^» 
6. 10. 31 . 47. it vgc»« &c *^ XOJJl] ^tJO&, 'work.' B» 18. HCAff.- 

oTAnex.] ^enotjtxerr., hj.] cm. ot, f. 

12 c^ICJOX] cf. Gr. ABC*DEP al sat mu d e am go syrP*** arm«>»» aeth 
Did Cyr Euth Ac. : ^"f ^lOOX, T*(H« altered "f to JaOX)K, cf. Gr. 

€10 npoc Ro?s.axccaikic. 

epenepneAnnoj^. Si esbotn. cfxot nxe 

niJcXHpoc hrre mA.rioc * j6eit ^Toomi. " 4>aj 
€XA.qit^g,jjL€it e&oX[4-] 2,A. nepgjiggi nxe 
nx^Ki oTog, A.qoToe&eit e&oX €j6oTn rf- 
jULGTo-vpo itxe nojKpi nxe X€ciA.v^nK* 
**4>^i exA-ittfi JuLnicco-f e&oX g^ixoTq* 
njx^ e&oX hire neitito&t. "exe Tg,JKa3ii 
ix^i" ne ni^eit^'v epoq*- nigopu juUuuci 
nxe ccoitx m&en. 
"Xe n&pHi ilj6Hxq ^tojonrr itg^cofi. iti&eit^- hk 
€Xj6€it iti4>Ho*ci nejuL itK exaixen nKA^\¥ 
UK exoTnA.*c €pa>oT iteAff. itK exeiiceiu.'C 
€pa>o*c ixe nieponoc*- vre itiJULeTOT* 
nre itiA-pXH*- vre ra e^oTciA.*- aoofi. ni&eit 

n^ epoq*- "oTog, iteoq exjgon j6^xa>q SoTon 
ni&6it4- oTog, aoofi. ni&eit A-Tog^i epA.xof 
ili6pHi ili6Kxq*- "oTog, iteoq ne ta.^ 
jEjLniccoAJL^. ivTe 'feKKXHci^*- exe iteoq ne 
•f^pXH itgopn juuuLici e&oX j6eit nn eejuLO)- 
ofx*- &in^ itxeqgconi eqoi itojopn i^n 
g^CJoA m&en^- "xe itj6pHi ili6HTq ^.qi-- 
jULA.-f itxeniJULog^ rrapq egconi itifenxq 
*°0T02, e&oX g^iToxq eg^coxn itg^oofi. ni&en 
epoq €A.qA.iTOT it^ipKHH efi.oX g^iTeit nicnoq 
itTe neqMtp: e&oX ^iToxq ixe kh exg^ixen 
nK^p,! iTe KH exeitp^pw j6en nittHonri*- 

»(FG) 37. f g m* vg«»« fu al 8yr*»>» ami uac ar »»«>''. epnCJUin- 
(om.L)a)A.] JOLnajA^ E; for verb cf. Gr. MAOD«EKLP al plerTg 
8yr«*' Cyr Euth &c.; for ^/iav cf. Gr. ACDEFGKLP al pier d e f g m* 
vg<^i« fu demid 8yr«*ctP*»* Ath Cyr Euth &c. " €&oX 2^] T*Aj 

E K : om. L«Ai' &c. -f JUieT-OTpo] eJUL-, H J. " €\] 

cf. Gr. B ar"!* et ^''. efi.oX g^IXOXq] cf. Gr. nno. &c : €&oX 
2,JXenneqcnoq e, T*, cf. Gr. minusc eat mu vg*** demid syrP 
arm Thdrt Oec. " g^IKOOIt] g^TK., B*P. He] om. P. 


voming into the portion of the lot of the sainta in (the) liglit ; 
^s }ie ((^^) who saved us from (the) authority of (the) dark- 
ness, and he removed us into the kingdom of (the) Son of his 
love ; ^^ he (^^l) through whom we received the redemption, 
the foigiveness of our sins : ^^ who is (the) iToage of Ood, 
the invisible, the firstborn of all (itl&en) creation. 

^* Because in him all things were created, those which are 
in the heavens and those which are upon (the) earth, those 
which are seen and those which are not seen, whether the 
thrones, or the dominions, or the govemTnentSi or the cmthorir' 
ties ; all things became through him, and they were created 
unto him; ^^and he (it is) who is before all things, and 
tJl things stand in him. ^^ And he is (the) head of the body of 
the church : who himself is the beginning as (it) firstborn 
from them who are dead ; that he might be first in all things. 
^* Because in him the whole fulness was pleased to dwell 
[in him]; ^^and through him to reconcile all things unto 
him% having made them at (it) peace through the blood of 
liis cross \ through him (or 'it'), whether the things which 
are upon (the) earth or the things which are in the heavens. 

* So/ the fulness.* 

ccoirr] coitT, t*. " itapKi] a : itj6-j Ii»T* &c. KR 

€T. i^J cf.? Gr. »«A D«E»* KL al pier arm go Euth &c. KR CTT. a**] 
of.? Gp. J^»ACDEFGKLP al omn^ etc. TlKA-g^l] I/AiFEN : RIK., 
T» Ac. -ItA-T] -ItHO*V, EjN. ITe i** &c.] tabulated arrangement, 

A,. "j6A^a3q] -xcoonr, HJO. iJto^i epA-TOT] 

6XA.7rg)0Oni 'became,* H«JO'»»('a copy*): om. H*. " UlCtJO- 

XIA. itTe]AE: UC. itX€, T*B»FKL: HC. it, LBr»DGHJM 

NOP. i" a-pxh] t a-pxh, fk. itgopn] a e : ng., l« d k l : 
nig., T* &c. itH eejuL.] iteeiUL., d. *® eg,ooxn] itg,^ 

B». fcOJ^L &c.] OTOIt &c.*all men,' A,. eA.qA.ITO*v] A.q., 

F. nicnoq] uc, e^lnp. neq^] neqcxA-Tpoc, l»qm: 

nKfb 'the cross/ F(H*? Uetf:). CJEloX g^rrOXq a^] cf. Gr. MA 
C D«»et«E K P al longe plu vjt^^ w^^ go &c HR eTg^IXeit . . . 

^Hcnri] tpt. ItH 6Ti6enni4>H07ri we itH exg^ixeitni- 


lis npcxi Ro^Laxccoxic. 

y ** 0*»o^ ileooxeit g^ujTeit nonrcKOT lU-pexenoi 
nojejuuuLo oto^ ibc^jci j6en itexetuuteTri 4- 
ifeen mg^jSLHo-yi elrg^cooT. ** "f hot ^e ^.q^^ern 
OHnoT ;6€it nca)iUL&. itTe rreqcA-pj; e&oX 
g^ixen neqxiLOT. exA^e OHitoT 69^.7611 
ennoT ota.& oTog, eperenoi ii^.x^tf!ti4» 
Of og, nA.T^.piKi juLneqiiLeo. 

8"ICx€ TeTeitaon iJLnm^^-f epeTeitT^Jcpuo-rr 
iiceiff ofog, €p€xenxop4- orto^ eperenoi 
li^TWJiiL epooxeit*- efi.oX g,^ •fg^eXiuc itxe 
uieTT^rveXion ^h.\ ex^-pexeitcoeA«.eq * ^ix 
eT^Tg^icoioj JuuuLoq j6eit lucconx XHpq 
exc^^necHX nT4>e ^aj exA-igcom iiA.q a.iiok 
nA.*vXoc il^I^JcooIt 4- 

^jXQTt eHnoT<> ofog, •fxcoic Rititfpo^ | e&oX ^ixen 

'••'^ iti2^ox2|6X itTe nxc j6eit x^-c^px eg^pni 

exeit ueqcooAJLA. exe -f eKKXaciA. xe *• *• oaj 
^itoK exA-iaoonj n^c ns^i^Kcon •> k^xa. -foi- 
iconojULiA. rixe 4>-f4- exxoi nai epooxen 
excoK juLnic^jci Rxe ^-f efi^oX *• *• ni Annrc- 
XHpion exg^HH*- icxeit neneg, itejuL mreiteA.4- 
•fitoT ^€ A-qoToitg, gSloX itmA-noc itx^-q*- 
*^ itK ex^ ^'f Of a>aj exAJticoof *• xe ^aj xe 
•fjuiexpAJUt^o itxe ncooT itxe iu.ijul*ccxh- 
pioit j^en meenoc exe nxc ne j6eit OHnof 
-fg^eXmc nxe ucoof 4- ^^^h\ ^.itoit exen- 

JCA^I, but repeat IX€ KK exeitapKI ;6eitIH*HO*CI, FK, 
obs. Or ^'^^ trB. HICA^l] AiFD E LN : IlIIC., L»'r* &c " OTOg,] 

om. B*. iiaeiuuuLo] + ne, J. nexeitxnef i] cf. Or. fg f g. 

A.(e, E,)q(T, B»)2,e(H, M)XU] cf. Gr. HAOD«BKLP al omn^ f Tg 
«yr«f reUEuthCyr&c: A.Tg,€XU, B*,cf.Gr.B. " Rxexeqc] 
iiXeqc., H*. neqULOf] cf. Gr. hap al** m" 8yr»e» otP a* arm 
aeth ar«>«<»wEuth&c. €pA.(e, AiOXeneHItOf] om. LtL. OYiL&.] 
LxOf&O, 0. ^X^pIKl] A-XpIKI, AjB^GMOP: ^XIUiUL 

. KOLOSSIANS L ai-a8. 411 

'^And ye aJso once were being strangers (sing.) and 
enemies in your thoughts, in the evil works, " but now he 
reconciled you in (the) body of his flesh through his death, 
to present you holy and being without spot and blameless 
before him. ^ If ye abide in (JuL) the faith, being firmly 
founded, and strong, and immovable from the hope of the 
Oospd ; this which ye heard ; this which was proclaimed 
in the whole creation which is below (the) heaven ; this to 
which I Paul became minister. *^ But now I rejoice in 
the pains for you, and I complete the deficiencies of the 
tribulations of Christ in my fl^ for his body, which is 
the chv/rch'y ^this to which I (pron.) became minister^ 
according to the dispensation of God which is given to me 
unto you, to complete the word of God, ^•the mystery 
hidden since (the) age and the generatiorhs : but now it 
was manifested to the saints of his, ^ to whom God wished 
to show what is the riches of (the) glory of this mystery 
among the OentHes, which is Christ in you, the hope of (the) 
glory: '^he (^A.l) whom we (pron.) proclaim, instructing 

'immovable/ J. ^* XeTeHttJOU] X€Itg., BTN. JuLum.] 

AgEGMP: i6eiini, L8T»Ai &c. nm^^g^-f] 4)n., b». epe- 

T"eitX^2CpK01fX] ^p., Aj: pref. OTOg,, HJ. OTOg, 
€(^*, AiOpexenXOp] J marked this. addiDg l^ J isA) »i» 
(J2 ijj^\ SJe^) 'this is an addition in (om. J2) a copy (of another copj, J^)' : 
cm. Onrog,, B^ eX^'Cg^ICOlttj] eX^^qg,., L smgular. JUL- 
JtiLOq] om. L«. il^I^.ICa) (O, A2)It] in. before ^(lOK, HJ. 

2wI^-Ka5n] cf.? Gr. (exc. H*P syrP"' Euth) duutow. ^* niJUL- 

(€JUL, G) KA.-C2,] cf. Gr. H*ABCDEFGKLP al plu it vg syr**** 

ar"i» &c. exenoHitoT] excoq 'for him/ B». sKok P^ITeit] 
AB*^: efi.oX Rxe, ut^&c. xa-c] xc, bmn. exeTeicic>v.J 
itxef., L. Te] om. R. ** epcoxeit] epcoAHi, f. 

exvJK iSLui.] exeicni., r. ^e ^jj^j^^^cx.] pref. e, r. 

Ueneg,] AB*DEFKL: meiteg, 'the ages/L^TTGHJMNOPR. 

A.q(T, E2)o'con^] aeh : A-qonrcong,, L'T' &c. e&oX] om. 

nx^q] XHpOT 'all/ N*. " nxenA-l] LfT^ArEGMNOP: 

iJLn^.1, B*DFHJKLB. ue] om. M. ** exeitg^i] eXA-ltg,!, 

• • • 


414 npoc Ro^axccaxia 

^^itpio) jOuuLoq^ft- enxc^^o npcDAJU niSien 
onro^ €it*f c&u) itpcoAJU iti&eit j6eft co^u. 
ni&eit^- 2|iit^ itxeitT^^e pcojuLi ni&eit 
ep^xoTf evxHJc efi-oX sb^ti nxj^. ^^^^ 
eftfrj6ici ili6Hxq4' eiepA-vajm^ecee 4- ic^ta. 
ueqep^cofiL ili6pHi itj6HX j6eit onrxoAiu 
6" ^ l^onrcogj v^p eepeTenejuu xe onr^rcoit iu^ 

SJUUUAH 6TBItXHI J0UULA.7r eg^pHI 6X6It eKll07r4« 

neu. iiH ex^it X^os^iki^ 4- itejuL onron niJ&eit 
exejuLno-vn^nr eiu^o ifceit xca^px * &iit^ itce^ 
IteiULitojuL^f nxenonrg^Hx evrcAAHo-VT e&oX 
g^iTen onr^ioi jfceit ota-v^uk itejuL orjuter^ 
P^jUu.o ni&eit iiTe ^Anog^ nTe neqic^^f 4^ 
encoxen uiJULTCTHpion kre ^'f <tiarr 
iinxc> ^ ♦a.i exe ni^^u3p XHpo-c 

nxe -f co^^ itejtiL niejuLi exg^Hix ni6pMi 
C * 4>4U ^e -f zoo juuuLoq 4- £^iiu. itTeajxeAJt. g^Xi | 
HK €pg,A.X juuuLcoxen 4- j6eii g^A-itc^^i iteca30'v * 
*icx€ VA-p -f neiULooxeit ^n j6€it tc^px* 
^XX^ i" itejuLcjoxeit i6€it niiuur4> eip^^i 
onrog, eiitA-nr exexenxA-j^ic 4- neu, nix^^pa 
n5cc, nxe nexeitit^^-f €Xj6eii uxc4* 

p. onrog, eit (it, dnr)^" c&o) npcoAU ni&eit] om. k. cf. Gr. 

L 47. 67** 73. 109. 8P«f ■«' al pane Euth hal ar"P«. ItpCOiULI Ill&CIt «®] 
ItOOOT 'them.' R ; obi. Gr. D*E* FG 17. 38. 39. 43. 49. 5S. 72. f«»' d e f g 
aeth M^»^^ Clem &c. om. itxenx^.2,€ ( + H, L)] ItXexen- 

x^g^e, L8. itifiLen 4^] om. gm. enr xkk] -xcok, h. /6€n- 

UXC] cf. Gr. H*ABCD*F«'G 17. al* d e g ar"p» Qem Euth Ambnt; 
+IHC, T*FK(L*'). cf. Gr. K^DbetPEKLPal pier f vg go syrPCct'^i^ar**?'' 
et* praem) arm aeth &c *• e'fCTl] nrf(f\y N: €X^ltfT, L, 

nj6HXq] cf. ? Gr. FG d e f g vg fV. neq(p, L)€p(om. ep, E,). 
^tJO&] Ai*B»E; +4>H(ctA.I, AaHJjexepg^CJOfiL 'which workcth/ 

KOLOSSIANS I. 29—11. 5. m 

every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that 
we may present all men complete in Christ; ^he (^^0 in 
whom I toil, striving according to his working in ma in 
[a] power. 11. For I wish yon to know how great a 
striviTkg I have for you, and them who are in Laodikia, 
and all who saw not my face in (the) fleshy ^that their 
hearts may take courage, being instmeted through [a] 
reasoning, in [a] love and all riches of (the) fulness of 
their (lit. his) understanding, unto (the) knowledge (co'veit) 
of the mystery of Qod the Father of Christ, 'he ((^^l) in 
whom (are) all the treasures of the wisdom and the hidden 
knowledge (GiULl). ^But this I say, that no one may 

deceive you in beautiful words. ^ For if I am not with 
you in (the) jlesh^ [but (^)] I am with you in the spirit^ 
rejoicing and seeing your order, and the firmness of your 

* V^p] LkT^Aj &c: ^e, Aj'DFKL, cf. Or. 4. 10. 37. 47. 80. 115. 
116. 8yr*»»ctP°»« Dam Sedul. eep€T*eneJULl] €(om. K)ep€- 

TeTeitejuLi, fhjko*. ^.vooit], h. ereitTw] 

eXeitXA.It, F«. >vA.O^IKI^] cf. Gp. (exc. B*D«E al plu), 

iti&eit] -&eX, M. xc^pjj -fc, f. * of g^ioi] om. onr, 

r*. Onrxnexp,] L'TAFEFHJK: om. o*c, b*dglmnopr. 

xrre^MjLO^ ex€4>., r. neqKA.-f ] + ne, b. ilxe<&'f 

4>J0DX iJL(IteXIL,T*)nXc]T*A&c.,cf.?Gr. H♦A04.b■»'♦o•"ar«P• 
rov &€ov vorphi (AC 4. add rov) ;(fMOToi; : -^ IHC, IM^ cf. am fa al dei 
patria Christi Jeau': ttXe^-f c^ltJOX IteAJLUXC JHC, K, cf. vg''^ 
Pelag 'dei patris et Christi Jesu.' ^A-g^aJp] eg,., N: lA-g,., 

J. IteiULni(om. J)eJULl] cf. Gr. ^^'AD^EKLP al pier &c. KeJUL- 
nteiULl] trs. after itj6HXq, R, eXg^KU] g^HH 'are hidden,' B» 
DHJKLR (trs. after CO^I^). itj6pHl] Itg,., HB. * TiC] 

Xe, B'^E; cf. Gp. K«A«>"CDEKLP al omn^ it vg pell Clem &c^ 

necoDonf] A,.«*B»EFJL: eitec, l«t*A2« &c.: itnec, mn. 

^XC^pX] "fc, FN: nA-CCOJULA^ 'my body,' B» eiKA-T] 

^•m., E. exexenxA-xic] exenx., Ei*o* : Rxexeitx., 
G. uixAJC.] ux., K. exj6en] om. ex, R. 

m npoc Ro^axccaxic. 

Of og, epexeitKcox juuutaoxeit ilj6Hxq -s- cnrog, 
epexeiiTAJcpHOfx j6€it miw.g^'f*- ic^t^. 

^pK-f €X^7fTC^fi.€ eHItOT €p€rr€itoi it^of o. 

il^Hxq )6€it Of geng^JULOT. 
« 'HXni-T ofn julhucdc onroit nexKcoXn jtsjutu^ 
xen*- efi-oX g^ixeit oTxiLex4>iXoco^c *• neu. 
oTA.nA.TH ecgo-cix*- ka.xa. niiu.pA.2iOcic ftTe 
nipa)iULi4- KA.XA. nicrroixiwjit iiTe niicocAt.oc4* 
ofog, KA.XA. nxc A.n *• • xe ili6pKi iii6HTq4- 
qcgon itxeniiULo^ XHpq hre -fAneenoTt 
ccoAt.A.TiKooc ofog, xexeKJULeg, 6&oX 
n)6Hxq 4- 
^^Gxe iteoq ne xa.4>€ Sa-px^ m&eit new. 
exoTciA. iti&.en *• ** 4>a.i exA-TcoffiLe eHnonr 

ttj6HXq j66It OYC6&I iteA.iULIO itxix A.It 4- j6eK 

<t»£LCoa) jOLucooAJLA. irte 'fcA.pj;*- it^^pKi i6€n 
nce&i iinxc*- "e^-ficec eHitonr iteu^q 
ifcen iiia)Jtt.c*> ^a.i €xeiij6pHi nj6Hxq A.xe- 
xeitxeit eHitoT n6At.A.q on e&oX g^rren 
nmA.g^'f*- nx€ niep^cofi. nxe ^^ *• 4>a.i exA.q- 
xoTnocq e&oX s^en hh eejULcooxT -s- 1 
"Ofog, necoxen g^cwxen epexenjULcoonrx jfcen 
nexennA.pA.nxa5JULA. *• neiUL -fjuLexA-xce&i 

Hunt 18, • r«»« L™« 'the second Sunday of Pentecost/ OTn] om. D. 

eT"A.p.] nxA.p., N. JuLnxc ihc] af^egmp: +nenoc 

•our Lord,' L«T»B»r«DFHJKLNO 18; no Gr. omits 'the Lord' or has 

'our.' "^ ijuuLcoxen] om. G. ^ennmA-g^-f ] of. Or. hd« 

EKLP al pier demid tol hal &c. €pexen0l] pref. OTOg,, HJ. 

i6eno-caj€^&-^^oT"] ©m- o-x, E,*; cf. Gp. H*AC 17. 23. 28. 37, 

47- 57. 73. 1 16. al aliq am fu tol &[^<:^^ aeth Euth Archel. * JjO^'the 

second Sunday of Pentecost.' Ofn] L^TkAFEGMNOP : om. B^DF 

.KOLOSSIANS IL 6-13. 4lt 

faith which is in Christ. 'As then ye received Christ 
Jesus, walk in him, '' taking (tfe) root, and building your- 
selves in him, and being confirmed in the faith, aocordingi 
as ye were instructed, abounding in it in [a] thanksgiving. 

'See, then^ led by any means there is he who robbetb 
you through a philosophy and a vain deceit, according to 
the tradUioTis of the men, according to the dements 
of the world, and not according to Christ: 'because 
in him dwelleth all the fulness of the divinity bodily, 
^' and ye are filled with him \ Who himself is (the) 

bead of all government and all authority : ^^ he (^A.l) 
in whom ye were circumcised in a circumcision not made 
with hand, in (the) stripping off of (the) body of the flesh, in 
(the) circumcision of Christ ; ^' having been buried with 
him in the baptism, this in which ye rose with him also 
through the faith of the working of God, he {<^^) who 
raised him firom them who are dead. ^^And ye also 

being dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision 

» Or 'filled up in him/ 

HJKL 18. xwiucoc] -noon, e. ejSioX] om. k. 4>iXo- 

(I, P)C.] cI>tX., eh J. nA.pA.2kOCIc] n^.pA.2iIC0C, AjN. 
CXOIXI^"] A ; -io n, LsT* &c.: -X^C, MP. RIKOCXILOc] 

n^.iK., EJ. n3cc] +IKC, FK. • AJLeencrff ] jutexit., 


F'GLMNP. *** TCTenjtxe^] -^^o^, H. " ^^ (4>K, 0) 

ex.] cf. Gr. F^^G g arm Chr«>d om. koi. 4>(n, P)&a)aj] LbT^B-F 
DFGH»JKLMNOPj_ 4>OTa}aj, AE: UlonrCOOJ, H°«. jOL- 
ncODUU.] TtAE: JULUIC., L* &c.; cf. Gr. H*ABOD*E»FGP 17. 
71. 73. 116. 118. 120. 178. f*»' it vg ar"P« arm aeth"» Clem Euth Ac; 
At. gloss of El gives the addition bUJi 'of the sins.' Rxefc^.p 

nrfc, L«: itcA-px, t». napHi] itj6., b»hj. nee 
ncoTfi.e, HJ. ^'^ e^rtKec] ^rtK., 18. ^en i*»] efi.oX 
g^ixen, B^ c^^i i^] pref. o-co^, HJ. ni6pHi] it&p-, b»d 
EgL. ^xexeitxeit] L«A,.2«rGMN0*P: ^rreren, kp: 

e^X€Xen,B»: A.p€XeitTen,TkDHJKLO« 18. Olt] om.G*H. 

nK eejuL.] neeix., d. " )6eii] cf.? Gr. s^acdefgkp 

al plu &c. praem cV. 

VOL. III. E e 

418 npoc Ro^.uxccaxic. 

€A.qx^ itA-it efi.oX ititeimA.pA.nxa3AJLA. THpof 
^* €^.qcco>oc J0Lnicj6x itxix*- ^^i eit^qxor 
;6^poit j6€!t iti2iOrAJL^. <tK eit&.q-foTJiKn*' 
onrog, iteoq ^.qoXq €fi.oX i6en eJULH-f e^q- 
•fxqx it^-q €i6o*»it euiip:*- 

la " RitiA-pXH neJtx hiCxotcia. €A.qi* 
jOLnoTfcojix ifceit oTOToitg, gSloX e^-qA.ixonr 
hcp^-a itj6pHi itj6KTq ^«ii.neitepe g^Xi oyn 
'f^^n €pa3X€it j6eit oTOfcoiti*- nejtx oTcto 
le j6eit oTToi Rre otoja.! •► le jfeeit onrcof Ai 
le itxe 2^A.ncAiL&A.xo!t "cTe Xj6Kifi.i nxe 
neenHOT T€4- nictoxiu. 2w€ iiTe uxc 
"juLueitepe g^Xi (Tpo epcoxeit iti6Hxq eq- 
oTcog ;6€it oTee£.io n&ax neu. o-rajexiLcyi 
nxe itiA-vveXoa itH ex^-qit^nr epcoonr ^.q^^coAiU 
€xa5o*» eqtfoci Sg^ax &jkh €fi.oX g^ixeit 
ng^HX itxe xeqcA.pj; "onrog, qAJtioni A.n 
n'f^.4>e*- 4>H exe nicoojuL^. xapq o*cefi.oX 
juuuLoq ne, eTrc^^g^iti itctjoq e&oX ^rren 
mxno-f itejuL mcit^.T2^. o-cog, e^3c4>o iSjuioq. 
qn^^iA.1 j6en niA.iA.i nxe ^-f •► 

tjS ^ ICxe ^xexeruuLOT itejui nxfi efi^oX g^A. iticxoi- 

itxexeitc^pj] nxexexenc, t*g«k i8. 

i6e] e^^qX., FK. eanOT] cf. Gr. H*A0KL al*® fere iol 
^yrutr ariipt aeth Euth Ac. e^^qX^] ^^X^» ^S. HA-K] cf. Or. 
»*ABCDEF8'GK al longe plu d eg go 6yr«»'ann Euth &c. Iteit* 
n^pA.n.] cf. Or. DE de Byr^^ arm. ^* €A.qca)(0, Ei)Xx 

(n, B* : om. Ji)] A.qc., H. ^Al] A B»D*E2 : ^a, LkT^ &c.: om. 0. 
eit^qxoi] -qoi, T^HJ. ^OVJULA.] L^TTDEHLNP i8; 

AoXq 'puUed dowD,' FH JKL i8. CA-q-f ] A.qi", B\ e/6o'cn] 
om. H. ni?!p:] nicxATpoc, ug m. ** eA-qBLA.ajq] A.q&., 

H. UO-CCa5I(n,A2*)X] UlCa)IX,N. OT(oni.OT,AE,GJKN)- 

o-cong,] AH: -con^, LfifT^ &c. nibpai] ^SjP-* ^• 
"juineitepeg^Xi of n-f] L8Tk&c.,cf.Gr.: /jLiienepet"fAi: 

XOLOSSIANS n. 14-20. 41ff' 

of your/esft, he made you alive with him, having forgivea 
VLB all our transgreaaions, ^^ having blotted out the hand- 
writing [this] which was being [given] against us in the 
decrees, that which was opposing us; and it (pron.) he 
took away from (the) midst^ having nailed it into the cross. 

^^ Having stripped from himself the govem/ments and 
the authorities^ having defamed them openly, having made 
them a spectacle in it. ^^ Let not any one then judge you 
in [an] eating and [a] drinking, or in respect (lit. a part) 
of a feast, or a first day (of month), or of sabbaths: ^^ which 
is (the) shadow of the things which come. But the body 
of Christ ^^ let not any one overcome you in it, wishing in 
a humbleness of heart and a service of the angds: he took 
his stand* on the things which he saw, being proud wUhxyut 
cause by (the) heart of his fleshy ^^ and he layeth not hold 
on the head from whom is the whole body, being supplied 
through the joints and the bonds, and being generated 
(X<to) it will grow in the growth of God. ^ If ye died 

• Lit. 'trampled.' 

Ainenepe^Xi ( +'f 2,A.n, Ei«), Ei*2. oTonrcoAi.] gm o«p .- 

om. OT, L8T' &c. KeJUl] L«T* &c., cf. Gr. B 8yr»e»» &c. : le 'or,* B*, 
cf. Gr. rel &c. XOX Rxe Ot] om. G*. 0*VCOnr^l] COf A.I, Ei^. 

ilTe2,^.iic^.] i6eit2,., h j. " exe . . . xe] cf. ? Gr. 

BFK'G de g m®* go &c. Xj6-] 0)6., L«. Il€en.] AjE : ItK 
eeit, LsT^Ai' &c. niCCOAJL^. ^6 (om. 2iC, 0)] beginning a new 
sentence, cf. Gr. K^'^^^ABP aeth &c.: FEGHJLMP begin a new verse, 

cf. Gr, A. ^* eqof coa] ^q., JN. itH eTr^.qiu.T] cf. Gr. 

K»ABD» 17. 28. 67** d e m®^ ari^P* aeth &c. ^qg^COXILI (om. M)" 
AEHJ; eqg,.. L8T* &c. CXCOOt] g^IXCOOT, B». cAoX" 
onu B*. ^^ q^JULOItl] L'AjB^EGM (AJULOIt)P : Rq^^JULOIlI, 

T^Ai'rDFJKLNO: Sq., om. ^•It, H. "f A.4>€] XA.4>€:, F. 
niAJLO(0'C, Y^)'Y\ L«TtAi.2°^ ('another copy ')&c.: ItlltOAJL'fjAg*. 
ft€AJLItlCIt^.T2,] om. L. eT2C<to] L«Tt &c.: A.TX., AEO. 
qit^^I^l] qA.I^.1, G P : eq^.IA.1, M. *^ Ji°»k 'the second Sun- 

day of Pentecost.' ICXe] cf. Gr. X^ unc. rell, al^^ fere d e f g am fu tol 

42ft iipoc Ho^oxccaxia 

_ niKOCJULOC fr I 

ne 21 Qjiep^^ ori^e juLneptfY'f m 'j- oT2we JuLnep- 
j6a5nx ** eg^tofi. mfi.eii exxH enxAJco * 
. €ttjxejUL€pxp*-ce€ iiJULtooT KA.X4. ni^ojt- 
^eitfr itejuL •fjuLexpeq^-cfi.o) iixe nipoojuu 
^^exe ite itK exeoTon*- otcajici iULeit ili6H- 
TOT iixe OTcfi.a) i6eit <t)OTU5ttj Rxe OTojejULoii 
neiUL iig^KX*- itejuL oTjuLexA.Ti'^.co 
eniccouL^. i6eit otx^^io i6€n otci nxe 

»y ICxe oTit ^.xexeitxen ennoT nejtx n5cc Koj^f 

itc^. K^^ua^^^ niiUA exA. nx^ juuuioq eq- 

aooi RitK exg^ixeit uk^^i'S- ^^.xexen- 
JULOT V4.p oTog, iiex€na)itj6 &kii neju. nxc 
i6eit <t)'f * eojuoii 4.qaj4.noToitg, efi.oX iixenxc 
nexeita)iti6 ** xoxe iteaoxen ^ooxen epe- 
xeitofoit^'e&oX nejuL&.q4- s^en of coot *• 
id *I)a)xefi. RitexenjuieXoc exg^ixeit niK^^i4- 
'f nitf(bj6€JUL'5- nm^^eoc. •fenieTJUiiA. 
€xg,aooir fr nejuL -f^^-e^P^^^ ibconc •>• exe 

aiuohm go arm ^eth Euth Oyr &c.: + 2^6, KL, cf. demid 'autem.* 
niCXOIxO niCX., F singular. niKOCJULOC !<»] HA^IK., B». 

A.i6cJoxen] -oxen, gmp«. iJuuLCJoxen] om. h. e^tvnsb] 

T'ArFGHJKMP: -0!ti6, L«B*DELNO. niKOCiULOC a*» 
cf. Gr. FG. " iJLnep i° . • . OT2y.e 2°] om. M. (fl i\ 

+neJUL, T*. (Trfni] L?TfcA,.2 Canother copy'): tfffne, A,*I 

22 exxH] excrf, lu. -fixexpeq'f c^oo] niiULex., dfj 

KL plural : mpeq-fcfi-OO *the teachers/ H* : -tcfi^tJO 'the wisdom/ 

31. ^^exette tta] t'aejl: exena ne, ja &c. otoc- 

jBlIO ( + T, Eg)] om. O-r, H P. ItaKX] cf. m ®- go &c., also Gr. F G, 

KOLOSSIANS n. ai— m. 5. 421 

'with Christ from the demerds of the world; why reckon ye 
yourselves as those* living in the world 'i ^^Take not, 
nor taste, 7u>r approach **to all things which are (^h) 
for (the) destruction, so as not to use them : according to the 
orders and the teaching of [the] men ; ^ which are things in 
which there is a show^ indeed of [a] wisdom in (the) wish of 
a service, and a humbleness of heart, and an unsparingness of 
(e) the body, not in [an] honour, in [a] satisfying of (the),^A. 

in. If then ye rose with Christ, seek for the things above 
the place in which Christ was, sitting on the right hand 
of God. ^ Think of the things above, not those which are 
upon (the) earth. ^For ye died, and your life (is) hidden 
with Christ in God. ^ If Christ should be manifested, your 
life^ then ye also are being manifested with him in [a] glory. 

^Eill your menibera which are upon the earth; [the] 
fornication^ [the] uncleanness, [the] pasdon, [the] evil desire^ 

» Lit. 'some/ ^ Lit ' word.' 

d e f Tg sypP Tou v6os, SXCTlJrf^Co] JtXerf^CO 'sparing- 
ness,' r*. i6en 2°] pref. ^.XX^., M. 

iF«n«L"« 'the third Sunday of Pentecoit.' OTIt] om. Ei*K. 

A-xexenxeite.] ^.xexene., b^d^efJj. err^ &c.] ab»E: 

erre &c., L«T* &c. ; cf.? Gr. i^* 28. 120. om. «Wiv. ct'f ] n^QC, Aa* 
by error. ^ ^^ eXg,.] IteXg,., J: IXeXg,., DFKL. ^.H 

om. P by error. * ^.TeXeHJULOT] ItXeX., F. HeJU.] 

jfcett, HJ. * ecgoon] +:b.€, f. -o-rong,] AEg: -cong,., 
L«Tti&c. nexena)ni6]cf.Gr. »CD*FGP 109.116. 

kior cs^^txt d e f g vg go arm aeth Eus Did Euth Oyr &c. epGXeil- 

oTO(a), T'B*E2FJKP)n2,] T^AB^EaFHJKP: epeTeneo-c- 

tong,, LKrDEiGLMNO. ^F^J^rng 'the sixth Sunday of the Hnnt 26. 

Fast.' i6ci)xe&] + o-rit, DFKL. iteTeiuxeXoc] cf. Gr. 

K^AC^DEFGHKLP al pier it vg go arm aeth ar^^w ^hv &c.: 

nexettcooixA., Ji*(juLeXoc, j^^ 'a copy'). niK4.g,i] Ax'jB* 

DJ2KLOP: UK., L^TTEFGHJiM. HO (O), Aj) pHI^.] cf. Gr. 
KAD^FGHP al. It€ix] om. F. "f JULeTpeqfTi] ^pe^(f\, E, 


i2z . npoc ROA.axccaxic. 

€^&KXo*c ibcemxaoitf tnre ^^ eg^pHi exert 
wcaKpi itnre ^jtxemjTBtJdT h^nir^ Tha-i 
exe iteuoxeit g^ooxeit n^-pexeiuxooji iti6pHi 
ftjinxonr iioTCHo*c ^onre epexenooitji) s^en 

ic ^'i^nof 2^e XM^ ej6pHi ^ooxett ng^oofi. ni£.en«- 
nixootrT'S- mixfiLonfr -fKiJci^. nixeoTA.4- m- 
cij^i exajo-rix*- ixnen lepoTi eSoX j6en 
ptoxeit'S- * iJinepxejuLeetto-rx enexenepKo-c*- 
G^.xexen&A.aj eRno*c JOLnipcoixi !t4.n^.c *• iteix 
nequp^^x^c "S- ^^o-rog, ^.xexeit'f ^i enno-c 
ixnipcjoixi iJL&epi<3- ^h een^.ep&epi si^en 
orcvdorti^ K4.X4. ir^iKvon jjl^k ex^.qconxq*- 
^^ niiUL&. exejOuuLon o-remm juUtioq ne^jL 
oYioYS^^.!. ce&i4- itejUL jtxeir^rrceSL\<- &4.p- 
fiA-poc cKTeocfr JS.U5K o-rog, pejuLg^e<3- ^.XX^. 
g^oofi. ni£.eit si^en o-roit mfi.en ux^- 

49 "Uoi o-rit g,i eHno*c ii.<t)pK-t itg,A.ncu5xn nxe 
<t)'f e7ro*c4.B. o-rog, juUtienpix itg^^-itxnex- 
3j4.neAiLAj6x ilxe o-rjuLenrpeqgertg,HX ilo-c- 
juiexg^eXze ito-ree&io ng^KX Ro-riULexpejuL- 
p^.'ca no-cixexpeqoooT itg^HX. 
" GpexenepA-itex^cee ititexeitepKOT ofog, epe- 
nrenxj^ efi.oX RttexeitepKOT. ecycjon eoTOJt 
0-rA.piKi ofxe o-r^.! nesx ot^.i k^^xa. <l>pK't 

•f IXexg^. (e, T* Aj*) IXCye] LKTAj'^B^rEGHJL^MNO: 
•f IXeXpeqaj., Ai^DFKL«P. ® ItK &c.] cf. Gr. »ABC*D»>et«E** 
H K L P al omn^ f vg go syr ^^ arm &c. eefi.KXOf ] ee&eXO*C, T*. 
eg^pKI . • . itg,HX] cf. Gr. (exc. B aeth'o°» &c.). "^ IlA.peXeit- 

ixoai] ^.pexeitJUL., fh : ^xexenix., b» J 26. nj6pHil 

om. H J. !tO-rCHO*y] !tCHO*y, B*: iXUICHO-T, DFKL. -0)11)6] 
-onj6> B»DHJiLP. n^l]cf.Gr.NABCD*HP* 
Euth. « 7^e] Xe 'then,' J. Xf^] ^m- T. ei6pHi] eg,p.,j6. 
g^OOXeit] om. K, cf. Gr. N*. ni^COOItx] UX., DFKL. niJUL- 

<ejuL, N)BLOit] n(rt, L)ejuL&ort, dfkl. -fK^.Ki^.] xk., k. 

K0L08SIANS IIL 6-13. 423 

and the wroogdoing, which is the idolatry; ^the things 
because of which cometh the anger of God upon the sons 
of the disobedience ; '' these in which ye also were walking 
once when living in these. * But now put away (lit. down) 
also everything, [the] anger, [the] wrath^ [the] malice, [the] 
blasphemy ; [the] empty words let them not come from your 
mouth; ®say not falsehood to one another; Having 

stripped from you the old man with his doing, ^^ and ye clothed 
you with the new man, he who will become new in [a] 
knowledge, according to (the) image of him who created him : 
^^ the place in which there is not Greek and a Jew, circum- 
cision and uncircumcision, barbarian, Skythos, servant, and 
freeman : but (^) all things in all, Christ. ^^ Clothe you 
then as chosen of God, holy and beloved, with tender mer- 
cies of [a] compassion, [a] kindness, [a] humbleness of heart, 
[a] meekness, [a] longsuffering. ^^ Bearing with one 

another, and forgiving one another^ if there is a quarrel 

JDLnettepO-Cl] cf. Gr. FG f g ar"p« aeth go &c. • -^^SH] A B» E : 

-fi.€ttj, L^T* &c. : -fi-Hg, H. ^^ Of Og,] om. B» 26. 4.(6, N)Xe- 
Ten-f (om. B» E 0)] eA.X ., B» r D F G M 0. Xg^l (T, P*)- 

Kao(o, E2M) tt] -t&M 26. ijL4>K] ilxe<t)K, dh jl 26. eT*A.q- 
co (CD, E2) nxq] T* &c. : ex^^qe^JULioq * fashioned,' 26 : ex A.q- 

coxa 'chosen,' L». " neJUUULeT^.T"C.] om. IteUL, J: 

neuLniJuiex., r. cjinreo(a), h)c] -eac, dfk. o-rog, 

peJULg^e] cf. Or. AD*E*FG 3. 46. 73. it vg syr»ci» aeth go &c. : om. 
OTOg,, 26, cf. Gr. i^BOD«E**KLP al pier syrP ann Clem Euth &c. 
" OTtt] om. Ai'B*DFKL, cf. Gr. L ar^P- t^x^^^. ng^^ItAXeX.] 

nxeg^A-n., j. itxeoTixeTpeq.] om. peq, fk; cf. Cr. na 

BOD»»etoEFGLP al longe pin it vg sypP Euth &c.: eOTlXeX., 0. 

iio-rixexg^eX^ce] om. ii, then o*yjuLeTXpc, b»: neixof- 
juiex., 26. !to*yee&io] itT'eo'c., P: om. S, b» nof- 
juieTp . . . noT] om. fi twice, B* : nejuLo*c . . . tnreot.y 26. 
^3 A.nex€Jcee] 4.nA.x-» Aj^i^P: en^.^., Ej. oTog,] cm. 

B* 26, cf. Gr. 17. arm. itn€X€nepKOT 2°] ttXeitep., Aj. 
€OTO(om. E2)n] LfTtAfgDEFKL 26: om. €, B^rGHJMNOP. 
neiXO'YA.l] om. Ax^ homeot. 

i2i npoc Ro?s.axccaxic. 

exA. n^cc Xf^ nooxeit efi.oX n^.ipR'f necoTeit 
^(wxeit ^* eg^pHi 2^e e^ceit n^.i xHpo*c 'f ^.v^^hk 
€xe niAJtoTp U€ nTe nixasK efi-oX. ^^o-cog, 
•faxpHitH irre n5cc Jtw.pecxA^po nj6pw 

epoc i6en oyccoul^. nofoox. 
if Ofog, ojuoni epexenoi Rpeqajengpuiox *• 


tv '^ nic^.^1 nxe HOT juL^^peqacJoni sj^en. ohkot si^en 

oTixenrp^AiLA,o sben c&w nifi.ciL epexeit- 

•fcfi-ao o-rog, epexenxcAJS.o ijuLtorren *• jfceit 
q 2,^.It^^^.XJULoc | neiUL g^A-ttciULOT * nesx &^.n- 
2,a)2wK*- ii.mtZxiKon*' epexeng^ooc e^^ si^en. 
nexeng^HX ^ si^eti of geng^ox ^^ of o^ ^cjofi exexennA.AJX0T j6en hca^i *• le j^en 
n^cjofi. ^(ofi. ni&en j66n (t>p^.n ixnen^ mc 
nxc epexenjgeng^ixox nxen <t>i' <t>ia)x efi.oX 
g^ixoxq 4- 
ifl "Hig^ioixi JUL&.(rnexa>xen nnexeng^^i i]Lct>pH-t 
excejuingA. i6en hot*- "nipaojuLi i^pi^v^r 
m^n. nnexeng^ioiuu ofog, juLnepxoonx o-r- 
fihOT-s- *®niajRpi cooxejuL nc^. nexenio-f 

^* 2^6] om. B»H* 26. " OTOg, !<»] om. B» 26. nxc] cf. 

Gr. i^*ABC*D*FGP 10. 37.47. 177. 178. 179. 8P«defg m^®vgsyr«'' 
arm aeth ar« ar»>«dw Qem Euth &c. ttJCJOTll] om. A^. F™« 'the end 
(of the lection).' ^MllCA.Xl] Aj JO : +2^€, L^fPAj &c. HOT] 

cf. Gr. tk* Clem: WXS^f B'» c^- CJr. »cBC* &c. JUJLpeq- 
cgCJOni] JUL. XAJiCpO 'be established,' H JO ('a copy') 26. S^en- 
Q-riXeXp.] om. ibenonr, a, by error. Cfi-O)] L«AiB»DEi 
FGHJKL«: 0Ycfi.U5, TEaMNOP: 0-rC0<t)I4., TAj: CO<t)I^., 

26. -tcfitw oTog, epexen] om. L: om. o*yog,, B» 26. 
-xc^fi.o] .xcA.fiu5, EjMN. j6en2,A.nit.] ng,., J. 

neiUL i°] cf. Gr. C^D^et^EKLP al pier demid bI^^"^ Byr^^ arm 
aeth Clem Euth &c. ClXO*C nClXg^^^n] om. N homeot 

EOLOSSIAlfS m. 14H10; 425 

between one and another (lit. one); acoording as Christ 
forgave you, thus ye also: ^^but upon all these things 
[the] love which is the girdle of [the] oompleteness. ^^ And 
the peace of Christ let it be established in your hearts, 
this unto which ye were called in one body; And be 
ye thankful ^^The word of the Lord let it dwell in 
you richly in all wisdom; teaching and instructing your- 
selves in psalTns and h}nBns* and spiritual songSy praising 
God in your hearts in thanksgiving. ^^And all things 
which ye will do in (the) word or in (the) work, (do) 
all things in (the) name of our Lord Jesus Christ, giving 
thanks to God the Father through him. ^ L'^^®] wives 
be subject to your husbands, as it is worthy in the Lord. 
^® [The] men, love your wives, and be not angry against them. 
^ [The] children, obey your parents in all things, for this 

* Lit.' blessings.' 

ItejUL 2^] cf. Gr. AO'D»>ct«EKL al pier yg^ fu^^ syr*®** arm aeth 
arbedw cienj Euth &c. g^CJOTy^H (6, M)] U)2kK, B^FJ,* 26. e^^] 
L«T*AB»rGMNOP: JUL^'f, EH J; cf. Gr. »ABC*D*FG 17. 47. 
67** 73. 179. d e f g m'* vg 8yr«*r arm Clem Euth &c. : GTIOC 'to the 
Lord,' DFK : HOC, L ; cf. Gr. C^ D«EKL al pier demid go &a i^eit- 
Itexeng^HX] om. H* homeot.; for plural cf. Gr. »ABCD*FG al^^ 
d e f g m ** vg go syr^^*' arm Euth &c. J^eitOTttjeUg^JULOT'] cf. 
Gr. K* A C* D«E**K L al fere omn arm. " OTOg,] om. B»H J 26, 

cf. Gr. D*FG 2. 74. d e f vg m" go &c. e^"eTe^It^.] ^HTe., E : 

epexenn^, o. le] om. 26. ^voSl iti&eit 2^] ng^oxS. it., 

T^Ag: om. &a)&, AiEF 26 «: om. Itl^Cn, H*. neitOC IHC 
nxc] cf. demid syr"«»^ aeth slt^^ Amb. ItXeit] tiTTC, L. 
cl)!^^^] cf. Gr. NABC 73. m®* syr^** aeth^*' go &c. sine mL 
F"»«*the end (of the lection).' " IXA-CTfte] iULA-pOTCffie 

Met them &c./ KP. XOOXen &c.] cf. Gr. D*E*FG defg syr"J» 
arm aeth go &c.: XCOOf ItltOTg^, K. eTCeJULnoj^.] 

execjuLn., h jj.2 (eix). noc] nxs^, h*, cf. syrw**. ^* itite- 

Xeng^lOlXl] cf. Gr. C-D*E*FG defg m^® vg rell Sec: Kltl- 
g^IOJULI 'the wives,' Aj*, cf. Gr. J<*ABO*D«E**KL al omn^** iuupi»« 
Clem Euth &c. 

426 npoc Ro?s.axccaxia 

"Hncf ixnep'fxujirr RnexengKpt ^m^. itce- 
axejULepi3LKA.2, ng^HT*- "niefi.i^iK ccoxeix 
hc^. iterentfTceTr kijt^. c^PX Aeit ^a)&. 

S^^npeqpA-itooo-r RnipcojULK a.XX^ j6eit o-c- 
^^.uXofc inre uenreng^KX. &a)c epexenep- 
^o-f sb^T^H juLn^ ** nexexeniiA^iq e&oX 
j6eit nrexeit^lnrxK ^pi&tofi.. £,U5C epeTerapi 
jOLn^ o-yog, pcjoiiu ^.n " epexenejULi xe 
T€rren.Ti^(f\^ Rxaefi-ioo R-f KXapoitoiULiA. efi.oX 
g^ixeit HOC*- ^.pi£.a>K JuLiixc ihc nenro*- 
*^ <t)K VA.p extff iixoitc qnA^tfT ixneqcTf ibconc 
ex4.qA.iq4- o^yog, iiuULon xoTgx e^o 
n^2,pA.q -s- 
^HitfTcer 4.pio-ri itofg,4.n jOuulhi^- ofog, x^ 
OHHOT^ epexettgaaj nejuL nex€itefi.iAJK«8- 
epexenejuLi xe iiexen|OT ^toxen ojor s^ti 


/c ^ Iflfaoni epexeniXHit e-fupocerxH epexenoi 
itap<J^^c itj6HXc j6eit o-rgeng^ixox *• ® epe- 
xenxtofi^ AJULA. nejuL eg^pw exu3tt ^coit** 

*^ nee(x, Aj^ d g l) p ^.n^^q] ne | eep., h. jEiLiiot] cf. Gr. 

minusc mu (m^^ Ambrst) aeth Clem Euth &c. *^ Itlicf"] 

nenio-f, g*. -fxcjonx] cf.? Gin naod*e*fgkl 17. 31. 

37. al plu8^® 8yrP°»« Euth &c. GpiXKA-g,] epeJULK., T*GN. 
^ tfTce-r] tffcHOT, Aa*E2. KA.XA. C^p£l position cf.? Gr. FG. 
0*y2,A.IlXo-rc] AE : OTJULeXg^Com. B*)., L«fT* &c. &(JOc] cm. 
DFHJKL. epg^O-f ] om. ep, L^TtAfFH*. HOT] cf. Gr. K*A 
BCD«'*E8'*FGL 17. 137. al^^f g am fu harl syr^*' am Olem Euth &c 

*^ nexexenn^uLiq], AiDkp, 2^ person, by 

^ror; cf. Gr. 1<*ABC 17. 71. al pauc it vg arm Euth &c. Xexeil- 

ItOLOSSIANS HI. ii— IV. 3. <27 

is pleasing to the Lord. ^^ ['^^] fathers, anger not your 
children, that they may not be grieved. ^* [The] servants, 
obey your masters according to flesh in all things; not with 
an eyeservice, as pleasers of [the] men^ but (^) in [a] single- 
neaa of your heart, as fearing the Lord : ^^ that which ye will 
do, from your sovZ work, as doing (it) to the Lord, and not 
man; ^^ knowing that ye will receive (the) retribution of 
the inheritance from the Lord : be servants of Christ Jesus 
our Lord. ^For he who doeth wrong will receive his 
wrongdoing which he did ; and there is not regard of persons 
with him. IV. [The] masters give (lit. do) a just judge- 
ment and *be fair with your servants, knowing that your 
Master also is in the heavens. 

*Be continuing in (e) the prayer ^ watching in it in 
[a] thanksgiving; Spraying therewith also for us indeed 
(£^a>n), that God may open to us a door of the word, to 

• Lit.'pnt you being fair/ 

'4^TXk] Ai'2 &c. : neTeitifr., UTtOKMP (Ai lost) plural. 4.pi- 

^uoSl] + ni&eit 'all/ TtAgHJOP. ipi . . . **epexen] 

om. M homeot. JULIIOT] om. JUL, B** H. pOOlXl] pref. U, r«H JL. 

**nrae&ia)] -foj., h. li-fKX.] itxe-fK., l. ^.pi&coK] 

cf. Gr. i^ABOD'E 17. 47. 71. vg ar"P« Euth Pelag sine yap. H^Xl^ 
IHC neitOC] A: HOT liic nXC, LsTtrEGKMNOP: HOT 
nXC, DFH JL, cf. Gr. unc. al pier &c. : HOC IHC, B\ ^^ <t>K] 

4>^I, K. V^p] cf. Gr. NABCD*FG 17. 23. 31. 71. 73. it vg go ar"P« 
Clem Euth &c. qH^^tfl] +!tXgje&IU5 'in return/ B». neqtfTl 

UitfT, H J def. article. €] !tx^.q., N. nA.2,p4.q] 

obs. Gr. FG f g Yg®^® fu demid tol harl go arm &c. napa r^ ^c^. 

^X^] X^a» AE by error. ep€TeiteiXl] ^.p., F. 

^(jonren] trs. before xe, D KL. gou] qg., T*rNO. m^Ho-ri] 

L^T^AFEG MNOP; cf. Gr. ««DEFGKL al pier defg m®^ fu* syrP arm 
&c.: nr^e, B»(r°»»*Bome Coptic') DFHJKL; cf. Gr. H*ABC 17. 31. 
37. 39. 57. 73. 116. vg go syr"^ Clem Or Euth &c. * F"»J°»« 'the fourth 
Sunday of Ba(om. F)unah.' ep€Tenol] RX€T€noI, K: pref. 
.OTO^, F. ^ AmIUU.] AB»EF: ^^JUL^., L«T'&c. acon] om. K. 

128 . npoG Ko?s.axccaxic. 

^m^. inre ^^ onrton It^.It noTpuj nxe nic^^i 
ecij^i eniJUL-rcTKpion inre nxfi ^ ^^ e^con^ 
ee&Hxq *• * am^. nnr^-OTong^q e&oX *• K^.Tl. 
<t>pK-t enrcejuLna^. irr^ciJXii *• 
*Uoaji i6en oTcfto)^ o*y&e uk exc^-fiLoX epe- 
xengcoR ijLiiicKo*y « uexenc^ai ncKOT ni£.6n 
j6ert ofg^oxfr eqceg^itRO-TT' jfceit of&- 
JULO'T'S- eejtxi JuL^pK'f erceixngA. nooTeit 
epoTO) ijL4>o'Y^.i c^oTA.!^ ^ nergoR juuuloi 
XKpof 4- eqex^JULooxen epooo'r iixerix^'^oc ^ 
ni4.v^nHToc Rcon o-rog, iinicxoc it2wi^.KU}n ^ 
o-co^ ita4>Hp HAvoK i6eit hot*- 
ica 8<^^i g^A-pcoxeit enAJg^oofi. ^itu, 
iixeqejuLi enexeitgmi ^s- o-rog, iixeqi"nojuL-f 
iinexeng^HX ® neix oituciixoc nmicxoc o-ro^ 
ijumenpix iicoit 4>^ exe o-re&oX JuLiULooxeii 
ne«5- e-reT^JULtoxen eg^oofi. ni&eit eTei3Lii^.i- 
jUL^.'S- i<*qami epcjoTen ibceA.picrrA.pxoc <■ 
nA.ajct)Kp iiex-*J^-^^^Toc *• nejUL iULA.pKoc 
ngo-rcnA.-r JuUiA.prtA.&A.c *• <t)R exA-pexentfT 
enxoXR €efi.KTq->- ejgaou A.qajA.iti ^A^pooTeit 
ttjouq epuoxen-s- ^^ nejui wcofc ^h exo-r- 
JULOTf epoq xe lOTCToc -s- 1 
qA. Ha.1 exttjou efioX i6eit nceAi'S- itA.! juuula.'ya.- 
xoT A.-repttj<t)Kp iiep2,(J0&* efixexoTpo tire 
4>i"'5- nA.1 exA.Tgcjuni itm liitoix't'S- ^^qgjim 
epooxett iixeeiiA.4>pA.c 4- me&oX ijuuLooxen 
^Slujk iinxc ihc«5- ct)A.i exepA-vooiti^ecee] om. r. niCA.Xl] O-CC, L iudef. CA.XI e] oro. E2 
homeot.: CA.XI JUL, DFHLNO: C. Itni, J. iULTCXKp.] 
JULTCX-rp., AiM* : JULTCeip., N. "fcong,] -CJOn^, TTGK 
MNO<»: -Ong^q, Ei^j. * eXCeJULUOjA.] L-^AiBTDEFKL 

MN: +ItH(A., P) *to me,' T'AgGHJOP. * -aja)(0, L)n] 

-cg^^J* AE2F by enor. D°»« nA.poiJU.iA.. ® HexencAJCiJ 

.+2ie, F. O-rg^JULOX] O-raen^JULOX *a thanksgiving/ K. 

. KOLOSSIANS IV, 4-ia. 429 

speak the mystery of Christ, this because of which I am 
bound ; ^ that I may manifest it according as it is worthy 
that I should speak. ^ Walk in [a] wisdom toward them 
who are outside, buying the time: ^your word always in 
[a] grace, seasoned in [a] salt, to know how it is worthy * 
for you to answer each one. ** All the things which happen 
to me Tichikos shall show them to you, the beloved brother 
and faithful Tninister and fellow servant in the Lord. 

•He (4>^0 whom I sent to you unto this work, that 
he may know your state, and comfort your hearts ; • with 
Onesimos the faithful and beloved brother, he (^^l) who 
is one (oTf) of you. They shall show to you all things 
which are here. ^^Saluteth you Aristarchos my fellow 
captive^ and Markos (the) cousin of Barnabas, he concerning 
whom ye received coTaTnandment ; if he should come to you, 
receive him, ^^ and Jesous who is called * Joustos.' Theae 
who are from (the) circumcision; these only shared in 
working unto the kingdom of God; these who became 
comfort to me. ^' Saluteth you Epaphras^ who is one of 
you*, (the) servant of Christ Jesus; he (4>^l) who etriveth 

» Lit. 'the from yon.* 

eJULI . . . nOOXett e] om. B* homeot. iJL4>pKi"] ecj)., D. 

excejULncg^] enrecjuLncg^i t*hj. ^ itexttjon] 

A EK : XTX-j I^T* &c. OTfOg, 2°] om. B\ • ItTeqeJULI 

enexen] cf. Gr. K«CD»»et«EKL al pier f vg go syr"*' &c. 

• o(OT, E2)nKciixoc] enociJULoc, a. nicxoc &c.] cf. Or. 

NABCKLP al pier 8yr«»' arm aeth Euth &c. eTreXAJULOOXeit] 

pref. oTog,, B». eg^oofi.] itg,.. A,. exejuLn.] eTenixn., 
H : exeitn., j. *® ajo-rcnA.-r] lbt^afegmu*: cgo-r^, df 

HJKLP: ttJO-rOTA.1, B«^r«^NO«(*a copy'). eitnroXH] L«T'B» 
rPGHJiMNP: nX.jADEJgKLO. g^^pOOT-en] ttJ^P^'^eit,. 

nepg^coJ^] iipeqepg^aofi, T'DFKL. " e(A., K)n^- Hunt^?, 

c{>p(om. Egj^c] LfT'DFGKLMNOP: n^4>P^C, A B* TEH J. 
AJLnXC mc] om. JUL, B**; cf. Gr. J^ABCLi;. 


430 npoc Ro?s.axccaxic. 

iicROY nifi.€n exeit oKito-r*- s^en neqnpoc- 

epexenxHK efi.oX o-yog, epexeiuxe^ e&oX 
j6en nexeg^ite ^^. 
K/3 13 'i^epjuLeepe r^-p i6^poq xe of orrr^q noTnigi" 
hexfLK^^ h^KT eg^pw exen eano-r nejtx hh 
€T}6€n X^o2y.iKiA. neiUL nn exj6ert lepA-UoXic*- 
"qgmi epcoxeit tixeXorK^c nicKim itA.^^.^ 
UKXoc nejfu. 2^hxk^c " cgmi enicitKo*c eTj6en 
>v^.o2kiKi^. itejuL niiUL(t>^rt neu. *f gickXkci^ 
nxe noTKi. 

eKito-c iUL^poToaic sben -feKK^Rci^ nrrc 
...2y.i- X^^o^iiKi^^ o-ro^ e&oX j6eit X^.02^iicia. ^ika. 

KiA., D neoJTeit nTereitaoaj jSjuloc* 

"Oto^ ^^oc n^pxHUUoc xe zofofr e&oX 

n-fs^i^Koni^ er^jctffrc ^eit n^*- ^in^. 

TAJCIX ^.nOK U4.tX0C ^pi(t>JUL6TI itn4.citA.-c^^, 

ng^juLox neAJtcjoTen •► 

IIpoc koXa.cca.ic A.-rci6HXc ifeeit A.eKnnA.c iixeit x-rx^^^oc iteouL 


116. vg ar»P» Euth &c. : JUL (sic) IHC nx^, T*, cf. Gr. P 73, 80. 8p* 
ann. €Xet(\ g^IXeit, B*. XHK . . . epCXeit] om. M homeot 

efi-oX 3^] om. B^GM. nere2,ne<t)'f ] nexeg^ne jjl^^, 
L'TTLNO. " o-ronxA.q] o-roit iiXA.q, J 18. hesx- 

K^Sj] i^ii-K., FK 18: eJULK., T*N: JjLK.j A; cf.? Gr. D*FG &c. 
K^op. eg^pHl] om. B»HJ. XA.02klKIA.] cf. Gr. »ACD*FGP 

ai pauc Euth*. iepA.n.] epA.ii.> A2. ^* A.rA.nK(i, m)xoc] 

-THC, B^ 2^HJU..] 2y.*y., 18. ^^ cnROT] +XKpO*C *aU.' FK. 

itiiu.4>A.n] Ai : it-TiUL^., u &c.: X-rix<l>A.n, J. 'feKKX.] 

ItlGKKX., A plural. nOTTKl] cf. Gr. J^ACP 5. 9. 17. 23. 34. 39. 47. 73. 

KOLOSSIANS IV. 13-18. 43t 

always for you in his prayers, that ye may stand complete 
and full in the will of God. ^^For I witness of him, 
that he hath a great grief for you^ and them who are in 
Laodikia, and them who are in Jerapolis. ^^Saluteth you 
Loukas the beloved physician, and Demas. ^'Salute the 
brethren who are in Laodikia and Nimphan, and the church' 
of their house. ^* And if this epistle should be read with' 
you, let it be read in the church of Laodikia, and (the epistle)- 
from Laodikia (see) that ye (pron.) may read it. ^^ And' 
say to Archeppos: ^Look forth to the ministry which thou 
receivedst in the Lord, that thou fill it/ ^^ My salutatioii, 
in my own hand, Paul. Remember my bonds^ (The) grace* 
with you. 

To Kolassais, it was written in Athennas: it was sent 

by Tychikos and Onesimos and Markos. 

Stichoi 312, Chapters 6. 

ar"P« Euth. ^® Of Og, i°] om. B». XAl] cf. Gr. 3. 4. 35. 37. 73. 

80. 108. 116. 120. vg«i« demid. itxeXA.o2y.iKiA] eTi6en X. 

'which is in Laodikia/ L. neoonreit] AB»E. cf.? Gr. D* i. 115. 
o*^ d e Amhrst om, koi: + ^(JOT'eit, Ii'T* &a. cf. Gr. reU. hire- 

Tenooa] om. it, ttp. " o-rog,] om. B\ AJCOc] om. H*. 

^.pXHnnoc] AEG^HJaMNOP: -lUnOC, L»T>B»rD'FG*JiKL. 
Xe] om. D'L. it'fi^.l AE: ef'l.., L«T* &c. €TiJC(flTc] 
€XA.T (T^ P hy error. jQeitnOT] itXeitHOC, D' K L. itXCK- 

•WLA.(€,N)2,c] itxeKXOKc, HJ. ^®] n^ 

'this salutation/ K. ItA-CItA-Tg,] TOC. * the bonds/ Ej. ng^JULOX] 

nig,., L^T'B^rGNoQP: +iJLiieOT iHc nxjc, Ag. nejuLO)- 

Xeit] + XHpOT 'all/ B»: ItCJOXeit 'to you/ F*HJ: HeJUL- 
nexenillt^ ItA.CnHO*y 'with your spirit, my brethren/ A2. 
neJULOOXeit without AJULKH, AiD'EGLMO: +AJULKtt, L'T^Ajj 
B*rFHJKNP 18. 

Subscription. npOC KoXa.C^(0, Ji)IC ^XCS^KTC S^€tl 

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IteqAlt&.OKT'KC 'was finished the Epistle of Paul the apostle which 
he wrote to Kolassais; he wrote it in Rome, and he sent it by Tychikos 
and Ongsimos and Markos his disciples,' K : ^.qXCJOIC G&oX lipOC 

KoX^c^-ic ^TCs^KTc j6en ^.eKn^.c A.qoTopnc 
hiren xtx^ k, o. n- jul., O: npoc^c 
A.fCi6HXc j6. A.eH(e,F: ^yA8Ei)nn^c ^.•c(q,Ei)o*copnc 


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C^.1 (added M)4.C A.. j6- ^eKH^C A.q. ftXCIt X^CX* *^' 
O. It. JUL., rOM. For pJ^iui cf. Gr. AB^KL al d« 8yr°t^ Many Greek 
MSS. mention TNfchikos and Onetimes, bnt not Markoa or Achaikot. 

CXI (-c, El j)x xiE iceX (k^, j,) F, Aj(,)Ei j,.,: cxnrx tIS 
kX F kotxi kt, F: cxix xi5 kX F koi rff, H: crrtx, 
xlff kX itnig'f F ko-v^i k5, O: cxir (+xoc, G) xiS 
KC^^Xeoit F JCOTX! KJff pcjoixeoc 5, gm: crmxp xi5 
kX nig'f F JcX jcofxi kE pcjoiXHO ff, r: c(om.B»)xnr 

( +00 ^) ^'f^ kX (K, D'L) F, B»D'L : cxifxoc xiii KB^At 
Xeoit F KOYXI :^€ icV, K. Obs. Gr. H** aTixu9 r\ EjNP have 
Arabic subacripiion. 

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